Maid Laxmi fucked hard

Maid Laxmi fucked hard

It was a Saturday morning. It rained heavily last night. I was just not in a mood to leave my bed. I wanted to bunk the college as well.

The door bell rings. I wonder who it is now in this bad weather?

Neepa has convinced Rajat that she will cook for three of us. Rajat happily agreed. Neepa convinced my parents. They were happy since I was a loner in the city, and they were worried about my food habits.

A few days back, we learned that Neepa is pregnant. Since she has now been into her first trimester, she dominates me less. But I am still a sex slave to her.

I opened the door. It was Neepa, and her cook.

“Babu, I can’t cook for all. And moreover, your room is so dirty. I have asked Laxmi to take care of your daily chores from today.” Neepa asks.

I remembered that I have asked the previous maid to quit. She was bunking a lot. Last night, my mom asked Neepa for a replacement.
Neepa tells Laxmi that she will have to clean the house, wash my clothes, dry and put them back to the wardrobe, and report to Neepa for the daily updates.

Laxmi gets into work as Neepa goes down to her room. I looked at Laxmi. She has tugged her sari a bit into her waist, and hence a part of her legs got exposed. Good skin, clean, and hairless.

I just liked her body.

Laxmi brooms the dust and wipes the rooms and went down. I went to the window wherefrom I could see her working.

I had always ignored her, until today. She is washing the utensils, sitting on the floor, Her sari is tucked above her knees, exposing her legs, wheatish hairless skin. I felt that I started having a boner.

I was taking a look at Laxmi. Neepa came to her. They were talking, and all of a sudden Neepa looked up towards me. She sees me watching them from the window.

I went out of her sight and went to the toilet to freshen up. After sometimes, Laxmi comes up and continues the chores, and I secretly was staring at her.

The phone vibrates. It’s a message from Neepa “So you were staring at Laxmi – weren’t you?”

“Yes I was” ( I am a brave boy now)

“Ok, you need to be disciplined”

She goes offline.

After some time, I started watching a porn clip on my phone and had a hard on.

“I am done for the day,” Laxmi tells me. I looked at her. She was smiling and looking at my hardness over my shorts.


Laxmi leaves for the day.

A few days passed by. Laxmi takes care of the daily chores, and I watch her bare skins as much as I can.

Rajat’s mom is now in the town. Now, I am staying with Rajat and Neepa. Hence, I got a break from Neepa’s demands as well.

One morning, I could hear there was commotion coming from the ground floor. It rained heavily for two days due to a depression, and it’s going to continue raining for a day or two as well.

I went near the stairs to understand what’s happening. I realized it was for Laxmi. Laxmi has come to work in the rain and is completely drenched. Neepa wants to give her a sari, and her mother in law is opposing the idea.

“Laxmi, can you come up?” I shouted.

After some time, Laxmi appears. She is completely drenched and is in a bad state.

I opened up the wardrobe and handed over a t-shirt and a Bermuda pant to her.

“Wear them, and wash your dresses in the washing machine, and dry them in the room,” I ordered. She was uncomfortable/ I convinced her that she will fall sick if she does not dry herself up quickly. She finally agreed.

Laxmi went to my bathroom and changed her dresses and comes out wearing my tee and Bermuda.

“Have you taken your bra out?”


“Do so – it’s wet, and it’s not going to help you wearing it.”

She denies, and I was adamant as well.

“Open it up or else I shall force you”

She ignores. I hold her from the back, put my hands behind her and unhook the bra.

“Will you now open up the bra or want me to open it up?”

She ran towards the bathroom. After sometimes, I checked and found that she had washed and dried her clothes, and that included her bra as well.

I took her dresses out and put them below a fan, and particularly ensured that her bra is hanging properly.

She was working in an embarrassing situation for the rest of the time, the nipples were clearly visible under the t-shirt, and it was a pleasure watching her for the day.

In the evening, she came down to change her dresses, and it was still raining heavily.

“Who all are there in your family at home?” I asked.

“My mother and younger brother”

“Any of them have a phone ?”

“Yes, my brother has a phone”

“Good. Call him up and say you won’t be returning tonight” I ordered.

Laxmi was not at all ready to accept the same. I called up Neepa and told her that it’s raining heavily, and Laxmi’s clothes are not yet dry, and if she is drenched again, she will fall sick and will stop coming to work.

Neepa understood my views and called Laxmi’s brother up to inform that Laxmi will be staying with them that night.

But the problem came from a different front. Neepa’s mother in law was dead against Laxmi staying with them that night. Neepa tried to convince but it fell on deaf ears. Hence, the only solution was Laxmi staying at my apartment.

I switched on the TV and asked Laxmi to watch it while I went for studies. In the late evening, I asked her to get food from Neepa. Laxmi went down and got enough food for two.

I asked her to dine with me at the dining table. She disagreed. I had to force her to sit on the chair. She quietly had her dinner. I had mine too. She then washes the utensils and arranged for a bed on the floor of the living room. I hit my bed as well.

The situation was getting worst that night, lots of thunderstorms and heavy winds blowing along with heavy rain. I could hear the sound and the flashes from the sky.


“Yes Laxmi”

“Can I sleep on the floor in your room? I am a bit scared…”


She arranged for her bedding in the floor and went to sleep. After sometimes, I looked at her and saw she was shivering.

I went down, picked her small body in my hands.

“What are you doing?”

“Shut up.” I put her on the bed and wrapped her body with a bedsheet.

I then lied next to her and pretended to get sleep.

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As the next thunder falls and heavy lightning happens, Laxmi was scared. She shouted in fear and jumped into me. I wrapped her body with my hand and inserted the other hand below her tee, and my hand starts moving across her back.

She couldn’t resist. I slowly put my hands on her waist, hips and then into her buttocks from inside the Bermuda. She kept mum.

As one of my hands play with her bums, my other hand wraps her hip and in a sudden jerk, I got her in my top. She was breathing heavily. My hand keeps on playing with her back till the bums. My other hand took her tee off from her body, she was mum.

Soon, she was topless. Then I turned her down and rode on her. I opened up my tee as well. Both of us are now topless. I kissed her forehead, eyes, cheeks, chin, nose, earlobes, neck and then got down to her breasts. I raised her hands above her shoulder. She was hairless at her armpits. and there she is, exposed with her pink areolas and perky nipples.

As I was busy kissing her, she took my shorts down my knees, exposing my erect penis that was hitting her lower abdomen. She holds my head and pushed me towards her. I adjusted myself a bit to get more onto her. She holds me tight, put one of her hands on my chest and started going down my belly, abdomen and finally, she holds my penis tight. She was excited and breathing heavily.

She holds my erect penis tight and starts shagging me. She starts giving me a handjob, and that made me more excited.

Her eyes closed, she is biting her lower lips, and as I moved up a bit, she got a chance to hold my manhood better. She starts giving me light kisses and starts going down until she reaches my penis.
I bent over and took her Bermuda off her body. There we are. My maid and I, both naked in a rainy night.

I spread her legs, and I could see her pubic region absolutely hairless. Wow. That’s a beauty. And there are the pink lips.

I started massaging her clit. She moaned. After sometimes, she holds my hand and guided my finger into her. She was completely wet down there.

I finger fucked her for a while, and then went down and started fucking her with my tongue. She came twice. I sucked her dry and kept licking her.

After a while, when I was tired and sucked her dry again. I told her to turn round. She followed my instruction.

I put my penis between her two ass cheeks and put my hands beside her and hold her boobs tight. I started pressing them fiercely. She moaned.

I turned her round and inserted my penis deep inside her. She shivered.

No bloodshed – she was not a virgin.

I started fucking her. I was giving my best strokes for the night until I felt I was going to cum. I slowed down, rubbed her clit for a while and continued stroking her again. This continued for a while until we both were tired. I was stroking her harder and realized I was going to ejaculate. At the pick moment, I withdrew and the sperm fell on her belly.

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