Cousin’s Mouth load of sperm

Cousin’s Mouth load of sperm

Arman age 25. This is a story that happened 2 years ago when I was 23 and my cousin Riya was 18.

I always had been close to my cousin Riya from a young age, being brought up together with her we always stay together and shared our closest stories with each other. She’s fair, thin with the right curves, 34c boobs which I found out as told in the story with perfect light brown nipples that feel really amazing.

One day when she came home from college she was talking to me asking what it’s like to be in a relationship (she never had a relationship before) and I told her when the right person comes she’ll find out and I changed the topic and started to play fools with her and tickle her. As I was tickling her I started moving my hand on her back around her bra straps and I undid her bra through her top and she didn’t ask me to stop so I decided to continue, I started tickling her neck and playfully brushed my hands over her boobs many times and she still didn’t say anything. I took it’s a green light and asked her if anyone has ever touched her boobs before and she said no. Thinking here’s my opportunity I asked her if I could touch them she said she’ll think about it, so I continued playing with her bra strap that’s when I saw her bra size on the bra.

I decided to go a little further and tickled the top of the chest and she closed her eyes and asked what I was doing and I just hugged her from behind and told her to relax. That’s when she told me “I trust you and if you do this it has to stay between us”. I slowly touched her boobs over her top and she just smiled, taking that as a green light I started to massage them over her top. Suddenly I heard someone walking to the room so I stopped.

Later in the night when she was lying down I went by her and we were talking general and she asked me if I liked what I felt and I said yes, she told me “good because it won’t happen again”. Saddened that I hadn’t gotten to feel them directly I asked her why and she just kept quiet.

The next day we were playing truth or dare and I chose truth and she asked me a random question, she chose truth and I asked her if she enjoyed it when I held her boobs. To my surprise, she said she did. That’s when I went closer to her and hugged her. Then I chose truth she asked me if I liked her and I said yes. She chose dare and I asked her to take off her top, she didn’t want to take it off instead she took my hand onto her right boob.

That’s when everything got better, I took her top off and her bra and in front of me were the most amazing pair of boobs I have ever seen. I went behind her and put my hand on both her boobs and started playing with them, she then turned around and kissed me on my lips. As I was kissing her back I placed my hands on her bum and started rubbing it and she got a bit excited and put her hands on my penis over my pants. I pulled her pants down and started to play with her bum over her panty and took her left boob in my mouth, as I was licking her nipple it started to get hard and she undid my pants and pulled my boxer down. I was alternating between her left and right boobs and was leaving love bites on them as I was licking them. I gently bit nipples as I was licking them while she played with my penis.

I then pulled her panty down and touched her vagina and it was soaked, I inserted one finger in and she jerked a bit. I started to make circles with my finger in her vagina and I could tell she was enjoying it by her moans and because she came on my hand. A few minutes later she pulled back and went on her knees and took my penis in her mouth, what an amazing feeling, I was playing with her hair as she gave me an amazing blowjob. The way she moved her tongue over my penis was really amazing it would drive any man crazy.

After 10 minutes of sucking my penis I pulled her up and asked her if I could insert it into her vagina and she told me that she is a virgin and also told me “my body is yours to do as you please but please be gentle”. I spread her legs and tried to insert my penis into her and it was tight! After a few pushes, it went in and she started to cry but didn’t want to stop. I moved in and out slowly for a bit and paused. After a few minutes, I started going faster and she was moaning a lot.

As I was going in and out I started playing with her left boob and she had her legs around me and she couldn’t stop moaning. Just before I could cum I pulled out and she took my penis in her mouth and I shot my load in her mouth and she swallowed it. I hugged her tightly after that and continued to play with her boobs as they just feel really amazing.

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