Desi sex story : Sister friend take cum in pussy

Desi sex story : Sister friend take cum in pussy

Maria and I had been married about 4 years when we became SUPER hot watching an adult flick at home. A hot young honey was taking in 3 large cocks at one time; one in her shaved pussy, one in her gorgeous asshole and a third deep down her throat. This had us so turned on that we were both screaming and cumming within minutes.

Maria had always loved fucking in all ways. She enjoyed my hard cock in her clean and wet, shaved pussy, deep inside her gorgeous ass and deep down her throat, and loved my cum seeping deep inside that ass, pussy and throat. She could make any man explode. The thought of having all three at the same time was obviously enough to send her into orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.

I told her then that I’d love to watch her doing all of that and more. I could tell that my confession got her super hot again.

We discussed it more that evening, and she admitted that there was one particular man at her job who was coming on pretty strong to her, and that she was flattered by it. I suggested that she allow him to come on stronger still and see what happened.

Maria was 25 at the time. She was 5’2″ tall, 120 lbs, with long brown hair, a slim waist, nice size C tits, a gorgeous ass and lips that were just made to suck cock. Coupled with her beautiful face, that was a combination that few, if any, men could resist.

By that Thursday, she told me that Bart really was getting into their common flirting, and that REALLY had me turned on. We made some plans.

I was off work on Friday and she asked Bart, an IT Tech at her job, if he would like to come over after work and take a look at our computer, which was having some problems. He immediately jumped at the chance to have her alone Friday afternoon; he didn’t know that I would be there also. They both took off of work early that day.

When they came in the door Friday early afternoon, I greeted them with a smile and offered them a drink. I could see the look of disappointment on his face. As he and I walked into the downstairs office to look at the computer, Maria excused her self to change from her work outfit.

While the two of us were starting up the computer, Maria came back. She was wearing the hottest, shortest and most see-through outfit anyone could imagine, with nothing at all underneath it! Just looking at her got me so hot I could hardly stand it, and Bart’s mouth fell completely open, while he checked out her gorgeous tits, showing so clearly with her nipples standing totally erect, her long, gorgeous legs, which you could see clearly through her short and thin skirt, which was so thin that he and I could even clearly see her clean shaven pussy, and her sweet juices flowing down her legs. She was so hot, so beautiful, so obviously turned on!

I walked over to her and picked her up, kissing her deeply. As I set her back down on the floor, I reached behind her and unsnapped both her blouse and skirt, letting them slip to the floor, leaving her totally nude in front of both Bart and I.

Then I pulled off my pants and shirt, picked her up again, and slid her down onto my rock hard cock. As she started moaning in orgasm, I reached down to her ass and spread the cheeks, telling Bart that he should slide his own cock deep inside. Within minutes, all three of us were bucking and moaning in total ecstasy as we came together. Just the first of many, many times that hot first DP Friday.

During that Friday evening, we fucked my beautiful wife time after time after time. Both Bart and I came deep inside that hot, tight ass, in her constantly hot and wet pussy, and deep down her gorgeous throat.

I know that I came 5 different times, each time just as intensely as the first, and Bart said that he came 5 or 6 times himself. And Maria? She told us that she stopped counting after 20 ecstasy filled and super intense orgasms.

We saw Bart several times after that, and then branched out to invite several other hot cocks to have my wife together with and without him. In fact, Maria’s largest gangbang was as the “entertainment” at Bart’s batchelor party with 9 other cocks, plus myself, of course, mounting my hot sweet lady.

I lost my hot lady several years ago, several years after Maria’s first DP. I’ve re-married since then, and my new wife, Elizabeth, is just as hot, sexy and willing to do everything as Maria was, but as soon as she received my wedding ring on her finger, she stopped thrilling me with watching her hot body getting fucked by groups of hot cock. DAMN!!! How I miss that!!!

Any hot ladies near my Murrieta, CA home ready to learn to enjoy fucking that much?

I’ll add storeis as I can about Maria’s other “exploits”, as she called them. Especially about her hot “entertaining” at Bart’s batchelor party with me and 9 other hot cocks. That’s when her entire workplace co-workers discovered what a hot and willing slut my gorgeous and sexy wife was.

Desi sex story : Affair with Bengali mature aunty

Desi sex story : Affair with Bengali mature aunty

Desi sex story  Affair with Bengali mature aunty
Desi sex story presents Ashish from Bengal. I m 18 yrs old BOY doing my enggr.The story here involves my lovely encounters with my aunty (my father’s sis). Her name is Rajni. She is of 36 yrs of age & a very hot woman. Her vital stats are 38-26-38. So she posses a little plump but nevertheless a sexy curves body. She had been married some 8 yrs back but her hubby was in America & ever since he hasn’t called her. So she used to stay with our family. Mine is a large house in a village few kms from the city. The house resides my family & the families of two of my uncles. Rajni aunty as I use to call her was a very caring woman when I was in my childhood. I use to spend most of my time with her but as I grew, the separation became more prominent & till the time I left home for my education there was hardly any dialog between us. But I noticed a sudden changed in her behavior when I visited my house during vacations.

I observed that she was taking a very unusual interest in me. Like she often used to come to my room when I would be alone and will inquire about my gfs. During this time I often noticed that her, pallu will always be down and her suits always exposed her boobs generously. I was 18 yrs old healthy guy and such scenes ignited the fire of lust in me. Now I too started taking interest in her (or in her body). I would always look for a chance to view across her tight suits or see thru kameezs that generously revealed her hot body. It was one such occasion, we were coming back from the city after watching a movie. I was there with my aunty & we were driving back to village. Others were coming in different vehicles. It was all dark and we were moving thru the dark fields leading to our village. Just then near a hand pump, aunty told me to stop as she wanted to get fresh. I stood near the jeep as she went behind the pump wall but after some time she called me. As I went there, the scene I saw was biggest and most pleasurable shock of my life. I saw her naked boobs. Perfect round melons, huge much larger than I had thought. Pink nipples and dark brown areolas wow for a moment I froze. It was first time I had ever seen such beautiful boobs that too in full nudity. They were just killing. More killing was her hot body with upper half completely naked. She said what r u looking ashish I know u want them badly. Even I want u ashish c’mon hurry up gives ur aunt’s boobs a nice suck. I moved forward and took them into my hands. Oh they were so soft; I started kneading her boobs hard. She started moaning , I pressed them hard trying to squeeze milk out of them and then mouthed her right nipple, pressed it sucked it bite it. I was hungry and there she had offered me chicken biryani I was not going to let it go easily. I went like maniacs kissing sucking squeezing licking biting each and every part of her wonderful breast.

All she could do was respond to my brutal assault, and then I threw some water on breast and started sucking it from her nipples. I remained grossed in her boobs for a long period of time. There was not a single inch on her breast that didn’t have marks of my teeth on it. He boobs had become red with my biting and rubbing. Finally she stopped me and reminded me for being late. It was difficult but then we left and thru the whole way I kept pressing her boobs over her clothes. That night I couldn’t sleep for a second even when I did I fantasized of making a hot steamy love to my sexy aunty. I woke up to find my underwear wet with my cum. I went straight looking for her but was disappointed to know that she has left to attend marriage in a neighboring village. I don’t like going to parties so I stayed home. She came late at night and by the time I had already gone to sleep. When I woke up I went thru the house and found that most of the members had stayed in the marriage only and those who had come back at night were fast asleep. This again was good opportunity for me, so I went straight to my aunt’s room. She had just come out of bath and was looking fresh as a rose.

She back was facing me, and she didn’t notice me coming to her room. She was compiling some clothes and was in bending position. I saw her big ass which was in full prominence. It was jutting out of her thin gown. I was highly ignited by such display of her assets. I bolted the door, went behind her and grabbed her ass hard. She was shocked initially and told me to control myself but I made my desires clear by kissing her ass hard. She moaned as I lifted her gown up to reveal her beautiful ass. Wow her butts were great. They were hard & tight. I started squeezing them, pinching them, licking them as my tongue rolled up & down on her big round buttocks. She was now in a bending position with her hands & knees on ground. I kneaded her flesh as my hands parted her butts to reveal her hot & wet cunt. I poked in my nose to smell the intoxicating aroma that her delicious pussy was emitting. Ohhhhh!!!!……..Ahhhh!!! she screamed lightly as my fingers touched her clit. It was first time I saw a woman’s genitals. It was a small tight hole with reddish material from inside hanging and encircled by pink flesh. I probed her virgin pussy with my cunt as liquid from her cunt wet my tongue. I can’t describe the feeling of exploring a woman’s pussy for the first time. It was great, a heavenly experience. I kept licking her cunt as my tongue went up & down along the length of her cunt. She was moaning with ecstasy but was keeping it low less some one heard it outside. I feasted on her pussy for a longtime & in the meantime she cummed thrice. I tasted her delicious juices for a first time and was not ready to go. But she stopped me saying she couldn’t take anymore and now it was her turn to seek pleasure from me. I told her to do as she wants. She turned me around and pulled my shorts down. My butt was now naked before her.

She moved her fingers all over my butt, sometimes pressing them hard into my flesh and then started kissing my butts. She licked them wet with her tongue as she took the flesh of both my bums into her hands and squeezed it hard. Now she tried to poke a finger into my ass but I stopped her. She said u filthy dog u has taken ur share of pleasure and now ur denying me mine. I said that it will hurt me as I have never experienced that before. She said Ok but I won’t leave u like that & she took my face into her hands and planted a hot steamy kiss on my lips. I too responded & soon there was shower of kisses on my face. My forehead, eyes, cheeks, lips, nose & neck every part was drenched with her saliva. She was behaving like a sex starved goddess & I was her satisfier. She kept on kissing my face for a long time sometimes smooching me so hard that I had to gasp for breath. Wow this bitch is really hot I said to myself. She would have continued her monsoon of love or lust but for a call from my grandmother made her depart. I cursed my luck & came back to my room. In afternoon my mother insisted on me going to attend the marriage function. I was reluctant but Rajni was also going so I agreed. I spent the day going here & there just doing some simple chores for time pass. I pretended to be happy but my eyes were always on Rajni. She was wearing a sky blue color suit and due to summer heat it had become almost sees thru. Her white color lacy bra was distinctly visible along with her black panties. Her boobs were also jutting as if trying to break free from her bra. The sleeveless & low cut kameez was exposing her smooth white flesh to every single man’s desire. I could see many of them ogling at her & often trying to touch her hot body on one pretext or other. But I knew that I was the luckiest among them as sooner or later her body will be mine. There was a mehnadi function at night and we all were dressing my mom came to me & told me to take rajni back to home as she had forgotten some jewelry and her dress for the occasion. I instantly agreed & soon we both were on the way back. I kept telling her all the way that today I will not spare her & she kept saying that we will see. By the time we reached our house it was 10 o clocks. As soon as we entered our house, I grabbed her breast hard and pushed her to the charpai that was lying in the backyard. I came over her & started squeezing her huge boobs over her clothes. Nibbled, licked, fondled, caressed & pressed hard. I could locate her nipples over her clothes & I pinched the hard, tuned them & licked them. She started moaning as I placed my hands on her boobs over her bra inside her kameez. I slowly pulled her kameez up and then gave a huge bite at booth her boobs. She cried with pain. As I eagerly unfastened hooks of her bra & released those huge mounds.

I once again started my feast on her naked boobs. Again her boobs went for a good long session of nibbling, squeezing, pressing, and biting. She grabbed my head and pushed it tightly on her boobs as I made different scars on her boobs with my teeth. I sucked her nipples so hard that they turned red. I looked at her face it was amazing; she had closed her eyes in ecstasy. Her rosy red lips were moving over each-other in an attempt to absorb the immense pleasure that mauling of her boobs was giving her. I couldn’t control and placed my lips on hers but she pushed me back hard. I was surprised but then she smiled as she took my face in her hands & gave a strong kiss on my lips. She held me tightly as her bare boobs pressed into my chest & my cock rubbed against her crotch. My lips were being sucked by her and my hands were moving all over her naked back massaging her white smooth flesh. I felt her tongue inside my mouth. It was a great experience. After few minutes of this beautiful tussle between our mouths, I proceeded to remove izarband of her salwar. Soon her salwar was pulled out of her legs and I saw most killing view of my life. Her smooth white legs with fleshy thighs were before me. The sweat was sprinkling here and there while her pussy was being covered by a black scanty panty. I moved down & started kissing from her ankle, then her legs finally her thighs. She moaned hard as I pulled her panty down with teeth to reveal her completely shaven cunt. It was her most treasured possession that I had long wanted. I parted her thighs and brought my mouth over her dripping cunt. She started screaming loud as my tongue explored her wet cunt all over. OHHH! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Yes suck me ya tear my pussy u bastard ohhhhh ur tongue is such a nice sex toy u bastard fuck ur aunt with ur filthy tongue.

This increased already burning fire in me as I gave her very hard bites on her cunt. Taking her clit in my mouth I almost parted it she gave a huge groan and told me to go slow. I didn’t stop and continued at same pace. Soon I was rewarded with her cunt juices that flowed like some waterfall from her pussy. Second time they tasted even better. I looked at her face. It was having an expression of partially satisfied woman. She looked at my crotch. I understood her signal and pulled my pajama down (I was wearing a safari suit). She remained at charpai occasionally pressing her boobs. Now I lifted my kurta & pulled my underwear down. My monster emerged from the bushy jungle. She smiled & I moved to hold her in my arms but she drifted away started running in opposite direction. This was frustrating as my erection was at peak and I was dying to eat that forbidden fruit which she was denying. I followed her. It was a wonderful sight to see this naked beauty run wild with her boobs and ass swaying up & down. She ended up in a small tanker of water which was adjacent to the pump. As I reached there I found her splashing water all over her body. My already hard cock became stiffer as I saw water flowing down her lips over to her jutting boobs, then to her navel & finally disappearing in her cunt. Eager to join her I removed my remaining clothes and jumped into the tank. We splashed water on each-other as I held her tightly from behind rubbing my cock on her ass & pressing her boobs hard. We kissed for a while & then she made me sit on the edge of the tank with my legs hanging down. Now she grabbed my cock & put it into her mouth. Soon she started sucking it hard; believe me guys first blowjob is a mind blowing experience. Everything seemed so good, the cool breeze that was blowing, a hot wet naked lady of 36 sucking my cock & I felt I was in heaven. I thanked god for this ultimate ride. She kept sucking my cock in all directions, sometimes squeezing it, sometimes rubbing her face all over it, and licking along its length kissing every single muscle on it. There seemed to be no end to the pleasure she was deriving out of my cock but then there was no end to the pleasure I was getting from her.

Finally pressure started building inside my balls but since it was my first time I wanted to shot it into her mouth and see how it feels to cum inside a woman’s mouth so I let her carry on. My cock busted in her mouth. The white sticky gel from my cock blew and fell all over her face. Seeing me cum she opened her mouth & took her tongue out trying to gather every single drop of cum that my cock was oozing. She licked my cock clean. My heartbeat was coming to normal as well as my cock too. Seeing my limp cock, she came forward and took it and crushed it between her boobs. Then she started moving her boobs along the length of my cock. The feel of smooth flesh of her boobs on my cock was really exciting due to which my horny bastard again rose to power. This time she came out of tank & told me to lie down on the floor. I obeyed her. She came over me with her legs across my belly held my cock, positioned it for her cunt & slowly sat over my crotch taking my cock into her cunt. She moaned with great pleasure as my cock entered her pussy. It was not as tight as I had thought which made doubtful about her virginity but nevertheless it was not right time for such thoughts. She started moving up and down as my cock touched her clit every time she came down. I too responded pushing my cock in rhythm with her motion. The wetness & warmness of her cunt was driving me mad. On top of it her big boobs were moving up & down with her wet body. All this busted my dam much early than I had thought. This time even I couldn’t control my timing and soon her cunt was splashed by liquid. But she was still not done yet & kept on pushing herself on my cock. I relaxed after my orgasm as she continued pushing her pussy with increased pace. After few moments she too came as I felt her cunt gripping my cock hard. My cock was lashed by her juices.

She too collapsed on me & we remained like that for few moments. Then she reminded me that we were late & I realized that we were here on some pretext. I saw it was 11:35 we were there for 1 ½ hour though it shouldn’t have taken more than 30 mins. for us We cleaned ourselves, dressed up & left for the wedding. We were lucky no one noticed when we arrived back. When we came back from wedding it was 2 am. I was tired and fell asleep as soon as I touched the bed. In my dreams it seemed that my aunt was playing with my hard cock, she was stroking it hard like the gear of a car. I opened my eyes to sheer surprise that my aunt was actually stroking my cock. I was scared that we could be caught but she told me that everyone was fast asleep. She said that she wanted repeat of the night experience. I was only too willing. She lifted her gown up till her waist flashing her cunt to me. She positioned herself on my cock and slowly took it inside her cunt. Now she started the joy ride pushing her cunt up down on my cock. I remained lied down letting her enjoy the pleasure. She kept on pushing herself on my cock in-between my cock slipped 2-3 times fro her cunt but she repositioned it & carried on. As she carried on I opened buttons of her gown & let her big melons free. I started squeezing them hard. Pinching the nipples & tuning them. Soon my cock busted filling her pussy with my cum. She too came at almost same time.

Our combined juices flow thru her thighs on to bed sheet. She came down, pulled my shirt apart & started kissing my bare chest. She kissed my chest, nipples, belly & licked my navel. Her tongue rolled on my body making different designs with her saliva. Finally it stopped at my nipples & I shredded with sensation as she mouthed my nipple & started sucking it. She encircled the nipple with her right tongue, and then gave a strong suck to it squeezing it in between. She continued her vengeance as she played with my nipples as I had done with hers. Overcome by lust, I pushed her down came over her locked my lips with her. We started sucking each-others mouth very badly with saliva constantly moving from one mouth to another. I sucked her lips which were at their rosy best. Our tongues inter mingled as we explored each-others mouth. My cock was now rock hard & was urging to enter her cunt. I pulled my shorts down, came at her legs and pushed her gown till her waist. She spread her legs wide to accommodate my monster into her hole. I slowly pushed it inside her hole, placed my hands on her thighs for support & then started moving in out of her wet lubricated cunt. Soon she started abusing OHHHHH. Ahhhhh yes fuck my pussy with ur big filthy cock yes ram it ram it hard push it hard into my hole. U r cock has made me mad. It is so big so thick ahhh I love its roundness.

I retaliated saying aunt even ur hole is quite good. Ur breast r mind blowing. Anyone guy would love to play with these ripe mangos of urs. Ur ass is too good; it always makes my cock hard. Ur my fantasy queen aunt & sexiest woman I had ever seen. She was really touched by my appreciation & moved forward to hug me. I kept fucking her. Due to our motions her gown had slipped down from her boobs and was now only hanging thru her nipples. I could see her black aureoles, this further excited me & I cummed soon after filling her pussy with my seeds. She too came and I felt my cock drenched with shower from her pussy. Now we again started smooching. This time we carried our kissing like maniacs. Meanwhile we removed our clothes & started feeling each-others body. We rolled over from one side of bed to another, sometimes she came on top & sometime me & we carried on our smooching journey. In rolling over we tripped from the bed but didn’t stop kissing as our mouths remained lock. I suppose we sure had made some world record. Then she came over me & started moving her hands all along my bare body. Massaging my chest, pinching my nipples, then my abdomen, and then to my cock. It was sensuous feeling to have her gently massage my cock along its length. The pleasure was inexpressible. Then she turned me to turn around & lye with my face facing the floor. She then took my bums & started massaging them. I could feel her soft hands moving all around my butt & gently pressing it. It gave me great relaxation. She continued her massaging service till I stopped her told her that I wanted to taste her ripe melons. Now her lye’s down, I came over her & started massaging her breast in same manner. I moved my hands along the roundness of her boobs. Tuned her nipples, mouthed them, sucked them hard, & licked every single corner of her twin beauties. She had her eyes closed; simply relishing the pleasure I was giving her. She moved her hands all over my body, feeling each part, & then again squeezed & sucked my nipples. We continued like that lost in our own heaven till we heard certain sounds coming from the ground floor. It was indication that others were wakened up. We half heartedly agreed to part as she quickly adjusted her gown gave me a good bye kiss & left. I remained in bed till late afternoon just relishing my conversion from a boy to a man. So guys this was a true story that happened with me. It was just the start, after that we enjoyed many times but hose were other encounters which I will tell u sometime later. Hope u would have enjoyed this Desi sex story .


Desi sex story : My wife fuck with Gardener

Desi sex story : My wife fuck with Gardener

She was standing at the window, watching our two black gardeners mow the lawn. Jenny was wearing a short terry cloth robe and her curly brown hair was tousled prettily. I ran my eyes from her lean legs, up to her large breasts barely contained by her robe. My wife had just turned 30 (25 years my junior) and still had the figure of a girl ten years younger. She didn’t work and we didn’t have any children, so she spent her days exercising and sunbathing by our pool, wearing only a teeny string bikini.

I am the CEO of a successful technology corporation located in Philiadelphia, which was a two hour commute for me six days a week. We are very well-to-do, with a large house in the country and a giant back yard. My wife was the daughter of a close friend, who had introduced us at church. She was ultra shy, conservative and I had taken her virginity on our wedding night almost five years ago. She wasn’t used to being around people having grown up in a close knit family, and attended a wealthy private school with a small class size. Our gardeners were the only black men she had ever met.

“Oh come on honey, Mark and Jerome are nice guys. They work hard and besides they’re only here on Wednesdays,” I said. “I just don’t trust them,” she replied. “They’re always staring at my breasts and rear end whenever I have to talk to them. Once they even caught me in my bikini and I thought their tongues would hit the floor. I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t look at them for a month.”

My wife didn’t like men looking at her body. When in public, she dressed conservatively and only wore a one piece bathing suit when on vacation. She wore a bikini only when home alone and was so insecure that I had to erect a large wooden fence around the yard to ensure her privacy, even though our nearest neighbor was five miles away. Mark was riding the lawn mower around back and Jerome had just finished trimming the hedges. Sweat glistened down Jeromes’ muscular torso and he ducked into our pool shower to cool off. He didn’t bother shutting the door and we watched him rinse himself off. Jerome pulled out the front of his shorts and let the cold water run inside, cooling off his crotch. He let the elastic snap back and I was surprised to see the outline of a large bulge under his tight shorts. He was standing about 75 feet away, under cold water and it still looked to be about eight inches. If my wife noticed how hung he was, she didn’t say. Mark came around the corner and approached me. He was of an average build and around fortyfive with graying hair. Mark owned the lawn business and had hired Jerome as it grew to more then he could handle alone. I opened the sliding glass door and went out to pay him.

“Mornin, Mr. Richardson,” Mark said. “Good morning Mark,” I replied. “The usual price.” “Yes sir,” he said. “My that pool sure looks refreshing on a hot day like this.” I had already filled out a check to him and handed it over. “You’re welcome to use the shower, Mark but the pool is for just me and Mrs. Richardson.” “I understand Sir,” he said. “By the way, we have some personal business to take care of next Wednesday and will be here on Tuesday instead.” “That’s fine, Mark” I told him. “It’s our anniversary, but we probably won’t be celebrating until later, after you leave. Have a good day” . I walked back into the house and told my wife that I had to get ready to leave for work. Jenny playfully opened my robe, ran her hand down my large paunch and grabbed my penis. She started pulling on it trying to make me erect. My penis, when erect was only about five and a half inches, which was very rare these days, as I had developed erectile dysfunction after recent surgery. She pouted when an erection failed to materialize. I closed my robe and went upstairs to change. Jenny followed me to the room.

“Charles, its been so long since we’ve made love and I miss you so much,” she said. “I think you should get some Viagra for our anniversary next week.” I hated the thought of needing a pill to make love to my wife and to tell the truth sex was never that important to me to begin with as I was career oriented. However, I loved Jenny and her happiness was very important to me. “OK honey, I’ll see the doctor this week about it.” “Oh thank you Charles, I can’t wait.” she replied. I awoke Tuesday morning alone and I got up to find my wife. I put my swim trunks on in the bathroom and removed a pill from the medicine cabinet. I quickly swallowed it and went out to the pool. Jenny was laying on her back in a tiny white bikini. She had obviously just gotten out of the pool and I could see the outline of her large pink nipples and her bush. She was wearing her walk-man and hadn’t heard me come out to the patio. I noticed several empty margarita glasses by her towel. She saw me, got up and headed over to our tiki bar. I was shocked to see her wearing a G-string bottom, that showed off her tight butt. I felt my penis stir for the first time in over a month as I watched her.

She got out two margaritas, handed me one and said, “Happy anniversary, Charles.” I noticed she was slurring and swaying on her feet as she said it. “A little early to be drinking, isn’t it?” “Well Charles, I thought we would celebrate early. As there is something special I want to do for you. Did you take the pill,” she asked? “Yes and I feel something moving down there,” I said. Then to my astonishment, my conservative wife pulled down my shorts and put her mouth on my penis right there in our yard. “Jenny, what are you doing? That’s dirty,” I said. She let my penis plop out of my mouth and said, “Loosen up honey, its our anniversary and I want to do something special for you, besides Donna says she does it for Bill all the time and he loves it. Donna was her best friend and a lot wilder then Jenny. She swallowed all 5 inches easily and I relaxed and started to enjoy the sensations. Just then, my cell phone rang. I answered it and heard my temp-secretary sounding frantic. “Mr. Richardson, all the computer systems have crashed and I don’t know what to do about it,” she informed me. Jenny angrily spit my penis out when she heard me reply “I’m on my way.”

“Don’t you dare leave me here all horny like this on our anniversary,” She angrily informed me. “Sorry honey, Its an emergency,” I said and I hurried into the house to change, my erection already gone. “Its always an emergency with you,” she mumbled. I returned a few minutes later. Jenny was laying on her stomach with her walk-man back on, and her margarita glass empty again. “I’ll make it up to you tonight,” I shouted but, the combination alcohol and sun had put her to sleep. I got into my Mercedes and sped off down the street. What has gotten into my wife, I wondered. Trying to suck my penis, saying a word like horny was very unusual for her. I realized I had been neglecting her needs, taking her for granted, and I vowed to treat her better.

I passed Mark and Jerome in Marks’ beat up old pick-up truck heading to our house. Mark waved and I realized I had completely forgotten they were coming to mow our lawn today. I picked up the phone to warn Jenny, but there was no answer. I hit re-dial about five times and finally gave up. The phone rang as soon as I hung up. It was my executive assistant calling to say a technician was coming in immediately and thought he could have the computers up within an hour. I thanked him and turned the car around. When I pulled up into the driveway. Marks truck was backed up onto the lawn and had already been unloaded. There was no sign of either Mark or Jerome. I hurried around the side of the house to warn Jenny. I stopped at the gate and peeked through the cracks. Jenny was lying still lying face down on the blanket, with her walkman still on and Jerome was kneeling behind her gently rubbing oil onto her back. As I watched he gently worked his large black hands down to her buttocks and started to massage them. Why was my wife letting someone else touch her and a black man at that? “Oh Charles, that feels so good,” she lazily spoke. “I knew you loved me and would come home.”

She thought Jerome was me. I then noticed Mark standing nearby looking nervous. I wanted to rush in and break up this party, but my feet were frozen to the spot. Jerome was wearing his tight shorts again and no top. His well muscled chest was glistening with sweat and his shorts bulged out obscenely. I realized his massage was holding Jenny down with his left hand so that she couldn’t look up and his right hand was working their way under her g-string. His oiled fingers entered my wifes’ vagina and began to pump in and out in slow steady strokes. Mark was getting turned on watching them. “Man, I wanted to fuck this rich bitch ever since we first saw her in that little bikini a couple months ago,” Mark said. He began removing his shirt and trousers. Jerome chuckled, “I know that’s all you’ve talked about since seeing her, everytime we come over here.” Jenny still couldn’t hear them with the music blaring in her ears. She was really starting to get into his fingering her. She had raised her butt up a little and was thrusting back at him.

Oh, Charles” she cried, “Make love to me now, It’s been so long and I need it so bad.” Jenny started to turn over but Jerome pulled her up so that she was kneeling. He quickly stood up and removed his shorts. Jerome had a massive black penis that jutted out about ten inches. He was twice as long as me and about three times as big around. He kneeled down and oiled his penis up. He then removed Jennies’ walkman, untied her bikini top, ripped off her g-string and positioned the huge head of his penis on her vaginal lips. “Charles, I need you in me,” my wife moaned. “Give me all five inches now.” Jerome looked down at his giant penis and worked the big head in. Jenny moaned with pleasure and said, “God Charles, it feels so thick. Please keep using the Viagra for me.” Jennies eyes opened wide as Jerome passed the five inch mark. She quickly turned her head and screamed. “What are you doing? This can’t be happening.” Jenny started to struggle but Jerome held her in place firmly and pushed his penis in to the hilt. Jenny was crying now. “Please, please take it out. It hurts.” “You’ll be beggin for more black cock by the time I’m thru with you, bitch,” Jerome said. “Besides you asked me to fuck you. Mark heard it, didn’t you?” Jenny looked around and saw Mark standing there with his nine inch cock in his hand.

He started walking towards her. “Yep, Jerome she was beggin you to stick it in, but she only asked for half your dick,” Mark said. “That’s because I thought you were my husband,” Jenny cried. “Your husband only has half a dick,” they both chimed in unison and laughed. Jerome had stopped with his penis all the way in Jenny so that she could get used to his size. She was still crying and said “Please stop, I’m married. I can’t make love to another man especially a black one. I promise I wont’ tell anyone. Please, I can’t take your penis” Jerome motioned for Mark to shut her up, so Mark kneeled in front of her and stuck his large penis in her mouth. Jerome said roughly, “look bitch, first off, black men don’t “make love” they fuck, and they don’t fuck with a penis, they fuck with a cock. Penis’s are for fat old white men with half sized cocks, like your husband.” Jenny, unable to protest with Marks large “cock” stuck in her mouth had apparently decided to just kneel there and take it. She was used to sex lasting about five minutes with me and must have figured it would be over before she knew it. Jerome had started to move.

He would slide all ten inches out and then quickly slide his “cock” in to the hilt. Since Jenny was not actively sucking Marks “cock”, he was moving her head up and down on it. After ten minutes went by, Jeromes’ slow, deep strokes, began to produce results. Jennies large breasts were hanging ponderously and her big nipples started to get hard. Almost imperceptibly, she started raising her butt to match his thrusts. Jerome and Mark noticed this change too, and Mark reached down to play with her breasts. They knew they had her in their power. “Shit, I hate you rich white bitches, always looking down on us black men, thinkin we be dirtying up your pools if we swim in it. You all the same though, once you get a taste of black cock you turn into sluts.” Jerome motioned for Mark to remove his cock from her mouth, which he did. Mark then slid under her and started sucking on her nipples. “No,” Jenny cried, “its not true, I love my husband.” “If your husband loved you, would he have left you on your anniversary?” Jerome asked. Jenny shook her head in denial, and I saw a look of realization cross her face, then one of pleasure. She shuddered and I could almost see a physical change come over her. She started to fuck back. moaning with pleasure. Jerome said, “Thats it baby, now your getting into it.” He put his finger in his mouth to moisten it and the slowly worked it into her ass. “My god,” she cried. “I’ve never felt so full in my life.” Jenny screamed and shuddered as her first ever orgasm worked its way through her body.

Jerome removed his big cock with a plop. “No, please I want more,” Jenny moaned. He flipped her over on her back and raised her knees into his arms. She smiled as he entered her vagina and started fucking her again, hard this time. “Jenny, do you like the way I fuck your pussy?” he asked. “Yes, yes, god, yes.” she cried as her pussy writhed around his cock whenever he impaled her. “Then tell me how much you love it,” he demanded. “I love your big black cock. Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before. “Is it bigger then your husbands?” Jerome asked. “Twice as big,” Jenny replied. “now I know what its like to be fucked by real man.” Tired of being left out, Mark stuck his cock back in Jennies face. She reached out, caressed it lovingly, and said “I swear, I didn’t know god made cocks this big.” Then she engulfed Marks’ cock in her mouth and tried to deep throat him. They had been at it for about 45 minutes now and I looked down and realized I was as hard as a rock. This was a better erection then the Viagra gave me.

I began stroking my penis, and I realized that not only had these to giant black men dominated my wife, but they had dominated me as well. I thought of myself as a half-man with a little penis. They had cocks and they used them to fuck. I could never give my wife the pleasure she was getting from these two. I had been stroking my penis for five minutes when I felt myself starting to cum. Jerome was starting to shake with pleasure. “Here it comes baby,” he bellowed. Jenny screamed as another large orgasm hit her when his cum hit the insides of her pussy. Jerome removed his cock, and another large strand of semen erupted from the head and landed on her flat belly. I noticed a large pool of semen leaking out from Jennies vagina. Jerome sat back to rest and Jenny turned her attention to making Mark cum. He came quickly. First Jennies’ cheeks bulged out, and semen dribbled down her chin. She removed her mouth to swallow and Mark shot what looked like a gallon of sperm all over her pretty face. I came when they did, I felt the semen well up in my balls and then a little drop trickled out. A second drop dripped to the grass. I sat down and cried.

I looked back through the fence when I heard a splash. Mark and Jerome were swimming in our pool buck naked. Jenny was at the bar making them all margaritas. She sat between them on the edge of the pool and I noticed their cocks were hard again. “Here’s to the best anniversary, I’ve ever had,” she toasted. “Cheers,” Mark and Jerome said in unison. For the next hour, I watched Jenny mount Jerome and take Marks nine inch cock in her ass. I saw Mark fuck her on the diving board. All of her holes were used by these two hung studs. When I realized the party was winding down, I ran back to the Mercedes and drove down to the end of the street and parked where I could watch the house. I needed time to think. As I watched, Mark would come out to his truck, get his yard tools, and work for half an hour. Then Jerome would swap off with him. They had been at my house for six hours when I noticed them pull out of the driveway. I turned onto the rode. Mark flashed his lights as I approached and I stopped. I nervously rolled my window down. “Sorry Mr. Richardson, But Mrs. Richardson forgot to pay us for all the hard (he emphasized hard) work we did today.” My voice was horse as I reached into my wallet and removed his money. “Didn’t I pass you boys earlier today?” “Oh sorry sir, but we forgot some tools and had to leave and cum (he emphasized cum) back. Its hard to do the job when you don’t have the right tool,” he said. “By the way sir, we did some extra work around the pool for your wife and she said you’d give us a bonus.”
I pulled an extra fifty out of the wallet and handed it to them. They thanked me and drove off laughing. I had given them a bonus for fucking my wife and making me a cuckhold. I went home and found my wife asleep. She had cleaned herself up and was sleeping contentedly. I woke her and she prepared my anniversary dinner of cold leftovers. She was silent through most of the meal. I tod her, “I was thinking about what you said about Mark and Jerome last week and I will replace them with another company. “No way honey, I changed my mind about them,” she replied, “They’re the only real men around here with the right equipment.” she then added, “for the lawn that is.”

I threw the Viagra away before dejectedly heading to bed that night. When I turned out the lights, Jenny sat up and said, “By the way, honey I think that this time of year the grass is growing so fast we should get it cut twice a week.” “Anything you want dear,” I cried into my pillow.

Desi sex story : Sex Game With mature Aunty and her daughter

Desi sex story : Sex Game With mature Aunty and her daughter

I am a software engineer, age was 25. The incident was sex encounter with aunty and her daughter. Aaunty name was Shanti and her age was 38. She is near to my home. My mom and she was close friend. She often visits to my home and had a chat with my mom and me. She always told about his family problem and regarding his husband’s drunken habit.

One day she came to my home no one is there and she asks about my mom, I told she will be back in 30 minutes. So she planned to wait and we had a regular chat for first five minutes and then she asks about my college days and gal friends.

I told I don’t have any gal friends then I asked about her husband. She started to cry and I wipe her tears by make this chance I just brushed her breasts. Oh sorry readers I forgot to tell about her figure. Her size was 35”, 30” and 36.

I said sorry regarding brushed her breasts. She told its okay then I asked about her husband. She told, he daily had a habit of drinking and had a fight. I too hear often shouting sound and she once again starts to cry and told he even can’t full fill my night desires.

I was shocked and started to ask about that but unfortunately my mom came. Then we had started normal chat and then she started to chat with my mom and starts to leave. Before she leaves she gave a smile and left. I don’t know why she smiles.

After some time my mom come and told that Shanti aunty need my help. So I planned to go and when I knocked the door she came with a sexy dress, had a low cut blouse to show her cleavage and transparent saree to see her hip and ass.

I understood that she had it for intentionally. And she asked me to clear her bed room. She starts to heading towards bedroom I too followed her ass movement.

There she told me to hold the stool and then she manages to climb to stool. While she gets up to the stool she brushes her entire breast to my chest and she smiles sexily. Then I took unwanted materials and put in the self with the help of aunty.

Suddenly she slips down and fallen in the ground and I was shocked. She was screamed in pain. I just lifter her by holding one hand on back of her breast and one hand below her buttock and slowly put it in bed.

She asked me to put some ointment and took the pain killer ointment and asked her where you have pain. She told in her hip and I started to massage her she started to moan because of the pain. Then she asks me to put it in her thighs.

I asked is it okay aunty. She told Please Suresh I am in full pain. I just lift her saree with petticoat. I was shocked to see her ties. She had a ties like a vaza thandu” in tamil. I started to massage her and I can’t control so slowly

I raised my hand inch by inch towards her pussy. She responded with moaning but this time not for pain. Then when I touch her cunt area she suddenly gets up I was shocked and with no time she give a lip to lip kiss.

Then I managed to co-operate and then I started to remove her blouse and bra and started to suck her boobs. She too loves that. Then she can’t control her feelings she was hungry for the past 3 years.

So started to remove my dress and I too started the same for her in matter of seconds we become nude and move to 69 position. We did it for 15 minutes. She had a orgasm and her juice was something great. Then she asked me to fuck very hard.

So we go to missionary position. I started to tease her. Just brushing her clitoris and started to put inside her pussy and suddenly removed fully. Suddenly I got a slap from her actually I expect this slap when I first touch her pussy.

But I got now and she screamed that I was waiting for a cock for the past 3 years. Please Suresh. By hearing this I got full erect and push my cock inside her pussy. It went like a knife enters in to butter. I started to fuck her madly.

It happened for 15 minutes after that she came top of me and started to horse ride. She rides and I was screaming and fell the seventh heaven, after 20 minutes we started doggy position I tried her ass but she screamed with pain and told

We will do it later and so I planned to fuck her pussy and started to fuck. Then once again we go to missionary and room is filled with Chap Chap and her moaning sounds. After a one hour session I released my sperm fully in her pussy and fell on her arms.

She kissed me and fondles. She told that she reached orgasm thrice. I am very happy to hear about this. Then we started to fuck regularly whenever we got the time. I will tell my next part of the story how I manage to seduce and fucks her virgin daughter.

Indian sex story : Erotic sex with my widowed cousin sister

Indian sex story : Erotic sex with my widowed cousin sister

Sanzy from Hyderabad and am a big big fan of Indiansexstories website. Since 4 years have been reading all the stories with no absence from this site. Major stories which attract me are having fun with married ladies stories. Those are the one who are really matured in satisfying themselves and us. Most of the ladies in this world are not satisfied with their husbands because of busy schedule with their works and all other bullshit which is absolutely right. That is why we are there to satisfy you aunties. Email me if you want to have fun at “”

Coming to the story, I have a sister who has been widowed almost 11 years ago as my Cousin in law was a drunkard and he used to stay on drugs. With all these certain activities he was dead with infections in his body. Initial stages, I have never had a crush or passion to have sex with my cousin sister. After 4 years of anniversary of my cousin in law’s death, my cousin sister came to my house on some event. I have 4 cousin sisters and she was the elder one to me. Btw, her name is Manju and very fair, and as right amount of flesh at right places. My house is a large duplex house, and I was standing out doing some work. Manju got freshen up and came outside where I was and she was combing her hair. She was on her saree and when she was combing hair, her saree was swinging which was revealing her deep navel. Accidentally, I saw it and I was aww struck. She did not see me but I was peeping from all the possible angles to see her deep navel. As I told you am always crazy of navels, I wished to pour honey and lick it.

Since then, my thoughts were changing towards her. Before this incident, I used to masturbate thinking of my girl friend. But later this incident, I started masturbating thinking of my sister. Damn! That day I masturbated like almost couple of times with huge loads. After that event, I was literally going crazy about her and wanted to seduce her at any cost. After few days, all our family members planned to go for some temple. There was a huge crowd by the time we reached there. All my family members were in a queue, me and my sister were standing behind our family members. She doesn’t know that I have bad intentions towards her. As the crowd was increasing and started pushing from behind where it became so hard to maintain gap between person to person. Eventually, my dick was touching her butts from behind and I don’t know where to put my hands in that tight crowd, so I made a move of putting on her shoulders. I was acting as if am pushing them back, but internally I was enjoying. I was like pumping my dick into her ass crack as the crowd was pushing from behind. My sperm was loosing from my dick and I have wetted my jockey. I don’t know what was going on in her mind at that time, but I have enjoyed every bit.

Later on, luck favored me while returning home. We have two Innova cars and I was sitting in the rear seat. My sister and other one joined us. I was sitting in the corner and Manju sitting in the middle and another sister on the other corner. I thought this is the best chance to seduce. I deliberately leaned forward so to make my sister comfortable and later I can get comfortable leaning back on her. It worked. Driver started the car which is couple of hours drive away from our house. We had lunch and everyone started sleeping as they were tired standing in the line. My other sister felt asleep so soon and Manju was awake with half sleep. I started leaning backward to the seat where Manju was leaning. Slowly, I was moving towards her boobs to feel it. I was deliberately doing some moves with my hands which were crushing her right boob. My dick again rose and it was very hard to come out from my pants. I was wishing that Manju would see that and make it relax. But it didn’t happen. By the time we reached home, I have enjoyed the act and my jockey was completely wet and have gone to my bathroom and jerked with huge loads.

Since then, I became busy with my job and flirted with some girls but didn’t have much fun with them. After 4 years in my job have resigned it and moved to US. After 6 months, I came back from US and wanted to see Manju eagerly. All the time I used to masturbate seeing her photos and her navel pics in US. I thought this time I would seduce her at any cost. She and her daughter moved to a new house which is very close to our house. One day, I deliberately texted her daughter that where she is to confirm that she is not at home? She said she has gone to college and she would see me in the evening. I thought this is the best time to go meet her mom who is Manju. Being 42 years old, she looks damn sexy in the sarees. All the way I was walking to her house I was wishing that she would wear saree and wanted to see her deep navel. I didn’t inform Manju that am coming and surprised her.

It was a summer season and to my luck she just arrived some wedding event and did not change her saree. She was looking too hot in that summer. We were talking all the other things, about my trip to US and time I spent there. But you know, I was unconsciously answering her questions. My mind was filled with her aroma and my eyes full of lust. It was around 2:30 PM, she generally sleeps and wakes up at 4:30 PM as her daughter reaches home from college. As I was still there, she told me she would go sleep and before that do you want to eat some mango slices. I said yes, and she went to the kitchen. I followed her after 2 mins by locking the front door. I went to the kitchen she was chopping mangoes into slices and suddenly I hugged her tightly from behind my left hand was on her navel and right hand on her right boob. She was shocked with that and asking me what happen to you sanzy? Is everything alright? I said no, I was going mad by seeing you in this saree and you look so hot. She was shocked with my words and asked me to leave her. I was not listening to her words at all. I was kissing her back as she wears low neck blouse. I started my act by kissing her neck from behind, with my left hand which was on her navel pulling her behind to feel my aroused dick and with my right had I was squeezing her right boob. I was in heaven and she was trying to get rid of me but with my act she was drowned into lust.

She gave up and started moaning slowly. I thought this is working out and slowly with the same act I took her to the bed room which is very adjacent to kitchen. I made her lie on the bed with her ass facing me. Instantly, I removed my shorts and t-shirt with one go and I was on jockey. My dick is almost the edge of jockey trying to come out. I laid on her my dick groping her ass and my hand on her boobs and I was kissing her back, neck and cheeks. I was literally biting her earlobes. (Remember, females weak point is earlobes and neck). She started moaning heavily and removed her jacket hooks from behind which became loose. Slowly, I turned her to my side and didn’t stop kissing and didn’t stop squeezing her boobs. (Remember, always squeeze boobs gently not like hungry dog). I pulled her jacket off and removed her saree too. She was in blouse and petticoat. Then I laid on her and started kissing her passionately on her face. At some parts, I was biting her with my teeth. We didn’t smooch until then, I thought there is lot of time and started going down and reached my favorite place (navel). I was licking it crazily and meanwhile my hands were untying her petticoat. I stripped it off and started pressing her boobs and licking navel down there. Slowly, I moved to pussy area which was not much shaved, but okay. I was kissing her thighs and using my tongue on her thighs (tease a woman with this act) which was making her moan more louder. She was pulling my head to lick her pussy and locked my head with her legs. I know she wanted to lick it badly as she found me to satisfy her after my cousin-in law who was expired. I started licking her which was already leaking her semen. As I put my whole tongue into her pussy she just jerked and moaning more louder than before. She cummed loads on my face in less than 5 minutes. I went to bathroom to clean it up and came back in a minute and we started smooching now for almost 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, she was stroking my dick and I told her that am still virgin. To my surprise, she does not know what is blowjob. She gave a hand job rather than giving a blow job. I release all my sperm on her hands. We were kissing passionately and I was kissing her navel and licking it very deeply. I started fingering her again and released with in no time. Then she wanted my dick inside and told her that I don’t have any protection. She told me its okay by the time you ejaculate just remove it from inside. I thanked her that its going to be my first sex with any woman. Initially, I was struggling while pumping her, she helped to place the dick (6 inches) properly and then we both enjoyed the session. It was almost 4:00 PM and in another half hour her daughter is going to come back from college. Then we both smooched in the bathroom and dressed up. As there was still time, I opened some porn site and shown her how the blow job would be given. She understood and told that she would do that next day. She told me that not even my cousin in law seduced her like I did. He used to fuck her and sleep. She asked me to come daily after her daughter leaves to the college. Since then, we have been having fun at her home atleast 5 days a week. Now, she became a pro in giving blow jobs. Whenever we go out in the car or somewhere, she always sits beside to me and treats me like her husband.

Indian sex story : Lost my Virginity BY Grandfather

Indian sex story : Lost my Virginity BY Grandfather

Roslin, age 27, and married one girl child 2 year old. my husb works in private firm, we are very good understanding couples, Myself fair 165 cm height, 34 30 34 figure. I started to read stories in the forums, it’s interesting, and first I was feared about sharing my personnel things. But after reading lot of stories in this forums I got the little bit inspiration to share my personnel secret with you people.

I was in the final year school, me usualy wear tight shirt and skirt or jeans in the house. Myself, father,mother and elder bro this is my family. We usualy goes to village for vacation.

In our native village my grandfather(57), grandmom (54) and my two uncles with their family staying together. My father is elder to them. Both uncles recently married. Am too attached to my grandfather. Whenever we goes to village my grandfather take me in his enfield bike to near by villages and our fields. We got big farms in our native village. My grandfather look after that. My uncles helping him. After my father finished is studies he got the govt. job and further he studied and become IAS officer. So his job transferable every often. Only in the summer vacation we goes to our native village. In our village we got rice mill, around 40 to 50 workers working. My uncles look after that business from village.

My granddad most respected man in the village. Whenever I was in the village I walk with my granddad in the fields. He explain every thing to me. I was in black miniskirt and white t-shirt. Both of them white inner. Grandpa was in dhoti and towel only. He was tall and well built body. I always admire his body, he also good in village wrestling, I saw his fight in the village festivals always won. He do in exercise always. So even his 58 he going strong. We were nearing our pump house, earlier whenever I comes to village I always take bath here. When we walking along the field one couple was taking bath in our pump house. It was evening time around 6.30 pm. It was little bit dark, they were taking bath in our pump house tank. Water falling from big pipe they were enjoying themselves. When I noticed, I was really surprised they were fully nude, even in that dark I can understand they not wearing dress. I was from the so rich family no problem for me. I got pc and net in my room. I was brought up in mostly towns so, I like to surf and chat in the net. I was not new to sex. But still I was virgin. When I saw them , I turned towards granpa and saw his face and got close to him, he also saw them and smiled at me, now his hand was holding my hand while we were walking. I got the feeling grandpa holding my hand firmly. In the tank both of them started to kiss each other and he was folding her boobs with his hand. Now absolutely no doubt about that, my grandpa firmly holding my hand and keeping nearer to his thighs. Both of them got hot and now I saw his manhood got that much big, I saw that kind in only in pictures not real. First time I saw fully nude couples in front of me, now he started to suck her one boob and squeezing other. My grandpa hold my hand and asked me to keep silent and watch them without making any noise. I was getting horny while watching them, we were around 10 feet from them. They can’t watch us but we can watch them this side. My grandpa came behind holding my hips and watching them. They were in the knee deep water, now I saw her bottom fully, she got good body shape, hairless pussy. He got around more than 6” tool with good thick. Now she hold his cock in his and started to stroke slowly, he told her to take his cock on her mouth, she also got down to her knee and water lever upto her chest and started to suck his cock. My grandpa put both his hand over my waist and holding me firmly. I was feeling his bulge behind me. Now he slowly raised his hand from waist to my front and getting me closer to him further. I was watching that girl sucking his cock very good speed he was holding her head and guiding to his side. My grandpa slowly put his hand over my globe from behind and started to fold. I was in thrust and bite my lower lips, but I also in so horny, I know if I not tell anything I also going to get that treatment from my grandpa. I was think what the extent my granpa goes with me so I have not told anything. Even I was not taken any interest to hold his cock or turning towards his side to go head. Then he bend over to my neck and started to kiss on my neck. I spread my legs little wider his member got between my thighs with my skirt. Now I was totally loosing my control and my grandpa started to take full advantage. Still I was watching that couple. Now that man asked her to got up from the water, taken nearer to steps of the tank and asked her to got on her four legs. Now he started to enter his member from behind to her pussy. My grandpa taken one hand over my thighs and raised my skirt up and squeezing my virgin pussy over the panty. With his left hand he turned my face and planted kiss on my lips, I was totally last my sense. Then he told, come on get in to pump house. I also followed with him. First time I saw his huge bulge on his dhoti. Little wet spot on his dhoti. He locked the pump house inside. Inside the pump house I saw one charpai, some utensils used condoms covers. My grandpa came nearer to me and started to undress me while kissing my lips. I removed my shirt and skirt quickly. I was standing bra and panty. First time he asked me, I also like it or not. I without telling anything just shaken my head. Myself I started to unhook my bra. He started to squeeze one and sucking other. I pulled my grandpa lungi down. He was wearing loose nicker inside. I put hand over his nicker and started to play with his tool. He asked me to loose the knot of the nicker, its nicker fall down to the floor. Now his member was semi hard, I hold his cock in my hand and started to stroke slowly. I was tempting to suck, now my grandpa slowly got his hand below and trying to remove my panty down. I also helped him to get raid of my panty. I was hairy that time. Now his hole palm was playing with my pussy. Now his member got full strength and standing straight we were so close and kissing each other while we were playing each others. Grandpa asked me to lie on the charpai, I lay on my back, he spread my legs wider and with his fingers he started to split the hairs over my pussy lips. Now he got his head down over my pussy and kissed their. His tongue started to play with my clits and his fingers rounding my vagina entrance. I was in ecstasy and moaning loudly and my hips started to raise up and hitting his face. He was playing with fingers slowly inserted one inside. I know I take two fingers whenever I saw pron in net I use to finger myself. So it was not big deal for me, but I have not taken fully inside to my vagina. Now he taken his fingers out and inserted his tongue deep, some butterfly was running in my stomach , slowly pressure building up inside I know anytime I going to get climax. When he was satisfied with my wetness he got up and lay over me and position his cock in front of my pussy. Now his cock was teasing the edge of the vagina and without any signal he inserted slowly inside. Now his pink head inside and forced once more to get inside, now I started to got pain from his bang he bend over me and kissed and told wait for sometime then u won’t get pain, talking to me and he pushed his cock deep inside with force. He stop for a while and cont. with inserting, finally he reached the g point I got heavy pain for a while and I closed my eyes and biting my lower lips. Now he asked me, I was alright. I smiled and asked him to continue with his. Now he hold my hips and started to bang slowly me also helping by raising my hips up and down. I started to enjoy his cock inside he also squeezing my boobs and banging hard now. He taken more than 20 mints I got in between two to three climax. Finally he filled my vagina with his hot cum and lay over me.

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after that we lay there for some while. i was in little pain. once agian my grandpa started to kiss my lips and folding my boobs. i also put my hand over his semi hard cock and started to stroke slowly. now i deceided to suck his i got from the charpoy and asked my grandpa to lie fully on his back. i placed my butts over his chest and bend on him and taken the cock inside my mouth. now slowly i squeezing his tests and sucking his huge cock. he also liked that and he raised my butts up placed on his mouth. started to part the vagina lips and licking them with his cum. using his fingers to part my butts and slowly taken his tongue upto my ass hole. once again getting down to my pussy. i was enjoying while sucking his cock, his cock got full strength now even touching my thorat. i removed fully out for little breath and cont.. with sucking. while grandpa using his tongue deep in side the pussy and licking hard i got the climax while he was licking. then he lift my hips up and asked me to sit over his cock. i spread my legs both the side of him and sat over his cock he guided his cock into my pussy. he asked me to raise my hip up and down over his cock. i also done as he told. after while i got the real balance my speed started to increase over his cock. he was holding my butts and raising up and down over his cock. myself folding my boobs and trying to lick my tits with my tongue. i was raiding over his cock more than 30 mints. my breath got heavier i came two times over his cock finally he blast his cum inside. i got tired and collapsed over him with his cock inside. We both kissed each other. Grandpa asked me, how I was feeling. I told its ok and fine. Then he was in fear about without any protection we were making love. I told him don’t worry within two days my period going to come, from next time on ways with protection we do. After that we got dressed, grandpa open the lock, he got shocked after saw that couple standing outside waiting for to take their belonging from pump house. They both saw me and my position they understand grandpa had sex with me. Because I was unable to walk normally. Then my grandpa asked that guy (shyam) what both of them doing in the tank this late hours. She (shanthi) was wearing her petticoat over her chest nothing more, her sari and other wet cloths over her right shoulder; petticoat covering up to her middle of the thighs. shyam was in just wet towel wrapped around his hips. My grandpa watching her body while talking to shyam. He told him we were watched while they making love in the tank. Shyam this is not your wife I know. My grandpa asked her, how long both doing this kind. Where was ur husb Mukesh, If anybody saw you people doing in the open what will happend you know. Why can’t shyam you use pump house for this, don’t do it in the open once again. Now my grandpa stared at her body, i understand he want to have her also. Shanti fall down on my grandpa’s feet and told sahib please forgave us. My grandpa singalled to shyam to get out from this place with his eyes. He also understand that and left the place. My grandpa put his hand over her shoulder and lift up while he was lifting her he loosen her petticoat knot from her chest. . When she was got fully, her petticoat fall down on the floor. i also surprised she was totally nude just wet cloths over her right shoulder with one hand she holding that, She got big boobs and hairy pussy was delight to watch from the pump house light. my grandpa got nearer to her and put hand on her waist got her inside the pump house. i was feeling horny and started to rub my pussy over my skirt. my grandpa’s dhoti also got tent between his thighs. now shanti saw us straight and dropped her wet cloths from shoulder to near by stool. This was first sex experience with my grandpa, but I have not thought this much going to happen in the pump house. just i was watching them what they going to do. Even my grandpa forgot i also standing with them. He guided her to charpoy and helped her to get on her back. My grandpa sat on the floor in front of her. I gone and picked her petticoat from outside and locked the pump from inside. And standing nearer by. My grandpa smelled her pussy and put finger over that slowly started to tease the clits. She spread her leg wider now I saw her pink vagina opening. Grandpa now split the opening with fingers, first time I was watching other female pussy that much close. She closed her eyes and moaning. Now grandpa licked the opening with his tongue and slowly teasing the clits and got the speed in time. I was getting so hot between my thighs while watching them. I gone nearer to shanthi and put my hand over her boobs and started to fold them She opened her eyes saw me nearer smiled at me and asked me to sit over her face. I pulled my skirt and panty down claimed over the charpoy and sat over her face facing my grandpa. Now she started to lick mine while her pussy was licking by my grandpa. I little bend and came closer to my grandpa face he lifted his head from her and kissed me with her juice on his mouth. I used my fingers to tease her clits while grandpa was licking her. On quick time both of them got claimax. Now my grandpa got up and loosen his dhoti and removed his member out. Still I was sitting over her face. Now I stroked my grandpa’s cock to get full hard. After that I got down from charpoy and standing near by. My grandpa taken her legs to his shoulder either side and inserted his huge cock into her. He was banging her hard. She moaning loudly and shouting sahib bang more and more. I got on to my knees nearer her boobs and started to suck them. Grandpa was doing hard on her finally he filled his cum inside her. After a while we started to move from that place my grandpa gave some money to her and told to come same time next day also. She left from us in the middle of the way. Grandpa hugged me and told how was the day. I told its fine. I have not thought this much going to happen. I was little tired. I asked him she won’t tell to others about us. Grandpa told that’s why he fucked her. Then I asked what about shyam. He told don’t worry about shyam also, he know how to handle him. While I was thinking differently, I told to my grandpa why can’t taken him also for the play next time.

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That night I got very sound sleep. When I got up in the morning I was so tired and little pain on my body. I gone to bathroom and taken hot water bath, after that I got relief from pain. Then I was assessing about my previous days incident with grandpa and shanthi on the pump house. I came out from the bathroom fully nude and stand in front of the mirror. And saw the nails and teeth marks of grandpa over my boobs and waist. When I turn my back towards the mirror even over my butts also the marks visible. Then I started to wear white panty, blue skirt , brief and loose shirt. I came out of the room thinking of grandpa, he was in the dinning hall waiting for others to join for breakfast. When he saw me, this way our conversation started
Me : “ Good morning grandpa,
Grandpa : “Good morning little baby, how r u feeling”
Me : Am fine grandpa.
He saw me and smile while watching my dress, without bra my tits where sharp on my shirt
Grandpa : Roslin am going to town after breakfast if u want to come with me if u feel tired no need.
Me: No grandpa I am ready to go with you,
Mean time My uncles came to the table for the breakfast.
Uncle Mukesh. Where are u going dad with Roslin
Grandpa : I got some job in the town and then I goes to Ramesh unlce house. Today in his house some function , then I will be back around 3 pm. If she get bore in the house so I take with me and show our farm house also.
Unlce Ramani : Its fine! Roslin enjoying your holidays. Dad is too fond of you. He loves you lot compare to us.
Grandpa : No my son I love all of you , after roslin born I got lot of wealth you people know she is goddess to us.
Me: Oh papa its too much.
I gone nearer to my uncles and hugged them they kiss on my forehead and blessed me.
Then I gone nearer to grandpa I kissed on his cheek he hold my hips and told in my ear you so beautiful. I love u too much darling.
After we had breakfast I left the table quickly to get on to my mukesh uncle room. When I entered in the room chachi asked me what I want. I need some pain killer. She told to take from the little box. I know she keep medicines in that box. From my moms medicine I know which medicine for which one. I was nearing my period anytime. I don’t want to spoil the game in the middle so I taken out that medicine and when I saw mala D from the box immediately I took that also. Without noticed by my chachi I put the box back and came out from the room. Gone to my room taken the medicine and put the remaining in my hand bag.
Grandpa called from outside.
I taken my bag and gone out with him.
He gave some medicine and told to take me. I asked for what. He told just precaution because of yesterday without protection we done. I gone back inside the house taken the pills.
We left the house on his bike. While he was raiding the bike he asked me any pain I got, I told know pain am perfect. My boobs were teasing his back my hand over his thighs. I asked, are we really going to town?
He told no way, We are going to our farmhouse. Then I told him, Grandpa are u calling shyam also to farm house. He asked me what for? I told I want two together with me. My hand was rubbing his cock over his dhoti. Roslin are u sure u want two men together with u. I told yes grandpa am sure I need of two together. Then my baby you don’t worry , if u need two together with you u get that in the farm. Roslin you are becoming real slut. Yes grandpa I want to be a slut of yours.
When we reached the farm
I saw on big men standing near the coconut tree without any cloth over his chest and only small short up to half of the thighs and holding big knife on his right hand. He got big mustache and tall handsome
Grandpa stopped the bike in front of him.
That guy greeted us with folded hand.
Grandpa asked: what are you doing here Murgan
Murgan: Nothing sahib just collection coconut
Grandpa : what about other workers.
Murgan: They gone to field to cut paddy
He was looking at me, like first time he saw the girl.
Grandpa : anyone inside the house murgan
Murgan; No one in the house sahib
Grandpa : get some coconut and we wait in the house
Grandpa started the bike towards the house.
I turn behind and smiled at him and folded my left breast with my left hand and bitten the lower lip with my teeth.
I saw the big bulge on his shorts. Grandpa Roslin what u think of Murgan. U liked him.
I hugged from behind my grandpa and kissed on his neck.
We entered the house. Grandpa hugged me and started to kiss on my lips.

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Slowly we started to get on the mood with each other. While my grandpa kissing me started to unbutton my shirt, my hand rubbing his back over his brief, now he loosen my shirt fully from front and folding my boobs and kissing my hand getting on to his butts. He pushed me and removed my shirt and brief quickly and his brief also. While we were in pare chest, he pinching my tit with fingers and sucking other one. Murgan entered with coconut for us. When he saw us he got shocked first. I only noticed him first grandpa was sucking my boobs. I smiled and asked him to come nearer. My grandpa pushed me to side and asked murgan to give us coconut water. I was standing half nude. Grandpa sat nearer by sofa. Murgan gave us coconut to us.
Grandpa asked murgan. Murgan you know who this.
Murgan : just watching me and told : no
Grandpa : she my grand daughter roslin.
Murgan’s eyes was wide open and with surprise he was watching me. I saw in the short big bulge forming.
I told him to get on his knee. First he was confused and grandpa also told get on to your knee murgan. Murgan you also going to enjoy roslin with me. When he got on to his knee I told him to strip my skirt down. I was drinking coconut water. Grandpa also drinking and sitting near by and watching us.
He put his hand on my skirt hook and started to unhook. I was standing in front of him and spread my legs wider and watching his eyes. My skirt fall down , I kicked my skirt to wards walls. I was in white panty little wet spot over. I asked him to use his teeth to remove the panty down before that play with my pussy over the panty. His face came very closer to mine. I put he coconut down and pulled his head towards mine. Now my grandpa watching from distant.

(06-21-2012 02:50 AM) Sex-Stories 4
Murgan was totally enjoying my action and put the fingers side of hips over the panty and put teeth in front started to remove my panty down my hand pushing his head towards mine. He removed my panty down up to my thighs and I asked him to pull down fully. When he saw my hairy pussy he was delighted. And told to grandpa
Murgan. Sahib I have not seen this kind hot and horny girl.
Grandpa: Murgan you are correct. She is different from other girls we had.
Murgan: yes Sahib;
Granpa: Lick her pussy still she comes. First got up and show your tool to my grand daughter.
Murgan: Sahib really she is your Granddaughter
Granpa: Why are u having this doubt. She is my grand daughter roslin. She lives in town.
Murgan got up and removed his nicker down. When I saw his huge manhood. Really stunned. I told grandpa. I put my hand over that and its got his full hardness. But I want my pussy to be licked first and asked him to get on his knee and lick mine. And I spread my legs wider for his tongue fuck.

Me: Grandpa he also got really big one like you. I love to have them together.
Grandpa : you going to have both
Me : Grandpa I want my virgin ass also to be fucked by you first. How I last my virginity to you yesterday like that.
Grandpa : yes my dear I do it. Now murgan lick your pussy while I watch after that he will fuck your pussy.
He got on his knee in front of my and started tease the clits with his tongue slowly and fingers started to split my vagina and slowly his tongue getting down up to my vagina. I was in the heaven. And pushing his head further to do more. Then I told lie on the carpet on his back. I sit over his face and taken his huge cock in my hand. We were in 69 position. My grandpa watching this from sofa. He was only one feet away from us. Murgan was licking my pussy and fingering my ass and sometime licking my ass hole also. I was totally in hot and taken his huge cock in my mouth and holding the base of the cock and started to give him mouth fuck to his cock. It was huge and fully hard in my mouth and touching throat when I pushed my head downward. Now my grandpa put his hand over my back and started to rub slowly towards down side and massaging my boobs. Murgan’s tongue playing deep inside my vagina. I squeezing his balls and sucking hard on his cock. I got the first climax when he inserted two fingers deep inside my ass hole. Now my grandpa squeezing my tits and folding my boobs . Murgan lifted my hips up and told baby he was going to cum. I was still continuing with sucking his cock and balls got hard anytime he going to blast his cum. This time we both came to the climax together. He started to shoot his sperm I got the hot feeling first on back my throat I started to swallow his cum but his shooting continued for three mints. I was soaked , I try to swallow as much as then I parted my mouth from his cock and still holding on my hand. His cock spraying valley of cum over my boobs. I was satisfied and got up from him and stand in front of my grandpa. He hugged me and kissed me on my lips with murgan cum over my face and chest. I started to removed his dhoti down. He liked the taste of my salvia with the cum of murgan. And he started to squeeze my boobs. Murgan lay on his back and watching us. His cock started to get hard once again. When my grandpa was kissing and squeezing my boobs I got hold of his cock and started to stroke gently. Now murgan also playing with his cock, I parted my grandpa and sat over murgan and guided his cock into my pussy. He hold my hips and forced his hips towards me. When I got his cock fully inside I gently started to raise my hips up and down over his. He was massaging my boobs and after that when I got his fully hard cock inside mine I lay over his chest and asked my grandpa to got on his cock on my virgin ass. He parted my ass hole and licked for lubrication. And slowly he guided his hard cock in.

Mom sex story : My Mom Enjoying Two Cocks simultaneously

Mom sex story : My Mom Enjoying Two Cocks simultaneously

I would like to narrate a thrilling experience with my Mom which I found at my age of 8 years, which was happened now 14 years back. My Moms elder sister Ramadevi’s sons Suresh and Santaram aged 19 and 20 respectively came to our house on a vacation. When they entered in to the house, my mom was making me head bath in the bath room. As I found, my mom Dhanalaxmi, 32 years with cutest long nose, 40 size boobs, 42 size ass, very sexy lady. My dad always used to sit under her feet and says I am your slave Maharanee. My mom never wears sarees. She likes to be nude always at home. One day she was telling to our neighbour Mrs.Sudha “we born in nude. Why should we wear clothes? With Nudity, we can make males as our feet slaves. We are born to dominate males. We should fuck with anybody. I like males who are having above 10 incehs hard dick’s.” As she says, she enjoys sex life with so many people. My father hardly fucks her. She used to beat him every day for not fucking her with potency. I saw her masturbating my dad number of times. My father’s cock immediately ejaculates after my mom touches his cock.
My mom had applied soap to my cock. My cock was erected with 2 inches. Mom laughed. You dirty bastard. Your cock is so small. She twisted my cock. First time in my life I ejaculated. I found a great pleasure in it. Haaa………. Mom……… I am your slave” unexpectedly I murmered.
She held my ears and brought me to the Hall. She was totally nude. She was wiping out my hair with a towel. At that time Suresh and Santaram entered the house. They surprised to see my mom in nude. Hai Chinnamma, how are you? They called her. Mom with joy welcomed them. Santaram kissed on moms nose and said” you are also like our mom. She is also nude at home. Our dad always fuck her.” Mom laughed and kissed both santaram and suresh and pressed on their zips. Already their cocks got hard. Mom opened their zips. I was shocked. Santaram’s cock was wheat colour with 12 inches like a cylinder. Suresh’s cock was 11 inches with black colour without foreskin. Both were releasing steam. Mom held their cocks with both hands. Ohh.. What a growth? Really lovely, sweet” she kissed on the tips of their cocks. Santaram put moms nose in to his mouth and started chewing. Ohh nose queen…….. Your nose costs ten thousand crores. (nee mukku pichhekistunnadi pinni. Nee mukku chuste kojjaku kuda modda lestundi. Nee mukku same vanisri mukkula untundi. Nee mukku, mukku. He kissed for five minutes.
Suresh pressed moms boobs. “Your boobs are nothing but pumpkins aunty. Our moms boobs also same size. Who are fucking you now a days” he asked. Mom laughed. Not only one. There are many. Mainly our neighbour Kiran. He is a software engineer in Australia. He came recently with his wife Latha. He enjoys sex with his wife Latha and her sister Sudha also. They will come now. Let us have some coffee.” Mom held my nose and slapped on my chicks. “Bastard, go and get hot coffee for us.” ordered. Yes mom. I was just going. Then Santaram held my nose and twisted. He held my cock and said” why this is so small.” I shied. Then he laughed and started twisting my nose both sides. I was crying. Mom, Suresh and santaram were laughing. Chinnamma, I would like to drink his nose milk. I will extract one glass blood from his nose and have it.” santaram said. Mom laughed. “Why only you? We also have it. Extract three glasses” Her nostrils were swinging. Seeing her swinging nostrils, Suresh and Santaram’s cocks further hardened.(Mukkula maharanee. Nee mukku} saying he kissed her nose with full strength.
Santaram asked me to bring three glasses. I brought three glasses. “You stupid, hold one glass under your nose. Let me take one glass blood. ” he slapped on my back. He was squeezing my nose. Vayyooooo, vammmmmmmmmmmooo…. Abbbbbbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaaaaa// neppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. I was crying with pain. Santaram was laughing and asked”you scoundrel, is that much paining? Now let me try with Cutting plyer. Go and bring cutting plyer” he ordered. At that time, Kiran, Latha and Sudha also came in in full nude. They saw the scene and started laughing. Mom introduced Suresh and Santaram to Kiran, Latha and Sudha. Kiran’s dick was 13 inches with full power. It was swinging. Sudha kissed Kirans dick and said” he has already fucked both of us 4 times. Still his cock is swinging.” Kiran kissed her inner nose. Your nose provocates even an impotent. God created your nose as a special nose.” he commented.
Sudha and Latha held Suresh and Santaram cocks and commented” very stiff cocks. Fluids are coming out from my Vagina. Let’s have fuck. And enjoy.” Santaram laughed and kissed Latha’s ass hole. I like squeezing noses. I willsqueeze my brothers nose and will have some blood to make further hard my cock.” He twisted my nose with cuttying plyer. Blodd started pouring from my nose. All laughed loudly. Mom also laughing beautifully. Come on squeeze , squeeze,,, she was encouraging.
Suresh, Santaram laughing loudly and squezed my nose and took 6 glasses. They were sipping it.
Mom said to Latha” I like very much big cocks. Whether it is son or father I dont mind. I want only cocks. If there is small cock, I dont mind even killing my own sons and making curry to others. I want only big cocks. She laughed.
Suresh kissed moms nose. Santaram put his cock in moms ass hole and started fucking. Seeing it, Kiran started fucking his sisterinlaw Sudha. Suresh put Lathas long nose in his mouth and started fucking from pussy. All three were swinging like engines. That went on for two hours continuously.
Mom ordered me to clean their pussys, dicks with my toungue. I have done it.