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Desisexstory : Buaa ki Chudaai

Desisexstory : Buaa ki Chudaai


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When i was 23 year old, i got a job at coimbatore, tamil nadu as a medical rep, and my parent suggested me to stay with my kumari athai (aunty -fathers sister)who was 44yrs old widow and staying alone in a single bedroom appartment at coimbatore. Both her daughters got married and they also lived in the same city.

I was initially very relectunt to stay with her due to privacy reason. But i had no options. I reached her home, she greeted me well and told me to feel at home. I was happy the way she was treating me, she also was very happy that i accepted to stay with her to kill her loneliness. I joined my job, i liked the job, and used to return only 10 pm after my work.

Initially i used to sleep at hall, she used to sleep at bedroom. In coimbatore, the winter will be very cold, so she suggested me sleep with her in the room only as the room is warmer than the hall. She told me to sleep in the bed and she slept at the floor. I never had bad intention towards my aunty and one night i wokeup from the sleep to go for loo.

Then noticed my aunty was sleeping at her glowry, i observed her in the night lamp. Her saree pallu is off from her shoulder and i could see the cleavage clearly. I got mad, and my heart beat was fast.
I lied down on the bed and was watching her big boobs. She was 44years that time. Typical middle aged indian woman’s body, slight bulge in and around the tummy. I wanted to feel her boobs, but was scared. So i slowly touched her hand, no response from her. I roamed my hand on her hand only for some time, she was having a sound sleep. I got some courage and slowly touched her right boob, i felt like electric shock and i could hear my own heart beat, but i was fondling her boobs for more than 10 mins, suddenly she turned to other side and i got scared then slept.

The next day i was afraid to face my aunty, but there was no sign or response regarding the last nights incident. Then i felt releaved and left for my work. In the nights the same story continued for one week. Then on one saturday night, as usual i put my hand on her boobs, and i found something unusal that day, she does not wear bra. So i felt much more softer and smoother. I fondled her boobs for more than 30 min. I could not control my urge to feel her naked boobs, so i started removing her blouse hooks one by one. It was very difficult task, i have ever done in my life. I started sweating and my heart beat was took almost 30-40 min for me to remove all the hooks.

Then i opened one side of her blouse and saw her naked boobs for the first time, her nipple must be one inch and dark brown areola which is atleast 3 inches dia. I was tenderly carassing her boobs and touched her nipple and played for some time. I could feel my aunty’s breating became faster. I got scared that any time she may wake up, so i decided to stop the game and sleep. But then i was feeling thirsty and badly needed water and went to kitchen to have my water, then i realised that i have not hooked her blouse and got worried.

When i returned, she was still in the same position, topless, but now she put her hand on her pussy area above the saree and i could see her hand was moving above her pussy. I had no guts to put her hooks on. So i slept.

Again in the next morning i was expecting scolding from her, but to my disbelief she was so calm and took care me very well and prepared the dishes i like on that day being sunday. Whole day i was thinking about her and could not understand whethear she knew what i had done last night or not.

Next night as usual at 11 after watching tv programs, we went for bed, i lied on the bed and she lied on the floor. She told she is very tired and she was fast asleep. I started my night games with her. Today also no bra, and i was quick at unhooking her hooks, and started kneading the jugs tenderly and feeling her nipple. I could sence that her nipple started errect, and it was very nice feeling to touch it. Though i was scared, i was fully excited with the game i was doing with her.

There was a little movement in her, i immediately took my hand out, and pretend as if sleeping. I watched her, she did not open her eyes, instead she lifted her sarry and scrached her pundai (pussy) as if doing in sleep. I felt so much excited and dont know what to do then. I could not see her pussy as her hand was there, and after few seconds she removed her hand and started snoring and leaving her sarry as it is.

This time i saw her thighs which looked like marble, and placed my hand on her thigh and started smooching it, she then widened her legs so that i could caress her inner thigh and slowly touched her pussy. That area was hot and when i touched her pussy lips, it was wet. Then i tried to find her hole, and inserted my finger in to it. It was hot and wet, and i felt heaven. She further widened her legs for my easy access and started moaning softly. I looked at her eyes, it was closed and some smile on her face!

I did not know, how to proceed further, and after some time i gave up and tried to sleep. I badly wanted to masterbate, then i got up went to toilet. There i decided to do the masterbation in the bed only watching my sexy aunty. When i returned back to the room i got shock of my life, that now aunty was lying down at the bed and told me that the air from the fan is not sufficient over there and so only she lyed at bed. I cursed my self for not masterbating in the toilet itself. Then i lied down next to her and tried to sleep.

Aunty then put her hand around me as if in the sleep, and i went to close to her and put my hand around her, and to my surprise she had completely removed her blouse. I decided today is the day that i am going to fuck her. I further went close to her and my face touched her boobs which was covered in the saree. I removed the saree from boobs and put my mouth on her nipple. She started moaning in low voice and caught my head and pressed on her boobs.

Now with out any fear i started sucking her nipple and with one hand i squeezed her other boob. She said vegama sappuda (suck it faster), then lifted my head and saw her face, she was looking at my eyes with sexy smile. I then kissed her cheeks and kissed her lips. We kissed for more than 10 min, she put her toung inside my mouth and i sucked it. It was awesome and wonderful feeling. She then removed my lungi and touched my rod, it was fully errect and hard, she started pumping my rod and sucking my lips.
I put my hand on her pussy above her saree only, she told me to remove her dress completely, then i removed all her dress and my t shirt also. Now we both r nude. She then told me that she knew from the very first day i touched her hand, and purposefully she avoided wearing bra and also she scolded me for taking long time for this final action. I then explained her that i was scared to proceed.

Then i started kissing her from top to bottom, i payed long time with her boobs and navel. After that i kissed her pussy, she pressed my head on her pussy and pleaded me to lick her pussy. I was relectant to lick it as it was salty, she then told me to take the honey and poured some honey on it. Now it was really good i started enjoying the licking, she was moaning loudly and widened her legs and pressed my head further.

While licking i just insert my finger in her ass hole, she felt extreme pleasure with that. Then i told her to suck mine, but she refused it saying that she has never done that with my uncle. But i forced her to do that threatening that i will not lick her pussy. We shifted to 69, it was wonderful, initially she sat on my face, and i could put my toung deep in to her hole and she bent down to take my rod in her mouth.

After some time i badly wanted to ejaculate, which i told her she asked me to insert my tool in her pundai and fuck her. I mount on her and my rod went in easily inside her pussy, what a great feeling it was!!! I started pumping her, she was moaning loudly and told me ‘nalla vegama saiuda’, then i increased my speed and in couple of min i ejaculated inside her, she also cummed with me.

After that night every night we used to enjoy for the next 3 months, later i got a better job in chennai and i had to come back to chennai. We both mutually decided not to reveal our secret to anybody and should not continue further.

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