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Desi sex story : My typical sex hungry mom

Desi sex story : My typical sex hungry mom

I am going to share top secret of my life.

I am 23 year old graduate from reputed college in Bangalore. Presently I am working in small software company. I am basically from rural place in Karnataka. Till my 10th Standard I studied in my rural place then I shifted to Bangalore for my PU and Degree studies.

Till my 10th class I don’t have any bad intentions towards my mom. My mom is typical Indian lady always wears sarees. She is a good looking lady with slim body. She had beautiful smile and make her more attractive. She had a medium size boobs and well built ass. In my childhood I use to sleep with my parents. I usually sleep at 9PM in my childhood. I always sleep left side of my mom and my dad sleeps right side of my mom. After I sleep my dad starts fucking my mom. Many times in the night I saw my dad fucking my mom. While my dad fucking my mom, she always spreads her legs wide and her legs always touching my legs. This made me to think about my mom.

My mom sleeps nude after she fucked by my dad. To misuse the situation occasionally I was touching my mom breast and novel. My mom not aware of my activity because she might have thought that my dad was touching her breast and novel. Many times in the midnight I use to switch on the lights suddenly to go to toilet, that time I saw mom lying on the bed without her dress in between me and my dad. When I was studying alone in my room I started thinking about my mom and start masturbating. I use to smell her bra and panty while taking bath in bathroom. In the beginning I thought it is a sin that but I was helpless and not able to control my lust towards my mom.

My mom is very friendly with me but still i am scared about my mom. Many times in the early morning mom and dad use to take bath together and do sex in bathroom also. By watching all these romantic scenes finally I decided to have sex my mom. Friends I am dam sure that each and every son in this world definitely think to have sex with his own mom if she is very beautiful. Just because of society and fear no one will open their mouth about this.

My dream comes true after I joined to job. I am presently staying in rented house in Bangalore. Once in a month my mom will come to Bangalore and stay with me for 4 – 5 days. She helps me cleaning home and washing clothes.

Around 1 month back my mom visited my home in Bangalore. That was the Friday evening I attended my friend birthday party and had drinks with my friends. After the birthday party I went to home around 10.30PM, mom opened the door. She was looking so pretty in her saree that day. She was looking like 28 years lady even though she is 40 years now. I think she understood that I am drunk but she did not asked me anything.

She asked me to have dinner; I agreed to have dinner even though I was not hungry. I am watching her waist and sexy novel when she was serving dinner. She was in a very transparent saree that day I felt so horny that day.

After the dinner I said good night to mom and went to my room to sleep. Till 12.30 midnight I was not getting sleep and masturbated many times thinking about her. I went to mom’s bed room, she was sleeping on back, she was in deep sleep. I saw her hot novel and breast but I did not made any attempt to touch her because I am so scared of my mom and I went back to my room to sleep.

I kept alarm and wake up at 6AM and went to mom’s room. She was in bath room to take bath. There was small hole in the bathroom door. I watch through the hole, she was removing her saree, oh god she was looking very sexy in her blouse and petty cote.

Then she removed her blouse, she was wearing dark color bra. She removed her petticoat; she was only in her bra and Pink color panty. My coke was so hard in my Bermuda. Then she removed her bra and panty also. First time I saw her cute cunt , it was cleanly shaved pussy. About 15 minutes I watched her nude body and I masturbated near the bathroom door. She was taking bath without knowing all these things. Saturday we spent time in watching movies and done some shopping in the market. Saturday night mom told me that she was feeling bored in home. and she asked me take her outside. I made a plan to take her to wonderla , she also agreed.

Sunday morning after breakfast we both went to wonderla, we reached there around 11.30AM. We went inside the wonderla. I asked mom to come and play in water. She said she was not comfortable in saree to play water. Then I purchased 3/4th Pant and T Shirt for her. She was so shy to wear 3/4th Pant and T Shirt as she never tried those type of clothes. She finally agreed to wear those clothes and requested me not told my father. I smiled and said ok I will not tell dad about her new clothes.

She went to dress changing room and come out with T Shirt and her 3/4th Pant. It was the 1st time I watched my mom in t Shirt and 3/4th Pant. She was looking so sexy that day. We both went into water and played. I am so happy that day because I am holding my moms hand while she was playing in water.

Then we went to wave’s pool. She was very scary of water waves so she was holding my hand . to make use of the situation I was holding her belly and touched her breasts many times, she did not mind because she was very scary water waves. My hard dick was touching her back when she was playing in water. After that we went to Rain Dance, we both danced like lovers. She was so happy that day. She never enjoyed that much in her life. But I misused my mom by touching her breasts and belly many times. Even she noticed my behavior but she did not told me anything.

Around 5 PM we left the wonderla and done some shopping on the way to home. She purchased 2 – 3 nighties. We reached home around 7PM . Mom changed her dress and wear new nightly. She looks so sexy in nightly. Mom cocked chicken curry and rice. We had nice dinner around 10PM. She had little cold and head ache that day due to water play.

Mom went to her bed room and called me to apply some Amruth Anjan on her fore head. She was lying on the bed on her back and she was closing her eyes. I went near her and apply amruth anjan on her fore head. To make use of the situation, I applied amruth anjan on her neck she felt so good. Then took navaratna oil and apply to hair , slowly I massaged her hairs and head. I applied oil for her hand and massaged slowly. My mom slowly got in sleep due to my massage. Then I switched off of the light and switched on the bed lamp. She was looking so sexy in her nighty. I slept close to her on her bed without her knowledge.

I was getting hard on my dick and I could not control. Then I got one idea on my mind. I took oil and start massaging her legs from her toe slowly. I slowly rolled her nightly upwards and start massaging her lower leg, calf and her knee. I slowly lift her nightly little up to see her sexy thigh. When I saw her thighs I was in heaven. Her thighs are so soft and silky. I massaged her thighs for some time. She was actually dreaming about romance I think. She starts moaning for my lovely massage. With all my courage I gave my first kiss on her leg. Slowly I started licking her legs from toes to thighs. Then I went up and put my hand around her belly. When I slowly touched her breast, she was starts moaning again.

I kissed her fore head, cheek and her lips. She starts responding to my kiss. Then I held both her hand in my hand and went on her. I held her face in my hand and kissed her lips deeply. That time she opened her eyes and she got shocked . and told me to not do that because it is sin. But I was in a positions to listen to her and I smooched her lips without listening to her. Then I pressed her breast slowly. She start moaning by holding her pillow. Then I understand that she also likes do sex me. Without delay I removed her nightly. She was looking very sexy in bra and petticoat. I kissed her from Toe to fore head without leaving an inch of her body. I kissed on her hot novel and untied the knot of her petticote. She helped me to remove her pettyocte by lifting her ass.

Then I remved her bra and kissed both her breast slowly. Her breasts are so soft , I licked her tits like a child. Then I kissed her pussy on top of her panty. She resisted a bit and I forcibly removed her panty. I slowly spread her legs her and kissed on her pussy lips. She gone out of her control and held my head tightly on her pussy. I inserted my tongue in her pussy. It was wet already. Then I inserted my finger in her pussy and I done finger fucking. She liked it so much. Then I inserted 2 fingers in her pussy. She was moaning very loudly.

Then I removed my t shirt and burmoda and I become complete nude in front of my mom. She shocked after seeing my very long dick. Then I went on her and kissed her lips deeply. Our tongues playing and we are enjoying our saliva’s each other. At the same time she spreading her legs and making way to my dick to enter into her pussy. My dick slowly went inside her pussy. She said me to do it slowly. I started fucking my mom very hard. For my each stroke she was screaming like anything. I was holding her both the breasts in both hands and fucking her. My complete rod in her pussy, it was touching her G Spot. She was closing her eyes and enjoying sex with me.

After 15 minutes I cum in her pussy and I slept on her. It was so good to sleep on nude mom after fucking her. She told me that she never had this type of orgasm in her life time. Those words from her made me crazy again. My dick become hard again. I Slept on my back and asked her to come and sit on my dick. She hesitated to sit on me. I forced her to sit on my dick. She slowly sit on my dick. My dick was slowly going in her wet pussy and my dick went completely in her pussy. I was in heaven. I was pressing her breast while she was doing up and down. She enjoyed so much. I was holding her waist and helping her to fuck me. She fucked me for 20 minutes and ejaculated her juice.

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