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Desisexstory : Dad expert me in oral sex

Desisexstory : Dad expert me in oral sex

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I always wanted to be a dentist, I found it profoundly fascinating how good oral hygiene contributed to good overall health. It was my mantra.

I met my wife, Alice, in my second year of dentistry good. She and her girlfriends frequented a pub that my buddies and I did. She was drop dead gorgeous at 5′ 8″, long platinum blonde hair, long sexy legs, a good rack and a tiny waist. I had wet dreams about her. It took me a good six months to get the nerve to ask her out. She said yes, of course. We married four years later and had our first child, Mason, within the year. By the end of the second year of marriage Penelope was born. One boy, one girl. It was a perfect family.

Fast-forward 20 years. I still did general dentistry, but about 10 years ago I started cosmetic dentistry as it was extremely lucrative here in Chicago. I am now a 42 year old, middle-aged man, still physically fit due to my daily running group and annual marathon races. I wasn’t one of those muscle-bound guys because I never liked the slow pace of weight-lifting, but give me a start line and a group of people and I have yet to come in second place.

Alice kept physically active, too, but she spent much of her time now with her church friends. It wasn’t something I signed up for. When we met it was decided that as educated people, there was no room for some mystical supernatural being. However, somewhere between when Mason left for Brown and Penelope leaving the year later for UCLA, she fell into a depression from which I could not break her. She started meeting up with a group of ladies who ran some “auxiliary” for those finding God. Our sex life began to dwindle within the year and now it had been a whole year since we’ve actually fucked.

I needed it badly. I was constantly horny. It didn’t help that my secretary and two hygienists were both young, twenty-something knock-outs. With may have been why I hired them. It was also a shame that my ample endowment was never used. I was truly blessed with a nice, thick ten inch prick. The kind you can’t get your hand around. Alice had always raved about it. Now, nothing. (more…)

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