Maid Laxmi fucked hard

Maid Laxmi fucked hard

It was a Saturday morning. It rained heavily last night. I was just not in a mood to leave my bed. I wanted to bunk the college as well.

The door bell rings. I wonder who it is now in this bad weather?

Neepa has convinced Rajat that she will cook for three of us. Rajat happily agreed. Neepa convinced my parents. They were happy since I was a loner in the city, and they were worried about my food habits.

A few days back, we learned that Neepa is pregnant. Since she has now been into her first trimester, she dominates me less. But I am still a sex slave to her.

I opened the door. It was Neepa, and her cook.

“Babu, I can’t cook for all. And moreover, your room is so dirty. I have asked Laxmi to take care of your daily chores from today.” Neepa asks.

I remembered that I have asked the previous maid to quit. She was bunking a lot. Last night, my mom asked Neepa for a replacement.
Neepa tells Laxmi that she will have to clean the house, wash my clothes, dry and put them back to the wardrobe, and report to Neepa for the daily updates.

Laxmi gets into work as Neepa goes down to her room. I looked at Laxmi. She has tugged her sari a bit into her waist, and hence a part of her legs got exposed. Good skin, clean, and hairless.

I just liked her body.

Laxmi brooms the dust and wipes the rooms and went down. I went to the window wherefrom I could see her working.

I had always ignored her, until today. She is washing the utensils, sitting on the floor, Her sari is tucked above her knees, exposing her legs, wheatish hairless skin. I felt that I started having a boner.

I was taking a look at Laxmi. Neepa came to her. They were talking, and all of a sudden Neepa looked up towards me. She sees me watching them from the window.