Sex with a sex hungry Teacher

Teacer sex story


Sex with a sex hungry Teacher

I am sales officer in public sector. I have been working there for 2 yrs and i was happy with my job and life. But then i started feeling emptiness as in my busy life i didnt get chance to have fun. I am 24, well built, tall and living alone. I wanted some change and it soon came in strange way.

I was going back to home in car at evening. I was bit tired and fed up of my boring life. I had to prepare food everyday and then remaining time i spent sleeping. But it went different that day. On the way to home, i saw a lady. She was in pink saree and a little chubby stood in the middle of road. I stopped the car near her. She walked towards the right window of my car and peeped inside. Her face was quite close to me. In the street light i could see her mature face and huge assets. She might be around 36. She said, ” Beta can you please drive me home. Today i dont see buses here”. I said, ” Why not? Get in”. She sat in the front seat and put her purse to her side.

On the way she told me that she is a teacher in college. She is divorced and her two sons and a daughter study far from her. I was under impression that she live alone like me. I thought why not make friendship with her and get rid of our loneliness. Soon we reached her home. She asked me to have a tea and then go. I said, ” Thanks Aunty. But i have to go home. Its already very late”. She said, “Its ok. Your parents wont mind”. I said, “Thats not the problem. I live alone. But my home is very far”. She laughed, ” Oh come on. If thats the problem then why not you stay in my house for tonight. And Its weekend”. I thought for a while and agreed. I parked my car beside her house and got into her house. She put her purse on sofa and said, ” Sit here. I bring something for you”.

I felt so good because i was no more alone. Her room was full of strange smell. It was the smell of her perfume she wore which i smelt while driving. She came back with two cups of tea and handed one to me. She sat next to me and sighed. I said, “You have such a nice room and its so clean”. She laughed,” Haha. I didnt notice”. Oh God. She looked amazingly beautiful when she laughed. I said,” you have a beautiful smile. And your tea is so good”. She said, ” Aww thank you”. She actually didnt noticed my feeling. Then she raised her hands to tie her hairs. While she was doing that, i could see a girl who is still single. I instantly fell in love with her. I know i was 24 and she was 12 yr elder to me and also a divorcee. Her huge assets and mature figure couldnt stop me. I know that i cant propose her as it wont be good in society.

She was very close to me. Many times her arms and thighs touched mine. I was dying to hug her and feel her in my arms. I went to her bathroom and changed. She told me to go bedroom while she would be preparing food. She went to the kitchen. I was in t shirt and lower which she provided me. After half an hour, she brought me dinner and sat next to me. In two years, i never had such nice food and that with such a beautiful lady. It was the best moment of my life. After we finished the dinner, she changed and came back. She was in light blue saree and black bra. I said,” Are u going to sleep here?”. She laughed,” Haha its my room only”. I said,” Oh sorry. I didnt know that. Where is the other bedroom?”.

As i began to get up, she said,” Its ok. No problem if you can manage here”. I kept quite. She smiled, ” I guess no problem” She switched off lights and got onto the bed. I could feel heat while lying next to her. As hours passed she fell in deep sleep, I shifted close to her and rested my thighs on hers and hugged her. She hugged me back. Her eyes still closed and it seemed she was not in sense. We lied in this manner whole night and I didnt realized when i fell in sleep.

In the morning, i woke up after i heard her voice. She said,” Beta. Your breakfast is there on the side table. I am going to the bathroom”. I felt as if i was married and my life changed so quickly. I also took bath and joined her in her bedroom. She said,” Can you stay here for today?”. I accepted her offer. She was behaving so differently. She was resting against the wall with mobile in her hand and looked damn beautiful in her light yellow saree. She wore orange bra and had her hairs untied. She asked me to sit beside her. We talked about many things whole day and It seemed she started liking me.

She showed me her college pics in which she looked like a princess. She rested her head on my shoulder and unhesistatingly touched me. Oh God i could feel her huge assets touching me and her thighs over mine. She said,” i like you. Promise me that you wont leave me”. I loved her but feared of having relationship with her as its not acceptable in the society. I said, ” i like you too and I will always be with you”. That night was going to be my life changing night. I brought my lips close to hers and kissed her. Suddenly she stopped me and said, ” No we cant”. I said,” Why? You said that you like me”. She said, ” Ofcourse i like you but..”. I said,” Its ok. Its not wrong”. I removed her pallu and said,” Let it get stripped from your body”.

She did as i said. Then she dropped her petticoat. O God her huge thighs appeared in front of me. It was going to be a memorable night for me. I took off my t shirt and lower. She looked at me from top to bottom and laughed. I laughed too with her and said,” Whats so funny?”. She said,” You are very young. Can you manage me?”. I said, ” Ofcourse i can. I am gonna eat you tonight”. I laughed and said, “O baby come and eat me”. I went close to her and stripped her completely. I wasted no time and hugged her. For the first time i felt her boobs and her pussy getting poked by my cock. While hugging, I caressed her ass cheeks with my palm. I licked her shoulders, sweaty underarms and cleavage which tasted awesome.

Then i moved to her huge boobs. I spent long time over there. She had plenty of milk in her and all went inside me. Straight a way i went to her bottom. I licked her inner thighs and hairy pussy. Her pussy seemed tempting. I opened it and poked it with my tongue and licked it as deep as possible. She was moaning in pleasure and making sexy expressions. Her precum flowed inside my mouth. I swallowed it. Then i touched her asshole. I thought to try it at the end. I stood up and laid upon her, positioning my cock right over her pussyhole. She said to me,” Baby go all inside me”.

I smiled and slowly it went inside her. I could feel her inner skin rubbing my cock and at the end it hit her womb. Getting so deep inside her was an awesome feeling. I rubbed it over there for a while. She was in extreme pleasure. Her sexy facial expressions forced me to fuck her hard. I started moving it back and forth and gave her pleasure she deserved. Her boobs bounced and my cock hit her hard with each push. I was feeling like in heaven. She was moaning and saying, “Oh fuck”. I increased the speed and soon exploded inside her. She also wrapped her legs around mine and climaxed. I collapsed on top of her. Our fluids intermixed and contained inside her womb. We kissed each other and remained like that till we gained back our energy.

I said, ” That was awesome. You have my sperm inside you”. She said,” Ohh sit. I am gonna be pregnant now”. I said, “Oh no. Do you mind having our baby?”. She thought for a while and said,” But it would be a secret between us. No one should know that its ours”. I said, ” Ok done”. I again got excited by looking her mature figure and i wanted more. I said, ” Did u try anal?” She said, ” Hell no. Its painful.”.Somehow i persuaded her for that. I turned her back and parted her plumpy ass cheeks. There i found her asshole hidden. Never thought about licking down there.

She laughed, “Baby are you gonna lick it or what?” . I said, “Yup”. She said, ” Hell no. Dont do that”. I said, “Haha. You taste sweet. I am already licking”. I licked and bit her sphincter. My cock already hardened and ready to try her virgin ass. I started putting it inside. My cock made it way deep inside her. Her sphincter firmly gripped my cock and she could feel the pain. I asked, “Is it bearable?” She said, “Yup. Fuck me Babe”. As i was moving, she was shouting in pain but she kept it low for me. Soon i cummed inside her. We both were happy and it was the begining.

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Desi sex story : Sexy Indian HousewifeSuganya Housewife

Desi sex story Indian sexy housewife

Desi sex story : Sexy Indian Housewife Suganya 

My name is Suganya, a house-wife aged 30. I reside with my husband and our four children, at Chennai in India. We are a middle class South Indian family. My husband is a nice man and takes good care of my children and myself. Though I have four children with him, yet somehow, my private relations with my husband is not so fulfilling. That is because, unfortunately, my husband is a physically weak man. He is short, thin and very timid in nature. Though at least once a week, I do satisfy his husbandly needs, I get quite frustrated during those times. That is because, neither does he have the proper sized apparatus, nor does he have the stamina as a husband, to keep me happy. But since he is a decent man, I did not mind this. Our lives went on normally, until a rather shameful incident occurred recently.

My husband’s family resides in a village called, Pappapatti, in Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu in South India. In November 2008, the wedding of my sister-in-law was fixed. We went for the wedding. My in-law’s house, was full of relatives and their families. The house was noisy and crowded. My Father-in-law, Mr. Veerapandi Thangavelan, was the Sarpanch (head man) of the village. He is a very conservative and strict man. He was 62 years of age. Physically he was dark and very tall. More than that, he was heavily built and had a huge mustache. He was a short tempered man and all of us were scared of him. I usually kept myself at a distance from him, as he never spoke to me — except when needed. My mother-in-law, Prema, was a kind lady. We settled in the festive atmosphere of the house and the day passed quickly. At night, with so many guests in the house, there was a bit of a problem in the sleeping arrangements, due to lack of space.

My Father-in-law decided that all the men would sleep in two large rooms and all the women and children would sleep in the other two smaller rooms. But the space for women was still too limited. So, my Father-in-law ordered my mother-in-law, to sleep in the tiny space, which they used as a store room in the house. The room could hardly accommodate one person. My mother-in-law obediently took her mattress and spread it in that room to sleep there. But one of her cousins requested her, to sleep along with the other women, so that they could chat in the night. My mother-in-law, asked me to go and sleep in the store room. As instructed by her, when all the guests went to bed, I went to the store room to sleep. There was hardly any ventilation there and it was quite warm and humid. I removed my saree and panty. Keeping my blouse, bra and petticoat on, I closed the door – without latching it, switched off the light and lay down on the mattress in the darkness. Gradually I drifted off to sleep.

Around mid-night, I awoke in the pitch darkness. I was lying on my left side and found myself being hugged from behind! In my half-sleepy state, I thought that my husband had come to me, to satisfy his lust. As I felt too sleepy, I decided to simply lie there and let him do whatever he wanted. He pushed his left arm under me to encircle me. I slightly lifted myself off the mattress to allow his arm to encircle me. His arm encircled me and cupped my left breast. His right arm cupped my other breast. He kept caressing my breasts for some time. He put his leg over me and pushed his groin in between my buttocks. He loosened my plaited hair to let it fall free. He hugged me passionately. I was a bit surprised at his passion. With his encircled arm he un-hooked my blouse and spread it open. He began pumping my breasts over my bra. He then pushed up my bra, over my breasts and began fondling my bare breasts and tweaking my nipples. His hairy chest was rubbing against my back. Despite my sleepiness, his fondling of my breasts and nipples, made me edgy. He started licking me on my back and again biting the back of my neck.

Gradually, he began pulling up my petticoat. Obviously he wanted to fondle my private parts. As I was now twitchy, I too wanted that. I slightly raised myself off the mattress, to make it easier for him to pull up my petticoat. He pushed it up to my tummy. He put his hands between my thighs and clasped my vagina! As I do not shave my pubic area, I have a very thick growth of hair over my vaginal area. He twirled and pulled at my pubic hair and pushed his finger into my vagina. I spread my legs to give his fingers better access to my vagina. He pushed one more finger into me and began massaging my vagina. Suddenly, he put his face close to my ears and whispered in our Tamil language,

Desi sex story : Sexy Mom Ko Muskil Se Choda

Desi sex story  Sexy Mom Ko Muskil Se Choda

Meri mom ek 42 year houswife hai. she is very hot wo bahut sexy hai unka figure lajawab hai. jab main chota hota tha tab main apne mom dad ki sex kirya ko chup -2 ke dekhta hai. main bada ho gaya 17 yrs ka mujhe bhi mom ko chodne ka mann karne laga. main mom ko nahate huye dekhta jab bhi mom ke sath sota unke boobs pe hath rakhta unko malta. mom mera hata hata deti. dad business ke chakr me chennai gaye huye the. ek din main mom ke sath soyato mom bahut sexy lag rahi thi mujhe neend nahi aa rahi thi maineT.V. on kiya or DVD per ek Blue film dekhne laga achanak mujhko aisa laga jaise mom bhi dekh rahi hai. main aaram se peeche dekha to mom ne aankein band kar li maine T.V. ki awaz bada di . main us din muth maarke so gaya. ab ye roj hone laga. phir main thoda bada maine mom ke sath sote sote suck karne laga mom kobhi maza aane laga. par jada kuch naa karne deti. jab mera pura mud hota wo kehti kya kar raha so jaa. aise hi din nikalte rahe dad mahine me bas 2-3 din ke ghar aate phir chale jaate. ek din dupharko main ghar aaya maine mom ka room band dekha. jab maine us room ke ander dekha to dekhta hi reh gya meri mom mombati ko apni chut me dall rahi thi. main samaz gaya ki unko sex ki jarurat hai. sham ko mom ke stomach me dard hone lagi. maine mom se pucha kya hua hai wo boli dard ho rahi hai. maine kaha main mal deta hu. phir main tail leke aaya or mom ki kamiz upar kardi. or unke pet pe tail laga pe malne laga. maine aaramaaram se apne hath ko unki salwar ke ander karne laga mom ne aanke band kar li maine apna hata ander dala or unki chut ko malne laga thodi derr badd unka pani nikal gaya or unhone kaha ke bas ab thik ho gaya main raat bahr unke sath sex karne ki koshish karta raha par koi baat nahi bani. phir maine ek din mom ko neend ki goliya deke unke sath sex kiya par maza nahi aaya. main subah tak mom ke sath soya raha is baar main bilkul nanga tha mom subah uthi or mujhe dekhne lagi or phir aapko or mujhe chadar deke chali gai. uske baad mom thoda khulane lagi. wo bhi mujhe niyota dene lagi. raat ko hum so gaye or us raat mom ne mere upar hath rakha maine mom ka hath pakad ker apne lund pe rak diya or maslane laga. phir achanak mom ka hath apne aap mere lucd ko suck karnelaga main samaz gaya ki mom ka mud hai aaj chudne ka. main mom ki taraf ghum gaya or unke lips ko kiss karne laga chusne laga mom mana karne lagi. par wo naatak kar rahi rhi kyonki hindustani aurat jo thi. maine unke kapde utar diye. or apne bhi main unko suck karne laga kissi karne laga unka bhi response aane laga. wo bhi mujhe chusane lagi. phir maine mom ko chod diya usne bola kya hua maine kaha pehle mera loda chus usne mana kiya main jaane laga to wo phir maan gayi hum 69 ki position me aa gaye or main uski chut chatne laga jis per ek bhi baal nahi tha. kyonki usne aaj shaam ko hi saaf kiye the. unki chut jab main chaat raha tha unke muh se awaaze nikal rahi thi seeeeeeeehaaaseeahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachooooooooooodddddddssssssssde mujhe beta wo bad bada rahi thi main unki lato ke vich me beta or apne lund ko unki chut pe rakha or andhar daal diyaunki chut jaad dheeli nahi thi abhi bhi tight thi.wo chila padi hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimera 7″ ka lodda uski chut ko fadta hua ander chala gaya.mine dhakke lagane laga usko maza aane lagawo bhi mera sath dene lagi. or bole jaa rahi thi fast fast chod de muje chod de faad de. or siiiiiiiiii hannnnnnnnnnnnn mar gayimujhe uski baate se or josh aa raha tha uska pani nikla or usne mujhe kas ke daba liya. main usko abhi bhi chode jaa raha tha ab tak wo 2 bar jhad chuki thi or keh rahi thi tujhe kitna waqt lagega shayad usko dard ho rahi thi phir maine apne lund ko nikla or uski gand me dall diya wo chilane lagi main paglo ki tarha chodne lagaor 5-6 jhatko me mera sara pani uski gand me nikal gaya or main uske upar pada rha koi kuch nahi bol raha tha sab chup the phit meri mom boli ye kya kar diya hum dono ne. ye paap hai. maine kha aaj ke time pe apni sex jarurat puri karne koi paap nahi hai phir main uski chut ko chatne laga. mujhe chut chatna bahut pasand hai. wo phit garam hone lagi or mere lund ko chusane lagi wo chila rahi thi aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgayyyyyiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhasiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaam aine uski chut me apni jeebh daal daal ke chod raha tha wo ek hi jhatake me jkhad gayi or maine uska sara pani pee liya. ab meri baari thi main uske muh ko chodne laga gup gup ki awas aa rahi thi maine apna sara pani uske muh me chod diya. or us raat hum dono ne 5-6 baar sex kiya. ab hum raoj sex karte hai. wo meri rakhel ban chuki hai. agar meri sotori pasnad aaye to mujhe mail karna female ki demaand puri ki jaayegi. unsatisfied female mujhse contact kar sakti hai (Punjab Haryana Himachal Chandigarh ki aurte mail kare) Yours AkkiHas reading this story made you horny? Want to sex chat with real life hot women?

Desi sex story presents Kirayedaar aunty ko choda

Desi sex story presents Kirayedaar aunty ko choda

Desi sex story presents yeh mere kiraye darni ki story hai jinhai main chachi keh kar bulata tha unka naam nighathai or yeh waqya aaj sai 6 to 7 months pehlai ka hai main nai aapko apnai barai main pehlai he bata dya tha ab main apni chachi kai barai main bata deta hoon unki shadi huwai 6 years huwai hain unkai 1 sonor 1 daughter hai jin ki age 3 or 4 years hai unkai huband ek sarkari mulazim hain but woh nsha bohot kartai hain raat ko dair sai ghar aana unka rozana daily ka aana raat kai 3 ya 3.30 ka tha jis ki waja sai sai chachi bahir sai lock lagwa daiti thin takai woh raat ko aajen chachi dikhnai main itni khas tu nahin hain but unka figure gazab ka hai 40 42 40hoga moti moti gand motai motai dodh gazab ki cheez thin mera unkai han aana jana tha main aksar unkai bachon ko khilanai kai bahani sai jatatha dopeher main es waja sai woh porai ghar main mujh sai he ziada free thin or main un sai main aksar baton baton main unkai gaal pakar kar kehta tha chachi u r so sweet yeh sab main 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Desi sex story : Apni Cousin Bahan Ki Choot Gili ki

Desi sex story : Apni Cousin Bahan Ki Choot Gili ki

Desi sex story : Apni Cousin Bahan Ki Choot Gili ki
Dosto mera naam Ajay ha or main Haryana ka rahne wala hoon. agar koi ladki ya bhabhi mujhse chudna chahti ho to plz mujhe mail karain.main ek good looking boy hoon or mere lund ka size 7’inch lumba or 3’inch mota hai. Ye gatna aaj se 1 saal pehle ki hai jab maine meri cousin sister ko buri tareh choda tha apne hi ghar main.main aapko uske bare main batata hoon.uska naam sujata hai .wo ek bahut hi sunder ladki hai.usk Iumar 22 saal hai or uski height 5’4’ hai.

Uska figure to bas pucho hi mat 34-28-35.sabse jayada to mujhe uski gand pasand hai.wo delhi main rahati hai. Waise to college or uni. Main 4-5 ladkyion ko choda hai,par sujata ki to baat hi kuch or hai.dosto jab bhi main kisi ladki to chodta hoon to uski gand jarur marta hoon. mujhe ladkyion ki gand mara bahut pasand hai.back to the story,sujata humare ghar last year summer vocation main aayi thi or wo 1 surprise tha kyunki hum 2 saal se use bula rahe the.jis din wo aayi thi us din usne black color ki t-shirt or blue color ki tight jeans pahan rakhi thi.pucho

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Indian sex story : Father in law blackmail her own son's wife

Indian sex story : Father in law blackmail her own son’s wife

Indian sex story  Father in law blackmail her own son's wife
Saadia was moaning in her bed as her first door neighbor pushed his lund in and
out of his beautiful choot. She was urging him to do so. She was in so much
heat and in a wanton state for his lund. His huge lund was going deep in her
choot. Their affair started two weeks ago. Saadia was 25 years old and was
married for 2 years. She was living with her family in a good house and was
having a very comfortable life. His next-door neighbor, Jameel was a 40 year old
and was having his own family with a son and wife. Saadia’s husband Amir was
gone to a tour and she was free of any fear of being caught by any one. So
she has called her boyfriend to have a hot fuck. Now she was enjoying his lund
in her pussy. She was having a very beautiful body with shapely legs and big
boobs. ” Oh. Jameel fuck my pussy with your hot and big lund I am in need of
it. Please give it me deep.” She moaned. And Jameel pushed his lund deep to
her womb.

Mr. Kumar, the father-in-law (Susar) of Saadia, entered the home with his set of keys. He heard the moans of her daughter in law and smiled on that. “Amir is always crazy about that hot bitch.” He thought. He moved to his own room and then heard. “Oh Jameel you are so deep in my choot oh I want it hard and deep.” Mr. Kumar stunned to hear that name. He knew that he was his next-door neighbor’s son. He moved to her room and looked through the open door, as it was not closed. Jameel was on her beautiful daughter in law and his lund was deep in her pussy and he was fucking her. Kumar was surprised to see that. He thought something and smiled. Then he opened the door abruptly and both were surprised to see him. Saadia was not expecting him so early. Jameel pulled his lund out of her pussy and she gave it up with a moan and both stood up. Saadia pulled a sheet on her naked body and Jameel picked his clothes and ran by Kumar standing near the door.

Saadia was yet naked under the sheet not able to see into her father in law’s eyes. He came near her and said, “What was that BAHOO?” she mumbled am sorry Mr. Kumar.” He ignored her apologize and asked, ” for how long its going on?” she was unable to say any thing. He smiled ” Amir will really be shocked by this when I will tell him about you. That her wife is fucking another man. He might leave you or may kill you. What do you think Saadia?”

“No please you will not say anything to Amir. It may ruin my life. Please Susarji. I
promise you that I will never do such thing again.” She looked to him and found
him looking on her body curves and nude shoulders and upper parts of her
boobs. He was having a shine in his eyes. “Yes Saadia here can be a deal
between us.” He said. “What type of deal?” she looked at him with surprise. “It
depends on you what you can do for an old man of 60 like me.” he said while
rubbing his crotch. She was frightened. She looked at his hand on his growing
bulge of his crotch and understood his demand. “No you cant do that. It’s
impossible. I will not do anything for you. No. No. Not such a bad thing.” He
smiled and said, “Ok I am going to my room. And will wait for you and Amir both
and will see who comes to me first. Now it depends on you to save your life
and marriage. Other wise both your husband will hate you and you will not
blame me dear. Is it ok.” He smiled and moved out of her room.

Now Saadia was alone in her room. She was thinking about that what had
happened so suddenly. She could not afford to leave the home and her family.
On the other hand it was also difficult to accept his offer. His husband’s father
was going to black mail her. She knew that she has no other choice and she
would have to kneel in front of him to save her home. She hated him but could
not do any thing but to have sex with him. She decided to save her family life
at any cost. So she got up to go to his room. She did not tried to put on her
clothes, as she knew that she would have to get them off again. She wrapped
the sheet around her naked body and knotted it in between her breasts and
moved out of her room towards his room. Next moment she was knocking on his

“Come in my dear. Its open for you.” Kumar called. She entered in and saw that
Kumar was sitting in his bed. She was shocked to see that he was naked and was
having his lund in his hand. Second shocking sight was his erect lund. Which
was looking to be bigger and thicker than her husband and her lover. The sight
of such a big dick mesmerized her. An itching started in her pussy and she felt
it wetting. He was masturbating. He smiled and said, ” That’s good Saadia you
have taken a good decision. Now come here, on the bed.” She was not hearing
anything or thinking anything but his lund. Her eyes were locked with that
huge piece of meat. She slowly moved to the bed while looking at his lund and
as she was going to sit on the bed he said, ” leave that sheet away from bed.
Strip it off.” Her hands moved to the knot of her shalwar and she undid the knot and the shalwar slipped down to her feet. Then she moved her shirt on her top and now her beautiful body was naked in front of his father in law. Her beautiful breasts
were protruding out and her nipples were jetting out towards him asking to be
sucked. Her bush at the mound of her pussy was smoothly trimmed and her
pussy was dripping which was only known by her. “Beautiful, you really have a
gorgeous body.” He said. She sat on the bed near him while looking at his erect
lund. He smiled evilly and said, ” Go ahead BAHOO. Suck me off. You know you
want to and you are to my dear.” Oh god she did, she really did that
unbelievable for herself. Her hand moved to his lund and she took it into her
soft hand and began to rub it. Her hand pumped that thick organ up and down.
She had never really seen or handled a lund that size before and it thrilled her
instead of being frightened. It was thrilling her that her slender fingers couldn’t
encircle its girth. “Oh my god its fantastic. It’s so good in my hand. I may die if
it did not fucked my pussy.” She thought.

“Well girl what are you waiting for? Suck it baby.” The wicked old man taunted.
In need of no further encouragement, Saadia moved into a kneeling position
bringing her face near the swollen prick jutting up between Kumar’s legs. Her lips
moved down and kissed the tip of the lund. Her lips ovaled and stretched wide
and encircled the lund head hungrily with her warm lips, trying to capture its
entire length in her eagerly salivating mouth. “Mmmmmm” she purred, ”
Mmmmmmm! Mmmmm” Suddenly she forgot that she was blackmailed to do this.
Saadia sucked it so deeply into the hot, saliva filled cavern that it nearly
chocked her, but she twisted her head enough to catch her breath, then began
feverishly running her tongue up and down the soft underside of that lund and
felt it throb and pulse to her touch. She tasted the pungent tang of the
seeping lubricating fluid oozing from the split of its tip. She cupped his big balls
affectionately in the soft palms of her small hands while tiny explosions of lust
burst insanely in her brain, and she moved her head up and down, up and
down, in and out of her face in a lewd and lustful delight. Kumar placed his hand
on her soft hairs and moved her head up and down his lund.

“Oh what splendid, beautiful and big lund he had… What a dirty old man he
is… I hate him … I love this bastard…yes I love him and his lund.” Those
thoughts raced crazily and wildly through her mind as she sucked with fury at
his hard rod of flesh embedded deeply in her throat. It occurred to her then
that she was losing all control. She forgot that she was being blackmailed. She
started to like her submissive and overpowered status by masculine dominance
of her father in law. This drove her to unexpectedly wicked thoughts, whorish
and rakheeltish thoughts. “Suck it bitch. You know you want to suck it and you
like to suck it. Yes you are really a raandi.” He said while pulling her head by
her hairs. “You are a raandi. My raandi. My personal rakheel.”

His rough language and rough handling thrilled her. Her choot was afire with the
licking flames of lust and passion consuming her. And then suddenly she felt her
lewd old father in law reach down and slide her firm smooth ass towards him.
His rough hand moved on her smooth and creamy ass and then he began to
work his finger at the tiny puckered ring of her anus. Her breath quickened
excitedly and she forgot everything as abruptly as he pushed his thick finger
into her tight virginal asshole to the palm of his big extended hand.
“Ooooooohhhhh” she gurgled delightedly around the stalk of flesh in her mouth,
“I love it! Yaaaaa I love it.”

Her lips were yet encircling his father in law’s now fully erect lund. She swirled
her tongue in a clockwise manner about the throbbing head wanting to suck
that lund dry. She sucked his lund to please him and … To please herself too.
She tried to take it deep until the swollen head of his lund met with the
resistance of her gullet. She moaned deliciously once again when he pushed his

fat thumb into her wetting pussy and began to work it in unison with his beefy
long finger in her ass hole. “God I can probably cum this way too!” she said to
herself. Now Kumar began to undulate his massive pelvis slipping his huge lust
maddened prick in and out of her lips. Never quite withdrawing but leaving the
hot swollen head a half inch inside her hot wet oral cavern. He began to pump
his lund in and out keeping the pace with the fingers fucking into her dual
passages from behind. He smiled with the realization that she was taking more
and more of his penis between her tender clasping lips as she became
accustomed to its fleshy presence. She sucked furiously to bring him to climax
as she felt her own choot ready to cum.

Suddenly her orgasm burst and she groaned around the thrusting lund in her
mouth, her orgasm flooding in wild sensual waves of cum around the thrusting
finger in her choot and gave a bath with her choot juices to her hand. It was
indescribable rapture and the whole of her crotch felt wet and excited beyond
belief. Tears of subconscious joy rolled from her eyes. Simultaneously she felt
him push his hips upward against her face and he groaned a soul-searching
grunt as suddenly he flooded her mouth with his hot thick cum spurting wildly
down her throat in vast gushes. She gulped automatically swallowing the
slightly pungent liquid in her efforts to satiate the still abandoned feelings of
degradation continued to overwhelm her. There was nothing else in the world
except the steaming throb of her wet passage behind and the squirting lund in
her mouth. At last she swallowed all the cum of her father in law. Then it was
all over and she still lay above him and he was caressing the round smooth
mounds of her buttocks and stroking her thighs affectionately.

Saadia shivered with excitement as her father-in-law smiled down at her. It
stemmed from the lubricious gleam in his dark eyes and the still stiff flesh that
jutted from his groin. She trembled and whimpered. The aroused thrills
increased as he leaned over and pulled her to his chest. Without speaking, he
pulled her half-naked body to his, crushing her supple form to him. She came
without hesitation, the stiff nipples of her melon-like breasts stabbing at his
chest. There was absolutely no protest as his tongue darted from his mouth.
Her lips opened and accepted the oral probe that filled the emptiness left by his
withdrawn lund. Her own tongue playfully dueled around the flicking invader,
then pushed its way into his mouth. Carefully, she wedged a thigh between his
legs and rubbed it over the exposed length of his manhood, still hard and
powerful feeling. He moaned around the mouthful of tongue that speared
toward the back of his throat. She pressed tightly to him, relishing in the
inciting sensation of her tit mounds flattening against his chest, and then
slowly swaying her hips so that the globes rolled deliciously over him. She
forgot that she was blackmailed to do all this. Now she was doing this all
because of her own lust. Her hand slid down his back, anchoring into the taut
boulders of his ass and pulled his crotch to hers. Simultaneously, his hands
followed hers, dipping her buttocks.

Her little wiggle movements increased to a provocative dance as his hands
covered the perky, rounded curves of her bottom. He squeezed down. His
fingers firmly dug into the fleshy globes. For several minutes they clung to each
other, their tongues darting and exploring the now familiar interiors of their
mouths. Their hands squeezed and urged. Their bodies pressed together with a
sensual nearness. Reluctantly, they separated, gazing at one another for a
silent second or two. Then his hands withdrew from her ass and moved to the
front of her breasts, her own fingers occupied themselves with the imposing
shaft that was touching wantonly from his crotch to her pussy. With loving
tenderness, her fingertips glided up and down the still moist spike of flesh; still
damp with the traces of her saliva and his spunk. It jerked and jumped under
her teasing. Its red glans glistened from the fresh sexual oils that oozed from
his balls. She wrapped her arms round his neck and playfully nibbled at his ear.
Then he turned her and laid her down on his bed.

He smiled down at the willing young woman, her daughter in law. Lowering
himself beside her in his bed, he once more scooped her up in his arms. Her
inciting fingers were back at his lund, as he slid one of his hands between her
silk-textured thighs. She whimpered with arousal as his palm closed around the
fleshy mound of her pubis. He squeezed, roughly molding the vulnerable knoll of
her sex. Her hips twitched eagerly, hunching their willingness into his fingers.
He could feel the moisture of her anticipation welling from between the outer
lips of her labia. There was no need for further foreplay, but that was exactly
what made the things he did to her so enjoyable.

Wiggling a finger into the thick, quivering lips of her choot, he sluiced into the
juice-filled channel of her vagina, twisting and twirling the intimate digit. The
soft folds of her tunnel of desire responded, squeezing around the probe that
had invaded her body. Her pelvis moved up and down, working itself on him as
if it were feeding on the thickness of a lund, rather than a single finger. His
nakedness only made the wonderfully firm mounds of her breasts that more
enjoyable. Heavy and round, they pressed against his chest, rolling and
spearing the stiffness of their erect nipples into his skin. Her hands slid up and
down on his prick, neither demanding nor urgent, but letting him know she was
more than ready to have its thickness buried within the tight sheath of her
belly. But he still waited, gliding another finger into her heated hole of passion,
while yet another fingertip tapped at her clit, taunting it out from under the
thin membrane of its hood. It was as if he teased her body to quell forever
whatever traces of “BLACKMAIL” still remained in her body.

She whimpered, writhing against his body, as big fingers expertly manipulated
dual digits into the enveloping socket of sex, while his third finger flicked and
fondled a prodigious series of thrills through her body. She felt him move beside
her and his free hand rolled her to her back. He edged up a little and his mouth
kissed at her neck working downward until it captured one of the high-perched
cherries of flesh topping a warm, pink-colored tit. His tongue moistly caressed
the stiffened bud as his lips sucked. She groaned. The double stimulation of her
body was fantastic. Her lips twisted with the mounting desires that trembled
through her. Her body writhed, swishing over the bed. Her hips rose and fell in
time with the steady in out pumping of his fingers. Her hands clamped tightly
around his lund shaft, squeezing and Amiring along its pulsating length. He was
controlling her once again. He knew the sexual needs of a woman and even
more important, he cared about fulfilling them. Only one man had had that type
of control over her body until now – her husband, Amir. Now she had found
another – her father-in-law.

She groaned, as his fingers upped their tempo, sluicing into the hot mouth of
her belly. Her hips surged up and down, matching the increased rhythm. Amir!
What would he think … what would he do, if he knew I was here? If he knew I
was giving my body to his father with the same willingness that I gave myself
to him? She wanted to know what to do and how to handle the situation, but
those marvelous fingers gliding in and out of her vagina were too demanding.
I’m a raandi! A shameless rakheel who can’t get enough sex! Can’t get enough hot,
hard lund stuffed up my choot! But she didn’t feel like a rakheel. She felt like a
passion-filled woman who was getting the sex she needed and wanted, from an
experienced man who knew how to satisfy her.

God! He feels so good! I’m going to come if he keeps this up! I want his lund
for that! Not his fingers! Still, her father-in-law pumped his vigorously gliding
fingers into the trembling groove of her pussy. In and out, then twisting a little,
he finger-fucked her, eliciting desire-laden whimpers and moans from her
writhing lips. Does he want me to beg? Does he want me to plead for his lund?
She knew the answers to her questions even before she asked them to herself.
She knew he wanted to be asked to fuck her. He wanted her to know that he
had only given her what she had wanted and at no time had there ever been a
question of blackmailing. He was right. She wanted him. Even as she knew that
his father in law was blackmailing her. She wanted and ached for him now.

“Fuck me!” she moaned, gasping for her breath. “Please, I want this wonderful
lund of yours! Please! My God, PLEASE! Please give me your hard lund in my

His mouth immediately pulled off her tit and he slid atop her, his fulI weight
pressing her into the ground and she loved every manly ounce of his body. His
fingers jerked free of her snatch and gripped her hips. Her hands guided the
knob-like thickness of his shaft’s head to the waiting, throbbing entrance of her
choot. His hips jerked violently and he slammed up into the quivering wetness of
her pussy. She grunted-whimpered with the abrupt penetration of her
passion-keen body. His thickness packed her to the brim. There was no pause,
no hesitating moment to revel in the union of their bodies. His pelvis jerked up,
wrenching the filling firmness of lund from her vagina, then he lurched forward,

cramming his bigness back into the sheathing envelope of desire. She grunted
again, as his heavy impact forced the air from her lungs in a startled “Hooufff!”
But this is the way she wanted it. Hard and rough! Again the straining
hugeness of his sexual pole jerked curtly back. She felt her clinging choot follow
its rapid retreat, flowing wetly around his lund’s circumference. Downward his
hips plunged again, grinding into her, as he shafted the ponderous root of flesh
back up into her belly. The tight channel of her choot stretched back before the
invading arrow-shaped tip of his lund. The walls of her vagina closed around
his swollen mass, squeezing tautly. His breath was hard and fast, like the sound
of a rutting animal, as he pumped in and out of her wet, pink choot.

The bestial manner of his assault only heightened the avid need she had for
him, this blackmailer, this bastard, this new lover, and her father-in-law.
Despite the heaviness of his weight, she worked her hips in the same rigorous
tempo of his Amir hammering strokes. Up and down, she hunched, arching her
back to meet each slamming thrust of his thick hard lund, and then dropping
her ass to the bed as he jerked out. His hands were moving on her. She could
feel them through the lust-haze cloud that suffused through her body. They
were moving downward, from her hips, caressing her thighs. Now, they were
sliding behind her knees. Abruptly, her legs were whipped upward and pushed
toward her chest, his arms holding them there! The juice-filled furrow of her
desire opened to him in an increased angle of entry. His still ramming prick
lunged forward, spearing into the innermost depths of her choot. She groaned
and writhed, her hips no longer able to move. Deep, thick and gorged, his
inflexible length of lund skewered her body. “Ahhhaggghhh!” she accepted the
deep-rooted impact of his sex. Brutally, almost in a punishing fashion, his hips
rose and fell. He slammed into her.