Sexual relationship with my innocent Bhabhi

Sexual relationship with my innocent Bhabhi

Ram and this story is about how I went into a sexual relationship with my mother like innocent Bhabhi, Radha. We are two brothers Murli and I and I was younger and around 18 years old my brother Murli was married to Radha Bhabhi. She was hot and sexy female from Pune. She was homely but no one would stop staring at her beautiful body.

She had huge busty boobs and lean waist and bulgy round ass. She was tall enough and also had long black hair. She was very down to earth and innocent and her face was so cute and also sexy. She was so beautiful when she smiled. My brother and Radha Bhabhi were living in Mumbai and me and my parents in Nasik as my brother was a stock broker.

We used to meet once or twice every month and I used to consider Radha Bhabhi as my mom. She was also very emotional with me and called Ram Beta. I never in my life thought that I would see my Radha Bhabhi in sexual manner until one day. The day came when I was 18 years old and had to join college in Mumbai and I moved to my brother’s apartment in Mumbai.

By that time Radha Bhabhi was around 26 years old but still called me beta. So it happened that some of my friends dropped me in Mumbai in their car. So I got down at the apartment gate and my friends were about to leave and they told me something which ignited the fire inside me. My friends told me that since now I am going to live with my Brother and Bhabhi.

They asked me to fuck my bhabhi whenever my brother was away. I was shocked at what they said because I never thought of her like that and more over she was like a mother to me. So I told them what crap you guys are talking. They told me that they know about Radha Bhabhi as they have seen her some time or the other and she is the hottest looking female on can ever get, so they asked me to take a chance sometime and fuck her.

I scolded them as they were talking very badly about my Radha Bhabhi like how huge her boobs were and how her saree sticks to her huge ass and other crap. So after that they left and I directly went to my brothers flat it was around noon and Radha Bhabhi opened the door and welcomed me inside. My friend’s words took a spell on me and right from that moment I was checking her out. She was smiling and said,

Hello Ram Beta how are you saying that she hugged me tightly. I was so uncontrollable at that moment coz I was seeing her as a hot lady more than my Bhabhi. Now she is hugging me. I was carried away by the spell and I too hugged her tightly and her warm huge boobs pressed inside my chest softly and I laid my hands over her ass unknowingly.

She did not mind and I was so close in smooching her in passion but suddenly recollected the mother sentiment and stopped but Radha Bhabhi was so innocent she was still hugging and looking in my eyes and said how was your journey I said it was fine then she asked me where were my friends I said they left. She said I should have invited them inside for juice.

I thought in mind that they would only prefer her and nothing else if they come inside her house then I said its ok don’t worry they got some other work to do then I met my brother at night that came back from office and masturbated thrice before I went to sleep. But still my mind was somewhere in between a hot and sexy figured female and a mother like bhabhi but not for long as everyday my brother left early in the morning and came back at night.

I had huge time gap to enjoy her beauty visually and like while she came out of the bathroom in towel I used to peep and try to have a good look at her wet hair neck and tightly packed boobs inside the towel and her thighs and legs which were in solid shape. I used to touch her here and there during the daily house chores, pretending as if I’m helping her and sometimes.

I used to adjust her hair while she was cooking as she can’t touch her hair while cooking as her hands were oily kind stuff. I used to draw her hair from her cheeks till her neck. I used to watch her cooking over her shoulder watching her sweaty cleavage. Sometimes I used to rest my hands on her shoulders and smelled her neck. It was such a wonderful feeling and slowly my mind moved away from mother sentiment to a sexy hot female.

She never minded while I moved around her and we also watched TV while holding hands together which itself gave me full erection multiple times. I was feeling jealous on my brother and tried to listens their bedroom sounds at night but I realized that my brother used fuck her only on Sundays when he got time and other days Radha Bhabhi’s sexiness and beauty was wasted except for me to perceive it.

She was so innocent that sometimes she came to my bed to wake me up directly from the bathroom in tightly wrapped wet towel. Many times, I was just short about to pull her into my bed to fuck her with my strong morning erection, but I could not dare to do it. I wanted a very strong emotion and reason behind doing it, because the attraction was only from one side.

She never thought about me in that manner. Moreover she used call me Ram beta and all and so how to proceed? I was the only question. My brother did not even have the slightest idea of what was running in my mind as I was waiting for a chance, I got in touch with my friends in Nasik they asked me about Radha bhabhi and how I was enjoying her and I told nothing to them, but inside my mind I wondered how true they were about my Radha Bhabhi.

So it was my birthday in 2 weeks so they told me that they would send me a present. So I gave them my full address. That was it. Those motherfuckers went online and ordered Playboy magazines with my name giving our Mumbai address. This indirectly helped me out. Radha Bhabhi checked the mails everyday and found out the Playboy magazines and directly reported the matter to my Brother.

My brother Murli was furious and scolded me very badly that day even my Bhabhi was little angry on me. She told me that am not good stuff to read. She was innocent even while scolding then I called my friends and scolded them good but it was already late, because they told me that they already ordered some other Porn DVD’s which will be delivered on my Birthday and cannot be stopped.

I was totally fucked again my bhabhi found out the DVD’s and reported it to my brother. This time my Bro kicked the shit out of me on my Birthday. He slapped me and also punched me for my friends prank on me. I did not have chance to explain since it had my name and address. I was 18 years old and not a full man enough and still dependent. I was crying like a child that morning and my brother left to office and I was in my room.

My parents called me but I did not want to talk to them so Radha bhabhi spoke but didn’t tell the issues I did. She found out that it was my birthday then she came into my room. I was calm and silent. She was so hot in that red silk saree that day and even sexier as she was little angry. She sat beside me and wished me Happy Birthday. I said thank you then she asked why I need all those nasty stuff like playboy magazines and Porn DVD’s.

I wanted to tell her that it was not my mistake but my friends played a prank on me but I lied and I told her that since I was growing to be adult, I felt to see naked female body and also to sound myself correct I told her it’s the part of nature then she told me that it’s bad and since I got beatings will I stop doing this. I told her No and she was shocked, she said Ram beta that’s wrong, your brother slapped you because this is wrong and may lead to other bad habits in future.

You should not get into this kind stuff and I did not accept. I told her no one can stop me and since bro hit me, I will surely do all kind bad activities from now. She was pleading me not to get angry in very innocent manner. I was not convinced by her. Then she asked me something. She asked me what do I want to stop getting angry and not get into such activities.

I told her that it’s very simple, that I wanted to see women naked and that’s why I wanted the porn DVD’s back. She was thinking for a while then she made an offer very innocently and out of pure love which a mother has on her child. She told me that she will not give me the DVD’s but will make my wish come true since it is my Birthday as you all guessed, even I guessed it right.

She said she will go nude in front of me for me to watch and give up the DVD’s and what a wonderful offer that was those fucking DVD’s didn’t mean shit to me. I was getting a live shoe with my sexy Radha Bhabhi whom I fantasized and masturbated since three months. I accepted her offer in awe and she stood up and locked the door. She was very emotional and also shy and also innocent. She was blinking more frequently than normal.

She set her eyes on me and he walked near my bed and first she let loose her long hair then she dropped her pallu. She then removed her blouse and un wrapped her silk red saree which was on the floor now just beside her blouse. She was standing just in bra and panty in front of me. She looked away from me and asked whether it was enough. I was shivering and so was she.

I said No and I said I wanted to see full nakedness then she smiled and tried to unhook her bra but she was not able to reach it then she asked me to help her as I approached close to Radha bhabhi standing in bra which was holding her busty boobs trying to jump out and her tight panty forming a camel toe at her pussy junction, sweet smell of her skin made my dick raise to unexpected size.

I was having full on hard erection I went to her and slowly wiped the hair to aside to her back and her unhooked her bra and dropped it on to the floor. Now Radha Bhabhi was holding her huge boobs in her hands and didn’t try to drop her panties, indirectly asking me to pull them down. I was standing to her back so I slowly pulled her panties down revealing her solid round ass cheeks.

Then I tried to grab her ass with my hands, but she pushed me onto my bed and moved little far, still holding her boobs in her hands. She said Ram beta, don’t touch me. It’s wrong I am like your mother. I am showing my naked body to you only to stop you from getting spoiled by other diversions as a Bhabhi that’s my responsibility to keep my child, Dewar safe from all bad habits and so look at me.

I am still young and also look better than all those dirty pictures you want to see saying that she removed her hands from her boobs and it was a scene to watch. Her huge busty boobs were hanging like ripe mangoes with pointed long and erect nipple. She had lean waist and huge hips. She had little hair on her pink soft pussy. Her thighs were in good shape like a model and not like regular house wife aunties and bhabhi’s who have fatty lumps on their legs.

She was a super star material and her whole body was lean except at her huge boobs and wide pear shaped hips. I was sad once I heard that but animal inside me was forcing me to grab her and fuck her and my erection was getting bad. Her slow movements and mannerisms and shyness as she stood naked in front of me made me go crazy like hell. Now I understood that, this will not happen again.

I understood that I will not ever in my life get this opportunity. So I pretended as if my erection was hurting me. It actually did but I exaggerated it in front of Radha Bhabhi. I started shouting loudly and told her that my penis is paining like hell. She asked me why. I told her because I got an erection like never before as I saw her naked. She came running to me nude and her boobs were swinging in air up and down and also towards sides.

I loved it and I was in my shorts and did not have any underwear as I just woke up that morning then she saw my erection from outside my shorts and was shocked. My dick was 7 inches and was really thick. Also I had athletes body with six packs unlike my brother Murli who had huge tummy and was fat. She said to me not to think about her sexually to stop the erection.

I told her that’s not possible because she had the best bodies I have ever seen in my life. She said it’s wrong for me to think about her and I told her to forget about it and try to help me out. A Bhabhi or mother can anything to help their children just like she stripped for me and these words worked on my innocent bhabhi. She asked me to go into the restroom and pour some water over it.

I said I can’t move and also cannot able to touch it. She asked me what to do Ram beta and she had some tears in her eyes too then I asked her to pull my shorts down and massage my dick. She said that she will do anything to relieve my pain then she pulled my shorts down, to find my huge 7 inch long and thick dick and her eyes filled with surprise. It was as if she is something she has never seen in her life.

She held my dick in her hands as I was lying on my bed and she was kneeling on the bed nude. She started rubbing the dick slowly and was really enjoying it. She asked whether I felt better and I said I was little bit better then she said beta, I never knew that men also had such huge dicks. I heard of it from my friends but this is a surprise for me and actually as a Bhabhi.

I should not do this or talk like this but trust me your dick looks really great. I asked her how about Murli dick. She said my bro just had a 5 inch dick then she asked me whether the pain was gone. I said pain will not be gone until it gets wet like water or any other thing. She said she will go and get some water. I told her not to leave me as pain may increase if she stops rubbing then she asked me what to do and I told her to use her saliva to wet my dick.

She said ok and spitted on her palm and applied it like a lube and kept on rubbing. What I wanted was her to take my huge dick in her mouth but she did not understand. Now I told her that. Spitting saliva is not sufficient and my dick needs to be submerged into the saliva. She asked how it is possible. I asked to take my dick in her mouth. She was surprised as if it was first time.

She said it’s nasty and I told her that’s the only solution then she accepted to do it. She kept on sucking my dick by dripping saliva into it. I was really feeling so nice and I was in heaven and I asked whether she did this to my bro Murli. She said no and I thought what a dick head Murli was and then as she was busy sucking my dick and I slowly rubbed her back and her ass and her boobs and nipples.

She said beta what are you doing then I told her Radha Bhabhi you are like my mother, can’t a son touch and feel her mother and if you give birth to a son in few years don’t you allow him to play with and don’t you allow him to suck your breasts? This is what I asked her and then she yes I was right then kept on sucking. I was waiting for some reaction but I didn’t come then immediately after 2 minutes.

She asked, Ram beta do you want to suck my breasts? I was laughing and jumping inside my mind. I said yes then I laid her down on bed and went on top of her. She was blowing my dick with her hands and I was sucking on her breasts like an animal. Her boobs were soft and huge with long erect nipples. I was chewing them and squeezing her breasts like anything.

She was moaning loudly as I did that and she said to me in ears that she was feeling as if she is with Murli. She closed her eyes tightly as I sucked her beautiful breasts. I whispered in her ears saying, there is no difference if it is Murli or myself as we both are brothers and same blood. So I don’t make a difference I also told her since brother is busy I will satisfy her whenever she wants. I was also fingering her cunt vigorously.

She was in ecstasy and whispered in my ears saying, so will you give me satisfaction, really then I have no problem enjoy my beauty enjoy each and every bit me. Do anything you want but give me satisfaction. She was in trance now. Then after sucking her boobs I moved down and licked her pussy out. I kept on licking her pussy and clit as I know Bhabies doesn’t want fucking but good licking.

I explored deepest parts of her pussy with my tongue and trust me it tasted so good. Radha bhabhi was completely in trance and in extreme satisfaction. She was enjoying the whole session of licking. She moaned and moaned for long and kept on moving away but I stocked my tongue onto her clit and kept on licking and then she squirted a whole lot of orgasm onto my face with a deep breath. She slightly came back to her senses.

She started saying while breathing deep, Beta no don’t do this, I think this is wrong let me go. I was not a fool to let go her and my dick veins were gusting with strongest erection I ever had. She started pushing me away, but then I pulled her legs wide and inserted my cock deep inside her in a single stroke. She moaned and took a deep breath then I wanted to tease her so I asked her whether.

I should stop and then she held my neck in her arms and pushed me towards her. So I started fucking my bhabhi. My huge dick was digging deep inside her. She was moaning the shoe time I fucked her. She was enjoying it so much. I kept on fucking while smooching her sucking her boobs, squeezing them and all. I fucked my bhabhi I different positions. She went on top of me then I fucked her in doggy style.

I made her sit on my lap so that I can suck her nipples out and chew them after 15-20 minutes I was about to cum then I asked her whether to cum inside her and she asked me not to then I asked shall I do it on the bed and spoil. She said no. Then I gave her only option. I caught her hair like I treat bitches and asked her to suck my cock for grand finale. She licked off the sticky layers on my cock clean.

I exploded a whole lot of cum on her face and inside her mouth then I cleaned my cum on her face with my pointing finger and inserted then in her mouth. She licked and sucked the cum and my finger good it was a good fuck and then she dressed up as if he knew nothing and left the room and I had the best sleep that afternoon and from that day my life took a good turn.

It was so fun to have a sex partner inside the family. I started to jump into her bed once my brother left for morning sex, then strip Radha bhabhi’s clothes off one by one while she was cooking and fuck her in the kitchen. We started roaming nude in our house and our illicit relation ended daily exactly before 30 minutes of my brother’s arrival with a good fuck and the next day again started with morning sex.


Satisfy my sexy mom completely

Satisfy my sexy mom completely

let me introduce about myself am presently working in a Mnc and this happened when I was doing my second year college. My family consist of my father, mother, myself. This story s about how I become a lucky son to make love with my real own mom and I don’t want to share name for privacy reasons.

Let me tell you about my mom she was just 38 years at the time this incident happened and I was 20 years, am mom sizes are may be 34 30 36 and she s fair in colour with black eyes and good length hair she looks very young for her age and she always wears saree all the time and maintains her very clean and beautiful and she care for me very much from my child wood days and I loved her too.

My thoughts towards her changed after I saw some incest movies and read stories after I completed my school final exams and I eagerly waited for a chance to get my mom and I got a great chance when we had a message that my grandfather moms dad) was not well and he needs a person to help him and so my mom decided to move to my native for some 15 days to take care of her father and she asked dad to take her to my native, but since he was very busy with his work.

He asked me to accompany her and since I was in my semester holidays and I was very happy to hear this that I may get a chance to have her and I readily accepted the offer and asked her to pack the things for moving. The very next day me and my mom moved to my native place which s 400 kms from my town and reached there at 7 pm in evening and there we have a big house which has more than 10 rooms and good garden area.

At the back home and front and nice trees and plants flowers al around surrounded by a 10 feet wall and my grandfather was staying alone with a servant and tat servant left his job due to his health issues since we both were very tired due to travel I told mom to prepare something and I went to take bath and she prepared nice food and she also took bath and later she gave food and medicines to her father and we ate together and we are ready to sleep.

I told my mom to sleep in d big bed room and I slept on d sofa itself but she told that she’s afraid of sleeping alone and she slept on d floor next to me and due to tiredness I slept early later in night I woke up to urinate and I went to it and when I came back my devil rise up I saw my mom sleeping with her saree pallu moved a little showing her beautiful boobs.

I just fell near her and took a deep breath and put my arms around her touched her, initially there was no reaction from her since it was I winter the climate was very chill and I loved d warmth of her body and slept that day. The next day I woke up lately and when I wake up no one was near me and I went to d toilet I washed my face and I came back to search my mom and I found light glowing in a room I went there am opened the door.

I was shocked to see my mom was changing her dress and she was topless, wow it was very great to see her very beautiful boobs, and naval area. I said sorry and moved out of that room and waited in the hall after sometime she came with a cup of coffee and I once again said sorry mom, she said it’s ok and asked what you want for lunch and I told my menu and went to take bath and while bathing the view of my beautiful mom came in my mind.

I decided to seduce he and came out of the room with a towel and showed and body to her and asked her to get dress for me and when she came back with my dresses and I intentionally made my towel to fell down and showed my 6inch tool to her and she was struck at the moment and gave the dress and went in hurry, later in night once again we both took bath and I told her that today I am going to sleep in the master bed.

I asked her plan she told that she will also sleep in d same room at 10 pm in night we moved to the room and I told her to sleep over d bed and I can sleep on a spare bed on floor but mom told d reverse and finally I told both can sleep on d bed itself and we switched off al d lights and started to sleep and I did not like to waste my time and I was 12 in night my mom was sleeping nicely a

Fuck my sexy mom sex story

Fuck my sexy mom sex story

I am 23 and she is 43. But she does not looks like 43. she looks much younger, by face she looks like in her early thirties. have average looking face. Average boobs, but enough for a male for enjoyment. Good height, 5 feet 7 inches, yes she is tall and just 2 inches shorter then me. But what makes her very attractive is lower part of her body. even after giving birth to a child, her abdomen is flat. she have heavy butts and to support that she have heavy highs as well. Her butts jingles when she walks. Even after having
average face and breast she steals the sight of a man. Her Beautiful heavy milky thighs hides between them most valuable asset of her. Yes that asset makes me mad for her, her cunt.


My father and mother fell in love in college and got married. By the time she is 20, she
conceived and gave birth to me. Fifteen year went good after marriage but then my father
detected with cancer. After a prolong decease of 4-5 year, he expired. I was 21. He
left with tumbling financial conditions because of her prolong disease and a young
wife. For the last 10 years of his life, he was struggling for a life, forget about his sex life.
He left a sex starved young wife for the world. Fortunately his young son was ready to
go to world. I got job soon and became the MAN of the house.


Soon after his demise, I started thinking of how to get her. Fortunately I didn’t need to
try too hard. One day after shopping for some home groceries and vegetable, me and
mom was returning from market. It was already rainy. But while returning we got
stuck in storm. It was impossible to ride so parked my bike on the road side and took
the shelter of a tree. The storm got more stormy than. There was nobody around and
no body was expected. The rain water was chilly cold. It was lightening as well, so mom
came close to me. and hugged me tight to save herself from rain and thundering noise.
I responded with a hug as well. My left hand was on her upper back and right on her lower
back. But soon right hand slipped to her left butt. The softness of her butt now made me
understand that I am in fortunate situation. I grabbed her left butt slightly. Waited for
her reaction. She did not reacted. Then i lowered my left hand slowly down and
grabbed her right butt as well and waiting for her reaction, she didn’t reacted this time
as well. Then I made my grip on her butts firmer and pulled her butt toward me. She reacted by
pushing her lower abdomen towards me and stiffing her butt muscles. Then i think she
realised my erection in my pant. She separated a bit and saw down towards my
cock. She saw my erection and with surprise then look at my face. Without giving any
expression she changed her face position from right to left and get back to her
position to hug me. Then i started to fondle them. To my surprise she let me do that. All
this took 15 mins. The lightning and storm subsidized then. We took it as an opportunity
to go back home. It was still raining with cold wind. She sit back on bike grabbing me firmly
with her boobs resting on my back. I can feel her warmness in this cold weather.
Reaching home we were fully drenched with water oozing from both of us, and we both
were shivering. It was 8 PM already. She entered inside the home and brought towels
for both of us. Then we both went to our room and changed. I was still having erection.
After changing we took coffee and took our dinner. After dinner we both sitting on
drawing room sofa and were still feeling cold. She realized the grim situation of getting me
cold, she brought some warm mustard and started massage me on my head, neck and
chest. I felt as if she is enjoying applying oil on my chest. Then my back. I got some respite
from cold. For caring i asked her as well for massage and started with her hand. It was
really fun doing that then i started on her foot. I was sitting on floor near sofa and she
lied on sofa. Little upper and upper and she closed her eyes and let me go upper.
I reached to her fleshy milky thighs whom ididn’t witness until now. I got a firm
erection. With some courage I reached to her vagina lips and started massaging them.
What will happen in night was decided by now. It was a matter how it will happen. I
stripped her naked in the drawing room and took her to bed and enjoyed her. She
screamed, moaned and cried and gave me her ultimate love for life. I sucked her all
over until 5 in the morning and we had sexual intercourse in her bedroom multiple times.
Then I slept.


By 7 AM, i got up, mom was doing her house chores. I didn’t have courage to face her,
and after some time i realised nor did she. She was avoiding me. She get out to another
room when i enter the room. Leave the meals on dining table for me to eat without
attending me eating which she usually do. Talking minimum just yes or no. This went on
for 4-5 days. But then my lust for her cunt started overpowering me. I started planning
to enjoy her again. Her body curves started grabbing my attention again.She even caught
me staring her butts one day. That night I was not able to sleep because of my sexual
urge for her. At about 11 PM, one hour after we both went our room to sleep, i
went to her room. she was sleeping on her left side. I kissed her on her cheek. She open her
eyes and saw my smiling face. She tried to get up nervously and asked me what I want. I
remained silent. She understood what i want. she said, “go to you room, it late in night”. I
said i want to sleep here. She again lied and took the bed sheet on her face to avoid my
sight. I lied on her right side. For few mins i gather courage to touch her. She has exposed
from her back. Finally i touched her on her back. below her blouse. She shivered.
Then i started touching her all over her back then her stomach. Then holding her upper
right hand i pulled her toward me. Before she could say a word i put my lips over her lips
and controlled her legs but putting my right leg over her legs. Her left hand was in grip of
my right hand over her head and i was sucking her lips. She was not resisting but was
cooperating. After few mins she melted and was ready for sex again. I removed her sari
and all her clothes, spread her legs, sat between them and started sucking her pussy
lips. She started moaning loudly. That night we enjoyed another satisfying intercourse till

माँ बेटी बेटा और किरायेदार चुदाई

माँ बेटी बेटा और किरायेदार चुदाई

शोभा: उम्र 37 साल एक विधवा औरत (1995 में)
रेणु: उम्र ***** शोभा की बेटी जो की 12थ क्लास में पढ़ती है
अमन: उम्र***** शोभा का बेटा जो कि 10ह क्लास में है (1995 में)
और दोस्तो इस कहानी के मुख्य किरदार (1995 में)
बबलू: उम्र 18साल एक अनाथ (1995 में)

दोस्तो कुछ किरदारो की उम्र का जिकर में नही किया है आप लोग अपनी फॅंटेसी के अनुसार उसकी उम्र के बारे में सोच सकते हैं

बाकी के सब किरदारों के बारे में समय आने पर बता दिया जाएगा

दोस्तो ये कहानी 1995 की गर्मियों से शुरू होती है शोभा एक विधवा औरत थी जिसके पति का लंबी बीमारी के बाद देहांत हो गया था वो अपने पति के साथ यू-पी के एक छोटे से शहर में रहती थी शोभा का पति एक रेलवे में जॉब करता था और उसने उसी शहर में एक छोटा सा अपना मकान बना लिया था जो कि डबल स्टोरी था पति की मौत के बाद शोभा को अपने बेटे और बेटी के पालन पोषण के लिए काफ़ी मुश्किलों का सामना करना पड़ा इसके लिए उसने लोगो के घरों में भी काम किया आख़िरकार उसने कपड़े सीलने का काम सीख लिया और घर पर ही औरतों के कपड़े सीने लगी सिलाई और पति की पेन्षन से वो अपने घर और बेटे बेटी की पढ़ाई को ठीक से चलाने लगी शोभा के पति के मौत को 6 साल हो चले थे शोभा बहुत ही घरेलू किस्म की औरत थी

37 साल में भी उसका बदन एक दम गठा हुआ था शोभा की हाइट 5,2 थी भरा हुआ बदन 38 साइज़ की चुचियाँ अभी भी कसी हुई थी और रंग सांवला था

29 जून 1995 की सुबह के 9 बज रहे थी शोभा कपड़े सी रही थी उसका बेटा अमन और बेटी रेणु अभी तक उठे नही थे क्यों कि स्कूल में छुट्टियाँ थी दोनो एक महीने से स्कूल नही गये थे और 2 दिन बाद ही उनके स्कूल खुलने वाले थे घर के नीचे वाली पोर्षन के बाहर की बैठक में वो कपड़ों को सिला करती थी शोभा अपने माथे पर आए पसीने को पोछती हुई ऊपेर की तरफ जाने लगी ऊपेर आकर उसने देखा कि उसका बेटा अमन उठ गया था और ब्रश कर रहा था

शोभा: अमन तुम्हारी दीदी उठी कि नही

अमन:जी नही दीदी अभी तक सो रही हैं

शोभा:पता नही आज कल की लड़कियाँ इतनी देर से क्यों उठती है चलो छुट्टियाँ चल रही हैं नही तो स्कूल जाने में भी देर कर देती है शोभा बड़बड़ाते हुए रेणु के कमरे में आती है जहाँ रेणु अभी तक सो रही थी शोभा रेणु के बेड पर आकर बैठ जाती है और गौर से अपनी जवान होती बेटी को देखने लगती है रेणु अपनी माँ के विपरीत एक दम गोरी थी 19 साल की उम्र में उसकी चुचियाँ 32 साइज़ की हो गयी थी और एक दम कसी हुई थी और रेणु की हाइट 5,1 इंच थी शोभा अपनी बेटी के माथे पर से बालों के बड़े प्यार से हटाने लगी

शोभा: उठ जा बेटी देख 9 बज गये है
रेणु:अपनी अध खुली आँखों से ) क्या है माँ सोने दो ना स्कूल तो बंद है ना

शोभा:स्कूल बंद है तो क्या सारा दिन बिस्तर पर ही रहेगी चल जल्दी उठ जा
रेणु अपनी आँखें मल्ती हुई बेड पर उठ कर बैठ गयी और अपनी माँ के गले से लग गयी

शोभा: बेटी की पीठ पर हाथ फेरते हुए) चल जा फ्रेश हो जा में तेरे लिए चाइ ले आती हूँ

रेणु:ठीक है माँ

Indian sex story : School ke memorial day

Indian sex story : School ke memorial day

Indian sex story  School ke memorial day

Hello frnds mera name swati h or me 18th ki hu 12th class me hu ..aaj me appko apni life ke sabse bad day ke bare me bata ti hu din humare school me Saturday ta to formal dress ti white skirt or house ( red ) shirt ti / vase panty nhi pahn ti hu generally short phan ti hu skirt ki niche par us din shorts nhi hone ke karan muje black panty phan ni padi …aaj whether bi khrab ta par muje important project ke karan muje school jana pada … school gyi to pata chal ki sir nahi aaye h or kafi staff bi nhi aaya h 2 ya 3 sir ko chod ke….class me gyi to dekha mere frnds nhi aaye hai bus ek girl divya or uska bf piyush aaya ta dono last ki bench par bath kar bate kar re te isliye me to siddha apni sit par aakar bethi ti …bench ke ek dam center me kohi 25 – 30 mint tak me yuhi bathi ti par ek dam business study ke sir ko aate huve dikha class me bahar se ( humare bst vale sir ka name sunil ta vo ek dam mote te par mere fav sir te kafi mast teaching h unki).. vo class me aakar hasne lage or bole
Sir = kya huva piyush aa tere dost nhi aaye aaj ?
Piyush = ha sir vo whether karab h na to aaj aapse chuti mili …..
Sir = sahi h beta tu vese bi konsa padta ta mere liye to ek student hi bhut h teaching ki liye or vo swati h na ( muje dekh te huve )
Sir meri bench ke aage chair rakh kar us par beth class ki sabse beautiful , sidi ,simple or hosiyar ti mera bi bf ta par aaj vo nhi aaya ta isliye me mayus ti ..sir muje mayus dekh kar bolte h
Sir = beta agar yad krna ho gya ho to study kare? ( apne pair lambe kar ke meri bench par mere just pass me rakh ta huve )
Me = ha sir kyu nhi ( apne bag se book nikal te huve )
Mene book nikal ke bench par rakhi or guma di sir ki taraf ..sir ne chapter 5 khola or topic samjane lage ….mene notice kiya ki ab sir ke pair meri side se touch ho re te skirt ke upar se so muje bada gusa aa raha ta sir ki is harkat parr mene socha galti se kiya hoga…5 se 8 mint tak aase hi rehne ke bad sir apna ek pair utha ke meri jag par rakha 5 sec ke liye or fir vapis side me rakh diya ..muje ab to or bi gusa aa raha ta par me aasa show kar ri ti jese me to sirf book me hu or kahi nhi me janti ti ki sir kya karna chate h par me kuch bol nhi sakti ti kyuki muje pata ta ki class me piyush or divya bethe h muje meri reputation se bhut pyar ta me us me dag nhi lag ne dena chati ti par mere chup rahne ko sir green single samj bethe or appna left pair utha ke meri left jag par rakh diya ..vase mene apne pairo ko ek dam joint kiya huva ta taki sir fayda nhi le ..mene sir ko dekha ..par apni is harak par to sir ek dam normal te or magt functions samja re te ..mene bi apni eyes nihce kar li kyuki me reputation ke kran chup ti ..4 se 5 mint aase hi rahne ke bad sir ne apna pair ko meri choot ki taraf le jane lage or apne anghuthe ko upar hilane lage choot par skirt or panty ke upar ..sir ke aase karne mere body me bi ek shock sa laga ta mano current fal gya ho puri body me kyuki muje aaj tak kisi ne aase nhi chuwa ta mere bf ne bi nhi ….meri jaghe khud hi khul ne lagi thodi si or sir ke pure pair ko andar aane dene lagi ..sir ne mere aase reaction ko dekh kar apne pure pair ko meri panty ke aage vale beach ki space me rakha diya jo ki mere pair khol ne se huva ta or ek dam pressure se meri choot ko panty ad skirt ke upar se masl diya or pair ko aage kar ke masl ne hi lage vo meri choot ko itni teji masl re te ki meri mu se bi aww aww awww awww nikal raha ta dhire dhire usko sir sun ke bolo
Sir = kya huva swati kisne bite kiya ??
me = sir vo yaha machar bhut h na un me se ek ne ….( apne mu ko book me ghusate huve )
Sir mere answer ko sun kar hasne lage or choot tko pair siddha kar ke or tej masl ne lage muje to choot par ek ke bad ek daka lag raha ta jis se mere liye shenha muskil ho raha ta ab to muje sir ka anghutha just choot ke hole par mahsus ho raha ta manu udar hi jana chata ho par ek dam se sir ka phone baja sir rukh gye or chair se khade ho kar bahar jakar bat karne lage …….

Sir ke bahar jane ke bad mene rahat ki saas li piche mud ke dekha to piyush or divya to jese so re te ……mene man me socha< thanks god unhone kuch nhi dekha > bahar dekha par sir vaha nhi te shayad aage gye te bat karne… ..apne ek hath ko niche le jake skirt ke andar dala to kuch aajeeb sa feel huva or hath ki 3 fingers ko apni black panty ke upar se choot par rakh kar jese hi hilaya ek dam se mu se halke se awwwwwwwwwwww nikal gyi aasa mahsus huva jese sir ka pair ka anghutha ho… apne hath vhi rahk kar jagho thodo or khola taki hath sahi se choot pe re chut ko maslne lagi apni 3 fingers se jor jor se choot ko masl te hi itna maja aaya jo muje phele kabhi nhi aaya ya .. 10 sec hi huve hoge ki muje sir aate dikhe dur se ..unke aane se phele hi mene hath choot se hatha diya ……..sir class me aaye or phele unhone muje dekha me book padh ri ti( ya dikhava kr ri ti ) fir sir ne piyush ko dekha jo so raha ta or divya bi ,,,,sir window ki taraf gye window band kar ne lage jis se class me andera hone laga ..
Me = sir aap ye kya kr re ho is se andera ho jahega ???( muje pata ta sir andere me maje lena chate h )
Sir = aaj masum ke karan sardi h thodi thodi is liye bad kar raha hu beta …..( with simling)
Sir vapis aakar bench par beth gye or mobile me dekh ne lage me socha cholo ab sir kuch nhi kare ge acha h par ek dam sir bolo
Sir = swati cholo yaha aaho or ye book me pad ke muje samjaho ????
Muje phele to samj me nhi aaya sir aasa kyu ke rahe h par sir ke mu par gusa dekar me bench se uthi or sir left side jake khadi ho gyi
Sir = swati cholo meri table ki taraf khadi ho ja ( humare school me teachers ki table ek dam full size hoti h jis ke niche khali space nhi hota h or chair bi wooden ki hoti h )
Sir apni chair par bethe or muje unke pass khade hokar padh ne ko kaha …. sir ke pass jakar khadi huvi mene dekha ki sir ke sholders mere boobs ke pass hi te ……..sir ne book kholi chapter 12 nikal liya jo ki abhi tak start hi nhi huva ta …
Me = sir ye chapter to start hi nhi huva ( sir ki or dekh te huve )
Sir = pad ke samjaho vrna punishment duga guse me bole
Me sir ko guse me dekar thoda juki or apni hatho ko table par rakh kar book me se management cycle padne lagi mere pura padne par sir bolo
Sir = swati samjaho ( niche se gol danda nikal te huve )
Me chup rahi ye bolo dar gayi itna bada danda dekh kar .. chup hi khadi rahi …muje chup khada dekh sir ne us dande ko utaya or sida meri right side of gaand par mara bhut tej owwwwwwwwwwwwchhhhhhhhhhhh mere mu se nikla or sir ko dekh ne lagi ..
Sir = agar abhi chilayi na to gaand me dal duga tsamji ( danda dikha te huve )
Me or dar gyi book me dekh ne lagi mera face rone jese ho gya ta …sir dande ko piche le gye or meri skirt ke niche jaha skirt khatam hoti h vaha rakh diya or bole
Sir = chal ab samja ?
mene fir lines padi par muje lines samj me nhi aayi me chup khadi rahi is bar muje chup dekh kar sir dande ko piche se hi skirt ke andar le gye sida black panty ke upar se gaand ki line gusa ke ek daka diya ……..
Me = aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa sir pls muje ye lines samj me nhi aari h pls sir app danda nikal lo (table par jhuk te huve taki danda ni chube gaand me )
Sir meri bat sun ne ke bad dande ko todha niche karte h or bolte h
Sir =thik h nahi karta hu par tuje meri ek bat nhi padegi ???( apne hath ko meri skrit se nikal te huve )
Me= ok sir jo app bolo ge me karugi bus ye danda nikal lo
Sir = thik h chal is table par beth ja ( table se thoda piche hote huve )
me aage badi or table par chad kar beth me soch hi ri ti ki sir kya karna chate h ki …sir khade huve apni chair se apne jeb se rumal nikala or mere pass aakar bole ??
sir = cha lab ye rumal apni eyes par bandde ???
me = nhi sir me ye nhi kar sakti hu nhi sir ???
sir = madarchod tere samj me kam aata h kya lagta h dande se hi manegi tu chal niche utar ???????
sir ko itna gusa me dekar me ek dam dar gyi us rumal ko liya or eyes bandne lagi …………jese hi mene rumal ko banda mujje room ke gate ki bad hone ki aawaj aayi meri puri body kapne lagi me itni dar gyi ti ki apne done hatho se table ko pakde liya ta sir vapis mere pass or bolo
sir = chal swati sabse phele tu is dande ko chus >????( mere samne khade hote huve )
sir ne us dande ko uthya or mere hotho ke pass la kar rakha or push kar ne lage me phele se hi dari vi ti isliye mene apne hotho khola dande ko mu me le liya chus ne lagi andar bahar …….par muje bikul bi samj me nhi raha ta ki sir muje is dande ko kyu chusa re h phir bi dar ke karan me usko chus ri ti l 5 se 7 mint us ko chus ne bad se vo danda mere mu se bahar nika sir l or bolo
sir = now swati u have to suck another danda be ready???( pant ki zip khul ne ki aawaj aate huve )
mere di ab bhut dak dak karne laga ta muje pata chal gya ta ki sir kis dande ki bat kar re h… me or kap ne lagi ti sir mere pass aaye apne hath se meri chothi pakdi or muje aage ki taraf jhuka liya se phele ki me kuch samj pati muje mere hote pe kuch feel huva soft sa me samj gyi ye sir ka lund h ..sir ne mere balo ko zor se khicha jis mera mu khul gya sir or aage ho gye jis se sir ke lund ki topi mu me ghus gyi …uska taste itna kharab ta ki abhi bahar nikal du par sir ke dar ke nhi kar pahi ….
Sir mere balo ko fir khicha or bolo < chal swati start kar chus na > mene na chate huve bi apne mu bad kiya or lund ki topi ko chus ne lagi andar bahar par problem yahi ti ki sir ka lund itna bada ta ki mere mu me to sirf topi aa ri ti lund ki topi ko chus ne lagi 5 mint chusne ke bad mera mu khud pura khul gya me sb bato ko bul ke lund ko lollipop samj ke chus ne lagi …andar bahar andar bahar ………..sir ke mu se bi ab aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh nikal raha ta …. sir ne mere balo ko chodha mere mu ko pakd ke lund ko zor zor aage piche karne lage to pagal ho gyi ti sir ke is hamle se …. Choot se pani pe pani nikal raha ta mere se or sen nhi ho pa raha ta ki bhut tej si viriya ki pichkari sir ke lund chodi zida mere mu me sir apna lund mere mu se bahar nikala or piche hath gye ..sir ke dor hote hi mene rumal khola or sir ko bina deke room se bahar chali gyi………………………

Desi sex story : Vidi Bhabhi ki Garam laal Choot

Desi sex story : Vidi Bhabhi ki Garam laal Choot

Desi sex story  Vidi Bhabhi ki Garam laal Choot

Hi mara naam Bunty ha ma 22 saal ka hu .mara sa bada ak bhai ha un ki sadhi abhi hona wali ha .or hum unka lea al larki dakhna gaya tha hum sab na jab larki ko dakha tho sab ko bhot pasand ka nam vidhi the or who 22 sal ki the or bhot hi saxey or sundar the .un ko dakh ka mara land ma tanav hona lagha or choodna ki icha hona laghi.tho ma na bath room ma ja ka muth mar lea .pir sadhi pakki ho gaye or mari un sa bath hona laghi.or thora din bad bhai or bhabhi ki sagahi ho gaye .tho sagahi ma vidhi bhabhi ka sat ak larki the vinita who bhi bhot sundar the ,.sadhi ka koi aacha murat nahi hona ka karan 6 mahina ka bad ka murat nikla .in darmian ma na un sa bhot bar phon sa bat kari .tho ak bar bhabhi na mujsa pucha .vidhi-kaya apki koi girlfrind ha .i- nahi .vidhi aacha koi nahi ha .i-ha sach ma koi nahi ha ,bhabhi ak bat puchu .vidhi- kaya i-apka sat sagaye ka din who larki kon the .vidhi-aacha mari sahali pa line mari ja rahi ha .i- nahi aap chaya tho ma us sa frindship karna chatha hu .vidhi -aacha sirf frind ship ya or kuch bhi karogha .i- nahi nahi ma sarif larka hu .vidhi-aacha ma bat karthi hu next day.i-kaya hua.vidhi -who man gaye ha or thumsa milna chathi ha .i-ok kabor kaha.vidhi -ya lo numbar or thum kudh hi bath kar lo .pir ma bat kar na lagha or mari vinita 5 din ma hi ussa aachi dosthi ho us ka iss doran kaye bar lips kiss bhi la chuka tha .ak bar ma us ko ak park ma la ja ka uska booba bhi dabha dea or uship chuchi ko bhi moo ma la ka choos lea tha or us ko apna land bhi chuswa dea ..ak din mana us ko choodna ka program banaya or us ko ak hotal ma la ja ka chood dea .tho mujko patha chala ki who phala kiye bar chudava chuki ha .tho mana puch lea ki kaya mari bhabhi bhi khabhi chudava chuki ha .phala tho who nahi boli par mara force karna par boli.vinita-ha.i-kiss sa .

Vinita-us ka ak boy frind tha.vikash.sala bhot harami tha vidhi ko kudh tho choodtha hi tha apna dosto sa bhi chudava chuka tha .par ab who amirica chala gaya ha or who bhot dino sa nahi chudhai ha.i-kaya thumna un ko nangha dakha ha.vinita-ha bhot bar hum dono ak sat vikash sa chudhi ha .i-mari bhabhi nanghi kyshi laghti ha.vinita-ak dam mal lagthi ha ak dam tite chootha or 34 ki gand ha or 34′ ka booba or or 28 ki kamar ha.par thum koye puch raha ho.i-koye ki jab sa mana un ko dakha ha ma hamasa ak hi bat sochta ratha hu .vinita-aacha mara raja ka lora apni bhabhi ko choodna ko macxhal raha ha.i-ha ma kaya karu.vinita-ok teek ha ma plan banathi hu pir thum chood lana .pir agala din vinita, bhabhi ka pass gaye or khana laghi ki ma or vinita movi dakhna ja raha ha thum chal rahi ho kaya tho who tayar ho gaye .fir hum movi dakhna chai gaya or holl ma guss gaya holl bilcul khali tha koye ki movi english ma the or thori time ho gaya tha lagha hua .us time vinita na short skart or bhabhi na jins or t-shirt phan rakhi the jo ki bhot hi tite the .pir hum andar ja ka bath ma un dono ka bich ma tha pir thori dar bad ma vinita ki skart ma hat dal ka cxhoot pa hat farna lagha pir vinita na mara pant ma sa mara land nikal ka sahalana laghi tho bhabhi ki parda ki roshni ma sab kuch dikh raha tha kore ki who bilcul pass bathi the.mana dakhja mara land ko dakh ka who bhi garam ho gaye ha or apni choot ka pass hat farna laghi the .thabhi movi ma ak hot seen aa gaya tho mana vidhi bhabhi ki ak booba ka hat tuch karna lagha tho who muskara rahi the kuch nahi boli .tho mana unki tshirt pa sa apna hat unka right booba pa hat la ja ka rak dea .tho us na apna hat upar kar dea taki ma teek sa hat unka booba pa rak sakhu .pir dhara 2 dabana lagha pir unhona kuch nahi bola .THO maa unka booba daba dea tho unka moo sa ahhhhh nikal gaye ,tho mana bhi uki t-shirt ma hat bal ka booba dabana lagha .PIR mana unki panty ma hat dal dea or unki choot pa hat rakha or shalana lagha .i- kaysha lag raha ha bhabhi ji .vidhi-bhot aacha lag raha ha .pir mana unka hat ma apna land da dea or who us ko upar nicha kara laghi .
I-oh kaysha lagha mara land sweet hart .vidhi-kamal ka ka .i-choos ghi kaya .tho phala tho uhona mari tarsf dakha pir mara land ko moo ma la lea or choosna laghi tho vinita boli-mana kaha tha na hi ya chudavana la lea mana nahi karaghi .pir ma vidhi bhabhi ko ladish bathroom ma la gaya or waha ja ka unka hoto pa ak jordar sa kiss kea .pir mana uki pant utar de or unki panty ko kich ka far de or apna land kahar 2 ki unki choot ma dal dea,tho who ah kar de .vidhi -itni jaldhi kaya ha ,i- mari aaj murad puri ho gaye ha ma nahi ruk saktha .ma na uko god ma utha lea or choodna lagha .vidhi-oh mara raja choodo orrrrrrrrrrr choodooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhhh karna laghiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.mara land unki choot ma jor 2 sa andar bhar ja raha tha ,bhot dar chodna la bad mara viray niklana wala tha tho mana land nikal ka un ka moo ma dal dea tho us ma sa viray ki pichkari nikal ka unka m,oo ma aa gaye tho who us ko pura pee gaye ,or land ko chat 2 ka saf kar dea .fir hum wapash holl ma aa gaya thovinita hum ko dakh ka boli-aa gaya dono koy ri kayshi rahi chudhaye .vidhi-bhot aacho .or buty thumari .i-abhi tho kavar mohor lagaye ha pura chudhay tho bakhi ha .PIR HUM BHAR AA GAYA OR HUM SAB GAR PA AA gaya .thabhi thora din bad mara mobial pa bhabhi ka phon aaya .i-hollo bhabhi kaya hal ha .vidhi-bhot bura ha jab sa thumna mujko chooda ha mari choot ma aaj laghi hui ha .i-tho ma aa jahu .vidhi -aa tho jaho par karo gha kaha pa .i-aasa kartha ha mara dost ka farm house pa chaltha ha .vidhi-par us na mara bara ma pucha tho kaya kahogha.i-kaha dugha ki mari girl frind ha .

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Desi sex story : My Innocent Cousin Sapna

Desi sex story : My Innocent Cousin Sapna

Desi sex story  My Innocent Cousin Sapna

Hi readers, this is Mohan, 25 yr old guy, working in Delhi. I am tall and have got good muscular physique. My own cousin Sapna sex with her at the age of 18. She is the daughter of my mother’s sister. Sapna and her mother usually visit our house on summer vacation.

Once she came to our house only with her mother as her father went abroad for business purpose. On the same day, we had to attend some marriage party. Unfortunately, Sapna was feeling sleepy due to long journey. She was not in the state of attending the party. Aunt said to my mom, ” I can’t leave her like that alone in the house.” Mom said, “don’t worry Didi, my son will remain here. He will take care of her”. Hearing that, I became very upset because I love party and I don’t miss any of those.

At 6:30 pm they left us. Sapna was sleeping on my bed. Two hours had passed. My cock enlarged as i was thinking about fucking a lady. Then i looked at the body of Sapna. She was just 12 yr old and had young skin. I slowly pulled her skirt above her waist and tried to look at her huge silky thighs. When i removed her panty, i found that she had some hairs on her pussy. I smelled it for two minuted and dressed her back.

I then started thinking of fucking her. I knew that she was innocent and didn’t know about sex as she was in just 6th std and this encouraged me to fuck her by fooling her. When she woke up, I asked her,” How are you feeling?” Sapna said, “ Much better bhaiya.”

I thought of giving her some knowledge about sex. So i asked her, “Would you like to watch some videosss with me? These will really be helpful for you. But dont tell it to your mom. Okay.” Sapna replied, “ok bhaiya”.

She sat down close to me with my arm encircled around her waist. I played a sex video and showed it to her. When a woman in that video got naked in front of a man, she felt ashamed and said,” Oh bhaiya i cant watch. She is completely naked”. I said, “There is nothing wrong, Sapna. She wants to get satisfied. Just wait and you will know how they do that”. Man licked that woman right from her boobs down to her pussy. He pushed his tongue inside her love hole.

Sapna started taking some interest as it was new to her. He then took out his big cock and put it inside her pussy. Sapna got scared and said, ” Ohh bhaiya. Its going to be painful for her”. I smiled at her and said, “No its not. Look at her face. She seems to be enjoying it as he pushes his dick”. After sometime they both started making loud moans. Sapna was scared watching that. I held her tight and said, “Relax. They are enjoying”. Man suddenly took his dick out and cummed over her waist.

I looked at Sapna and said, “What they have done just now is called sex”. I shut down my laptop and kept it on side table. She was lying on bed and continuosly looking at me. I asked her, ” Do you want something?”. She said,” Bhaiya. I am getting bored. I want to feel the pleasure”. I was shocked and at the same time excited. I said, “Ok Sapna but dont tell it to your mom”. She agreed and smiled.

I took off my undie and got naked. Sapna was staring at my monstrous 7 inch cock. I removed all clothes from her body. She was very young and smelled so nice. I said,” You are so beautiful Sapna”. She blushed and said, ” Thank you, bhaiya”. It was first time for me and scared as she was my cousin. I kissed her cheek and then slowly made lip to lip contact. She opened her lips and accepted my tongue. Her saliva flowed into me. We kissed each other for 10 min.

Then i went down. I was lying on her and kissing her shoulders and armpits. Her boobs gained stiffness and invited me to eat her. I licked her small brown nipples and bit them gently. She made her first moan which excited me more. I spent quite a lot time in sucking her breasts. Our ceiling fan was moving slow. Hence she was sweating badly which was a suitable suitation for me to lici her body more and more. Then i got down to her silky thighs. She smelt quite differently between her thighs.

As you know it was first time for me, i was enjoying everything of her. Her feminine smell and taste. She had big thighs but i didnt left a single skin unlicked. She was bit nervous as she knew what my next step was. She said, ” Bhaiya. I didnt bathe today. Dont lick here”. I laughed and said,” So what Sapna? Let me lick and find out how you taste”. Her pussy smelled very intense as i got close to it. As I ran my tongue onto her pussy crack, all her urine got inside me. Believe me it was not so bad. I continued licking with biting and sucking.

At that age, she was having small and tight hole. I thought she was still not prepared to take my cock in. Her ass sweated a lot and it became so tempting that i also licked over there. I again got back to licking her pussy. She started making loud moans,” Amm. oohh mmm. nooo…stop “. She was close to orgasm. I thought not to scare her and hence stopped. I laid beside her and asked, ” Now you know what kind of pleasure i was talking about”. She said, ” Hmmm bhaiya. I didnt know that sex gives so much pleasure”.

I got her attention to my cock. She held it with her hand and pulled down its foreskin. My pink cock’s head surprised her. I said,” Lick it, sweety and tell how does it taste”. She immediately got down there and licked it with her tongue’s tip. She said,” it tastes salty”. She started licking it and taking it whole inside. I cant say in words how it felt when it touched her throat. It ran again and again inside her throat. I said,” Lick it harder. Suck it”.

She was obeying me and moving it wildly. I was moaning loud and was very close to orgasm. I didnt want to discontinue that pleasure. So i cummed inside her throat itself. Her eyes wide opened but i didnt leave her till she swallowed my last drop. She got angry and said,” Chhiii bhaiya. You pissed inside me”. She was innocent and i didnt want to say what it was. I said, ” Sapna. You should understand that it can happen with anyone. If you are in pleasure, you cant control it. I apologize if you didnt like it”. She said,” Its ok bhaiya. Your urine isn’t that bad”.

I said,” Now come here Sapna. Lets do the next step”. She understood what i meant. She laid close to me. Her naked body was good to be observed at. Her young and fresh tits and her silky thighs all belonged to me. I got on top of her with my chest pressed against her breasts hard and my cock hanging just below her pussy crack. I was kissing her lips and at the same time positioning my cock inside her pussy. I said,” Oh God. You pussy is so good. It tickles my cock’s head”. I pushed more and went one inch inside her. She said,” Oh bhaiya. It feels amazing. Go on”.

I was going deep and deep inside her. Felt as if i touched her virginity wall. I pushed hard and broke it away. She gave some nail scratches on my back and hugged me tight. She was no more a girl and was behaving like a woman. I hugged her back and pushed all my 7 inch cock into her womb. I rubbed her over there. She was moaning out of pleasure and saying,”Oh bhaiya.Thank you so much”. My cock was feeling a tight grip of her young pussy. I started moving it back and forth. She made noises like ahhh ahhh ohhhh bhaii ohhh do it more.

I moved my cock faster and hit her womb again and again. I did it continuosly for 15 minutes. She was moaning like a mature girl and her breathing became faster. She was close to her orgasm. I increased my speed and when i felt as if i was going to cum i pushed my cock very deep into her. In no time, i filled her womb with my sperm. In her womb, our fluid intermixed and we relaxed.

She cooled down and said, “Wow bhaiya that was amazing sex. I would like to do it with you again and again”. I said, ” Sure sweety”. I was feeling ashamed as i impregnated my innocent cousin. I brought some pills for her and gave to her. Though she didn’t know what it was for. We bathed together where i fucked her two more times and tongue fucked her ass too.

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Desi mom story : Fulfill my sexy mom sexual urge

Desi mom story : Fulfill my sexy mom sexual urge

Desi mom story  Fulfill my sexy mom sexual urge

I am 21 years old, my father is a govt.employee.his age is 57 he married my mom when he was 33years that time my mom was 21.about my mom her name is suvarna now age 42.she wears only sarees at home.
my father lost his intrest in sex because of his age(mom told this when we were having sex).he doesnot have any intrest in sex.he just used to put his tool in my moms pussy and after 5 mins he will be over.
my mom wears saree and blouse at home.her blouse reveals her clevage.she doesnt care about her dressing in home.i was very close to her.i used to sleep beside her.while sleeping i used to hug her.she also hugs me lot thinking me as a child(at that time she dont know about my lund’s power).
one year ago i started reading the incest stories.first i felt very guilty while reading.but after somedays it was more i just started to see my moms cleavage while she was cleaning the floor or washing cloths.she used to come wraping sarre around her boobs while coming from bathroom after that time when she raised here hands i used to see her armpits.she dosen’t shave her armpits so it was like a bush with lot of hair.i uesd to watch her cleavage and armpits daily.
so i got more intrest towards inght weekly once my father comes to my room and takes mom to his room for sex.then i used to hear their voices while dad first asks her to open her pussy mom then tells himn that is it enough .she moans very hardly.after that he puts his dick in jher [pussy and sytarts fucking.after 5mins he will finish ansd mom will be unsatisfied,this happens daily.
one day i saw their fucking.i felt very tensed while watching thinking that what happens if i caught while seeing thier sex show.but my intrest towards my mom incresaing day by i wanted to try my luck.
so i used to put my hand on her waist while sleeping.she dosenot bother about that and she also hugs me that time her boobs will crucsh into my was a different feeling.
so one day i got courage and kept my hands on her boobs while she is sleeping.she sleeps like a first i touched her boobs over her bra.i felt like im cumming in my shorts.then i slowly kept her saree pallu aside.then huge boobs come into my view.then i just started opening blouse heart was beating very fast.i opened 3 hooks and she doesnot wear any bra in i just touched her left was very smooth.then i just kissed herboob and then started to press her nipple lightly………………………….
want replies more slutty words aBOUT MY MOM………

After touching her nipple that night i slept thinking she may day when she went to bathroom i peeped through the ventilator.first she removed her saree then she removed her she was totally semi nude showing her boobs.she was wearing petticoat cock erected seeing her boobs totally for first time.her boobs were big and stif like teenage girl.then she removed her petticoat.then came the view of her bushy cunt.i am not able see the cunt lips as it is covered with full of hair.
then she sat in squt position and started to pee widening her lipsa with her hand.the yellow watrer came from the puusy at brisk pace.she turned other side to take the soap then i saw the most beautiful globes her ass.i saw her asshole while she bent to take the soap.then she applied soap over her boobs very smoothly.i felt like i came in my shorts.then she widened her thighs and applied soap in her pussy hole for 5mins rubbing her clit.then she inserted soap in her butt crack and kept it for 2mins.then she came out of the bathroom.we have only one bathroom
then i went in to the bathroom and i took the soap and started applying on my lund which was kept in her asshole few minutes ago.then i took her petticoat and started smelling the pussy felt very musky.then i kept my lund on wet spot and shoot my loads of sperm in that area and finished bathing.then i came into my room thinking how to fuck that randi mom.
then at night again i hugged her from behind.she also came close to me as usual.then i placed my hand on her waist it felt very nice.thenafter 1 hour i started exploring her body.i moved my hand into her belly and kept rubbing for minutes.then i moved towards her boobs.i slowly opened her blouse and touched her nipples and i just placed my mouth on her felt like im in heaven.then with other hand i started pressing another nipple very slowly.ahe started to spread her legs thinking she was in dream.
then i took a torch light.i slowly came towards her thoghs and opened her saree and moveed her saree towards her upper thighs.then i kept light in her thighs to see her hole.i was amazed to see her pussyhole.ot was very pink in color and she was having MOLE ON HER PPUSSY LIPS/.then i just touched her pussy hole.she felt something shiver and i slept thinkng i may caught.
next day i again started to see her nude show in she came up with a box i dont know what it is.then she removed all her cloths and started opening the box.i was shocked as it contains my shaving kit which i think i had lost.then she applied foam on her pussy and took machine which i used to use for removing my lund hair.she slowly opened one os her pussylips and started shaving.after 5mins she completed and it was looking very neat without a single hair.then she kept machine in her asshole and removed hair from that also.
now mole on her lips clearly visible.then she finished bathing.
that day i kept on thinking to see and touch her pussy lips which were very neat after shaving.thenat night i slowly atarted raising her saree upwards.then took torch and saw the most pinkish thing in my life her clit which was like swollen nut.then i wanted to smell her pussy so i just placed my nose over her hole i felt like im in heaven.
this routine continued daily………………..

this process of smelling her pussy smell continued.but i want lot of her body.i think she was aware of what im doing at nights with her body.she also liked it because she was not properly used by her husband.then one day while i am bathing my mom came in to bathroom in the purpose of rubbing my back.i wanted to show my tool to her so that she may tempted.Mine was very big and its somewhat black.but my lunds head was red in size was 8 grown bigger because from childhood i had taken extra care to grow it by doing daily mastrubating.
while rubbing my back she slowly cone towards asshole and she rubbed over there but not removing dick grow to large extent and she saw it over the seemed like underwear may tear while my dick bursting out.she then went out after sometime.then i din’t close the door and mastrubated using her petticoat by tieing it to my dick.from corner of the eyes she observed what im doing.
then night while we are going to sleep my mom came in just petticoat only.she said it was very hot and i hugged her normally.then i pressed my dick which is erected to her butt hole.she realised that and asked what is this by holding my dick in her hand.i am confused and dont know what to do.then i murmered something.she switch on the light holding my cock in the hand over the shorts.
Mom:what is this srinu?why r u pressing this to my back?
me:i dont know became like that.
MOmshe laughed)ok if u dont know why it has become this much then what r u doing in bathroom with this thind keeping it in my petticoat.
i was stunned
Mom:do u like my body?
Mei was just like in coma)y..y…..e….s…
Mom:ok.then i will show you but you shouldnot tell anyone about this.and you didnot ask morethan what i do.
Me:ok amma what ever you say.
then she started unwraping her petticoat and blouse
Mom:did you ever saw the girls boobs
Me:Yeh boobs kya hotha hai maa(Innocently)
Momsmiling)the things which you pressed in nights these days called boobs my dear beta….
Mom:i know what you are doing
Me:mom why dont you wear bra in night
MOMjokingly)if i wear then it will be hard to remopve foru in the nights na
then mom asked me do you want press my boobs?
me:haaa maa
Mom:thewn why are you waiting come on and press my boobs.
i started fondling her boobs and i took her nipples and started pressing hardly
mOMO YOU KNOW MY SIZE of the boobs?
Me:dont know ma….tell me na please
Mom:ok then tell me the wild guess with using your hands
Me:i pressed and told its 36
Mom:just went wrong beta it is 38.
then she caught hold of my dick and removed my underware.she was shocked by seeing the size of my cock
Mom:ohhhh it is too come this much big dick betaaaa..your food is going to develop this thing only huhhhh
then she started moving the foreskin up and down.i felt like i am cumming
then she siad stop it now and we continue later………
i asked why are you stopping right now.
Mom:if i will allow now then u will make me as your randi…

in the night i slept in my room .then mom came in peeticoat and blouse.i was pretending like im sleeping.then she came and hugged me from behind.her boobs crushed my back.then she kept her hand in my underware.
Mom:srinu.i know you were not sleeping.wake up.dont act smart.
Me:what ma.what do you want.
mom:i want this pointing to my lund.
then she removed her petticoat and blouse and let down on bed.then she opened her thighs widely.i can see the pink pussy lips with wet fluid flowing through the pussy walls.then she take my hand and guided towards her pussy.i kept my finger in and it went into the pussy.then i took all my four fingers except thumb and burried into her pussy.then i slowly opend her pussy lips.
i came to her upper parts.i placed my lips on her lips.she too responded with opening her mouth and licking my tounge with her felt very nice.then she spit in my mouth and i swallowed her spit.then i spit in her mouth.then i moved towards her breasts and started pressing her nipples slowly,then she said matherchod pree my nipples hard.then i placed my mouth on her nipples and slightly ate her nipples.she moaned very loudly.i closed her mouth with my hand.
then she took my dick in her mouth and started licking it from top to bottom.then i came in her mouth.she swalloed each and every drop of my cum.
then she opened her pussy lips and guided my head into her pussy.i licked her pussy for about 15mins and in the meantime she was moaning very loudly.then she said put your lund in my pussy.
then i spread her legs widely and positioned in such that my cock is at entrane of her pussy.i just pushed my cock into her is not going.she was in pain.she said push it slowly it is paing.then i started pushing slowly.after sometime i pushed my lund very hard and it went straight into her depth.she moaned heavily.then i just started slowly moving up and down.after fucking her nearly 20mins i came in her pussy hole……..she was happy and kissed me very passinatley.she said i love u beta.ask me whenever you want me im yours.and this pussy willbe yours….then we slept in eachother arms……..