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Desisexstory : Bete ne ma ko chudwate hue dekha.

Desisexstory : Bete ne ma ko chudwate hue dekha.

Rishi and I am from Patan, Gujarat. I am 23 years aged boy with good height and great physique. I am student of Anatomy and working in a restaurant chain as supervisor as well. I am great follower of Indian incest stories and I have ready plenty of mom, and sissy stories around. Today’s story is not real but my imagination. And I have drafted a story about a Mumbai boy Ramesh who saw his hot mom drilled by fruit vendor in their house. Without wasting your time; let me put you friends on my word world.

Ramesh was still looking from the window as the regular fruit vendor pulled hi cart in front of the row house. Ramesh’s mom Kritika came out of the house as if she was waiting for this fruit bhaiya to come. Ramesh had seen that this bhaiya only comes after his father leaves for office and the society is almost empty with people in their houses. Who would come out to buy fruits in scalding hear anyways. But Ramesh had his intentions pretty much clear and he wanted to see what was cooking in between his hot mom and this fruitwala.

And which is why he hid himself in first floor of the house. His mom thought he has gone to college. As bhaiya neared Kritika came closer to the waranda and waited for him. As he passed by the house Kritika asked him, what is the rate of banana?

Bhaiya said, 20 rupees per kg.

Kritika said, oh you always sell costly fruits, I won’t take them.

Saying this she came back in her house. Ramesh watched this and he repented for doubting on his own mom. He was about to turn back and leave the window and at the same time he saw the same fruit vendor coming on his foot. He did not believe his eyes as this fellow approached his home and to his disbelief the guy entered the house. While entering in he made sure no one watching around. But Ramesh could see him from upstairs window. So this hot mom has kept door unlocked for her lover to come in the house. Ramesh’s anger was on top of the sky and he waited for 5 minutes more before going downstairs.

His parents’s bedroom is on the ground floor itself. And as Ramesh had anticipated while coming downstairs; the door was locked from inside. But to his luck that key-hole was there for him to peep in. Ramesh bent down and placed his eye on the key-hole. There you go, hot mom was already naked and was lying on the bed. His legs were towards the door and Ramesh could see the hair grown on his mom’s pussy.

And that fruitwala bhaiya was standing just there in front of the bed. Ramesh could see him playing with his big black dick. He had his cock in his hands and he was pulling latex around it. Kritika started to play with her boobs and Ramesh was kind of shocked to see her hot mom in this position. As fruitwala did his rolling on latex he came closer to Ramesh’s mom and placed his dick on her pussy. Ramesh’s mummy pulled him towards herself as he looked eager for that dick. The dick was positioned nicely on the pussy hole and pulling him ended up in having that dick more than half in wide pussy of this hot mom. Ramesh could hear his mom moan due to pleasure and this bhaiya did not stop there. He gave one more jerk and this time entire dick was pushed inside that mature pussy.

He now got hold of those milky boobs and he started fondling them with both his hands. Kritika was moaning with pleasure and she started to move her waist along with this bhaiya ji.

Bhaiya was bit faster now and he started to slap Kritika as well.

“Take that cock my bitch, you need my cock daily you slutty whore…!” Saying this he slapped Kritika once again and this hot mom was spotted smiling by her son peeping in through key-hole.

“Yes, I want your dick daily in my pussy, you are my darling, you are my real husband, now fuck me hard like a whore you bastard…”

“Take it cheap whore, my dick is all for you. I don’t fuck my wife but just you. Aah aah aah aahhhhh!”

And then there was a farting sound in the room. It was Kritika who had farted and they both smiled. Kritika was playing with her big tits and fruitwala was fucking her pussy. Ramesh was so astonished to see his hot mom behaving like a cheap whore.

Now bhaiya took out his dick from Kritika’s pussy and asked her to flip.

“Come one darling, be my dog now. I will fuck you in doggy pose.”

And this shameless hot mom positioned herself in doggy style. Bhaiya parted her ass cheeks and placed his dick in her cunt. With a moan; that dick entered her hot pussy and bhaiya started to fuck her again. This time the intensity was so faster that thighs brushing thighs were making sound of thap thap in entire room. This bhaiya kept on fucking Ramesh’s mom and he could be only the mute spectator.

The moans kept on increasing as well as the fucking intensity increased as well. This hot mom kept on shaking her big ass till bhaiya unloaded his thick cum on her ass cheeks. And that too was all in one flash. As he was about to unload; he quickly pulled out and sprayed that cum all over Kritika’s big ass. And his son was watching all this action from the key-hole!

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