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Desisexstory : My sexy hot mom in my dream

Desisexstory : My sexy hot mom in my dream

I am 21 yrs of age named rahul raita and I feel that sex becom interesting and exiting when we are doing it our relatives especially blood relatives.
here I am going to write abut my mom- let me first introduce my mom to u she is abut 42yrs of age has a typical indian womens look plump always were saree here fig is 38 36 38 she is also a teacher she has a very sexy look.
my story starts many yrs earlier when I was in 9th standard. one day during the lunch break I hered some of my frnds talking abut sombodies figer I also went to see her when I reached there only I found out that they were talking abut my mom I was really angry with them and had a fight with them. this incident has been a turning point in my lif from then on when ever I think of sex my moms image comes to my dreamz those days I was feeling really bad tothink of her in that manner.
my daddy work in north india and we are frm south so he comes once in a while once when he came he bought my mom a selwarcamease. once when she was tring it on I saw her this was my first real sight of my mom I enjoyed. she was wering only a bra and a pantys and was pulling on her pijama on. even now I remember her sight she was wering a black bra which was really contrasting her fair skin colour. unlik all thos ladies I hav seen inporn films she was having dence hair in her armpit her brest really pushing towards the bra. and her pussy hair was so dence that it was seen outside the panty seeing me coming into the room first she was embbarased but with our showing that she pulled her dress on and went out of the room.
by the time I was in +2 I changed my way of thought and felt that there was nothing wrong in dreaming of mom and I never wasted any chance I got to see her boob cuts her fat and sexy ass. when ever she change her dress I enter here room as if it was an accident, when she cook food I donot waste the opertunity to touch her wet body she never noticed such things. my mom takes bath early in the morning usually when I am fast asleep one day I got up earlier to study and was washing my face when she came out of the bath room wering only pettycoat it was the first time when I saw a nude boob that too my moms it was really large and the nipple standing hard (may as an after efect of her bath in cold water) seeing me my mom ran back to the bath room
After my +2 I went to college that was far away frm my place and was staying with my aunt (mom sis) my anty is slimmer but has a perfect fig 36 34 36. I will tell about her late. After going to college I lost my opertunity to see my moms sexy body though I made frnds with sexy girls of college and had good opertunities of sex I was missing my mom and by that time I had a great intention to hav sex with my mom and was thinking how I can fulfill my desire. once I planed of seeing her taking bath one day when I reached hom I mad a cut in my bath room and waited for the next day to com early next morning I got up but remained in the bed pretending to be sleeping when I heared her taking to bath room I silently went to my privete hole and started watching the procedings. There was nobody at my line of sight so I waited and finally got my oppertunity there I could see my sexy mom standing completely nude only having the black string around her at first I could not belive my eyes I was seeing my own mom completely nude.
My mom with out knowing my cruel intention was taking a bath lik any other day. she first started oil massaging her self she started with her face then went on to her neck then taking som oil in her hand massaged those sexy boobs of (more…)

Desisexstory : Threesome sex with wife accidentally

Desisexstory : Threesome sex with wife accidentally


My wife loves me. She is, and has always been, faithful and true. She makes me feel appreciated and adored every day. I’ve never once thought that she might stray or betray our vows, and I’m careful to make sure she feels the same from me.

Before we were together, though, she was promiscuous. I never asked for all the details, but I know she’s had dozens of sexual partners, many of which she never even dated or knew. There were anonymous blowjobs, quickies at clubs around town, and I’ve gotten the feeling there was a long stretch where she brought home a new guy every weekend. I can’t really hold it against her – I was one of those guys, after all. I just happened to be the last one. (By the way, if you have a choice between a virgin and a woman who knows how to suck a cock, always choose the experienced one.)

So with zero concern about her fidelity and with the security she gives me in our marriage I have no problem indulging her fantasy. I guess it’s a holdover from her days of one night stands, but nothing makes her hotter than the idea of being fucked by a stranger. It’s not a rape fantasy thing, she just fantasizes about being intimate with an anonymous stranger. I don’t take it personally at all, and honestly it has always turned me on in ways I don’t really understand. It also makes me horny to think of what it does to her.

Since we’re not swingers and she’s a faithful wife, we have to resort to role play to fill that fantasy. About once a month or so I’ll blindfold her, leave her alone in the bedroom for a while, then come back and try to do something… Well, different from my normal “thing.” Even though she KNOWS it’s me, it seems to be enough for her to get lost in the fantasy of an unknown stranger filling her holes.

Time for the next level.

I had planned this for literally months. I placed ten Craigslist ads. I must have looked at 100 photos of cocks. I was looking for my doppelgänger. After about three or four months of searching I finally found the right man: slim, thick cock but not too long, about the same kind and amount of body hair, beard… Me in the dark, in other words. When I told him what I had in mind he was hesitant. When I showed him the boudoir photos my wife gave us for our 10th anniversary his reluctance mysteriously evaporated.

I arranged things with other-me (we’ll call him Mike) after it had been a couple months since our last stranger role-play. I knew she’d be ready to embark again on her fantasy, and she was more than willing. I wound up having to play for time when I got home from work on a Friday, because she was ready to go the minute I stepped in the door and I’d told Mike to be at our back door around at 7:00.

After we ate a light dinner and split a bottle of wine, it was getting close to time. I led her to the bedroom, kissed her passionately, and helped her undress.

“I wish I was going to be the one cumming inside you tonight,” I said.

She gave me a wry smile and started to play along. It was almost scripted, as many times as we’d played this particular game.

“You can have sloppy seconds,” she said, and winked.

I slipped the blindfold over her head and leaned her back onto the stack of pillows on our bed. I stood back and admired her thick but firm body, her tan lines, her shaved mound, her erect and dark nipples. I was getting hard looking at her. When I thought about what was to come I almost came in my sweatpants.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” I asked.

“Come back later,” she said, “after he’s gone. You can clean me up.”

“Okay, I will.” I grinned and left the room.

Mike was waiting outside the garage door as planned. I wasn’t too worried about noise from the door since one thing I did often was open and shut the door a couple of times, just to let her imagination fill in the blanks. I couldn’t afford for her to hear any voices, though, so Mike and I had already arranged everything over an afternoon beer. I nodded, he nodded, and went back inside.

I usually do different little things to help her convince herself that it’s not me. Sometimes I’ll wear a condom or a cock ring, or buy a cheap cologne I’ve never worn. Once I even took the time to shave my beard with an electric razor in the garage.

This time, though, I thought Mike would feel different enough. I was worried she would realize what was happening and panic before her fantasy took over. I’d told Mike a few things to do early on that would feel a little familiar to her. Once she’s into it, I told him, he won’t need any pointers.

Mike walked down the hall in his heavy work boots – another standard masquerade since I’m a white-collar kind of guy – while I tiptoed behind him, minicam in hand. He tossed his coat on the chair at the foot of the bed and stood for a few seconds beside the bed, admiring her naked body in the dim light. Her legs were straight on the bed, her feet together, and her hands were clasped loosely beneath her full breasts. He looked over his shoulder at me for the final go-ahead. I nodded.

“Who’s there?” She called, a practiced tremor in her voice. Mike reached out a single finger and slowly traced from her ankle up the top of her leg, stopping at her hip. (Move 1.) She shuddered and spread her legs slightly. Mike moved toward the head of the bed then reached out and pinched her nipple, hard. (Move 2.) She squealed and grabbed his hand, but her legs opened a touch more. Her other hand strayed across her hips toward her bare pussy.

Mike had one more “stranger move” I’d given him, then it was up to him to enjoy himself. He snatched his hand away from her and quickly dropped his trousers. At that point I wondered if I’d made a mistake. He seemed like he was maybe an inch longer than I was and at least as thick. He reached out, took her hand and opened it, positioning her hand near the edge of the bed palm up. She let out a little gasp as he slapped his hardening cock into her open palm. Her free hand found her pussy as she closed around his cock and started to stroke him.

I was still standing behind Mike. As a final move to put her at ease I let out a brief grunt as Mike was becoming fully engorged. It was an unspoken rule that I couldn’t make any noise at all during our role playing, so as not to break the illusion. I tried to make it sound involuntary, but it was obviously my voice.

She was obviously feeling comfortable as she spread her juices over her clit and around her pussy lips. When she sat up slightly so she could take him into her mouth I moved silently to the other side of the room and fired up the camera.

She sucked him for a long time. As she took him deeper and sucked harder her legs spread wider. I had a great view of her soaked pussy with the camera and got some great close ups panning from her fingering herself to his cock sliding in and out of her lips.

Finally he pulled away and grabbed her thighs, spreading her as wide as she could go. He peeled off his t-shirt and climbed onto the bed, on his knees between her legs. Her hands went to her breasts and she rubbed her nipples between her thumbs and middle fingers, one hand wet with her pussy juices, one wet with her saliva and Mike’s precum.

Mike surprised me by slapping her open pussy, just once, not too hard but I know it stung. Then she surprised me by not squealing or yelling, but letting out a long low guttural moan and digging her fingernails into her breasts, squeezing them harder than I’d be willing to. Her moan didn’t stop, but became a feral growl. Mike positioned his knees and drove his cock into her all at once, with no preamble or warning. She gasped, arched her back, and reached up to his chest with one hand.

Obviously she knows my body almost as well as I do. I had thought that when she started touching his body would be when she might finally realize what was going on. If she did, though, I saw no indications. She was lost in her lust. Mike was having a good time himself, and quickened his thrusts. She reached out, groping for his upper arms. When she found them she squeezed his biceps and drew him down until he was in a classic missionary. He never stopped pumping as he stretched his legs out and spread her thighs even farther.

She dug her nails into his back and growled “Cum in me” in the same possessed voice. She grunted and wrapped her legs around his buttocks, drawing him deeper. I knew what she must be doing with her vaginal muscles at this point. It was one of her well-honed skills in bed. At this point I’d been an objective documentarian about as long as I could stand. I quietly put the camera down on a table and slid my sweatpants to my ankles. I started jacking off, waiting for her climax.

Suddenly he pulled away from her, back onto his knees. He took her by the hips and virtually picked her up and spun her until she was on all fours sideways on the bed. That’s right! I’d told him I want him to finish her from behind. He reentered her easily as she spread her knees and positioned herself. She sank down first onto her elbows, then onto her chest with her ass high and her arms splayed out on the bed. Tiny involuntary yelps came from her parted lips “Oh! Oh! Oh!” in time with his thrusts. (more…)

Desisexstory : My Wife and My Sister

Desisexstory : My Wife and My Sister

I am Rahul; I had been away from home for a few days on business. I was supposed to be home the next day but came a day earlier as my business finished early. I was in a hurry to get home to my lovely wife Namitha. I took a taxi from the station.

My house was deserted and far off from the main locality. I went to the door and inserted the key and turned it but the door did not open. “What is the matter with the lock?” I circled the house. The curtains were closed. I glanced into the drawing room but no one was there.

I opened the back entrance door and entered quietly. With heart racing I looked around in each room as I came to it. I heard voices from the bedroom. I opened the door. I stood there still. The scene before me froze me.

I could see Namitha lying back on the bed with her eyes closed. There was a face buried in the triangle of her pussy. Her body was jumping up and down and she moaned. The woman between her legs came up to kneeling position. It was my sister Savitha. Sister had always shown an interest in my wife.

“Oh Fuck, Rahul when did you come?” Sister said as she spotted me. My wife opened her eyes and was looking straight at me with a horrified look in her eyes. She was trying to remove sisters head from her cunt which was glistening with my sister’s saliva. My sister was trying to cover her large breasts with her hands without too much success.

“Oh Fuck Rahul darling how did you come?” said my naked wife , her mouth open wide with shock. I looked down at her. “I think I should be asking the questions. What is going on?” I said. My hands were shaking from the shock of the revelation.

Sister said “Don’t blame Namitha…it’s my fault. I made her do it. See, brother you and I not only think alike, we love alike. Namitha is soooooo sexy. In fact she is too sexy for just one of us. We can love her, both of us. You can share her with sister, can’t you dear? Her pussy is simply nectar. I can’t have enough of her sweet cum. Forgive her brother” I growled at my Namitha and my shameless sister. I grabbed my naked sister by the wrist and pulled her over the bed, her big ass up in the air. I swung my hand and slapped her full her raised ass. She screamed.

Tears sprung from her eyes and a red mark appeared on her buttock. She looked up and said “Do it again but don’t hit your wife. Rahul I love being spanked but not so hard…” “I love it, spank my ass but don’t hit my bhabhi. God made her only to be loved, let’s make love to her.”

I don’t know what was coming over me but soon I had a massive hard-on. I tried to conceal it from my sister but her naked body was turning me on. May be my absence from my wife was responsible for my growing excitement. I was getting excited by looking at my own sister. She looked like a hot bitch. Kinky thoughts were coming to my kinky mind. Ohhhhh God I wanted to kiss my sister’s ass. I wanted to fuck my sister in front of my wife. I wanted to do something to both my wife and sister.

I took my sister in my arms and pushed her onto the bed, still face down. My hands, rubbed her swollen buttocks. She moaned “Yes, brother, rub my ass, slap it, spank my ass but not hard. You are making sister wet. Let me eat your wife’s pussy as you spank sister.” I rubbed her ass as she moaned loudly.

I caught my wife’s face in my hands as she looked dumbfounded into my eyes. I cupped her tits which were getting hard every moment. She rose up to help me have greater access to her boobs. She put her hands on my shoulders and murmured, “Rahul, you are not mad at me, are you? Sister is sooo nice and lonely that we made love to each other. Darling, Savitha needs loving and it is our duty to give her love, poor sister, let’s give her pleasure. Now that you have found out about us, let’s have fun. I have a fantasy to see you fuck another woman before my eyes and who could be better partner for you than the woman who loves you. What hole could be better than the one you dream of, don’t u? She is lucky to have her brother fill her cunt with his cum.”

I fondled sister’s ass and touched her wet pussy and then stepped away. Sister turned over on her back and I had the most perfect view of completely naked sister lying before me along with my wife. I said “Wait just a moment while I undress. Namitha, play with her tits, rub her cunt with your cunt. I want to see your lovemaking which was going on when I came. Keep kissing and licking each other like lesbian sluts. From now onwards you two are going to be my whores, do you understand?” I was shaking my cock which had begun to leak pre cum as I undressed. I became aware of my wife nibbling and licking sister’s nipples. Sister was gently stroking my wife’s pubic hair.

Namitha kissed sister’s tits, her tongue went downward to sister’s bald triangle as sister groaned,” Yesssss Namitha, my bhabhi kiss my pussy. I am on fire.” then turning to me she said” Brother, show me you cock, let me feel it, touch it. Yeah brother you will have two whores in your bed room in place of one. Your sister is a cock hungry, pussy eating whore. Namitha is a hot piece of ass, your wife. She is dripping wet on my fingers. I will eat her cunt when you ram your cock in my cunt.” My wife brought her pussy down onto my sister’s cunt and rubbed hard making sister cry out with lust. I started to play with my cock as I watched the two horny women.

I ran my hand over my wife’s pussy and then over her breasts. I began to lick her ass. She seemed to like it and began to moan. Before this she would not let me near her ass. She started to rock her ass slowly drawing my tongue inside her asshole. I pulled away. I had plans to sister-fuck today. I caught my sister’s face and looked into her eyes filled with raw lust and the realization that her brother was going to be her fuck friend soon added new spice to the thought. I pushed my finger into her mouth and she gulped it and sucked on it.

My wife got off sister’s body and said “I want you to ride your sister doggie style and fuck her from behind. That way I can lie down and get her to kiss my cunt, eat my cunt juices while I can see you become a good sister-fucker and you can watch your whore sister’s ass. Rahul she is all wet for your cock. Sister, kneel before Rahul, our common stud. You have always wanted him to fuck you haven’t you? Now let the dog fuck the bitch doggy style. The old bitch will eat the younger bitch’s pussy” I pulled my wife away from sister and helped sister in getting to her doggy position. Sister said in a very muffled voice “Guide your cock into me carefully, brother. Please don’t hurt me now, fuck me like a whore who is your sister. Let your wife see you become a sister-fucker.”

I pulled sister up and she knelt before me, holding the corner of the bed with Namitha’s legs spread wide into which sister put her head. Sister’s ass was so tempting to fuck but I thought that I would come to fuck her ass later. I thought that she might not agree to it right now. I patted her ass and pushed my finger into her pussy to see her wetness. She was wet of course and was begging me,” Come on brother fuck me with your taboo cock. Fuck my taboo cunt. You sister is all wet for you.” I held my cock in my hand and aimed it between sister’s ass cheeks.” Aaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhh shove it brother, ram your cock in your sister. Fuck this whore. Fuck sister, make her a whore, ohhhh bastard sister can’t wait, fuck meeeeeee, and fill me with your meat.”

I could not wait. I rammed my cock all the way into the wet tunnel. I saw my wife wrap her thighs round sister’s face. I imagined sister’s tongue was buried into my wife’s pussy. I began to move my hips slowly at first, building a steady tempo, my balls slapping sister’s round ass cheeks. My cock was buried all the way. Sister’s cunt clutched at my cock as it slipped in and out of her cunt with slippery ease. I humped sister. Then I felt fingers on my ball sack, It was Namitha who was fondling my balls and added to my excitement,” Ohhhhh God Rahul, ram you cock in your whore. You whore sister is licking my juices. Fuck her good. The whore needs your cock bad. Give it to her, fuck her.”

As I started to pump in and out faster I watched Namitha cum. She was in frenzy as sister’s tongue fucked Namitha. She calmed down and said. “God… I do like my cunt eaten, sister.” I leaned forward and ran my fingers in her hair. Suddenly I felt something wet touching my ass hole, no sooner I came to knew that its Namitha’s tongue that licks my ass hole. I have never seen my wife so erotic and as this much sex hungry. She tongue fucked my ass hole for about 10 minutes. I was in heaven. I fucked hard as the moving fingers of my wife excited me more than her words. My wife’s body tensed and stiffened. She was cumming suddenly. (more…)

Desisexstory : Wife fuck with stranger

Desisexstory : Wife fuck with stranger


Wife being 27yrs we are happily married couple for last 3yrs. We are extremely horny couple and like to tryout different situations while playing sex. Once while reading to fantasy I got an idea of seeing a stranger loving my wife. The thought itself was so sexy but it was equally difficult to make nitu, my wife, agree for that. As she is very loyal and traditional kind of women. But then one day while our sex was over and we were lying on our bed, I aroused her saying that now she is too old and frightened girl. As to my expectation she took the challenge and we bet for that. She said, “I can still make people walk behind me” I knew this very well because Nitu is really very sexy. Even when we go for any shopping we notice people trying to have a look at her boobs or hips. I took the challenge and we decided our plan.
Next day evening we separately went to a remote park where we never visited before. Niu was wearing a low cut sleeveless blouse with a plan dark blue silk saree. Today she was looking extremely sexy. From a long distance a showed a young boy of around 22. She accepted it. She sat near to him with a marginal distance. After some eye looks, I noticed she managed to have a conversion with him. Suddenly they both started to walk together in the park. I was surprised to see Nitu so near to a stranger. They managed to pass nearby to me as I heard Nitu saying ” Sanjay, I am really bored with my husband as he is very narrow minded” Of course this was to tease me. But per decided I was not supposed to show my presence I remained quite. After that I rushed to our pre booked room in a hotel. I hide myself behind a curtain as planned before. After few moments I noticed Nitu with that stranger enter the room. He was caressing her open shoulder and Nitu was sitting in front of me on the b! big king size bed. I was shocked when sanjay kissed her neck and Nitu was looking at me giving me a naughty smile. I was actually seeing my wife being loved by a strange guy and was not able to do anything because of the promise I gave to Nitu. After some talk they both got up and hands in each others both began to slowly have a lip-to-lip kissing. I could not stop the bulge in my pants there.
Slowly sanjay started pressing Nitu’s boobs. “Nitu you are the sexiest women on earth” sanjay said. That even I believed. Suddenly he removed her saree from her top and started kissing her neck and then plucking her buttons of her blouse he ravishly threw her blouse apart. This was not planned but then the site of a stranger trying to fuck my wife was so great that I stopped my self-interrupting them both. Now even Nitu was started loving his touch. She was lying on the bed and sanjay was on top of her. He removed his T-Shirt and unzipped his jeans. This was great he was having a real big dick. Not less than 9 inch. I saw Nitu’s saree was lying on the floor and she was now laying animal nude in front of Sanjay. This was the first time Nitu was showing her body to somebody other than me. Till than I managed to have twice masturbation seeing this. (more…)

Desisexstory : Fuck my cousin sister


I was staying alone in the city for my higher studies. I was staying in a small flat, in the same building where my cousin sister lived with her husband and newborn baby. I used to visit them almost everyday and we were very close.

My brother-in-law was looking for a job in Arab and finally he got it. He had to leave immediately but my cousin had to stay back with the baby, as she could only go after six months. I promised my brother in law to take care of them in his absence. My college used to start late in the day and I would be free in the mornings. My cousin asked me to come in every morning so that I could look after the baby while she took a bath.

Things were going smoothly for a couple of days. Then, one day while strolling through their house, as the baby was asleep, I noticed that the bathroom door had a gap in the wood through which I could see inside. I came close and stood transfixed when I saw my beautiful and sexy cousin completely naked and having a bath. She was very fair and had a figure to die for. She had very firm boobs with no hint of sag. Her nipples were erect and pinkish brown in color. She had a perfectly flat stomach and a small bush of hairs on her cunt. She had well rounded and firm but slightly large buttocks. Her skin was unblemished and she had shoulder length hair and full and rosy lips. As the bathroom was very small, she was very close to the door and I could almost touch her. I watched her till she finished her bath and then moved away. This became a habit with me and I looked forward to my morning duty everyday. (more…)

Desi sex story : Finally fucked my mom puffy pussy

mom puffy pussy

Desi sex story : Finally fucked my mom puffy pussy

 mom puffy pussy

mom puffy pussy Desi sex story : Finally fucked my mom puffy pussy presents Mera mom is very hot wo bahut sexy hai unka figure lajawab hai. jab main chota hota tha tab main apne mom dad ki sex kirya ko chup -2 ke dekhta hai. main bada ho gaya 17 yrs ka mujhe bhi mom ko chodne ka mann karne laga. main mom ko nahate huye dekhta jab bhi mom ke sath sota unke boobs pe hath rakhta unko malta. mom mera hata hata deti. dad business ke chakr me chennai gaye huye the. ek din main mom ke sath soyato mom bahut sexy lag rahi thi mujhe neend nahi aa rahi thi maineT.V. on kiya or DVD per ek Blue film dekhne laga achanak mujhko aisa laga jaise mom bhi dekh rahi hai. main aaram se peeche dekha to mom ne aankein band kar li maine T.V. ki awaz bada di . main us din muth maarke so gaya. ab ye roj hone laga. phir main thoda bada maine mom ke sath sote sote suck karne laga mom kobhi maza aane laga. par jada kuch naa karne deti. jab mera pura mud hota wo kehti kya kar raha so jaa. aise hi din nikalte rahe dad mahine me bas 2-3 din ke ghar aate phir chale jaate. ek din dupharko main ghar aaya maine mom ka room band dekha. jab maine us room ke ander dekha to dekhta hi reh gya meri mom mombati ko apni chut me dall rahi thi. main samaz gaya ki unko sex ki jarurat hai. sham ko mom ke stomach me dard hone lagi. maine mom se pucha kya hua hai wo boli dard ho rahi hai. maine kaha main mal deta hu. phir main tail leke aaya or mom ki kamiz upar kardi. or unke pet pe tail laga pe malne laga. maine aaramaaram se apne hath ko unki salwar ke ander karne laga mom ne aanke band kar li maine apna hata ander dala or unki chut ko malne laga thodi derr badd unka pani nikal gaya or unhone kaha ke bas ab thik ho gaya main raat bahr unke sath sex karne ki koshish karta raha par koi baat nahi bani. phir maine ek din mom ko neend ki goliya deke unke sath sex kiya par maza nahi aaya. main subah tak mom ke sath soya raha is baar main bilkul nanga tha mom subah uthi or mujhe dekhne lagi or phir aapko or mujhe chadar deke chali gai. uske baad mom thoda khulane lagi. wo bhi mujhe niyota dene lagi. raat ko hum so gaye or us raat mom ne mere upar hath rakha maine mom ka hath pakad ker apne lund pe rak diya or maslane laga. phir achanak mom ka hath apne aap mere lucd ko suck karnelaga main samaz gaya ki mom ka mud hai aaj chudne ka. main mom ki taraf ghum gaya or unke lips ko kiss karne laga chusne laga mom mana karne lagi. par wo naatak kar rahi rhi kyonki hindustani aurat jo thi. maine unke kapde utar diye. or apne bhi main unko suck karne laga kissi karne laga unka bhi response aane laga. wo bhi mujhe chusane lagi. phir maine mom puffy pussy ko chod diya usne bola kya hua maine kaha pehle mera loda chus usne mana kiya main jaane laga to wo phir maan gayi hum 69 ki position me aa gaye or main uski chut chatne laga jis per ek bhi baal nahi tha. kyonki usne aaj shaam ko hi saaf kiye the. unki chut jab main chaat raha tha unke muh se awaaze nikal rahi thi seeeeeeeehaaaseeahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachooooooooooodddddddssssssssde mujhe beta wo bad bada rahi thi main unki lato ke vich me beta or apne lund ko unki chut pe rakha or andhar daal diyaunki chut jaad dheeli nahi thi abhi bhi tight thi.wo chila padi hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy​yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimera 7″ ka lodda uski chut mom puffy pussy ko fadta hua ander chala gaya. (more…)

Desisexstory : Train mein chudai

Desisexstory : Train mein chudai

My self sameer main hamesa sex story es site par padta rahta hu to aaj main bhi apana experience aap logo ke sath share karna chahta hu meri kahani ek suhane safar ke sath suru hoti hai or usi ke sath katm ho jati hai aasa kar hu ki aap logo ko meri story bahut pasnd aayegi .

Ye bat un dino ki hai jab main BA karke kisi operation exm. Ke liye mumbai geya tha muje aabhi vo saniwar ki bad yaad hai or sayad us rat ko kabhi na bhula pau mera reviration S, 4 main tha main time par station par pahuch kar apni seet par beth geya tha or itffak ki bat ye thi ki main soch raha tha ki mere samne wali seet par koi larki aa jaye to mera safar acha kat jayega or wahi huaa chori der main ek sadi suda larki bhut hi sundar ek budi orat or ek aadmi ke sath aai wo aadami uska husband or budi orat uski maa vo aadami unhe tikat de kar chala geya ab main bar bar usse najare milane ki kosis kar raha tha lekin vo mujse najar nahi mila rahi thi kuch samay bad vo budi orat upar ja kar so gei ab us larki ne meri tarf ajeeb najaro se dekha mano asa laga un najaro main bhut sa raaj chupa huaa tha .gari apani raftar se chal rahi thi mera mann chah raha tha ki main usse bat karu par himmt nahi juta pa raha tha par sayad us din meri kismat achi thi suruwat us larki ne hi kar di usne mujse time pucha mene use bare hi pyar se kaha abhi 11 baje hai kuch der chup rahne ke bad mene kaha aap kha jayegi usne bataya mumbai mere chahre par muskuraht aa gei jise main daba nahi paya usne bhi muskura ke puch kya aap bhi mumbai ja rahe hai mene haa main jawab de diya ab kuch samay tak phir se sanata rha

. phir mene bat dubara suru ki mene uske or uske pariwar ke bare main puchna suru kiya usne mere bare main pucha ase karte huye bat chalti rahi ab meri kuch karne ki bari thi mene dhire se apna panw (Leg) badaya or uski seet par rakh diya jaha par vo bethi thi ab vo bhi sedhe let gei ab meri himmat or bad chuki thi mee aapne paw (legs) ko or agge bada diya . ab mere legs usski pussy se touch ho rahe the main soch raha tha ki kanhi wo kuch bolegee par ussne koi virodh nahi kiya ab main samjh chukka tha ki aag dono taraf ek jese lagi huee hai . ab ussne mujhe sab kuch saff saff bata diya ki wo aapne husband se santust nahi hai . ab hum intjar kar rahe the usski mother ke sone ka . train aapni raftar se chal rahi thi . ab mene aapne leg ko usski pussy ke ekdam ader hi daal diye mera pehla anubhave tha issliye meree halat khrab thi . or usse maze aa rahe the . ab wo bhi puri tarah garam ho chuki thi . train ke pure coparatment me sab soo chuke the sirf do tanha jism jo hum dono ke bhoot hi payasse the jagg rahe the . ab 2 baj chuke the wo uddi or bathroom ki taraf chali gaye . par jatee jatee ek ajeeb sa issara mujhe kar ke chali gaye main kuch time baad usske picche picche chal diya . ab hum bathroom ke aage dono ek sath khde the . mene sabse pehle usse kiss karna shuru kiya . uuske lips mere lips ke ander samma chuke the . dono garam aahe bhar rahe the .mene ab usske upper ke kapde uttar ke usske undergarment bhi uttar diye the main sab kuch bhul chukka tha yaad tha too sirf uuski jism ki khushbu . ab main usske bobs ko jor jor se dabane laga . ussne bhi mere cock ko yani lund ko jor se dabaya mujhe bhi maza aa raha tha par mere se jayda maza wo le rahi thi . ab hum doo bathroom ke ander chale gaye . wanha jate hi mene sabse pehle usske sare kapde uttar diye or phir aapne sare kapde uttar liye . ab doo jism ek hone ja rahe the . main usske bobs ko chusne laga . bhoot jor se mene usske bobs ko suck kiya . usski sanse jor jor se shuru ho gaye or usska dil bhoot jor se dhdak raha tha . sach usske bobs itne kadhor the ki mano jese koi tennis bol ho . usska rang ekdam gora tha . ab wo jhuk gaye or mere lund ko chusne lagi meree halat khrab ho rahi thi kyo ki jese mene aapko bataya ki ye mera pehla expirence tha . kafi derr mere lund ko chusne ke baad ab meree bari thi jese ki meree pehle bhoot sexy films dekhi huee thi too main bhi ussi tarah usski chut ko chusne laga . usski chut ekdam upper uddi huee gulabi thi jese mano gulab ki patti . mujhe bhoot maza aa raha tha . dono ki dil ki dhadkne bhoot tejj chal rahe thi . ab wo aapna aapa kho chuki thi bar bar mujhse bol rahe thi ki mere chut me daal doo plz aapna lund plzz main ab usske pure jism ko chusne me laga tha raat ke 4 baj chuke the ab mene usse thora khuka diya or usske hath washer pa rakhwakr usse niche kiya ab mene aapna mota lamba lund nikala mere lund ko tana dekh kar wo bhoot khush thi or boli mene aapne zindgee me aesa lund nahi dekha phir main upper se jawan khubsurat bhi tha meree age uss time koi 21 ki hogee jo aaj se 2 saal pehle ki baat hai . ab wo pagal ho chuki thi mujhe chusne lagi mene ab aapne lund ko dhere se usski chut me daal diya ussne ek baar thori see aah bhari phir sab kuch normal tha mene ab jhatke lagane shuru kiye too wo jor se chkhne se lagi mene usse chup kiya wo boli dard ho raha hai mene usse samjhya . wo aese lag rahe thi ki sayad usske pati ka lund kamm karta hi nahi . ab mene phir se khtke lagane shuru kiye iss baar ussne mera pura sahyog diya . ab mene jhtko ki speed ko or tej kiya . usske bobs mere hath me the jinhe me dhere dhere daba raha tha . usse bhi ab maze aa rahe the . ab ek baar mera vire nikal chukka tha . kuch derr ke liye hum ruke phir kuch derr baad mera lund phir se tann gaya mene iss baar usse jamin par lita diya or usske legs aapne kandho par daal li ab main pure Indian style me aa chukka tha . mene usse aage sarkaya or aapna lund iss baar jor se usski chut me daal diya iss baar wo kam chikhi . ab main jor se jhtke de raha tha . abki baar bhoot maza aa rah tha . ab dhere dhere main bhi sankhleet ho raha tha or mano aesa lag raha tha ki wo bhi santust ho chuki hai phir time bhi bhoot jayda ho chukka tha . too mene usse chor diya . chorte hi wo boli mene aajtak aese kabhi sex nahi kiya tha aaj kar liya sach me aapme bhhoot dam hai . main bhi bhoot khush tha . hum vapas aa kar aapne sheet par beth gaye . subah ho chuki thi . par sach humri aankhee saff keh rahi thi humrai raat ki danstaan . dosto ye tha mera pehla expirence .

Desisexstory : Dost Ke Saath Maa Ki Chudai

Desisexstory presents Dost Ke Saath Maa Ki Chudai




7 saal pehle ki hai aur sachhi hai, ham uttar padesh ke ek chhote se shehar me rahte the, meri maa tab 38 saal ki thi aur main 18 saal ka tha, is age me bhi meri maa moti nahi thi, unka curvy figure tha, lambe kaale baal, colour gora aur maal bhara bhara tha, colony ke sabhi mard aur ladke meri maa ko bahut line maarte the aur unko yaad kar ke muth bhi marte the aur ladko ne meri maa ka naam savita bhabhi rakha tha.

Hum chhote se ghar me rehte the, isliye mujhe apne maa papa ke sath hi sona padta tha, meri maa mere aur papa ke bich me soti thi, vese to kabhi raat me meri neend nahi khulti thi par us din achanak khul gayi, kyuki galti se meri maa ka hath mujhe lag gya tha, papa maa ko bahut jor jor se chod rahe the aur maa bahut tadap rahi thi aur yaha waha hath patak rahi thi.

Mene dekha ki zero watt ka bulb on hai, mujhe hilta dekh wo kuch der ke liye ruk gye, fir maa se raha nahi gya aur wo papa ke upar chad ke apni gand upar neeche karne lagi aur aaahh ufff ki awaj bhi kar rahi thi, ye sun kar mera lund khada ho gya, ab main bhi apni maa ko chodna chahta tha, to kuch der baad ma papa jhadh gye aur so gye, fir mujhe raat bhar neend nahi aayi, subah papa jaldi uth kar ghumne chale gye, fir mene uth kar dekha ki maa meri taraf gaand kar ke abhi bhi nangi so rahi hai, maa ne chadar odhi hui thi, but unko ye nahi pata tha ki pichhe se unki gaand dhaki hui nahi hai, main kaafi der tak unki gori chikni gaand ko dekh kar apna lund hilata raha, fir mene bathroom me ja ke muth maar li, jab laut ke aaya tab tak maa ne saare kapde pehen liye the.
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Ab mera kisi kaam me mann nahi lagta tha, mujhe maa ki gaand yaad aati thi, main muth maarte hue unhi ko yaad karta tha, main apni maa ke dudh dawana chahta tha, mene kabhi kisi ke sath sex nahi kia tha, par ab main sabse pehle apni maa ko chodna chahta tha, ab roj raat main meri neend khul jati thi, maa ke muh se aah uff ki awaj sun kar mujhe bahut achha lagta tha, unki bahut sexy awaj thi.

Ek din subeh subeh mere papa meri maa se naraj the, main sone ka natak kar raha tha, bahut der baad papa ne maa se kaha ki tum kabhi mera lund kyu nahi choosti ho, maa ne kaha mujhe lund chusna nahi aata na hi achha lagta hai.

Usi din papa ko office ke kaam se ek hafte ke liye bahar jana tha, papa ko gye hue abhi 3 din hi hue the aur mera number lag gya, maa dopehar me naha rahi thi, kuch der baad maa ne mujhe bathroom se awaj di to main bathroom ke samne ja ke khada ho gya, maa ne gate khola to mere saamne meri maa sirf petikot pehne khadi hui thi, petikot boobs ke upar se ghutno tak latka tha, maa ne dono hatho se petikot pakada hua tha, petikot poora geela tha to maa ke nibbles dikh rahe the, unka cleavage bhi dikh raha tha.

Maa ne kaha ki peeth par bahut mel lag rahi hai to tum saaf kar do, ye sun kar mera lund khada ho gya, main andar gya aur andar se darwaja band kar diya, maa beth gayi aur main unke pichhe hath me sabun le kar beth gya, maa ki gori aur chikni peeth dekh kar mujhse ab aur control nahi ho raha tha, main unki lambi chikni aur komal peeth pe sabun laga ke apne dono hath ragad raha tha.

Jitne jyada mere hath peeth par fisal rahe the mujhe utna jyada maja aa raha tha, dheere dheere main apne hatho ko maa ke kandhe malte hue unki gardan ke neeche le gya aur boobs ki taraf hath badhane laga, to maa ne mere hath rok diye aur petikot chhoot ke sarak gya, ab pichhe se fir se mujhe unki gaand dikh rahi thi, fir mene bhi apni shirt utaar di aur dheere se maa ko pichhe se pakad liya, tabhi maa ne upar se shower chalu kar diya, maa ke sath main bhi bheeg gya, maa ne kaha ab tum bhi naha lo, to mene bhi apni pent utaar di.

Ab main sirf underwear me tha aur maa ne abhi bhi petikot se sab dhaaka hua tha, mera lund abhi bhi khada tha aur underwear se bahar nikal raha tha, maa bhi mera lund dekh rahi thi, par kuch nahi keh pa rahi thi, bas usne itna hi kaha ki main teri maa hu, tujhe mere baare me esa nahi sochna chahiye, fir mene maa se puchha ki jis din papa ja rahe the us din wo aap se gussa kyu the, to maa ne kaha ki beta tere papa ko khush karna bahut mushkil hai, to mene kaha ki main apko sikha duga ki papa ko kese khush rakhna hai.

Maa ne meri tarf dekha aur kaha ki kya tu janta hai ki tere papa kyu gussa the, mene excitement me keh diya ki haan main janta hoon aur apko sikha sakta hoon ki lund kese chooste hai, maa bahut gussa hui aur boli ki tu ye sab seekh raha hai aaj kal, tujhe bahar padhne bhej dege tab tu sudhrega aur wo jaldi jaldi naha ke chali gayi aur raat ko bhi wo mere sath nahi soi, main raat me baar baar uth kar unko dekhne jata tha, kyuki mujhe neend nahi aa rahi thi.

Main ek baar fir unko dekhne gya, maa ne andar se darwaja lga liya tha aur aah uff ki awaj aa rahi thi, main samajh gya ki maa chut me ungli kar rahi hai, fir mene socha ki agar maa jhad gayi to fir mere sath sex nahi karegi, isliye mene darwaja khat khata diya, maa ne kaha ja yaha se, mujhe tumse baat nahi karni aur main muth maar ke so gya aur maa bina jhade hi so gayi.

Agle din jab maa nahane gayi to mene gate knock kiya, mene kaha maa aaj bhi main tumhe nahla doon? Maa ne gate khola aur mujhe andar bula liya. Mene aaj fir peeth se start kiya, mene maa ki peeth pe sabun laga ke apna lund fer diya, maa ab excited ho rahi thi aur chut me ungli kar rahi thi, geele baal & pink petikot me bahut sexy lag rahi thi, mene maa se kaha ki aap aaj bhi bahut sexy lagti ho, mene apne saare kapde utar diye aur maa ka petikot bhi utar diya aur unse chipak gaya, unke bade bade aur komal boobs ko hath se masalne me mujhe bahut maja aa raha tha, bahut der tak boobs choosne ke baad mene unko ek taang upar kar ke khada kiya aur unki clean shaved chut ko chaatne laga.

Maa bahut khush hui, maa ne kaha ki tumhare papa ne kabhi meri chut nahi chaati aur aaj mujhe bahut maja aa raha hai, mene kaha aapne bhi kabhi lund nhi choosa, aaj choos ke dekho aur maja aaega, par wo mana karne lagi kehne lagi ki ab jaldi se tum mujhe chodo, fir mujhe jabardasti karna padhi, mene maa ko bithala aur jor se gaalo ko daba ke unka muh khol ke lund daal diya aur andar bahar karne laga, maa ko bahut achha laga, kyuki mene unke sath jabarjasti ki aur fir maa ne kaha ki ab isi tarah tum meri chudai kar do.

Mene kaha ki gang bang karne me tumhe aur maja aayga, maa ne kaha ye gang bang kya hota hai? mene kahaki mera dost bhi tumse apna lund chusana chahta hai aur wo roj tumhare baare me soch kar muth bhi marta hai aur wo abhi apne ghar me hi betha hai, use bhi bula lete hai, fir hum dono mil ke tumhari chudai karege, maa abhi bahut excited thi aur maan gayi, main towel laga ke friend ko bula laya aur andar se gate band kar liya.

Maa ko nanga dekh mere dost varun ka lund khada ho gya, usne jaldi se saare kapde utaare aur fir mene maa ko aage jhuka ke peechhe se apna lund daal diya aur bahut jor jor se chodne lga, varun ne bhi maa ke muh me lund daal ke jor jor se choda, fir hum dono ne maa ko alag alag position me choda aur saara vriya maa ke muh me bhar diya. Kahani padhne ke baad apne vichar niche comments me jarur likhe, taaki hum apke liye roz aur behtar kamuk kahaniyan pesh kar sake – DK

DESI SEX STORY : Mom ke sath blue film dekhi…

DESI SEX STORY : Mom ke sath blue film dekhi…

DESI SEX STORY Mom ke sath blue film dekhi hot-mom mom-pussy-shaved

Ye baat us samay ki hai jab meri umar 20 saal ki thi aur meri mom 34 ki thi.
Meri jawani shuru hui thi unki jawani ke sholey bhadakte the. Meri mom bahut
sexy aur sundar hai. She has got a beautiful body shape 38-32-38. She has got
big boobs as well as big buttocks.unka sudol gora badan bahut hasin tha.

Mai mom ko jab bhi dekhta to mujhe unka sexy figure dekhkar man me gudgudi hoti
thi. Maine unko ek do bar nanga nahate dekha tha. Mai bachpan se hi unke bedroom
me sath sota tha, to mom-dad ko kai bar sex karte dekha tha wo andhre me sex
karte the lekin unki aawaj aati thi kya masti se dono karte the, Dad dhakka
marte to mom awaz nikalti aur uchal uchhal kar sath deti thi. Mai rat ko sone ka
natak kar thodi jaldi so jata, phir dono light off kar shuru ho jate wo samajhte
ki mai so raha hu, lekin mai sone ka natak karta tha. Mai unka sexy games dekha
karta tha, mera lund khada ho jata tha, bar bar upar niche hota tha.

Mai bhi sochta mai bhi kaise is khel ka anand lu. Yeh soch kar kai bar lund
khara jata aur rat ko mere ras jhar jata tha. Ek do bar to jab mom mere bagal me
soyi hui thi to mai unse jan bhuj kar chipakkar sota, kabhi unki tango ke bich
me apni tang dal deta,to unki nind khulne par alag kar deti. Mai sochta rahta ki
mere sath kyo nahi chipakti, maine kai bar unke chutar par haath pherta, boobs
bhi daba deta to wo hath hata deti thi. Mai moke ki talas me rahta tha. Kab maza
milega roj sex dekhta tha to mai nhi excite ho jata, ek bar unhe pata chal gaya
ki maine dekh liya hai to abse dusre room me jakar sex karte the. Mom ki
chuchiyo ko mai niharta tha jab bhi wo khana parosti ya jhukkar kam karti to
unke boobs kuch upar uth jate the, wo chalti to unke hilte chutar phank me pasi
saree ko dekhta tha, kabhi wo nujhe dekhti to apna pallu thik karti, saree thik

Mai bachpan se mom ki jawani ka shabab aur kai rup dekhte aaya hu. Maine ek bar
mom ki almirah me sexy photo ki kitab dekhi usme nangi aurat mardo ke sex karte
hue tasbeer thi. Use dekhne me mujhe maja aata tha aur dekhte dekhte lund se ras
gir jata tha.Ek bar ki baat hai mere dad koi business tour par gaye hue the, aur
us din ghar par bhi aur koi nahi tha. Rat ko dinner ke bad mai aur mom TV par
movie dekh rahe the, movie me bhi bahut sexy scene the jo nujhe excite kar rahe
the. Movie ke bad phir sexy gane aane lage isi bich mom uth kar chali gayee thi
phir cable Tv par Blue film aane lag gayee mai to ekdam surprise ho gaya maine
suna tha ki midnight me cable TV par sexy blue film dikhate hai, kabhi moka nahi
mila tha ek do bar 2-4 minute dekhi thi. Aaj achha moka tha socha kahin mom nahi
aa jawe. Mai socha mom room me sone chali gayee hai aur dekha koi nahi tha mai
channel change kar blue film dekhne laga. Kya sexy film thi aurat mard ko pura
karte hue dikhya tha. Maine sound band kar di thi. Achanak mujhe laga ki mom
pichhe darwaje ke pas khadi hokar film dekh rahi hai, maine dabi najaron se dekh
liya, mom ko bhi nahi pata chala ki maine dekha hai. Maine socha jab mom ne dekh
hi liya hai wo bhi dekh rahi hai to chalne do.

Dono blue film dekh rahe the. Maine halki sound bhi kar di . Mera bhi lund hard
ho gaya tha, mai pajama pahne hua tha, mai upar se apne lund ko sahlata aur
pakadta tha. Achanak mai pichhe ghuma aur mom ko dekhkar bola are mom tum soyee
nahi, achha to ab baith kar dekh lo, kitni der tak khadi rahogi. Wo mere pas
sofa par baith gayee. Film me ab ek scene me ma bete ka sex dikha raha tha aur
do kitne jor se chudai ka anand le rahe the usme wo aurat usko bol bol kar sex
ka tarika batlalar chudwa rahi thi, maine volume thoda badhaya, ise kam hi rahne

Ab mai mom ki godi me jangho par let gaya, aur film dekh rahe the tarah tarah se
chudai ke tarike dekhkar mera lund pajame me ekdam khada tha aur betab ho rakha
tha jise mom dekh rahi thi, mom aise kuchh jhuki to uske boobs mere muh par aaye
to maine hotho ke bich unke boobs ko liya to wo,kuch nahi boli, phir maine aur
thoda upar hokar boobs ka nippke daba diya, ab to wo bhi film dekhte dekhte wo
ah kar rahi thi aur apni bur khujati to, boobs ko masalt,i kabhi lips aapas me
dabati, kabhi lips dant me dabati, mai samajh gaya ki ye bahut excited ho gayee
hai. Mom apne blowse me hath dalti ek bar to sadi peticot me hath dalkar bur me
bhi anguli ki, maine puchha kya hua, kahin dard hai kya, wo muskara di. Mai unki
god me lete lete unki kamar me hath pher raha tha, nangi kamar thi, piche se low
cut tha, Mai sochne laga aaj achha moka hai, shayad chance lag jaye, try karte
hai.maine apne hath se unka bur daba diya phir saree ke upar se hi unguli se
dabane laga, usne siskari mari, ab maine Ab picture khatam hokar dusra part
shuru hone wala tha mom boli kafi der ho gayee hai so jao, bahut dekhl iya ab tv
band karo, mai bola mom thodi der aur.achha lag raha hai, wo uthkar sone chali
gayee mai film dekh raha tha, bada maza aa raha tha aaj mai bhi sochne laga aaj
to movie wale scene karna hi hai aur chudaika maza lena hai.aur movie kham hone
ke bad maine TV off kiya aur mai bhi mom ke bagal me jakar so gaya bola yahin so
jata hu.

Mai mom ke baju me hi so gaya. Aur apna lund masal raha tha. Mom ne apna muh
guma liya. Kuchh der ke ke bad mai ne mera hath mom ke upper rakh dya. Mom ke
kamar per maine mera hath rakha, mom ka muh us taraph tha, mai thoda age gaya
our maa ki aur chipka. Mera lund mom ki gand ko chhune laga. Dhire dhire maine
mera hath maa ke boobs per rakha our unhe sehalane laga. Mughe laga maa so gai
hai..lakin wo sone ka natak ker rahi thi. Maine dhire dhire mera hath maa ke pet
se ghuma ke maa ke sadi me dala. Tabhi, mom ne mera hath pakda..our Bola..” Kya
kar raha hai to? Our wo sidhi ho gai aur apni saree thik ki. Mai bahut ghabra
gaya..lakin maa ne bola..kya baat hai mai bola kuchh nahi, to so jao maine kaha
apko movie kaisi lagi wo boli ye bado ke liye hai, maine kaha maza aa raha tha.
Aur bola aaj raha nahi ja raha hai aur lund masalne laga, maine phir mom ke upar
apni tang rakhkar chipak gaya aur boobs dabane laga, usne apne bowse ke upar ke
button khole hue the aur sirf ek hi band tha, maine kaha maza aata hai na, mom
bhi excite ho rahi thi. Maine kaha tumto dad ke sath bhi movie ke scene ki tarah
masti leti hi, maine kai bar tumko sex karte dekha hai tom kaise chudwane ka
maza leti ho. Aur maine unka boobs jor se hath se daba diya wo boli kya ho raha

Tu pagal hai,tu mera beta hai,aisa nahi ho sakta Boli tumhare papa ko bol dungi,
maine bhi kaha mai bolunaga ki apne mujhe blue film dikhayee thi aur mujhse
lipat gayee thi aur mere kapde jabardsti utar diye the. Wo boli chup ho ja tu
badmas ho gaya hai. Maine kaha agar aj apne sex karenge to mai kisise bhi nahi
kahunga dad se bhi nahi, aur dono ko sex ka maza milega nahi to mai sabko
bolunga. Wo boli acha chup ho ja aaj ki baat kisi ko nahi batana.maine kaha ye
to tere mere bich ki baat hai. Maine kaha jaldi karo movie ki tarah me jaise lady aur wo ladka kar rahe the. Bus maine mom ka blowse
ka hooka khol diya kya sexy black bra thi ab mom ne apni bra khol di aur uske
bade bade boob bahar aa gaye kya sundar mote mote, mere to hath me nahi aa rahe
the, maine boobs ko pakad kar jor jor se chusna shuru kiya aur bola ise to
bachpan mai chusta tha to tu kuchh nahi bolti thi aaj nakhre dikha rahi hai teri
bur se to mai pura nikla hu, abhi to kewal yeh 6 inch ka andar jayega bahut
nakhra marti hai dad ke sath to uchhal uchhal kar chudwati hai, teri almari me
sexy photo aur sexy kahaniyo ke kitab hai jisme chudai ki kahani hai maine sab
dekha hai, mai ab khul gaya tha.

Ab wo bhi boli achha yeh bat hai to kas ke dabao Mai bhi kafi uttejit ho gaya
aur josh me akar unki raseelee chunchee se jam kar khelne laga. Kya badi badri
chunchea thee aur lumbe lumbe nipple jor jor se daba kar chusne laga Unke pink
nipples mote aur bahut soft the. Jibh nikal kar gol-gol nipple par ghuma kar
chat kar suck kiya. Wo aaahhhhh…uhhhhh.iiiisssss.maza a gaya boli. Aur piyo ye
nipples. Maine kas kar chuchi daba daba kar dono nipples par jibh se khub chata
phir maine unke lips ko apne lips me lekar khoob jor jor se choosa usko maza aa
raha tha, boli tu to bada hi tej hai. Aur usne mere pajama ka nada khol diya
maine pazama aur underwear dono utar diye, maine bhi unke pettikot ka nara
khinch diya unhone petticot aur saree utar dee.

Aur mai unki choot ke darshan kar mast ho gaya pura gora badan aur uspar jhant
ugi hui thi gore badan par kali jhant khil rahi thi unhone apne pair ek doosre
par chada liye the jisse ki nangi hone par bhi unki choot chhip gayi thi maine
takat ke saath mom ki choot par se unka pair hatadiya . Aj mom ke bur par badi-
badi jhatein thi,aur jhatoon ke ander se jhankta unka gora bur,…main to bas is
bur ko dekh kar bekarar ho teri bur ki jhanki bahut sundar hai, tu
bahut sexy hai re,aur mom ke upar baith gaya, wo boli arre mere beta itni jaldi
kya hai le dekh le ji bhar ke meri choot ko aaj ise mast kar dena aur Mere poore
badan mein sansani hone lagi aur mera lund tan kar khara ho gaya. Mom ne turant
hi mera lund haath mein pakda aur sahlane lagi .

Dekhte hi-dekhte mera lund musal ki tarah mota ho gaya. Boli bahut mota hai re
tera yeh aur use boobs ke sath masalne lagi. Maine lund pakadke unke muh ke pas
le gaya mai bola chuso na isko, usne kiss kar chhod diya, maine kaha movie ki
tarah isko jor jor se chuso jaise wo lady chus rahi thi. Boli maine kabhi nahi
chusa hai, maine kaha isiliye to aaj ye bhi maza lena hai. Usne kaha achha isko
thik se pochh kar aao, maine usko gile towel se pochha aur gulab jal chirak
diya, phir mom ko bola le ab choos deri mat kar maine lund uske muh ke pas le
gaya, usko gulab ki khusbu aayee, wo halke se muh me lee, maine kaha andar tak
lekar choos nakhra mat kar aur lund uske muh me ghusa diya aur bola chal choos
aur ab wo choosne lagi. …..aaah hhh. ….ohhhhhh…….dono ke munh se tez
siskariyn nikalne lagin mai mom se bola,mujhey bahut maza aa raha hey, tujhe bhi
aa raha hoga, ise lollypop ki tarah chus jor jor se. Phir usne muh se nikalkar
hath se sahlane lagi, mai bola aur kaise tumhe maza aata hai, bolo tumhe jyda
expereince hai.

A mai mom ke boobs dabane laga, Mom ko Bhi acha lag raha tha..usse awaje aa rahi
jab mai mom ke boobs dabata tha our uske bur me ungaliaya dalta tha tab maa
bolti thi.. “ajiiiiii, abbbbbbb bus bhi mughe ayasa matt dallllll bhi doooo..ourrrrrr kitnaaaaaaa tarasaao ge.
kyaaaa bat hai maine kaha teri bur abhi baichen hai” ..” Tabhi maine maa
ko..pucha. ” Mom, Kya mai app ko chod sakta hu?’ wo boli ab puchhta kya hai
mujhse nahi raha ja raha hai aur maine mom ki tang failayee aur apna musal sa
lund mom ke haseen boor mein ek dhakke ke saath ghachhhh… ghusa
diya….uski bur chudate chudate fail gayee thee isliye mujhe taklif mahi hui
par wo chillayii..ooouuuuiiiii……rei…..mar diya re tune…..maine kaha kya
hua, boli kuchh nahi, maza aa raha hai tu jor se kiye ja.mai tezi se apna lund
mom ke bhoonsre mein ander bahar karne laga, mom neeche se apna choot
uchhal-uchhal kar mere lund ko apne choot mein nigal rahi thi aur poora mazza le
rahi thi maine kaha aaj movie ki tarah tujhe pura chodunga, chhorunga nahi, aur
mai andar tufan ban gaya.. Mai zoro ke jathke de raha tha our mom chila rahi
thi. ” aaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaa .pl’ sss sss sss.dhire.. Mai mar
gai.aaaaaaaaaa our dhereeeeeeeeee..aaaaaammmmmmiiiiiiii . . mazzaaa aaaaa rahaa
hai .mujheeeeeee .. aa hhha. mai ghachagach apne laure ko pel raha tha.mai bhi
xxxmovie ki tarah khul gaya tha.Chudai ki raftar maine badha di mom
boli…..oooooohhhh…….aaaahhhhh…….ab maza a raha hai aur chod …..zor
se chod……phad de is haseen choot ko…….apni maa ki mast choot ki kasam
tune mujhe mast kar diya haiiii. …. Kya maza aaya, aaj tak nahi aaya, tu to
apne baap ka bhi baap nikla.. Bada tej hai re……..oooouuuiiiiii…..tum ne
mujhe jannat pahuchdiya…..main jhar gayiiiii re …….aur mom mere se lipat
kar bed par let gayee. thodi der baad bola mom phir se lagau ab teri gand me,
maine apni anguli ghusedte hue kaha, boli ab bhi man nahi bhara kya, mai bola
aaj to sari raat hamari hi hai, mom ke pair usi tarah phaila kar.maine peeche se
mom ko apne god mein bitha liya aur unke phaile gaand mein apna moosal ghooser
diya, mera adha hi ghusa tha doosri taraf ek pal ke liyeto amma chatpata
gayi…… Ooooohhhhh. ……shhhhhh. …..bada dard hao raha hai…….bade
beraham ho tum…….aaji meri choot aur gaand dono andar se hiladi tune…..aur
wo thoda jor lagate hi guchhh se mera lund unki gand ke andar tak chala gaya is
bar mujhe bhi kuch takli hui, par maza aa raha .ahhhhh…….meri maa
…….mujhe bacha le .mom ki aawaj nikli .siiiiiiii.ha
ahhh……ooooohhhhh…..meri jaan nikli ja rahi hai…..kya karega…maine

Mom aaj maine tere sundar badan ,sundar boobs sundar bur, kya gol gol chutar ke
darshan kiye tune kyo nahi pahle mujhe dikhaya, aaj ka maaza bahut jordar tha to
to sabse jyada sexy hai us movie ki lady s lady se bhi jyada. Aur fir kuch der
ke dhakkon ke baad mai bhi jhadne ke kareeb aachuka tha aur mom bhi jhadne waali
thi dono ek saath hi jhad gaye aur mom aur mai wahin bed par let gayegaye aur
mom haafne lagi aaj bahut din baad aisa maja aaya hai beta. Aur hum dono apas me
lipte rahe sote rahe mai phir unke boobs sahlane laga. Ab to mom boli kya phir
se dudh pine ki ichha ho rahi hai, aur unhone apne boobs age karte hue kaha
“pucho mat ye doodh aur doodhwali sab tumhari hi hai, jitna doodh pina hai pilo”
aur maine bina ruke uske mote mote sexy boobs dabaane laga. Use zoro se chusne
laga, wo chikhne lagi, chuso aur zoro se, pijao saara, beta aaaaa aaaaaa iii
iiiii adoodh.. Oooo ooh hhhhaaaaaiiiiiiiiii.. ooooooooooooooooooo. aaaaaaaaaaa.
Maine apni chusai jari rakhi, aur wo mere lund se khele jaa rahi thi. Maine uske
boobs aur nipples chus chus ke laal kar diye, ab mera lund fir khada ho gaya
tha. Maine kaha yeh phir se tumhari choot ke andar ghumna chahta hai, boli gumao
na kisne mana kiya sara hi abhi tujhe saup diya hai.

Ghumade lele masti. Bus phir kya tha maine apne lund ko unki bur me jaldi se
ghusa diya,,,wo bhi shhhh..ahhh karne lagi boli andar tak ghumade,,mai bhi jor
se andar bahar karne laga boli masti aa rahi hai tujhebhi, maza aa gaya aaj
bahut din baad jawaani ka maza paaya hai kasam se aaj tune mujhe apni jawaani ke
din yaad dila diye ayyyyyiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiissssssss mair bhi bahut josh ke
saath chudaayi kar raha tha mai bolai aaj teri choot ki dhajjiyaan uda doonga ab
tu dad se chudwaana bhool jaayegi har waqt mera hi lund apni choot me dalwaane
ko tadpa karegi mom – aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaayiiiiiiiii kya maza aa raha hai,
ab tu mujhe bulayegi kyo bol. aur usne mujhe alag karke apne upar litaya mujhe
kiss kiya maine bhi phirse mom ke mathe par, boos par, nabhi par kiss kar bagal
me hi let gaya aur suba tak ek sath lipat ker chipak kar soye rahe, subah mom ne
uthaya aur muskarayee, boli yad rakhna isko raj rakhna.mai bhi bola aise hi
entrtainment karti rahna.

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