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Desisexstory : Satisfy my mother sex desire

Desisexstory : Satisfy my mother sex desire

Desisexstory Satisfy my mother sex desire

Let me describe myself for you all once again, I am 5’8” in height, not much athletic body but not out of shape also. Now the queen of the story, my mother Poonam. She is 5’5” in height, her figure is 36-32-38. I hope you can imagine her figure now. She has fairly big boobs but the best part is her ass, when she walks her ass jiggles like anything. She has also got a very beautiful pair of eyes. I never noticed her in a sexual way before and I was a very innocent boy.

Now coming back to the story, my mother asked me to massage her thighs, I went down on her thighs and started massaging her thighs with some oil, and she continued her moaning like ‘aaaahhh’ ‘woooww’ ‘don’t stop’ ‘so good’. Now I got a real hard on, it was really hard for me to control. As she was lying with her face down, I thought of adjusting my penis with my left hand, and I did.

After 5-7 mins when it was proving to be impossible to control my hard on, I asked my mom if she is done now, she said its almost done now, she just want a massage on her shoulders for some time, as shoulders are also paining. I reluctantly told her yes I will.

Then she turned around and she was facing the ceiling and came close to the edge of the bed, I took the oil in my hand and started massaging her shoulders, just when I was massaging her shoulders I tried to look away, but I just couldn’t. I was a virgin boy, and I was touching the bare skin of a beautiful and busty lady , my eyes directly went to her boobs, it was like as if they were inviting me to come and suck them, but I just didn’t have enough courage.

Just when I was staring at her boobs, my mother just suddenly pulled myself to her by grabbing my back and put her lips on mine and started kissing me. I was just out of my senses, I didn’t knew what was happening or what I was supposed to do! I just didn’t know or understand. It was like as if I was in some kind of dream or a wonderland. It was all just new to me.

When I realized my mother was kissing me, I just thought that I shouldn’t let this moment go in waste I responded her back, I started to enjoy it. I kept my hands on her breast and was fondling it simultaneously. We broke the kiss and I started kissing her cheeks, then I came down to her neck kissed her neck, even bit her neck, I was gone wild. Then I came down to her breast and I pressed her boobs from outside of bra and then try to unhook it, but due to lack of experience wasn’t able to, my mom just tore it, and her boobs popped out, I kissed her boobs sucked them, I bite her nipples, she lets out hard moans, I was even more aroused. I played with her boobs for some more time.

I made her lie down on the bed and then admired her navel for some time and the she invited me to play with it, I took out my tongue and started licking her navel, soon her navel was filled with my saliva. I didn’t have any experience at all, I decided to put all my porn knowledge into action.

Then she took charge and pushed me on the bed and removed my pants and underwear and took my penis in her hands and started stroking it slowly, it was so great, then suddenly I felt a warm feeling around my penis, I realized she had taken my penis in her mouth and was sucking it at very good speed, OMG that was the best feeling ever. She sucked it for 10-15 min keeping in mind that I should not cum this early.

Then I made her lie down on the bed and took my cock and placed it on her pussy, I decided to play a little and I started teasing her by rubbing my cock over her pussy, all this time we didn’t talk at all, but at that moment I wanted her to say something, so I was rubbing my cock, after around 5 min she said ‘Please put it in Amit’ I was not able to control myself after that and I entered my cock inside her slowly, it went in little, she took her hand to my cock and signaled me o push it, I did as instructed and push it harder, I felt a little pain and she started moaning and then I started to give some hard strokes and she was now moaning rather shouting loudly lke ‘oohhhh’ ‘aaahh’. The whole room was filled with the moans. I was giving it my all and then I realized I cant hold it any longer, I said I am going to cum, she took my cock in her hand and asked me to take it out, I took it out and cummed all over her on her stomach the most. Then I lied down next to her and went to sleep with her.

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