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Desisexstory : Cousin elder sister fucked

Desisexstory : Cousin elder sister fucked

Desisexstory : Cousin elder sister fucked

22 yrs male, average built. I am presently in Bangalore, working in a software firm. This story is about me with my cousin sister. This started when i was in 10th standard. I lived with my parents, my younger sister and my grandparents. My cousin sister came to our house for further studies. She is 4 years older than me. First i had no attraction towards her, she looked good but never occurred to me to have sex with her.

As time passed, we became good friends and started discussing our problems, we used to study together, thought she was doing her graduation and i was studying for my boards. We used to chat and watch movies together, eat together. As time flew we started talking about many things including sex. We both knew that both were virgin’s. Till this time also i didnt thought of having sex with her. Let me describe her 32-26-34. 5.4 feet tall. fair in color. And i am 6 feet tall, fair in color and by face any one will call me cute. I used to read sex stories at that time also, and thats when i introduced her to ISS. Then we started reading stories, and then discussing it as what we liked about the story.

She never used to read a story with me. So when i insisted to read a story with me she used to say i dont feel comfortable reading stories around me. I said ok, then we used to discusses about girls figure, what position is best, what excites us. One day she asked me ” are my boobs small, I said yaah but i like this big only. And said if u want to increase then, try pressing them. Then i took her to the balcony of my room and then made her face towards the wall and said press urself towards the wall. She did that and said it hurts. The topic was left as it was. But after this we became very much frank, we used to read stories together, but always avoided sex stories between sister and brothers. (more…)

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