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Desisexstory : Sex with my hot mom in jungle trip

Desisexstory : Sex with my hot mom in jungle trip

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My mother suddenly got the strange idea that it would be a good day to go to the forest near by. My father had a golfing date with his buddies. I kind of felt sorry for my mother. She had thought that today the family would somehow spend the day together on a picnic. She looked over at me and said, “Well, Jay, do you want to go? Or, do you have fantastic plans away from home, too?”
“Sure,” I said, “let’s go.”
Actually, it seemed that Mom just wanted a reason to drive her new car somewhere, that’s all, I figured. It was a nice car, and she really didn’t need a reason to drive it anywhere in particular. Just taking a ride in it sounded like a neat idea. She got in and opened the door for me. I plopped myself down in the passenger seat and buckled my Seat belt.
In shifting gears, several times, she kept her hand on the gear shift, her hand coming in contact with my leg. The feeling of a beautiful woman touching one’s leg has an effect, even if it is one’s own mother. It did on me, anyway. It gave me a hard on. Mom seemed to notice it right away. She kept glancing over at me, and then looked at her hand as it brushed against my leg.

“I did that?” she asked, glancing at my crotch.
I smiled. “Did what?”

She grimaced and kept driving. She moved her hand to my leg, her fingers walking down my thighs toward my crotch. I stared at her fingers with wide eyes as they moved to my crotch and pressed against my hard cock.
“Did that,” she said. “Yep, my touching you made you hard. Right?”
I nodded. “What you’re doing isn’t helping much.”
Her voice was a little choked as she said, “I thought you would like that.
“I do,” I said.

She moved her hand intermittently to my crotch all the way to the forest. I didn’t know what to expect or what to think. I knew that I really liked the feel of her hand in my lap, though, with it pressing against my hard cock the way it was
Doing. We reached corner side of near by forest, I saw no was there it was quite and peaceful place. She found space to park car behind jargon of trees she pulled car into that place and stopped the car. She was flushed and breathing hard. I knew that I was, too. Mom got out and checked if anybody there, no one was there except two of us, she smiled and came inside and locked doors from insides. She wrapped the back seat of car, now back portion of car was like bed. She asked me to move to back area of car. I moved to back area of car, she also came joined me there.

“Get those clothes off,” she said as she pulled her top off. I watched in amazement as she reached behind her and undid her bra, which she let fall to the car mat.
An hour ago, if someone had ever asked me if I wanted to have sex with my mother, I would have said no, that it would be impossible. It’s amazing how fast things changed. I tore my clothes off as Mom took hers off. I reached up and cupped her big tits in my hand, rubbing my thumbs across her erect nipples. She pressed her body close to mine, and I could feel her hairy, wet pussy press against my cock.

She fell to her knees, running her tongue down my chest and then down my stomach, flicking it out, licking as she went. She came to my cock as it poked her in the cheeks. She looked up at me and smiled as I watched in wide-eyed fascination.
“Lovely cock,” she whispered. She turned her head sideways, and with her mouth open wide, plunged it on my throbbing dick. She took it all the way into her mouth. I could feel her tongue moving around on the base of it, close to my balls.
My knees shook, and I was going to cum, way too fast for me. I had never been so thrilled or turned on sexually before in my life. I thrust my hips forward, and grabbing the back of her head, gyrated in and out of her mouth, fucking her Mouth. I shot my load as my dick jerked again and again deep inside her mouth.
She swallowed, and drops of my hot cum came running out of her mouth, down her chin. I pulled out of her mouth. “Sorry, Mom,” I said. “I couldn’t control myself. I know I came too soon.” She smiled at me with her mouth full of cum.

“Just fuck me, you’re still hard.”

She found a strange position. She leaned over in doggy position, and spread her ass cheeks and legs. I could see her hairy pussy lips hanging beneath her ass hole. I stepped behind her and inserted my cock into her wet, hot cunt. I thrust in easily, and I could feel my balls slapping against her pubic hair as I thrust into her from behind. I began to pump in and out of her with a regular rhythm, and she started moaning and groaning.
“Big, fat cock,” she moaned. “Fuck me with that monster dick of yours, Jay,” she moaned. Her talking like that made me speed up. Soon, the wall was shaking from my thrusts and her holding onto the wall, and I was afraid we might knock the
Little shed over into the sand. She screamed as her body jerked with orgasm after
Orgasm. Car was jerking up and down; I thrust into her cunt, grabbing her ass, pumping it toward me. I shot my load again, this time deep in her cunt. I continued thrusting, and then slammed into her cunt one final time as she came again.

Slowly, I pulled out of her, and there was nothing but silence. She straightened and turned and looked at me. She smiled again. We dressed quickly and made our way with big smiles. Driving home, she turned and looked at me briefly.
“Would you like to go on a picnic next Saturday?”
“You fucking bet I do,” I said.
It was inauguration of our new car with hard stokes and sex sounds.

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