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Desisexstory : Fucked Physics teacher Bindu

Desisexstory : Fucked Physics teacher Bindu

Arjun back again…I hope you remember me from my past story titled “me and my friend with our teachers”…….I am back again with one more of my wonderful sexperience with my telugu teacher……My first sexual experience began with my science teacher…Ooh by the way for those who don’t know me I’m Arjun 18 now and living in hyderabad. I’m doing my b tech now…..And this story is my experience with my teacher when I was in my 10th standard.

Now coming to the story….After I fucked bindu (physics teacher ) and Rubina (English teacher)…For the first time I used to have sex with them often…And even after my school started we maintained our relationship and me and neither praneeth disclosed it to anyone….We used to have sex whenever possible and now a days bindu used to take tuition for me and praneeth only…

She convinced my parents for that and we used to have sex whenever possible…A few weeks later praneeth went out of town as his father was transferred and now only I used to have sex with bindu and rubina……All went well till my half yearly exams…

Then in my holidays I used to go to bindu’s place often…One day when I was at home I received a call from bindu to come to her house…I was sure she wanted me today and started for her house thinking how I would fuck her..When I went there I was surprised to see her packing some clothes…I asked her ” are you going somewhere? Then why did you call me ?”. She replied ” yes, we are to go somewhere.” I didn’t know what was in her mind…..

Then we got into her car and started driving……While she was driving I asked her where were we going. She replied that we were going to durga’s house. Durga was my Telugu teacher she had a sexy figure of 40-32-38 and was fair but she was around 42 so I didn’t have any feeling towards her.

Then I asked, ” why are we going there ? “. She replied ” I’ll tell that to you later but first tell me, do you like her ? “. Then I asked her why she was asking me all this . She replied she was asking me just to pass time.Then I said ” hmm… I like her figure especially her firm breasts but never really had any feeling of lust for her as she is middle aged.” then she laughed and asked me ” do you like her boobs ? “. I said yes…I was able to get a glimpse of her melons tight and firm in her blouse sometimes in class.

Then after 40 mins of journey we reached durga’s house she greeted us warmly and after went inside she treated us to some snacks and later bindu and durga started to talk to each other .Durga wore a yellow transparent sari and I was speechless on looking her . I never saw her that beautiful. Then bindu told me that durga teacher was feeling lonely and so asked for her company so she brought me here that I could study here….

I then took out my books and started reading.I cursed my luck as I expected to fuck bindu. Then after sometime durga brought me some water and while she was about to put the glass on the table it slipped and fell down .She them brought a cloth and started to clean it…

Then suddenly I got a glimpse of her juicy melons …Aaah..!!!! I thought to myself,….Then suddenly she caught me looking at her boobs… She then laughed and said bindu was right…I didn’t understand her then bindu saw me and winked at me . Then I understood her thoughts….

Then durga broke us and said ” your science teacher says you are good at making love to her, why not me then..?” I was taken by surprise when she told that…Then bindu explained me that durga always shared everything with her .Once she found durga was weeping in the staff room and when she asked for the reason she said that her husband was a colonel and was stationed in dehradun…Durga was a sex lover and she missed her husbands cock so much.

Then bindu disclosed our secret to durga and she wanted to have me in the half yearly holidays….Then I asked durga “how did you manage all these days ? ” then she replied that she had a servant named ramu who satisfied her but not fully as he was good at oral sex but didnt have a big cock . She wanted to have me…Then suddenly the doorbell rang and when she opened the door it was ramu her servant.He was tall and slim…….Later we all sat down on the sofa and had a chat .Then durga spoke to me – “i know this is awkward arjun, but i’ve really waited for this chance, since the time I got to know your prowess from bindu”. Then we all started sextalking

D – durga, b – bindu, m – me

M – yeah, maam, I was always fascinated by your firm breats and was able to get a few glimpses over the blouse during classes

D – come on, arjun don’t call me maam. And yes, I hear that you have a breast fetish. Is that true.?

B – oh, tell me about it, i’ve been experiencing his lust for boobs long before anyone else. Do you know he stares at them during classes..!

M – well, they turn me on pretty hard durga. I just cant help it..!!

D( laughing ) – really, and all this time I thought your concentration was on the lessons, while your concentration was somewhere else..Huh

I gathered up my courage and spoke “well, if you don’t mind now durga, I really want to see your melons, i’m getting turned on pretty much here” to which she smiled and said “i think its time you get your fetish, what do you say bindu ?” . Then bindu replied ” who’s to to stop him now.” then durga stood up and removed her pallu and started unhooking her blouse. Within seconds she was top-nude and those melons, I just don’t find words to describe those white, milky, firm and lusty boobs that were inviting me to take a bite. I was astound for a moment before durga came up to me and sat on my lap facing me. Her boobs were right near my mouth, but I wanted to tease durga first so I just played with her boobs and pinched and played with her nipples while applying my saliva on them with my finger tips.

Durga was in full swing for a fuck and I didn’t hesitate to get into it. But then I remembered about bindu who was all this time sitting on the couch watching her act. I asked her ” we can have a threesome if you could join us bindu” to which she smiled and was about to reply when durga interrupted her and said ” no, since the time she told me about how good you could impress a lady at bed, I was waiting for this chance and I want you to satisfy me alone. I’m sure bindu wont mind, would you bindu ?” to which bindu replied ” yeah, you can have him. Anyway i’ve been fucking him for many times now, but i’m sure ramu here will help me get some oral pleasure”. Ramu gave her a smile

Then durga asked me whether I would be able to satisfy her and I replied ” let me speak to you on bed.” we then went into her bedroom and she laid on her bed inviting me to come over her. I didnt want to get into action right away and decided to have some foreplay to arouse her. I first undressed her totally and started foreplay…I pinched her nipples rubbed her waist ,navel,stomach and her lips licked her areola and kissed her pink pussy flesh..She was all this time moaning uuunghh aaahhh ohhh yeah!!!.Yeah fucckk me unghh ammma!! …..

Then she was ecstatic and asked me to start fucking her but I refused and went on with the foreplay till she was literally begging me to fuck her..Then I took her boobs in my mouth and sucked them…And omg how great were those boobs I could suck her juicy melons till end of the world and she was moaning unggggh aaahh oh yeah succck my tits they are all yours unggghhh ummm …

Then I took off my shirt and she sucked my nipples and licked my chest then she unzipped my pants .. She was surprised to see my big cock and said ” your cock is bigger than that of my hubby…And I would love to have it in me”. She then put my cock in her mouth and gave me a blowjob for 10 mins, I was loving those love-bites she would give once in a while . Then she put my dick in her cleavage and titfucked me…Oh my god you really cant know my feeling when my cock was between her tits ….. She titfucked me for 10 mins and I shot y cum all over her boobs abd face . She smiled and licked all of it and it was such a spectacular sight…Aahhh ……. Then I threw her on the bed and started smooching her….We liplocked for about 30 mins and then we broke our kiss …. Aaahh she said “you’re such a good kisser … I wonder how your cock is gonna be?”

Then I got down to her cunt and licked it for 10 mins and I should tell you her cunt juices were awesome…She had 2 orgasms before I could take my lips off her cunt. We then got into 69 position and sucked each other for 15 min then she asked me to ram my dick into her pussy. I was not yet finished with the foreplay and I decided to suck her boobs one more time before I would give her my dick. She was literally begging me to insert my tool in her and I was all the time suckling on her boobs like a newborn.

Finally I decide it was time and we got into the missionary position and I fucked her like hell … Alll the time she was shouting aaaahhh ohhh yeahhh unghhgh ammaaa !!!! Yes more harder! More harder! You son of a bitch yess! Fuck harder …. Unggghh you are truly great in bed..I’m loving that dick of yours…Aaahh yeah tear my pussy …… Ummm !!!! Then I finally exploded inside her and she was so happy…We lay on each other for some time then my cock became hard again so I fucked her again… She was like shouting, so I even kissed her while giving my strokes ….. And also sucked her boobs. I once again cummed inside her. … Later we fucked in the doggy style and I spanked her ass and also made it bleed …… She was so much in pain as she was never fucked in the ass but liked my fucking her ass ……

Later we again sucked each others bodies and bathed together…I couldn’t stop sucking her boobs I liked them very much and she said ” come on for now leave them … They are all yours now .You can have them anytime you want ……..” so I again kissed her for 10 mins and came out of the room and when we saw the sofa it was all dirty and there was so much of bindu’s pussy juices … It looked like ramu had had fucked out the hell of her…He was actually sucking her boobs..When we came out…

Then they both bathed and we later had some snacks and me and bindu left for her house….On the way back home she told me how ramu had fucked her…Which ill tell you guys in the later stories. During the holidays I fucked durga often whenever she came to bindus house. Even after holidays we fucked each other in schoobhabi

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