Contractor ki biwi ki boor phadi

Contractor ki biwi ki boor phadi

I had night shift that day which I finished at 7:30 am and went to home. My wife is a school teacher who was getting ready when I reached there. Precisely at 8 am she left for her work. I had bath and was about to sleep as usual. And door knock made my mood worse. I was so sleepy and this knock on the door! I opened the door and saw a lady standing at the door. She was around 25 years of aged desi woman. I thought her to be a beggar and asked.

Me: What do you want?

Did my brother come to work, babu ji, she asked.

Who, I was getting annoyed.

She again said in her sweet voice, My brother Raju.

I asked, Raju Baildar?

Raju was my contractor Lallan’s brother in law. And if she meant with that Raju; this lady was Lallan’s wife.

Yes babuji, she said, And then added, Raju did not come home yet so I thought of checking with you.

I asked her to come in the house. She was about to seat on the floor but I asked her to seat on the sofa instead. I sat on bed in front of that sofa.

I said her, Raju did not come last ight and he had left aroud 5pm yesterday.

She said, Okay babu ji he must have stayed at some friend’s place. I will check it.

I asked her, are you Lallan’s wife?

She moved her neck in yes and I asked again, what is your name?

She said, I am Pooja babu ji.

Good name, would you like to have some tea?

Why would you do the hassle babu ji?

No problem Pooja, I was about to make for myself anyways. It is not hassle for me at all.

Okay babu ji, make one cup for me as well.

I as in the kitchen making tea for both of us. But my mind was strolling in Pooja only. I was thinking about her sexy smile all the time. And I did not notice that tea had a big boil and it came out of the vessel.

She said, what happened babu ji. And the way she asked was reminding me of my wife.

I made 2 cups and gave one to her. And said, if you are feeling hot please come on my bed. There is a cooler here.

She stood up and sat on bed in front of me. Her height is average and her tummy is out slightly. Her color was wheatish but nice looks on her face were there. We were having tea and I asked again, how many people are there in your family?

Just me, Lallan and our son Sonu, he is 2 years old.

And any planning or next baby? Asking this I had doubt that she will lose control on her brain.

Dhatt, what are you asking Babu ji? Pooja said.

Looking at your tummy I asked this, I told her.

No no, we are not planning it now. And she put empty tea cup and said me, okay babu ji I shall go now.

Please be sated for some more minutes Pooja, saying this I held her hands.

She tried to lose my hand grip and said me, no babu ji some one will see us here and make problem for me.

I got more courageous now and said, we both are all alone here no one will see us.

Please don’t do this babu ji, she was about to leave and I had her pallu in my hands.

I said, please stay Pooja. I want to talk to you for some time. I was almost pleading to her.

No babu ji I can’t stay any longer now, you are big man and I am your servant’s wife. But I did not let her go and pulled her towards me. Pooja wanted to leave but I had so much thoughts in my mind for fucking her.

Finally she stopped opposing my actions and said, babu ji what will you give me in return?

What do you want darling?

I want 500 rupees for this.

Okay but then you will let me do it my way.

She agreed upon it and I took her in my arms. I quickly placed my hands on her desi boobs and started to fondle them nicely. Pooja was having perfect tight desi boobs with poking nipples on top of them. I pushed her in the bed and removed my track pant. My dick was looking hard in my underwear and the sight was resembling a small tant. Pooja looked at it and smiled.

She said, it looks so hot babu ji.

Yes darling it needs your love. Saying this I opened her blouse buttons and those desi boobs were in my sight. This poor lady could not afford bra so was not wearing it. I placed my tongue on her desi boobs and started to lick them. Pooja pushed my head more on her boobs as she was also feeling the hotness. I removed my underwear sucking those desi boobs and took Pooja’s hand. I placed it on my dick so she could play with it while I suck her melons. Pooja started to slowly stroke my dick and it was getting hotter second by second.

After sucking those desi boobs for well 2 minutes I left them. Now I removed remaining clothes on her body. Her pussy had lots of hairs around it making it so erotic looking. Upon touch I could feel the sex juices already liberated from it. I now placed my dick near her mouth and asked her to suck it. Pooja started kissing my dick head and next minute this desi woman was giving me best blowjob I ever had in my life. She was shaking my cock while sucking; which gave me extra pleasure.

She was about to receive my cum in my mouth. But I removed my dick and asked her to part her legs. As she opened her pussy lips I spat on it. And then I inserted my index finger in it. Pooja moaned with pleasure. I took her desi boobs in my left hand while I finger fucked her with my right hand. Pooja was moaning like a whore now. She was begging me to fuck her now.

Come on babu ji fuck me now, I am so horny to take your dick in my pussy.

I teased her for one more minute. By the time my cum gathered on dickhead also sat down. Then I placed my cock on her cunt and slowly pushed it inside a little. Her pussy was tighter than I had anticipated. But I kept on stroking her to fit my dick fully inside. And then I kissed her on her neck and boobs. Pooja herself started to shake her big ass and my dick started going in and out of her cunt. She was moaning nicely and I was pushing gently.

After fucking her in missionary position for 2 minutes I took out my dick. Then we had sex in doggy style. I held her desi boobs in my hands while fucking her from behind. And this position was much hornier for me as I could see my cock going in and out of her pussy. She kept moaning and after 5 minutes she had a little shivering in her body. I knew she was cumming on my dick. At that time I also started fucking her really fast. We both came together making it memorable for her as well.

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