Indian sex story : wife Fucked by Friend Blindfolded

Indian sex story : wife Fucked by Friend Blindfolded

Indian sex story  wife Fucked by Friend Blindfolded

During sex we often enjoy telling each other little sex
Stories centered on each of our fantasies. Over the
Years we have both gotten pretty good at spinning a web
Of excitement for each other. It really has enhanced
Our sex life a great deal. In fact, as it turned out,
Much more than i could ever have anticipated.

As i said, natasha and i often shared our fantasies, and
She had many, to enhance our love making. Among hers
Were… But i was about to learn of one, she’d never
Shared before, and it turned out to be a favorite of
Hers. Here’s how it happened and how it changed us…”

One of my favorite fantasies has always been to have
The opportunity to watch natasha get fucked by another
Man. In my fantasy i usually instigate the action with
First some sort of meeting, for dinner possibly. During
The evening i slowly begin to hint about my desires.
The hints get more and more obvious until i ultimately
Reveal to my wife and the man having dinner with us
That i would love to watch the two of them make love.
Sometimes the man is my boss or perhaps a friend or
Even sometimes a stranger.

I was telling natasha a story of this type one night as
She was giving me head… She is so good at that. I
Started a story about amit, this good looking friend
Of ours that natasha has ‘secretly’ lusted after for some
Time. In my little story he is visiting with us in our
Home. I start asking him what he thinks about natasha’s
Body. And he said he envied me for having nat as my wife.

I watched her closely as i told my tale and her eyes
Looked up at me frequently as she continued to suck my
Cock. The look in her eyes was pure unadulterated lust.
She was in another world and lost to her real

As i carried the story through… To him revealing his
Huge cock. I described it as long and huge in girth and
Throbbing as she covered it with her mouth. As i
Escalated the story further, natasha began to suck harder
And move her mouth up and down on my cock, faster and
Faster until, just as amit shoved his huge cock deep in
Natasha ‘s cunt, i spilled my cum in her mouth with
Explosive force. She made these little whimpering
Sounds as she was obviously very much into this fantasy
Tale. She took my cum and swallowed all of it. Before i
Could even start to soften she rose up and lay beside
Me spreading her legs and saying, “oh fuck me amit,
Hurry i want your big black cock in me so bad!”

I was the only male there. My name is rajeev, but i
Assumed she meant me. I was most happy to oblige. She
Was rabid in her need and i had to hold on to her to
Stay buried in her very wet cunt. It seemed hotter and
Wilder than ever before and that is saying a lot for
Natasha. It didn’t take long until she burst in a series
Of climaxes as she mumbled, “yes… Fuck me hard! Yes
Amit! Oh please fuck me!”

First i started to cum, and then she responded again
And came and came until we both fell in a near lifeless
Heap in each other’s arms. It had been the best sex we
Had enjoyed in some time. It was some time later when
She raised her head and looked at me with this sheepish
Look on her face and said, “wow! That was fantastic

“i agree, but just call me amit”

“i know, sorry, i called you that several times didn’t
I? I guess i wasn’t fucking you… I was fucking amit.”

“yeah, you sure were. It was wild natasha, you really dug
Fucking amit.”

“uh-huh, i guess i have to confess… I had one more
Fantasy you didn’t know about.”

“i think i know it now.”

“yes, i guess you do… Over the last couple of years,
Since amit went to work with you, the idea of a good
Looking man making wild love to me has come to
Excite the hell out of me. I haven’t mentioned it
Because i didn’t know how you would react. Do you mind

I looked at my nude beauty and cupped one of her large
Firm breasts. As i lovingly caressed it she sighed and
Cuddled against me. I kissed her lips lightly. She then
Repeated her question, “raj, is it bothering you that i
Fantasized about fucking a another man? It was just a
Fantasy sweetheart, you okay with that?” i smiled at
Her and pinched her nipple. She groaned like i knew she
Would. She loves that. Then i said, “yes honey… I’m
Fine with that, i don’t mind… Except this little
Thing, why did you hold it back from me?”

“damn, i’m not even sure. I guess i was afraid the idea
Of a another guy making love to me might upset you. That
Is so taboo to so many folks.”

“obviously not to you… Damn you were hot fucking

“i can’t deny it… It really makes me hot. Jealous?”

“maybe a little.”

“raj, i love you. You are my guy and no one will ever
Replace you. I might fantasize about fucking amit but
It was your cock in me. We can drop it right now.”

I lay there with my hand caressing her gorgeous tit as
I looked into those blue eyes. She rose up and kissed
Me and then said, “raj.. Please don’t be upset… Tell
Me you still love me. I won’t bring it up again…”

“of course i still love you natasha… Nothing is going to
Change that. I was just thinking about it all.
Wondering why as i have fantasized about lots of men
Fucking you.

She laughed sort of guiltily .

I laughed and felt her cool fingers wrap around my half
Hard cock. Then she asked coyly, “did you enjoy amit
Fucking me?”

“yes… I did… A lot.”

She had opened her legs and was now rubbing my growing
Cock up and down in her outer lips and over her swollen
Clit. She was very wet and it felt so good. Then she
Smiled and rose up on her knees, throwing one leg
Across me she slowly descended as she guided my cock
Into her again.

She looked at me as it was all the way in and winked
Saying, “oh amit, your big black cock feels so good in

She slowly worked up and down my rigid pole as she
Moaned softly with pleasure. I cupped her lovely pair
Of tits in my hands and squeezed and pinched just the
Way she loves. The way her hot tight cunt felt on my
Cock she could call me anything she wanted to. After a
Few minutes of this i smiled up at her and started a
New story… This one about how we decided she should
Really let amit fuck her while i watched. She went
Absolutely ballistic, fucking me harder than ever and
Chanting, “yes! Yes! Yes!”

Much later as we settled for sleep in each others arms.
She was half asleep and i kissed her lovingly. She
Returned it automatically. As i looked at her thinking
About the evening i said softly, “fantasies are
Wonderful but what if it really happened?”

The next morning was the normal rush as we both got off
To work with our usual confusion. She called during the
Day just to say she loved me and loved our life
Together. I called her back later and told her i adored
Her and that nothing could ever pull us apart. When i
Got home from work she was already there and had on a
Halter top, very revealing, and very short cut off
Jeans. She knows i love that outfit and when she wears
It she never has anything else on under it. I knew it
Also meant she was turned on and was trying to get my
Interest. It certainly worked. I kissed her hello and
She made it last longer than normal… And hotter. I
Looked at her and smiled and said, “are you looking for
Another visit from amit?”

“maybe, if it’s okay with you.”

She sort of worked her loins against my cock and soon i
Was getting hard and turned on completely. Then she
Asked in a very small voice, “last night was wonderful
And i know i would enjoy more of that. I was so hot as
You were inside me and talked to me about what amit was
Doing to me. Today i spent half the day thinking about
Sex with different men i know at work. I was wet
All day long… And now i am dying to be fucked
Again… By you and amit and any other black or white
Or green guys from your fertile imagination.”

She paused and kissed me again and i knew something
Else was coming… Something she was tentative about.
She continued, “but i also have a question honey? Last
Night as i was almost but not quite asleep i think you
Said something like, ‘fantasies are wonderful but what
If it really happened?’ i wasn’t sure i didn’t dream
It… Did you really say that?”

“i did say exactly that. I was laying there looking at
How beautiful and sexy you are and i suddenly wondered
What it would be like if it really did happen. If
Somehow we arranged for amit or someone else to fuck you while i watched and then joined in for a torrid threesome.”

I saw her shiver and i knew the idea intrigued her. She
Had closed her eyes for a moment and then she slowly
Opened them and kissed me passionately for a long
Minute. Then she broke the kiss and snuggled down into
My arms.

“are you serious raj? Would you really want me to fuck
Some other guy, while you watched us? Then
A threesome.”

“maybe… Interested?”

“oh shit raj, yes… No… I don’t know… Maybe. Would
You like for me to do that?”

“i think i would love to watch amit, or some other man,
Fuck my hot wife. It makes me hard as hell when i think
About you and another guy. If he is anyone it doesn’t
Bother me. That is how i spent most of the day. Every
Time amit came into my desk i wondered about how i
Would feel about watching him fuck you for real? You
Said you were wet all day. I was hard most of the day.
I have a small worry about you getting so caught up
With your amit that you forget me completely.”

She sort of settled to the floor and pulled me with her
As she whispered, “i need you so bad raj. I’ll always
Need you. The other could only be an occasional fantasy side
Dish, but you honey, are my main course. And always
Will be.” and i will never cheat on you. Maybe we might try that sometime in future but not so soon… i was a little disappointed that it’t not happening . But a plan was running thrugh my head as how to get to make it real and maybe even without natasha actually knowing that she is being fucked by amit.

I didn’t give up though, i really wanted it to happen.
I know it’s strange that a husband would want to have
His wife fucked by another man, but natasha was just so
Hot looking when she was having sex with me that i had
This overpowering urge to watch her doing it with
Another man so i could see every detail, every move she
And he made.

I continually fantasized what it would be like to see
Amits’ s stiff dick pumping in and out of her juicy pussy.
Watching as her perfect legs game up and wrapped around
The guy’s humping ass as he dicked my lovely wife. It
Was such a hot fantasy for me that i just had to make
It happen somehow.

After several days i finally came up
With a scenario that she could go along with and not know who.

So it was that i ended up telling amit what i’d had
Planned for my wife and how really i wanted that to happen. As i confessed
That i wanted to see my pretty wife fucking another
Man, i noticed that amit just sat there. Usually he’d
Chime in, but this time he was strangely silent. Then i
Noticed that he had a king-sized tent poking up against
The fly of his pants.

I looked up into amit’s face and realized that he was
Turned-on by what i’d told him of my plans for his
Friends wife. I was shocked at first, but i also realized
That the boner in his lap might be my ticket to getting
My fantasy fulfilled. After all, natasha was going to be
Wearing a blindfold. I told amit the plan that we will drink at our place and then he pretent to be leaving. I would leave the door open and he can come in quietely and stand at the door and when i signal he come over and switch places.

So next evening as planned, natasha came back from work and i called her home and said i was getting amit for drinks and dinner and discuss some work stuff. She was happy and also said i could and imagine him fucking me later at night. I smiled too and said sure sweetheart.

We arrived at the apartment building and i rang the
Doorbell as our prearranged signal and then i unlocked
The door and ushered amit in to the living room. We
Both stood there in the entrance to the room for a long

There was my honey in the house coat a little see through, i guess just to spice up the love making with me later that night. She was sitting on the couch. I could tell
That she was nervous and wet down looking at amit..

Natasha was lowering herself to the bed and she lay back
And spread her legs and held her hand up to mine. I said we will play a game today. I will blindfold you and tie u up while amit fucks you i said. She said oh how i would love to have amit come back and fuck me. So i tied her hands on the bedpost and blindfolded her.

I straddled her head and she took my hard cock in and
Sucked me wildly. It was as hot as i had expected. Then i moved down and started eating my wife’s cunt then i signaled amit to come over and switch. He was all ready for the game and had all his cloths off already. He came and started eating my wife like never before. He
Quickly knelt between her trim open legs and his mouth
Found her wet pussy. Jane gasped loudly and caught his
Head pulling it in tighter to her cunt. She bucked and
Twisted and moaned and got off repeatedly for carl’s
Clearly talented tongue. I was standing there watching

Seeing amit eat my wife’s bare pussy had me crazy with
Lust. Natasha turned me
Loose and said, “fuck me amit, please fuck me.”

Amit slid up and guided his cock into her open labia to her ready cunt. Amit pushed a
Couple of inches in and natasha moaned loudly, “oh slow…
You are huge… I want it…but easy baby… Fuck me
Slow and easy first… Then hard.”

Amit stroked his cock the first two, then three, then
Four inches in and out of natasha relaxing cunt. She
Started raising her ass to meet his thrusts and soon
All 9 inches was buried and natasha was whimpering, “oh
Yes… Oh amit… So good… Yes!”

Natasha wrapped her legs around his ass and she met his
Downward thrusts with hard upward thrusts of her own,
Driving his cock into her as far as she could. Amit’s
Lips went from natasha’s one nipple to other. They were beautiful and any doubts about
Watching another man fuck my wife were gone. I was as
Hot as the two of them. My cock stood out as hard and
Big as i had ever known it to be. I stroked myself and
Loved watching natasha ‘s body contort under amit’s. I
Loved watching her face as it grimaced with lust and
Pleasure. Natasha had cum… Then slowed momentarily…
Then fucked hard… Then cum again several times.
Finally amit groaned,.

And it was a convulsion for both of them, and then me
As i spent on the side or amit. It took a while for either of
Them to move again. Amit rolled over off of natasha, grabbed his cloths and ran off quickly and out

I again came over her sloppy pussy and had a second. Then i went opened her up and she opened her eyes and looked around the room to make sure there was no one else or was it amit who really fucked her..but amit was already gone. I had flopped on the couch. She slowly crawled
Over and climbed up on the couch beside me. I cuddled
Her in my arms and kissed her forehead saying, “it was
One hell of a show, is it what you want to do to me baby?” she said your dick felt little bigger than ever today. I really felt like it was amit or someone else with bigger cock fucking me. It was wonderful we shold do that again.

We had another round of hot sex that night.. I know how i loved it, and i know she loved the big dick and imagining amit too.

Mom sex story : Main aur Mere Dost ne Mom ko mazaa diya

Mom sex story : Main aur Mere Dost ne Mom ko mazaa diya

Mom sex story  Main aur Mere Dost ne Mom ko mazaa diya

sex story of mummy and son , Mai 2 mahine baad ghar jaa raha tha aur mere kaafi excitement bhi thi.In 2 mahine jab mai ghar se door tha mera ek bahut hi pakka dost ban gaya tha uska naam tha Arun. Uske papa kisaan the aur maa uski uske paida hone ke saath hi guzar gayi thi. Wo maa ke pyaar se vanchit rah gaya tha is baar maine use kaha ki mere ghar chal waha meri maa se tujhe apni sagi maa ki tarah pyaar milega. Meri maa ek bahut hi bhooli bhaali aurat hai aur wo doosro ka dard nahi dekh sakti.

Meri maa waise thodi moti hai but bahut hi khoobsurat hai jaise wo koi apsara ho.wo apne college me Miss. College bhi rah chuki hai.unki umar laghbag 40 saal hai aur unke mumme aur chuttad bahut bade hai. Maine unhe waise kabhi nanga nahi dekha but mujhe pata hai jis din mai unhe dekhunga mera waise hi choot jaayega. Mummy ka blouse bahut bada hota hai aur maine mummy ki panty bhi dekhi hai wo bhi bahut badi hai.

Mai bhi mummy ka bahut bada deewaana hoon aur meri bhi dili tamanna hai ki mai bhi unke saath chudai karu. Khair mai kahani ki shuruaat karta hoon mai aur mera dost arun ghar pahuche. Mummy mujhe dekh kar bahut khush ho gayi aur mujhe apne seene se laga liya aur meri nose par ek pappi le li aur mujhe bahut kass ke gale laga liya maa mere se bahut pyaar karti thi aur unke liye mai hi sab kuch tha.papa maa ka relationship bhi accha tha lakin wo jyada mere se pyaar karti thi.

Phir maa ne arun ki taraf dekha aur pucha ye kaun hai mai bola maa mera sabse accha dost hai arun. Maa ne use bhi apne seene se laga liya aur uska bhi gaal choom liya aur kahne lagi Arun tumhaara swaagat hai. Arun meri maa do dekhe hi jaa raha tha usne aisi aurat shayad pahle hi dekhi thi. Khair hum andar aa gaye aur fresh hone chale gaye. Arun bola yaar teri mummy ti bahut acchi hai kitna pyaar karti hai tere se, kaash meri bhi maa hoti ye kah kar wo udaas ho gaya.

Mai bola yaar meri maa teri maa bhi to hai dekha unhone jaisa mere saath treat kiya waisa tere saath bhi to kiya. Wo bola haan aunty waise bahut acchi hai. Maine use kaha cha lab fresh ho jaa ab 2 month tu yahi hai aur hichkichaana mat meri maa se jitni mamta le sakta hai le liyo is baar mai apni maa ka pyaar 50-50 kar lunga. Arun khush ho gaya usne kaha yaar sahi me teri maa me mujhe apni maa najar aane lagi thi is baar unki mamta ki bearish me mai hi nahunga.

Maine kaha chal maine to jindagi bhar maa ke saath raha hoon is baar wo completely teri maa hai. Maa darwaaze par khadi hui kabse ye sun rahi thi wo andar aayi aur boli Arun jaise Anuj mera beta hai waise tub hi mera beta hai mujhe nahi pata tha tumhaari maa gujar gayi hai aaj se mai teri maa hoon mere 2 bacchon ke alawa tu mera teesra baccha hai ye sunkar arun ro pada aur meri maa se lipat gaya. Meri maa ne uske baalon me haath phera aur usko choomne lagi.

Phir unhone kaha chalo khana khaalo raat bahut ho gayi hai aur hum khana khaane chale gaye. Jab mai ghar me hota tha maa hamesha mere saath hi soti thi aaj bhi maa ne mere saath bistar laga liya aur mai aur meri maa bed par let gaye. Tabhi arun bathroom se nikla aur bed chota tha wo bola aunty mai kaha sou mai bola tu kaha jaayega yahi aa jaa wo bed me aakar mere bagal me late gaya maa boli beta mere saath letne me darr lagta hai kya!

Arun kuch samajh nahi paya phir maine use samjhaya yaar abhi thodi der pahle to tu kah raha tha is baar maa ki saari mamta teri hai aur tu maa ke saath let bhi nahi raha. Maa ne mujhe apne doosri taraf aane ko kaha aur khud beech me let gayi maa ne kewal blouse aur paticoat phan rakha tha aur maa ke papite (mumme) unki saas lene se upar neeche ho rahe the mere liye to ye common tha but shayad arun ke liye nahi.

Bed chota tha aur maa bahut moti unhone dono bajoo hamare sir ke niche kar diye aur dono ko apne se chipta liya maa sleeveless blouse pahanti thi isliye maa ki bagal ke baal hum dono ke muh me aa rahe the maine apna haath maa ke gol matol pet par rakh diya aur apna pair maa ke jaaghon par rakh kar unki bagal ke baalo me muh gusa kar so gaya. Maa ne arun ki taraf dekha aur kaha tumhe neend nahi aa rahi usne kaha

Aunty aa rahi hai bas so jaata hoon meri maa ne kaha beta tum mujhse ghabra kyu rahe ho itni door kyu hoe jaa rahe ho aao mere se lipat jao pahle to tumhe maa ka pyaar chayie tha ab tum le bhi nahi rahe. Arun bola nahi aunty aesi baat nahi maa boli phir kaisi baat hai aur ye kah kar unhone arun ka haath apne papito ke just neeche rakh diya maa ke papito aura run ke haath me thoda hi gap tha aur unhone arun ko kya

Mere se sharam aati hai anuj ko dekho kewal kacche me so raha hai aur poore kapde lade hue ho chalo kapdo utaaro aur feel free. Arun thoda hichkichaane laga maa boli apne maa se sharam aati hai kya Arun ne ye sun kar jhat apne kapde udaar diye aur underwear me aa gaya wo sochne laga jab ab inhone mujhe beta maan hi liya to kaisi sharam aur maa ke bubbuo (mumme) ke just niche haath rakhkar maa se lipat gaya

Aur so gaya meri maa ki aankh lag gayi mai beech me paani peen eke liye utha to maine arun ko maa se buri tarah lipte hue dekha. Mere chehre par khushi aa gayi kyuki arun bhi sote hue kaafi khush lag raha tha. Arun ko mai hamesha saccha dost manta tha ur uski khushi ke liye mai kuch bhi kar sakta tha. Maine socha kyu naa arun ko maa se uske bachpan ka pyaar dilaya jaye jo kabhi maa mujhe deti thi.

Arun kitna patla hai isko maa ka doodh nahi mila. Mujhe apni maa ka rasila doodh isko pilaana hi padega Mai kitna hatta katta hoo kyuki maine maa ka doodh 10-11 saal tak piya hai aura run ne to ek bhi baar nahi mujhe kuch bhi kar ke arun ka dhyaan meri maa ke bubbuo tak lana padega itne bade bubbu dekh kar to koi bhi paagal ho sakta hai phir arun kyu nahi yahi soch kar mai maa ke kareeb let gaya aura run ka

Haath utha kar maa ke bubbu par rakh diya ab mai sochne laga kaise maa ke papito ko khola jaaye lakin iski meri himmat nahi hui aur maine bhi apna haath maa ke bubbu par rakha aur so gaya subah jab mai utha to arun so raha tha aur maa bahar papa ko nashta de rahi thi mai uth kar maa ke paas kitchen me chala gaya aur jaa kar paani peene laga. Maa mere paas aayi aur boli pata hai tumhe aaj subah maine kya dekha tum aur arun mere stano par haath rak kar sue hue the.

Mai bola mujhe yaad nahi shayad sote-2 haath chala gaya ho.Maa boli are mai tumhe thode hi khuch kah rahi hoon in stano par tera teri behan ka aur tere papa ka hi to idhikaar hai bas farak ye hai tere papa inhe dekh sakte hai aur choo bhi sakte ha teri behan inhe dekh sakti hai but samaj ke hisaab se naa tu inhe nanga dekh sakta hai aur naa choo sakta hai. Mai bola theek hai aage se mai dhyaan rakhunga sote hue maa boli

Budhu mai ye thode hi kah rahi hoon mai to khush thi mujhe aaj tere bachpan ki yaad aa gayi jab to mere mummo ka deewaana tha peecha nahi chodta tha teri wajah se to mai blouse braa pahanna bhi bhool gayi thi. But aaj subah jab tera haath maine apne mummo par paya meri khushi ka thikaana nahi tha mujhe laga mera chota anuj wapas aa gaya hai. Mai bola to maa kya mai inhe aaj se choo sakta hoon maa boli kyun nahi

Ye tere hi to hai inhe chahe to choo chahe daba chahe khel ya chahe mera doodh pee ye tere liye hi to itne bade kiye hai. Mai khush ho gaya aur bola lakin papa ko galat nahi lagega. Maa boli papa ko maine bataya wo bole isme kuch galat nahi hai unhone to apni maa ka doodh shaadi se pahle tak bhi piya tha mai hi pagal thi jo tujhe nahi peene diya. Mai bola maa arun ka kya use to kabhi maa ka doodh hi nahi mila.

Maa boli are ye do chuchiyaan kisliye hai tere papa bahar rahte hai teri behan vacations par mama ke yaha hai ab in dono aamo ka rass tum dono hi peena. Mai bola maa jab ab hum teen hi ghar me hai to ek naya relation shuru kare maa boli kya maa samajh lo mai aura run dono chote bacche hi hai aur tum hum dono ki maa ab hum kuch nahi karenge tum hi sab kuch karogi maa maine kabhi nahi dekha tumne bachpan me mujhe kaise pyaar kiya mai ab ye dekhna chahta hoon.

Maa khush ho gayi aur boli theek hai. Mai arun ke paas gaya tab tak arun uth gaya tha mai khushi se bola arun maa tyaar ho gayi. Arun kuch samajh nahi paya mai bola are tune apna saara bachpan maa ke bina gujaar diya ab maine aur maa ne plan banaya hai aaj se tu ek chota bacche ki tarah hai aur teri saari jimmedaari maa ke upar hai matlab tujhe nahlana dhoolana teri tatti saaf karna aur tujhe apni chaati doodh pilaana.

Arun ye sun kar chok gaya wo bola sach me kya ye mumkin hai mai bola haan maa ka khud ye mann tha. Arun bola kya sach me mujhe wo aam choosne ko milenge kya mai aunty ka taaja doodh piunga maine kaha haan mere bhai maa ke wo bubbu ab tere hai jaa pee le jitna pi sakta hai maa ne ugaye hi bahut bade hai taaki sabka pet bhar sake aur aaj se subah aur raat ko doodh milega na cow ka na bakri ka naa hi bhains

Milega to meri maa ka meri pyaari bade-2 mummo waali meri bhains meri maa. Meri maa ye baate sun rahi thi maa andar aayi aur boli jao itna paste kar lo aur tatti bhi phir tum dono ka Dolly Bhains ka taaja doodh milega.Aur haan arun jab tum tatti kar longe mujhe awaz de dena mai tumhaari tatti dhoungi jaise mai anuj ki dhoti thi arun phata phat tatti karne chala gaya thodi der baad awaaz aayi Dolly bhains maine tatti kar li

Maa andar bathroom me chali gayi mai just peeche-2. Arun comod par baitha maa ne use kaha beta ghoda ban jao arun ne apni gaand maa ki taraf kar di us par tatti lagi hui thi maa boli sach me ab mujhe tumhe tatti dhona sikhaana padega aur hasne lagi. Maine kaha maa do mahine hai sikha do sab kuch,maa boli abhi teri bhi gaand dekhungi tujhe dhoni aayi abhi tak ya nahi.

Ye kah maa arun ki gaand ragadne lagi maa ke muh bilkul arun ki tatti lagi gaand ke paas tha mera to mann tha ki maa arun ki gaand apni jeebh se saaf kare mai bola mai waise saaf karo jaise ek kutiya apne bacche ki karti hai Maa hasne lagi aur kahne lagi pahle decide kar le kutiyaan banu ya bhains. Maa bhains to aap ho hi but wo doodh ke samay abhi aap kutti ban jao maa arun se boli bata beta kaise saaf karu arun ne bhi

Mauke par chauka maar diya aur kaha aunty jeebh se hi kar dijiye isse aapke haath bhi gande nehi honge. Maa hasne lagi aur kahne lagi pahle hi kah deta tu aur kah kar wo arun ki gaand ke aur karreb aa gayi aur usko sunghne lagi mai bola maa kya kar rahi ho saaf karo naa maa boli beta maine aise pahle kabhi nahi ki mai bola jindagi me har cheez ka maja lena chayie maa ne ye sunti hi apni jeebh arun ki gaand me laga di aur

Usko chaatne lagi idhar mai bolne laga chaat kuttiyaan chaat mere dost ki gaand chaat. Maa ki laar tapakne lagi aur wo bhi bhi ek bhooki aurat ki tarah arun ki gaand chaate jaa rahi thi. Maa ne chaat chaat kar arun ki gaand poori chamka di aur baad me arun ke chutdo par ek pappi bhi li. Maa ka chehra tatti se san gaya tha but isme maa aur sexy lag rahi thi maa ne apna chehra saaf kiya aur boli chal anuj tub hi tatti kar le

Teri bhi saaf kar dungi mai bola maa pahle mujhe doodh peena hai uske baad arun bathroom se bahar aaya wo poora nanga hi tha aur apne tattoo ko khujaata hua maa ka blouse kholne laga Maa boli lagta hai bahut bhookh lagi hai Arun bola haan aunty bachpan ki hai maa ne kaha phir der kyu lagata hai blouse kholne me phaad de ise ye sunte hi arun ne maa ka blouse noch liya aur use phaad diya aur andar jo braa thi use

Bhi phaad diya braa khulte arun aur meri aankhen sann rah gayi aise mumme to humne blue film me bhi nahi dekhe the maa ke mumme unki naabhi tak jhool rahe the aur unke nippal bhi kaafi bade the Arun waahsi darinde ki tarah maa ke bubbu par tut gaya aur maa ka pura bubbu apne muh par bhar liya aur usme se jo amrit nikal raha tha usko piye jaa raha tha. Maa uske baalo me haath pherne lagi aur kahne lagi pee mere raja beta apni bhains doodh pee.

Arun ka haat maa ki gaand par pahuch gaya aur wo maa ke chutdo ko sahlaane laga,aur maa ke chutdo ki line me apna haath ghusa diya mujhe ye sab dekh kar jannat ka maja aa raha tha arun ne maa ke petticoat ka naada khol diya aur maa ab poori nangi thi unhone panti nahi pahni thi mai maa ke chuttad dekhna chata tha.mai maa ke peeche ho gaya waah kya chuttad the itne bade-2 golmatol maine maa ko kaha maa

Aap bed par ghodi ban jao arun aapka doodh pee lega aur mai apki gaan dki safai kar dunga maa raaji ho gayi aur bed par ghodi ban gayi aur apna bubbu phir arun ke muh me thoos diya aur mai unki gaand chaatne laga waaaah kya gaand thi itna tasty kya batau mai maa ki gaand buri tarah chaatne laga aura run maa ka bubbu. Maa ko bhi bahut accha lag raha tha aur wo apna pura bubbu arun ke muh me thoos dena chahti

Thi wo jabardasti apna mumma uske muh me ghusa rahi thi maa boli chaaton peo mujhe jitna pee sakta hon pee lo arun pee apni bhains ka doodh anuj chaat apni chudi hui kutiyaan ki gaand chaat saale chaat kutte aaj se tumhe khaane me yahi milega gaand choot aur mumme. Aur chao to jo-2 mere sharer me hai jaise mere lips wo bhi chuso meri jheeb use bhi chuso aaaah bahut maja aa raha hai mai hi saali chutiya thi

Jo aaj tak is maje ko nahi le paayi maa ki baate sunte-2 hi mera aur arun ka jhad gaya aur hum dher ho gaye.Maa ne pucha kya hua maine bola bas maa pet bhar gaya baaki baad me maa hasne lagi aur kaha agli baar se jyada khaaya aur peena tumhaari sehat banani hai dono ki ye thi meri mere dost aur maa ki pahli daastan abhi bahut kuch baaki hai jab behan bhi aayegi mama ke yaha se phir aapko bataunga aage kya hua.

Desi sex story : Didi ko Chod kar khusi diyaa

Desi sex story : Didi ko Chod kar khusi diyaa

Desi sex story  Didi ko Chod kar khusi diyaa

Hi mera naam Rahul hain aur me bagalkot, Karnataka se hoon, main ISS MOBI ka bahoot bada fan hu aur me roz stories padta hu, mera age 25 hai aur 65kg weight and 5.8” height hai aur sab ki tara be jhoot nahi bolna chata hu, mera lund ka size 6.5” hai. Mujhe incest stories bahoot pasand hai koi bhi bhabhi ya aunty or ladki agar mujh se kuch help chahiye to mujhe mail karna ***. Ye mera pehla story hai agar kuch galti ho gayi to mujhe maaf karna

Ab story pe ate hai ye story mere aur meri badi behen ke bich huwa tha 1 saal se pehle, meri didi ka naaam uma(name changed) hai aur 5.3” height 34-28-34 ka figure ki gori hai. Didi ki shaadi 5 saal pehle ho chuki hai aur wo ab Bangalore me rehti hai, baat un dino ki hai jab wo summer holidays ke liye yaha ayi thi , mere man me koi galat vichar nahi tha uske bare me aur ham log khafi frank bhi the.din yese hi hasi mazak me guzar rahe the, Hamare ghar me me, papa ,maa aur didi the achanak mere ristedar ki marne ke waze se maa aur papa ko gao jaana pada aur sham ke 7 baje nikal gaye. Aur mujhe bola gaya ki me raat jaldi ghar vapus ajau, aur mene 8 baje ghar a gaya aur ham dono khana khaye, aur garmi ki waza se didi bhi mere kamre me hi soti thi AC ki waza se. hamesha me mere bed pe sota tha didi aur maa niche bistar laga ke sote the. Us din maa nahi thi isliye mene kaha ki didi app bhi mere bed pe hi so jawo wo maan gayi. Aur wo mere business ke bare me puchne lagi aur me jiju ke bare me yesa hi 1 ghante tak baat karke ham so gaye,

AC me thad jyada hone ke waza se mera lund khada ho gaya aur me jag gaya didi so rahi thi tired hone se aur me yesi hi ek ISS pe story padte lund hilane laga aur kuch 10 min me jhad ke sogaya. Kuch 10 min baad didi mudte mujhe puchi kyat u abhi soya nahi kya. Mene kaha achanak jag gaya tha aura b so raha hu aur wo puchi ki itni der tu kyu itna hila raha tha bed ke hilne se me jag gayi mene bola thand jyada tha isliye, didi ne kaha bata kya baat hai tu pareshan to nahi hai na, aur mene frank hote hue kaha ki tumhe to pata hai na bachelor ki nind raat me kam hi rehta hai. To wo boli acha to me samaj gayi shayad tumhara khada tha isliye tu bed hila raha tha.mene ha kehdiya aur chup ho gaya

Didi: tu roz karta hai kya Me: ha Mene kaha kya me ek baat puchu wo boli ha, kya me aap ke boobs chu lu ooper se hi, wo gussa ho gayi aur boli mujh se baat mat kar me soory bola aur wo puchi kyu chu na chata hai tu to me bola roz sirf story padte, video dekhte muth marta hu aj tum thi isliye pucha ki me chu ke dekhlu ek baar aur usko mujh pe reham agaya aur boli ok chu ke dekh le me khush hoke chu ne laga aur dabane laga aur me bola didi ye to kuch mehsoos nahi ho raha hai kya me andar se chu lo plz darte huwe bola aur wo maan gayi aur me andar hath dalke maslane laga mujhe to laga jaise me jannat me hu aur mera lund khada huwa me dhire se uske bolls ko nighty se bahar liya wo to ankhe band kari huyi thi bahar nikalte hi me use chusne laga wo hat gayi aur mere request karne ke baad man gayi aur choos raha tha jaise ki madhu makkhi phool ko chosta hai,

Aise hi haat perane laga aur mene pucha ki didi plz mujhe ek kiss karne ka mouka do to boli ek hi jyada nahi me ha bolke uske rasgulla jaise honto ko chusne laga aur 5 min baad wo saath dene lagi aur me bina uske lips chode dhire se uski nighty upar uta ne laga aur utate hi me ne uske navel ko haath se choone laga wo uttejit hogayi dhire se me ne uske choot ko chu liya ab tak wo poora garam ho chuki thi kuch nahi boli jaise hi mene chuwa laga jaise jannat ka dwar hai, ek bhi baal nahi thi aur choot poora gili huwi thi aur me choot ko masalne laga aur ungli choot me ghusa diya aur andar bahar karne laga 10 min baad wo jhad gayi tab hamara 30 min ka kiss tuta aur boli kitna maza aya aj, 15 min baad kuch na bolte me uske choot ko kiss kiya aur chatne laga choot me jeebh ghusa diya aur wo aur hot ho gayi thi tezi se mere jeeb chalane laga aur wo mujhe pakad ke choot ki taraf dabane lagi, karib 15 min baad wo jhadne wali thi boli aur tez karo me jhadne wali hu aur mere muh me jhad gayi, uska saara paani chat chat ke clean kiya, badme me uske gaand chat ne laga aur gand me jeeb ghusa ne laga such batawu to us time pe mujhe uska gaand bhi bahoot tasty laga,10 min choosne ke baad chod diya.

Aur me ruk gaya. Karib 10 min ke silecne ke baad usne bola ab itna hi kar liya hai to lund ko chooswalo aur choot me bhi ghusa do, me khush hogaya aur wo mere lohe jaise lund muh me leke chosne lagi, aur tezi se choos rahi thi lekin pehle baar hone ki waza se me bahoot hot huwa tha mera precum nikalne wala tha aur me lund bahra khichne laga aur bola didi me jhadne wala hu lekin usne lund ko bahar nahi choda aur jor se choosne lage aur 5 min me uske muh me nikal diya, wo poora paani pi gayi aur boli kitna garam hai tera paani aur bahoot tsty hai.

Ab wo bhi bahoot garam ho chuki thi aur boli ab aur mat tadpawo tumhara lund ghusa do meri hot chut me aur tange khol di, me uske ooper agaya aur uske choot ko mere lund se ragdne laga aur andar ghusane laga karib 2inch andar gaya thaw o chillayi aur boli bahoot dard ho raha hai tera lund tere jeeju se bahoot bada hai dheere se dalo aur me dhirese poora lund andar ghusa diya,do min chup raha jaise hi uska dard kam huwa me jhatke dene laga aur wo aaaahhhhhhh hmmmmmmmmm chodo tere didi ko behanchod chodo mujhe,tere lund to mere chut me poora bhar gaya hai bahoot pyasi thi meri chut bahoot maza araha hai tujhse chudne me aur jor se chodo hmmmmmm aaahhhhhhhhha waaawwwwww, me bola didi tera choot mast hai usko aj phad dunga me aur apni rafter bada di, aur kabhi uske honto ko kiss kar ratha kabhi uske bolls choos raha tha, aur mere umli se uske choot ke ooper ki hissa ko masalte chod raha tha wo boli ahhhhhhhh aur jor karo me jhadne wali hoooonnnnnnnnnnnn aaaaahhhhhhhhhh aur wo jhad gayi us din wo tisri baar jhad chuki thi boli aj pehli baar jindagi me ek baar chudayi me me 3 baar jhadi hu, tu bahoot acha chodta hai aur jorse chodo is pyasi chut ko aur phad do ise aj, iska bhook mitado, me josh me ake aur jor jor se jhatke dene laga

Karib 25 min ke chdayi ke baad me jhadne wala tha aur bola me jhadne wala hu paani kaha chodu wo boli mujhe tera paani choot me chahiye uska garmi mehsoos karna chati hu, tera paani se mera choot bhar do, bhooki chut ko tumhara paani pilado aur me 2 min me uske chut ke andar hi jhad gaya, ham dono ek doosre se chipak ke so bola didi aj tumne mujhe bahoot khush kiya hai mene pehli baar kisi ko choda hai aur chudayi me itna maza tha mujhe malum nahi tha aur wo boi mene nahi tumne khus kiya hai mujhe tujhe kya pata pyasi chut ki halat kya hoti hai. I love u lot, aura b se tum kab chahe tab mujhe chod lena.

Baad me kareeb raat 2 baje mera need khuli didi ki bolls dekh ke usko choosnew laga wo dheemi awaz me boli kyu kya huwa abhi tak soya nahi kya to me uska haat leke mere khada lund pe rakha wo muskurayi aur boli theek hai aur tange kholi aur me phir choda, aur us din se aj tak jab bhi hame mouka milta hai hum chudayi karte hai.

Peeping on next door husband threesum sex with servant and wife

Peeping on next door husband three sum sex with servant and wife

Indian sex story - Peeping on next door husband threesum sex with servant and wife

It was one fine day while studying on top of the terrace that I accidentally saw three persons taking a shower in the bathroom of my neighbors house. It was about 12: 00 pm on a Saturday and I was preparing for my exams when I was distracted . It was the first time I was studying on the roof . The bathroom was located on the ground floor thereby giving me a great view from the top. The lady of the house was always on the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Her husband left her because she slept with the driver when he was in the gulf and she has had several flings after that. In fact she had even called me once for having dinner but I was restricted by my mother and was not even allowed to speak to her.

The window of the bathroom was wide open and I could see everything they were doing . However as there were no lights I had to closely look . I initially thought it was just the servant lady but then I saw a man inside too. I had seen Him before . He was the servants husband who used to normally helped out with the gardening. They were both naked and looked like they were waiting for someone. I put my books away and bent low near the terrce wall and looked on. I saw a third person enter . It was the Aunty of the she walked on the man took her hands and guided her under the shower . She then hugged him and he started kissing her all over her face and neck and body. I could see her hand reach for his cock in a hypnotic manner. Aunty was very slim and had average size tits. But looked like supermodel. The servant lady however was a fat lady with huge black tits. Her husband had a very athletic body and a very huge cock. Aunty opened the shower and started to bath . Uncle joined her from the back and the servant lady from the front. I was completely stuck and my cock was growing very hard. Aunty was now holding the servants breasts in her hand and was sucking on her tits . The man was rubbing his cock on aunties ass. After a while both the women knelt down in front of the man and started sucking his cock. After some intense sucking Aunty seemed to take a bottle from side . It looked like some oil and she started applying it on his cock. The servant was now rubbing aunties boobies . Now Aunty turned around and the man was positioning him self behind her to insert his cock into her pussy . She was holding the servant to maintain balance .in a few seconds he was aldready pounding her and her body was moving forward with every stroke he made. I just couldn’t control myself . I took my cock out and started to jerk it . I matching my strokes with theirs and felt like I was fucking Aunty myself. In a few minutes I came all over the place . My sperm even spilled over my books and I had to clean it up. They kept going with the fucking . Ocassionally he would take his cock out and the servant lady would lick it and then he would insert it back . After about 15 minutes I think he came inside Aunty . Aunty seemed to scoop the cum and make the servant lady lick her fingers. The man looked exhausted . I was totally surprised nd excited as I never expected such an experience before. They were now applying soap over each other and Aunty was even inserting her fingers and licking the servants pussy at times. I never took her for a lesbian but I loved watching her play with the servant lady. After a while they left the bathroom but the memory will always remain with me. I had tried to watch them again but the next time the bathroom window was all closed . After several attempts I lost hope and left Aunty and the servants to their fun

Desi sex story : Peep neighbor Aunty 3sum with servant & husband

Desi sex story : Peep neighbor Aunty 3sum with servant & husband

Desi sex story  Peep neighbor Aunty 3sum with servant & husband

It was one fine day while studying on top of the terrace that I accidentally saw three persons taking a shower in the bathroom of my neighbors house. It was about 12: 00 pm on a Saturday and I was preparing for my exams when I was distracted . It was the first time I was studying on the roof . The bathroom was located on the ground floor thereby giving me a great view from the top. The lady of the house was always on the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Her husband left her because she slept with the driver when he was in the gulf and she has had several flings after that. In fact she had even called me once for having dinner but I was restricted by my mother and was not even allowed to speak to her.

The window of the bathroom was wide open and I could see everything they were doing . However as there were no lights I had to closely look . I initially thought it was just the servant lady but then I saw a man inside too. I had seen Him before . He was the servants husband who used to normally helped out with the gardening. They were both naked and looked like they were waiting for someone. I put my books away and bent low near the terrce wall and looked on. I saw a third person enter . It was the Aunty of the she walked on the man took her hands and guided her under the shower . She then hugged him and he started kissing her all over her face and neck and body. I could see her hand reach for his cock in a hypnotic manner. Aunty was very slim and had average size tits. But looked like supermodel. The servant lady however was a fat lady with huge black tits. Her husband had a very athletic body and a very huge cock. Aunty opened the shower and started to bath . Uncle joined her from the back and the servant lady from the front. I was completely stuck and my cock was growing very hard. Aunty was now holding the servants breasts in her hand and was sucking on her tits . The man was rubbing his cock on aunties ass. After a while both the women knelt down in front of the man and started sucking his cock. After some intense sucking Aunty seemed to take a bottle from side . It looked like some oil and she started applying it on his cock. The servant was now rubbing aunties boobies . Now Aunty turned around and the man was positioning him self behind her to insert his cock into her pussy . She was holding the servant to maintain balance .in a few seconds he was aldready pounding her and her body was moving forward with every stroke he made. I just couldn’t control myself . I took my cock out and started to jerk it . I matching my strokes with theirs and felt like I was fucking Aunty myself. In a few minutes I came all over the place . My sperm even spilled over my books and I had to clean it up. They kept going with the fucking . Ocassionally he would take his cock out and the servant lady would lick it and then he would insert it back . After about 15 minutes I think he came inside Aunty . Aunty seemed to scoop the cum and make the servant lady lick her fingers. The man looked exhausted . I was totally surprised nd excited as I never expected such an experience before. They were now applying soap over each other and Aunty was even inserting her fingers and licking the servants pussy at times. I never took her for a lesbian but I loved watching her play with the servant lady. After a while they left the bathroom but the memory will always remain with me. I had tried to watch them again but the next time the bathroom window was all closed . After several attempts I lost hope and left Aunty and the servants to their fun

Indian Sex Story : Drunken Leela Aunty likes to be abused

Indian Sex Story : Drunken Leela Aunty likes to be abused

Indian Sex Story  Drunken Leela Aunty likes to be abused

My name is Arjun . I am currently doing my final year of engineering . As it was my final year i wanted to prepare hard for the exams so my aunt Leela told my mom I could stay with her in Cochin as uncle was working overseas and she was afraid to stay alone too especially after an incident of robbery took in their neighbors house.
I was totally excited as Aunty was probably the most Hottest mature chick I’ve seen in my life. I moved in as soon as I could. Aunty never had any children and her husband only came once in a year . She was extremely lonely and Sad most of the time. I would sometimes go drinking with my friends to the bar and one day I was too drunk I could barely make it to aunties house. I was afraid Aunty would become angry but When she opened the door she just smiled. I don’t remember anything after that but when I woke up the next day Aunty had breakfast ready for me.

While sitting for breakfast Aunty smile and said ” do you remember anything about yesterday.” I was embarrassed and put my face down.

Lela Aunty: “you went flat on the sofa . When I came to put you onto the bed you kept saying ” Aunty I love . Aunty I love you. I want to kiss you Aunty . (Giggles). I had to put my hands on your mouth coz u were screaming. I had to kiss you just to keep you silent.

Me : “I’m really sorry Aunty I was too drunk yesterday. This is the first time . ” I could not face her . I was afraid she would tell uncle.

Leela Aunty: “don’t worry Arjun . You slept off very fast and besides I enjoyed it too. But I don’t want you to drink with your friends. I can drink at home . I will give you company . i will give you money . Buy a bottle of whiskey when you come from college.”

I was totally amazed by her reaction . That evenin i ran to the store and bought a bottle of signature as she requested. When she opened the door she was looking 10 years younger. She had dark lipstick on her. She was wearing a sleeveless blouse and saree. The material was soo thin I could almost see her tits . They were the size of huge melons and I couldn’t help but stare at her beauty.

Leela Aunty : ” did u get the bottle, Arjun

Me : oh yeaaa”

Aunty: why don’t u take a bath and come while I prepare some bites .

I didn’t waste any time . I ran to my room and took a quick shower and by the time I came back Aunty had aldready set the table. She had placed 2 glasses on the sofa table and was waiting for me. I came over and sat opposite Aunty.

Kerala Aunty: come sit near me Arjun . It’s easier to pour the whiskey. I used to always pour uncles drinks for him. U remind me of uncle . I want to see what u will do today after u get drunk. Hehe.

Me : Aunty, I will not get drunk today .but I am so happy to have drink with you. It was always my dream.

Aunty :” we will see who gets drunk. “. She poured me my first drink and said ” drink up” . I took a bottoms up. It was very strong . She kept pouring me drinks after drinks . In between she would drink a shot too. She looked totally hot and sexy sipping on her glass.

After about an hour of drinking and chitchat I was aldready feeling high. I was now getting restless and all I could think off was of lifting aunties saree up and sticking my cock into her pussy.Aunty realized it from my eyes and she put her hands on my thighs and started rubbing it.

Aunty: Arjun , if you want you can kiss me. I want you to kiss me.

I was so horny I didn’t wait to reply . I just grabbed her face and started kissing her lips. I put my tongue all the way in and started rolling it in and out . We exchanger salivas and out faces were all sloppy . She started moaning and her hands reached for my face. Her long nailed pierced my face in the mood and caused a little bleeding. The pain made me grab her hair and pull her back hard. She loved it and started begging me to treat her as my slave.

Aunty: Arjun, slap me Arjun on my face . Treat me any way you want . When you kissed me yesterday I wanted you to fuck me so badly.

I bent over and slapped her face just as she wanted me to. She kept begging me for more. I kept slapping and kissing her alternately till her face was red . I kept caressing her face in between to ease the pain. I was feeling so much in control. I then pulled her saree top and used both my hands to rip off her blouse . She just at ther helpless letting take control of her.

I then grabbed her hair again and pulled her to the ground. She was on her knees now .

Me: take my cock out and suck it u fucking bitch.

Aunty: yes Arjun , let me suck ur dirty cock. I want to taste ur sperm .give me all ur salty cum.

She pulled my boxers out and took my cock in her hands and started stroking gently. I didn’t have the patience. I pushed her hands away and took my cock in my hands and started jerking it myself.

I shoved my cock into her mouth and for a minute she was gasping for her breath. But she loved it when I choked her with my cock . She was finding it hard to take the entire cock in and had to puke out the whiskey she drank.

She then took another glass of whiskey and and poured it over my cock and started to lick it like a lolly pop.

After a while I was tired of her sucking . I pulled her back . I took th remaining whiskey in the glass , sipped on it and swapped the whiskey into her mouth.

Me : u like that don’t u Aunty. She just kept moaning all the way. I want u to drink my pee now .

Aunty : aaarhhhh yes Arjun . Pee on me Arjun . I want to bath in ur pee.

I took my cock and directed onto her face and started to pee. The drinking had filled my bladder and I could pee forever. I drenched her top to bottom in my urine. She had kept mouth open the whole time .

Aunty : hmmmm yummy baby now fuck me Arjun . I want your wet cock in my pussy. Show me me how good you can fuck.

I threw her down on the floor .i knelt in front of her and lifted her legs over my shoulder. I then pulled off her pink panties and threw it it away. I took the remaining whiskey bottle and poured all of it onto her . I then guided my dick into her wet pussy. I lay over her and started pounding her hard. Her hands reached for my ass pulling it towards her . Her finger nails scratching my ass causing me to react by slapping her face while fucking her deep.

I kept saying ” Lela Aunty , I love u bitch . Ur such a sweet lil fuckin whore.

Aunty : I love you too Arjun.

I kept slapping her and she kept begging me for more.

Finally I grabber her neck in my hands and with one final thrust came inside.

I pulled out and lay down beside her. We kissed the night away and finally took a shower together before sleeping.

Ever since that day I have only had drinking sessions with leela Aunty and she also taught many new ways to use alcohol to stimulate our sexual experience.

Indian sex story : Aunty tight gaand phaadi

Indian sex story : Aunty tight gaand phaadi


I am Anuj sharing with a beautiful & hot story of my freind vinay and her sexy mom. Vinay was my classmate and we are very close freind to each other. Mera unke ghar regular jana ana tha aur mai unke family member ki tarah tha. Mai unki family ke har function ko attend karta tha.

Vinay ki mom ka nam Sushma tha wo bahut hi sexy lady thi, itni khoobsurat ki noor uske badan ke har hisse se tapakta tha gora rang, kale kale gunghrale bal aur balon ki lat jo uske chehre par thi usse wo aur bhi khubsurat aur sexy lagti thi. Sev jaise lal lal gal, ji kare unko dekhte hi chum liya jaye. Wo apni body figure ka kafi khayal rakhti thi. 45 ki umar me bhi 35 se jyada nahi lagti thi. Unka body figure tha 36-30-36 aur kad 5ft 5inch ka.Unke kale kale lambe, silk jaise bal jo ki unke chutaron(Mast bhari Gaand) ko chhute the, to unko aur bhi sexy bana dete the. Wo chalti thi to unki bari aur Mast Gaand ke hilte the to dekhkar dil me sex hilore lene lagta tha, kya kasa hua badan tha unka,gora chitta rang, Bhaari Bhaari golai liye boobe ,unme sex aur sundarta bharpur di thi.

Aunty jyaadtar akeli rahti thi, pata nahi unka samay kaise gujarta hoga, kaise wo rat bitati hogi. Mai sada se unki taraf akarshit hota tha, to unse kabhi kabhi flirt bhi kar leta tha. Wo bahut hi hasheen aur khusmijaj thi. Mai sochta tha ki aunty akele kaise rat ko soti hongi. Wo low cut ka blowse pahanti thi, jisse unki Bhaari boobe ki golaiya saf jhankti thi,lekin mai hamesh hi uski taraf akarshit rahta tha, aur jab bhi unse milta to unke boobe and body ko dekhta rahta.kya batau dosto unke bare mai unke wo Bhaari Bhaari boobe wo mast moti gand dekh ke mai aaj bhi mast ho jata hu,aunty ki gaand bahut bhari thi aur chaudi ahi par ek khaas baat ye thi unki gaand ek dum tight the jara bhi latke nahi the kahi se ,baaki aap sab samajhdaar hai.
Dheere dheere mujhe mehsoos hone laga ki Aunty to mujh per line marne lagi hein. Vinay ke samne to wah normal rehti per uski absence aksar mujhe bulati. Kabhi apni sari ka pallu blouse se neeche janboojhkar gira deti to kabhi saree ko knee tak kisi bahane uper kar deti. Ek din to aisa huwa ki wah bedroom mein gayi jiska door drawing room ke sath tha aur door open rakhe huye apni saree change karne lagi.
Saree utarne ke bad usne peticoat ko thoda dheela kiya galti se ya jaanboojhkar uska peticoat sarak kar jameen per aa gaya aur uski gori mast jangho, Bhaari Bhaari Chhutad mujhe dekhne ka muka mil gaya. Usne black colour ki panty pehan rakkhi thi jo uske Chhutad ke middle mein nazar bhi mahi aa rehi thi. Fir usne jaldi se peticoat uper karke pehan liya aur fir saree change karke wapas drawing room mein aa gayi per uski eyes se mujhe aisa laga ki usne ye sab mujhe excite karne ke liye kiya hai.Mujhe ab yeh pakka vishwas ho gaya tha ki she desire a man aur mein unke sab se near tha. Wah mujhe aksar jab Vinay nahi hoti to late evening mein kisi na kisi bahane bulati thi. Per wah kabhi bhi excite karne wali batein nahi karti thi per apni activity se mujhe excite karne ki koshish karti thi.
Achanak aunty ki mausi ke ladke ki shadi ka bulawa aa gaya. Shaadi me meerut jana tha, lekin uncle ko company se chhutti mil nahi pa rahi thi aur Vinay Exam ke kaaran nahi ja sakta tha aur aunty akele jana nahi chahti thi. Aunty ka man rakhne ke liyee uncle ne meri mummy se mujhe aunty ke saath shaadi me bhejne ko kaha. Meri bhi chhuttiyan chal rahi thi isileye mummy ne haan kar di. Mai bhi bada khush tha aunty ke saath jakar. Agle din raat me hum dono rickshaw se station chal deeye, rickshaw me Aunty ke saath ekdum satkar baithne me mujhe bada anand mil raha tha, Aunty ke gudgude chuttar mujhse ragad kha-kha kar meri utejana badha rahe the.
Station me sab koi aunty ko hi dekh raha tha ,sabki najar aunty ke chutdo par thi.Jaise hee Train aayee log buri tarah se uspar toot pade, Aunty mujhse aage thi aur main unke thik peeche. Train mein chadhte samay mera Louda Aunty ke vishal chuttaroun ko takra raha tha, mujhe bada maja aa raha tha, socha kaash samay yahin par rook jaaye aur main Aunty ki Mast bhari Gaand se apna Louda ragadta rahoon. Jaise -taise hum log Train me chad gaye, par Train buri tarah se bhari huyee thi isileye seet khaali nahi thi.
Train me light nahi thi,shayad kuch kharaabi aa gayee thi,train ek dum khacha khach bhari hui thi.aunty mere aage khadi thi ,jiske kaaran unke bare bare chutad ka bhar mere laude pe par raha tha,aur mere dosto mera jo haal uss samay ho raha tha mai bas labsoon me bayaan nahi kar sakta ,shayad 20-30 kg ke bhari chutad aap ke upper aa jaye to aapka haal kaisa hoga,train bhi male thi isliye koi stoppage nahi tha aur mujhe aunty ke saath aise hi position me rahna tha,mai aunty ke badan ki kushboo bj soogh raha tha,Train speed pe speed badti jaa rahi thi aur yahaan mera lauda bhi ger pe ger dalte jaa raha tha aur pura tann gaya tha aur aunty ki gaand me dhass gaya tha.
Ab aunty ne ye mahsoos kar liya tha isliye wo baar piche mere chehre par dekh rahi thi par aunty ne position nahi badly,maine mehsoos kiya ki aunty bji baar apne chutdo ko hila rahi thi ,andhera hone ke kaaran ab wo enjoy karne lagi ,maine kisi tarah himmat kar ke apne dono haath aunty ki kamar par lappet liye ,aunty ne saari pahni thi aur unki kamar nangi thi jaisi ki saari me sabki hot hai ,jab aunty koi reaction nahi kiya to mujhe yakeen aa gaya ki aunty bhi majaa lene lagi hai ,ye bharosa dilaane ke liye unone apne haath mere hatho pe rakh diye,ab mai ne apna lauda unse aur sata diya ,jiska aunty ne tanik bhi virodh nahi kiya,haa unke moo se anh ki awaaj nikli thi,ab mai pura pagal ho gaya tha aur fir maine apne haath aunty ke boobo par rakh diya,aur dheere dheere se dabaane laga, aunty ne mujhe kuch nahi kaha.
Ek ghante tak mai aunty ke boobo se khelta raha ,fir achaanak aunty ne apna haath piche ghomaa ke ke mera lauda paint ki upar se hi pakar liya aur kuch der sahlaati rahi ,pata nahi unke mann me kyaa aya ki unone meri paint khol ke mera lauda haath me pakar liyaa aur muth maarne lagi 15-20 minute ke baad mere saara garam garam maal aunty ki kamar aur gaand par gir gaya,aur maine phir ek thandi saans bhari.
Train meerut me par pahoonch gayee thi, hum Train se neechey utre to Aunty ki mausi ka ladka unhe lene ke liye aaya huwa tha bike lekar, shayyad uncle ne unhe phone kar diya hoga ki hum aa rahe hai. Unhone Aunty se bag lekar oose aage diggy ke paas paraon rakh liya, aur mujhe beech me baithne ko kaha. Main bech me baith gaya aur Aunty mere peechey bilkul mujhse chipak kar baith gayee. rasta bilkul ubad-khabd sa tha jisse bike bahut hil-dool raha tha aur isse Aunty ki boobe baar-baar mujhse ragad kha rahi thi, such me aisa lag raha tha jaise uski nukili chuchiyaan meri peeth me chhed karne ki koshish kar rahi hon. Mera Louda hillore maar raha tha aur mausi ki gaand me jaane ki koshish kar raha tha,par mai jaanta tha ki waha to NO ENTRY hai. Aunty ka ek haath khood ko sambhlne ke chakkar me baar-baar meri jhaang par aa jata tha, ek baar to Aunty ne mere khade huwe Louda par haath rakh diya tha. Main phir utejna se pagal huwa ja raha tha. Aadhey ghantey ke safar ke baad Aunty ki mausi ka ghar aa gaya aur hum bike se neechey uttar gaye. Jaiase hee main neechey uttar kar khada huwa Aunty ne mera pant me khada huwa Louda dekh liya
Main wahin ek kone me diwar ki taraf jakar late gaya aur Aunty ke hasin khyalaun me kho gaya, kab meri aankh lag gayee pata hee nahi chala.Bahar jor ki bearish ho rahi thi aur bizli garzne ki awazen aa rahi thi. Light bhi ja chuki thi aur ek halka sa lamp bahar baramde me jal raha tha jiski roshni halki – halki teeno kamro me ja rahi thiAchanak mujhe laga ki Aunty meri razai me ghoos gayee hain, mujhe unke badan ki khushboo se aisa laga lekin yakin karne ke liye maine halki si aankh khol kar dekha to such me wo Aunty hi thi. bus phir kya tha meri to jaise neend hee ukhad gayee. Kamre me jagah to kam thi par sone wale zyada the isiliye Aunty meri razai me bilkul mujhse chipak kar late gayee. Meri muh unki peeth ki taraf tha aur unke bhari-bhari chuttar jaise mere Louda lo sametne ko betab nazar aa rahe the. Main bhi jaan boojh kar thoda aur aage ko sarak gaya, ab mera laund Aunty ki Mast bhari Gaand se ekdum sat gaya aur andar ghoosne ka rasta dhoondhne laga. Mera Louda tan kar kafi lamba ho gaya tha aur shayyad Aunty bhi jarror uski kathorata mahsoos kar rahi thi.
Tabhi kise ne bahar ka lamp band kar diya aur sab chupchap hokar razion me dubak gaye. Tabhi Aunty ne meri taraf karwat badli aur ab mera mooh Aunty ke blouse se aadhi bahar ufanti unki Mast bhari Gaand ke bilkul beech me tha. Maine apna saans rok liya aur Mast bhari Gaand ki mehak mahsoos karne laga. Ab mera man unhe peene ke liye betab ho utha tha, maine thoda dabab daalkar mooh ko aur andar blouse me ghoosa liya parantoo nipple abhi bhi meri pakad se bahar thi. Main bekaboo hota ja raha tha aur pura sharer garam lohe ki tarah tapne laga tabhi maine kaanpte haathon se Aunty ke blouse ko thoda sa neechey kheench diya jisse unki upper wali boobe ki inipple mere mooh me aa gayee or maine turant use muh pakad kar choosna shuroo kar diya. Tabhi Aunty ne apna haath mere sir ke peechey rakha aur mujhe apni aur daba liya. Aunty mere baalon ko sahlane lagi aur main needar hokar unki boobe peene laga, Aunty ne apne dusre haath se apna blouse bra samet upar ko kheench liya jisse unki dono motet Boobe ab ekdum nangee mere mooh me ghoosne ko machal rahi thi, Aunty ki mote Boobe kafi badi aur kathor thi. Unki nipple bhi bilkul matar ke daane jaise thi lekin mere chooste-chooste unki nipple angoor ke daano ki tarah thodi moti ho gayee thi. Aunty mujhe pyar se sahla rahi thi aur mera Louda garam lohe ki tarah dhdhak raha tha, tabhi Aunty ne apne ek haath se mere Louda ko pakad kar sahlana shuroo kar diya.
Ab maine bhi thoda upper ukaskar Aunty ke gulabi gallon ko Chussna shuroo kar diya. Aunty bhi mujhe betahasha chumne lagi aur mere Louda ko ek dum nanga kar ke apni choot se ragadne lagi. Aunty bilkul madhosh ho chuki thi, maine bhi zor -zor se onoAunty kimote Tight Boobon ko sahlana aur Chussna shuroo kar diya. Hum dono isee tarah lagbhag aadhey ghantey tak masti ki naiya pe sawari karate rahe, phir Aunty ne mujhe apne upper kheench liya aur mere Louda ko pakad kar apni garam-garam choot me daal liya. Ab maine zor-zor se Aunty ko chodna shuroo kar diya, main pehli baar kisi aurat ko chod raha tha aur mujhe bada anand mil raha tha. Aunty ne apni dono Mast bhari Gaand ko apne haathon me pakad rakha tha aur main chodte samay unhe baar-baar aam ki tarah choos raha tha, mujhe aisa lag raha tha jaise main amrit paan kar raha hoon, ab main jhadne hi wala tha aur shayad Aunty bhi isliye hamne zor-zor se hulchal shuroo kar di, maine bhi 10-15 jhatke zor se maare aur mere andar se garam-garam jwalamukhi Aunty ki choot me pighlne laga, Aunty ne bhi mujhe zor se apni bahon me samet liya jaise wo mujhme sama jana chahti thi. Maine bhi Aunty ke gallon ki pappiyan khayeen aur unse chipatkar so gaya,
Subah main jab so kar ootha to dekha aunty mujhe chay ke liye bol rahi thi. Unke chehre par shararat bhari muskaan thi, mujhe raat wali baat yaad aye lekin yakin nahi ho raha tha, isiliye maine apne ko chutki kaat kar dekha tab mujhe pata chala ki maine raat such me kila fateh kar liya tha. Aunty mujhe chai dekar chali gayee. Main chai peete-peete raat wali baton me khoya raha. 10 baje barat jaani thi isiliya main nahane chala gaya. Nahakar aaya to maine aunty se bag se mere kapde nikalne ko kaha, aunty mujhe apne saath andar room me le gayee aur bag se mere kapde nikalne lagi, oos samay kamre me hamare siway koi nahi tha, jaise hee aunty bag se kapde nikalne ko jhooki maine aunty ko peeche se daboch liya aur unki choochiyon ko bheench diya. Aunty ne mujhe peeche jhidak diya aur boli koi aa jayega. Aunty bhi naye kapdon me khoob sundar lag rahi thi. Maine kamre se bahar jaate samay unke gollon ki zordar pappy le lee.
Ghurchari huwi, khoob nach-gana huwa par mera dhyan to sirf aunty ki taraf hee tha. Akhirkaar barat rawana huyee, mujhe ek matador me aunty aur dursri aurton ke saath jana tha. Main peechhey jakar baith gaya tabhi bhi aunty bhi jaan-boojhkar peechhey mere paas sat kar baith gayee. Maine aunty ko chori-chori choona shuroo kar diya, aunty ne bhi mauka dekhkar mera lund daba diya. Maine chupchap aunty ki saari ke neechey se unki choochiyon ko sahlana shuroo kar diya. Poore restey hum isee parkar maza lete rahe.baarat pahunchee khana-peena huwa, phere huwe. Raat ko wapsi me phir mujhe aunty ke saath hee aana tha, phir maine andhere ka fayda oothkar aunty ki bharpoor jawani ke maze loote. Poore rastey aunty ne mujhe apni choochiyan pilayee.
Raat ko sote samay fir main aunty ka intzaar kar raha tha, lekin aunty thi ki aane ka naam hee nahi le rahee thi. Raat ke 3 baz chooke the aur abhi tak aunty sone ke liye aane nahi aaye thi. Mere sabar ka baandh toot raha tha tabhi dusri aurton ke saath aunty ke ki aahat soonkar main muh fer kar so gaya. Aunty ne light band ki aur maere hi razai me aakar mujhse chipak kar so gayee. Maine palatkar aunty ko choomna shuroo kar diya aur ooska dhodh peekar oose phir choda. Ees tarah aunty ab mujhe anek baar apni choot ka maza de chooki hai aur ab to maine ek baar ooski gaand bhi maari hai.

Mom fuck story – Saasu maa ki boor phada

Sis mom fuck  – Mom fuck story – Saasu maa ki boor phada

sis Mom fuck

My wife name is charulata, when we got married in india and then afterwards charu came to U.S. charu and i have good marriage life .
charu is so sexy and beutiful and nice and gorgeous boobs (dhayla) and her ass
(gand) lokks like nice water melons and her sexy boobs (stans) are always ready to come out from her sexy silky blouse,. Chraru’s size is 38c-30-36. she looks like
Rambha, when charu wears sari and silk sleevless blouse and trasparent light blue color sari on black sleevless blouse she looks like actress. & charu’s big lips are always red with lipstick and her eyebrow looks black and eyelids color silver and blue . she looks like very very sexy and beutiful.
But after few months charu became pregnent and i need to help some body tofor household works and other things. so we decided to call charu’s mother mangla devi to help her in housework.
When mangladevi came to airport , me and charu went to receive her at airport and mangladevi is not that old but age of 52 still she lokks sexy and little plump but also beautiful , Mangladevi wears sari and silk low cut blouse , that any body can see her big titts, (Dhaylas) clevage her blouse is so tight that i can see her big eracted nipples form her tarnsparent sari, which comming out from herblouse and sari, ,To look at that my lund (Cock) is standing up in my pants . mangladevi look at me and smile , i asked her about her an , my father in law who is travelling in urope, for some business purpose .
When we came home from airport ,and came to the house, charu hug my mother in law mangladevi, while doing this mangla’s face was front of mee and charu ‘s face was at other side of me , so huged for while kiss each other at chicks, while mangla is smiling at me and then Mangla blink her eyes at me
and smile with passion. then charu said to me that Jamiraj (SON In LAW) Maheshkumar meet your SASU (mother in law), then charu went to kitchen to make some tea for everybody ,Then mangladevi turn around talked to me and she (Mangla) spread her hands to hug me , so I also open my hands and hug her ,Mangla was lightley huging me , but i already squeezed her tightly and my hands are rubbing her back on her silky blouse and her waist(Kamer) then i moved my hands on her blouseand bra’s straps from outside , then mangla was telling me maheshkumar that is enough now , i am not leaving for few years, but she was saying that , meanwhile i rubbed my hands on her Big ASS (GAND,)
and her CHutted ASs , rubbing, squeezing and presiing hards from both hands , my eract COCK (LODO) was tuching in her sexy thigs(JANGO)and her PUSSY (BHOSDI) and also she did not said any thing but mangla smiled and said jamairaj Chodo, charu will come any second , HAMNA NAHI ,(not now) so i knew that my sasu (M I L) will let me fuck her any day. BUT my lund (COCK) is so hard , mangla devi laughed and look at my pant and said that I will have to take care of your eract pol(lodo). and i also laugh.
Mangladevi will let me fuck her choot easily any time. mean while Charu came , we drink tea and eat some snacks, Then charu says that iam going to take bath & freshen up ,i said ok, she went to bathroom, mean while me and mangladevi put her bags in her room, Mangla devi opening her bags and taking her saris , clothes and everything , then she told me that i brought for you silk shirts and pants and silk kurta &surval etc. i was watching her TITTS (dhaylas) because her sexy sarees paloo fall down from her soldier and her big boobs try push out from her silky sleeveless blouse &i was staring at her BOOBS, dhaylas and mangladevi look at me &said kya dekh reha ho, jamairaj,mahesh, ( what r u looking son in law mahesh,) Maine jawab dia , mangladevi tumare big Mangos(keri) coming out from your silky blouse, and i am thinking of drinking of mamgo pulp (Ras) ,& thinking of pulp may be thin or thick ? And then mangla said maheshkumar ,jamairaj, (S.I.L.) abhi to nazers pilo, (Drink by eyes only,)
After dinner u can taste it. But my Cock is already stood up in my pants, so i
can resist my self and i walk to near her, wher mangla is sitting and i go back to her , Before she reliazed , i sat behind her and put my hands under her armpits,and put my hands on her big BOOBS(mangos), rubbing my hands on her big titts and nipples from silky sexy blouse, squeezing, pressing, rubbing all over balls (DHAYLAS),and also circleing on her poke out NIPPLES (ditdee), then i put my lips on her sexy big ears , and biting her ears, then i put my lips on hersexy silky red big lips and sucking her sexy lips, and putting my toung in her mouth and kissing all over her face and neck, & Mangla also responding me kissing (CHUMMA)in my mouth and also mangla is pulling my toung in her mouth
and doing french kissing (CHUMBANS) and mangla was so excited that She was loudly saying that ,” Maheshkumar, mane chhodi nakho, mane tamaro lodo (LUND) mari choot ma nakhi do,mari choot (PUSSY) fadi nakho, mara jamiraj maheshkumar mane masli nakho.aah—- aaaa hh aaaahaaa maro bhosdo uchhala mare chhe” (majeshkumar fuck me hard,Give me your cock( LUND)
Put your big cock (LODO)in my pussy (BHOSDI) put your cock in my big pussy and tear my pussy aprt,my son in law mahesh.,my pussy is going up and down wildly.
But i knew that charu will come out from bathroom any minute, so i gave her last kiss on her lips & sexy mouth and we sat in diffrent side .
I will be watching to fuck my sexy manglarani ,sasu( MIL ) and after few days
I got good cance , one evening charu complained that she didn’t feel well,
so , after dinner, she want to go to bed early 7.30pm , and i gave her Some tylonal and sleeping pills. she took it &went to bedroom and go to sleep fast.
Iwas watching T.V. in living room ,and mangladevi cleaning in kitchen, after 20 minuets she came in livingroom and asked me What r u watching jamairaj? I
purposley put some sexy, romantic & hot movie on tv . i said that iam watching movie, then Mangladevi said Can i watch movie wth you ? i said of course, why not you will enjoy it, because before i saw that movie that one was
with hot and some nude presentation. Mangla came ,near me sit on same sofa
few inches away, in my mind i was happy,thati will fuck her this evening .

But i want to make sure that charu is really sleeping,so i
i can’t be disturbed by charu on my love making operation,with her mother and my sasu (MIL). so i checked her ,that charu was sleeping peacefully in deep slleep.
It was about 8.00 pm ,me & mangla are watching sexy movie, in one scene sexy song hero was touching her bodyand putting his hand all over her body rubbing on her ass and tiits and cheeks and navel and sexy belly.Me &Mangladevi watching that scene,and I moved my hand on sofa and slightly put on her soldier
and caressing my hand on her arm slowly i moved my hand on her breast (TITTS<BOOBS)gently i was moving my hand on her boobs(DHAYLA), i can feel her sexy SILKY BRA’scups and padding and straps .by watching the movie mangla also came very closer to me and mangla put her one hand on my thigh (JANG),
and runbbing on my from knee to upper part of nearby COCK(LUND) , doing this my giant cock lodo starting to earact &comming out out from pant .and my hands get roughly squezed her boobs and nipple, and i put my mouth on her sexy red lips and biting her sexy lower lip as well as upper lip and putting my toung in her mouth , then manglarani my mother in law so excited that she was saying anything, fuck me haaaaard ——- fu—ck my pu–ssy,fadi nakh my pussy (TEAR MY PUSSY Apart) mane chhodi nakh, madar chhod, GIve me your big cock lund,aaaha— aiiiiaaai then i slept mangla,, on my lap and i opened her silky blouse and sucking her big mangos (TITTS) and big brown earacted nipples(DITTEDI) , and she got so excited she pulled my shirt and suck my musculine chest and give me so pleasure, mangla was so aroused that one hand was rubbing on my pant and saying that maheshkumar you got big lund—–COCK ,u fuck my daughter charu everyday, tonight you fuck me hard , muze chhdke meri bur ko fad dal sala jamai, jamai hua to kya hua ,teri sans(MIL) ko aje chhd de mera bhosda ko fad de,
Then i took out my pant &nicker ,mangla surprised looking at my big COCk LUND and sala LODO to moto ghoda (HORSE) jevo rakhyo chhe(SALA u have big dick like horse) muze chhod chood–ker mari bhosdi (BUR)ko BHOsdo banivi de , i took my lund & put on her choot and pressed hard on her pussy mangla screamed and I started to go up and down I fucked her all night then mangla rani suck my bog cock also,

Indian sex story : Sexy bhabi ki mast chudai

Indian sex story : Sexy bhabi ki mast chudai

Indian sex story Sexy bhabi ki mast chudai
Hi, yeh kahani bilkul suchi hai, aur sari kahani MUMBAI me hue hai, lekin sub koi samaj sake is liye hindi me likhi hey. Mera naam RAJ SHAH hai, mey 26 saal ka hu, 5 ft, 5 inch lumba hu, aur mera lund 7 inch lumba hai.

Meri bhabhi Nishi, 5ft, 3inch lumbi hai, vo bhi 25 saal ki hai, aur figure 36D-32-36 hey, bahot gori aur sharp features hey. Bhabhi ka bhari bahri gaand aur boobs hai.

Mera bada bhai, sagar ki sadi hui ek saal tin mahina huva hey. Last 6 months business me bahot teji anne se sagar bhaiya raat ko 12 baje tuk kam karte hai.

Ek din jab sab log so gaye, main usi tarha Nishi ke paas ja kar so gaya. Aur maine to decide kar liya tha key aaj kuch to kar ke rahoonga. Sab So jaane ke baad. Maine ek koshish ki maine pahle unke karib jakar late gaya, phir ahista se, unke BOOBS par haat phiraya, aur aahista aahista se dabane laga, Mujhe aisa lag raha tha ke who bhi mood main aarahin hai. Phir maine unke cotton wale kameez main halke se haat daala, jab mera haat unke Soft Boll par gaya tab mere haat main unka spanch wala bra tha. Jo mujhe disturb kar raha tha.

Is daoraan meri dhadkane taz ho rahi thi. Phir maine apni unglion se unke bra ko hatane ki koshis ki. Par naakam raha, kyoun ki mere aisa karne se who thoda sa hilne lagi aur main fouran apna haat hataliya. Lakin, kuch dare baad main khud hi hairaan ho gaya, Kyon ki mere lund par Nishi ka haat tha, Aur dekhte hi dekhte unhon ne halke se mere lund ko masalna shuru kiya. Mujhe to yakin hi nahin aaraha tha. Unke aisa karne se mujhe bhi josh aagya. Maine unhe advance main apni zip khol kar apna lund unke haat main de diya (LO MASLO MERE LAND KO, AHHHHHH, OHHHHHH). Aur unhone such me masalna shuroo kiya. Main to apne aap main nahin raha.

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Mey apna lund sabun se sink dhoya aur hum do no ne kapde pahen liya mey bhabhi ko baho me leke bahot chumban kiya aur puchha kya tumhara dever chudai ke layak hai ?

Bhabhi ne pyarse muje chumban diya aur boli thank for chudai, aab to tumhari paas hi achhi tarah chudvaungi.

Desi sex story : Sexy Didi Raashi ki chudai

Desi sex story : Sexy Didi Raashi ki chudai
sex story didi ki fck

hi all lets begin, baat us samay ki hai jab mai apni 10+2 ki exam de kar apne gaon aaya tha arround 2 months ke liye. mai hamesha ki tarah nisha ko hamesha chodata tha jab bhi mauka milta tha.mera ghar kaphi bada hai pure family me only 5 members hai as u know that. par mughhe shuru se hi kisi aur ke bare me sochne ki aadat pad gae thi wo thi meri didi roshni jo ki mere se 4 years badi hai.main hostle me uske naam par moonth marta tha and nisha ko chodte samay bhi mughe usi ka khayal aata tha.

roshni didi ke bare me kya batauo oh i can’t explain she is so sexy and attractive. gora dhoodh ke jaisa rang bilkool soft scean , uski ideal match aayesha takiya hai. now u can guess how she is. uski choochiyan kafi badi thi
uski gand aisi thi oh jab wo chalti thi to lagata tha jaise do ped (tree) hawa me masti se jhoom rahe hon. par mere raste me ek bahut bada kata tha uska image ghar me bilkool pdne likhne wali and rigonal (dharmik) tha.
mai hamesha yahi sonchta tha ki main is mast kali ko kaise masloon. wo hamesha upar ke kamre me rahti thi upar koi aur bahut kam hi jata hai. usne ek room ko apna study room liya tha. wo kuchh years se kuchh jayada hi seprate rahne lagi thi. maine usse ek do bar puchha bhi tum itni alag kyon rehti ho. wo boli nahi aise bhi ghar me hain hi kitne log is liye hamesha kitabon me apna man laga leti hoon but im happy don’t wary , tum apni chootiyan thik se manao. main bola as u wish. wo jab bhi kahin jati thi to apne room ko lock kar ke jati thi.

maine nisha aur maa se puchha tha ki didi hamesh apna darwaja lock kar ke kyon jati hai to bataya uski aadat hai, aise hi. kisi ko phark nahi padta tha par mere sexy dimag mme kuch sak hone laga ki aakhir wo aisi kyon hai .
maine ek baar chupke se uske tale ki doosri chabhi banwai aur mauke ki intejaar me rahne laga ki aakhir aisa kya hai jo wo chhupana chahti hai ya phir darti hai kisi baat se.

aakhir ek baar mujhe ye mauka mil hi gaya pados me chacha ke yahan shadi thi sab wahan chale gaye main akela hi ghar par tha sabhi late night hi aane wale the saath me didi bhi. main chavhi le kar darwaja khola ek bed chairs and a table tha almilar jo ki kitabon se bhari hue thi. maine saara room chhan mara mughe un kitabon me kuchh aisi kitaben mile jisne mere armaano ko satwe aasman pe pahucha diya. guess what kamsutra ki kitaben, sex toys use karne ke tarike and other things. mere khushi ka thikana nahi raha. phir maine achhi tarah se chek kiya to kuchh sex toys bhi mile mere man me ldoo phoot rahe the ab maine sonch liya tha ki is sexy smart and clever behan ko toys ke badle original lund doong wo bhi 9” ka .sali chhupi rustam nikli. par prob abhi bhi tha usse kaise pataon chodne ke liye. mere shaitani dimag me ek idea aaya maine window me ek ched kar di. phir main bhi shadi me chala gaya. raat ko jab wapas laute to sabhi thake hue the sone chal diye. par mughe neend nahi aarahi thi mughe to roshni ki choochiyan aur gand dikhaye de raha tha..

………ek ghante entejaar ke baad main upar didi ke room ke paas aa gaya aur window se dekhne laga. mere honsh ud gaye koi aur bhi tha jise nind nahi aarahi thi meri most sexy and horny didi roshni. andar ka view bahut hi romanchak tha didi ke badan par ek bhi kapde nahi the wo ek book pad rahi thi aur ek haath se apni choochi masal rahi thi doosre haanth se ek toy lund le kar apne **** me daal rahi thi dheere dheere shishak rahi thi , main use dekh kar pagal ho gaya. mughse ab bilkool sehan nahi ho raha tha mera lund upar niche hone laga sex ke karan usme dard ho raha tha.

maine didi ko wahi se aawaj lagai didi to wo chok kar window ki taraf dekhi wo ghabra gae aur apna gaun pahane lagi maine kaha didi darwaja kholo . usne kuch nahi kaha aur darwaja khol diya. main andar aya meri saanse tej ho rahi thi. maine pooncha kya kar rahi thi to usne kaha kuch nahi bas study kar rahi thi kyon neend nahi aa rhi kya? maine kaha tum bhi to nahi soeeee kahte hue maine table par rakhi kitab utha li to didi ne jaldi use mere haant se lena chaha par maine nahi diya aur khol kar dekhne laga , maine kaha ye kya hai uske chehre pasina aane laga wo kuchh nahi bol rahi thi . maine kaha main sab dekh raha tha window se ab wo bilkool moorti ke tarah ho gae thi . maine mauke ka fayada utha kar darwaza sata diya aur didi ko bistar par baitha kar main just uske niche uski taraf face karke bola kaya yahi hai alag rahne ka raaj . wo kuchh nahi bol rahi thi. main man me sonch raha tha ki aaj is sex game player ko aaj real life me jaroor sex match khelaonga. maine kaha darne ki koi baat nahi ye to sabke saath hota hai sex cheeze hi aise hi main bhi karata hoon sabhi karte hain .

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mere dimag me saitani sughi maine kaha didi tum dharmik ho na main kuchh karna chahata hoon wo boli bol kya karna hai aaj mujhe pehli baar asli land melga chudwane ke liyae tu jo bolega main karoongi. maine bola mughe suhagrat manani hai tumhare saath .wo boli to mana le maine bola aise nahi pahle hum dono saadi karenge wo boli kya par , main bola abhi wo boli thik hai maine tum jaldi se achhi si sadi pehan kar saj jao usne aisa hi kiya phir hamne mombatti jala kar saat phere bhi liye aur unki maang me sindoor bhi bhar diya phir maine darwaza band kar diya.

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