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Now coming to story my name is Vijay I am from small village in Tamil nadu my mother’s name is Padma she is house wife with great boobs and mouth watering ass and do some small tailor works for ladies and my dad is farmer very busy with our agriculture lands we don’t have many lands just 2 Acers

I am the only son for my parents they gave me everything from my childhood. I studied up to 10th in nearby town from my village during that time and I am very much interested of girls but I am very afraid because of my poor family back ground with all those sexual intentions.

I completed my 10th class and returned to home for holidays when I returned my mother Padma saw me from the gate and ran to me and hug me tightly as I am the only son and I came after so many days as it was summer she just completed washing clothes with all wetness of her sari as

She is from small village she does not wear bra her black nipples are seen clearly from her top as my sexual cruel intentions are running in my body I to hugged her tightly after some time she said come inside betta go and take bath it is summer and roads are fully dusty go and take fresh bath in mean time.

I will get your lunch ready your father is also gone to nearby village for some paddy works after she said she started walking to kitchen then again my brain started to do something and get my innocent mother to me immediately I asked mom I am very much tired will you give oil head bath to me like before?

She thought for a bit and said ok go and wait in your bathroom I will come with oil and shampoo by saying this she gone to her room and I gone to my room and removed my shirt and pant tied with small towel and gone to bathroom and waiting for my mother as that was my initial stage of puberty hair started to grow lightly in bottom area.

And underarms and in that small age my dick is also not that my big in erection times mean time my mom cam with oil cup in her hands she said to remove that towel and sit there in small stool I got some frightened with her words as my small dick got some small erection she might caught like that but I removed my towel.

And sat only with my underwear she started applying oil to my head I felt like heaven after ten minutes my head bath completed my mother did not noticed my erection in wetness then she said you do rest of your bath I will go and do breakfast for you and she started to leave but I stopped her.

And said mom give my body also oil bath because these days in hostel I was completely dirty after sometime she said ok and started applying to my hands back and now came there difficult situation beta remove your underwear otherwise you will get skin infections over there it is always better to bath nude and I had seen you plenty of times nude.

I am your mother don’t feel shy but I am little bit tensed with her sexy touch to my body my little prick got some life in it after a minute I removed my underwear my mother got shocked and said you are no more child Vijay this is my last bath to you saying this she applied some oil to my small prick and my butt crack and she said it better you shave there regularly while applying soap.

I thought like making mom wet will give me any chance? I accidentally poured some water on mom she scolded me what Vijay what are you doing ? I said sorry mom water mug had slipped from hand saying this she started squeezing water it was lovely site for me as I am nude and my sweet mother is almost naked due to her wetness and I want to make complete use more this situation.

And I asked mom as you to want to take bath after me why can’t you take bath now you is almost wet if you want I will apply some soap to you back? She immediately said no Vijay I will take later but I don’t let her go what’s wrong mom?

You will catch cold if you don’t remove your saree but Vijay she stopped I again asked mom I am your son nothing wrong you to bath in front of I am still your small kid saying this she said ok Vijay but I will tie towel I am feeling shame to be nude before you apply soap and you leave then I said ok your wish she removed her saree and tuned opposite side.

And slowly removed jacket and tied towel and remove her petticoat during this scene and I had a glimpse of her boobs side view and milky white thighs view and she tightly tied towel and turned towards me and said betta Vijay I am still feeling shy but as you said help to wash my back and go saying this

She stand before me she had plenty of underarm hair and I asked her mom why can’t you shave your underarm hair ?with that she got angry and said you better concentrate on my back Vijay and leave the rest I said sorry mom I started applying soap to her back in that process.

I use to touch her sides of her soft boobs but due to the wetness of water her body is complete visible under that small towel as I am standing naked my small prick is getting more excited by seeing my beautiful mother in just her see through towel after a minute someone knock the door.

My dad is shouting from outside open the door then my mom immediately ran to her room and wear another saree and open the door I also gone to my room and changed to my dress and slept for 20 minutes and came out after seeing my dad asked when you came from town Vijay?

I said morning dad I felt sleepy so I slept ok have your lunch I will go to farm and come saying this he left and I went to kitchen and hugged my mom from back side tightly I get a feel like my dick slightly touching her butt crack and she said what happened to you this time your behaving naughty?

Nothing mom I am same as your old Vijay ok leave me and I had some work to do go and sleep for some time I said no mom I want to sleep like this only she started smiling and saying this and I placed my hands on her wet belly she immediately got some jerk and get away from me and said go to your room and sleepy.

I had some work after some time dad came to house and we all sat in room and he asked what next about your studies? After some time he only said that study in Chennai in my brothers house as there will be your sister and aunty and my brother your uncle also be happy if you study from there

So go and pack your luggage saying this he went to other room I felt disappointed about my mom but I am very much happy that I can have any of the two ladies either my aunt Shoba or her daughter my elder sister

Kavitha they stay in very big house because they became rich with my dad’s help so they always be very great full to my dad so I started to Chennai giving my mom a last hug and here the story begin how I seduced my aunt and her daughter and how they help to get my mother to me and her husband journey starts in Innocent village mother 2.

Desi mom son sex story

Desi mom son sex story


Speciality of my mother

My mother named sarita is a lady of 39 years and all the erotic features with her. My father is a sex loving person and both my father and mother are enjoying their life by adding lot of variations to their sex life which is more or less known to me. She has the unique fleshy wide butt for which she is very famous in our surrounding. She is also very proud of her possessions and in our family everybody want to be with her many a times to have a glimpse of her sexy erected boobs and her swinging butt. Sometimes elder members in our family like fathers relatives tease mom whenever they get chances. They love to take her on a two wheeler ride and may be they get utmost pleasure by touching her boobs and side of butt with their body mostly I have seen mom is very free with two of father’s younger brothers.

My uncle (younger brother of my father) lives in a far of place from our place of bhubaneswar. He is serving at kolkatta and staying with their family there. Sometimes he used to visit us at our residence. My aunty (wife of uncle) is a very simple woman and as per her appearance she seems to be a very shy lady. Of course her features are good but not like my mom. The age of my uncle is around 41 years and he is also maintaining his physique with morning walk and yoga. He is a very romantic person and I have noticed a lot of time that when he visits our house, he used to bring very expensive gifts for my mother which she likes the most. Most of the time he is visiting us alone in weekends as his son and daughter is studying there at kolkatta. As per the activities of my uncle I know it that he is a mad fan and follower of mom and in the house many a times he is trying to stay at home on his visit and always fling to her. He is a good cook so that he makes himself busy at our kitchen most of the times with mother and mostly on the absence of my father he used to roam around mom by raising various issues.

With their activities I sometimes guess that the relationship between mom and uncle is very good as she used to get herself couscous at his presence. On his trip to our place mom wears good sarees with a very seductive outfit and she used to fling around a lot with him to make some expensive shopping even in the market.

Once I have noticed that I was alone in my home as it was noon time and after lunch mom and uncle went to market for shopping in the car of my dad as he was on a trip to outside for two days. After marketing they came to the home with lot of bags. I was in the first floor at my room and came out near the stair case to know about shopping. But when I look downwards at that time I saw mom and uncle stood side by side and she was enquiring something within the bag for which he was peeping through. They were not aware that I was standing at the top of the stair and about to move to the ground floor. I stayed there for a moment to look at them without moving down. Then I saw, mom took out something from the bag and it was a packet. Uncle snatched the packet from her and opened the pack to bring out a nice piece of black color bra and panty. I was amazed to see all this as she was smiling to look at him. He removed the bra from the bundle and look at mom. She was smiling naughtily and ran near the sofa throwing other bags. Uncle virtually ran before her to grab her from behind and lift her up in the air. They were not aware that I was watching them from the top floor. She was trying to made her free from the grab but with a light resistance. The left hand of uncle was strongly holding her on her waist and in between he inserted his right hand within the blouse of her to grab her boob. I was earlier fantasizing about this type of relationship between them, but never witnessed such type of incidence earlier. It was a new scene for me. Meantime mom was enjoying the activity with moan and her resistance was fading away gradually. Aggressively uncle was moving his hand within her blouse and probably he was squeezing the nipple tips within. She was highly aroused and by that uncle started to kiss mom on her neck. As the whole scene was directly happening before me and the front side of mom was towards me to, so that I could easily noticed the expressions on the face of my mother. Left hand of my uncle tried to slip within the saree from her navel base and he had succeeded to slide her hand towards the most precious part of mom.

This move suddenly brought life to mom and she throws herself totally out from the game and started adjusting her clothes. She was telling him no…no not now please. Leave me. Probably sandeep is there at top floor. I came to know that mom was aware about my presence. Uncle was looking hungrily towards her and flew some kisses on air by looking at her cheek. She got ashamed and ran towards bath room.

I made myself out of my position and came to my room and had a sleep in my bed. The whole scene was dancing down in my eyes and I failed to understand how sexy and seductive my mother is. I was fantasizing the whole episode on my bed to have a smooth jerk off.

On the whole day I had noticed that mom was very cheerful. Uncle came to me and we played carom on my room. At night uncle was sleeping in the guest room at the ground floor. As my father was on tour, hence mom stayed in her room alone which is near my bedroom. I was eagerly waiting for long to witness any further game between them. I pretended to sleep earlier in my room. It was winter night, so every sound on first floor was audible to me. At about 12 pm I have heard some step sound at the stair case. On the side of my window which was facing the staircase I have seen that uncle was slowly moving towards the bedroom of my parents where mom was sleeping alone. The staircase was dark, so I faintly noticed that he was wearing his lungi and a half sleeve baniyan and approached the door of parent’s bed room. He made slow knock and after some time I have seen mother opened the door. He entered in to the room and the door was closed by mom.

As I told you on my previous experience, I made a hole on the bed room door of my parents to see all the variety fucking scene of my parents. And that hole helped me that night. Immediately I secured my position near the door. Within the room the light was very low and every thing was clearly visible to me. Suddenly uncle lighted up the big lamp in the room and the room was thoroughly lighted. I saw my mom was wearing a silky white nighty, within that her black bra and panty was clearly visible. In the mean time I saw uncle untied the knot of his lungi and it fell down on the floor. He was stark naked and his back was towards me. Mom closed her eyes and he moved towards her and grabbed her. He then planted some deep rooted kiss on the cheek of mom and all the kisses were wet and with heavy smooch sound. He then lifted her nighty and then her bra and panty. Mom was resting herself totally on uncle. He then caught hold of her hand and guided that to his penis. This time they changed their position and speedily moved towards the bed. On the edge of bed they remained stranded and the hand of her was busy in massaging his pennis. Both the hands of uncle was busy pressing her lavish wide elevated butts and the white flesh of her gaand was peeping away from his palm grips lot of times in the process of heavy squeezing. His lips was totally busy in sucking the dark brown nipple of her and many a times tried to lift that upwards from the fleshy mound.

With this act they automatically fell down on the bed and the game of smooching and squeezing the body of each other continues for about 15 minutes. I have seen the pennis of my dad and it was around 6.5inches. But the size of uncle is superb. It is about 8.5 inches and mom was not in a mood to leave that even for a single moment from her grip. Then he made her lie on the bed and without delay guided his member within the hairy area of mom. She screamed loudly and high hissing sound came from her mouth. Her both the hands hold him tightly and she was scratching mercilessly to the back side of uncle. Both of her fleshy thighs were cuddling his waist like a snake and she was enjoying the whole move by lifting her ass in between.

I was very much aroused and failed to control my self. I came to my room had a nice jerk off. After 5 minutes I went to see the climax and saw my mother on the top and vigorously moving her hips back and forth. Her water melons are hanging and swinging over the chest of uncle to make him exited more and more. The room was felled with a lot of erotic hissing sound and in between loud moan heard from the lips of mom. They remained calm after a mad show of fucking on top by her and she kept herself nude and encircled her thigh on the waist of uncle and they slept by deep cuddling each other.

The other day uncle left for kolkatta and I saw a gloomy face of my mother till dad came from tour.

Desi sex story : I like my young son

Desi sex story : I like my young son


I am 35 years old school teacher and have real seductive figures. My husband; an engineer by profession works in an oil company in the middle east and comes home after every six months for a month long vacations. I did not accompany him because of my job, my son’s studies in the same school where I teach and more so because we wanted to save a lot of money for settling down in Switzerland. Let me tell you that we live in a two bed room luxury apartment but my son sleeps with me. The second bed room is used as computer and study room. During the month of my husband’s vacations in karachi, apart from enjoying a good family life with our son, we do a lot of fucking. He is too horny and steamy and cannot live without sex for more than a couple of days. That’s why when he goes back i give him a pack of condoms as a gesture of my love and permission to discharge his sperms taking full protection. I am also too horny and can ot live without squirting my juice every night even when i have my monthly periods. He knows it and that is why he bought me a variety of sex toys. I however, remain sex starved during these five months and don’t hesitate to have violent masturbation after my fourteen years old son goes to sleep. I didn’t know since how long my son had been watching me wriggling in the bed with his lusty eyes, while sleeping with me. I have always been very casual in dressing up at home, and even change my panty and bra in front of him, considering my little son still a baby. It was during last weekend when i gave him lunch after coming from school and started undressing in front of him as usual. I removed my shirt followed by my pajamas. I casually unhooked my bra and my melons with hard nipples popped out with a jump and started swaying in the air. I slowly slid my panty down my long creamy legs and stood all nude. I watched my neatly shaved pussy, gently rubbed it with my palm and picked my loose shorts for wearing it. I usually don’t wear panty at home. All of a sudden i heard my son staring at my pussy “mom, how did you clean your it?”. I was shocked but also amused to feel that my son had been watching me naked. “i think yesterday it was all hairy” he further added. “why are you asking this honey?” I enquired from my inquisitive son. “well i have …too much hair at my place and i need to clean these’ like you did it mom” he replied hesitantly. “well, you can’t do it yourself with razor as it may hurt you” i said. “can you do it mom, i feel a lot of itching and irritation”, he enquired innocently, while scratching his pubic area and balls. Well i had been bathing him only till last year, so i decided to help my young baby, not realizing that he might have grown in every area. After the lunch, i changed in to my red panty and bra and took him in the wash room. I made him stand against the wall and removed his shorts. His huge plump dick, about 7 inches long dangled out. I was amused to see the size of my young baby. He was soft, plump, long but relatively thin and less fleshy, perfect for any skinny girl’s tight asshole. Seeing a real cock after so many months, my sexual urge immediately woke up and i started feeling the heat in my pussy. I tried to press down my desire for a real dick and quickly started shaving off his inch long soft but scattered pubic hair. I took his meatloaf in my hand and lifted up with my fingers so as to clean hair from his balls. His cock started swelling and jerking in my hand. By the time, i under-shaved him, his dick had fully stretched and his pink umbrella was poking towards my mouth. I quickly washed his pubic area with warm water and took some body lotion for applying at his pubic area which looked a little dry after the shave. As i rolled my palm at her pubic area my hand again touched his dick. I saw his dick jerking violently and a droplet of my son’s love juice oozed out from the dick hole. I applied some lotion at my palm and gently rubbed along his shaft from base to its head. Soon it turned out to be an iron rod. I felt my pussy getting moist with my pre-cum. “is it soothing my son” i asked lustfully, wishing he doesn’t stop me. “yes mom” he replied with small jerks in his shaft. “should mama continue or stop it?” I asked. “it feels so good mom” he replied while staring at the deep valley between my milky breasts popping out of my tight bra. His dick had swollen to the maximum. “mom, what do you do at night? I mean in the bed….with those little toys” he suddenly asked and i felt ashamed”. “you moan a lot while playing with your pussy” he further added. By then i was turned on. “mama enjoys her pussy; son, everyone enjoys with pussy and penis” “aren’t you enjoying it now?” I asked and he smiled.

“mama, why do you insert that rod like things in your pussy every night?” He asked me and it was then i realized that he had been watching me masturbating. “have you seen those things”? I asked and he replied with yes.” Mama those things are just like papa’s pee rod.” He further added. My pussy was now burning and aching with continuous twitches. “your pee rod is also big like your papa my son, have you ever enjoyed, playing with it?” I asked and he nodded positively with a feeling of guilt. “don’t feel guilty son, every body starts doing it at your age”, i said and he felt relaxed. “how did you learn it” i asked as i felt like eating his meat loaf. “well from the internet mom, they lick, eat and swallow every thing down their legs” he replied while looking down. I took his fully erect rod in my palm and rubbed it gently along its length. I saw few white drops of juice oozing from the head of my son’s lovely pink prick like thick soup. “would you like if someone eats …you as well, i mean your lovely dick hidden in your legs” i asked him. “yes mom” he replied with excitement. “should mom please her son, if you can keep it a secret” i enquired while rolling my palm all along the length of his dick. “oh mom, i would love it, i promise i would do any thing, whatever you desire” he replied as if begging me. “can you show your mom what you have learned from the net”? I asked while gently taking his meatloaf in my mouth and started eating it. “yes mom’ i will” replied with excitement. I pushed him against the wall, opened his legs apart, pressed his round ass with my palms and started eating his meat gently. He was now moving his thighs back and forth very gently. I kept swirling my tongue at the tip of his dick while gently rubbing his balls and his long tool with one hand, while pressing my son’s round ass cheeks with the other hand. Soon i saw his cock jerking and his thighs spasm. I felt his round ass and his tinny anus hole stiffened. My son was moaning with pleasure as he came violently in his mom’s open and warm mouth. He twitched his balls many times and kept squirting his juice till i licked and ate every drop of his precious love juice. I felt my pussy twitching with droplet of my pre-cum love juice leaking out of my moist pussy lips. I removed my bra and my breasts with hard nipples popped out. He took my melons in his hands and started playing with my nipples. I slid my panty down, made him sit against the wall and brought my shaved and moist pussy close to his nose. “show me your skill, honey” i said. He hesitantly sniffed it and then mildly touched it with the tip of his tongue. It felt so good. I pushed my pussy against his mouth and he started eating it like a trained stud. I felt proud of my son. I took him in the bed room. We were completely naked. I made him lay on the bed, opened his legs and started eating my son’s hard rock meaty rod again. He was moaning with extreme pleasure, a pleasure that only his mom could give him. Soon i felt a twitch in his balls. His anus squirmed and he pressed his cock in my mouth. He squirted once again with a bang in my mouth. I let him trickle every drop of his pure love in my mouth and ate him clean till his dick turned plump and again started becoming hard. My pussy was now burning and dripping wet. I had opened the flood gates of love oozing out of my son’s dick and now wanted him in my pussy. I opened my legs and brought my pussy exactly over the head of my son’s dick. I slid my pussy down gently until i felt his dick touching my pussy lips. I pressed my wet pussy further down and felt his dick kissing my g. Spot, my hot and moist clit. I couldn’t resist any more and pressed my cunt further down, taking the whole length of my son’s 7 inches long penis down my pussy canal. My son moaned with pleasure and started hopping his ass up and down in complete harmony with my up down movements. My lips were at my son’s lips and we started exploring each other’s mouth deep while moving my ass up and down for a perfect sliding movement of my son’s dick in my juicy pussy. It hardly took me five minutes when i felt like squirting. I pressed my pussy against his balls with full force, planted a deep kiss at my son’s juicy pink lips and came violently.

I kept hopping for another five minutes and again got horny. I then came at my fours like a bitch and wanted my son to fuck his mama like a wild dog. He understood and made a perfect position behind me. I felt his long hot dick sliding deep down my love canal. My son was pleasing me at the same place from where he was born. He was pumping his mom’s pussy hard. He was the master. He knew the art. He kept pumping me deep and i could not resist another orgasm. I came violently and squirted my love juice around his dick. His balls were continuously touching my ass crack and i was feeling the best of fucking in my life. Soon i felt my son, grabbing my ass cheeks. He shoved his cock deep down my love tunnel with full thrust behind me. I felt his ball sachet touching my anus and cervix and he squirted all his love juice in my love tunnel. I felt the warmth of my son’s hot sperms sliding deep down my pussy walls and entering my uterus. I was not worried as i am unable to produce another baby. It was a lovely feeling. I felt the remains of our white cream mixed together sliding along my legs. I got up, made my son lay straight and licked his wet penis clean, as i was looking for his long and slim cock perfectly fitting in my tight anal hole. I licked his spongy and plump cock till it hardened like a rock. “would you like to enter in mom’s anal hole” i asked wickedly. “off course mom, i have heard you crying when papa enters your anus” he replied. I again came on my four legs, opened my anus with my fingers and let my son lick it with the tip of his tongue. It had already become slippery with our creamy juice sliding down my anus hole and now with his saliva. He parted my legs and gently started penetrating his long dick in my anal canal. “my goodness, it feels so good” i murmured as his long but comparatively slim dick entered my anal canal so easily. He started pumping in my anus initially with gentle pace and then ruthlessly. I took my sex toy from the side table and gave it to my son. He pulled his dick out, inserted the toy in my pussy and pressed its switch on for vibration. The moment it vibrated in my pussy i felt like bursting with a violent orgasm. I took the toy in my hand and let it vibrate in my pussy while my son started fucking my anal hole like a well skilled stud. I moaned with pleasure while my son grabbed my milk plants in his hands; to which he has the biological right and he too growled like me. I felt a spasm down my spines and twitch after twitch in my pussy. My son’s ball sachet was this time touching my pussy lips as his cock was pumping my anus deep with a perfect rhythm. He took my ass cheeks in his hands and squirted all of his sperms in my anal canal. I groaned loudly this time and squirted my cream violently. My hands became messy with my juice and i felt the warmth of my son’s hot juice sliding deep down my anal canal and some of it dribbling down my pussy lips and along the inner thighs. I changed my position and lay straight on my back facing up, with my legs wide apart and knees lifted up. My son smiled seeing my messy pussy, pulled the vibrater out of my pussy and squished all of my juice. It felt so nice watching my son cleaning mom’s lovely pussy that i took his cheeks in my palms and licked his wet lips, eating my own juice. I felt so satisfied that afternoon and so did my son feel. We kept lying there for an hour or so without doing any thing as we knew that we still had a long weekend nights ahead.

Desi sex story : Gorgeous Mom as A Gift

Desi sex story : Gorgeous Mom as A Gift

I never thought I can give this kind of present for my son from me on the new millennium. My name is Vijaya. My son Ramesh is working in US and returned home for the millennium. As usual I was very excited to see him. He has been living in US for 5 years now and he comes home every 2 years. He arrived on the Christmas day as myself and his dad went to the airport to pick him.
Ramesh was very excited to see us both despite his jetlag and just kept talking. Since we picked him up in the middle of the night we went to bed soon even though Ramesh wasn’t keen. In the morning after the breakfast we sat down to open our presents. They were lot of them. Jewelry, perfumes, clothes etc… Some were for his friends and our relatives but most were for his mom and dad.
For the next 4/5 days Ramesh was constantly with me helping in my kitchen and in other chores telling tales about his US life. Every now and then he went to see his friends to catchup with him.
On the 31st, I thought of asking him on a gift from me for the new year. At lunch, his dad came from work to have lunch with us and on the table I brought up the topic. His dad also liked it and said he would like give another gift too. Ramesh refused any gifts at first but I kept stressing. After some time he told his dad that he will accept anything his dad gives and told me he will think and tell me what he wants from me.
His dad has left few minutes after his lunch and I resumed to cleaning the dishes in the kitchen. All the time I was giving ideas for him and he kept rejecting them. Then I asked him “Probably we should get you a wife!” Ramesh blushed a lot and said “Na…I am too young for it”. We laughed off. After few moments Ramesh said “I know what I want for new year mom! I was afraid to say it before dad.” I said “Thats good! Then spit it out!”
Ramesh said “Hope you wont be upset mom!”
“I wont..Tell me…If I can afford it I will” I replied.
“Sure you wont be upset mom!”
“Yes honey! I wont! Now tell me” asked him eagerly.
Ramesh paused for a moment and said “Gosh! This is so embarrassing!”
“Come on Ramesh! It wont be that bad”
After another moment he said “I want you mom!”
I laughed “You want me son? You have already got me!”
“No! I mean I want more of you mom!” Ramesh replied.
“More of me! What more honey? Do you want me to come to US too?”
“Well, I want that too but…more means…” Ramesh hesitated again.
I said “Come on Ramesh! more means?”
Ramesh paused again for a while an then said “aah…I want something….that is underneath your saree mom..”
I was stunned. Before I could recover, he continued “I want to lick your yoni (pussy) and enter it mom”
My senses went blank….I could not hear anymore. I could see Ramesh but can’t hear his voice. I was dumbfound.
Then suddenly half of my blood rushed to my mouth and suddenly I uttered “I am your MOTHER for god sake Ramesh! What the hell are your asking?”
Ramesh said “You only provoked me mom. I just told you what I want.”
“I am you mother…You don’t expect to get gifts like that from your mother!” I paused.
“This is sick Ramesh! Why do you want such a gift from me?”
“Because I love you mother”
“Is this the way to show your love? By asking your mother to sleep with you?”
Ramesh kept quiet.
“Oh Ramesh! What has gotten on to you son? If you are lonely we will get you married!”
Ramesh interrupted “No mom! I don’t want anyone but you”
“But I am your mother! You were born out of me. You are my body!”
“But I am a man now mother! You have been great to me as mother and I want you to be my woman too!”
“Shut up! Dont say that kind of words” I screamed.
Ramesh kept quiet and I walked into my bedroom and shut the door.
I kept thinking. I still have these pictures of my son in my thoughts…so innocent and respectful. What happened to him? He is lusting for his own mother. I bore him for 9 months and brought him to this world. He was a good student and has done well in his life. And then suddenly this? Must have been the westernisation I thought. My thoughts drifted along for another hour or so and by then my anger got lost. I felt sorry for Ramesh.
I came out of the room and looked for Ramesh. I looked in his room. He was lying on his bed reading a book. I walked in towards his bed. He pretended my absence.
I walked up to him, sat on the bed and asked “Why Ramesh? How did you get such an unnatural thought?”
He smiled, then got up, picked up a cd he brought with him, held my hand and pulled me to the computer room.
He loaded the cd and opened a webpage on the cd. The page had a picture of me and below it, it had numerous links to several text files. The he clicked on one and showed it to me. It was a erotic mother/son incest story!
All the other files were mother/son sex stories too. Some were consensual and others were rapes. Some involved sleeping or un-concious state sex. Many even claimed mothers getting pregnant by their sons!
Gosh! So much literature on mother/son incest!
Ramesh left me there for me to explore more. I was disgusted at first but slowly I got interested in the stories. Some even write that they recommend mothers to have sex with their sons.
I read through some of them before it was time for me to cook for dinner. I left the computer and Ramesh took his cd back.
I had to go to bathroom to ease myself off after reading those stories. No wonder those stories gave Ramesh some sexual thoughts about his mother.
Ramesh never spoke to me about it after that. We had our dinner and we went to sleep early. Ramesh was still watching tv. That night I had to seduce my husband to fuck me. He was surprised a bit about my sexual intentions but we had an excellent sex. My hubby is a good lover. But to be frank, during the act I replaced him with my son fucking me.
But I took care not to utter his name aload.
The whole night I kept thinking about those stories. I even dreamt of them.
In the morning after the breakfast, I waited until his dad left saying he will not be coming home that night as he has y2k work. As soon as he is out I asked Ramesh for the cd. Ramesh didnot utter a word and gave me the cd.
I spent prettymuch the whole day reading those stories. I was suprised to see somany of them. And there were many with Indian cultural background too!
We had lunch…I went back to the computer. We had afternoon tea…I went back to the computer. I took a break to cook dinner for both of us and soon after we had our dinner. Ramesh insisted he will go to his friends place but I told him not to. He was not happy and resumed his tv watching. We both watched the tv until midnight. We the clock striked 12 we congratulated each other on new year. His dad rang us from work and Ramesh rang all his friends here and in US to wish them.
After calling everybody Ramesh resumed his tv watching as I went to my bedroom. Then I took off my saree and my blouse leaving only the bra and petticoat. Then I called Ramesh.
Ramesh walked into the room and I caould see him being agape looking at me. I told him to come inside and lock the door. He locked the door and turned towards me and I said “Here is your gift Ramesh! Your mother’s body and her yoni”
Ramesh was very excited “Really mom?”
I said “Yes son!”
He just leaped towards me saying “Oh Thank you mom! Thank you very much!” hugging me tight and planting his lips onto mine. The sensations of my son’s lips on mine was excellent. He then he sucked my lips and tongued my mouth. It was ecstatic enjoying my son’s sexual moves and rubs. He was caressing my body with his hands. He moved his hands slowly on to my buttocks and then inserted his hands between my thighs to touch my pussy. I squealed a bit enjoying his explorations. He stroked my ass crack and my pussy with his middle finger for a moment and the moved his hand to untangle my petticoat’s thread knot. As he untangled I felt a bit shy as I tried to hold on to my sliding petticoat but he was too quick to grab my hand. He then whispered in my ear saying “let me unwrap my gift mom”. I was excited to my high with those words. He then untied my bra to reveal my motherly breasts for him. This time to satisfy his sexual hunger. He then took my nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it. It was my son sucking my breasts but I had feeling of my lover sucking me.
He kept sucking my breasts for few minutes interchanging them by caressing the other. It was a breast sucking sex of my life. I wondered where did he learn all this?
Then the took me to the bed and laid me on my back. By now I just became a follower doing everything he wants me to do. He then started kissing my breasts and slowly worked towards my navel and then to my lower abdomen towards my thick bush. As he reached my bush I inadvertently raised my legs and folded them for him to access. He then used his left hand to widen my crack as he looked at my pussy with curiosity. I felt embarrassed for a moment as he looked on at his birth place. Then he slowly moved towards it to take my clit into his mouth and starting sucking it. It was at that instant I had my first orgasm. It just happened because of my excitement I guess.
He sucked my clit for few moments and then his tongue was allover my cunt. He inserted it into my vagina, fucked me with it and licked every part of my pussy clean. It was then he took off his clothes as I watched him in desperate condition of having my cunt fucked. I never was in this position before. When ever I wanted I hinted my hubby and within minutes he was on to it. Now it appeared as if Ramesh took ages to remove his clothes. As he took off his pajama his cock sprung up like a cunt seeking device pointing towards me. I never imagined I will get to see my son’s erection to the least that I am gonna be fucked by his thick meat.
As soon as he undressed Ramesh moved over me, positioned himself, held his dick with his right hand and then ran over the head over my pussy lips and my clit. I shuddered as his head touched my clit. He did it for few strokes and then he inserted it into my vagina. I moaned loud. It was the moment I was waiting for. The union of yoni and lingam….the union of mother and son….the union of my flesh with me.
I was at my sexual ecstasy as he started fucking me slowly for few strokes. Than suddenly he started pounding my cunt in vigorous motion. I started moaning more and more louder as he increased his rhythm. It was then I had my second orgasm. Ramesh too climaxed not long after that as he squirted his potent seed into me for the first time.
He then collapsed on me patting and puffing as if he had been thru an aerobic session.
After few moments he said “Mom, that was the best gift I ever had in my life”
I asked “Did you enjoy your gift?”
He said “Yes! More than anything! How about you?”
I said “I enjoyed every moment of being your gift” stroking my fingers thru his hair.
He concluded “I love you mom”
I said “I love you too son” as he moved to kiss my lips.
After the kiss he asked me “Will I get to use my gift again?”
I said “Yes! Anytime whenever there is opportunity!”
“How about now?” he said pushing his semi erect dick into my soppy pussy.
I was shocked that he is already getting hardon. I replied “Ok son!” enjoying our copulation and anticipating for another ride of my life!
Half an hour after my son finished filling me with his cum, he was fast sleep beside me. I too was tired from our my sexual encounter and dozed off thinking about all that happened we hours ago.
I do not know how long I slept but I was waken by the sound of somebody opening the front door. I got up immediately to find my clothes but heard the steps getting near. I quickly grabbed my blouse and went back to bed and covered the blanket over me. I did not even had time to hook my blouse. So I turned on my side trying to hook at least the first hook. Then the door opened and it was Ramesh’s dad. He switched the light on as I pretended I just got woken up. I looked at him and said “You’re back?” He said “yes! not any serious problems so came back”. He looked at Ramesh as I told him “He wanted to sleep with me here. I will wake him up”. I carefully started turning so that he would not notice my open blouse. By then he interrupted “Don’t worry! Let him sleep here. I will sleep on his bed”. I did not attempt to move then on and he switched off the light and went to Ramesh’s room. I laughed at my position. Good that Ramesh is my son. Otherwise which husband would see his wife in bed with a naked man and walk away saying ‘let him sleep?’
Underneath the blanket his son is completely naked with his mothers’ drying cunt juices all around his dick and his pubic hair. And I am wearing my blouse unhooked and completely nakedbelow my stomach with my cunt filled with his son’s thick cum. It gave a whole new meaning for the phrase “looks deceive!”
I was so excited by the scene that I had to wake Ramesh for another session of mother/son sexual ecstacy.
That night was a night of my life with my son fucking me on my bed and my husband sleeping in next room. Ramesh too started talking kinky after he knew that his dad is sleeping in his room. During our fuck session he kept saying words like “Ah! I am in heaven…thanks dad” and “you have a sexy wife dad”. I was terribly afraid that his dad might come back. I think if a mother like me wants to have an extramarital affair, I recommend them to seduce their sons. How many times you will get to fuck your lover while your husband is sleeping next room?
The next morning I got up early to prepare the breakfast. I felt great that morning! Ramesh and his dad though, slept well until 9am. Since both had slept late I let them sleep until then and the went to my hubby to wake him up. I woke him up and he grabbed me to give a good lip kiss for the new year. We both hugged for a while as he embarrassed me tight. I told him he should get up as it is getting late. He murmured a bit, gave me another kiss and then trotted to bathroom telling me to wake Ramesh up. He disappeared into the toilet as I went to our bedroom to wake ramesh up. I woke him up and started pulling his blanket. He is still naked underneath it and I wanted to take a peek at the manhood that took care of my lust last night. He held on to the blanket and asked where his dad was. I told him he is in the toilet. Then he suddenly pulled me on to him as I stumbled on him and he gave me a deep lip kiss. I tried to struggle first but then I stopped as I enjoyed my second kiss of the morning with my second man. He held my left breast with his right hand and started caressing it while kissing. After a while I stopped him and got off him telling him to get up and walked out to the kitchen.
Ramesh got up and went to our second bathroom. After a while he came back to me in the kitchen while I was standing at the kitchen table. He asked me where’s his dad and I said he might be taking a shower. He then asked “where’s my breakfast?” I said “wait! its getting ready! Let your dad come.” He said “not that breakfast mom!” and came to me from behind, aligned his dick against my ass cheeks, put his hand into my saree tangles and held my womanhood and said “this mom”. I was so excited with his kinky gesture I almost came. I couldn’t help but moan a little and said to him “you just had late night snack few hours ago! Are you still hungry?” He said rubbing my mound and his dick “Yes mom! your food is so tasty I cannot have enough of it!” I said trying to overcome the feeling “this food legally belongs to your dad! So don’t try to eat it while your dad is around!”
“No?…not even a taste?” Ramesh said in a dissappointed tone still rubbing my pussy lips thru my saree. I was so excited, I could feel my juices coming out but tried controlling it and told him “Nop! not even a taste! Wait until your dad is gone and you can eat as much as you want”
Before I could finish the sentence, Ramesh took his hand away from my pussy as he saw his dad coming. His dad must have over heard my sentence, he asked “What is that you want to eat son?” I stumbled on hearing his words but regained my composure and said “You son is very hungry! He wants his breakfast before you come!” I almost laughed at the kinky meaning of those words. I was looking at Ramesh who by now walking into the lounge with a big smile on his face smelling his fingers that rubbed my cuntlips.
“Then you should have given him! He must be starving!” his dad said. Ramesh quickly looked at me with a lustful gaze and said “See! Dad doesn’t object!”
“I don’t object! If he is hungry you should feed him Kantam!” his dad added. “I can eat later”
I turned away as I could not smile at my hubby’s innocense. I thought to myself “If you know what me and Ramesh are talking about, you would not only object but kill us both”
We cut the chat and had our breakfast. Ramesh kept passing me “give me your pussy” looks at me. After we had enough to eat, there is still some left so I asked Ramesh if he would like an another round. He said “No mom! Not now”. He paused a while and then said “I will have my next round after dad is gone to work”. I knew what he was getting at but kept quite. His dad said “Thats my boy! Take a break and have another round! It will make your mother happy!”
Every word my hubby says is inducing a twitch in my already drooling cunt. Added to it Ramesh is taking it further saying “Will you be happy mom?………will you?”. He kept asking until I said “Yes!”
Ramesh sat on the couch watching tv while his dad dressup to go to work. I knew he is watching tv but counting the moments of his dad leaving the house. Finally after 10 mins his dad bid bye to me and Ramesh and Ramesh saw him off and closed the front door. Before I could hear his dad opening the car door, Ramesh is already naked and untangling my saree. He ripped my saree off and threw it on the couch and dragged me to our bedroom while hugging me and caressing my breasts.
By the time his dad pulled the car out of our driveway Ramesh got me naked and was all over my body. He did not listen to my plead that his dad could come back. As he inserted his dick into my wet pussy, I heard my hubby’s car drive away. I didnot have any relief until his car pulled away and before he was gone, Ramesh is already pounding my pussy with vigourous and long strokes.
I was amazed by Ramesh’s restlessness to fuck his mother. His dad did not even leave the premises he has already made me naked and copulating with my vagina. Before I could come to my senses and started enjoying, Ramesh already came spurting his hot cream into me. He must have been very hot. We both were patting for breath and we are in a mess. We both were lying across the bed with Ramesh on top of me. My blouse and pettycoat lying on the floor. My pussy is all wet with combination of our juices. I was left unfulfilled as Ramesh finished earlier than me.
“Thanks for the second breakfast mom” Ramesh uttered while controlling his breath. “It was as good as your real breakfast”
“You have eaten forbidden food Ramesh!” I said smiling. “This food belongs to your dad”
“You know mom” Ramesh said squeezing my nipples “Forbidden food is always tasty…specially my mother’s…Once tasted you can never stop”
“And then, dad himself gave me permission to eat” he said as we both laughed.
We spent most of the new year day naked and on bed. We fucked four times before we both were exhausted and it was time for his dad to get back from work.
It was only in the evening I wore my saree again. Ramesh never gave me an oppotunity to wear it keeping my pussy wet all the day. He had a final snack before his dad came home and started complaining his dick hurts.
I never had somany fucks in a day for years. Ramesh’s dad used to fuck me like that when we were young. Never thought I will see that day again.
To say the least from that day onwards, Ramesh became my second lover. We became mother and son only for other people and for his dad. It was very hard to balance being mother and lover with a stud son around and doing all kinds of mischievous things. Ramesh never had enough of me and used to molest me even when somebody is around. he does more of it when somebody is around us. He would never let an opportunity go to fondle his mother’s body. I always wondered whether he is doing it for shear lust or to hint people around that he is bonking his mother. In anycase, I liked it.
Ramesh’s four week holidays passed by in a flick. This time his holiday was spent in an unexpected manner though! He had new girl and I had a new lover. The new millinium has provided me with a son-lover and with lots of cum in my pussy and another cocktail of love juice marks on my bedsheet. I thought I would get him a bride this time but never imagined I would become his lover and take his semen in me.
A week before Ramesh’s departure, I became sad. Previously, it used to be only a son’s see off. Now its a son and lover. He made me rid of all sexual frustrations I had and took me to a new hieght of sexual ecstacy where only a son can take his mother to. I felt sad missing a son and a lover. Ramesh has another week in singapore before he would go back to US. Seeing me very dejected of Ramesh’s departure his dad suggested me to take a trip to singapore with him. I was so excited but at the same time I felt a bit guilty that I am taking advantage of my hubby. It wasn’t until the next day when Ramesh lifted my pettycoat yet again to show me heaven, I decided I need to have another week of this forbidden dick of my son. So I booked and flew with my son to sinagpore. Ramesh and I had time of our life. It wasn’t a lot different from India but in singapore Ramesh got access to his mother’s pussy even in the night. Shopping and sex were the two main things in our agenda with everything rolling around those. We talked to my hubby on phone but everytime we talked to him Ramesh was either licking or fucking my pussy. We both talked together with him while our genitals locked. Only a son can give this opportunity!
Before we knew the week was over and we had the time of our lives. Ramesh saw me off at the airport the day before he flew to US.
I flew back with fond memories of our lustful ‘honeymoon’ followed by a big shopping bag. Ramesh took care of all the shopping bills. Somehow I felt like I was his escort or a call-girl and Ramesh paid me for my services to him. The perverted feeling in me was satisfied that I became a personal whore for my son.
After he is gone to US Ramesh called me more often specially when his dad is not around to talk about his fantacies of fucking his mother. He makes me so hot on phone that I tell him I replaced his dick with my fingures as we kept talking. I even asked him if he thought of me as his escort during our singapore lustweek. Ramesh said it was not the case and he payed the bills as a gratitude of me being a perfect mother. It was until later I found our that Ramesh also paid for my airfare. Ramesh might have did it for love towards his mother but I certainly felt I escorted my son while in s’pore. With the amount of spending he did on me, I figured its well over 5000 rupees per day. We kept talking about all the kinky things. Our phone calls have become more like lover calls instead of mother and son ones. He never completed a call without giving me an orgasm when his dad is not around.
It wasn’t another three weeks passed by, I realised Ramesh has left me more than my fond memories of becoming his lover and probably his whore. The loads of semen my pussy was soaked in all the time when Ramesh was here finally managed to penetrate my egg. Little did my egg know that the semen was from my own son. Little did Ramesh’s semen knew that it his mother’s egg he’s penetrating. How would they know? Their job is to procreate. The evolutionary cycle has turned around with semen from my own son penetrated his own mother’s egg.
I went into this philosophy mode. All these mother/son relationships are all created by us. In my opinion everybody is free to mate with everybody. Look at animals; a son always fucks his mother to mate and create more. Likewise a mother always gives her son a chance to make her pregnant. Take a look at ancient history! Every culture has mother son turned lovers relationships. The mother earth also mated with her son to produce. Eve was Adam’s mother. Eve also became the wife of her another son/grandson Cain whom she produced through Adam. Several greek legends married and lusted for their mother. The famous Jocasta and Oedipus mother/son copulation yeilded 3 children. Jocasta must have been one happy woman when she married her son.
In my opinion mother/son sex is natural thing to do. Since a woman matures and marries generally when she is 15/16, her breeding season is divided between her husband and son/s. The first fifteen years until she turns 30 are husband’s to produce and when her sons turn 15 she should be mating with her offspring and breed with them until the age of menopause. For me it seems logical and our bodies are designed for it. It is a well known fact that women reach their prime sexual stage when they are past 30, the age when her sons too reach a sexual age. The sexual desire of a mother and her son would balance each other at that stage.
I started out late now at 43, but I still feel I have few more years to breed with my son. I am starting now. To say the least I am pregnant with my son. It felt good. I felt as if I am godess Rati, the love godess who became a lover to her son Kama, the cupid.
As usual my husband thought his semen lacked some discipline and invaded his wife’s womb. My mother-loving son is very excited that his semen made its way to penetrate his mother’s egg and made his sexy and slutty mother pregnant with his child. I have mixed fellings about this. I am not happy because I am pregnant at this age but at the same time I am excited because my own son made me pregnant. I am fucked by both men of my life and I became pregnant by both of them.
Few weeks later I was stuck between two males competing for possession of a pregnant female. Ramesh might have thought he wanted to see his slutty mother belly grow as his baby took shape. So he proposed his dad that I should go to US. He used the excuse saying hospitals are better there. His dad on the other hand wants me to be with him so that he can see me safe. I took the backstage letting them sort out as I have nothing to loose. No matter where I stay I will get good care and my bed will always be warm. If I am here I will have my hubby dick in my pussy and if I am there my son will still keep it lubricated and wet.
Finally Ramesh won. His dad let go as he knew I will be well there. A week later, during fourth month of my pregnancy, my hubby saw me off at the airport. I felt sorry for him since he is unknowingly send me to my lover and illicit father of my baby.
Ramesh picked me up from the airport in US. He was very excited to see his mother-lover. We drove home and he waited nomore to see his mother naked with her growing belly. We both celebrated with you know what!!! He fucked me passionately as if a husband parting from his wife for a long time. I don’t need to tell you the happenings in detail after that. The life is usual with doctor visits, pregnant sex, dad/hubby phone calls to India, sex again, parent talk with my son as mother of his baby, and more sex. We are tired of inventing new postions to rest my belly while Ramesh filled me.
A month later, my son revealed his ultimate desire. A desire to marry me. I was shocked at first but was happy that he wanted to marry me. He said “Since we are already having a baby together, we should get married.”
I did not get his point. I said “But I am already married Ramesh! to your dad! How can I marry you?”
He said “I don’t know! Divorce him or…”
I said “Shut up! Why would I spoil a good relationship? And whats wrong with staying as of now?”
He said “Like how?”
I said “Like now! Married to my hubby! You will still get what you getting from me and have me anytime you like! What wrong with being as now? The baby is yours and I dont’ need to change surnames either”
Ramesh interrupted “But I want you all by myself mom! I want to be your hubby! I want to take care of you myself”
I said “Thats sweet son! But I am also your mother and still married to your dad! I might be pregnant by you and sleep with you but relationwise you will still be my son first!”
I could see Ramesh got disappointed by my rejection. He didnot talk to me well for two hours after that. So I put a proposal. I said “How about an agreement?”
“What agreement?” he asked.
“Since you will be here in US for a while, I can be your wife when I am here!”
“We can marry here and I will become your wife. Whenever I am here I will be called as your wife. But I India I will be your dad’s wife and your mother. You can share my body with your dad but only as your mother as we are doing now. That means I will be your wife in US and your dad’s in India”
The idea seems to have worked with him. But then he asked “What if dad comes here?”
I said “You dad will be the same person to you when you will be in India. He will be my illicit lover here”
Ramesh laughed “Dad? your illicit lover?”
“Yes! Once I am married to you he will become my lover not hubby!”
Ramesh agreed. The following friday, we went to a temple and got married. He put me another mangal sutra around my neck and formally I accpeted my son Ramesh to be my second husband. I became my own daughter-in-law. For the firstime after my son fucked me, he removed my clothes and fucked me as a husband. I felt Ramesh is more a husband to me than his dad as by the time Ramesh married me I am already pregnant by him and it appeared to me as if I am his real wife.
Five months after we got married, we had a baby girl. Ramesh’s dad flew to US to see his daughter. We stayed together for three months. Ramesh and his dad competed yet again for their first fuck with me after delivery. But this time his dad won as he is in holiday here. The next day Ramesh took me to a hotel to get his first taste of his mother-wife’s pussy after delivery somehow avoiding his dad coming with us. I didnot tell Ramesh that his dad had the first milking session with his mother’s cunt.
After three months, Ramesh’s dad flew back to India giving Ramesh more time to fuck his mother-wife. Ramesh reluctantly sent me to India after another three months.
But things changed in India as I found out that my husband was cheating on me too! I demonstrated anger and left to US. It has been eight months eversince I came back to US to become Ramesh’s wife. There is no chance of going back to India as Ramesh knocked me again and I am pregnant with our second child. This time though there is no way that I can bluff that Ramesh’s dad knocked me. He would eventually know that his own son is also bonking his wife and Ramesh is the father of our baby.

Fuck Mom After Reading hot Story

Fuck Mom After Reading hot Story


Hay, I’m Kevin, first I thought sex with own mother is only is fiction, an untrue story and is disgusting. I was wrong, this happened to me six months ago, and I can’t believe that I’m having sex with my own mother and all that is due to one gentleman named Sultan with . I thank him here for his help and support. Earlier the word incest itself was taboo in Indian society.


I’m the eldest son with 2 younger sisters and the youngest is a brother. My father is a drunkard and drinks a lot and once he gets started he would be drinking for weeks, he is a night watchman in an office. So he would be gone all night and if he loses his sleep he would be drinking the whole day. My mom really had a difficult time bringing up all of us as most of the time she was alone with us in school or home work or whenever we needed her. As our dad was either on night shift duty or resting due to his odd duty hours or drinking heavily.


When I finished my schools I decided to help my mom with the finance. So I didn’t continue my studies to the higher level. I started working as a machine operator in a factory. I gave most of my salary to my mom so that she could run the household with ease and also help my sisters and brother with their studies. After finishing her studies my elder sister also started working and later got married at the age 20. And the other sister got married and the age of 19. My brother didn’t have good marks in his exams and he also started to work in a furnisher company, he is now 18. I’m 23 and my mom now is 44, her name is Meetha. She has short hairs which she keeps well. She is normal built with 36 boobs and 39 waist.


Now back to the story. I was never into incest till six months ago although I was addicted to internet. I used to read porn stories but was not too much attracted to incest. That also sex with mom no way. There were many sex stories involving mom-son on the internet mostly on ISS. It did evoke curiosity in me….whether these stories are true or fake………………..whether incest is good or bad..whether it is sin…………………….But I could not arrive at any conclusion so I kept surfing the net and reading such stories careful to delete the history.


One such day while checking the history I saw some one from my family was also surfing the same site ISS. When I perused I noticed he was reading incest stories that also sex between mom and son….Who could it be? My younger brother……….I decided to keep watch………..In few days I noticed his timing on system and checked the sites he surfed but I was surprised it was not him. As I have day job, I am away at my office during daytime I come back at 5.30 pm. The system was being used during my absence and my brother was also not home during that time period, then who…………..I checked from my office and was surprised to find that the person using system during daytime was none other than my mom………………..


Oh My god my mom was reading those porn materials that too incest regarding mom son………I couldn’t gather courage to ask her but kept on saving her sites and stories she read….She was regular visitor to ISS and her favorite writer was one married male named sultanasinha ( whom she had chatted also. I had her yahoo mail id with me. I opened her mail careful not to let her know I was spying on her. I was surprised further that she was chatting with the above mentioned writer about incest. Following is her chat excerpts (more…)

Desi sex story : My cuckold Dad

Desi sex story : My cuckold Dad

Desi sex story My cuckold Dad

Desi sex story My cuckold Dad



I’m an only child to my parents. Middle class parents. Dad is 50 short fat and bit dark.. Mom, well mom is a 40 yr old housewife short, fair, medium curly hair, she was plump with a tummy and thick thighs. Her ass was tight though. little of fat. Her boobs were medium sized sagging a bit. Wears only saree whenever she goes out. And at home nightie without panties. We visit our hometown kerala few times in a year.. Usually it’s for like 2 weeks. So all three of us returned home for vacation.. I was 18 then. My dad’s brothers all stay there we stay with each one for a few days. So my dad is the youngest of all 4. We went to the oldest brothers house from the airport. The entire family had gathered for lunch. It was fun and noise, all of us cousins together. Our mothers chatting in the room. Dad’s sitting outside and discussing.. So by night everyone left and it was time to sleep. My uncle is 62 but is still pretty young looking. He’s tall with a small tummy. His wife my aunt is around 50.shes quite modern though likes to dress up and go out and usually tries wearing revealing sarees.a good ass and sagging boobs. They have a daughter 25 yrs old. My cousin she has the tightest boobs on top of which she wears push up bras. Also quite modern often showing cleavage.

So at night we are on the top floor.. Mom and dad are in a room and Im in the room beside it.. The stairs end right in front of my room. So around 12 I hear someone come up. It’s my uncle, shirtless with hairy chest and slight man boobs. Wearing only a sheer mundu through which I cud see his hairy legs and thighs. Thankfully he had worn underwear. He goes into my parents room. The light was on inside and I was shocked to see my mom in a saree. That too showing off her stomach and the front was transparent revealing her boobs. I’ve never seen her wear a saree like this. Dad was also beside her with only a vest and jockey undie.. He was hard. Uncle removed his mundu with one jerk and went inside in his excitement he left the door half open. Giving me a great view.. Uncles hands were all over my mom and mom was enjoying to the fullest. Dad took out his phone and started recording.. One hand was inside his undie stroking his erection. Uncle didn’t was any time. He pushed mom in to the wall lifted up her saree revealing those milky thighs. With one jerk he pulled down her panties and he was inside her so fast I didn’t even see his dick.. Mom and him both let out a huge moan. Dad was furiously jerking and recording. Uncle then started fucking her over with more and more vigor. Then after a while he turned her around and then went at her from behind. His hands groping her boobs. He was using all his power and I cud hear the fap fap sound and moms moans. Once he got tired he pushed mom to the bed. Mom just lied there spread eagle her blouse open with a white bra inside. Uncle then said “itre kaalam aayedi ninne kalichitu” (been a long time since we fucked) mom started sucking his nipples while giving him a handjob.. I cud now see his dick properly. It was black wasn’t very big. A normal sized penis but he had stamina even at that age. He then motions to dad to go close the door. Dad who is now totally naked walked over and locked the door. He had a clean shaved dick. I then started wondering what did I just see. Was this their secret routine?. My dad lets his brother fucks his wife?. Does anyone else know?. I was very confused. I had already cummed in my undies after seeing their fuck session. I just dozed off in the night didn’t even see my uncle leave.

Desi sex story : Teacher Mrs. Gupta

Desi sex story : Sexy Teacher Mrs. Gupta

Indian sex story
“Yes Mrs. Gupta.” Ravi said to his teacher. Mrs. Gupta looked over at him and smiled slightly.

“It?s ok Ravi, but if you have any further problems tell me before you get in over your head.” Mrs. Gupta said to her student. Mrs. Gupta or Meera Gupta, as she was known outside school was a twelfth grade Indian History teacher. She had been teaching all her adult life since college, the last seven years at this school and grade. Meera was happily married to her husband Jaydev and was the mother of three children. Leela, the eldest was in her third year of college and far from home now. Amit was her second oldest and her only son, he was in his first year of a local college and still lived at home. Meera often thought he stayed at home because he knew he couldn?t cook or clean worth a damn. And then there was her youngest, Jyoti. This was a bit of a problem these past few weeks since the start of this new school year. Jyoti was now in her mother?s class and Meera was having a time trying to forget she was her daughter during school time.

Meera had come to the decision when they learned they would be in the same class, that Jyoti would have to address her and act toward her like any teacher, while in school, except when totally alone. Jyoti found this hard, due mostly to the fact that, as Meera called it; she was a bit of a momma?s girl. Meera loved that she still called her mommy, but being in a school environment, Meera knew she would be teased badly if she let Jyoti refer to her as “Mommy”. Not to mention she herself would get ribbed by her fellow teachers. So for school she was “Mrs. Gupta” to all her students.

“Ok anyone else have anymore questions about the reasons how the India was dominated? If not please open your books to page 54 and read quietly to about page 60 or so till the end of class.” Meera told her class, her eyes scanning the room as she often did to try and find any looks of confusion. Meera was about to look into her class planner and check on possible homework when she noticed her daughter quietly talking to the boy across from her. His name was Javed and Meera had noticed her daughter had been talking a fair bit to him in the past few days. Meera had also noticed they had been “checking” each other out on several occasions. Meera sighed, she hated to jump onto Jyoti, but she would any other student in her class for talking as Jyoti was doing now.

“Jyoti, Javed; is there any thing you have to share with the class about Indian history since you both seem to want to talk?” Meera asked the two teenagers as they both swiftly looked up and turned beet red. Javed stammered then just shook his head. Meera glanced at her daughter.

“Mom?..I mean no Mrs. Gupta?.we?we were just talking.” Jyoti stammered out in embarrassment. Jyoti couldn?t believe her mom had just embarrassed her that way and her face showed it.

“Well in the future Jyoti please keep the talking to class subjects only, while in MY classroom. Is that understood? Both of you.” Meera said to both of them, but after she had uttered the words, knew she was talking almost entirely to her daughter. Meera felt a bit guilty now, especially seeing now her daughters eyes start to tear up as she hung her head down.

“Ye…yes…Mrs. Gupta, I understand.” Jyoti stammered quietly, looking at her desk. Some of the other students giggled softly, but stopped or hid it after Meera glance over the room. Meera?s eyes rested on the boy Javed, which caused him to again turn red and look at his desk. After resuming looking at her planner, Meera wondered if she had gone too far. She doubted she would have gone that far with any other student. Usually she wasn?t a tyrant, but something about her daughter nowadays had her worried.

Meera thought for a minute and guessed maybe she was afraid her “little” child was growing up. Hell Meera thought, she?s grown now. Meera was well aware Jyoti?s body was almost as developed as hers. And she wasn?t exactly unattractive. Meera had nice large breasts and the rest of her body was in good shape, with only a slight amount of fat on her waist and hips. But with her large breasts, Meera knew that together it all fit into place on herself. She also knew others liked the way she looked. Many of her fellow male teachers would often ogle her she had noticed. Not to mention the countless young men in the school she had caught sneaking peaks at her.

Meera had even gone and teased her male students on occasion by wearing blouses with lots of cleavage or short skirts. Meera smiled and almost laughed aloud when she thought back to last year when she had worn a mini skirt and made a point of bending over a lot then glancing over her shoulder to see which of the male students (and a few females, she had also noticed) were staring at her upper legs. She then called a few of them to the board to write answers to oral questions when she figured some of them had hard-ons. Meera also recalled how horny that had made her. Jaydev had been in for a marathon sex session that night.

Meera looked up, feeling very flushed and horny, again remembering the times she had been naughty to her students. She looked at her daughter, who was reading at the moment, and really looked at her. Meera came to the realization that her daughter was very beautiful and looked at her daughter?s breasts and caught herself wondering what Jyoti?s breasts would look like, or even feel like. Unlike herself Leela hadn?t inherited her “gifted” breasts, being very slim of build and small breasted. But Jyoti?s breasts were just as large as hers; Meera noticed and felt a rush pass through her, suddenly having a desire to see them. Meera almost gasped aloud catching herself as she thought this. What am I thinking about here, she asked herself? Meera shook her head and tried to think about homework for her students, but for some reason the image of her daughter?s body kept popping up in her head. When the bell rang, ending her class and also being the bell ending the school day, Meera jumped in her seat. As the students jumped up and started to move toward the door, she also stood up, feeling rather confused.

“Umm?well ok I guess?.just read the rest of the chapter for homework?.and we?ll discuss it in class tomorrow. Ok bye everyone.” Meera blurted out and looked over at her daughter, who seemed to be trying to avoid her and head for the door. Even though Meera figured her daughters feelings may be hurt, she also knew Jyoti rode to school with her in her car, and figured her daughter was acting a bit silly. Meera cleared her throat and when Jyoti raised her eyes to her, Meera motioned with her finger to follow into her office. Jyoti followed her and closed the door behind her.

“Jyoti, I?m sorry sweetie if I was too rough on you. I?m?I?m trying hard to balance the teacher ?mother bit in the class room.” Meera said in a soothing tone to her daughter. But Jyoti seemed to get mad at the apology.

“Mommy?you?you weren?t being fair. I was just answering something that Javed had asked me is all?and?and you chew my head off. You don?t do that to the other kids.” Jyoti stated to her mother as tears welled up into her eyes. Jyoti looked away as Meera walked over to hug her daughter, and Jyoti buried her head into her mothers shoulder. Meera felt bad that she had caused her daughter to cry. But after holding Jyoti for a few seconds she again noticed her daughters breast, which were pressed to her own, and Meera felt a rush pass through her again. Meera thrust the thought back as she broke the hug and used her hand to raise Jyoti?s head. She seemed to be almost through crying.

“You ok honey? If I could take back what I said?.at least some of it?I would. I?m sorry I was so harsh. Are you going to be ok?” Meera asked her daughter. Jyoti shook her head.

“Yeah?Ill be ok in a second. Arggh?I need to go back out there in a minute, Shweta was waiting for me outside the classroom. Do I look too bad from crying?” Jyoti asked her mother. Meera smiled grimly, it would take a bit before the puffiness around Jyoti?s eyes would subside Meera knew.

“Umm?better wait a minute honey. Have a seat, I have to check something?s before we can go. Give your eyes a minute before you go out.” Meera suggested as her daughter shook her head and sat in another chair in her mother office. Meera began checking papers and after a minute or so a knock came at her door.

“Come in.” Meera said, figuring that it was Shweta, and seeing that it was when the door opened. “Hello Shweta, come in.”

“Oh its ok?.I was just wondering if Jyoti?s ok to come out for a bit before you two leave.” Shweta said meekly, thinking maybe that her friend may have been getting fussed out more by her mom. Meera smiled half guessing Shweta?s thoughts.

“No she?s fine?Jyoti I should be finished in about 20 minutes?meet you near our car ok honey.” Meera said as Jyoti walked with her friend to the door to leave.

“Ok mommy?.uuhh Mrs. Gupta.” Jyoti stuttered out as Meera broke out laughing.

“Sweetie its ok?just not in front of the whole class, but Shweta?s your friend. You two run off, I?ll be finished in a bit.” Meera said as she watched them leave.

“Ok mom, meet you at the car then.” Jyoti said as she closed the door to her mother?s office. Meera smiled and continued her work. She caught herself thinking that Shweta seemed to be a good friend for her daughter, and Meera started thinking how attractive she looked as well. Shweta was African Indian, being petite but having a very nice figure. Meera started to wonder what Shweta?s body would look like nude, and felt her pussy getting wet again as it did earlier while thinking of Jyoti. Meera again caught herself, wondering why these thoughts were suddenly popping into her head. She clenched her fist and crumpled the paper she had been using to write down assignments on.

“Argghh?what?s wrong with me. I can?t get anything done today like this.” Meera spoke aloud quietly. She then rose up and filled her briefcase and got ready to go. “Might as well find Jyoti and try and leave a bit early.” She said to herself. She then left her classroom and started looking for her daughter. After a quick walk around the halls she went to her car and still could not locate Jyoti. Meera now felt very frustrated, after having those thoughts she now wanted to leave and just go home. She began searching again. After a few minutes Meera rounded a corner and heard soft voices. This portion of the school was now totally empty, the remaining students at the front near or at the parking lot. Meera walked on the carpet and got close to a slightly open janitors closet. For some reason she felt like being quiet and snuck up to the slight open door.

“Mmm?that?s good?I like that. I?m glad you talked me into kissing you?.its turned a really crappy day around. It sends tingles to my toes.” Meera heard a voice say.

“No problem girlfriend?mmmm?I?m defiantly glad I decided to ask you. I felt like kissing you the day I meet you in class for the first time. I can?t wait till you come over tomorrow night for the sleep over. We can kiss more?and?” Meera heard another voice say and went into shock think she knew who the voices were.

“And what??” Meera heard through the door.

“Well?let?s just see what happens girlfriend?mmmmm.” Meera heard through the door. She guessed that was Shweta and her Jyoti talking…and even now kissing. She knew Jyoti was supposed to stay over at Shweta?s tomorrow night and besides, Meera recognized her daughter?s voice after a few seconds. Meera wasn?t sure what to do, but quietly backed up and left the door, then turned and almost ran to her car. What was she to do she thought? Meera had no indication that Jyoti was gay. She knew her daughter had never been out dating, but also knew Jyoti was extremely shy. Meera slowed down when she got close to her car and tried to think about what to say to her child, or even should she. If Jyoti wanted to be a lesbian, it was her business?right? Meera almost was on the verge of crying?either that or screaming. How could Jyoti be gay? Meera opened her car door up and sat in the driver?s seat. Soon she looked up and saw Jyoti and Shweta walking her way, as they turned a corner and walked under the covered walk to the parking lot. Meera could see them smiling at each other and talking, though they avoided contact now. Before they arrived at the car Meera decided she would need to talk to Jyoti before Saturday night got here, or her daughter might wind up doing something she might regret.

“See you tomorrow in class Jyoti?.bye Mrs. Gupta.” Shweta said as she parted ways near the car and headed for her own vehicle.

“Hiya mommy…ready to go?” Jyoti said as she reached the car. Meera shook herself out of her thoughts to answer her daughter.

“Umm sure Jyoti?.umm yes?ready to go.” Meera said feeling a bit drained and stunned. Jyoti noticed her mother?s lack of emotion and wondered what was wrong.

“Mommy?.what?s wrong?” Jyoti said looking concerned. Meera tried to shake herself out of it and put on a slight smile for her daughter.

“Oh nothing honey?.just tired I think. Ill be fine in a bit after we get home.” Meera answered her daughter as Jyoti sat down and closed the door. Meera started the car and pulled out of the parking lot and started on the road home.

On the way home Meera began to wonder what Shweta and Jyoti looked like kissing. Or even how they would look if they got even more intimate. Meera had never had sex with a woman; in fact she only had sex with one man before her husband and none since. But she and her husband had watched porno?s over the years. In fact they had a few special movies they had bought and kept deep in their closet. So Meera had seen lesbian acts in some of those movies and knew women could be just as pleased by other women as men could do to them. She had wondered what a woman?s tongue or fingers would feel like stroking her private areas and now felt rather horny picturing her Jyoti with her legs spread and the pretty Shweta fingering or even licking her daughter. Again Meera felt reservations with such thoughts, but they were just thoughts. Besides she had to know what she was up against if she was going to talk to her daughter about?.what might happen. So Meera sighed a bit and tried to get a good picture in her head of how the two would look while they might be “experimenting.” Meanwhile, she failed to notice just how wet such thoughts were making her. As Meera was pulling up close to their house, Jyoti again noticed her mother wasn?t quite herself and wondered what was up.

“Mommy, are you ok?you usually aren?t so quiet on the way home?” Jyoti asked of her mother. Meera broke out of her thoughts, she was just wondering what it would feel like to have another woman (or girl) licking her pussy. Meera felt herself blushing as she looked quickly at her daughter and again noticed how pretty her daughter was. Meera pulled the car into the drive way and stopped the car.

“Oh?sorry honey?just thinking about stuff while I was driving. I didn?t mean to be so quiet.” Meera said as they got out of the car and entered the house. Meera looked over at her daughter and tried to gauge if the timing was right. “Did?you want to talk about anything sweetie?” Meera asked, wondering if Jyoti wanted to talk about anything that may have happened today. Jyoti looked over at her mother and figured she meant what happened in class.

“Well?mommy?I really hate addressing you at school as Mrs. Gupta. I know why and all?but I really hate it. And what you did today?that was mean mommy. You really embarrassed me in front of the class.” Jyoti said, hoping her mother wouldn?t get mad at her now. Meera looked at her daughter and frowned, partly because she knew she had embarrassed her daughter but partly because she had hoped Jyoti would talk about her and Shweta.

“Jyoti?you know we have to be teacher/student while in class. I would be remiss in my job to do otherwise then to try and treat you as any student. I?m sorry if maybe?and I mean maybe, I went overboard.” Meera said feeling a bit defensive. Jyoti?s nose wrinkled up, a sign she often did when she was getting mad.

“Maybe? Mommy you totally trashed me in front of my friends? and worse?not so friendly kids. JUST FOR TALKING!” Jyoti yelled at her mother, feeling quite mad now. Jyoti rarely argued with her mother and Meera was a bit shocked but came back quite mad herself.

“That?s right young lady?talking?in class, which you know is one of my rules! What were you talking to Javed about anyway Jyoti? It must have been good?you usually don?t brake the rules for small things.” Meera asked, now feeling more curious then upset after thinking about her daughters talking in class. Jyoti was taken aback. Javed had been asking her on a date when her mom had interrupted him, now Jyoti knew he probably wouldn?t go out with her after him being embarrassed like that. Jyoti fumed now at that thought and her face grew quite livid.

“No Mrs. Gupta?I have nothing to say about that!” Jyoti uttered to her mother, who looked as if her daughter had slapped her. Meera took a step back stunned, then a sudden rage hit Meera Gupta and she stepped back toward her daughter and slapped Jyoti hard on the cheek. Jyoti almost fell down, though more from surprise then the weight of the slap, though her cheek stung fiercely now.

“Well if you don?t want to discuss Javed?maybe you want to discuss little Shweta?and you two making out in the janitors broom closet, daughter of mine!” Meera said with an edge in her voice. Jyoti gasped in shock and horror, knowing her mother knew about her and Shweta. Jyoti erupted in tears and hid her face with her hands and sunk to her knees onto the living room floor. Meera?s anger quickly left her and she was aghast at striking, then humiliating her daughter like that. Meera quickly knelt with her daughter and fiercely hugged her to herself.

“Jyoti?Jyoti?I?m sooo sorry. My god what have I done?I?m sorry?sorry sweetie. Please forgive me?my god?I?m so sorry sweetie.” Meera chanted to her daughter as the tears also streamed down her face and onto her daughters hair. Meera grew frantic now; Jyoti wouldn?t acknowledge her attempts to comfort her. Meera didn?t know what to do, but had a strong urge to have her daughter look at her.

“Jyoti?Jyoti sweetie look at mommy?here?look at me?I?m sorry?I?m so sorry.” Meera said as she raised her still crying daughters face and tried to make eye contact. But Jyoti wouldn?t stop crying. Meera grew almost hectic and started kissing her daughters forehead.

“Jyoti I?m sorry?Mommy will make it better?please sweetie?forgive mommy.” Meera said as she now kissed over Jyoti?s cheeks and onto her daughter?s eyes to kiss away the tears which still fell. Meera continued to kiss her daughter, not noticing that she was growing quite excited, that her hands which had been embracing her daughter now started to roam onto other parts of her daughter?s body. So it was that slowly Jyoti cried less, almost stopping when her body felt her mothers hands start to massage the sides of her breasts. Meera kissed over Jyoti?s lips and Jyoti suddenly pressed back and threw her arms around her mother. They kissed for awhile before Jyoti had to breathe.

“Oh mommy?that feels so good!” Jyoti uttered to her mother. It was only then that Meera realized what she was doing and gasped and pulled away from her daughter.

“My god?what have I been doing?I?m so sorry Jyoti?forgive me?my god!” Meera said aloud in shock to her daughter, but Jyoti moved closer again to her mother.

“But mommy?that felt so good. Please mommy?I still need you too hold me?please.” Jyoti said; honestly still feeling very distressed and tears again formed in her eyes as she held her arms out for her mother to hold her. Meera looked at her daughter and only hesitated briefly before again embracing her daughter. She couldn?t stand that her daughter felt bad, more so because she had caused it. Meera again felt herself getting excited, but she refrained from kissing Jyoti as before or rubbing her hands over her daughters body. But Jyoti felt no such restraint and started to kiss her mothers neck as she massaged her mothers back. Meera groaned as she felt Jyoti?s soft kisses on her neck and felt like she was falling into a dream.

“Oh god Jyoti, what are you doing to me sweetie?” Meera said, her body now filled with desire for her daughter to keep doing what she was doing but also feeling compelled to try and stop this. Meera shakily broke their embrace just as Jyoti was kissing wetly at Meera?s neck. As Meera pulled back she could see a thin thread of spit running from her daughter?s mouth to her neck and shivered at the thought of what her daughter had been doing, and what she herself secretly desired. Meera shook her head and immediately resolved herself to stop what her and her daughter had been doing.

“Jyoti?stop it this instant. I?m?I?m sorry I lost my head for a moment but what we did?I did was wrong.” Meera said looking at her daughter. Jyoti looked disappointed, sad, and if Meera didn?t know better, her daughter also looked very horny. As well as Meera half thought?very delicious at that moment.

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“But mommy?I need you.” Jyoti said, feeling very confused and very excited. She was almost dripping between her legs she was so wet. Jyoti was so excited at this moment?she HAD to get relief soon or burst. The kissing with Shweta, then with her mother had left her totally incapable of stopping her raging hormones. “Mommy?please.” Jyoti pleaded with her mother as she moved forward to try and kiss her mother again in desperate need.

“Jyoti stop it this instant! That?s enough!” Meera shouted as she firmly but gently pushed her daughter back away from her. Meera saw Jyoti?s face as she went through various emotions from sadness, confusion, then what was easily readable as anger.

“Fine then, Ill just go to Shweta?s and get what you won?t give me!” Jyoti shouted back at her mother, as she turned and started for the door. Meera leaped forward and grabbed her daughter?s wrist and yanked back, causing Jyoti to jerk back and almost fall. Meera grabbed both of her daughter?s wrists to restrain Jyoti as she tried to break her mothers grasp.

“Mommy?let me go. Ill just go to Shweta?s later if you don?t?but let me fucking GO!!!” Jyoti screamed at her mother. Meera almost let go?she was so shocked her daughter would scream obscenities at her. She had never done that before. But after a few seconds, shock gave way to fury as Meera raged at her daughter?s attitude towards her.

“Fine, you want to have sex with a woman?then fine?here?” Meera uttered loudly as she quickly dropped her daughters wrists and grabbing her daughters shirt at the neck, ripped it open completely in one motion. Jyoti stood stunned as her mother grabbed her daughter?s bra and tore it off her young breasts?and watched as her mother dove her head down and fiercely sucked one of Jyoti?s nipples into her mouth and not to gently nibbled on her daughters nipple. Jyoti felt an instant shock run through her and could only cradle her mothers head as her mother loudly licked and bit her nipple.

“Ahhhh god mommy?..uuuhhhh.” Jyoti uttered feeling finally a warm mouth on her breasts. Meera wasn?t fully aware of what she was doing, but was still too far angry to give a damn. Jyoti groaned in disappointment as her mother stopped her sucking and almost threw her daughter towards the couch some ways away. Again Jyoti almost fell and as she turned Meera pushed her down to the couch and fiercely grabbed her jeans and yanked them forcibly down her daughter?s legs. Jyoti?s excitement started to turn to fear as her mother again reached down and now yanked Jyoti?s panties off of her butt and down her legs.

“Mommy?you?re scaring me!” Jyoti said softly and the words seemed to calm her mother some. Meera knelt down now and opened Jyoti?s legs. Meera looked up and smiled at her daughter and Jyoti felt relief at her mothers diminishing anger. Meera seemed to hesitate as she looked onto her daughter?s nakedness with her legs open. Jyoti now again wanting what was about to happen, wondered if her mother was having second thoughts. Jyoti quickly reached down and slid her hands behind her mothers head and tried to pressure her forward. As if a damn had broken, Meera?s final bit of will broken, she drove her mouth forward and placed it firmly over her daughter?s now very wet pussy.

“Ohhh my god mommy?lick my pussy!” Jyoti uttered loudly, finally feeling something other then her fingers where she so needed relief.

As Meera started to lick her daughter, she had done so at first out of a sense of anger, but after a short time she found she liked the taste of her daughter. Meera also found that knowing she was causing her daughter to gasp and writhe in pleasure was giving her the same thrill as when she did something for her husband. Maybe more so in fact, because what she was doing was forbidden and would have been beyond her contemplation just an hour ago. Meera?s anger melted away, replaced by pure lust and desire to now please her daughter. Wanting to please her Jyoti, she licked even more vigorously and slowly inserted her middle finger and started fucking her daughter pussy as she licked and sucked.

“Ohh god mommy?lick me?fuck me?.ooohh god!” Jyoti moaned as she wrapped her legs around her mother head, feeling her mother start to lick her pussy even harder. Meera was overwhelmed in passion: anger, desire, and need all rolled into one for her daughter now. And even though Meera wanted to please her daughter and make her come, Meera?s anger compelled her to work it out on Jyoti. Meera took her hands and pushed her daughters legs back against her chest.

“You wanted to have sex young lady?well its going to be on my terms. Keep those legs up.” Meera said as she used one arm under Jyoti?s knees to keep them pressed against her chest. “Understand Jyoti?” Meera said in a slightly threatening tone. Jyoti?s eyes grew a bit wider in astonishment?and excitement.

“Yes mommy.” Jyoti said as she looked at her mother, now putting her hands down to hold her own legs tight to her chest, exposing her pussy and ass fully to her mother.

“What are you suppose to call me young lady?” Meera muttered to her daughter, feeling very aggressive to her right now. Jyoti?s eyes widened even more and she swallowed in apprehension.

“Yes Mrs. Gupta, I?ll hold my legs back.” Jyoti said almost in tears again, but she was so excited her juices were beginning to soak the couch where she sat. Meera smiled at her daughter as she then released her arm on her daughter?s legs and used both to cup her daughter?s naked ass, looking down at her daughters leaking pussy, feeling a huge rush knowing her daughter was so excited. She looked back at her daughters face and licked her lips for show.

“Do you want me to lick you some more Jyoti?” Meera said, her excitement growing, as she saw the mix of fear, lust and need in her daughters face.

“Yes, mo?Mrs. Gupta?I want you too lick me some more?please.” Jyoti said as she held her breath for her mother to continue. Meera smiled even more at her daughter.

“Since you asked so nicely young lady?I will.” Meera said as she leaned forward and began to softly tongue her daughter?s pussy lips, teasingly, barely making contact with her flesh. Jyoti gasped at the contact at first, but soon needed more then the feather touch that her mother was using.

“Mommy?uuhhh?.Mrs. Gupta, please?harder?lick me harder.” Jyoti moaned aloud as her frustration grew. Meera grinned as she continued to lick her daughter, and mouthed “Like this” into her daughters pussy, as she brought her mouth against her daughter and buried her tongue deep into her daughter. “Uhhh yes?yes?YES?that?s it mommy?.that?s IT! Oh god mommy?fuck me?fuck me!” Jyoti screamed out as she pushed her pussy back against her mothers delving tongue. Meera sucked, and tongued her daughter, then brought two of her fingers up and started to slide them into Jyoti along side her tongue. Jyoti gasped, her pussy starting to contract as she started a strong orgasm.

“UGGHH?.oooohhhhh?oohh??AARRGGHHHHH!” Jyoti screamed aloud as her body shook violently in the strongest orgasm she had ever had to date. Jyoti came so hard that Meera felt her pussy gush into her mouth and quickly realized her daughter was now peeing into her mouth. Meera sputtered and tried to continue sucking her daughter?s pussy, not wanting to have piss all over the couch and carpet. Meera was only glad it was only a slight amount, though she didn?t find the taste so terrible, she felt irate her daughter would pee into her mouth, even in orgasm. Jyoti?s orgasm began to subside and Meera rose up and saw that the couch was soaked. Meera looked up and saw her daughters eyes closed, grinning hugely in contentment. Meera?s anger melted away somewhat at her daughter?s pleasure and she grinned a sly grin.

“You liked that Jyoti?” Meera asked her daughter softly. Jyoti didn?t even open her eyes as she answered her mother.

“Ummhhmm?it was wonderful mommy.” Jyoti moaned out as she had a tired but contented smile on her face.

“You liked it so much you decided to piss on my couch and?In my MOUTH!” Meera said, leaking in some anger into her voice, but only in show. Jyoti?s eyes flew open and looked at her mother, then at the couch.

“Oh god mommy?I?m sorry?I didn?t know I did?I?m sorry!” Jyoti said, fear actually coming into her voice now, expecting her mother to be very angry now. Jyoti let go of her legs and started to get up from the couch. Meera?s hands flew out and pushed her back gently but firmly.

“I didn?t say you could move those legs young lady?.BACK UP NOW!” Meera said in a firm voice, and Jyoti quickly held her legs back as they were before. She fearfully looked down at her mother, but found Meera smiling up at her.

“I didn?t have a chance to taste all of you young lady?stay there!” Meera said smiling, but in a firm voice. Jyoti?s face lightened and she shook her head, as a small smile crossed her mouth. Meera looked down at her daughter and started to rub her hand back across her daughter sopping wet pussy, moving all over it?before she pushed three fingers of one hand into her daughter.

“Haaaa?ahhhh?.uuhh?.mommy?.oohh?god?.yes!” Jyoti gasped aloud as her breathing came in gasps as her mother began finger fucking her daughter.

“Like I said?I didn?t get to taste everywhere I wanted to?like here?” Meera said as she licked her tongue over her daughters exposed asshole and began tonguing her daughter?s ass in earnest. Jyoti gasped for breath, almost not being able to breathe at the sensations her mothers tongue and fingers were causing. Meera heard her daughter?s gasps and moans and knew she was again close to orgasm again. She brought her other hand up and quickly slid two fingers into her daughter?s ass, causing Jyoti?s back to jump off the couch as she was suspended on her mother?s fingers on the edge of the couch. Jyoti screamed a almost window shattering scream as an even stronger orgasm then the first wracked her body.

“AIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!” Jyoti screamed out as her body convulsed and her eyes rolled back into her head and she then fell back against the couch as her body continued to spasm on her mothers fingers. Meera expecting her daughter to again pee as she came, saw the yellow liquid and quickly leaned in and sucked the mixture of girl cum and pee into her mouth. Meera continued to suck even after the flow had stopped and Jyoti?s body went slack. Meera pulled her fingers from Jyoti and continued to lick and suck clean her daughter?s pussy and ass. Only after her daughter was only coated in spit, did Meera stop, and look up at her daughters face.

Jyoti had a serene, peaceful small smile on her face, as she lay on the couch. Meera saw Jyoti?s hands slowly released her legs and they slid down around Meera?s shoulders and Jyoti?s head lulled over to one side. Meera grew concerned and moved her body out from under her daughters legs and sat on the couch next to her daughter.

“Jyoti?Jyoti?wake up! Jyoti?wake up!” Meera said loudly shaking her daughter, and she was starting to panic when she saw Jyoti?s eye lids flutter and her eyes popped open. Meera heart almost stopped in relief that her daughter was coming around.

“Don?t you scare me like that again Jyoti?.shit you scared me. I thought you had a heart attack or something. You ok?” Meera asked finally, looking over her daughter and brushing the hair out of her face. Jyoti smile up at her mother and then quickly leaned in and kissed her mother deeply. Meera, surprised broke the kiss and grinned at her daughter. “I guess so then.” Meera said as she looked at her daughter, smiling, then leaned in and kissing her back. Meera couldn?t help it, as he hands unconsciously moved down and cupped her daughters soaking wet pussy. Jyoti gasped into her mother mouth and Meera pulled back and grinned at her.

“Oh god mommy?that feels so good.” Jyoti said as she opened her legs further, wanting her mother so bad to pleasure her even more. But Meera saw the large wet spot on the couch and smiled as she moved her hand off her daughter?s pussy. “Ahh mommy?don?t stop?please.” Jyoti said in a pleading voice.

“I don?t plan on it?but we have to go somewhere else, you have totally soaked the couch as is.” Meera said, then feeling the huge need between her legs, as she felt her own juices leaking down to the couch. Let?s go to my room?.and it?s your turn to please me?I?m bout to explode sweetie.” Meera said as she got off the couch Jyoti looked down between her legs and giggled, but then looked at her mother.

“I?m sorry mommy?I didn?t mean to pee. I just came so hard I couldn?t control it, I hope you aren?t mad?” Jyoti said as she rose off the couch, trying to wipe her legs some as her juices began to leak down her legs. Meera laughed at the way her daughter was getting up.

“Its ok honey, I understand. Besides I got most of it with my mouth so only some of it got on the couch.” Meera grinned at her daughter as Jyoti made a face.

“Ewww?.you drank my pee mommy?yucky! And I kissed you?!” Jyoti said smiling, but honestly finding it an unpleasant thought. Meera just laughed harder at her daughter?s expression.

“Jyoti, there?s a lot about me you don?t know?your father and I have tried a bunch of kinky things in the past? and peeing or what they call “golden showers” was one of them. I never cared for swallowing pee then, but I must say yours wasn?t that bad.” Meera told her daughter and Jyoti looked astonished at her mother.

“You mean you and daddy?pee?d each other. Yeech! Double ekky mommy?I don?t think I wanted to know that.” Jyoti said smiling but not understanding how her parents could have done that. Meera grew embarrassed and a bit angry at Jyoti.

“You know I don?t remember you thinking it yucky when I sucked your twat, young lady?piss or not! Let?s just forget it Jyoti?I?m not feeling in the mood right now for anything anymore. In fact, I can?t believe I did what I did to you.” Meera said as she turned and started to walk away from Jyoti, towards her bedroom. Jyoti not liking the turn of events rushed to catch up with her mother.

“Mommy?I?m sorry I said that. I really want to lick your pussy too. Please mommy let me lick you.” Jyoti said as she lightly grabbed her mothers sleeve and Meera stopped and turned around and looked at her daughter who was naked from the waist down.

“My god Jyoti?.I cant believe we?.I did what we did as is?no?there isn?t going to be anymore licking, or anything sexual going on now. I?m ashamed I did what I did?now let me go Jyoti.” Meera said with a sad, stunned look on her face as she looked at her daughter, then turning away from her. Jyoti knew that her mother was regretting what happened, but Jyoti didn?t want it too stop so quickly.

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“Mommy?you can pee in my mouth if that will make you happy. Ill even drink it if you want, but please just let me lick your pussy, I really want to taste you.” Jyoti said to her mothers back. Jyoti said what she said in such an innocent tone, that Meera suddenly started laughing finding it extremely funny. She turned to look at her daughter as she laughed.

“No sweetie?I don?t have to pee in your mouth. I?m sorry Jyoti, I?m not laughing at you, just the way that came out. Jyoti?listen?what I did to you was so incredibly wrong honey, and I?m so ashamed I did that?forcing myself on you like that?I don?t know what came over me.” Meera said as she felt like crying now. But Jyoti smiled at her and rubbed her hands over her mother head.

“Mommy?I?m serious, I want to lick your pussy just like you did mine. I want to make you cum so that I can lick it up?please mommy, don?t stop because I made a silly comment. In fact peeing might be fun, maybe I might like it one day like that?to taste it even. But I?m going to lick your pussy mommy?even?even if I have to sneak into your bed while you?re asleep.” Jyoti said softly to her mother and Meera turned around to look at her daughter.

“No you wont young lady, you will do no such thing?I feel bad enough as is. What I did to you was horrible, I?m a horrible mother. I even struck you?” Meera uttered as she sat down on a chair in the dining room and started sobbing into her hands. Meera felt her daughters hands on her shoulders, then saw he kneel in front of her as she sat in the chair.

“Mommy?I?m sorry you?re crying. Maybe if you let me lick you some it will make you feel better?” Jyoti suggested not willing to give up wanting or desiring to taste what her mother had tasted. Nor did she want to give up how her mother had made her feel when she took control of her?Jyoti found she liked her mother being that way towards her?being so dominate toward her. Meera looked up at her daughter not believing she was still trying to get into her panties.

“Dammit Jyoti, I said no! What part of that do you not understand young lady?” Meera raised her voice to try and make it clear to her daughter that what had happened was it, and nothing more. “What happened was WRONG?.I was wrong?and what you want is wrong! We can?t do that ever again Jyoti!” Meera said in a calmer voice to her daughter, but Jyoti just sat down onto the side of her thighs and looked up at her mother.

“But mommy?it felt so good. It can?t be wrong, it felt too good.” Jyoti said looking at her mother face. Meera stared down at her daughter, wondering if she could be this stupid for real to not know that having sex with your own mother was wrong.

“Listen Jyoti?it?s against the law. Against the laws of men and of God, a daughter and mother are not supposed to have sex together. Do you understand?” Meera said to her daughter hoping to end this so she could get on with her day, soon to be night. Jyoti just smiled up at her mother.

“But mommy, didn?t the USA once have slavery legal? And I remember reading some parts of the bible, about God himself telling family members to have sex.” Jyoti replied to her mother. Meera not really up on reading the bible, didn?t quite believe her daughter.

“Where in the bible does it say that?” Meera asked, believing her daughter was now lying to her.

“I can?t remember the passage mommy, but it?s after god destroys the city that was real wicked and that one family had been saved, god told the father to lay with his daughters so that their family could go on. And I know there are a few other spots?if you want me to go find them for you?” Jyoti asked her mother, fully prepared to get the family bible and show her mother the passages she was referring to. But Meera stopped her, shaking her head no. Meera remembered the story Jyoti had told her about and it was true, but Meera still wasn?t convinced she hadn?t taken advantage of her daughter.

“No I believe you Jyoti?I guess I was wrong about that, but I?m still not wrong about what we did. Jyoti we cant do that again, understand?” Meera told her daughter as she looked down at her. But Jyoti shook her head.

“No mommy?I want to see your pussy and lick it. It?s not fair; you licked me and even made me come now I want to do the same to you.” Jyoti said as she rubbed her hands up under Meera?s dress, moving them slowly up her mother?s legs. Meera began to grow quite angry again at her daughter, who was not listening to her.

“Jyoti?I said NO! Now stop it this instant!” Meera said in a raised voice. But Jyoti seemed to ignore her and kept pushing her hands higher up Meera?s inner thigh. Meera started to breath heavily, partly from excitement and partly because she was now pissed. Jyoti was now about mid thigh inside her mother?s legs and still going up. “Jyoti?STOP IT?NOW!” Meera uttered, almost yelling.

“No mommy.” Jyoti said simply as her hands now touched Meera?s very wet panties and Jyoti gasped out loud. “Mommy I made you wet!” Jyoti uttered as she smiled up at her mother. She got to her knees and looked at Meera. Meera was enraged that her daughter was still not listening to her.

“GOD DAMMIT Jyoti?if you won?t listen to words?maybe you?ll understand this!” Meera yelled as she bent over and putting one hand on Jyoti?s lower back forcing her forward between her legs. With the other hand Meera drew back, and let it fall quickly and hard against Jyoti?s bare ass, with a resounding smack and sequel from Jyoti. But with Meera pulling her forward and her ass being spanked, Jyoti found her head firmly planted at her mother panties, her mother?s wet aroma reaching her nose. Jyoti felt another hard slap against her ass and yelped in pain, but it moved her closer to her goal?her mother?s pussy. So as Meera continued to smack her daughter?s bare ass, she soon started to feel her daughter?s fingers and even her nose probing her panties. Meera continued the assault on her daughters now red ass and every time her hand would fall, she felt Jyoti probe her panties harder. Finally on the tenth smack, Jyoti using her fingers pulled Meera panties to one side and as Meera smacked down, it drove Jyoti?s lips into her mothers soaking wet slit. Meera stopped her assault when she felt Jyoti?s tongue now entering her enflamed pussy.

“Holy shit?.ohh damn?oohh Jyoti?oohh lick mommy?.eat mommy out!” Meera moaned out as her daughter now assaulted her open pussy. Jyoti used her hands and pushed open her mother thighs, so that she could get her face further into her mother delicious slit. But even though Jyoti?s ass was very sore, she began to miss the thrill of being naughty and being punished for it. she hoped her mother would not be stubborn, when she asked what she wanted.

“Mommy?can you spank me some more?” Jyoti asked her mother, but still having her mouth pressed to her mother pussy, afraid to leave it for long least her mother change her mind. But Meera was too far gone to stop her daughter now, though she wondered at her child?s request.

“Umm?why Jyoti?honey I?m not mad at ?oh god?at you anymore.” Meera said as she tried to open her legs even more for her daughter.

“But mommy?I?m being a bad girl?I need to be spanked!” Jyoti said as she wiggled her ass so her mother to see. Meera, finally thinking of what her daughter meant, smiled.

“OK Jyoti, you?ve been a naughty girl and need to be punished.” Meera said as she had to keep from giggling at the bizarre situation. Jyoti smiled; knowing her mother now understood her. But Jyoti then realized her mothers panties were getting in the way far too much.

“Mommy?can you first take off your panties?” Jyoti asked looking up slightly at her mother. Meera smiled at her daughter and tried to stand up, her daughters face following her between her legs. Meera laughed at the scene.

“Jyoti you don?t have to do that, I?m not going to stop you now?in fact I?m going to take everything off.” Meera said as she began to strip and throw her clothes on top of the dinning room table. Jyoti smiled and took off the rest of her clothes. Meera then sat back down, in the exact same spot, and waited for Jyoti to follow suite. “Now where were we?oh yes?you have been a very naughty girl Jyoti. I?m afraid I?m going to have to spank you for not obeying me.” Meera said as she again had Jyoti lean into her and felt Jyoti start to finger her pussy again. Jyoti looked up at her and smiled at her mother.

“Just not to hard mommy?ok?” Jyoti asked smiling to her mother. Meera grinned at her then looked hard at her daughter.

“Jyoti, you are not to presume to tell me how to met out punishment. Just for that, you will have to be punished severely. Now back where you were?NOW!” Meera commanded her daughter, and Jyoti instantly put her mouth to her mother?s pussy and Meera moaned as she felt her daughters tongue enter her. Meera pulled her hand back and quickly brought it down hard against Jyoti?s ass cheeks. Jyoti yelped, and then moaned between Meera?s thighs, and Meera felt her daughters tongue start to go even deeper into her mother?s hot pussy. Meera continued to spank Jyoti every few seconds, though not as hard as the original punishment, still hard enough to leave yet more marks across her daughters now beet red ass.

“Oh that?s it?lick mommy?s pussy?ooh fuck yes?oohh that?s it Jyoti?lick me harder?.harder or I spank you harder. Oh Oh?yes?.oh yes?.yes…aahhhhh shhiitt!” Meera came with a scream as he daughter speared her mother pussy with two fingers, placed beside her tongue. Jyoti licked her mother quickly now that she was cumming, wanting all of the delicious cram that her mother was oozing for her. Meera grabbed the back of Jyoti?s head as her body shook and bucked, Jyoti moaning enjoying the rough treatment by her mother and enjoying the feeling of her wet pussy against her face. But soon Meera?s orgasm was spent and she went limp in the chair, a huge smile across her face. Meera then looked forward and down at her daughter, who was looking up at her a smile across her face?which was still completely coated in girl cum and juice. Meera chuckled slightly at the sight of her daughter, almost like a puppy dog she thought.

“Jyoti?come here.” Meera said, a bit of a commanding tone to her voice. Jyoti responded quickly to her mother?s voice.

“Yes Mommy.” Jyoti said as she started to get up off her knees, but Meera stopped her, her hands on her daughter?s shoulders.

“Yes what?” Meera asked, her voice certainly having a commanding tone to it this time. Jyoti?s head snapped up and looked at her mother.

“Yes?Mrs. Gupta.” Jyoti said at first looking glum, but a smile then filling her face. Meera smiled back at her and pulled her daughter to her and made her bend over her.

“You?re a mess Jyoti?.I guess Ill have to clean you up huh.” Meera said looking at her daughter, then moving her face next to Jyoti?s. Meera then stuck out her tongue and begun licking her daughter?s cheek and mouth clean of her juices. When she reached Jyoti?s lips, she pulled her daughter forward and began giving her a deep kiss, which Jyoti immediately started to respond to by burying her own tongue deep into her mother mouth. After a minute Meera broke the kiss and hugged her daughter close to her own body, her head at her daughter?s tummy. She then looked up at her daughter.

“Jyoti?you can NEVER tell anyone of this…is that clear. If we were found out?I shudder to think of what would happen. You understand?” Meera asked her daughter, and Jyoti looked down at her mother.

“Yes mommy?umm Mrs. Gupta? I understand. I won?t tell anyone. So?Mrs. Gupta?does this mean we are going to do more after this?” Jyoti asked her mother. Meera frown, wondering that herself. She looked deeply into her daughters eyes.

“God help me Jyoti, but if you want to?yes. Yes we can, if you still want to. I know Ill probably burn in hell for it?but it was very exciting ?being with you today.” Meera said as she smiled at her daughter. Jyoti gave a huge smile and jumped back at her mother, giving her a big hug to her head, which was still at her midriff.

“Oh thank you mommy?thank you. Oh sorry?Mrs. Gupta.” Jyoti said as she corrected herself, causing her mother to laugh.

“I think most of the time mommy will be ok, except at school…and well?when we do other things. Ok?” Meera said as she looked up at her daughter, hugging arms around her daughter waist, her arms touching her daughter?s ass. Meera could feel the heat coming off of her daughter butt and winced, hoping she hadn?t injured Jyoti in her zeal. She noticed Jyoti wincing herself as she touched her daughter?s ass. “Jyoti I?m sorry?I didn?t mean to spank you so hard?or so much. Here turn and let me look at it.” Meera told her daughter, and Jyoti turned around as Meera gasped as she saw the harm she had caused her daughter.

“Oh Jyoti I?m so sorry sweetie” Meera said as she looked at hr daughter ass. Meera could easily tell the whole area was beet red and she could see several spots where there were definite hand and finger prints. Meera even noticed one or two spots where blood had been pulled almost to the surface. She gently laid her hand across her daughters butt, and Jyoti moaned softly in pain, but Meera almost thought she could fry an egg on her daughter?s ass now. “Oh Jyoti?I?m so sorry sweetie?maybe this isn?t such a good idea after all.” Meera said to her daughter as she looked on to the damage she had done. Jyoti knew her butt hurt, but also knew it wasn?t permanent, and she knew she didn?t like her mother tone now and wanted to change it.

“Mommy maybe you can make it feel better?maybe you can kiss it.” Jyoti suggested, looking back at her mother and grinning. Meera saw her daughters face and smiled at her daughters horniness?and her own.

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“Umm ?maybe mommy can make it better?. let me see.” Meera said as she tenderly leaned forward and began placing kisses over Jyoti?s butt, but with each touch of Meera?s, no matter how soft, it brought a wince or moan from Jyoti. “I don?t think I?m making it better sweetie?you?re in too much pain.” Meera said not wanting to continue to hurt her daughter in this fashion. Jyoti then leaned around again, another huge grin on her face.

“Maybe you just need to find a place back there that isn?t sore right now.” Jyoti said, the grin on her face getting even larger. Meera looked at her perplexed, seeing every inch of her daughter?s ass that wasn?t red…except?

“You little ferret?you seriously want me too?.ohh I?ve raised a nasty daughter.” Meera said as she grinned back at her daughter. Jyoti started to giggle slightly at her mother.

“Just following in my mommy?s footsteps?” Jyoti said as she wiggled her ass back at her mother. Meera then broke out laughing and looked at her daughter?s ass before her.

“Well I guess I?ve done worse.” Meera said as she slowly stopped laughing. She then carefully used her hands to part her daughter ass cheeks, seeing the little rosebud of her daughter?s ass. “Well at least you keep yourself clean.” Meera said as she leaned forward and planted a kiss right against her daughter?s puckered asshole. Meera then began to tongue and lick over and around her daughter?s rosebud, hearing her daughter moan as she continued to lick her. Meera then leaned back and used one of her hands, and moved it down to cup her daughter?s pussy. As Meera?s hand made contact with her daughters pussy lips, she felt her palm and finger immediately become drenched in her daughters juices. “Shit Jyoti?your dripping wet.” Meera moaned out as she again leaned in and began tonguing her daughter?s asshole again.

“Oh god mommy?your tongue feels so good on my ass?mmm?oh god lick me mommy.” Jyoti moaned as she bent over even further and dipped down, pressing her pussy against her mothers hand. “Oh god mommy?uhh?I?m close?ohh?so close.” Jyoti moaned out as she pushed her ass even further back, and Meera responded by pushing her tongue up her daughter?s ass and popping two fingers inside her daughter?s pussy. The dual assault pushed Jyoti over the edge and her body jerked as her orgasm hit her.

“Ahhh mommy?oh mommy?.uuhh?ARRGGHHH!” Jyoti screamed out as she rested her head against the back of the couch, holding onto it for support as her legs tried to buckle as her body shook as she came. Meera felt her ass clench and felt her fingers become even more soaked as her daughter came. She leaned up and watched Jyoti?s ass jiggle and shake as her orgasm racked her body. Then after a short minute Jyoti gave one last shudder then fell to her knees as if a puppets strings had been cut, with Meera?s fingers popping with a squishy noise from her wet pussy. Meera looked at her daughter, then at her own fingers, and then slid her fingers into her mouth sucking them clean. Meera then got up and knelt behind her daughter, and embracing her as Jyoti leaned against the couch. Jyoti looked back at her mother and Meera leaned forward and kissed her daughter passionately for a few seconds, before she broke it.

“Did you enjoy your therapy?” Meera asked with a smile. Jyoti grinned at her mother

“Your mouth tastes like ass mommy?you might need some mouthwash.” Jyoti said smiling, a teasing tone to her voice. Meera gasped in mock shock at her daughter and slapped her ass, enlisting a yelp from Jyoti.

“Well that?s the last time I try to doctor you up young lady?maybe next time I won?t stop when I spank you.” Meera said as she leaned forward and started sucking, then biting her daughters lower neck area. Jyoti gasped out in surprise and some pain as her mothers teeth could be felt on her skin.

“Yeeoow?mommmy?that hurt.” Jyoti said with a smile on her lips as Meera pulled back, a string of saliva making a bridge between them. Meera smiled back at her and again brought her hand up to her daughter?s still very wet pussy and slid three fingers inside her daughter from behind. Jyoti gasped again loudly, this time in pure pleasure.

“You liked it you little minks, I know you did. You really enjoyed the pain?when I was spanking you?or biting you, didn?t you Jyoti?” Meera asked now, making sure her daughter did in fact enjoy what was going on. Jyoti shook her head and looked back at her mother smiling.

“Yes mommy?.I did. Does that make me weird?” Jyoti asked very seriously, as she looked over her shoulder at her mother. Meera smiled at her daughter.

“I?m not sure?maybe, but I think most people have weird quirks about them if you dig deep enough. Hey look at me?I drank your pee and licked your asshole out…and you?re my DAUGHTER for gods sake! Yes you?re weird?but then so am I, I guess. Does that make you happy?” Meera asked her daughter, a slight smile on her face.

“Yes mommy it does?and I am now?even if you do drink pee and your breath smells of ass.” Jyoti said giggling as she tried to dive away from her mother. Meera grabbed her by the ankles and started tickling her feet till Jyoti started begging her to stop. Meera then sat down on the back of Jyoti?s knees and tickled her feet from there, facing toward her daughters feet.

“Oh shit mommy?stop?hehehe?stop?I can?t breathe?stop please.” Jyoti begged her mother and Meera grinned at a thought. She leaned behind her and looked at her daughter?s ass.

“Maybe you?d rather I tickle you here.” Meera said as she moved her hand and lightly moved a finger back and forth between her daughter pussy lips and asshole. Jyoti gasped half in pleasure and partly because it was ticklish. Jyoti raised her butt up so that her mother?s finger could better reach between. Meera watched her own finger play over her daughters very private areas and finding her own pussy getting quite soaked, when she heard a car pull up into the driveway. It was only then that she remembered that her son, Amit usually arrived home at this time.

“Shit?Amit!” Meera uttered as she jumped off of Jyoti and began gathering their clothes. “Quick?the clothes, make sure you get all of them?meet in my bedroom.” Meera said softly to Jyoti as they now both quickly gathered their clothes and had to hunt for some of the far flung ones. Finally Meera ushered Jyoti into her bedroom and was just closing the door behind herself, when she heard the front door open. Meera locked the door to her bedroom, but knew it wouldn?t be long before Amit would come looking for his mother?.Meera would usually feed her son after he got home from the drive from school. She turned to her daughter and saw her standing with her back turned toward her, and Meera still winced at the redness of her daughters ass. She walked up to Jyoti and softly turned her round, and kissed her on the mouth quickly.

“Jyoti?I think you should go soak in a cold bath, to try and ease the heat off of your butt. It might help?and I can throw in some baking soda, which might help a bit more.” Meera said as Jyoti wrapped her arms around her mothers waist and embraced her as she looked at her face.

“Are you going to join me mommy?” Jyoti suggested with a small grin on her face. Meera smiled, but shook her head.

“I?ve got an insatiable daughter?but no?I need to go and see if Amit wants anything to eat. Besides it would look more then a little strange that I was taking a bath with you honey?.we haven?t done that for at least ten years, and it would certainly raise some thoughts. But you go run the water and hop in?and I might come check on you in a little bit.” Meera said to her daughter, winking at her at the end. Jyoti giggled and smiled at her mother. She then move in and kissed her mother and Meera kissed back, and Meera almost lot herself in the kiss, until she heard Amit shouting “mom” in the other room. Meera quickly broke the kiss and threw on her clothes, forgoing her bra and panties in her rush to hurry from her bedroom. She looked back at her daughter who was still standing there looking at her. “Bath?now.” Meera said in a commanding tone, but smiling as she did. As Meera opened the door and left the room, she heard the tub beginning to fill with water.

“Oh hey mom?.I figured you were in your room. We got anything to eat around here?” Amit asked as he heard his mother come out of her room, which opened up onto the kitchen. Meera looked over at her son, and he turned to look at her. “We got anything to eat in here mom, I?m starved?” Amit asked again, looking at his mother. Meera grinned at her son, and wondered what he would do without her?.probably starve, she thought.

“Listen Amit?you know what we have in the freezer and the cabinets almost as well as I do, so why do you always have to ask me what we have.” Meera replied as she moved next to her son and opened some of the cabinet doors. “We got cans of soup here, spaghetti, and other assorted canned goods. And in here?” Meera said as she opened the freezer door as her son followed her, knowing he was getting a lecture before he ate. “We have frozen dinners, maggie and?lots of stuff that can be easily heated up in minutes. So what is the big problem Amit?” Amit looked at his mother, his face turning red with embarrassment.

“Hey I?m sorry mom, ?I look in the cabinets but for whatever reason, when I look I just see packets?.not food?you know what I mean. Nothing ever looks good to me.” Amit said and kept looking at other places besides her face. Amit then noticed something about her mother was different then usual for her, but he couldn?t place it.

“What am I going to do with you?.you would starve with a house full of food. Ok want me to pick something out of the cabinets of mystery for you?or something from the freezer?” Meera said, being sarcastic, but smiling at her son. Meera knew that her son wasn?t the brightest bulb in the pack?which was weird she thought because he was incredibly intelligent, making almost straight A?s, but for some reason he was lacking in common sense, Meera thought to herself. Amit, looked a bit sullen now and pointed to the freezer.

“Ill just get a dinner out of the freezer mom.” Amit said as he walked over and opened it up and took the first dinner out of the freezer without looking at it and sat it down on the cabinet. Meera felt bad now that she had put her son in a bad mood and went and hugged him.

“I?m sorry Amit, I didn?t mean to ride you like that, but you have to learn to look after yourself you know?momma isn?t always going to be here your whole life.” Meera said as she embraced her son and Amit hugged her back. Just then he finally realized what was different about her?she wasn?t wearing a bra like she always did, and Amit could now feel her breasts against his shirt. Amit knew her breasts were rather large, and with only her thin dress and his shirt between them, he could even feel her nipples pressing into him. Amit couldn?t help but feel his cock start to get hard as he now couldn?t get the thought out of his head.

“I had noticed something was different about you since you walked out of your room mom, and I was trying to figure out what it was. You?re not wearing a bra.” Amit said as his mother was still hugging him. He wasn?t one for tact usually and often said what was on his mind, which sometimes got him in trouble in life. Meera looked at him then at her chest, as she broke the hug from him. She shrugged her shoulders at him.

“I was feeling?a bit uncomfortable earlier, so I took it off. How did you know?” Meera asked not really thinking it made much difference. Amit, raised his eyebrows to her.

“Mom, how could I not notice?you have big boobs and when you hugged me I could feel your nipples on me.” Amit stated bluntly, as he turned to open the box to his dinner and pop the package in the microwave to cook. Meera stood and stared at the back of her son, not believing his crassness, but knowing that was how he usually was. Meera also noticed her nipples?as they got hard rubbing against the material of her dress.

“So do you make it a habit of noticing my nipples, or is this a new character development in you Amit?” Meera asked her son, a smile crossing her face as she said, still not believing her son and how he could be so helpless in many ways, but a regular tiger in others. Meera knew he never had a problem getting dates in high school, with his good looks and his rather “open” demeanor. Amit turned to look at her, after setting the microwave.

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“No not usually mom? but they are kinda of easy to notice now, hey mom I think you need to turn off your headlights.” Amit told her mother, still smarting somewhat from her treatment of him after he asked about things to eat in the house. He turned back to watch his dinner through the glass. Meera?s mouth popped op, not believing her son had said that?even for him that was way over the limit.

“Why you smart mouthed child?I should take you over my knee and beat your butt.” Meera said, not seriously meaning to even try, though she was now mad at Amit and wanted to show him that fact. Amit turned and looked at her.

“Yeah you could just knock me to the floor with your boobs; you?d just have to be careful not to poke my eyes out with your nipples.” Amit stated as he waved his hand at her breasts. Again Meera couldn?t believe what she was hearing from her son. Meera wasn?t sure how to handle Amit now. She couldn?t physically handle him like she had Jyoti, he was bigger then her and in good shape?he could pick her up if he wanted too. But Meera was too angry now to just give in.

“You seem to have a fascination with my boobs, Amit.” Meera said sarcastically. Amit again looked back at her from the microwave.

“Well, they are right out there, kinda hard to miss, in fact if you don?t watch it your nipples might tear threw your dress.” Amit said, with as much sarcasm as he could muster. Meera grew livid, still not knowing what to do, but her anger urging her to act. She stepped forward and slapped Amit across the face, not hard but enough to make it sting. Amit looked stunned, his mother had never struck him anywhere but his butt before and he wasn?t sure he liked it, and quickly grew from being ticked to down right pissed. But even so he couldn?t bring himself to strike his mother. So Amit struck out at the point of most of the argument?her breasts. Amit reached up and taking her dress in one hand, he just brought his hand down, material in hand and tore it.

Meera saw what Amit was doing, but was too slow to stop him. She watched and heard as her dress tore in front?.then being so thin, continued to tear all the way to her stomach. Meera was beyond shocked; she was stunned, as she just stood there with her mouth open and not moving a step or moving her eyes even a bit. It all now seemed so unreal to her. But her dress being a simple, strapped dress wasn?t designed to be torn apart and after a second the straps just slid off of her body and she stood before her son?totally naked from head to toe.

Amit also was stunned, stunned by his action and the fact that the dress tore so much, but mostly due to the fact that his mother breasts were completely open in front of him and he could tell her nipples were indeed quite hard. Then as he stood motionless, the remainder of her dress gave up the fight with gravity and fell lifeless to the floor. Amit gasped as he now noticed his mother was totally nude before him, but he only saw his mother blink once in response to the falling dress. Amit now felt like a piece of filth having caused this situation, and his face became a red ember of embarrassment, for himself as well as his naked mother. But he also felt a deep stirring as he looked at and took in his beautiful mother naked body.

“Mom?mom?I?m sorry?I?” Amit started to say and as if a spell was broken, her sons talking broke her spell, and Meera turned and fled back into her room slamming the door behind her as she threw back the covers and threw herself under them and started to sob.

“Fuck!” Amit uttered as he looked at his mothers bedroom and then down at what was left of the dress on the floor. Now not really feeling like eating, Amit left the dinner in the microwave, picked up the dress off the floor and not wanting to disturb his now upset mother, walked off to his room with it in hand.

Jyoti was enjoying her cool bath, which felt good on her sore ass. It felt much cooler now and she knew it would be much better by tomorrow. She was just starting to wonder when her mother would be in when she heard the bedroom door slam?loudly. She jumped slightly in the water at the loud slam, and wondered if her mother had a change of heart about their current situation. Jyoti felt her heart flutter and was fearful that she might have another argument with her mother, but decided to get out and find out what was up now. Jyoti then got out of the tub, leaving the water in place as she wrapped a towel around her midriff and walked into the bedroom. When she saw what she assumed was her mother form under the cover, she wondered what was up. Jyoti sat down on the edge of the bed and tried to back the covers. Meera stopped her with her hand, and Jyoti could now hear her mother?s sobs through the covers.

“Mommy?what?s wrong, why are you crying?” Jyoti asked as she rested a hand across her mothers covered form.

“Nothing?just leave me alone!” Meera moaned out from under the covers. Jyoti frown, not liking this at all.

“Mommy?please tell me what?s wrong.” Jyoti pleaded, again trying to pull back the covers, but Meera was holding them down. Jyoti gave a big pull and the covers flew off most of the bed as Jyoti?s sudden surge took Meera by surprise. Jyoti gasped, wondering why her mother was naked now, knowing she had her dress on to talk to Amit. “Mommy, why are you naked?and why are you crying?” Jyoti asked, raising her voice slightly, wondering what in the hell was going on. Meera shook her head.

“Nothing?just leave me alone Jyoti.” Meera said in the best commanding tone she could muster. But Jyoti was too concerned and curious too even hear how her mother had said it. she now figured that Amit had something to do with her mother crying.

“What did Amit do mommy? Did he try to force you to do something?” Jyoti asked, now wondering if Amit was a rapist or something, her mind becoming very agitated.

“No Jyoti?I just want to be left alone ?ok!” Meera uttered loudly as she felt very sad and a bit depressed now. She truly just wanted some time alone to think about things. But Jyoti still thought that her brother had pulled something, so she quickly jumped off the bed and opened the door and closing it on her way out?Jyoti started to look for her older and only brother. Jyoti couldn?t find him around the house so figured he would be in his room. When she arrived at his door, she decide not to knock and threw the door open and saw Amit sitting at his computer, surfing the web. His head shot up to look at her.

“What the fuck?” Amit started to say as he looked at his sister, and noticed she was in a bath towel. Jyoti walked over to stand near him and looked hard at him.

“Yeah?what the fuck Amit?like what the fuck did you do to mother?” Jyoti asked her brother, and then noticed her dress on his bed.

“None of your business twerp…so get the fuck outta my room.” Amit said and watched his sister as she walked over and picked up their mothers dress from his bed. He saw that she noticed it had been majorly ripped in front. “Fuck!” Amit said, knowing what was coming next. Jyoti spun to look at him, holding her mothers dress before her.

“Fuck yeah?Amit what the fuck did you do to mother, you prick!” Jyoti shouted out getting her face a bit closer to her brother. Amit got angry again at her tone and suddenly thought he would show her what happened.

“This bitch!” Amit said as he grabbed her towel and yanked it off her body, exposing her naked form to him. Then he sat and watched Jyoti?s face go from startled white to angry red in about three seconds and had to smile. Amit also had to think in passing that like mom, Jyoti had a knockout body. Jyoti tried to grab back the towel but he kept moving it from arm to arm, beyond her reach.

“Give me back my towel Amit, you shit!” Jyoti screamed at him, but Amit just smiled at her. Jyoti stopped reaching for the towel and just tried to cover her body up before him.

“You fucking prick, give it back?or Ill tell dad! Hell, Ill tell dad anyway, I?m sure he?ll like that you almost raped mommy!” Jyoti yelled at him, and Jyoti certainly saw a reaction when she mentioned their father, especially when she said “raped.”

“I fucking didn?t try and rape mom? I just tore her dress. And if you tell dad, I?m going to beat your ass Jyoti!” Amit said as he got up out of the chair. Jyoti now got scared, thinking he really meant what he said, and she turned to run from his room. But Amit was faster and he grabbed her arm and spun her around and flung her onto his bed and closed the door. He then turned and saw her super red butt which was facing the ceiling. At that he stopped coming toward her and stared, wondering what was that about. “What the fuck happened to your ass Jyoti…you?re as red as a cook lobster.” Amit said as he looked at her ass. Jyoti used her mothers dress to try and cover up with.

“None of your business Amit?now let me out of this room!” Jyoti said as she got off his bed and stood before him, holding the dress to try and cover her body as much as she could.

“I don?t think you?re in much of a position to demand anything “little” sister. NOW?how did your ass get so red? It almost looks like you sat down all day with your ass on a copier.” Amit demanded of Jyoti, blocking her exit from his room. Amit knew he could always cowl his younger sister, she always was a push over and he considered her a baby. Jyoti now looked like she was about to cry and Amit got impatient as she didn?t answer. “Come on Jyoti why?and I?ll let you go.” Amit said as he was now very curious as to why her ass WAS so red. It must be embarrassing he thought, or she wouldn?t have held out this long.

“You promise?” Jyoti asked as she looked at her brother.

“Yeah I promise?.now spit it out.” Amit said as he hoped it was good and juicy and hoped he could use it to blackmail her, as he had in the past. He could use a few extra bucks from her allowance, he thought. Jyoti sighed as she tried to collect her thoughts.

“Mommy? mommy spanked me when I got mad at her. Are you satisfied now?let me out.” Jyoti said as she started toward him. Amit shook his head and pushed her back by pushing the side of her stomach. Jyoti?s eyes started to tear up. “But I told you what happened, I want out.” Jyoti said as tears now streamed down her face.

“You didn?t tell me WHY mom spanked you! I can?t remember the last time she spanked you?even when you?re a real little shit, so how come she spanked you so hard your ass could glow in the dark? You have to tell me if you want to leave.” Amit demand as he looked at her, then glanced down at one of her breasts which the torn dress wasn?t covering. Jyoti noticed his glance and moved her arm to cover her breast. Her lip whimpered as she cried, but he kept staring at her. “Out with it Jyoti!” he repeated to her loudly making her flinch.

“Fine! I called mommy some names because she wouldn?t let me go over and stay the night next Saturday night, at Shweta?s house! Now are you satisfied?” Jyoti said, hoping she could get away from Amit with the half truth she had told him, but she saw him thinking and her chest tightened in dread. To Amit that sounded possible, mom would be very mad at Jyoti if she cussed mom out, but he wondered why their mom would refuse her favorite child.

“Why did mom not want you going to Shweta?s, she seems like a goody two shoes like you?.why?” Amit asked her and waited for a few seconds, and he could tell she was hesitating and thinking. Amit grinned figuring he had found the root of what had happened. “Out with it girl or I spread it all over your school about mom beating your ass?I still have friends there you know.” Amit threatened her, and Jyoti?s face shrunk in horror, thinking she would be teased for mouth after that. She began to cry so hard that Amit started to feel sorry for her, but he still really wanted to know. He moved close and hugged her too himself and then used his hand to raise her head to look at his face. “Tell me the truth?all of it and Ill let you go?AND I wont tell a soul, I promise.” Amit said, and sincerely meant his words?well?unless there was too much to gain in blackmailing her that is, he thought. Jyoti looked at him and slowed her crying down.

“Seriously?you won?t tell ANYONE? If you did, I could never go back to that school, ever!” Jyoti asked him and Amit wondered what could be as bad as she made out to be, but he shook his head yes. “Mommy?mommy found out?umm?that me and Shweta?.that we ?we were kissing. And Mommy, also overheard us?oh shit?planning on maybe?maybe doing more while at Shweta?s house. So mommy forbid me from going?and I cussed at her. Then she spanked me?.hard!” Jyoti uttered softly, and then looked up to see Amit?s eyes wide and him grinning from ear to ear.

“Holy shit?you mean you?re a lesbian! Oh my fucking god girl?oh shit I have got to sit down on this one!” Amit said and then released her from the hug and sat down on his bed and his head now felt like jello inside. Jyoti grew worried that he might go back on his word and rushed to the bed and sat beside him. She put her hand on his thigh to get his attention.

“You promised not to tell anyone right Amit, I would die if you did.” Jyoti said as Amit looked up at her, still freaked out, but now grinning slightly.

“Holy shit my sister munches turf! Yeah, yeah , yeah?.no telling?yeah it would be social suicide at that school I can tell ya. Man this is?shit Jyoti it?s kind of hot! Are women truly better at licking pussy then men? I guess they would be huh?so Shweta is gay too then?” Amit asked as a hundred questions popped into his head at once. Jyoti smiled at him in spite of still being pissed at him.

“I?m not gay, you idiot?me and Shweta are ?.are just experimenting! I still like boys, just?just never had one is all. I guess I just really liked the attention from Shweta, maybe.” Jyoti said as she started to think to herself.

“You?re still a virgin?why Jyoti, you?re fucking hot to look at. Have you ever been with a girl then?” Amit asked now curious about his little sister. He was now starting to see her differently, and it didn?t help she was almost totally nude next to him on his bed. He started to feel his member growing inside his pants and moved forward to try and cover it somewhat. Jyoti looked at him when he asked about being with a girl and saw him look down at his crotch, and then lean forward. Jyoti was a virgin, but wasn?t as stupid as Amit took her for and she thought she knew why he leaned forward.

“Yeah?yes?I?ve been with a woman, though only once.” Jyoti said, smiling as she thought about her mother just a short while ago. Amit looked at her and smiled, again filled with lots of questions.

“What was it like?I know you said you never had a guy, but?.what was it like?” Amit asked very curious to know what his sister knew. He also was beginning to get really turned on by his sister and didn?t want her to leave just yet, her being naked under the dress she held and all. He tried to catch glimpses of her body when she moved, out of the corner of his eyes. Jyoti smiled at him, and could easily tell he was peeking at her body. She started to purposefully let the dress slip so as to give him a better view of her body. Jyoti found herself starting to get very excited by his voyeurism and wanted to put on a good show.

“Well?it was ?I don?t know ?interesting.” Jyoti said, not sure how to describe what their mother had done to her. Amit looked over, disappointed by her description.

“Come on sis, details here?did you cum?” Amit asked as he looked at her. Jyoti looked at him and smiled as large as her mouth would allow.

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“Oh yeah?.I came lots.” Jyoti said as she shook her head yes. “It was very erotic, and I had a great time…and I came lots.” Jyoti said smiling at Amit. She saw him grinning as well, but he was really hunching over pretty far and Jyoti burst out laughing at him. Amit looked over at her, a scolding look on his face.

“What?” Amit asked her as she tried to slow her laughter. Jyoti looked at him as she fell back on the bed laughing. Amit was getting angry again, but feeling that she was laughing at him. “What?s so funny Jyoti?” Amit asked in a threatening tone. Jyoti sat back up, and Amit got a quick peek at her pussy hair as she moved, causing his cock to jerk inside his pants. Jyoti looked at him grinning.

You?re got a boner Amit?I know you do.” Jyoti said as she looked at him and started laughing softly again. Amit straightened back up, not trying to hide his hard on now.

“Ha ha funny?real funny.” Amit said as he looked at her, and then at her chest where the dress had come down exposing one of her breasts. Jyoti saw him looking at her breast and then moved the dress down to expose both of her breasts. Amit gasped, knowing she had done that on purpose. He looked at her face, but she wasn?t laughing now.

“Did I give you that hard on Amit?” Jyoti asked looking down at his pants. Amit grinned at her and sat back even further, exposing his bulge in his pants.

“Yeah sort of?well you and you talking about you being with Shweta. You know?.that would be sooo god damn hot, to watch two girls go at it for real.” Amit said, knowing what he wanted and hoping Jyoti would catch on. She looked at his face and smiled.

“Are you saying you want to watch me and Shweta?that?s perverted Amit. But it is kind of hot too.” Jyoti said as her gaze again lowered to his pants, and Amit saw her lick her lips. She then looked back up at his face.

“Maybe?maybe Ill ask her, and see if you can watch?maybe?if you let me see your thingy.” Jyoti asked, her chest heaving as her heart and breathing were erratic. Amit smiled at her.

“Holy shit?yeah you can see it. You only want too see it?” Amit asked her, his voice heavy with suggestion and lust. Jyoti looked at him and smiled.

“We?ll see?but let me look at it first. I?ve never seen a real one before.” Jyoti said softly as Amit stood up and slipped down his pants, and Jyoti could see the huge bulge in his boxers. She looked up at him, then at his boxers as he slid them down, exposing his cock which was fully hard. Jyoti moaned, guessing that it was about eight inches long and pretty thick. Thicker at least then the few she had seen in the magazines she had looked at over at her friends houses. As she watched, Amit cock jerked up and down slightly and he moved it toward her.

“Want to touch it?” Amit said, his stomach in his throat as he asked her. He couldn?t believe this was happening now, feeling so charged up, he wondered if his cock would explode if Jyoti touched it. Jyoti shook her head yes, mesmerized by the sight before her. Amit watched as she slowly reached both hands up and touched her palms to the side of his cock, causing it to jerk up past her fingers. She jerked her hands back in surprise and looked up at him and giggled.

“It?s hot. It startled me when it moved?can you control that?” Jyoti asked as she again brought her hand too touch his cock, and Amit groaned when she wrapped both hands over his member. She looked up at his groan. “Does that feel good, me just touching it that little?” Jyoti asked as she moved her hands very slowly over the skin of his cock and watched it move and bunch up as she did. Amit moaned more and Jyoti smiled at him. Amit was finally able to speak.

“Yes I can control it?oh god?some?.but you should see it jerk when I come. And OH YES?it feels good?even more so now with you doing it!” Amit admitted to Jyoti and she smiled, feeling proud at what he said.

“Really?you like me doing this?” Jyoti asked as she moved her hands back and watched his cock flare at the head of it. Jyoti then gasped as she saw a small bit of his juice appear at the end. She looked up at him.

“Is that your cum?” Jyoti asked and Amit had to laugh slightly at her.

“Some of it?..uuuhh man?no when I come?you?ll know it. You want me to cum?” Amit asked looking down at her. Jyoti grinned at him.

“Yes I think so?are you close?” Jyoti asked as she again looked at the head of his cock, wondering when he would start cumming, and not wanting to miss it.

“Yeah I?m real ?.uuhh?close. I usually last a long time?.uumm?but I?m ?.really turned on now.” Amit said as he felt himself getting very close indeed to cumming.

“You are? Because of me?.oh Amit?yes?come?I want to see it!” Jyoti said as she started to rub her hands faster in anticipation of him cumming. Amit feeling her hands speed up, started jerking his hips slightly and started to feel his balls tighten up as he knew what was cumming?.himself.

“Uhhh?oh shit here it?oohhh god?here it comes sis?.uuhh?.ARRGHH!” Amit grunted out as he thrust his hips forward and held his cock forward as he felt cum rushing from his balls. Jyoti heard his groan and knew he was about to cum, and speed up her hands?and saw as the first spurt rushed out of his cock and sprayed her across the face and into her open mouth. Jyoti gasped, not expecting such force and felt another spray hit her face and mouth, and felt some land on her tongue. Jyoti tried not to gag, as she closed her mouth and saw another spray shoot out and land on her chin. Jyoti quickly stood up slightly and felt the spray now hit her on her chest. Jyoti again opened her mouth as she felt a rush through her pussy, as she looked down and saw her breasts and stomach being coated in Amit cum juice.

“God there?s so fucking much?” Jyoti gasped out as she watched Amit continue to cum on her belly and some now landed into her pussy hair as the last few spurts lost steam. Now Jyoti saw there was just a small oozing from his now shrinking member. Jyoti felt the glob of her brothers cum in her mouth and tasted it, finding the taste salty, but not to bad and swallowing it down her throat. She then looked at Amit who was looking at her and grinning at her.

“Oh shit that was good, but?but you?re a fucking mess sister. You better get cleaned up in the bathro?” Amit began to say but they both heard what sounded like the front door slam too. “Shit its..”

“Daddy.” Jyoti said finishing his thought. She looked down at herself, being covered in cum. “Shit what am I going to do? I can?t make it to the bathroom without going past the living room!”

“Here take your towel and run across to your room. Unless he?s looking down the hall he won?t see you. Go, before he comes looking for us or something. Jyoti?. you?re butt fucking naked and covered in my cum. Get to your room!” Amit softly shouted to her, when she hesitated. Jyoti took the towel and her mother?s dress that was still at her knees and opening the door quietly, she ran the three or so feet across the hall to her room and closed the door. Jyoti stood against the door as she tried to calm her breathing down and then noticed a movement at her stomach. She glanced down and saw her brothers cum running down her stomach, into her pussy hair.

Jyoti smiled and started to bring the towel to wipe herself clean?then stopped. She remembered the taste of it and not thinking it too bad rubbed her hand over her stomach and breasts. She then brought her palm too her nose and smelled the scent of her brothers cum. Finding it heady and strong smelling, she dipped her tongue into her palm and began lapping the slick stuff into her mouth. When her palm was clean she used her finger to direct the stuff that had hit her face toward her mouth, sucking her fingers dry. Jyoti then smiled as she began rubbing the remainder of the juices into her skin. Jyoti now felt sticky, but very naughty.

She rushed to her bed a lay down across the covers as she remembered some of Amit cum had landed into her pussy hair. She ran her fingers down, capturing the left over sperm and began rubbing it into her pussy lips as she rubbed over them and her clit. Her thoughts were a mixture of what had just happened and what had happened with her mother. As she lay there rubbing herself, knowing she would orgasm soon?she couldn?t help but wonder what would happen from her on out, but she knew there was no way she could settle for the past while with her mother and brother now.

“I gotta have them both now?.mmmm?that?s a thought?hehehe?if I could get mommy to lick my pussy?while I suck out that sweet cum from Amit. Maybe?Shweta can join my dream too?I wonder?” Jyoti moaned to herself as she began to weave her fantasy as her fingers played through her pussy lips and she eased them inside herself. Jyoti smiled at all of the possibilities to come, she thought?.even as she came..

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As Meera lay there in bed she got her tears under control and even wondered why she had been crying. She then started to get mad, even enraged that her son had embarrassed her that way. How dare he do what he did? She hadn?t given him permission to look at her body or to act in such a manner. She then felt her skin tingle as she thought about the look on his face when he had seen her nude. She had seen the lust that had been there for a few seconds. Meera wondered then what Amit would look like if the situations had been reversed. She absentmindedly started to slowly run her hands over her body as she remembered how hard she had been breathing in the kitchen after her dress had fallen. But then she again remembered how embarrassed she had been?and Amit had caused that dammit! Meera in her anger squeezed her nipple a little too hard, causing her yelp out in pain.

“Oww fuck!” Meera muttered as she kicked back the covers and sat up in bed. “That fucking shit Amit?he lives in my house and I feed, cloth him, hell I pay for his damn schooling and how does he fucking thank me? He rips my decent clothes and disrespects me!” Meera said out loud as she felt her heart beating quickly as she worked herself into another rage. But as mad as she was now, Meera still couldn?t get the look he gave her just for that short time?much like Jyoti had given her before?

“Arrgghh?.I need to calm down.” Meera said as she stood up and ran her hands through her hair, trying to calm her breathing and herself. Boys will be boys, she thought to herself as she walked into the bathroom to use the toilet. As she was sitting there peeing she noticed Jyoti had left the water standing in the tub. Oh well, I guess girls will be forgetful, she mused as she reached over and lifted the plug on the tub. She then thought about taking a bath herself?.only making it a very hot, calming bath. Meera smiled to herself?.yes that would be very nice, she thought. She turned on the hot water and let the tub fill after the old water had drained. Using just a tiny amount of cold water, the water in the tub was almost scolding, just what she need, Meera told herself.

Meera stepped into the water and immediately gasped?it really was hot. She gasped every few inches as she lowered her legs and then her body into the tub. When her butt first kissed the water she almost jumped out of the tub, but then she decided to just take the plunge?.and Meera let her body drop completely into the water.

“Whoaaa! Hot, hot, hot! Ohhh?.oohh?ahhhhh.” she moaned out as she grew accustomed to the hot water and then she slide her body down and immersed her shoulders and even her head and hair. So it was because her ears were underwater, she failed to realize that her husband had entered the house.

When Jaydev, entered the house and walked into the living room, no one was around, and he walked into the kitchen to get a quick drink of water from the fridge. He was just pouring the water into a glass when he heard a door quickly open, then close. He glanced down the hall past the living, but saw nothing and just figured one of his children were fooling around in their room. He then found it a bit strange that no one had greeted him and after quenching his thirst, went to look for his wife. He looked off of the kitchen in to the family room and it was empty. He then opened the door to his bedroom and heard the sound of water, and figured Meera was taking a bath. He walked into the bathroom and looked down at his wife.

Meera lay in the tub, her head immersed up to her chin as she basked in the steaming hot water. She felt her muscles and tension beginning to ease from her body as the hot bath began to work its magic. She opened her eyes slightly and noticed a shadow move across her and the tub. She jerk up slightly, startled, not knowing who it was at first. She then saw that it was her husband as he walked closer to the tub and knelt beside the tub.

“Man that water looks really hot?and your body is getting really red honey. Did you have a rough day at work or something?” Jaydev asked, knowing she usually only took hot baths to ease pulled muscles or if she had a bad day at school. Usually she liked cool baths if she just wanted to bath?she said it would refresh her. Meera lay back down in the tub, but looked back at him.

“You could say I had a bad day?.it was a bit stressful.” Meera said as she thought of the tension and stress that Jyoti created?even though it pretty much got worked out during the sex after, and the incident with Amit. In fact Meera felt her heart beating faster again as she grew angry again. She wasn?t going to tell her husband what had happened?.Meera could guess his reaction to Amit?s actions?.he would take Amit outside and knock the living shit out of him, and Meera didn?t want to see that or know that she had caused her son to have treated like that. So Meera decided to keep the days events secret, though she still couldn?t keep her anger from showing on her face.

“Whoa, something struck a nerve?you look like you could turn milk sour with just a look honey.” Jaydev said as he looked at her, a slight smile on his lips Meera looked back, giving him a ?fuck off? look and raised her hand, shooting him a bird. But it was all in jest and he knew it, as she knew he was only playing by his demeanor.

“It?s just been a frustrating day is all, and no?I don?t want to talk about it.” Meera said as she looked back at her husband and he set his hand on her shoulder. She put her hand over his and squeezed it.

“Hey you want a shoulder massage while you bath?” Jaydev asked as he moved behind her, expecting he knew her answer. She smiled as she rose up slightly out of the water, he back against the tub and she felt his hands on her shoulders.

“Yes, of course.” She said smiling to herself. She then began to moan as she felt him beginning his massage. She knew he wasn?t the best massager in the world, best he was good enough to please her, she thought as his fingers helped work out a few knots the water hadn?t. “Mmmm that feels good darling?keep that up please.” Meera moaned out as she started to really relax and even felt her self growing sleepy from the massage and the hot water. After a few minutes she was slipping in and out of total consciousness and didn?t notice that Jaydev had started massaging other parts of her body.

As Jaydev massaged her shoulders he watched her and started to grow quite excited. Even after many years of marriage he was easily turned on by his wife, and as she moved sensually in the tub, he became aroused and began to smile. He saw that she was looking sleepy, and he had a thought to wake her up fully in a pleasant way.

He started to rub further down the front of her shoulders and soon his hands were caressing and massaging the sides of her breasts. Meera was moaning aloud, but was still not quite awake, but drifting in and out of consciousness. Jaydev then ran his hands up her breasts, but quickly started moving them lower?.popping his thumbs over her nipples as he did, eliciting another soft moan from his wife. He reached out and ran his hands now over her stomach. Meera was far from fat, though she did have a fleshy tummy, which Jaydev liked. He never was into super tight bodied females and thought his wife was about right for his tastes in women. Jaydev worked his hands down her, massaging as he went, causing his wife to make soft purring noises. When the top of his fingers started down into her groin area, he saw her eyelids flutter open slightly and her head turned slightly towards him as a small smile crossed her lips.

“What are you doing Jaydev?” Meera asked very softly?almost in a purring, cat like tone.

“I just wanted to make sure you?re relaxed and am giving you a complete massage.” Jaydev said with a grin as his fingers touched the top of her pubic hair. He heard a soft gasp from her and saw her mouth form a small ?O?. She then smiled as her head again settled back into the water.

“Mmm keep it up then?.I think you?re doing a wonderful job.” She said in a silky voice as she closed her eyes again, though she doubted this time to sleep. Quite the contrary…this time her breathing began to shoot up and her breasts began to rise and fall quickly. As Jaydev?s fingers inched their way down deeper into her hair, Meera gasped every few seconds, the hot water having made her skin very sensitive to the touch. Finally, when his fingers met with the top of her pussy and touched her clit, Meera jerked out of the water slightly and gasped quite loudly. She chuckled softly as she settled back down into the water, her nipples hard as rocks, being exposed to the cooler air. Jaydev noticed this and moved around the tub, and placed his mouth over one and took it into his mouth. Meera groaned loudly as he did, and placed her hand on the top of his head and held him.

“Mmmm that feels so good Jay!” Meera said quietly as she began to undulate her hips toward his fingers. Jaydev took this opportunity to slide his middle finger through her pussy lips, causing Meera?s eyes to shoot open as she gasped, then smiled at him. “Oh god?THAT certainly feels good!” she said with a grin as she held his head even tighter to her breast. He then began to rub his hand up and down over her slit, causing her to groan with each motion.

“You like that huh?well how about this?” Jaydev asked as he rubbed down?then popped the first three fingers into her pussy and squeezed them upward. Meera gasped very loudly as her body jerked out of the water.

“Oh my god!” she uttered as she looked at her husband and smiled at him. She then leaned forward and kissed him fiercely, her blood now boiling hotter then the water had been and she attack his mouth with her tongue. They both moaned as their tongues twirled around each others and Jaydev slid his finger deeper into her pussy. He quickly noticed she was quite open, which usually meant she had just had sex or at least was very horny. He broke the kiss and looked at her with a curious smile on his face.

“Honey, you?re very open today?did something get you hot and bothered today? Beside me that is. Have you been teasing your students again?” Jaydev said, remembering that at times his wife would get very hot thinking about her male students watching her. She had even told him of the few times she had worn sexy outfits to drive her students crazy. Meera was taken back a bit at first by his question, not sure how to answer. But she figured to keep it simple and let him make his own decisions on what happened.

“Mmmm well, yes?some things did happen today, but I also got pissed at some things so it was very frustrating.” Meera said, answering as best she could, hoping he wouldn?t want her to elaborate. “But don?t stop now Jay?fuck my pussy with your fingers!” She grunted out as she grabbed his arm and tried to push his fingers deeper into herself. Jaydev grinned, not really worrying how his wife had gotten horny, just that she was now. He began to fuck his fingers in and out of her, causing her to moan deeply as he fucked her with his hand. Jaydev reached down and undid his belt and let his pants fall down below his crotch. He then pulled his underwear down and wrapped his other hand over his throbbing cock as he watched his wife writhe and moan to his actions. Meera noticed his movements and looked up at his face.

“Oh god Jay?let me have your cock!” Meera said as she leaned to the edge of the tub and Jaydev moved closer and Meera took his cock into her mouth and began to bob her head on his cock, working out her excitement, which his fingers were causing her.

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[Image: bf5c3fb1abc47af25d102257288738e5.jpg]

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“Oh shit Meera?suck it!” Jaydev uttered as he looked down at her swallowing his cock. He figured she must be very excited, he thought, because she doesn?t suck him very often and rarely this intensely. He began to pump his fingers harder and faster into her pussy and he could start to hear her increased moans as he knew she was getting close to cumming. They both jumped when they jumped when they heard a loud crash from their bedroom and Jaydev looked back and saw Amit standing there, looking at the two of them in the bathroom.

“I?m god?I?m sorry dad!” Amit said as he took in the scene before him and Meera hearing his voice let go of Jaydev?s member and jumped out of the tub, grabbing a towel to cover herself. Jaydev stood up, but wasn?t concerned over his naked body as he stared at his son.

“Amit?what in the hell are you doing in here!” Jaydev said angrily as he walked into their bedroom and looked at his son. Amit not sure what to say couldn?t look at his father and tried to look down?but found that meant staring at his father dangling member, so he turned his head and looked at the wall. “Dammit Amit look at me when I talk to you!” Jaydev said, in a slightly raised voice. Amit snapped his head around and looked up at his father.

“I?m sorry dad?I?I was just?just coming in to say hi and all?I didn?t mean to?.you know. I?m sorry dad?mom.” Amit said looking at his father. Jaydev grunted in resignation and walked past his son to his closet to get a pair of lounging pants, as his work pants had gotten soaked when Meera had got out of the tub. When he past Amit, Amit looked at his mother and grinned at her. “I?m real sorry mom?for everything.” Amit said as he gave her a wink. He saw his mom?s reaction and knew his teasing her was a bad idea.

“You shit!” Meera uttered as she reached down and grabbed her bath sponge and flung it at her son, barely missing him as he ran from the room. She knew what her son was referring to and could see that he had little remorse with what he had done earlier. Jaydev turned around and looked at her, then at his sons back as he retreated from the bedroom.

“What in the hell was that about Meera?” Jaydev asked as he grabbed some new pants and came back up to her as she began to try off. He could tell she was pissed off at her son and didn?t think it was just because he had interrupted them having a bit of sex.

“Oh nothing?.he?I?m just pissed at our son.” Meera said as she thought about not saying anything about what happened earlier. She didn?t want her husband to get really mad at Amit, but she was. The difference being, Amit wouldn?t be hurt if she was pissed. But she had to tell Jaydev something?he knew something was up. “Oh Amit was being a real shit earlier today, after he got home. He was being very rude and it got me ticked and him…interrupting us just really got me mad. He looked at her, seemingly satisfied with her partial truth.

“I think I need to have a serious talk with that boy.” Jaydev said as he looked at the doorway Amit had left out of.

“No honey?no it?ll be ok. I dealt with it?I?I just let us getting interrupted by him, get to me. It?s been a really frustrating day!” She said as she sat on the edge of the bed. Jaydev sat down next to her and leaned over and kissed her lips. Meera then felt his fingers start to move up her leg and she broke the kiss and placed her hand over his. “No Jay?I?m sorry, but I?m not in the mood now. I?m sorry.” Meera said as she leaned her head onto his shoulder and stared in front of her. He kissed the top of her head.

“You?re sure I shouldn?t have a good talk with him?.it might do some good.” Jaydev said as he began to stroke her hair. She shook her head.

“With that thick head of his?I doubt it. No, it?ll be ok. If something else happens?I?ll deal with it honey.” Meera said as she brooded over what to do to get back at her sons attitude today. She was very mad at him, but knew that she was unable to physically unable to punish him, and she didn?t want Jay to do it?.he may go too far, she thought. She sighed, thinking something would come to her.

When Amit jogged from their room, a huge grin was on his face. He had indeed gone into their room to say hello to his father, but also to see if his mother was going to tell him what had happened earlier. When he found the open bedroom door and walked inside, he had heard the obvious sounds of sex and snuck up to where he could see them. He got there just in time to see his mother mouth ole pops sword. Amit had to admit, his dad had a nice one on him, it being a bit bigger then his own, but not by much Amit thought. He had tried to move back slightly to get a better angle, when he had bumped into his mother?s dresser, causing something on it to fall and cause a big racket. He had worried for a second that his father would hit him, he had looked so pissed, Amit thought.

Amit knew that he shouldn?t have made that remark to his mom, she really didn?t deserve it, but Amit just let it out and couldn?t take it back. Amit sat in his room for a few minutes, making sure his father wasn?t on his way to punish him for his actions. Amit began to think that his mother hadn?t told Jaydev everything, though he wondered why. Amit lay back on the bed and thought for a minute. She?s either too embarrassed to talk about it to dad, or maybe she doesn?t want dad to jump on me about it, Amit thought to himself. Either way the coast seems to be clear, he told himself. Amit then heard his sister?s door close and knew that she was now cleaned up he supposed. He grinned as he remembered her in his room?.covered in his cum. I have to try that again, he thought.

Jyoti had quickly used her towel to wipe the cum off herself, after she had gotten herself off a few times on her bed. Like Amit, she was in a hurry to find out what her mother would tell her father. Jyoti was also wondering if she should say anything to her mother about what had happened between her and Amit. She hadn?t decided yet, but she did want to tell her mom how naughty she had been, so her mother could punish her again. Maybe I?ll tell her before school tomorrow, after father and Amit have left, she thought with a smile on her face. Jyoti threw on her clothes and opened the door, a smile across her face as she pictured her next session with her mother.

“Hiya daddy, you have a nice day?” Jyoti said as she saw her father coming out of their bedroom. Jaydev looked up at his daughter and smiled as she walked up to him and gave him a hug. Hugs weren?t uncommon in the house, but usually not for just coming home.

“Well you?re happy today?.something good happen today?” Jaydev asked as he hugged her back then separated and looked at her.

“No reason daddy, I?m just happy I guess. Your day ok?” Jyoti asked again as she went to the cabinet and got a glass and opened the fridge to pour a drink. Her father grabbed the same glass he had used for water and put his beside hers.

“I guess so, but nothing special happened at work. How about you at school?” Jaydev asked, more out of courtesy then genuine curiosity.

“Same old same old Daddy.” Jyoti said as she looked over and saw her mother coming out of the bedroom, closing the door behind her. “Me and mom have just been hanging out together since we got home from school.” Jyoti said a wicked grin on her face as she looked at her mother, behind her fathers back. Meera looked at her and smiled herself, though with a slight blushing on her face.

“Well that?s good then. I know you two have been having some problems with you being in your mother?s class. Has that worked its self out then?” Jaydev asked as he grabbed a snack from the bread box and looked at them, as Meera stood next to Jyoti but had her back turned away from her husband as she looked in the fridge.

“Yes we?came to an understanding today Jay, so I think we wont be having anymore disagreements now.” Meera said as she closed the fridge and just took her daughters glass and had a sip, and then gave it back. Jyoti tried not to giggle at the little act her mother was putting on, but she had an even harder time as her mother placed her hand behind her, like she had placed it on the counter. Jyoti then felt her mother?s fingers rubbing the top of her ass as her father smiled at them.

“Good then. Well I?m going to relax for a bit.” Jaydev said as he finished his snack and took his glass with him as he went into the living room and turned on the TV. Meera looked over at Jyoti and Jyoti returned the look. They both giggled very silently, and Meera looked out into the living room and saw her husband had seated himself out of view from most of the kitchen. She then walked back to Jyoti and stood in front of her.

“Are you feeling better mommy?” Jyoti whispered to her mother as Meera leaned close to her to listen. Meera then pulled back, not sure what she meant, and then remembered her daughter had seen her crying under the covers, and Meera knew then why she had asked.

“I?m fine now; I was just caught off guard by something.” Meera said, not sure Jyoti knew why she had been upset. But Jyoti looked at her and leaned even closer.

“I know what Amit did mom?.I kind of figured he had done something, by the way you acted. He told me what he did after I yelled at him.” Jyoti said condensing what had happened down?.she figured she could talk more freely later when her father and Amit weren?t around. Meera sighed at her and then gave her a hug.

“He?s a shit, even if he is my son. And if he thinks he?s gotten off scott free after what he did, he?s sadly mistaken.” Meera said, a fire burning in her gaze, that Jyoti had seen earlier?just before she and her mother had fooled around. Jyoti found herself getting excited and felt her pussy begin to get wet as she looked at her mother.

“Mommy?.you?re getting me wet, I think you need to calm down.” Jyoti said, trying to get her mother to smile, which she did.

“My, what a naughty daughter I have, I think you need to be punished?.but later.” Meera said as she grinned at her daughter and hugged her quickly. “But for now lets go in with your father, before he gets curious as to what we are doing in here.” Meera said to her daughter and started to pull away. But Jyoti quickly grabbed her and kissed her on the lips and then smiled. Meera smiled as well as they both entered the living room and sat down together on the couch. Jaydev was sitting in his recliner, when they came into the room and he just glanced at them as they walked past and sat down.

Amit sat in his room trying to do his homework he had from several of his classes, but he couldn?t concentrate?.his mind kept wondering back and seeing his sister while she was knelt before him when he came. The picture of mom?s awesome body also popped into his head, he could see her scared demeanor and nervousness before she ran off. Amit closed his books and stood up in disgust. So much for homework tonight, he thought. He went to his computer and decided to surf some?.maybe look for porn sites. Maybe he just needed to jerk of to get his mind off of his mom and sis, he thought. Amit soon lost track of time though and there was a knock at his door.

“Yes, what is it?” Amit asked as he hurriedly slid his shorts back on just in case he hadn?t locked the door.

“Amit, mommy says supper is ready.” Amit heard his sister say as he also heard her try to open the door. He grinned to himself?.I guess I did lock it, he thought. He got up to unlock it, wondering if she wanted anything else, he thought with a grin. But Amit opened the door and opened it and found his sister already gone and looked out and saw her almost to the kitchen. He frowned as he closed the door and grabbed his shirt.

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“Bitch!” Amit said to himself, suddenly mad at his sister for not wanting to come into his room. He slid on his shirt as he left his room, a dark look on his face as he walked to the dining room, off of the kitchen. He quickly calmed down, wondering what he expected from his sister?she was just there to tell him about supper. He sighed as he entered the kitchen and saw everyone there.

“Hey, it lives.” Jaydev said as he saw his son enter the kitchen and stand in the door way. Amit noticed each of them were getting things ready to eat. Jyoti was helping their mom with the final cooking, and Jaydev was getting plates to set up in the dining room. “Amit can you get the glasses?” Jaydev said as he started for the dining room with his plates. Amit woodenly went to grab four glasses from the cupboard and walked in and set them down on the table. Jaydev noticed that his son was a bit distracted. “Amit?what?s wrong?” Jaydev asked as they were both in the dining room alone.

“Nothing dad, just?tired I guess.” Amit lied to his dad. He didn?t really know why he felt this way. It was like seeing his mother, then having his sister jack him off had really made him think about some things which he still hadn?t worked out in his head.

“Well get plenty of sleep then tonight, you only have a half day tomorrow right?” Jaydev asked, but already knowing the answer. Just then Jyoti and Meera walked into the dining room and Jaydev saw his sons face turn a shade whiter as Amit noticed his them walk into the room. Now what?s up with that, Jaydev thought to himself.

“Umm yeah dad?I will.” Amit finally said as he took a seat at the table. Jaydev shrugged his shoulders, as he took a dish from his wife and set it on the table. Soon everything was set at the table and they were all seated and ready to eat. Jaydev said grace, and they then began to dig into the food before them.

“Are your plans still on for you to spend the night over at your friend?s house, Jyoti?” Jaydev asked out of the blue. He was thinking that he and Meera might possibly have the house to them selves if they could usher Amit off to a long movie or such tomorrow night. But he hardly expected the reaction he got as all three of the others stopped eating and looked up at him. He noticed his wife looking at Jyoti and then noticed Jyoti and Amit exchanging glances, and for a few seconds the tension in the air was like a thunderstorm. “Did I say something funny?” Jaydev said before anyone else spoke up and Meera looked at him.

“Umm?she may not be going Jay?she?she got into some trouble today, and?as punishment she MAY not be going tomorrow night.” Meera said, not sure quite what to tell her husband?particularly with Amit in the room. Jyoti grew instantly upset?she thought, that with what her and her mother had done that she would be able to stay at Shweta?s. Besides Jyoti had so much to tell her?and show her!

“Mommy! I thought that you might?let me go.” She said to her mother as she gave a sideways glance at Amit who was watching closely what Jyoti and their mother said. Something didn?t quite ad up in his head with what Jyoti had told him and what their mother had said.

“We?ll talk later about that Jyoti, but if you want any chance of going?.not another word!” Meera said forcefully and Jaydev raised his eyebrows, thinking it was a bit unusual for Meera to handle her favorite daughter this way.

“Meera?what did she do to be punished?” Jaydev asked his wife as she turned to him. He could see her hesitate a second before she answered him.

“She back talked me too much today about me getting on her for acting up in class?.so as punishment I said that if she didn?t act right, her stay over was off.” Meera said to her husband, and he seemed satisfied by the answer. Amit wasn?t though?what was being said, didn?t sound like what Jyoti had told him?.and their mother didn?t say a word about spanking her. He looked at Meera, then at Jyoti and Jyoti catching his glance, suddenly got worried?wondering what her brother was thinking. Jyoti knew her mother had just pretty much lied to her father, and Jyoti figured that Amit might think that too.

“But why punish her so hard for something she did mostly at school?” Jaydev asked his wife and Meera started to grow angry at her husband.

“Jaydev, I punished her for something she did away from school, not for what she did at school?I wish you wouldn?t question the way I handle something like this, especially in front of the children!” Meera said as she stared at her husband. Jaydev was quite taken aback?his wife definitely didn?t usually act like this.

“Whoa honey, I wasn?t. I was just wondering what she did, that was all.” Jaydev said defensively, and not raising his voice. But Meera Looked down at her plate, her face blushing and didn?t say another word. Everyone at the table was silent, each of them wondering from a different point of view, what had happened to the conversation. “Honey, I?m sorry?I wasn?t questioning your punishment of Jyoti.” Jaydev said, as softly as he could to his wife, but she just looked up at him, her face hardly without expression.

“Fine. Excuse me?I?m not very hungry now.” Meera said as she stood up and quietly left the table and set her plate in the kitchen. Jaydev turned and watched her walk into their bedroom and quietly closed the door. He turned back to look at his two children, both of whom avoided his look, and he sighed to himself.

“Well shit!” Jaydev said as he pushed back from the table, setting his plate in the kitchen and walked into the living room and sat down in his recliner as he began to watch TV again. Jyoti and Amit both looked up looking at where their mother and father had gone.

“You think we should do something?” Jyoti asked him quietly, leaning over to him. She really hated that her mother and father were mad now, especially since it was over something she had done. Amit looked at her and raised his brows.

“No I don?t, but even if we did?what are we to say? ?Listen dad the reason Jyoti can?t go is because she wanted to munch turf and mom wouldn?t let her.? I think dad would like that one. I also think he would LOVE the fact that mom lied to him?No if you want to help?just leave them alone. If you start talking, you?ll probably make it worse.” Amit said, and then he started eating again. Jyoti looked at him hard. She then decided she needed to talk to her mother and got up from the table and walked to her parent?s bedroom. Jyoti softly tried the door and found it open. Amit watched his sister get up and looked at her as she opened the door and walked inside. He shook his head, thinking she was going to cause more trouble for sure. Oh well, not my problem?though the fireworks might be fun, he thought as he kept eating.

“Mommy?mommy, can I come in?” Jyoti asked as she stuck her head inside the room. She saw her mother sitting in the dark and saw that she was crying. Meera nodded her head and Jyoti slipped into the room, quietly closing the door behind her. She came in a sat down on the bed next to her mother, as Meera wiped her eyes and looked at her.

“What am I doing Jyoti? I didn?t want to lie to your father like that, but I?I couldn?t really tell him about why I wouldn?t let you go to Shweta?s. He would have the same reaction that I did and?and then it might come out that we?we?you know.” Meera said as she looked at her daughter and Jyoti smiled at her.

“That we fucked mommy?I hope this doesn?t mean we have to quit does it?because I really don?t want too.” Jyoti said as she placed her hand on her mother thigh. A shiver ran through Meera as she looked at her daughter, and then began to smile back at her.

“I?m not sure Jyoti, but?but I don?t want to either. What happened today was?.was?I can?t explain it, but I don?t want to stop either.” Meera said and slowly leaned over and kissed her daughter softly on the lips. Meera then pulled back and looked at her favorite daughters face and smiled. But Jyoti was looking apprehensive?she had remembered something she figured her mother should know, and now seemed a good time for it.

“Mommy?Amit?Amit knows that you spanked me?and why!” Jyoti told her mother quietly as she looked at her. At first Meera face didn?t register what her daughter had said, as if she hadn?t understood.

“What! Are you sure Jyoti? How?how did he find out?” Meera said softly as she looked at her daughter, then shock truly registered on her face as she realized that he would know that she had lied to Jaydev. “Jyoti?how did he find out?” Meera asked again, with more urgency this time.

“I told him mommy?I didn?t want to, but he made me!” Jyoti said looking at her mother. With tears starting to form in her eyes when she saw how mad her mother was getting.

“What do you mean?he made you? What did he do?” Meera said as she looked at her daughter and saw that she was on the verge of crying. Meera calmed her voice and placed her arm around her daughters shoulder and pulled her closer. “Jyoti?its ok, I?m not mad?but tell me what happened honey.” Meera said as she felt her daughter relax and then sigh.

“Well?I got really upset when I saw you crying in bed, and by what you said and acted, I thought he did something to you. I got real mad, and I threw open his door and we argued. I called him some names, then I saw your torn dress and yelled at him ?then he ripped my towel off of me. I tried to get it back but he wouldn?t let me have it and then he got mad and I tried to leave but he tossed me onto his bed.” Jyoti said, and then stopped to take a quick deep breath, but Meera interrupted the pause differently.

“Did that bastard touch you Jyoti?did he try and?” Meera started to say.

“NO mommy! No?well he grabbed me, but he didn?t try THAT! But when he tossed me on the bed, he noticed my very red butt, and he asked me how I got it.” Jyoti said and Meera broke in before she could continue.

“Oh shit, I forgot your ass was so red honey, I?m sorry.” Meera said, having been reminded that she had done that to her daughter like that. Jyoti smiled at her mothers comment, thinking nothing of her red ass?even if it was still sore.

“Its ok mommy?you know I liked how it got red. But let me finish. He wouldn?t let me out until I told him, and I got?got worried?he was very mad and…I wasn?t sure what he would do.” Jyoti said as she looked at her mother and saw her jaws clenched in anger at what her daughter told her.

“I?ll kill that little fucker!” Meera uttered and Jyoti had to grab her arm as her mother stood up from the bed. Meera wasn?t intending to actually kill her son?though maybe a good frying pan upside his head might be good, she thought. She looked down as her daughter grabbed her wrist.

“Mommy! Mommy, its ok?let me finish ok.” Jyoti said, and started to smile again as her mother sat down again. “I know he?s an asshole mommy?but he is my brother and all.” Jyoti said as Meera sat down and sighed.

“Ok, but hurry up and finish.” Meera said, still feeling rage churning inside of herself at her son.

“Well?lets see?I told him that you had spanked me, and he wouldn?t stop until I had told him why you spanked me, and?oh damn?I had to tell him that you found out WHY I wanted to go to Shweta?s.” Jyoti said and looked at her mother.

“So he knows about you and Shweta?.does he know about?us?” Meera asked, trepidation in her voice as she looked at her daughter. Jyoti shook her head and Meera sighed very deeply. “Oh damn?thank god!” Meera uttered as she felt so relived.

“But mommy?that?s not everything and I hope?I hope that you don?t get mad at me for this!” Jyoti said as she squeezed her mother thigh with her hand. Meera looked at her curiously.

“What else did you tell him Jyoti?” Meera asked, again feeling dread at her daughters information. Jyoti looked at her mother and nibbled her lip in nervousness.

“Well mommy?its not so much said as what happened. Ummm Amit started asking questions about what it was like to?you know?for me to lick?” Jyoti said as she pointed between her legs and Meera?s eyes shot out wide as the full impact of what her daughter was saying. “And I described what we did?but only a bit and I didn?t tell him about us?.just that I had once done stuff.” Jyoti said in a hurry as she saw the shook on her mothers face.

“Jyoti, you shouldn?t have said anything honey!” Meera said, but let her daughter finish.

“I don?t think he would have let me just then. Besides he was acting ok then and I wanted to make sure he wasn?t going to tell about what I had told him. He had promised he wouldn?t. But then I?well?I noticed he had gotten hard…” Jyoti said, trailing off and she saw her mother expression and almost broke out laughing.

“You mean he got a boner over you talking about being with another girl?” Meera asked her daughter, not believing what her daughter was telling her.

“Yes mommy. I then?.then kind of asked to see what it looked like?I had never seen one and was very curious mommy!” Jyoti said, and again saw her mother eyes grow wide, and thought that her mother?s eyes would hurt later.

“He took his cock out?.for you too gawk at? Your brother?” Meera said as she then stopped and just looked at her daughter. Jyoti shrugged and smiled slightly.

“I was curious mommy?and I have to admit, I was turned on that he got hard too what I said. But he did take it out; he even let me touch it!” Jyoti said quickly, feeling very naughty and nasty?secretly hoping her mother would punish her again.

“Jyoti! My god child?you are a total pervert!” Meera said as she grinned at her daughter, and felt a huge rush of excitement at the image of her daughter watching, even touching her brothers cock. “My god Jyoti?this is?this is?extreme.” Meera uttered, not being quite able to fully envision what her daughter had done, but still finding it strangely?and completely erotic. Jyoti gave her mother a huge smile.

“I suppose you would be shocked to find out I jerked him off?.I even let him cum on me mommy!” Jyoti quickly said, wanting to really shook her mother now, her own breathing and heart beat were going like mad and she wanted so bad for more of what her mother had given her earlier?.unbridled sex.

“Jyoti?my god?.with Amit?” Meera uttered as if not hearing her own words. She wasn?t sure if she was now mad, horny or?what. Or at whom?Jyoti or Amit. But Meera did know one thing, and that was she felt so much energy with her heart beating so fast that she had to do something or scream. “Oh god Jyoti!” Meera moaned out as she threw herself at her daughter and knocked Jyoti to the bed as her lips found her daughters. Meera felt Jyoti?s lips part and Meera began to assault her daughter?s mouth with her tongue as they both moaned. Meera hardly noticed that her own hands were gripping Jyoti?s breasts, almost painfully. It was just then that they heard a knock on the door?and Jyoti then remembered thankfully that she had locked it.

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Indian sex story : Meri Wild Cousin sister


mera naam rahul hai aur mai bhavnagar rehta baat tab ki hai jab mai 10th std. mai tha aur meri cousin behan vo bhi 10std. mai thi.meri cousin mere sagge chacha ki beti thi uska naam geetika hai.hum sab ek hi ghar mai rehte the kyuki mere papa aur chacha ka bohot bada business hai ,bohot si zameene hai isiliye humaare ghar mai paiso ki koi kami nahi hai. (characters badhenge voo aap ke upar depend karta hai dosto ki aapko stories kitni pasand aaie)
mai aur geetika ek hi school mai padhte the hum ek dusre se sari baate share karte yaha tak ki mai usse vo bhi batata ki mujhe konsi ladki pasand hai aur voo bji mujhe batati ki kisne use propose kiya vagera vagera.. geetika padhne mai bohot acchi thi isiliye mai roz raat ko uske saath padhai karne jaata.kyuki hum dono ke boards the hum bohot maan laage ke padhte aur agar boor ho jaate too movie dekhte. ek din hum jab padh rahe the too mujhe maine usse kaha ki mai apni ek book bhu gaya hun too leke aata hun too usne kaha jaldi aana.jab main apne room mai jaa raha tha too usne mujhe bula ke kaha ki kitchen mese paani bhi leke aana too book lene ke baad mai kitchen mai paan lene jaa raha tha ki bich main chacha chachi ka room aata(humara bohot bata ghar hai ek room chacha chachi ka ek room mummy papa ka dusre floor pe mera ek room ek geetika ka room ek guest room. aur ek room khali rehta tha) too jab mai kitchen se aa raha tha paani leke too chacha chachi ke room se kuch aawasein aa rahi thi tok maine socha chalo dekhu too sahi kya ho raha mai hamare ghar ka joo garden hai vaha ek kidhki hai us room ki too mai vaha jaa ke dekhne par height choti hoone ke vajah se nahi dekh paa raha tha too maine ek stul se chad le dekhne laga.
andar dekhte hi mere hosh udd gaye chacha chachi sex kar rahe the chachi puri nangi hooke chacha ke uper uchal rahi thi.meri bhi halat buri ho gayi mera lund bhi tight hone laga or main mere shorts ke uper se hi lund pe haath pehrne laga aur kaafi der ho gayi thi aur ab bhi mai vaha khada tha thodi der baad geetika mujhe dhundti hui vaaha par pohoch gai aur vaha par pohoch ke mujhe dekhne lagi mere shorts mai joo tambu bana hua tha.too mujhe peeche se haath lagake kaha ki kya kar rahe ho rahul.
main ekdjm se dar gaya aur peeche mud ke dekha too meri aankhe fati ki fati reh gayi mai kuch bol nahi paa raha tha too usne mujhe firse hilaya auur pucha kya kar rahe the.
Main: kuch nahi mai vo..
geetika: mai vo mai voo kya raha hai batana kya raha tha.??
Main: vo chacha chachi ke room se kuch awasen aa rahi thi too maine socha kuch gadbad hogi too yaha aake dekhne laga too pata chala ki..(usne mujhe bich mai katate hue)
geetika: ki
Main : koi gadbad nahi hai majne uske piche haath rakha aur use kaha chalo chalte hai padhai karne.
geetika: peeche hatte hue zara main bhi too dekhun kya hoo raha hai ander aur mujhe hata ke voo stul pe khadi ho gayi aur ander dekhte hi vo niche utri aur mujhse kaha: tu ye sab kar raha hai mere mom dad ko dekhte hue tujhe sharam nahi aaie aaise.
Main: mujhe chinta hoo rahi thi ki ander koj chor too nahi ghus aaya hai(main ekdum normal hooke)
geetika: acchha ab hamare ghar mai kon chori karne aa sakta hai bhala .
Main: yaar gussa kyu rahi hai main sirf dekh raha tha.
geetika: dekh raha tha ya fantazise kar raha tha meri mom ko .
Main: nahi yaar hum pehle yaaha se chalte hai room mai chalke baat karte hai.
too usne haa kaha aur hum room mein chale gaye aur thoda samjane ke baad voo maani aur firse hum padhne bethe.
uske thodi der baad maine usse kaha ki main wash room ho ke aata hun too vo boli jaldi aana.
main washroom me jaage apna lund nikala aur hila ne laga aur maan mai chachi ko fantasize kar ke maine aapna veerya chod diya aur bahar aaya aur jaise hi bahar aaya geetika sawal karne laagi
geetika: kya kar raha tha?
main: kuch nahi. chal padne bethte hai aisa keh ke maine usse tal diya aur ham firse padhne beth gaye
fir kuch dino baad ham raat ko padh rahe the too hum bor huye too ek movie dekh rahe the hollywood ki thi too usme ek bohot bold kissing scene aaya too usne mujhe kaha; rahul kya tujhe kiss karna aata hai.
main ekdum hakka bakka reh gaya aur usne fidse puche rahul tum kisss karna aata hai too mai bola: thoda thoda aata hai
too usne kaha chal mujhe sikha. maind usse kaha ham bhai behan hai aisa karna thik rahega too usne kaha kuch nahi hoga chalo kiss karte hai aur vo kehke vo uthi aur usne door band kad diya.
vo mere nazdik aaie aur mere hontho pe hoth rakh diye too mai uske hotho ko chusne laga.. wow kya feeling thi yaar mera pehla kiss.. thodi der baad usne bhi saath diya mera kiss mai aur mai uske boobs ko dabane laga too vo mere uper beth gai pehle see hi mera lund bohot tight tha aur voo us pe beth gayi aur haam itne der kiss karte rahe aur maine fir kiss toda aur saans lene laaaga.. usne mere saamne smile ki aur bolne laagi kaha se sikha . maine kaha ye mera pehla kiss hai bas dekhte dekhte aa gaya par mujhe ye batao tumne kaha se sikha . too usne mujhe kaha mera bhi pehla kiss hai. fir haamne fir bohot der tak kiss kiya aur fir mai apne room mai gaya aur lund hila ke so gaya.
fir kahi dino tak ham aaise hi kiss karte rahe. aur ham ek dusre ke saamne aur bhi khul gaye .
dosto agar aap chahte ho ke mai aur likhu too aap comments kare . aapke kehne par mai aage likhunga.
us din ke baad ham itne khul gaye ki geetika mere ko kabhi bhi lips pe pecks de deti kabhi bhi aur kahin bhi.ek baar too ham saath mai kitchen mai gaye school ke liye bye bolne to chachi ko bye bolne ke baad jaise hi chachi mudi too usne mujhe jath se kiss kar diya. mai itna dat gaya ki kya batau.mai apne aas paas dekhne laga ke koi hai too nahi . uske baad kahi dino tak aise hi chalta raha
hum lovers jaise ban gaye the raat raat bhar kiss karna ek dusre ki body se khelna aur bhi bohat kuch.
ek din maine geetika ko uske figure ki size puchi too usne kaha
geetika: kyu tujhe pata nahi hai?
main: nahi nahi pata tu hi bata de.
geetika: 34b-36-34
main: wow yaar tune bataya aur mujhe dekhne ka maan ho gaya. geetu(main aage bolne wala tha hi usne mujhe kaat ke)
geetika: voo to tere pant pe se hi pata chal raha hai.
main: main uski baat sun ke mera pant thik karne laga aur voo hasne lagi.
phir hum aise hi baate kar rahe the aur usne achanak se pucha
geetika: rahul tujhe nai lagta ki haame aage badhna chahiye.
(main yee sun ke thoda shocked ho gaya mujhe kuch pata nahi chal raha tha ki kya bolu)
main: ab mujhse kya puchna isme jab tune faisla bana hi liya hai too.
geetika: ha chal aaj raat kuch naya karenga.

ye soch ke hi mera lund khada hogaya aur maine usse kaha
main: geetika mai apne room mai thoda soone jaa raha hun raat main tere room mai aaunga.
geetika: juth kyu bol raha hai rahul mujhse sach sach batana ke tu hilane jaa raha hai.ab mujhse juth math bol janu .
(mai hilana word sun ke thoda hakka bakka reh gaya ke ye too bohot aage badh chuki hai )
main: ha hila ne hi jaa raha keh ke mai apne room mai aaya aur lund hila ke bed pe laite laite soch raha tha ki yaar aaj raat ko kya hoga…
sochte sochte mai soo gaya aur phir raat mai mummy ne khane ki liye jagaya too utha aur niche dining table ki taraf gaya aur beth ke khana khaane laga mere saamne geetika baithe thi aur mere ekside mai mere mummy aur dusre side mai pappa. geetika ke baju mai chachi aur chacha.
mai khana kha raha tha too pata nahi geetika kya kar rahi thi mere pero pe pair fera rahi thi aur dhire dhire usne apne pav mere lund pe rakh diye aur aisa massage de rahi thi ke mera lund firse khada ho gaya aur mujhe aisi feeling aa rahi thi ke mera control kar paana mushkil lag raha tha mujhe kuch bhi kar ke lund ko hilana tha par khana khatam nahi hua tha. dheere dheere usne apne pav se mera shorts utarne lagi too maine ishare se na kaha par voo maani nahi aur thoda thoda karke utarti gayi . utne mai hi chachi ka khana khatam ho gaya aur voo uthi too usne aapna paav hata diya.
mere jaan mai jaan aaie. fir mera bhi khana khatam hogaya aur mai aapne kamre mai jaake ps2 khel raha tha ki mera phone baja aur voo geetika ka tha ::
geetika: jaanu kya kar rahe ho mujhe tumhari bohot yaad aa rahi hai.
main: abhi sab jag rahe hai geetika mai kese aau. kisi ko shak hogaya too
geetika: ab apni books leke aa jaldi too pehle padhenge aur fir masti too kisi ko shak bhi nahi hoga.
main: kya dimag hai meri darling! aata hun thodi der mai.
uske baad mai geetika ke room mai jaa raha tha too niche mummy papa chachi chacha beth ke tv dekh rahe the. too mummy ne pucha kaha jaa raha hai. maine kaha geetika ke room main padhne.
mummy boli thik hai jao padhai karo aur jyada der tak mat jagna. maine bola thik hai mummy aur chala gaya geetika ke room mai.
jab mai room mai enter hua too geetika ko dekh ke pagal hogaya usne ek mini frok pehna hua tha joki uske guthno se thoda uper aa raha tha. abhi too mai dekh raha tha ki voo aaie mere nazdik aur mujhe kiss karne laagi. mai bhi control nahi kar paya aur mai bhi usko kiss karne laga aur uske boobs dabane laga aaj itni jor jor se boobs daba raha tha ke uski siskariya nikal ne laagi. thodi der tak hum aise hi kiss karte rahe par voo chodne ka naam hi nahi le rahi thi.too maine usko dahkka diya aur voo bed pe gir ke chali gayi. patanahi use kya hua voo aaie aur mujhe firse kiss karne lagi. too maine usse hata ke bola geetika kya kar rahi yaar darwaza khula hai koi aajata too
geetika: to kya hota.
main: pagal hogayi hai tu yee sab abhi jo maine kaha voo tujhe kehna chaiye aur tuu itni utawli ho rahi hai.
geetika: main khud ko control nahi kar paa rahi thi yaar.
maine kaha thik hai chal ab padhtehai.
phir thodi der baad sab soogaye too geetika uthi aur darwaaza lock kar diya aur mujhse aake chipak gai aur mujhe katne lagi aur kiss karne lagi uske katne se maine usse dakka diya aur kaha ”mai khai bhaga nahi jaa raha hu” pagal kahi ki . too voo firse mujhse kiss karne lagi aur iss barr too voo mujhpe latak gayi mere kamar par pav bandh diye aurmujhe kiss karne lagi mai too itna pagal hogaya ki kya batau pir thodi der baad kiss tooda aurvoo dhire dhire apna frock utarne lagi apni kaatilana smile dete hue . aur voo bra panty mai aagayi aur jab usne bra utari too muhje control nahi hua aur mai bed pai chala gaya aur maine bra uski utar di aur pehli baar kisi ladki ko aisa dekhne ke baad mai uske boobs koo kaatne laaga choosne laga aur dabane laga… voo dhime dhime awasien kar rahi thi ooo rahuuuulllll………… bohot maza aaa raha haiii…..janu…….aaaaaa aaaaaa
aaaaaa fir mai niche jukha aur jaise porn mai bata te hai vese hi uski chut dekhi aur chaathne laga voo aur pagal hogayi aur usne mera cheehera daba diya uski chut pe aur voo aahee bharne lagi aur siskariya lenelagi aaaaaa………………….aaaaaaaa…..rahul maine uska muh dabaya nahi too sab uth jaate. aur mai aise hi chusta raha aur voo thodi der baad jadh gayi aur mai uska sab paani pe gaya.
voo normal huyi aur voo mera shorts uthar rahi thi aur utarte hi meri underwear bhi utar di aur mere lund ko dekh kar thodi dar gayi.mere 9 inch ka lund dekh kar kehne kagi ye kitna bada hai . too maine kaha tumahare liye kaafi hai kyu acchha nahi laga. usne kuch kaha nahi bas mere lund ko hilane lagi aur uski chamdi ko piche kiya aur aahista aashista hilane laagi muhjhe itna maza aa raha tha ki kya batau aur hilate hilate usne muh mai le liya aur blowjob dene lagi mai too pagal hogaya ki aur mere muh see halki halki aa aaaaaaaaaa….aa.a.a.a.aaaaaaaa.. nikal ne lagi aur maine uske baal pakad ke hilayaaur itna maza aaya ki kya batau aur thodi der mai jab mai uske muh mai jadh gaya voo mera sara paani pe gayi aur ham aise hi nange nange bed par laite normal hoo rahe the……

normal hoone ke baad humne thodi der padhai ki . padhai ke baad hum idhar udhar ki kuch baate kar rahe the

main: geetu tera kyu koi boyfriend nahi hai abhi tak??

geetika: yaar saare lafange ladke aake mujhe propose karte hai. or un logo ko bas ek hi cheez chahiye sex aur kuch nahi. isiliye mera boyfriend nahi hai.

main: par itne ladko ne tujhe propose kiya hai un mai se ek bhi tujhe pasand nahi aaya??

geetika: koi bohot ladko ne nahi mara. 4 ladko ne mara hai aur unme se do jo humse senior the un dono ko too tune warning de ke choda. aur baki doo vo humare dusre class ke the unko bhi tune dhamki de ke choda too bache kitne.

main: tuje kese pata ke maine unko dhamki di thi aur un seniors ko maine warn kiya tha?

geetika: vo jo seniors the na uski bahen mere paas aai thi aur mujhse kaha ki ab se mera bhai tumare samne nahi dekhega par tum apne bhai ko bata dena ki mere bhai ko kuch na kare pls.. phir maine usse pucha bhi tha too us ladki ne bataya ki tum uski class mai jaake usko samjhaya aur bola ki mujhse dur raho par vo nahi mana too tum ne uski collar padak ke kaha ke mujhse dur rehna.
aur usko voo bhi bola ki main kaun hun tu janta nahi main rahul singhania hun meri behan se dur rehna varna tere jitne dost hoonge bahar ke aur baade der nahi lage gi unko sidha karne mai mujhe.

main: kamal hai yaar mujhe nahi pata tha ki tujhe itna malum hai. too phir tune mujhe kyu insist kiya voo bhi bata kiss karne ke liye aur ab too hum oral sex bhi karte hai.

geetika: mujhe tu acchha lagta hai yaar humare jitne bhi cousins hai aur meri mom ke side ke jitne bhi mere cousins hai unme se mujhe tu acchha lagta hai aur koi acchha nahi lagta.pata nahi par mujhe tere saath khul ke baat karne mai itni problem nahi hoti jitni mujhe pooja ke saath hoti hai(pooja- geetika ke mama ki ladki).

aisi hi baate chalti rahi aur subah ke 2:30am hogaye.
phir maine geetika se kaha ke ab mai soone jaa raha hun kyuki koi aagaya too.

geetika: koi nahi aayega yaar itni raatko aur aa bhi gaya too bhi usse batadenge ki padh rahe the.

main: agar nisha chachi aa gayi too.??
(nisha chachi-geetika ki mom)
geetika: mom kaise aayengi voo too soo rahi hongi.

main: nahi chachi aur chacha sex kar rahe hoonge(geetu ko chadete huye maine kaha)

geetika mujhe maarne laagi pyarse aur maine usse pakad liya aur phir hum kiss karne laage aur kiss bohot lumba chala maine saath mai uske boobs bhi daba raha tha aur mai use kiss karta karta bed pe legaya aur uske upar chad ke uske saath smooch karne laaga aur dhire dhire niche chala gaya aur uski penty utar ke uski chut chatne laga voo moan kar rahi thi aaaaa…………….aaaaaa…aaahhhhh.omg………..ahhhh aaa……raaaahhuuull..kyaaaa kaaarrrr raaahhe hooooo boooohhoot maaazaaa aa raaaha haaiiii. aur thodi der chut chatne ke baad vo jadh gai aur maine uska juice suck kar liya…
vooo bohat kush ho gayi aur normal hoone ke baad mujhe kiss kiya aur ekdum katilana ada mai boli ‘my turn baby’ aur niche beth ke mera shorts aur underwear ko utar ke mere lund ko adha adha mu mai lekar chusne laagi aur mujhe bhi bohot maza aa raha tha aur phir mai jadh gaya uske mu mai.

phir hum normal huye aur dekha too 3:30am hogaye the too maine usse kaha ab soo jaate hai abhi 6oclock ko phir se uthna hai aurphir school bhi jaana hai.
phir humne kiss kiya aur phir main aone room mai jaake sogaya..

mujhe 6:30am ko mummy uthane aai tab meri nind khuli aur meri aankhe dekh ke mummy boli der raat tak jaag ke video games khelna acchhi baat nahi hai. phir maine mummy se kaha ki mai padhai kar raha tha too mummy ne jawab diya ke dekhte hai jab percentage aayenge tab.
phir mai uth ke brush aur phir nahne chala gaya.
bohot nind aa rahi thi mujhe kyuki 3 ghante ki hi nind maine li thi fir fresh hokar niche aaya too geetika bhi staris se utar hi rahi thi dusri taraf se usne mujhe hi kiya good morning kaha aur ek flying kiss diya maine ussse sirf gm kaha aur hum breakfast karne laage. papa aur chacha coffee pi rahe aur mummy aur chachi bhi unke saath coffee pi rahi thi bahar jo humare ghar ka chota garden hai vaha par aur 2 maids breakfast bana rahi thi .
voo dono maids kaafi vakth se humare yaha kaam kar rahi thi aur un dono maids ke saath unki ek main maid head rakhi thi jo mummy se ya phir chachi se ya phir sab ko puchti ki kya bana na hai khane mai aur voo un maids ko kehti vo banane ke liya.. un main maid ka naam shela hai aur mai aur geetika unhe shela aunty kar ke bulate the.
shela aunty dikhne mai bohot acchhi lagti thi vo ekdum well dressed rehti thi ek acchhi sarree pehenti aur bohot acchhi lagti unki shaadi nahi hui thi. voo papa mummy chachi chachi ko unke diet ke bareme bhi batati aur unme se koi kuch jyada khata too shela aunty unhe na bi bolti.aur unko yaad bhi karvati ki ab exercise ka time hogaya hai too papa aur chacha yoga aur exercise bi karte.
Humare mansion mai ek gym bhi hai swimming pool bi hai aur ek chota sa garden hai.
too ab vapas aate hai breakfast pe:
mai jab niche utra stairs pe se shela aunty aai aur mujhe Gm wish kiya aur mujhe ek kiss bhi di sar par aur Geetika ko bhi wish kiya aur kaha aaj breakfast mai sandwich hai khalo aur phir school mai jao and have a nice day both of you beta.
Shela aunty hume apne bacchho ki tarah hi pyar karti. hum breakfast kar liya utni der mai driver aaya aur bola sir school ka vakt ho gaya chaliye maine car nikal di hai. aur phir hum school chale gaye.

Too din aise hi bitate rahe aur rahul aur geetika ka pyar bhi bohot badh gaya aise hi vo dono ek dusre se aur bhi karib aagaye aur ek dusre ke saath sex foreplay khelte rahe . par rahul ko ye thik nahi lag raha tha ki geetika ki virginity vo school khatam hone se pehle hi break kare isiliye usne geetika ko unse kaha ki vo uski virginity college mai aane ke baad break karega aur geetika ne bhi uski baad maan li. Aur dekhte hi dekhke undono ne science liya aur 12 paas karke college mai aane waale hai.
Too kahani ab alag mod le rahi hai to aayie kuch paatro ke introductions karva dun aap logo se.

Rajesh Singhania- age- 45yrs- Rahul ke dad – Singhania empire ke malik.bohot hi fit admi. Apne family members ke liye bohot prem hai inke maan mai. Air sabkp bohot pyar karte hai chahe vo unki behne ho unka saala ho unka Bhai ho. Inko inki patni se bhi bohot prem hai. Vo geetika ko bhi apni beti ki tarah hi rakhte hai.

Sarita Singhania – age 38yrs – Rahul ki mom. Fit aur bohot khubsoorat.inki age se ye kafi jawan dikhti inki diet ka bohot khyal rakhti hai.inki friends aur relatives inki khubsoorati ki bohot tarif bhi karte bhi inke pati jaise hai unko apni family se bohot prem hai aur inka beta inki aankho ka Tara hai.

Rakesh Singhania -age 44 yrs -rajesh ke chota bhai- rahul ke chacha aur geetika ke bhi apne Bhai ke padh chinho pe chalne waale ek bohot hi acchhe insaan hai ye bhi Singhania industries ke utne partner hai jitne inke bade Bhai hai. Par ye apne bade Bhai se puche bagair ek kadam nahi uthate. Dono Bhai bohot miljul ke rahte hai isiliye aaj Singhania empire itna aage badha hai.

Nisha Singhania- age 37yrs rakesh ki patni – geetika ki maa – rahul ki chachi. Ye bhi badi fit hai aur bohot hi khoobsoorat inka dressing sense bohot acchha hai. aur dimag bohot tez chalta hai designed kapde pehenti hai aur to aur apne ghar pe bhi sabko designed kapde pehenati hai.

Rahul – age 19yrs – kahani ke hero inhe keh sakte kahani inke ird grid ghumti hai. Ye apne ghar mai bohot pyaare hai inke dad ko inse ek hi shikayat hai ki ye acchha padhe aur acchhe marks se paas ho jaae. Inhone abhi abhi 12th ki exam di hai .aur vo bhi apni pyari Behan geetika ki madad se padhai kar ke .dekhte hai aage inki zindagi mai kya hota hai.

Geetika – age 19yrs – rakesh aur nisha ki beti – rahul ki cousin behan. Aur ghar ki sabse pyari sadasya.padhai mein kafi tez isiliye rahul inke saath padhai karne aate hai aur shayad inki hi vajah se paas ho apne Bhai rahul se bohot pyar karti hai aur uske liye kuch bhi kar sakti hai.

Shela – age 32- ye ghar ki maid head hai aur sab ki diet ka khayal rakhti hai itni khoobsoorat hai ki ghar ke driver aur security guard inhe hi ghurte rehte hai.

Pooja – age 24 – geetika ke mama ki beti . kafi bold sexy aur hot ladki hai. Gussa bohot jaldi aa jata hai inhe .Matlab ke liye logo ko istemal karna inhe acchhe se aata hai. Thodi ghamandi bhi hai ye aur bohot paise waali hai. Inhe world ki nayi nayi jagah gumne ka bohot shauk hai aur world tour bhi karti hai ye . geetika se ye bohot close hai aur geetika se har baat share karti hai bhale hi vo koi bhi baat ho. Rahul ko bhi apne Bhai ki tarah hi rakhti hai aur bohot pyar karti hai.

Too ye the kuch patra kahani ke. Ye kahani kaalpanik hai. Ab aage dekhenge kahani mai kya hota hai.

Subah subah 4:30 baje jab rahul ki nind khulti hai to voo pata hai ki vo geetika ke room mai hai aur dono nange soye huye hai aur ek acchha si razai undono ne odhi hui hai. Aur rahul ka mobile bajta hai jisse uski nind khuli usne haath badate huye bed ke baju mai table ke paas se apna mobile uthaya aur dekha to uske dost Ravi ka phone tha to rahul ne phone uthya aur

Ravi : kya haal hai aaj to aa rha hai na jog ke liye ya phir aaj bhi nahi aay ga .

(Ravi- rahul ka close friend aur 11th ke baad rahul ka friend group bhi bana tha jisme uske kuch acchhe friends hai unka intro baad mai karva denge jaisa vo aayn ge kahani ni mai)

Rahul : nahi yaar aaj aa raha hun thoda wait karna tum log.

Ravi : thik hai to apni jagah pe aajna hum sab vahi milenge.

Rahul : thik hai .bye

Ravi : bye

Iske baad rahul uthta hai aur apne uper se geetika ko uthata hai Jo ki bilkul nangi thi uske uper soyi hui. Rahul ne use aawaz di

Geetika utho utho geetika 5 bajne ko aaye hai sab jagne hi waale hai. Geetika ne thodi si aankhe kholi aur chipak gayi rahul se use lip kiss karne lagi ummmmm ummmm…..mmmm aur boli good morning darling rahul ne bhi saath diya geetika ka aur usko kiss karne laga aur usne bi good morning kaha . fir kiss karte karte rahul niche tak chala gaya aur geetika ki choot pe kiss ki aur chatne laga iss jordaar hamle na geetika ko jataka diya aur vo siska ne lagi

aaaaaa rahuuuuuullllll……..aaaaaaahhhhh …bohoooootmaazaaa aaarahhaaa hai…..aur rahul ke sir ko daba diya apni chut pe aur siskane lagi aaaaahhhhhh oooooohhhh maaaa…..maza aagayaaaaaa raaaaahhuuull…
Rahul ko andaza hogaya ki geetika bohot utejjit hogayi hai aur uski cheekhe thodi zor se aarhai hai to usne apna anguta geetika ke muh me daal diya aur geetika use chusne laagi isse aawaz thodi kam hogayi rahul lagatar chut chatata raha aur thodi der mai geetika jadh gayi aur rahul ne uske juice lick kiye.ab geetika thoda shaant hogayi aur apne orgasm ka maza lene lagi.
Phir jaise hi geetika thoda sa normal hui usne rahul ko uper ki taraf khicha aur usko jordar lipkiss karne laagi aur smooch karti rahi lagbhag 10min baad jab saans control karna mushkil hogaya too dono ne ek dusre ko choda aur tej tej saanse lene laage.phir dono normal huye aur geetika ne rahul ko bithaya aur khud niche hui aur uska Lund haath mai pakad liya aur dekhte hi dekhte Lund ko muh mai leliya aur blowjob dene laagi geetika ko pura Lund muh mai lene ma taklif ho rahi thi par vo dhire dhire aadhe se zyada andar lene laagi aur mujhe bohot maza aane laga mai to jese duniya se bahar jaane laga aaaaaaahhhhh oooo myyyyy gooodddd….waah geetika..aweeeeeeessoome ..daaarlinnggg.aur asa hi 15min vo mera Lund chusti rahi aur fir bahar nikal ke boli cum brother cum mujhe bohot acchha kaga aur fir vo fir chusne laagi aur kuch 10min baad vo jab thakne aayi to Maine uska sar pakda aur aaage piche karne laga aur kuch hi minute mai ma jadhne laga aur pure sperms uske muh mai chod diye aur piche lait gaya bed pai aur geetika niche baithe baithe lambi lambi saanse lene laagi. Aur fir geetika uthke mere paas aai aur smooch karte huye boli
Geetika : tumhe jadhane ma mai thak jati hun Bhai.kamal ka stamina tujhme aur tera Lund abhi bhi semi hard hai.

Mai : yar ab kya karu tu hai Hi itni sexy ki dil bharta hi nahi hai.
Hum baat karhi rahe the ki itne mai maa door khatkhataane laagi.geetika beta …..geetika …..
Aur ham dar gaye kyuki mom kabhi bi subah subah 5:30 baje aur vo bi vacation ma kabhi uthane nahi aaayi to geetika ne awaz diya ha badi maa ( geetika meri mom ko kabhi kabhi badi maa bulati ya phir taiji karke bulati)
Maa : beta tune rahul ko kahin dekha hai. Pata nahi subah subah kaha chala gaya.uski dost aayi hai sobha usse jog ke liye lene.
(Sobha – meri friend aage intros hoonge jab rahul garden mai jog ke liye jaaega to.)

Mai : sobha yaha kese mai to khud jog ke liye aaj jaane wala tha. Acchha Ravi ki vajah se.shit

Geetika: ha badi maa vo gym mai hai
(Gym hamare ghar ka gym) aur geetika me mujhe aankh Mar di
Mai jaldi jaldi apne kapde dhund ke pehne laga aur kapde pehante hi geetika ki balcony se kud ke pipe se hokar garden ki taraf aaya hamare garden ke paas thodi se dur mai swimming pool hai vaha se thode aage jaate hi hamare ghar ka hamara personal gym hai mai gyn ka door push kar ke open kiya aur gym ke andar ek washroom bana tha vaha gaya aur muh dhoya aur pochne ke liye kuch dhundne laga par jab kuch dikha nahi too Maine apni T-shirt se hi poch liya aur thodi si exercise karne laga.

Vaha geetika ke room mai. Mom andar aa chuki thi aur geetika sirf ek razai mai thi kapde iske bed ke aas pass paade huye . andar aate hi mom puchne lagi

Mom : beta kuch pehna nahi hai shorts vagera .asa hi soyi thi.

Geetika : ha badi maa kuch comfortable nahi lag raha tha.

Mom : koi baat nahi. Beta tujhe kaise pata ki rahul gym mai hai.
Geetika : badi maa vo mujhse mil ke gaya jagane aaya tha bol raha tha ki tum bi gym mei chalo so amine na bol diya.
Mom sochne lagi ki geetika rahul ke saamne hi asa kapde mai thi.

Mom : to tumne rahul se bi asa hi baat ki kapdo ke bine sirf razai odhe.

Geetika: aaree badi ma geetika maa ko gale lagate huye . vo mera Bhai hai aur Maine razai odh ke rakhi thi kyu tention le rahi ho vo zamane gaye ab. Aur Bhai hai vo mera koi naukar nahi.
Maa geetika aur mera pyar dekhke thodi khus hui aur thoda ajeeb bi laga.

Maa: ha samajti hu tum dono Bhai Behan ka pyar pad kuch oehen le beta aur geetika ne kaha thik hai badi maa aur ohir maa jane lagi aur niche aa ke shobha ko kaha ki rahul gym mai hai jao usko vaha se bula ke lejao.
Phir sobha gym ki taraf aati hai

Shobha jaise hi gym ki taraf jaati too rahul ko workout karte dekhti hi rehti hai ki itna workout aur tshirt bi puri gili ho gayi hai too shobha soch mai padh jaati hai rahul kab se itna zyada workout karne lag gaya to vo gym ke andar aa ke rahul se baat karti hai

shobha : hello good morning

rahul : hi good morning aaj subah subah yaha ?

Shobha : ha tere saath workout karne aayi hun .

rahul : kya ? shobha : mazak kar rahi hun yaar chal tujhe pick up karne aayi hun hame park mai chalna hai jog ke liye sab pohochte hoonge too ravi ne mujhe call karke bataya tha ki tujhe pickup karke leke aaye varna tu to aaj bhi nahi aayega aur apne workout mai busy rahega.

rahul : thik hai chal chalte hai par mai zara shower leke aaya pls 5min ruk .

shobha : ok par zara jaldi.
uske baad rahul thoda fresh hone chala jata hai aur shobha sab ke saath aake drawing room mai aake baith jati hai. aur thodi bat chit karti hai uncle anti ke saath aur geetika se bhi mail leti hai . itni hi dair mai rahul niche aajata hai aur vo aur shoha ghar se bahar aate hai too shobha parking mai aate hai ghar ke. too shobha na bolti hai ki meri car mai chalo to rahul kehta hai chalo aur fir jaise hi rahul thodi dur jata hai aur dekhta hai vaha ek black mercedes padi hoti hai too puchta hai shobha se ki kya baat hai yaar kab li ye.
shobha : yaar parso hi dad ne gift ki hai kaise hai?
rahul : its awesome sweetheart.

shobha : to le drive kar le .
fir car mai baithe baithe baate karte hai .
rahul : to tere dad ne gift ki kya?

shobha : ha yaar pata nahi mom dad aankhe bandh kar ke kahi le jaa rahe the baad mai jab pata chala ki hum showroom pohoche hai. aur fir dad ne kaha jo pasand ho vo lelo beta ye meri aur tumhari mom ki aur se gift hai tumhare liye kyuki school khatam ho gayi na tumhari aur ab tum college mai aanewali ho to.

rahul : nice yaar bohot acchha hai aur car chalate chalate bola congratz dear.

shobha : thanks.

aur phir dekhte hi dekhte vo log park mai pahauch gaye. uar vaha rahul ka pura friend group betha tha jo rahul ko apne bohot karib the ye saare dost aur rahul inko jaan se zyada pyar karta tha.
koi bi kam kesa bhi kam adhi raat ko hi kyu na ho rahul apnein dosto ke liye vo pura karta aur too aur apne friends ki har problem ka kese bi kar ke solution nikal leta.isiliye too ye sab bi rahul ko bohot pyar dete hai. rahul jesa bolta sab vesa hi karte.
ye rahul ke kuch khaas dost haijinse aapka intro karva deta hun : Ravi,karan ,sonia,shobha, aur neelima.


Desi sex story of my sexy mom

Desi sex story of my sexy mom

Meri Maa ka naam Nileema hai. Unki umar 38 sal

Rang gora hain. Badan unka 36-30-38 hain kafi sexy dikhti hain. House wife hain. Papa business kartai hain zadatar bahar rahete hain.
Ghar maye maa or main rahta hu security gard subhas naukar ram our mali somnath rahte hain.

Mali or naukar or security 3 ka ghar hamare ghar kye piche garden k dusri taraf hain.

Ak din maye school saye ghar aya karib 3 baje maye 10th maye parta hu class nahi tha to jaldi aagaye.

Dakha ki maa security gard se baten kar raha tha. Hall room paye lakin normal batchit nahi tha. Maa bol rahi thi please aysa nahi hoga. Mat karo aisa,

Maye andar aya to o log chup hogayae or security gard vahar chala gaya. Muje sakh huya to maa se pucha kaya huya maa boli kuch nahi. Par o kuch parishan thi. Mayne tiffin kiya or mara sakh dur karne kaliya subhash k pass gaya.

O tino room mayae bath kar kuch bante kar rahe tha. Mare jate hi chup ho gaye. Mayne pucha kaya hua. Maa se kaya kahe rahe the. Subhas ne mare pass aaker bola dakh beta. Hum tuje ak video dekhate hain.

Usne apna mobile on kiya or video dakh kar to mara bolti bandh hogaya. Maa naha ne k bad kapde badlrahi thi uska full video. Puri nagi halatme mayne maa ko aise kavi nahi dakha.Tavi ram ne bola kuchvi harkat ki to eya video pura fayla dunga.

Somnath bola aj rat sayhi hum tari maa ko chodenga.

Mayne bola dakho ya video kisiko mat dikhao. O sab bole thik hain aj rat agar tari maa hamara kam nahi kare gi to …

Muje dar v lagraha tha par maa ki nangi video dakh kr maza vi aya. Mayne socha aj rat maa ka picha karunga. Maa ka chudai dakhne kaliya batab horaha tha.
Rat 11:30 baje maye khana kha k sone ka bahane kiya. 15 min bad piche ka darwaza khul naki awaz ai. Maye chad paye chala gaya maine dakha maa dhire se nikal rahi hai unka kapda dakh ke muje tajjab huya

Unhone knee lenth nighty pahine thi. Sleevless neck bahut hi bada tha.. Maa jabvi unlogo k room tak gaya somnath naye bahar ki light jala di. Light maye maa bahut sexy dikh rahi thi. Ram bola are madum app to randi bankahi aieho. Subhash ne. Maa k bal pakad kar kndar lagaya.,

Maye chad se niche aakar unlogo k room k khirki paye chala gaya.

Dakha ki maa bich paye khadi haye or ghar pate full light hain hato paye savi mobile camara on kar k video photo lara hain. Maa bole aisa ku kar rahe ho maye sadi sudha huu. Somnath bole madum aj se aap hamari randi ho hum jo bolenge o ap karoge warna anzam pata hain.

Ram n bola chal avi thoda nach dikha.

Maa baybash thi usne nach ne ki kosis ki par o nach nahi janti srif gand or dudh hila rahi thi. Tavi security gard bola randi nach nahi sakta chal jab tak hum daru pite hain tu kneel down pye rahe na. Maa kneel down ho gaye .

10 min bad maa rone lagi boli please chordo bahot dard ho raha hain. Mali kesh k kat thappd mara maa k gand pye. 15min bad maa ka gand niche ane laga o puri tara dard se kapp raha tha fir naukar ne 2 thappr mara gand paye or nighty khol diya ab o srif pink bra o panty may kneel down k halt pe thi.

Somnath tavi aaker bola chal uthak bithak laga or bra vi fardiya. Maa uthak bithak kar raha tha unka chuchi hard hogaya tha mu pura lal r gand kanp raha tha..10 bar karne k bad o ruk gayee. Somnath ne ak lamba bamboo k chari se uske gand pe zor se 5 bar mari o dard k mare somnath k payer pakad k bola muje app log chodo jaise marzi chodo par aise punishment mat do.

O 3 haste haste bola tuje to hum gulam banake raste pe lajake chudwayenge
\Mali ne unki panti v utar diya tha ab o puri nagi khadi thi unka gand lala hochuka tha. O bahut ro rahi thi. Tavi somnath bola chal avi apni chuth paye ungli dal ke ragadna suru kar. Maa ko pahali bar aise dakh raha tha apni hato se apni chuth ko masal rahi thi or itna sex aagaya tha ki chuth se pani v chod diya. Tabtak 3no ne apni apni kalde v utar chuka tha, Un sav k age 45 to 50 sal k andar hi tha. Sabhi ni apna khada laund lay kar maa ko ghar k rakha tha.

Security gard nay pahle maa ki muh maye apni 8inch lambi laund dal kar muh chod ne laga.. Kuch der bad mali ne apni 9inch laund unke muh maye dal diya.

Uske bad naukar ne vi apni 8inch laund se muh chodne laga.

Karib 30 min tak 3no mil k muh chodker muh maye apna cum resh saye var diya. (more…)

Desi sex story : Mom caught me while watching porn

Desi sex story : Mom caught me while watching porn

mom sex

I usually spend my free time on the computer looking for some type of porn. Yet until recently I was looking through some of those erotic stories and found them much more stimulation than other pictures on the internet. It’s probably because I can actually make a mental picture of me being the person who is involved in the story. After reading several of these stories I had decided to write one on my own, but not just any story, but one about my secret fantasy with a relative, my mom.

I eventually finished the story and decided to keep it on a floppy disk, never taking into consideration that my own mother might somehow get her hands on this disk. I had left the disk on the computer disk and had just left for school, at the time I was going to a local college and still lived with my parents. I was a pretty fit young man, but what I had always secretly admired was my mother. She was 38, and I had been the only child. She was very attractive with brunette hair, about 5’7, and had an unbelievable ass and breast.

It all started when I got home from school, and on the computer screen saw that someone had opened the file where my story had been kept. I was sort of surprised and afraid because someone might of read this story. I got the whole file and tried to erase it, but I suddenly noticed that the file had been copied several times. As I tried to erase all of them I suddenly felt someone put their hands on my shoulder. As I turned around I saw that it was my mom.

“Um, mom, this isn’t mine, it’s one of my friends, I really don’t like that stuff, I mean, It’s not mine,” I said trying to frantically explain how this story had come up on my disk.

“Well Tom, if it isn’t yours, then why does it have your name, and how did you get it from your friend, if they haven’t even been over and this disk has been here all the time,” she said in a strong tone which just made my want to disappear.

“Mom, to tell the truth it is mine, I really sorry about it, I mean I never meant to do any of the stuff in the story, it’s just a fantasy, I really sorry about it mom,” I said trying to explain this whole mess without my mom getting real pissed of at my.

After I told my mom that it was a fantasy she just looked at my in a weird way, not in the usual way she looks at me when she is pissed of, but instead she kind of flushed and said the most unexpected thing.

“Tom, I really didn’t know you felt that way, I mean, how could an attractive young man find an old women like me that attractive to do all that stuff you said in the story,” my mom said while she shyly looked at the floor.

“Well mom, you are real attractive, I mean, I.., I’m more attracted to you than I am to women my own age.”

My mom then shyly leaned over to my ear and whispered, “Tom how would you like it if I made that fantasy in your story true.”

I rapidly got a hard on as I heard my mom say that, and as she saw then she slipped her hands under my pants and started to jack me off.

“How do you like that, I read in your story that you would love it if I sucked your dick dry,” my mom said as she unzipped my pants and pulled my already hard dick out, ” I also heard that you would love to see my naked body full of your come after I sucked your dick.”

My mom then got up and took her shirt and skirt off, she then pulled her panties down and then unstrapped her bra.

“I also heard that you would love a shaved pussy, so I shaved it just for you son,” She said as she gently brushed her pussy.
“Wow mom I never, ooohhhh… yeah… you felt that way about me, ohhhh, uhhhh,” I said as kneeled in front of me and starting sucking my dick, she first started by circling the head, teasing me each time she licked my dick. She then started to put my whole dick in her mouth, sucking harder each time she sucked.

“OHHH…yeah mom, I never imagined that you could, uhhhh…suck, uhhhh…dick so good,” I said I she sucked my dick.

“I’m going to cum…,” I said as she started sucking harder and harder.

As I came she sucked some of the cum, but then she took my dick out of her mouth and let all my cum run down her body, down to her tits and gently down to her stomach.

“Is that how you fantasized me in you story, with me full of you precious cum all over my body,” she said as she licked her fingers.

“No mom, this is much better than any fantasy.”

“Well son you also said that you would love to fuck me, is that right.”

“Yeah mom, I would love to fuck you.”

My mom then grabbed my hand and took me to her room where she stripped me and then laid on the bed, she then pointed to her beautiful shaved pussy. I automatically understood and started to lick her beautiful pussy.

“Oh Tom your such a great pussy eater, come one, make your mother cum, ohhhh. yeah!”

I just kept on licking her pussy and then I stuck my tongue deep into her pussy and circled my tongue all around. I then started to feel my mother orgasm.

“Ohhhh…Tommmmm…I going to cum, uuuuhhhhhhh…ohhhhhh…you so great son, uhhhh…”

She orgasmed I ate all her tasty juices, I then went over next to her and asked her if I could fuck her through the ass, with all this pussy sucking, my dick had gotten extremely hard again.

“Son, to tell you the truth, I’ve never really tried it but for you, I think I’m willing to try it.”

I then went to the restroom to get some Vaseline, and as I walked in I saw that my mom was already on all fours waiting for my dick. I gently leaned over and started to put Vaseline all over her tiny ass hole and as I put my fingers deeper she started to scream in pleasure. When I finished applying the Vaseline, I then spread her big ass apart and pushed my dick into her tight asshole.

“Tommm, oh…that feels so good, come on Tom, deeper,” my mom said as I banged her harder each time I went into her tight asshole, my balls hitting her ass harder each time, and her hands fingering her pussy more each time.

“How do you like that mom, your son fucking you from behind, your enjoying it aren’t you,” I said I my dick made itself more into her tight asshole.

“Oh Tom your so great fuck your mommy like in your story, make me cum so hard,” she said as both of us came. All my cum shot into her asshole, then ran out of her asshole down her thighs. We both laid down for a minute trying to recover from the events that had just happened. She then went down to my dick and started to suck on it, which made it hard once again.

“Tom, I want your tasty dick inside my pussy,” she said as she laid on the bed and spread her legs wide open to show me her pussy.

I then leaned over to her and laid on top of her and my dick brushed her pussy. I first starting kissing her passionately sticking my tongue deep into her mouth. I then finally put my dick into her pussy, which to my surprise was very tight.
“Tom, ohhhhhh…., Tom, fuck your mother, your mother loves your dick in her…uhhhhh…her pussy, come on Tom fuck your mommy hard.”

“Oh mom your pussy is so good, uuuuh…oh yeah, your so great mom, ohhhhh…come on how do you like that,” I said as I started to fuck her harder and then started to to take her tits in my fingers.

“OHh…son, I about to cum, fuck me harder, put your whole dick into your horny mommy, oh yeah Tom, just like in the, uhhhh…story, where I uhhh…cum so hard.”

“Mom, I’m about to cummmmmm,” I said as my mom orgasmed again and her pussy gripped my dick hard which then made me cum in her pussy.

“Oh son, I have never been fucked like that before, your so great.”

“No mom, your the great one, you made my fantasy come true, and yet the fantasy could never compare to this.”

We went to sleep after that intense session which has to be the best I have ever had.

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