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Desisexstory : Mom forcefully fucked with uncle and others

Desisexstory presents Mom forcelly fucked by

uncle and others …….


Uncle force to clean her dick in tongue

who have not read the 1st part would like to tell them that my mom name is Rani and she is extremely beautiful widow. And most lovely part is her round pulpy ass. And medium size boobs. My father died before 3 months of my birth. Since then my uncle is fucking her and making his friends also fuck her as they want.

So, this story is after the incident when my mom was fucked in the forest by my uncle and his friends. After 7 or 8 days, when we were sleeping I use to sleep with my mom that time as I was young enough, I heard some sound like someone is arguing I opened my eyes there was pitch dark as the lights were off. I didn’t understand anything in starting but then I understood that it was mom and uncle was arguing on some matter in a very low voice. Uncle wants to take mom outside (we have 2 exits in the same street one is from our room and 2nd is from main gate) but my mom don’t want to go she said that whatever he wants to do do in the room itself,

But he wants her to come out and she was asking the reason looks like she knows the reason but wants to listen from him. Finally he said that they also wants to enjoy her, on this she became furious and start scolding him in a low voice, said I am not a slut you want to share for fun, he said that is not for the fun there is something different but she said no straight no. On this he also said that ok I will call them in and we will fuck you right here every one will come to know about this and you know what will happen next

She was speechless on that, then with half hearty she start walking with her, they opened the door and went out I was thinking that they might have locked the door from outside but I think they forget due to the excitement or worry I came out and start chasing them hiding in the dark they were going towards the field. There was a room in the fields and they went in. I reached there and was worried as there were lot if holes are there even they can also see me.

As soon as they get in there were laughing sounds. I went there and hide myself in the dark. My mom was standing in front of them. Even they have fucked her a lot of times still she was ashamed of something. Then I saw except krishan, dabu Om and uncle one more person was there in a dhoti. I could not see his face as he was standing in a corner.

They were taunting her like haye bhabhi tujhe chode bina dil hi nai lagta teri chuchi , teri gand hayeee (it’s too hard live without fucking you your ass and your boobs are awesome then they said to pull out your clothes but mom didn’t move then the men with the dhoti move forward still I can’t see his face he hold mom with the ass crack and kissed her forcefully everybody smiled

Then he untie her nada her salwar gone down his fingers are very thick and he shoved it in moms pussy my mom cried, out then dabu get up and took out his pant hold her head and forcefully bent her to suck his cock looks like there is lot of smell coming from his dick he is one famous drunkard in our village use to drink and roam his wife has left her and now that bastard wants my mom to suck her smelly disgusting cock, but she has to open her mouth and start sucking the cock one thing she sucks well, in 2-3 min his head was in upward direction enjoying the suck from my mom.

That time mom was sucking her by her own wish as she is taking the whole shaft in her mouth and taking it out shaking it means enjoying the sucking the men was fingering her and then om also stands up and start taking her suit out. She also cooperated and now she is nude then the man in dhoti changed his side and oh my god he was the buffalo seller and buyer of our area Muhammad.
Took out his cock from his dhoti and it’s even bigger than my uncle near to 11 and half inch,

While sucking the cock of dabu mom had a glance on his cock and she screamed I can’t take it

I will die again everybody start laughing then dabu hold my mom like a wwe slam (HHH attempt the slam called pedigree ) and he applied some saliva on his Lund put it on the entry hole and a good push and half of the dick is in I can’t see mom’s face but yes was crying for sure after some 30 second 1 more push and now there were sounds of fucking it’s like pat pat pat pat, now dabu leave my mom and Mohammad hold her arms like a standing bitch and his Lund was going in and out in a super speed.

After fucking her for like 10 min. he leave her and told to lie on her back but the bed was occupies by my uncle and dabu he looked at them like a question mark where to lie, and she was staring uncle also and he was smiling like a pervert. Suddenly there came a sound of Mohammad take and lie on it he had his dhoti in his hands, all smiled and then she lie on her back on ground right between their legs.

Then Mohammad came told her to open her legs she is doing it like she is her slave he put her legs on his shoulder and here comes the pain full Lund went in a single push .aaahhh came the sound from both of their mouth the difference was of pleasure and pain then the train starts pat pat pat pat pat pat aah aah aah aah sounds filled the room the session continues for more than 10 min. then om told Mohammad Bhai hum bhi hain line mein Mohammad replied Bhai tum to roj chodoge mujhe kahan itni mast choot milti hai all laughed then om replied are to pose hi change kar le hum muh mein to dele

Then he holds my mom to become a bitch on all four. She is working like a machine get up and became a bitch, now Mohammad was fucking her from behind and she was sucking Om’s dick after about 15 min of fuck Mohammad now fucking in full flow and there was tense on his face his face was up in the air abusing mom suddenly his thrust became low oh he ejaculated in her choot, suddenly Om also start murmuring and start ejaculate in her mouth.

Now came uncle and Krishan start fucking her Uncle was fucking her pussy and Krishan was in her lips After fucking for about 8-9 min Uncle ejaculated in her pussy then Krishan came behind her and start fucking her now Dabbu came and gave her his dick for sucking Krishan also ejaculated on her hips then Dabbu came behind her spit on her ass hole and his dick was in her in a single thrust she cried out aaaaahh on this Mohammad said o teri kutia gand mein bhi le leti hai mujhe to pata hi nai tha warna gand hi marta on this Krishan said ab mar liyo kutiya ki on which uncle said no she is getting late someone will find any other day do it .

After about 25 min Dabbu also ejaculate in her ass now she got up and start walking along with uncle but then Mohammad said I will go to leave, uncle said no but they all pressurized uncle and finally decided that she will go with Mohammad I ran back and act like I am sleeping, when they reached Mohammad told her to suck once again and pressing her ass. She said nothing and come to her bed on which he also came and stand on the cornier with his dick outside, mom told him to go she will not do anything but he hold her by her hairs and give her his dick forcefully mom also start sucking her slowly he came in the blanket and start fingering mom in her ass, she just want to finish it quickly but he was not Cumming and the time was near 3:30 am and she has to get up by 4 as my grandmother wakes up by 4:30 as she is habitual of it.

Now I am enjoying like a movie how it gone happen. Then he told her to bend like a bitch on all four and applied some saliva on her ass hole she said nothing even parted her ass cheeks by her hands to make way for the giant.

He applied some force and the top went in but she was in pain she told him its paining please take it out, but he smiled and I think mom understood his intentions and put her one mouth on her mouth and their came the push and all the dick went in mom, there were tears on her eyes and he was ramming furiously after about 20 min. he said he is about to cum and take his lund out of the ass of my mom hold her hand and start cumming in her palm her hand was full of his cum then her demanded to lick all the cum or say drink all the cum she said no but he said dekh lo. She thought some think and start licking like a cat drinking milk from a bowl.

After that again give his Lund in mom’s mouth and said clean it there must be some shit on the dick but she has to, there were tears in her eyes and she was doing all this. I don’t know why she doing all this if she doesn’t like that there must be something I have to find out. Then he went away saying mast Randi hai

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