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Desi sex story – Fucked mature lady

Desi sex story – Fucked mature lady

This incident happened in 2nd year after I graduated in Engineering. I was working for an MNC in Bangalore, and I was deputed to London for a business trip to gather requirements for a client. Though it was a short trip, I was mighty excited about my first overseas travel like anyone who worked hard their way up. I reached London, enjoyed the city, enjoyed working there, seen places around and after 20 days of stay, was packing up for return to India the next day.

While packing, I suddenly got a call from Mom. She said, her friend who are family friends of ours, has a small request for me and if I can call her and talk to her directly about it. Her name was Geetha. I said ok, and took her number. Though my parents have a huge extended family and huge circle of very close family friends, due to being a shy and introvert person, I was never in attendance to any functions, festivals or events. So had no knowledge on family freinds and, though I was known among people by name, no one knew me by face.

I called up the number given to me by Mom and a husky voice middle-aged woman (about 38-40 years) attended the phone.

Me: “Hello Geetha Aunty, Namasthe. This is Mahesh Speaking”.

Aunty: “Hello Mahesh, ela unnavu nanna (How are you dear). If this is your number, I will call you back on it rightaway.”

Me: “Its Ok Aunty. Its cheaper from here.”

Anuty: “Parledu nanna, Nene call chestanu. (Its Ok dear, I will call you). Its your first trip to London I got to know from your mom. So spend th every last penny before you catch the flight.”

I later after a few days, learned more about Geetha Aunty. She was a widow whose husband died 5 years back. Hers is a very rich family with a few real-Estate businesses in Hyderabad, and lot of wealth being acquired from agriculture back in her native village. She stays in HYD and manages their real-estate investments. Her both daughters are married and settled in US and UK.

There purpose Geetha Aunt calling me was for a small request. Her in-Laws who are old but educated couple, were traveling back from London (her daughter’s place) as well. She got to know I was that traveling back and took itinerary from my mom, and booked tickets for them in the same flight in which I was returning. She wanted me to pick them up from Airport where her daughter gonna drop them. She wanted me to help them with check-in, boarding, travel and immigration as they are not so fluent in English and was their only second long distance flight travel.

I said OK to her request as it was not a big problem for me. I was waiting at London airport well a good umber fo hours before schedule as I thought of doing some duty free shopping. They reached soon after I reached. Geetha Aunt’s daughter Pallavi drove them to airport. Pallavi was a bombshell to see. She was drop dead gorgeous and very well dress and proportionately curved and gifted with a beautiful face.

We met, exchanged pleasantries and walked in for Luggage Check-In. After that, as there was a lot of time for boarding, we thought of spending some time in the terminal before we proceeded to security and duty free area, as Pallavi wanted to spend some more time with her grandparents. The grandparents were jovial and well spoken with good sense of humor. While they were having coffee. Me and Pallavi went to a retail store to help her with grocery shopping for her home.

We learnt more about each other, her husband and her work. Well, she enjoyed my company and jokes and I did a little bit of healthy flirting with her which she was responsive in good spirit. I complimented how beautiful she was and her voice, and told her I wish my parents found equally good one for me. She laughed and thanked me. But she said, her sister was more beautiful than her and her mother most beautiful among them. We exchanged numbers and me along with grandparents made move for boarding.

The grandparents and myself liked each other’s company and all were in Jovial mood. I was always particular about one thing, while flying domestic or International, we Indians have reputation in Airline industry as UIF (Ugly Indian Flyers). I wanted to set this stigma/reputation straight. So, as we were earliest to board the aircraft, I took sometime for grandparents to show them the toilet, the hygiene procedures, sequence of hygiene and usage of moist/dry tissues, and explained why and how not to make the toilet floor dirty with water. They were good listeners, but most impressed was the Jet Airways air hostess who was silently watching. She smiled, thanked me for doing it, though she don’t have to thank. Gave a big thumbs Up. All through the journey, she was extra attentive to us, pampered with extra-food/drinks.

I helped grandparents with their food and they were not a bad company at all. We landed and completed immigration and went out. And here starts the seed to my very first time and very memorable, and long lasting Sexual relationship. As soon as we came out, I changed my number and called Geetha Aunt so that I can handover her in-Laws to her. In a few minutes she found us.

Looking at her, What Pallavi told about her mom was no exaggeration. She was 41 and yet someone who can give any Pallavi and her sister a run for money coming to beauty. She was slightly on heavier side, but that only adds more curvyness to her sex appeal. We were tired from 10 hour flight journey and yet, it didn’t take me seconds to get a super hard erection. She was in a blue sari, well worn to show her perfect butt and lusty boobs, and a laced blouse. light but well ornamental to complement her long face. Fair like milk. I accidentally got to see her beautiful navel when she bent to touch her in-Law’s feet. A photogenic moment forever embedded in my heart.

I wished her, gave her in-Law’s luggage, and she thanked by gently tapping on my cheeks. I moved ahead and raised a hand for a Cab for myself and a Cab stopped in-front of me. Geetha Aunt came running and asked the Cab to leave. She pulled me by hand, took my big suitcase and scolded / ordered out of affection:

Aunty: “Where are you going? Lets move in my car. Your parents stay very near to my home.”

Me: “Aunty, its ok. Thanks for invite, I will take a cab and doze off. May be you all have lot to talk on the way.”

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