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Desisexstory – Oral sex with my Close relation sister

desisexpics eu Oral sex with sister

Rajesh here and  I have decided to write my experiences and share with you the ultimate memories and fun which I had seen so many years no coming back to the main point I am going to narrate one of my experiences with one of my cousin sister

Mine is a small family staying in Mumbai one day it so happened that my mum received a call from her hometown and it was regarding my cousin sister parents call my mum and requested her to take Mamta to Mumbai for job I never thought that this would be a starting point for my sex life.

When when Mamta arrived it was all normal .days passed and then weeks I never saw her with wrong intentions one day it so happened that everyone was out for their jobs and it was afternoon I was watching TV Mamta was busy cleaning house while switching the channels I landed on F TV and the models shooting for calendar I was so into the TV that I forgot that Mamata is home.

As usual she was busy cleaning the house she came to the hall and started cleaning and after few seconds she looked at me and looking at me she noticed that I was staring at the TV so she too turned and what she saw was a bikini model on a beach looking at that she she shouted at me and I came back to my senses I quickly changed the channel and while surfing the channels I asked her if she is going to tell my parents about this and she said that she won’t tell but warned me not to watch all this again.

After half an hour we sat for lunch and I asked her why she shouted at me she said that you are still small and you should not watch all this stuff listening to that I jokingly said that I can make babies to that she smiled she then ask me how do I know all this to that I replied that I watch porn regularly.

Coming from a village background she asked me what is porn? To that question I started laughing and she asked me what’s funny in that I said that you are 3 years elder to me and still you don’t know all these things. She ask me again and then I told her what is porn to that answer she made faces. She said how can 2 people be naked in front of the whole world. I said its better you watch it on your own she then blushed and kept mum. I said that tomorrow afternoon we will watch porn 2 that she said OK

Next day as usual everyone left their jobs and me and Mamata were alone. Looking at the opportunity I asked her to finish her chores so that we can start watching.I pulled my dvd player and started playing the movie. The actor was pressing the girls boobs and to that the girl was giving moans.At first Mamta was very shy and was looking away but I forced her saying just see what happens further.She continued watching the sucking pressing and licking meanwhile I was excited too and my cock was hard as rock.It started making a tent shape in my boxers.Mamta saw it but don’t speak a word about it.

She then told me to stop and I closed it. She asked me whats fun the girl is having in getting her boobs pressed?I said that even i dont know and said as a girl you might be knowing it.To that she said I never did such things and so i don’t know.She then pressed her boob and said i dont feel anything.To that i said when a guy touches it only then you can feel the excitement.

I asked her if i can touch it she said ok and as we both were lying down i gently touched her left boob with my hand and an electric current went through my body.she said i dint feel much to that I said on clothes you wont feel anything for that you need to take your clothes off.At start she was hesitant but after few requests she agreed.She was wearing a light blue long gown.I started lifting it slowly upwards ans started kissing her legs to that she objected but i said you will enjoy it dont worry.When the gown was lifted till the thigh portion she closed her eyes.Without wasting a second i lifted it beyond her navel and looking at the red panties i said you have great thighs and you will enjoy sex with your husband very much.To that she blushed.

For me it was a new experience and I was enjoying every second of it.pulling further up i was exposed to the most big and juicy tits.(Later discovered that her figure was 36-30-38)I starred pressing them with both my hands and Mamta started moaning I then removed her bra and started sucking these black nipples I was so turned on and it was my first time so i was so excited that I started sucking those nipples left right and cleavage and what not.

Those round boobs were hardly contained in my hands .I felt like putting my rock hard dick between those juicy tits and boob fucked her but i controlled as this would have been too much for her.

Mamta too was very excited and she was enjoying every bit of it.she started fingering her pussy over her panty when i saw down she was totally wet and the panty too.Without asking her I started kissing her pussy from the top of her panty she first resisted me with her hand but i continued kissing it.When i felt that the resistive hand turned soft and moans were heard she said Please remove the panty and put your mouth there and suck me .

This made me harder and excited much more.I immediately removed her panty and starting kissing her pussy which was already wet.I then inserted my tongue and tongue fucked her.To that she started pushing my head inside her pussy.

Now i was unable to hold on.Wen i again started to suck her boobs she was finding her way to hold my cock.I said dont just hold it move it up and down after few strokes she git tired and her hand started paining she said i cant do more now to that i suggested her she can do the same with her mouth too and she will enjoy it much more than hand to that she agreed and started sucking my rock hard cock.She liked the taste and started sucking wildly after a few more strokes i melted in her mouth she spitted the cum over my cock.

I then for the first time kissed her and she too responded well all my semen were mixed in our mouth after a few minutes of passionate kissing i started pussy licking which she liked and asked me to make her cum.after few minutes she too gave up and we rested naked for next half an hour.This experience was very new to us and we enjoyed it to the core.

Many more such incidents happened with Mamta but as i told you this is a true incident i would like to tell you readers that I dint fucked her the first time.It was just the intense oral sex we enjoyed.


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