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Desi sex story : Gorgeous Mom as A Gift

Desi sex story : Gorgeous Mom as A Gift

I never thought I can give this kind of present for my son from me on the new millennium. My name is Vijaya. My son Ramesh is working in US and returned home for the millennium. As usual I was very excited to see him. He has been living in US for 5 years now and he comes home every 2 years. He arrived on the Christmas day as myself and his dad went to the airport to pick him.
Ramesh was very excited to see us both despite his jetlag and just kept talking. Since we picked him up in the middle of the night we went to bed soon even though Ramesh wasn’t keen. In the morning after the breakfast we sat down to open our presents. They were lot of them. Jewelry, perfumes, clothes etc… Some were for his friends and our relatives but most were for his mom and dad.
For the next 4/5 days Ramesh was constantly with me helping in my kitchen and in other chores telling tales about his US life. Every now and then he went to see his friends to catchup with him.
On the 31st, I thought of asking him on a gift from me for the new year. At lunch, his dad came from work to have lunch with us and on the table I brought up the topic. His dad also liked it and said he would like give another gift too. Ramesh refused any gifts at first but I kept stressing. After some time he told his dad that he will accept anything his dad gives and told me he will think and tell me what he wants from me.
His dad has left few minutes after his lunch and I resumed to cleaning the dishes in the kitchen. All the time I was giving ideas for him and he kept rejecting them. Then I asked him “Probably we should get you a wife!” Ramesh blushed a lot and said “Na…I am too young for it”. We laughed off. After few moments Ramesh said “I know what I want for new year mom! I was afraid to say it before dad.” I said “Thats good! Then spit it out!”
Ramesh said “Hope you wont be upset mom!”
“I wont..Tell me…If I can afford it I will” I replied.
“Sure you wont be upset mom!”
“Yes honey! I wont! Now tell me” asked him eagerly.
Ramesh paused for a moment and said “Gosh! This is so embarrassing!”
“Come on Ramesh! It wont be that bad”
After another moment he said “I want you mom!”
I laughed “You want me son? You have already got me!”
“No! I mean I want more of you mom!” Ramesh replied.
“More of me! What more honey? Do you want me to come to US too?”
“Well, I want that too but…more means…” Ramesh hesitated again.
I said “Come on Ramesh! more means?”
Ramesh paused again for a while an then said “aah…I want something….that is underneath your saree mom..”
I was stunned. Before I could recover, he continued “I want to lick your yoni (pussy) and enter it mom”
My senses went blank….I could not hear anymore. I could see Ramesh but can’t hear his voice. I was dumbfound.
Then suddenly half of my blood rushed to my mouth and suddenly I uttered “I am your MOTHER for god sake Ramesh! What the hell are your asking?”
Ramesh said “You only provoked me mom. I just told you what I want.”
“I am you mother…You don’t expect to get gifts like that from your mother!” I paused.
“This is sick Ramesh! Why do you want such a gift from me?”
“Because I love you mother”
“Is this the way to show your love? By asking your mother to sleep with you?”
Ramesh kept quiet.
“Oh Ramesh! What has gotten on to you son? If you are lonely we will get you married!”
Ramesh interrupted “No mom! I don’t want anyone but you”
“But I am your mother! You were born out of me. You are my body!”
“But I am a man now mother! You have been great to me as mother and I want you to be my woman too!”
“Shut up! Dont say that kind of words” I screamed.
Ramesh kept quiet and I walked into my bedroom and shut the door.
I kept thinking. I still have these pictures of my son in my thoughts…so innocent and respectful. What happened to him? He is lusting for his own mother. I bore him for 9 months and brought him to this world. He was a good student and has done well in his life. And then suddenly this? Must have been the westernisation I thought. My thoughts drifted along for another hour or so and by then my anger got lost. I felt sorry for Ramesh.
I came out of the room and looked for Ramesh. I looked in his room. He was lying on his bed reading a book. I walked in towards his bed. He pretended my absence.
I walked up to him, sat on the bed and asked “Why Ramesh? How did you get such an unnatural thought?”
He smiled, then got up, picked up a cd he brought with him, held my hand and pulled me to the computer room.
He loaded the cd and opened a webpage on the cd. The page had a picture of me and below it, it had numerous links to several text files. The he clicked on one and showed it to me. It was a erotic mother/son incest story!
All the other files were mother/son sex stories too. Some were consensual and others were rapes. Some involved sleeping or un-concious state sex. Many even claimed mothers getting pregnant by their sons!
Gosh! So much literature on mother/son incest!
Ramesh left me there for me to explore more. I was disgusted at first but slowly I got interested in the stories. Some even write that they recommend mothers to have sex with their sons.
I read through some of them before it was time for me to cook for dinner. I left the computer and Ramesh took his cd back.
I had to go to bathroom to ease myself off after reading those stories. No wonder those stories gave Ramesh some sexual thoughts about his mother.
Ramesh never spoke to me about it after that. We had our dinner and we went to sleep early. Ramesh was still watching tv. That night I had to seduce my husband to fuck me. He was surprised a bit about my sexual intentions but we had an excellent sex. My hubby is a good lover. But to be frank, during the act I replaced him with my son fucking me.
But I took care not to utter his name aload.
The whole night I kept thinking about those stories. I even dreamt of them.
In the morning after the breakfast, I waited until his dad left saying he will not be coming home that night as he has y2k work. As soon as he is out I asked Ramesh for the cd. Ramesh didnot utter a word and gave me the cd.
I spent prettymuch the whole day reading those stories. I was suprised to see somany of them. And there were many with Indian cultural background too!
We had lunch…I went back to the computer. We had afternoon tea…I went back to the computer. I took a break to cook dinner for both of us and soon after we had our dinner. Ramesh insisted he will go to his friends place but I told him not to. He was not happy and resumed his tv watching. We both watched the tv until midnight. We the clock striked 12 we congratulated each other on new year. His dad rang us from work and Ramesh rang all his friends here and in US to wish them.
After calling everybody Ramesh resumed his tv watching as I went to my bedroom. Then I took off my saree and my blouse leaving only the bra and petticoat. Then I called Ramesh.
Ramesh walked into the room and I caould see him being agape looking at me. I told him to come inside and lock the door. He locked the door and turned towards me and I said “Here is your gift Ramesh! Your mother’s body and her yoni”
Ramesh was very excited “Really mom?”
I said “Yes son!”
He just leaped towards me saying “Oh Thank you mom! Thank you very much!” hugging me tight and planting his lips onto mine. The sensations of my son’s lips on mine was excellent. He then he sucked my lips and tongued my mouth. It was ecstatic enjoying my son’s sexual moves and rubs. He was caressing my body with his hands. He moved his hands slowly on to my buttocks and then inserted his hands between my thighs to touch my pussy. I squealed a bit enjoying his explorations. He stroked my ass crack and my pussy with his middle finger for a moment and the moved his hand to untangle my petticoat’s thread knot. As he untangled I felt a bit shy as I tried to hold on to my sliding petticoat but he was too quick to grab my hand. He then whispered in my ear saying “let me unwrap my gift mom”. I was excited to my high with those words. He then untied my bra to reveal my motherly breasts for him. This time to satisfy his sexual hunger. He then took my nipple into his mouth and started sucking on it. It was my son sucking my breasts but I had feeling of my lover sucking me.
He kept sucking my breasts for few minutes interchanging them by caressing the other. It was a breast sucking sex of my life. I wondered where did he learn all this?
Then the took me to the bed and laid me on my back. By now I just became a follower doing everything he wants me to do. He then started kissing my breasts and slowly worked towards my navel and then to my lower abdomen towards my thick bush. As he reached my bush I inadvertently raised my legs and folded them for him to access. He then used his left hand to widen my crack as he looked at my pussy with curiosity. I felt embarrassed for a moment as he looked on at his birth place. Then he slowly moved towards it to take my clit into his mouth and starting sucking it. It was at that instant I had my first orgasm. It just happened because of my excitement I guess.
He sucked my clit for few moments and then his tongue was allover my cunt. He inserted it into my vagina, fucked me with it and licked every part of my pussy clean. It was then he took off his clothes as I watched him in desperate condition of having my cunt fucked. I never was in this position before. When ever I wanted I hinted my hubby and within minutes he was on to it. Now it appeared as if Ramesh took ages to remove his clothes. As he took off his pajama his cock sprung up like a cunt seeking device pointing towards me. I never imagined I will get to see my son’s erection to the least that I am gonna be fucked by his thick meat.
As soon as he undressed Ramesh moved over me, positioned himself, held his dick with his right hand and then ran over the head over my pussy lips and my clit. I shuddered as his head touched my clit. He did it for few strokes and then he inserted it into my vagina. I moaned loud. It was the moment I was waiting for. The union of yoni and lingam….the union of mother and son….the union of my flesh with me.
I was at my sexual ecstasy as he started fucking me slowly for few strokes. Than suddenly he started pounding my cunt in vigorous motion. I started moaning more and more louder as he increased his rhythm. It was then I had my second orgasm. Ramesh too climaxed not long after that as he squirted his potent seed into me for the first time.
He then collapsed on me patting and puffing as if he had been thru an aerobic session.
After few moments he said “Mom, that was the best gift I ever had in my life”
I asked “Did you enjoy your gift?”
He said “Yes! More than anything! How about you?”
I said “I enjoyed every moment of being your gift” stroking my fingers thru his hair.
He concluded “I love you mom”
I said “I love you too son” as he moved to kiss my lips.
After the kiss he asked me “Will I get to use my gift again?”
I said “Yes! Anytime whenever there is opportunity!”
“How about now?” he said pushing his semi erect dick into my soppy pussy.
I was shocked that he is already getting hardon. I replied “Ok son!” enjoying our copulation and anticipating for another ride of my life!
Half an hour after my son finished filling me with his cum, he was fast sleep beside me. I too was tired from our my sexual encounter and dozed off thinking about all that happened we hours ago.
I do not know how long I slept but I was waken by the sound of somebody opening the front door. I got up immediately to find my clothes but heard the steps getting near. I quickly grabbed my blouse and went back to bed and covered the blanket over me. I did not even had time to hook my blouse. So I turned on my side trying to hook at least the first hook. Then the door opened and it was Ramesh’s dad. He switched the light on as I pretended I just got woken up. I looked at him and said “You’re back?” He said “yes! not any serious problems so came back”. He looked at Ramesh as I told him “He wanted to sleep with me here. I will wake him up”. I carefully started turning so that he would not notice my open blouse. By then he interrupted “Don’t worry! Let him sleep here. I will sleep on his bed”. I did not attempt to move then on and he switched off the light and went to Ramesh’s room. I laughed at my position. Good that Ramesh is my son. Otherwise which husband would see his wife in bed with a naked man and walk away saying ‘let him sleep?’
Underneath the blanket his son is completely naked with his mothers’ drying cunt juices all around his dick and his pubic hair. And I am wearing my blouse unhooked and completely nakedbelow my stomach with my cunt filled with his son’s thick cum. It gave a whole new meaning for the phrase “looks deceive!”
I was so excited by the scene that I had to wake Ramesh for another session of mother/son sexual ecstacy.
That night was a night of my life with my son fucking me on my bed and my husband sleeping in next room. Ramesh too started talking kinky after he knew that his dad is sleeping in his room. During our fuck session he kept saying words like “Ah! I am in heaven…thanks dad” and “you have a sexy wife dad”. I was terribly afraid that his dad might come back. I think if a mother like me wants to have an extramarital affair, I recommend them to seduce their sons. How many times you will get to fuck your lover while your husband is sleeping next room?
The next morning I got up early to prepare the breakfast. I felt great that morning! Ramesh and his dad though, slept well until 9am. Since both had slept late I let them sleep until then and the went to my hubby to wake him up. I woke him up and he grabbed me to give a good lip kiss for the new year. We both hugged for a while as he embarrassed me tight. I told him he should get up as it is getting late. He murmured a bit, gave me another kiss and then trotted to bathroom telling me to wake Ramesh up. He disappeared into the toilet as I went to our bedroom to wake ramesh up. I woke him up and started pulling his blanket. He is still naked underneath it and I wanted to take a peek at the manhood that took care of my lust last night. He held on to the blanket and asked where his dad was. I told him he is in the toilet. Then he suddenly pulled me on to him as I stumbled on him and he gave me a deep lip kiss. I tried to struggle first but then I stopped as I enjoyed my second kiss of the morning with my second man. He held my left breast with his right hand and started caressing it while kissing. After a while I stopped him and got off him telling him to get up and walked out to the kitchen.
Ramesh got up and went to our second bathroom. After a while he came back to me in the kitchen while I was standing at the kitchen table. He asked me where’s his dad and I said he might be taking a shower. He then asked “where’s my breakfast?” I said “wait! its getting ready! Let your dad come.” He said “not that breakfast mom!” and came to me from behind, aligned his dick against my ass cheeks, put his hand into my saree tangles and held my womanhood and said “this mom”. I was so excited with his kinky gesture I almost came. I couldn’t help but moan a little and said to him “you just had late night snack few hours ago! Are you still hungry?” He said rubbing my mound and his dick “Yes mom! your food is so tasty I cannot have enough of it!” I said trying to overcome the feeling “this food legally belongs to your dad! So don’t try to eat it while your dad is around!”
“No?…not even a taste?” Ramesh said in a dissappointed tone still rubbing my pussy lips thru my saree. I was so excited, I could feel my juices coming out but tried controlling it and told him “Nop! not even a taste! Wait until your dad is gone and you can eat as much as you want”
Before I could finish the sentence, Ramesh took his hand away from my pussy as he saw his dad coming. His dad must have over heard my sentence, he asked “What is that you want to eat son?” I stumbled on hearing his words but regained my composure and said “You son is very hungry! He wants his breakfast before you come!” I almost laughed at the kinky meaning of those words. I was looking at Ramesh who by now walking into the lounge with a big smile on his face smelling his fingers that rubbed my cuntlips.
“Then you should have given him! He must be starving!” his dad said. Ramesh quickly looked at me with a lustful gaze and said “See! Dad doesn’t object!”
“I don’t object! If he is hungry you should feed him Kantam!” his dad added. “I can eat later”
I turned away as I could not smile at my hubby’s innocense. I thought to myself “If you know what me and Ramesh are talking about, you would not only object but kill us both”
We cut the chat and had our breakfast. Ramesh kept passing me “give me your pussy” looks at me. After we had enough to eat, there is still some left so I asked Ramesh if he would like an another round. He said “No mom! Not now”. He paused a while and then said “I will have my next round after dad is gone to work”. I knew what he was getting at but kept quite. His dad said “Thats my boy! Take a break and have another round! It will make your mother happy!”
Every word my hubby says is inducing a twitch in my already drooling cunt. Added to it Ramesh is taking it further saying “Will you be happy mom?………will you?”. He kept asking until I said “Yes!”
Ramesh sat on the couch watching tv while his dad dressup to go to work. I knew he is watching tv but counting the moments of his dad leaving the house. Finally after 10 mins his dad bid bye to me and Ramesh and Ramesh saw him off and closed the front door. Before I could hear his dad opening the car door, Ramesh is already naked and untangling my saree. He ripped my saree off and threw it on the couch and dragged me to our bedroom while hugging me and caressing my breasts.
By the time his dad pulled the car out of our driveway Ramesh got me naked and was all over my body. He did not listen to my plead that his dad could come back. As he inserted his dick into my wet pussy, I heard my hubby’s car drive away. I didnot have any relief until his car pulled away and before he was gone, Ramesh is already pounding my pussy with vigourous and long strokes.
I was amazed by Ramesh’s restlessness to fuck his mother. His dad did not even leave the premises he has already made me naked and copulating with my vagina. Before I could come to my senses and started enjoying, Ramesh already came spurting his hot cream into me. He must have been very hot. We both were patting for breath and we are in a mess. We both were lying across the bed with Ramesh on top of me. My blouse and pettycoat lying on the floor. My pussy is all wet with combination of our juices. I was left unfulfilled as Ramesh finished earlier than me.
“Thanks for the second breakfast mom” Ramesh uttered while controlling his breath. “It was as good as your real breakfast”
“You have eaten forbidden food Ramesh!” I said smiling. “This food belongs to your dad”
“You know mom” Ramesh said squeezing my nipples “Forbidden food is always tasty…specially my mother’s…Once tasted you can never stop”
“And then, dad himself gave me permission to eat” he said as we both laughed.
We spent most of the new year day naked and on bed. We fucked four times before we both were exhausted and it was time for his dad to get back from work.
It was only in the evening I wore my saree again. Ramesh never gave me an oppotunity to wear it keeping my pussy wet all the day. He had a final snack before his dad came home and started complaining his dick hurts.
I never had somany fucks in a day for years. Ramesh’s dad used to fuck me like that when we were young. Never thought I will see that day again.
To say the least from that day onwards, Ramesh became my second lover. We became mother and son only for other people and for his dad. It was very hard to balance being mother and lover with a stud son around and doing all kinds of mischievous things. Ramesh never had enough of me and used to molest me even when somebody is around. he does more of it when somebody is around us. He would never let an opportunity go to fondle his mother’s body. I always wondered whether he is doing it for shear lust or to hint people around that he is bonking his mother. In anycase, I liked it.
Ramesh’s four week holidays passed by in a flick. This time his holiday was spent in an unexpected manner though! He had new girl and I had a new lover. The new millinium has provided me with a son-lover and with lots of cum in my pussy and another cocktail of love juice marks on my bedsheet. I thought I would get him a bride this time but never imagined I would become his lover and take his semen in me.
A week before Ramesh’s departure, I became sad. Previously, it used to be only a son’s see off. Now its a son and lover. He made me rid of all sexual frustrations I had and took me to a new hieght of sexual ecstacy where only a son can take his mother to. I felt sad missing a son and a lover. Ramesh has another week in singapore before he would go back to US. Seeing me very dejected of Ramesh’s departure his dad suggested me to take a trip to singapore with him. I was so excited but at the same time I felt a bit guilty that I am taking advantage of my hubby. It wasn’t until the next day when Ramesh lifted my pettycoat yet again to show me heaven, I decided I need to have another week of this forbidden dick of my son. So I booked and flew with my son to sinagpore. Ramesh and I had time of our life. It wasn’t a lot different from India but in singapore Ramesh got access to his mother’s pussy even in the night. Shopping and sex were the two main things in our agenda with everything rolling around those. We talked to my hubby on phone but everytime we talked to him Ramesh was either licking or fucking my pussy. We both talked together with him while our genitals locked. Only a son can give this opportunity!
Before we knew the week was over and we had the time of our lives. Ramesh saw me off at the airport the day before he flew to US.
I flew back with fond memories of our lustful ‘honeymoon’ followed by a big shopping bag. Ramesh took care of all the shopping bills. Somehow I felt like I was his escort or a call-girl and Ramesh paid me for my services to him. The perverted feeling in me was satisfied that I became a personal whore for my son.
After he is gone to US Ramesh called me more often specially when his dad is not around to talk about his fantacies of fucking his mother. He makes me so hot on phone that I tell him I replaced his dick with my fingures as we kept talking. I even asked him if he thought of me as his escort during our singapore lustweek. Ramesh said it was not the case and he payed the bills as a gratitude of me being a perfect mother. It was until later I found our that Ramesh also paid for my airfare. Ramesh might have did it for love towards his mother but I certainly felt I escorted my son while in s’pore. With the amount of spending he did on me, I figured its well over 5000 rupees per day. We kept talking about all the kinky things. Our phone calls have become more like lover calls instead of mother and son ones. He never completed a call without giving me an orgasm when his dad is not around.
It wasn’t another three weeks passed by, I realised Ramesh has left me more than my fond memories of becoming his lover and probably his whore. The loads of semen my pussy was soaked in all the time when Ramesh was here finally managed to penetrate my egg. Little did my egg know that the semen was from my own son. Little did Ramesh’s semen knew that it his mother’s egg he’s penetrating. How would they know? Their job is to procreate. The evolutionary cycle has turned around with semen from my own son penetrated his own mother’s egg.
I went into this philosophy mode. All these mother/son relationships are all created by us. In my opinion everybody is free to mate with everybody. Look at animals; a son always fucks his mother to mate and create more. Likewise a mother always gives her son a chance to make her pregnant. Take a look at ancient history! Every culture has mother son turned lovers relationships. The mother earth also mated with her son to produce. Eve was Adam’s mother. Eve also became the wife of her another son/grandson Cain whom she produced through Adam. Several greek legends married and lusted for their mother. The famous Jocasta and Oedipus mother/son copulation yeilded 3 children. Jocasta must have been one happy woman when she married her son.
In my opinion mother/son sex is natural thing to do. Since a woman matures and marries generally when she is 15/16, her breeding season is divided between her husband and son/s. The first fifteen years until she turns 30 are husband’s to produce and when her sons turn 15 she should be mating with her offspring and breed with them until the age of menopause. For me it seems logical and our bodies are designed for it. It is a well known fact that women reach their prime sexual stage when they are past 30, the age when her sons too reach a sexual age. The sexual desire of a mother and her son would balance each other at that stage.
I started out late now at 43, but I still feel I have few more years to breed with my son. I am starting now. To say the least I am pregnant with my son. It felt good. I felt as if I am godess Rati, the love godess who became a lover to her son Kama, the cupid.
As usual my husband thought his semen lacked some discipline and invaded his wife’s womb. My mother-loving son is very excited that his semen made its way to penetrate his mother’s egg and made his sexy and slutty mother pregnant with his child. I have mixed fellings about this. I am not happy because I am pregnant at this age but at the same time I am excited because my own son made me pregnant. I am fucked by both men of my life and I became pregnant by both of them.
Few weeks later I was stuck between two males competing for possession of a pregnant female. Ramesh might have thought he wanted to see his slutty mother belly grow as his baby took shape. So he proposed his dad that I should go to US. He used the excuse saying hospitals are better there. His dad on the other hand wants me to be with him so that he can see me safe. I took the backstage letting them sort out as I have nothing to loose. No matter where I stay I will get good care and my bed will always be warm. If I am here I will have my hubby dick in my pussy and if I am there my son will still keep it lubricated and wet.
Finally Ramesh won. His dad let go as he knew I will be well there. A week later, during fourth month of my pregnancy, my hubby saw me off at the airport. I felt sorry for him since he is unknowingly send me to my lover and illicit father of my baby.
Ramesh picked me up from the airport in US. He was very excited to see his mother-lover. We drove home and he waited nomore to see his mother naked with her growing belly. We both celebrated with you know what!!! He fucked me passionately as if a husband parting from his wife for a long time. I don’t need to tell you the happenings in detail after that. The life is usual with doctor visits, pregnant sex, dad/hubby phone calls to India, sex again, parent talk with my son as mother of his baby, and more sex. We are tired of inventing new postions to rest my belly while Ramesh filled me.
A month later, my son revealed his ultimate desire. A desire to marry me. I was shocked at first but was happy that he wanted to marry me. He said “Since we are already having a baby together, we should get married.”
I did not get his point. I said “But I am already married Ramesh! to your dad! How can I marry you?”
He said “I don’t know! Divorce him or…”
I said “Shut up! Why would I spoil a good relationship? And whats wrong with staying as of now?”
He said “Like how?”
I said “Like now! Married to my hubby! You will still get what you getting from me and have me anytime you like! What wrong with being as now? The baby is yours and I dont’ need to change surnames either”
Ramesh interrupted “But I want you all by myself mom! I want to be your hubby! I want to take care of you myself”
I said “Thats sweet son! But I am also your mother and still married to your dad! I might be pregnant by you and sleep with you but relationwise you will still be my son first!”
I could see Ramesh got disappointed by my rejection. He didnot talk to me well for two hours after that. So I put a proposal. I said “How about an agreement?”
“What agreement?” he asked.
“Since you will be here in US for a while, I can be your wife when I am here!”
“We can marry here and I will become your wife. Whenever I am here I will be called as your wife. But I India I will be your dad’s wife and your mother. You can share my body with your dad but only as your mother as we are doing now. That means I will be your wife in US and your dad’s in India”
The idea seems to have worked with him. But then he asked “What if dad comes here?”
I said “You dad will be the same person to you when you will be in India. He will be my illicit lover here”
Ramesh laughed “Dad? your illicit lover?”
“Yes! Once I am married to you he will become my lover not hubby!”
Ramesh agreed. The following friday, we went to a temple and got married. He put me another mangal sutra around my neck and formally I accpeted my son Ramesh to be my second husband. I became my own daughter-in-law. For the firstime after my son fucked me, he removed my clothes and fucked me as a husband. I felt Ramesh is more a husband to me than his dad as by the time Ramesh married me I am already pregnant by him and it appeared to me as if I am his real wife.
Five months after we got married, we had a baby girl. Ramesh’s dad flew to US to see his daughter. We stayed together for three months. Ramesh and his dad competed yet again for their first fuck with me after delivery. But this time his dad won as he is in holiday here. The next day Ramesh took me to a hotel to get his first taste of his mother-wife’s pussy after delivery somehow avoiding his dad coming with us. I didnot tell Ramesh that his dad had the first milking session with his mother’s cunt.
After three months, Ramesh’s dad flew back to India giving Ramesh more time to fuck his mother-wife. Ramesh reluctantly sent me to India after another three months.
But things changed in India as I found out that my husband was cheating on me too! I demonstrated anger and left to US. It has been eight months eversince I came back to US to become Ramesh’s wife. There is no chance of going back to India as Ramesh knocked me again and I am pregnant with our second child. This time though there is no way that I can bluff that Ramesh’s dad knocked me. He would eventually know that his own son is also bonking his wife and Ramesh is the father of our baby.

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Randi maa
Hi mera naam amit he hum log mumbai me rehte he.mere ghar me hum char log he me mere papa meri maa or meri choti 20 salla ka hoo meri maa sirf 37 saal ki he uska naam kamini he mere ma papa ki shaadi jaldi ho gayi thi or me sirf 18 saal me ho gaya.meri choti behan ka naam komal he woh 18 baras ki he. Mere papa sales executive he or hamesha ghar se naher rehte he mahine me 20-25 din. Bat un dino ki he jab mere papa ko 2 mahine le liye south india ke tour par jana pada. Jate waqt woh mujhe keh kar gaye ke apni ma or behn ka khayal rakhna. Meri maa or behan bahut sexy he dono ki khaas baat unke sudol breast or badi badi ass he meri behan kafi modern he or din bhar boys or fashion ki baat karti he. Ek din ghar me koi nahi tha mere college ke vacation the or me doston ke sath movie dekhne gaya tha meri maa kisi rishtedar ke yaha khana khane gayi thi jab me gar me aya to mene dekha.

Hall ki light jal rahi me me jab hall me gaya to ye dekh kar heran ho gaya ke meri behan ek blue film dekh rahi thi or apni 4 ungaliya si apni bur ragad rahi thi…mujhe dekh kar woh bahut gabragayi or jaldi se kapde pehan liye mujhe bhi samja nahi a raha tha me kya karu par donno ne is baat par dhyan nahi diya ke abhi bhi woh blue film chal rahi thi usme donno admi mil kar 1 aurat ko chod rahe the dono taraf se or woh fuck me fuckme chilla rahi thi yeh dekh kar mera lund pura khada ho gaya.. Mere apni komal se chupane ki koshish bhi nahi ki. .komal bhi wahi khadi rahi or apni chut par hath lagane lagi ye dekha kar mera raha saha dar nikal gaya me komal ke samne hi nanga ho gaya or muthmarne laga komal mera 8″ ka lund dekh kar bahut excite ho gayi or mere pass akar khadi ho gayi.

Ab meri himmat thodi or badh gayi or me uske boobs dabane laga. Thodi der me hum donno pure excite ho gaye or woh jor jor se kehne lagi plz bhaiya mujhe chodo mujhe chodo ye sun kar me pagal ho gaya mene uske sare kapde bhi phad diye or uske pure badan ko chumne laga kafi der tak uske boobs or hothon ke sath khelne ke baad me usko apne kamre me le gaya usne mere lund muh me liya or ek candy ki tarah chusne lagi me bhi uski chut to chatne laga phir mene uski chut me apna 8″ kal lund dal diya uski chut bahut tight thi me jor jor se upar neenche ho raha tha 10 minths me mene apna pura masala uski garam chut me dal diya jab hum log kaam karke finish hua to ye dekh kar dar gaye ke darwaje par ma khadi thi or hame dekh rahi thi hum donno ne jaldi jaldi kapde pehne or apne apne kamro me jakar so gaye.

Agle pure din ma ne hamse kuch nahi kaha rat ko khana khane ke baad ma ne hum donno ko apne kamre me bulaya. Ma apni nightie me thi uski nithties bahut sexy hoti thi usne black color ki nithie pehan rakhi thi jsime uski thaigh tak cut tha. Me ye dekh kar excite ho gaya or mere lund khada ho gaya mene bahut chupane ki koshish ki par kyunki me mungi me hota hoo kuch nahi kar saka. Mene maa se maafi mangi or uske pero me gir gaya ye dekhkar ma or meri behan jor jor se hasne lage mujhe bahut herani hui…ma ne mujse kaha ke woh ye baat papa se nahi kahegi par badle me mujhe uski baat manni padegi. Me kaha me kuch bhi karoonga. Uske baad jo usne mujhe kaha me sun kar pagal ho gaya woh bolo to thik he tujhe apni behan ko mere samne chodna hoga.

Tab woh mere se boli pehle mere liye ek pag bana mene whishky ka ek banaya or usko diya phit hum teeno ne ek sath whishky ka pag liye phir me or meri behan nange ho gaye par donno gabra rahe the tab meri ma uthi or meri behn ke nazdeek akar uske hothon par apne hoth rakh diye donno ma beti 15 min tak ek dusre ko chumte rahe phir ma dheere dheere uske boobs dabane lagi or uski choot me ungali dalne lagi thodi der aise hi chalta raha me door se ye sab dekha kar apna lund hath me lekar hilane laga ab donno bahut excite ho gaye the mene apni behn ko doggy style me apni ma ke samne chodne laga meri ma apne boobs daba rahi thi woh boli ab apni maa ko bhi chod de me wph tere liye kuch bhi karegi me bola meri fantasy he ke me kisi ko galiya dete dete chodu tab meri maa mujhe se boli matherchod to apni randi maa ko kyun nahi chodta he dekh uski chut me se pani nikal raha he jaldi si use chod.

Me bolo pehle apni beti ko to chud jane de. Mene apni speed badha di or jor jor se komal ko chodne laga meri maa dheere dheere kar ke puri nangi ho gayi or apni bur ragadne lagi. Komal bhi ab mujhe galiya dene lagi bhenchod jaldi chod bhad de apni behan ki chood ko daba de uske boobs ko chod or chod bhenchod harami ohhhhhhhhh tej or tej ohhhhhhhhh ma boli chod de is randi ko jaldi chod mathercho apni maa ko kitna wait karayega jaldi chod me bolo me khatam hone wala hoo meri ma or behn ek sath mere lund ke pass a gaye or behan lund ko muh me lekar choosne lagi thodi der me mene apna pura masala apni behan or maa ke boobs par dal diya meri maa randi ki taraf apni beti ke boobs se mere masala chat rahi thi or bol rahi thi randi ye masala mere bete ka he mere yaar ka isko to sirf me chatungi to jor jor se behan ke boobs dabane lagi.

Thodi der baad woh mere pass akar beth gayi or mera lund apne muh me lekar choosne lagi 1 min me hi mera lund wapas khada ho gaya. Us din mene apni maa ko 5 bar choda. Phir donno ma beti mere samne ek dusre ki choot chatne lage or hum teeno maza karte rahe. Abhi bhi hum teeno ghar me nange gumte he meri kamini mujhe hamsha mathercho or harami keh kar bulati he me bhi apni maa or behan ko randi keh kar hi baat karta hoo ab me un donno ko abhi bhi kahi bhi chod deta hoo ya woh donno ek doosre ko chod deti he hum puri raat ek dooosre ko chodte rehte he roz. Coming up letter how my frined fuck my mother n sis wid me.

Desisexstory : Tenant Aunty Ki Chudai

Desisexstory : Tenant Aunty Ki Chudai

Desisexstory : Tenant Aunty Ki Chudai
Matrix from Mumbai. This is my True Story. As I’m also thebig fan of ISS erotic story aap nai mere pehlai ki ek story parhi hogi gf ki net cafe main chudai so main ek orstory kai sath hazir hoon yeh mere karaye darni ki story hai jinhai main chachi keh kar bulata tha unka naam nighathai or yeh waqya aaj sai 6 to 7 months pehlai ka hai main nai aapko apnai barai main pehlai he bata dya tha ab main apni chachi kai barai main bata deta hoon unki shadi huwai 6 years huwai hain unkai 1 sonor 1 daughter hai jin ki age 3 or 4 years hai unkai huband ek sarkari mulazim hain but woh nsha bohot kartai hain raat ko dair sai ghar aana unka rozana daily ka aana raat kai 3 ya 3.30 ka tha jis ki waja sai sai chachi bahir sai lock lagwa daiti thin takai woh raat ko aajen chachi dikhnai main itni khas tu nahin hain but unka figure gazab ka hai 40 42 40hoga moti moti gand motai motai dodh gazab ki cheez thin mera unkai han aana jana tha main aksar unkai bachon ko khilanai kai bahani sai jatatha dopeher main es waja sai woh porai ghar main mujh sai he ziada free thin or main un sai main aksar baton baton main unkai gaal pakar kar kehta tha chachi u r so sweet yeh sab main maskai lagata tha bcz mainnai unko chodna jo tha or woh hans kai taal dete thin or main yeh sochta rehta tha kai woh din kab aaega jab chachi mere sath sex karaingi but koimoqa nahin milta tha ek din woh moqa mil he gaya main nai socha kion na enhai raat main he check kya jae hamara makan 3 floor per mushtamil hai.Jo kai nechai hum log rehtai thai or us sai oper kareydar or sab sai oper raat ko main akela sota tha ek raat main 12:30 bajai kai kareeb unka door khol kai andar chala gaya dekhatu chachi so rahi thin phir bhi main nai unkai pass jakai aawaz lagae chachi chachi main nai 4 ya 5 martaba aawaz lagae mujhai koi response nahin mila phir main nai unki legs hila kai uthana chacha but woh nahi uthin mere himat barhgae or main samjh gaya kai chachi gehri nend sai so rahi hain phir main nai ekhath unkai boobs per rakha or usai ahista ahista push karnai laga woh kuch nahin bolin phir main thora or pressure sai dabaya jab bhi woh kuch nahin bolin or mere himmat or barh gae or main nai unkai donon bachon ko utha kai 2srai room main lit akai aagaya or khud chachi ki bagal main laita gaya or phir unkai boobs press karta huwa apna ek hathunki vagina per rakh kai sehlanai laga or unki saans teez honai lag gaen main samjh gaya kai chachi uthi hoe hain or sonai ka natak kar rahi hain phir main nai unki ahista ahista kameez puri oper kardi or brazzer kai hook khol kai usai bhi oper kar dya or unkai boobs ko suck karnai laga kia boobs thai maaza aagay 10 to 12 min suck karnai kai badh main unki shalwar ka nara khola or ahista sai shalwar bhi aadhi nechai kardi or unki vagina jungle kaiandar chupi hoe thi unki vagina per bohot hair thai woh abhi tak sonai ka natak kar rahin thin or main apnai kaam kai andar bikul mast hokai lagahuwa tha phir main nai apni ek ungli unki chut kai andar dali tu woh sisak gaen or ek dum sai aankh khool li or bola plz thori taiz ungli karo or main nai apni ungli ki speed barhadi or un kai moonh sai aaaahhhhhhhh ooooooooooh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgaeeeeeeeeeeeee ki aawazain aanai lagin or keh ja rahin thin or taiz shabash tere uncle nai aaj tak es tarah sai pyar nahin kiajaisai tu kar raha hai tu main nai chachi sai kaha kai abhi.Main sirf aapka guzara kar sakta hoon bcz agar uncle aagaye tu hum 2no pakrai jaengai or mere ghar walaimujhai nahin choraingai so abhi sirf thori si aag bujha sakta hoon main aapki tu unhon nai kaha chalo abhi tukuch karo mujh sai raha nahin ja raha or main nai ahista ahsita apnai porai cloth utar dye or mera 7″ lamba or 3″mota lund dekh kar chachi khush hogaen or kehnai lagin aaj tu mujhai bohot maza aaega main nai pocha kion tu kehnai lagin tere uncle ka tu 6″inch bhi pura nahin hai woh 5 min main he jhar jatai hain or mere apni chut ki pyas apni ungli sai bujhati hoon but ab mujhai koi tens nahi hai mujhai mera saman mil gayaor ab tu mujhai kabhi bhi chod sakta hai or main nai dair na kartai huwai chachi ki choot kai lips per apnai lund ko ragra or zor sai jhatka mara mere thora sa lund andar chala gaya main dung reh gaya or main nai chachi sai chottai he bola chachi aapki choot tu ek dum kunwari larki jaisi hai tu unhon nai kaha kai tere uncle tu din main kaam per or raat konashai main lagau rehtai hain tu ab tu he bata kai jab woh mujhai free nahin karaingai tu mere chut khuli hogi ya kunwari larki ki tarah band tu main nai chachi sai kaha main hoon na or main nai dobara ek zor dar jhatka mara mera adhai sai ziada lund chachi ki chut main chala gaya or unkai monh sai ek cheekh nikalnai he wali thi tu.Main nai unkai lips per apnai lips rakh kai kiss karnai laga unhai dard ho raha tha thori dair main nechai saioper dabao dalnai lagin main samjh gaya kai ab woh mazai laina chati hain or main nai ek or jhatkai sai poralund unki chut main utar dya or unkaimonh sai ajeeb ajeeb si aawazain aanai lagin aaaaaahh oooohhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa margae phardal mere chut ko sali nai bohot tarpaya hai bujha dai aaj eski aag or main naifull speed marta huwa chachi ko free kardya or main non stop jhatkai dainai laga kareeb 20 min kai badh main jharnai he wala tha kai main naichachi sai kaha kai main jharnai walahoon tu unhon nai kaha kai mere chut main he chor dai or main nai apni or speed barhae or ek dum sai unkai oper lait gaya or 69 position main kiss karnai laga es doran chachi 2 martaba jhar chuki thin or takreeban un waqt 2 ka time huwa tha tu main nai chachi sai bola kai uncle aanai walai hain main chalta hoon or main nai jaldi jaldi apnai cloth pehnai or oper naha dhokai fresh ho kai sogaya agai ki kahani main next story main likhonga raat ki ek chdae kai badh sai main nai din main unko kae bar choda or taqreban2 months tak karta raha uskai badh woh chali gaen

Indian sex story : धूमधाम चुदाई हुई ऑफिस के आंटी की

Indian sex story : धूमधाम चुदाई हुई ऑफिस के आंटी की
indian sex story - Aunty fuck

हैल्लो फ्रेंड्स.. मैंने नई जॉब जॉइन की थी और मेरी पोस्टिंग ग्रेटर नॉएडा के ऑफीस में हुई थी. Hindi Sex Stories Antarvasna Kamukta Sex Kahani Indian Sex Chudai वहाँ पर करीब 25 लोगों का स्टाफ था.. करीब 5 लेडीस और 20 जेंट्स और में जेंट्स में सबसे कम उम्र का था. मेरी उम्र 22 साल थी.. वैसे कॉलेज के वक़्त मेरी कई गर्लफ्रेंड थी और बहुत बार सेक्स भी कर चुका था.. लेकिन पिछले करीब 6 महीने से सूखा था और लंड महाराज को चूत के दर्शन नहीं हुए थे. लंड किसी चूत से मिलने को तड़प रहा था और मुठ मार के ही काम चलाना पड़ता था. में 5 लेडीस में सबसे छोटी उम्र वाली को सेट करने के चक्कर में था. सबसे छोटी वाली लड़की की उम्र 19 साल थी और एकदम कच्ची कली थी.. ऐसा लगता था कि उसकी तो सील भी नहीं टूटी होगी. मैंने सबसे पहले उसी पर लाईन मारना शुरू किया और उससे अच्छी दोस्तीं भी हो गई थी.

एक दिन उसका पीछा करते-करते में नॉएडा तक गया.. तो देखा कि वो तो हमारे मैनेजर के साथ लगी हुई है. साले दोनों कार को अंधेरे में खड़ा करके चुम्मा चाटी कर रहे थे और फिर सोचा की इस हसीना की चूत तो में नहीं मार सकता और उस कमसिन हसीना को छोड़कर मैंने 30 साल की औरत को सेट करने की ठानी.. वो पंजाबन थी और दिखने में एकदम मस्त शादीशुदा थी और उसके एक बेटी भी थी. कुछ खास दोस्तों से पता चला कि उसकी और उसके पति के बीच में नहीं बनती है और वो काफी परेशान है. बस यही मौका तो में ताक रहा था. मैंने उससे दोस्ती की और काफ़ी सीधा दिखना शुरू कर दिया और कुछ ही दिन बाद में उसका करीबी दोस्त बन गया.. वो अब मुझसे अपनी हर बात शेयर करती थी.

एक दिन हम सब लंच पर गये.. तो वो काफ़ी उदास थी. मैंने पूछा कि क्या हुआ.. तो वो रो पड़ी मुझे लगा कि यही सही टाइम है उसके पास आने का और मैंने अपना कंधा आगे बढ़ा दिया. वो रोती जा रही थी और में उसे सपोर्ट कर रहा था. थोड़ी देर बाद वो चुप हुई.. तो मैंने कहा कि तुम्हारा पति तुम्हे क्यो नहीं पसंद करता.. अगर में होता तो तुम्हे देखकर हमेशा खुश रहता.. बस इतना कहना था कि वो इमोशनल ही हो गई और मुझसे लिपट गई. अब वक़्त था दूसरा कदम उठाने का मतलब सेक्स की और बड़ने का.. मैंने उसे एक एडल्ट जोक भेजा और सोचा कि देखता हूँ उसका क्या नतीजा होता है. अगर कुछ गड़बड़ हुआ.. तो सॉरी कह दूँगा.. वो जोक ऐसा था कि अगर कोई नॉर्मल लड़की पढ़ ले.. तो मुझे थप्पड़ ही मार दे. फिर वो कुछ देर बाद मेरे कैबिन में आई.. में कुछ डर तो गया था.. लेकिन वो बोली ये क्या भेजा है मैंने कहा जोक था और वो मुस्कुराने लगी मुझे लगा कि हँसी तो फंसी.

मैंने शाम को उसे लिफ्ट ऑफर की और उसे मेरे साथ कॉफी पीने के लिए कहा.. तो वो तैयार हो गई. हम नॉएडा गये हमने कॉफी पी और वो मेरी फैमिली और गर्लफ्रेंड के बारे में पूछती रही. मैंने कहा कि मेरी कोई गर्लफ्रेंड नहीं है उसने फिर पूछा कि कभी सेक्स किया है. मैंने कहा कि नहीं बस तुम्हारा ही इंतज़ार कर रहा था.. वो ज़ोर-ज़ोर से हँसने लगी. अब मेरी भी हिम्मत बड़ने लगी थी. मैंने भी उसकी सेक्स लाईफ के बारे में पूछा.. तो उसने कहा कि उसकी सेक्स लाइफ नॉर्मल नहीं है.. वो 2-3 महीने में एक बार सेक्स करते है.. उसका पति घर के बाहर रंडियों को चोदता है. मैंने कहा कि तुम क्यों नहीं करती..

फिर ये सुनकर वो मेरी और अजीब से देखने लगी और कहा कि चलो.. मुझे लगा कि वो बुरा मान गई है खैर में चुप रहा और कार में बैठ गया. हम घर की और चल दिये.. हम घर पहुँचने ही वाले थे कि उसने कार एक सुनसान रास्ते की और मुड़वाई और वहीं रूकने को कहा तो मैंने कार रोक दी. एकदम अंधेरा और सुनसान रोड था.. उसने कार अंदर से बंद की और लाइट भी ऑफ कर दी.. वो मेरे करीब आई और बोली कभी किसी औरत को किस किया है.. तो मैंने कहा कि नहीं. वो मेरे और करीब आई और बोली तो फिर करो.

मैंने कहा मतलब.. तो वो बोली मुझे किस करो. मैंने जल्दी से छोटा सा किस कर दिया.. वो मुस्कुराई और बोली शायद तुम सच कह रहे हो.. तुमने अभी तक किसी लड़की को नहीं छुआ है.. वो बोली में बताती हूँ कि किस कैसे करते है. उसने अपने दोनों हाथ मेरे होठों पर रख दिए और जीभ को अंदर बाहर करने लगी. वो ऐसे कर रही थी कि मेरा लंड एकदम तन गया और उसे चोदने को बेताब होने लगा. वो भी ये सब भांप चुकी थी. उसने कहा की अभी तो तुम मुझे नहीं चोद सकते हो.. क्योंकि घर जल्दी जाना है.. लेकिन में तुम्हे जल्द ही जन्नत दिखाउंगी.

उसने मेरी चैन खोली और अंडरवेयर से लंड को बाहर निकाला.. तो लंड को देखकर वो बोली कि काफ़ी बड़ा है तुम्हारा लंड. फिर उसने लंड की खाल नीचे की.. फिर उसने प्यार से थप्पड़ मारकर बोला कि झूठ बोलते हो.. तुम्हारा लंड पहले भी चूत चोद चुका है. मैंने कहा हाँ एक दो बार.. फिर वो मेरे लंड को सहलाने लगी और फिर उसे मुँह में ले लिया और लंड को चूसने लगी.

में इतना ज्यादा उत्तेजित था कि कुछ ही देर में उसके मुँह में झड़ गया. उसने पूछा कि मज़ा आया.. तो मैंने कहा कि मज़ा तो आया.. लेकिन अधूरा. वो हँसी और बोली कि कल सुबह हम दोनों ऑफीस नहीं जायेंगे और वो मेरे घर 9 बजे आ जायेगी और पूरे दिन हम साथ रहेंगे. फिर जितना चाहो चूत की पूजा और दर्शन करना.

मैंने फिर उसे घर छोड़ दिया और घर पहुँच कर में सुबह का ही इंतज़ार कर रहा था. में सुबह 6 बजे ही जाग गया और उसे फोन किया तो वो बोली कि अभी तो 6 ही बजे है. मैंने कहा कि बस जल्दी आ जाओ बस.. अब इंतजार ही नहीं हो रहा है. सुबह करीब 8:30 बजे बेल बजी और मैंने दरवाज़ा खोला.. तो सामने वो खड़ी थी.

उसने एक सिल्क की साड़ी पहन रखी थी और वो ग़ज़ब का माल लग रही थी. वो अंदर आई और बात करने लगी. में उसके पास गया और उसे किस करना शुरू कर दिया. उसने कहा कि आराम से और में किस किये जा रहा था. फिर में एक हाथ से उसकी निप्पल और दूसरे हाथ से उसकी चूत रगड़ रहा था. अब वो भी धीरे-धीरे गर्म हो रही थी. मैंने उसे बेड पर लेटाया और नंगा कर दिया.. फिर मैंने अपने भी सारे कपड़े उतार दिए. अब हम दोनों बिल्कुल नंगे थे और चोदन क्रिया को तैयार थे.

मैंने लंड को पकड़ा और उसकी चूत में लंड डाला.. काफ़ी टाईट चूत थी उसकी.. लगता था कि बहुत कम चुदी हुई है. में धीरे-धीरे धक्के मार रहा था और वो भी धीरे-धीरे मधहोश हुये जा रही थी. उसकी चूत एकदम साफ थी.. मैंने पूछा कि बड़ी चिकनी है तेरी चूत.. तो वो बोली सुबह-सुबह तेरे लिए ही साफ की है.. वरना कल तो बालों से भरी हुई थी. अब मैंने धक्को की स्पीड बड़ा दी.. वो कहने लगी कि चूत के बाहर झड़ना.. वरना कहीं बाद में गड़बड़ ना हो जाये. में इतनी ज़ोर-ज़ोर से धक्के मार रहा था कि साला लंड अंदर ही झड़ गया.. वो एकदम उठी और भागी और मूतने लगी. में बाहर खड़ा हो कर उसे मूतते हुए देख रहा था.

मैंने कहा कि इतनी जल्दी क्या थी मूतने की.. तो वो बोली ताकि बाद में ज्यादा गड़बड़ ना हो.. वो खड़े होकर मेरे पास आई और मेरे लंड को पकड़कर बोली.. अब तो भूख मिट गई होगी तेरे लंड की. मैंने उसके दोनों बूब्स पकड़ लिए और दबाने लगा. पहला सेक्स किये हुये हमे 15 मिनट ही हुए थे और में दूसरे राउंड के लिये तैयार था. हम बाथरूम में ही थे.. में उसके पीछे गया और उसके बूब्स बहुत ज़ोर से दबाने लगा. उसके निप्पल रगड़ने में तो बहुत ही मज़ा आ रहा था. उसके बूब्स भी एकदम तन गये थे.

अब मैंने उसे आगे की और झुकाया और पीछे से लंड उसकी चूत में प्रवेश कराया.. जैसे जैसे लंड अंदर जा रहा था वैसे वैसे उसकी सिसकियाँ तेज हो रही थी. में धक्के पर धक्के मारे जा रहा था और वो सिसकियाँ लेती जा रही थी. लगभग 15-20 मिनट के बाद लंड झड़ने को तैयार था और इस बार मैंने लंड उसके बूब्स पर झाड़ दिया.

अब करीब 10 बजे थे. मैंने उससे कुछ नाश्ता बनाने को कहा और उसने ब्रेड-आमलेट बना दिया. मैंने वो खा लिया और अब 11 बज चुके थे.. मैंने उससे पूछा कि तुम क्या खाओगी? तो वो बोली जो तुम खिलाओ. मैंने कहा कि जेम रोल बनाकर खिलाता हूँ.. वो बोली कि ये क्या है? मैंने कहा थोड़ा इन्तजार करो.. में किचन में गया और 2 मिनट बाद वापस आया. मैंने अपने लंड को पेपर से ढक रखा था.. वो बोली क्या है दिखाओ? मैंने पेपर हटाया और वो देखकर वो ज़ोर-ज़ोर से हँसने लगी. मैंने अपने लंड पर जेम और बटर लगा रखा था. मैंने कहा कि नाश्ता तैयार है खा लीजिये.. वो हंसते हुए लंड को हाथ में लेकर चाटने लगी और फिर चूसने लगी.. क्योंकि हम 3 घंटे में 2 बार पहले ही सेक्स कर चुके थे.. इसलिये लंड अब जल्दी नहीं झड़ा. उसने आराम से लंड को चाटा और चूसा.. लेकिन लंड नहीं झड़ा.

अब फिर से बारी थी उसे चोदने की.. एक बार उसे डॉगी स्टाइल में चोदना था. वो डॉगी स्टाइल में बैठ गई.. फिर मैंने लंड चूत में ना डालकर उसकी गांड में डाल दिया.. अरे क्या ग़ज़ब का टाईट छेद था, मज़ा आ गया.. लेकिन उसकी तो चीख निकल गई. मैंने कहा कि कुछ देर सहन कर लो फिर मज़ा आयेगा. 10 मिनट चोदने के बाद लंड को उसकी गांड में ही झाड़ दिया. अब हम नहाकर कुछ देर बाहर घूमने मार्केट में गये. मैंने उससे कहा कि घर पहुँचकर और भी स्टाईल ट्राई करेंगे.. तो वो मुस्कुराने लगी.

उस दिन हम पहले ही 3 बार सेक्स कर चुके थे और घर पहुँचकर हमने 3 बार फिर से सेक्स किया और अब रात के 8 बज चुके थे और उसके घर जाने का टाईम हो चुका था. वो घर जाने लगी तो मैंने कहा कि एक बार आखरी बार और कर लो.. तो अब उसने मुझे लेटाया, मेरी चैन खोली और लंड निकाला. उसने अपनी पेंटी उतारी साड़ी ऊपर की और वो लंड पर बैठ गई. अब हम कपड़े पहनकर ही सेक्स कर रहे थे.. वो लंड चूत के अंदर लेकर उछले जा रही थी. कुछ देर बाद में झड़ गया.. लेकिन कुछ बूंदे उसकी साड़ी पर भी गिर गई. उस पूरे दिन हमने 7 बार सेक्स किया और शाम तक में पूरी तरह से थक चुका था. मैंने 2 ग्लास जूस पिया. फिर कुछ जान में जान आई.. उसके बाद हमने ना जाने कितनी बार सेक्स किया.

Momsexstory : Sex Game With Mom friend

Momsexstory : Sex Game With Mom friend
Momsexstory  Sex Game With Mom friend

I am regular reader of this site after long time. I planned to share my first sex experience. This is my first story and it was a real incident happened on March 2012. My name is Suresh and I am from Chennai.

First I introduce myself. I am a software engineer, age was 25. The incident was sex encounter with aunty and her daughter. Those interested Gals, aunties and widows to have fun with me please email to this email id

Let’s come to the story aunty name was Shanti and her age was 38. She is near to my home. My mom and she was close friend. She often visits to my home and had a chat with my mom and me. She always told about his family problem and regarding his husband’s drunken habit.

One day she came to my home no one is there and she asks about my mom, I told she will be back in 30 minutes. So she planned to wait and we had a regular chat for first five minutes and then she asks about my college days and gal friends.

I told I don’t have any gal friends then I asked about her husband. She started to cry and I wipe her tears by make this chance I just brushed her breasts. Oh sorry readers I forgot to tell about her figure. Her size was 35”, 30” and 36.

I said sorry regarding brushed her breasts. She told its okay then I asked about her husband. She told, he daily had a habit of drinking and had a fight. I too hear often shouting sound and she once again starts to cry and told he even can’t full fill my night desires.

I was shocked and started to ask about that but unfortunately my mom came. Then we had started normal chat and then she started to chat with my mom and starts to leave. Before she leaves she gave a smile and left. I don’t know why she smiles.

After some time my mom come and told that Shanti aunty need my help. So I planned to go and when I knocked the door she came with a sexy dress, had a low cut blouse to show her cleavage and transparent saree to see her hip and ass.

I understood that she had it for intentionally. And she asked me to clear her bed room. She starts to heading towards bedroom I too followed her ass movement.

There she told me to hold the stool and then she manages to climb to stool. While she gets up to the stool she brushes her entire breast to my chest and she smiles sexily. Then I took unwanted materials and put in the self with the help of aunty.

Suddenly she slips down and fallen in the ground and I was shocked. She was screamed in pain. I just lifter her by holding one hand on back of her breast and one hand below her buttock and slowly put it in bed.

She asked me to put some ointment and took the pain killer ointment and asked her where you have pain. She told in her hip and I started to massage her she started to moan because of the pain. Then she asks me to put it in her thighs.

I asked is it okay aunty. She told Please Suresh I am in full pain. I just lift her saree with petticoat. I was shocked to see her ties. She had a ties like a vaza thandu” in tamil. I started to massage her and I can’t control so slowly

I raised my hand inch by inch towards her pussy. She responded with moaning but this time not for pain. Then when I touch her cunt area she suddenly gets up I was shocked and with no time she give a lip to lip kiss.

Then I managed to co-operate and then I started to remove her blouse and bra and started to suck her boobs. She too loves that. Then she can’t control her feelings she was hungry for the past 3 years.

So started to remove my dress and I too started the same for her in matter of seconds we become nude and move to 69 position. We did it for 15 minutes. She had a orgasm and her juice was something great. Then she asked me to fuck very hard.

So we go to missionary position. I started to tease her. Just brushing her clitoris and started to put inside her pussy and suddenly removed fully. Suddenly I got a slap from her actually I expect this slap when I first touch her pussy.

But I got now and she screamed that I was waiting for a cock for the past 3 years. Please Suresh. By hearing this I got full erect and push my cock inside her pussy. It went like a knife enters in to butter. I started to fuck her madly.

It happened for 15 minutes after that she came top of me and started to horse ride. She rides and I was screaming and fell the seventh heaven, after 20 minutes we started doggy position I tried her ass but she screamed with pain and told

We will do it later and so I planned to fuck her pussy and started to fuck. Then once again we go to missionary and room is filled with Chap Chap and her moaning sounds. After a one hour session I released my sperm fully in her pussy and fell on her arms.

She kissed me and fondles. She told that she reached orgasm thrice. I am very happy to hear about this. Then we started to fuck regularly whenever we got the time.

Desi sex story Brother become wild

Desi sex story Brother become wild

desi sex story -wild brothr sex

Today I am 20 and want to tell this story to everyone because I am angry about how my brother
seduced me into having sexual intercourse with him. But also I am thankful to him because now I have
more experience in sex than any other girl of my age.
Let me start by describing the physical appearance of the three of us and our relation with each other.
My brother is 5’10” and with very highly energetic, athletic muscular body. Priya has a well-developed
figure of 36-26-38 and very attractive. We both sisters have a very fair complexion. I at that time was
not fully developed like a woman. You know what I mean? Like my breasts were just starting to
sprout and I never knew that hair could grow in the pussy part. I had a very smooth clean pussy, as
could be of a 16 year old girl. Raja, Priya, and I used to sleep in the same room on two mattresses put
together on the floor. So there was not much place for us to move while sleeping. We had always
been sleeping like this since childhood, but now it felt different because we had all grown up in size as
well as thinking. My brother was not the same sweet innocent brother he used to be some years back,
nor was my sister whom I trusted so much. I got the first suspicion of my brother when he started
putting his hand on me. In beginning he used to put his hand only on my head or on my back and slept
quite peacefully. But to my shock later on his ways were changing far too much.
As he kept his hand on my back, he used to rub my whole back with great pressure. At that age I had
just started to wear my new bras and he used to love feeling the bra under the small petticoat I wore.
For sleeping I would wear only a petticoat (the kind you wear under a frock), the bra, and the panty.
My sister wore nighties. And my brother slept only in his underwear. We had always seen him like
that since childhood, but recently there was something new happening with him and all of us.
Sometimes my hand touched his underwear and I felt something very hard, although then I wasn’t
able to imagine what could be so hard in a man’s underwear. Also like I said, he had starting using his
hand over me very freely. At first it was only on the back. Then when I turned to the opposite side his
hand was still on me, so it would land on my tits. I was still not too sure if he was doing it knowingly
or unknowingly. Later I realized that he was doing it knowingly when his hand moved to my ass. As it
is, I was wearing only a short petticoat, so it was easy for him to put his hand on my panty and feel it
nicely. At that age I didn’t know anything about sex, but my suspicion grew when I sometimes heard
Raja & Priya laughing secretly in the night. One such time I opened my eyes to see what they were
laughing at, and I was shocked to see Priya standing in the corner of the room fully naked with her
nighty bra and panty lying on the floor and Raja was kissing her whole body from top to bottom.
That’s when I learnt that they were not having a brother-sister relationship anymore.
In the next few days I also saw that when Priya was not at home, Raja used to secretly steal her bra or
panty and smelt it and kissed it. I never understood why he did that. I had a feeling that he was trying
to make love to Priya and me, which I found very weird for a brother to do with his own younger
sisters. I used to sleep in the middle of Priya and Raja. One night as usual he put his hand over me and
I thought he was again going to feel my back. Instead his hand went on Priya. Then again I heard her
softly laughing. The next thing I see Raja getting up and going to Priya’s side of the bed. I even heard
her whispering to him in fear that I might wake up. I don’t know about his answer but they both
laughed and he lay down beside her. I peeped through my half closed eyelids and saw him easily
taking off her nighty. I just couldn’t believe my eyes. Because I always had great regard for Priya as
she was always a very sober girl. I also respected my brother but only because he was the eldest.
Otherwise I knew he was a very hard stubborn and bullying person. After Raja had taken off Priya’s
nighty she was sitting only in her bra and panty.
Then she raised her arms in the air and he started kissing her in the armpits and then her tits. She was
swinging madly and making a soft moaning sound. She turned her back to him and he unhooked her
bra and slowly slipped it off her shoulders until it was fully off her body. For quite some time I saw his
strong fingers kneading her breasts like roti ka atta. Watching and hearing their ecstatic expressions, I
felt as if I was also enjoying the same sensations as Priya’s tits. Kissing the back of her neck his lips
went all the way down her spine till he reached her panty and then it seemed like he was actually
chewing on the panty or even her buttocks. He made her lie down on her stomach and gently
grabbing the elastic waist-band of her panty pulled it to reveal her full round ass looking like 2 big
mountains. After he had completely taken off her panty he spread both her legs wide, really wide. I
could see her lying fully naked on the bed with her face down and Raja kneeling like a dog over her. I
was wondering what he is going to do next, and I was even more worried if Priya knew what was
going to happen on her back. I couldn’t see anything in detail in the darkness of the night. I think I saw
Raja also take off his underwear and then he lay down on her. After that I could only hear them both
breathing very heavily and strangely groaning and moaning.
I guessed they were having sex, since I was still not too sure how sex is done. Probably I would know
only when I have my first experience with any male, but definitely not with my very own brother Raja,
I swore to myself.The next day in the morning both of them were unbelievably pretending in front of
our parents as if nothing ever happened. The shocks were too many
in a row for me to digest. The whole day passed by, and when nightfall was in, I eagerly waited for
some more midnight amusement! I kept myself on full alert for even sensing the faintest breeze that
moved in the room. I couldn’t stop wondering what the male organ looks like. Although, the previous
night Raja had taken off his underwear I didn’t get to see anything
because of the darkness. But I think after last night’s experience Priya was very tired, so she slept off
pretty early. I could hear her snoring louder than ever.
Then I thought there would be no entertainment tonight. I heard and felt Raja trying to reach Priya to
wake her up, but she was too fast asleep. His desperation almost made me laugh. I could see him
feeling uneasy in bed, rolling from one side to another, restlessly. Finally he cuddled his pillow and
mumbled something to himself. I knew there was no amusement from the two of them at least
tonight. So I also prepared to go to sleep. After about half an hour I again felt Raja’s hand slightly
touching me. I knew he was stubborn and can never rest until he has achieved what he wants. So I
waited to see his tricks today with Priya who was so dead tired after last night’s exhaustive session. I
felt Raja lightly running his hand along my hand, stroking me. I was quite used to his touching by now,
so I didn’t mind. Then the hand stopped moving while on my shoulder. I could feel his fingers
caressing the front of my neck and again on the shoulders. He did this a few times, and then started
pulling my bra strap from under the petticoat, played with it for a while then moved his hand down
my back. There was a zipper on the back of the petticoat and he tried his best to open it as secretly as
possible without waking me up. Obviously he didn’t know that I was wide-awake. But one thing
common in him and me at that moment was the nervousness. I was anyway nervous but so was he
because he never had a positive signal from me for all this yet, plus he knew that I’m a minor, so he
was at great risk both ways. I was almost loosing my patience and was about to slap him very badly
but just then when he had finished opening the zipper the direct contact of a male hand on my bare
back was a total turning point for me. Without bothering about him being my brother or whatever,
I was completely lost in the ecstasy of the touch of a strong, rigid, masculine hand. It was simply
blissful; I can’t explain it in words. I was still pretending to be fast asleep by leaving my jaw hanging
loose and trying to make snoring sounds like Priya. But maybe he could guess that I was acting
because of my heartbeat and breath running at such a fast rate. My breasts were heaving so much
that I almost felt it touch his bare hairy chest. His nose and mouth were also pretty close to mine. We
could feel each other’s hot breath. After gathering a little more courage he tried to continue to strip
me, although he was tensed if I were to wake up. Now I was also enjoying it so much that I decided to
help him. I acted as if I was doing everything exactly the way he wanted it, but I was totally unaware
and in deep sleep. I moved my hands nearer to his underwear, and again felt something very hard and
long. I got scared, wondering what it was. But still pretended to be sleeping. Again I touched there
and was very sure that this hard thing is inside his underwear but still had no idea what it was. Then
he tried to carry on with removing my petticoat from one shoulder. I saw that he was finding it very
difficult to do without waking me up so I only acted as if the petticoat was irritating me so I in a slow
sleepy manner took of my whole petticoat and threw it in a corner. I couldn’t see his face but I’m sure
Raja was very happy with this.
Now I also suddenly felt high voltage electric current passing through my every single nerve. And
within a second I felt a complete transformation in myself from a young amateur girl to a full woman.
I felt great pride in my breasts and every single part of my female body for which I had only heard that
males are hungry for. Now I was experiencing it in the hands of my own brother. It was very difficult
for me to peep through my half closed eyelids since Raja was so close to me. But I still managed to see
him getting excited to see my body covered only in the bra and panty now. He was still afraid to
undress me any further. Seemed like I only had to do all the remaining preparations. I touched that
hard thing in his underwear and he was enjoying it, so he immediately took off his underwear. And
again he put the hard thing on my hand. Now I could really feel that it was a hard muscle of his own
body and not any iron tool left on our bed by mistake.
I understood that this is what the male organ is like. I also enjoyed pressing it lightly and it kept
getting harder and rising upward, which I found funny. Since he was still not sure if I was aware or
not, I thought I might as well break the ice (but not completely). I put both my hands around him and
one leg over his thigh. I could feel all his hard muscles with lots of hair on it. Now that he saw me
becoming so comfortable with him, ha also proceeded by placing his hand on my back again and
unhooking the bra. Again he slowly slid it off my shoulders just like he did for Priya yesterday. Finally
when he fully took off my bra, he started licking my nipples. With that sensation my nipples became
hard like nuts. Along with licking he actually started sucking on them like a little baby. After licking
and massaging my breasts for quite long, I felt his fingers crawling from my armpit to the thighs.
Caressing my thighs allover, the fingers headed for what I believe is a woman’s hot spot. He was
feeling the texture of my panty and pulled it from all edges, mingling with it childishly. Eventually the
fingers traced their way under the panty to my ass. I couldn’t hold myself any more. I felt like my
whole body was on fire. The heat and an unbelievable urge overpowered me. I didn’t know whether
to continue to pretend unconscious or just break free. But knowing that he’s my elder brother and I
still a minor, I gathered that pretending would be safer for the both of us. So as if I was enjoying
unconsciously, I also run my hands all over his body. It was really wild to feel the hard, rough and
tensed muscles of a male body. He had lots of hair all over the body like a bear.
And smelling really dirty, though the odor was surprisingly tempting and desirable. I also kissed his
bare chest then cheeks. Since I had also gone this far he didn’t bother any more if I was awake or not.
He took full freedom in pulling off my panties in one swift move. This was just the beginning. With
both our bodies fully naked, we had a lot more to explore in each other than just the outer surface.
Now his fingers were using a lot mo0re pressure than earlier. I knew he was really at his hottest. I
didn’t stop him. Instead I also used the same intensity in my moves. I scratched his back and pulled his
hair madly while he was digging into my asshole. It pained very much but I didn’t want to loose this
rare opportunity in my life. My first sexual experience and that too with my own big brother. The
sweat on our bodies served as lubricants, making our to and fro movements much faster and
At the same time it created hell of a lot of friction. I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw sparks flying out. I
was biting his neck with my teeth, and he horribly chewed on my nipples in return. I was still not sure
if this is what is called sex until the following few minutes. After all this feeling, caressing, cajoling,
and raping each other’s body, came the part which was a mystery to me and in which my brother Raja
is a real ‘Raja’. By now it was pretty obvious to him that I was fully conscious. He grasped my hands
with his iron claws. Spread both my feet poles apart with his hairy legs. And proudly gave me the
meanest grin I’ve ever seen on his face with his teeth gnashing away. I thought I was facing Yamraj in
person. I was terrified at this moment when I had no idea what was his next move. I could actually see
my whole body moving up and down with the heavy breathing, out of fear. Raja rubbed his dick once
again for a final stimulation, and then with his fingers parted my delicate but tight pussy, as I was a
virgin. And then stormed his huge machine gun into my cunt with all his mighty strength. For a few
seconds I felt spaced out. After which I felt him ripping my poor tender pussy and drilling in like a
boring machine. I couldn’t free myself from his powerful grip. I was trapped with him attacking me
like a bull. In the process I guess I may have yelled very loudly since Priya had also woken up.
She was shocked at the sight of Raja and me in this naked position. Then when she could digest it, she
laughed it off and congratulated me. But then she expressed her fear that my very loud scream could
have woken up our parents. Since she was the only one still in her dress, she quickly tiptoed to the
parent’s room and returned immediately to tell us that they are in deep sleep so all is safe. I was too
exhausted after this long process of intercourse. And I could see that he had messed my whole frontal
part with the white sticky stuff after he had cum and pulled out his dagger. But Raja seemed
revitalized, and looked at Priya with desperation. She smiled coyly and said to me “Little sister, now
let us give you a small demonstration of a quickie” and they both laughed out. She instantly removed
her nighty and undergarments. And there we were, all three of us stark naked. Since Raja was already
highly stimulated and Priya seemed to have had loads of practice sessions with him in the past, it
hardly took them a couple of minutes to finish off.
In future the three of us had group sex numerous times. And Priya and I also shared a few lesbian
experiences with each other. She is very delicious, and she said she finds me a rare delicacy.

Desisexstory : Affair with father in law

Desisexstory : Affair with father in law

Desisexstory : Affair with father in law

Mera naam Neha hai main 28 saal ki hoon aur mera figure 38-32-36 hai. Meri shaadi ho chuki hai mere husband ka naam hai Rajesh hai. meri ye kahani meri shaadi kay baad shuru hoti hai. mere husband Rajesh ka lund 8 inch lamba aur 2 inch mota hai. shaadi ki pehli hi raat Rajesh nay mujhe aagay aur pichay se puri raat choda tha. Ab mere husband mujhe roz chodtay thay is liye meri chodai ki bhook bhi bhadti ja rahi thi. Ghar may Rajesh kay alawa meri Saas, Sasur aur aik nokar Shankar tha. Rajesh ka aik chota bhai bhi tha Ravi jo England paadhnay kay liye gaya howa tha. Mere husband aik multinational company may Finance Manager ki post par job kartay hain. Kahani waha se shuru hoti hai jab mere husband ko company ki taraf se Australia jana pad gaya. Unka visit 6 months ka tha main Rajesh kay janay se bohat udaas thi kyun Rajesh nay mujhe roz chod chod kar mujhe roz chodwanay ki aadat daal di thi. Jis subah ko Rajesh nay jana tha uski raat ko main nay udaasi se kaha, Rajesh tum 6 months kay liye jarahay ho ab meri choot ki bhook kese mitay gi. Rajesh nay mujhe khud se kas kar bheech liya aur bola, meri jaan mera jana zaroori hai main khud bhi udaas hoon main tum ko chor kar nahi jana chahta magar kiya karon job hai kaam to karna hai na. Rajesh ki baat sunkar main khamosh hogai. Us raat Rajesh nay mujhe subah 8 baje tak kutto ki tarha choda. Rajesh kay janay kay baad may udaas rehnay lagi aur aik becheni si mujhe apnay badan may mehsoos hoti thi main raato ko tadapti rehti thi. Ye Rajesh kay chalay janay kay baad teesri raat thi mujhe Rajesh bohat yaad aaraha tha mere jism ki becheni badhti jarahi thi aur phir main bechen hokar kamray se bahar aagai. Hamara ghar double stori tha mera kamra upar jab kay Saas aur Sasur ka kamra nichay tha. Main nichay aagai phir jab may apnay Saas aur Sasur kay kamray kay paas se guzar rahi thi to mujhe andar se halki halki awazain aai jese koi siskariyan le raha hai aur mujhe darwaze ki jheri se roshni bhi nikalti hoi mehsoos hoi. Mere dil may aaya yakeenan Babu Jee Maa Jee ko chod rahay hain. Mere dil may aai kyun na andar jhanka jaay. Pehle main nay darwaze ki jheri se jhanka magar kuch nazar nahi aaya to main khidki kay paas hi. Khidki par parday paday howay thay aur uskay dono pat band thay. Main nay aese hi hath lagaya to khidi ka pat khol gaya. Main nay khidi ka pat kholna chaha to wo pura khol gaya magar koi awaz nahi hoi. Mujhe dar howa kahi andar pata nahi chal gaya ho. Khidki kholtay hi andar ki awazain saaf bahar aanay lagin. Main nay parda hataya aur andar dekhnay lagi. Babu Jee Letay howay thay aur Saasu Maa Babu Jee kay upar leti hoi thi. Babu Jee ka lund Saasu Maa ki choot may tha aur wo nichay se khub zor se jhatkay maar rahay thay. 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Mera blouse bohat chota tha jo sirf mere dori walay brazier ko hi chupa pa raha tha mera pura pait nanga tha aur meri bareek saree kay nichay petticoat nahi pehna tha balkay sirf underwear kay upar hi main nay saree bandh li thi jis may se meri puri tangain kafi numaya ho rahi thi aur aik tarha se main puri nangi hi thi. Jab may is hulyee may kaam karnay lagi aur jan boj kar baar baar apnay Sasur kay samnay aati rahi. Mere Sasur Jee mujhe ghor ghor kar dekh rahay thay aur mujhe unka is tarha dekhna acha lag raha tha magar main ignore kar rahi thi. Dopehar khana khanay kay baad Sasur ki doodh lazmi peetay thay is liye main nay kitchen may jakar aik glass may doodh nikala aur Babu Jee ki kamray may aagai. Babu Jee bistar par dhoti kurta pehnay howay letay howay thay aur TV dekh rahay thay. Main nay aaj bohat chota aur tight blouse aur saree pehni hoi thi. Main nay saaf mehsoos kiya kay mujhe dekh kar Babu Jee ki dhoti may halchal hoi hai. main ye dekh kar muskaradi. 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Babu Jee nay kaha kon aaya ga is waqt teri Saasu Maa to chali gai hai aur Shankar mere kamray may nahi aata to befikar reh abhi main tere ye doodh se bharay boobs chosunga aur phir tujhe nanga kar kay teri choot may apna lund daal kar teri choot chodunga. Main phir natak karnay lagi, Nahi Babu jee choriyena yeh aap kya kar rahen hain main aap ki Bahu hoon ye galat hain. Babu Jee nay kas kar mujhe lappet kar bistar par lita diya aur khud mere upar chaadh kar let gay aur bolay, galat ki bachi kal raat ko to tu badi muskara muskara kar mujhe chodtay howay dekh rahi thi aur ab natak kar rahi hai. Babu Jee ki baat sunkar main muskaradi aur main nay apni bahain Babu Jee kay galay may daal di aur boli, Babu Jee main to aap kay sath masti kar rahi thi jab se main ne aap ka mota aur lamba lund dekha hai main khud bechain thi aap se chodwanay kay liye main aap ko kese mana kar sakti hoon. Meri baat sunkar Babu Jee muskara diye aur bole, ab aai hai na line par chal ab apnay kapday utaar. 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Apni choot par Babu Jee ki zaban mehsoos kartay hi main tadapnay lagi phir jab unho nay meri choot kay danay ko apnay danto se pakda to mujh se

bardasht nahi ho saka aur main jhad gai aur meri choot ne pani chor diya. Meri choot se nikalnay wala pani Babu jee chaat liya. Main tadap kar boli, uuuuuuuuuffffffffffffffff Babu Jee kyun tadpa rahay hain mujhe jaldi se apna lund meri choot may pail dain. Babu Jee nay mujhe se kaha, tum mere lund ko pyaar nahi karo gi kiya? Main nay jalti hoi aankhon se Babu Jee ko dekha aur shikayati lehjay may boli, aap nay apnay lund par mujh se pyaar karwaya hi nahi. Babu Jee muskaray aur bolay, nazar kyun hoti ho Neha Darling ye lo. Babu Jee nay apna kurta aur dhoti utaari di to unka 10 inch lamba aur 3 inch mota lund azaad hogaya. Main betaabi se uthi aur main nay dono hatho se unka lund pakad liya aur boli, uuuuuuuffffffffffffff Babu Jee kitna pyaara hai aap ka lund dil chah raha hai kay ise kha jaon. Babu Jee nay kaha, tumhe mana kis ne kiya hai meri Bahu Rani ye ab tumhara hai jo chaho is kay sath karo. Main nay foran hi Babu Jee ka lund apnay mou may le liya aur maazay se kulfi ki tarha choosnay lagi. Khub achi tarha Babu Jee ka lund choosa phir Babu Jee nay mujhe lita diya aur meri tangain mor kar mere kandhon se laga di. Is tarha se meri choot bilkul unkay lund kay samnay aagai. Babu Jee nay apna lund meri choot kay sorakh par rakha to main kehnay lagi, Babu Jee aik hi jhatkay may apna pura lund meri choot may ghussa diye ga. Babu Jee nay kaha, aesa hi hoga meri jaan. Phir unho nay apni puri taqat se jhatka maara aur unka lund meri choot ko buri tarha se phaadta howa jad tak andar ghuss gaya. Mujhe bohat takleef hoi aur main na chahtay howe bhi apni cheekh nahi rok paai. Babu jee hanse, ary tum to bilkul kunwari ladki ki tarha cheekhi ho kiya tumhara Pati Rajesh tumhe nahi chodta. Main boli, wo to mujhe bohat chodtay hain par unka lund aap se patla aur chota hai mujhe itna bada aur mota lund lenay ki aadat nahi hai isi liye meri cheekh nikal gai. Babu Jee muskaray aur bolay, agar tumhe choot ko aadat nahi hai to main aaj tumhari choot ko chod chod kar aadi bana donga. Ye keh kar Babu Jee khub zoro se jhatkay maarnay lagay aur main mazay may cheekhnay lagi siskariyan lenay lagi. Babu Jee nay meri choot ko 25 minute tak choda aur meri choot 3 baar jhadi. Phir unho nay apna lund meri choot se nikaal liye aur mujhe nichay charon hath parion par khada hojanay kay liye kaha. Main bad se utar kay nichay apnay charon haath pairon par khadi hogai. Babu Jee nay ghotno kay bal beth kar apna lund meri gand may ghussaya aur phir mere upar jhuk kar apnay dono hatho se mere dono boobs ko pakad liya aur phir wo tezi se jhatko par jhatkay maarnay lagay. Dogi style may mujhe kafi takleef horahi thi is liye main buri tarha se cheekh rahi thi. Babu Jee khub zor-e-shor se jhatkay maar rahay thay. Main sisak kar boli, uuuuuuuufffffffffff aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh Babu Jee thoda aahistaaaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooeeeeeeeeeee mujhe bohat takleef horahi hai. Babu Jee nay apni raftaar aur badha di aur bolay, takleef horahi hai to bardasht karo meri Banno Rani. Main phir boli, uuuuuuuuufffffffffff Babu Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kahi meri cheekhain Shankar tak na pohanch jaain. Babu Jee hanse aur bolay, tumhari cheekhain Shankar suntan hai to sun le aakar wo bhi tujhe chod le ga jis se tujhe aur maaza aay ga kyun kay uska lund to mere lund se bhi lamba aur mota hai. Main phir boli, aap mujhe kisi kay kabil chorain gay to main kisi aur se chodwaon gi. Babu Jee nay kaha, ziyada natak na kar aur chup chaap chodwa warna may teri gand ko chod chod kar phaad donga. Main khamosh hogai aur Babu Jee meri khub chodai kartay rahay. Babu Jee nay meri 3 ghantay tak khub jam kar chodai kari. Main paseenay paseenay ho chuki thi. Itni shandaar chodai meri aaj tak mere Pati nay bhi nahi kari thi. Babu Jee bole, ab jaldi se kapday pehan kar bhaag ja aesa na ho kay teri Saasu maa aajay. Main uthi aur apnay kapday pehannay lagi. Kapday pehannay kay baad main muskarati hoi boli, Babu Jee aaj aapnay is tarha chod mujhe kar khareed liya hai. Meri itni zabardast chodai to aaj tak Rajesh ne bhi nahi kari hai. Babu Jee nay mujhe lipta kar mujhe kiss kiya aur bolay, meri jaan ye to sirf trailer tha puri film to main raat ko chalon ga. Main muskarai aur boli, Babu Jee aaj raat aap sirf Saasu Maa ko chodiye ga main zara raat may Shankar ko moka dena chahti hoon. Babu Jee herat se bole, ye Shankar kaha bich may aagaya. Main muskarai aur boli, wo aap hi to mujhe chodtay howe keh rahay thay kay uska lund aap se bhi lamba aur mota hai aur wo mujhe choday ga to mujhe aur maaza aay ga. Babu Jee nay kaha, mere kehnay ka ye matlab thodi tha kay tum us se chodwa lo. Main muskarai aur boli, Babu Jee jab aap mujhe chod saktay hain to Shankar kyun nahi chod sakta aur jab se main ne suna hai uska lund aap se bhi bada hai to ab main ziyada intezaar nahi kar sakti aur main aaj raat hi us se chodwaon gi. Wese aap ye baatain kay aap nay kab uska lund dekh liya. Babu Jee nay kaha, aik dafa main nay ghar kay pichay jaha uska quarter hai waha main nay usay moth maartay howay dekha tha. Wese tum usko razi kese karon gi. Main muskarai aur boli, Babu Jee ye mera kaam hai. main aap ko dawat de rahi hoon jis tarha main nay aap kay kamray may dekha tha aap ko Saasu Maa ko chodtay howe usi tarha aap aaj raat may Shankar kay quarter may jhank kar mujhe us se chodwata howa dekh liye ga. Meri baat sunkar Babu Jee muskaray aur bole, agar aesi baat hai to aaj raat main tumhari chodai zaroor dekhon ga. Main muskarai aur boli, aap paratna kijiye ga kay main Shankar se chodwanay may kaamyaab hojaon. Meri baat sunkar Babu Jee has diye aur bole, ha main paratna karaon ga kay tum Shankar kay alawa aur logo se bhi kaamyaabi se chodao. Main bhi has padi aur Babu Jee ko kiss aur boli, ab main chalti hoon dekhon to sahi mera yaar Shankar kiya kar raha hai main abhi se usay patana chahti hoon. Babu Jee kehne lage, main bhi chalta hoon dekhon to sahi kay tum Shankar ko kis tara line par lati ho. Main muskarai aur boli, ha aap bhi mere sath aaiye magar mujhe se dor rahiye ga Shankar ki nazar aap par na paday. Main baat par Babu Jee razi hogay. Babu Jee aur main kamray se bahar aagay aur Shankar ko dhoondne lage. Hum ne puray ghar may dekh liya par Shankar nahi tha phir hum ne socha wo apnay quarter may na ho isi liye hum dono ghar kay pichlay hissay may aagay. Ghar kay pichlay hissay may hum ne kafi sari paid poday lagaay howe thay aur hume dor se Shankar sird dhoti pehna howa podon ko pani deta howa nazar aagaya. Main uska mazboot jism dekhnay lagai aur boli, Babu Jee Shankar ka badan to kafi mazboot hai bilkul pathar ki tarha sakht lag raha hai. Babu jee bole, Shankar mazdoor aadmi hai din bhar mehnat karta hai isi liye is ka badan itna mazboot hai. main muskara kar boli phir to mujhe is se chodwa kar kafi maaza aay ga. Babu Jee bhi muskaray aur bole, wo to hai magar tum is ko pataao gi kese. Main ne dekha jaha Shankar podon ko pani de raha tha waha zameen par bhi kafi saara paani jama hogaya tha aur patti aur khaad se waha aik keechar si jama hogai thi. Mere zehan se aik baat aai aur main muskara kar Babu jee se boli, Babu Jee mere zehan may aik tarkeeb aai hai aap zara mere blouse ko utaar kar mere brazier ki dori dheli kar dain jis se wo aik mamooli se jhatkay may khol jaay. Babu Jee bole, tum kiya karna chahti ho. Main muskarai aur boli, aap khud dekh lee jiye ga. Babu Jee nay mere blouse utaara aur mere dori wale brazier ki dori dheeli kardi. Main ne kaha, ab mere blouse thoda sa phaad kar mujhe pehna dain. Babu Jee nay mera blouse jod par se phaad diya aur mujhe pehna diya. Mera blouse wese hi tight tha wo jod se phaata to aahista aahista aur phaatnay laga phir main nay apni saree bhi dheeli kardi takay zara se isharay may khol kar gir jaay. Ab main puri tarha tayyar thi phir main ne Babu Jee ko kiss kiya aur boli, ab aap chup kar apni Bahu ki acting dekhiye. Babu Jee aik paid kay pichay chup gay aur main Shankar ko awaz deti hoi uskay kareeb gai. Meri awaaz par jab Shankar nay palat kar dekha to main jaan booj kar keechad walay pani may gir gai jese mera pair phisla ho. Main chillaai to Shankar bhaag kar mere paas aaya main puri tarha se keechad may lat pat ho chuki thi aur girnay se mera phata howa blouse bhi aadhay se ziyada aur phaad gaya tha ji

s may se mera chota sa brazier aur mere brazier may se mere aadhay se ziyada boobs nazar aanay lagay thay aur meri saree bhi puri tarha se geeli hokar mere jism se chupak gai thi. Meri saree light pink patlay se kapday ki thi aur usme se meri puri tangain nazar aanay lagin. Shankar mere paas aakar beth gaya aur bola, kiya howa Mem Sahib. Main nay mehsoos kiya kay dhoti may uska lund mere jism ko dekh kar khada honay laga hai. main dard bharay lehjay may boli, aaaahhhhhhh shayad paon mudnay se moch aagai hai please mujhe uthao. Shankar nay mujhe sahara dekar uthaya to main phir girnay lagi Shankar mujhe girnay se bachanay laga to uska hath mere boobs par aagay aur mere boobs uskay hath kay zor se dab gay. Boobs dabay to baki bacha howa blouse bhi bilkul phaat kar jhoolnay laga. Ab mera pura brazier Shankar ko saaf nazar aaraha tha aur brazier geela honay ki waja se mere nipple bhi saaf numaya ho chukay thay. Shankar ka lund meri is halat par aur khada ho chukka tha ab uska laur aesa lag raha tha kay jese uski dhoti may koi pipe fit kiya howa ho. main ne girnay se bachnay kay liye Shankar kay badan ko pakadnay lagi to mere hath may uski dhoti aagai aur mere khichnay se uski dhoti khol kar nichay gir gai. Ab Shankar pura nanga tha. Uska lund jo pura khada ho chukka tha aazaad hotay hi wo aik jhatka kha kar puri tarha khada hogaya. Mera mou uski tangon ki taraf tha isliye uska lund mere mou se takranay laga. Dhoti kholi to Shankar jo mujhe sambhala howa tha usne aik dam se mujhe mujhe chor diya. Shankar kay chornay se may nichay giri to uska lund jo mere honto se touch horaha tha aik dam se uska lund 7 inch tak mere mou may ghuss gaya. Mujhe aik dam se phanda lag gaya aur main khaastay howay nichay gir gai. Shankar kay mou se aik siskari nikal gai kyun kay jab may nichay giri to uska lund jo aadhay se ziyada mere mou may tha pud gaya. Main ne dekha kay Shankar ka lund 11 inch lamba aur 4 inch mota tha aur ab uska lund full masti may jhatkay khanay laga tha aur wo aik dam khowar ho chukka tha. Shankar ka lund dekh kar meri aankhon may chamak aagai thi. Mere aik dam se nichay girnay se mera dori wala brazier aik dam se khol gaya. Main bhi puri tarha se khowaar ho chuki thi is liye jab mera brazier khol kay gira to mere baday baday boobs aik dam se uchal kar tan gay. Shankar ne jo ghabra kar apni dhoti uthani chahi to uskay hath may meri saree aagai. Usne jo apni dhoti samajh kar meri saree khinchi to meri saree jo pehle se dheeli thi utar kar Shankar kay hatho may aagai. Ab main sirf chotay se underwear may thi aur wo bhi puri bheeg chuki thi aur meri underwear may se meri choot kay lab nazar aarahay thay. Shankar aur Ghabra gaya aur bola, maaf kar do Mem Sahib phir usne apni geeli dhoti utha kar baandhi jis se uska khada howa lund nahi chup saka. Main boli, uf mujhe uthao Shankar mere paon may kafi dard ho raha hai aur tum ne mujhe uthane kay bajaay mujhe nanga kar diya hai. Shankar bola, Mem Sahib hamari galti nahi hai hum to khud nangay hogay thay. Phir Shankar ne meri saree uthaai aur mujhe pehnanay laga to main boli, ab tum mujhe ye gandi keechar se bhari hoi saree pehnao gay. Shankar bola, Mem Sahib aap ka badan bhi to chupana hai. main boli, tum mera pura badan to dekh hi chukay ho chalo aese hi uthao. Shankar mujhe uthanay kay liye jhuka to uski dhoti jo pani se geeli hokar bhari hogai thi wo phir khul kar gir gai. Shankar apni dhoti uthanay laga to main boli, rehnay do tumhari dhoti bhi gandi hogai tum mujhe aese hi uthao. Shankar mujhe utanay kay liye jhuka to main khud bhi thoda sa uth chuki thi. Shankar kay jhukne se uska lund phir mere mou se takraya. Main muskara kar boli, Shankar tum ye apna Ghanday jesa lund to hatao ye baar baat mere mou se ghusne ki koshish kar raha hai. mere muskaranay se Shankar ki himmat badhi aur wo bola, Mem Sahib ab Bhagwaan ne itna bada diya hai to main kiya kar sakta hoon. Main boli, acha ab mujhe uthaao mere pair may bohat dard hai. Shankar bola, Mem Sahib aap ki chaddi bhi gandi hogai hai. main muskarai aur boli, ha is ko utaar do tum ne mera pura jism to dekh hi liya hai to is ko bhi dekh lo. Shankar nay meri underwear ki dori kholi aur usay bhi utaar kar phenk diya. Phir Shankar ne mujhe apni god may utha liya. main nay kaha, mujhe mere kamray may le chaalo. Shankar jab mujhe goud may utha kar chal raha tha to uska lund meri peeth se rigad kha raha tha jis se mujhe bohat maaza aaraha tha. Shankar ko bhi maaza aaraha tha isi liye uska lund baar baar jhatkay kha kar meri peeth se lag raha tha. Shankar mujhe mere kamray may laya aur mujhe bad par litanay laga to main boli, uf kiya mujhe bad par lita kar bad ko bhi ganda karo gay mujhe washroom may le kar chalo. Shankar mujhe isi tarha goud may uthaay howe washroom may aagaya. Main nay kaha, mujhe shower kay nichay khada kardo. Shankar nay mujhe shower kay nichay khada kardiya. Main nay pani khol diya aur pani ki tez phowar mujh par girnay lagi. Main ne Shankar ka hath pakad kar apni taraf kheencha aur boli, tumhari waja se main keechar may giri thi ab tum hi mujhe nehlaao gay. Aandhay ko kiya chahiye 2 aankhain. Meri offer par Shankar khush hogaya. Main ne sabun utha kar Shankar ko diya aur Shankar maazay may mere puray badan par sabun malnay laga. Mujhe maaza aaraha tha phir main boli, tum meri waja se ganday howe ho is liye tumhe main nehlaon gi. Phir main ne bhi sabun utha liya aur Shankar kay badan par malne lagi. Sabun malnay kay doraan Shankar ka lund baar baar meri choot may ghussne ki koshish kar raha tha. Main muskara kar uska lund pakad liya aur kehne lagi, Shankar tumhara ye badtameez baccha baar baar mujhe tang kar raha hai. Shankar mujhe lipta kar bola, Mem Sahib aap hi is bacchay ko tameez sheekha dain. Main muskara kar boli, main abhi is badtameez bacchay ka elaaj karti hoon. Ye keh kar main ghutno kay bal beth gai phir main nay baday pyaar se khub achi tarha Shankar kay lund par sabun lagaya aur achi tarha usay rigadnay lagi. Phir may ne usay pani se dhoya to uska lund chandi ki tarha chamaknay laga. Mujhe Shankar ka lund itna pyaara laga kay main apnay aap ko usay mou may lenay se rok nahi paai. Ab main khub maazay se Shankar ka lund choos rahi thi. Shankar khuwari ki had tak pagal ho chukka tha aur phir usne mera sar pakda aur tezi se apnay lund ko mere mou may andar bahar karnay laga. Shankar ka lund mere halaq se bhi nichay jaraha tha. Shankar 15 minute tak apna lund mere mou may andar bahar karta raha phir usne apna lund bahar nikala. Wo ab farig honay wala tha usne apnay lund ko mere mou kay samnay rakh kar apnay mani ki pichkari mere mou par maari. Main hansi aur boli, phir badtamizi tum apnay lund ki mani zaya kyun kar rahay ho ye to main peeyu gi. Ye keh kar main nay jaldi se uska lund pakda aur apnay mou may daal liya. Shankar kay lund se puray 1 minute tak mani nikalti rahi aur mera pura mou mani se bhar gaya. Main ne sari mani pee kar uska lund achi tarha chaat chaat kar saaf kiya aur phir may khadi hogai. Shankar ne mere dono boobs ko pakad kar kas kar daba diya jis se meri meri siskari nikal gai. Shankar ne mujhe diwaar se laga diya aur betahasha mujhe kiss karnay laga. Main ne bhi usay lipta liya aur uskay kiss ka sath denay lagi. Ab Shankar ka lund dubara se khada honay laga aur phir wo puri tarha se khada hokar meri choot may chubhnay laga. Main kehne lagi, Shankar pyaare tumhara badtameez baccha phir badtameezi karnay laga hai. Shankar bolne laga, Mem Sahib ab mere bacchay ko bhok lagi hai aur ye khana maang raha hai. main siskari le kar boli, uuuuffffffffffffffff pyaare to isay khana khilao na tumhe roka kis ne hai. Shankar nay apnay hath se apnay lund ko pakad kar meri choot kay sorakh par rakha aur aik jhatka maara. Uska lund 2 inch tak meri choot may ghuss gaya. Meri aik siskari nikal gai. Shankar ne phir dhakka maara to uska lund meri choot ko cheerta howa 5 inch tak ghuss gaya. Ab kay baar mere mou se cheekh nikal gai kyun kay uska lund bohat mota tha aur meri choot phaati jarahi thi. Usne aik jhatka aur maara to ab uska lund 8 inch tak meri choot may chaala gaya. Meri cheekh kar boli, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh kyun tadpa rahay ho pyaare. Ab Shankar ne mujhe kamar se pakad kar aik bohat tez jhatka maara jis se mer

e halaq se bohat tez cheekh nikli aur Shankar ka lund pura ka pura meri choot may jad tak ghuss gaya. Shankar ne apna lund topi tak meri choot se nikala aur phir usne apni puri taqat se jhatka maar kar apna 11 inch lamba lund aik hi jhatkay main meri choot may utaar diya. Main buri tarha se cheekhi aur main nay Shankar ko buri tarha se jakad liya. dard ki waja se meri aankhon may aansu aagay thay. Main Shankar kay kaan may boli, Shankar pyaare mujhe kamray may le chalo. Shankar nay usi tarha mujhe goud may utha liya aur apnay lund ko meri choot se nikalay bagair wo mujhe le kar kamray may aagaya. Usne lakar mujhe bad par letaya aur khud mere upar letnay laga to main boli, pyaare pehle mera aur apna badan to khusk kar lo. Shankar nay apna lund meri choot se aik dam se nikaal liya to meri choot se aesi aawaaz nikli jese kisi bottle ka dhakkan khol diya gaya ho. Main mou se phir siskari nikal gai. Shankar washroom jakar aik toliya utha laya phir usne pehle mere bandan ko khusk kiya phir usne apnay badan ko khusk kiya. Toliya rakh kar wo phir mere upar letnay laga to main boli, pyaare pehle meri tang par cream se malish kardo takay iska dard khatam hojay warna dard aur badh jaay ga. Shankar nay meri dressing table par rakha howa baam uthaya aur usne meri tang ki malish kardi. Shankar meri tang ki malish karta howa aahista aahista upar aanay laga yaha tak kay uska hath meri choot se takranay laga. Shankar bola, Mem Sahib main yaha bhi malish kardon. Main muskarai aur boli, agar tumhe acha lagay to kardo magar main chahti hoon kay tum yaha apni zubaan se malish karo. Shankar meri baat se khush hogaya aur usne kafi saara baam meri choot kay andar tak lagaya aur phir jhuk kar apni zabaan meri choot par phernay laga. Main bohat khuwaar hogai thi is liye meri choot nay pani chor diya aur main apnay aap ko lazzat kay aasmano par mehsoos karnay lagi. Shankar uth gaya phir usne kafi saara baam apnay lund par lagaya aur phir usne meri dono tangain utha li. Main kehnay lagi, tum kiya kar rahay ho. Shankar muskaraya aur bola, Mem Sahib ab main apnay lund se aap ki choot ki malish karon ga. Main boli, nahi tum ab jaao mera dard thek hogaya hai ab mujhe aur malish nahi karwani hai. Shankar mere upar jhukta howa bola, Mem Shahib aik baar karwa lain aap ko bohat maaza aay ga phir aap roz khud malish karwanay kay liye mujhe kahain gi. Main ghussay se boli, mujhe apni choot ki malish tumhare lund se nahi karwani meri choot kay liye mere Pati ka lund kafi hai. Shankar mere aik dam se badle howe lehjay par pehle to heeran howa phir muskaraya aur bola, Mem Sahib mazaak na karain aap kay Pati to 6 mahinay kay liye gay howay hain jab tak aap apnay is khadim ko moka dain. Main ne aik laat Shankar kay sinay par mari jis se wo bad kay nichay ja gira. Main phir ghussay se boli, tum khadim ho khadim hi raho main is ghar ki maalkan hoon aur tum nokar ho tum apni okaat nahi bholo ab yaha se jaao aur apna kaam karo aainda mere kamray may kadam rakhnay ki himmat nahi karna. Shankar uth kar khada hogaya aur bola, Mem sahib okaat ki baat na karain hamari bhi izzat hai. main ghussay si khadi hogi aur boli, haraam zaday izzat ki baat kar raha hai 2 takay kay nokar agar main ne tujhe is ghar se nikalwa diya to tu bhoka maar jaay ga. Mere Pati ghar par nahi hain to tu mujhe chodnay ki koshish kar raha tha. Meri baat par ab Shankar ko bhi ghussa aagaya aur wo bola, Sali randi ki olaad abhi to tu khud mere sath mastiyan kar rahi thi ab sati sawatri ban rahi hai. main ghussay se boli, tu yaha se jaraha hai ya main phone kar kay police ko bola kar tujhe andar karwa du. Shankar ghussay se mujhe dekhta raha aur ye keh kar chala gaya. Abhi to main jaraha hoon par dekhna main tera kiya haal karta hoon. Abhi Shankar ko gay howay thodi hi dair hoi thi kay kamray ka darwaza khola aur mere Sasur Jee kamray may aagay. Wo bilkul nangay thay aur unka lund puri tarha se akda howa tha. Main Babu Jee ko dekh kar muskarai aur aagay badh kar unse lipat gai. Babu Jee mujhe lekar bistar par let gay aur bole, itna acha scean chal raha tha tumhe ye aik dam se kiya howa. Main hansi aur boli, kyun Sasur Jee aap ko maaza nahi aaya. Babu Jee nay mere boobs ko daba kar kaha, maaza to bohat aaya dekho mera lund kese akda howa hai. main muskara kar boli, pehle aap main lund ko beetha dain. Baatain baad main karain gay kyun kay meri choot may bhi aag lagi hoi hai. Babu Jee nay letay letay hi apna lund meri choot kay soraakh may fit kiya aur aik zordaar jhatka maara. Pehli hi jhatkay may unka lund jad tak meri choot may ghuss gaya. Main ne aik tez siskari lekar kar kaha, uuuuuuuuuuuuuuufffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff bohat zabardast Sasur Jee ab aese hi zordaar jhatkay maar kar apni Bahu ko chodaiye. Babu Jee ne khub tez tez jhatko se mujhe chodna shuru kar diya aur main bhi khub maazay may apni choot uchaal uchaal kar unkay jhatko ka jawaab dene lagi. Babu Jee ne meri aadhay ghantay tak khub jam kar chodai kari aur phir unho nay apnay lund ki mani mere mou kay andar nikaal di. Farig hojay kay baad wo phir mujh se lipat kar let gay. Aur bolay, ab batao kay tum ne bicharay Shankar par zulum kyun kiya wo pyaasa hi wapis chala gaya tum ne aik baar to us se chodwa lena tha aur tum ne us par bila waja ghussa utaar diya. Main muskarai aur boli, ha bicharay kay sath galat hogaya hai magar ye mere mansoobay may shamil tha. Babu Jee ne kaha, aur tumhara mansooba kiya tha. Main muskarai aur boli, main Shankar ko ghussa is liye dilaya tha kay wo mera Rape kar de magar bichara shareef aadmi pyaasa hi chala gaya. Babu Jee ne kaha. Ab tumhara kiya irada hai. main muskarai aur boli, mera irada hai kay main ab raat may Shankar kay quarter may jaon gi wo raat tak khub khuwaar ho chukka hoga aur ghussay may bhi hoga. Aap dekhiye ga kay wo khuwaari aur ghussay may meri kesi kas kar chodai karay ga. Mera ye iraada hai kay main raat may usay aur ghussa dilaon takay wo ghussay may pagal hokar meri khub jam kar chodai karay aur main maazay se pagal hojaon. Babu Jee ne mere boobs ko khub kas kar dabaya aur bole, Sali tu to bohat khatarnaak ladki hai. main hansi aur boli, Sasur Jee khatarnaak nahi zabardast actor kahiye. Ab aap raat may meri acting dekhiye ga. Babu Jee nay kaha, ha main raat may main tumhari acting zaroor dekhon ga aur tum mere sath hi chalna takay main pura drama dekh sakon. Main boli, Sasur Jee jab aap Maa Jee ko chod kar farig hongay to kahi itni dair may Shankar so na jaay. Babu Jee nay kaha, main teri Saas ko to roz chodta hoon magar main ye scean nahi chor sakta main ye drama pura dekhna chahta hoon is liye aaj main teri Saas ko nahi chodonga. Main boli, magar aap Saasu Maa se kiya kahin gay. Babu Jee ne phir mere boobs ko zor se dabaya aur kehne lagay. Main kuch nahi kahon ga. Balkay tum uskay doodh may neend ki dawa milaon gi takay wo subah tak bekhabar soti rahay aur main sakoon se apni Bahu Rani kay chodnay ka drama dekh sakon. Main muskarai aur boli, Babu Jee aap bhi kuch kaam chaalak nahi hain. Babu Jee bhi muskaranay lagay. Unka lund phir se akad gaya tha magar ab Maa Jee kay bhi aanay ka waqt hogaya tha isliye unho nay mujhe aur nahi choda. Raat khanay kay baad main ne Maa Jee kay doodh may behoshi ki dawa mila di. Babu Jee raat 10 baje hi Maa Jee kay sath kamray may chalay jaya kartay thay. Raat 10:15 par mere kamray kay darwaze par dastak hoi aur phir darwaza khola aur Babu Jee kamray may aagay. Wo is waqt dhoti aur banyan may thay. Main kehnay lagi, Maa Jee ka kiya haal hai. Babu Jee nay agay badh kar mujhe lipta kar kiss kiya aur bole, teri Saas ghaday baich kar so rahi hai. main muskarai aur boli, tu phir chala jaay. Babu Jee bole, ha chalo magar kiya tum is hulye may jaao gi. Main muskarai aur boli, nahi Babu Jee phir main nay unse alag hokar apnay saaray kapday utaar diye aur sirf aik choti si nighty pehan lee. Meri nighty itni choti thi kay us se mere kholay hi chup rahay thay baki meri puri tangain nangi thi. Main nay nighty ki dori bhi dheeli bandhi thi jis ki waja se mera pait aur boobs bhi kafi numaya ho rahay thay. Main muskara kar Babu Jee se boli, aap ki Bahu kesi lag rahi hai. Babu Jee nay mujhe dekh kar kaha mujhe aaj pata chala hai kay meri Bahu kitni sexy hai tum bohat sexy lag
rahi ho mera to dil ye keh raha hai kay Shankar kay bajaay main tumhara Rape kardon. Main muskarai aur boli, Babu Jee aaj bicharay Shankar ka haq hai main ne din may wese hi uskay sath bohat na insaafi kardi thi ab may usko uska pura haq dena chahti hoon. Babu Jee nay kaha, array meri Banno Rani to main tumhe kab rok raha hoon magar apnay lund ka kiya karon. Main muskarai aur boli, apnay lund ko subah tak samjhain subah main aap kay lund ko bhi pura moka dongi apni choot ko chodnay ka. Phir hum dono kamray se bahar aagay. Jab hum ghar kay pichay banay howay Shankar kay quarter ki aay to kholi hoi khidki may se roshni bahar aarahi thi. Hum dono nay khidki se andar jhanka to andar Shankar bistar par nanga leta howa tha uska lund aik dam tana howa tha. Usne apnay lund par mera brazier jo main shaam may podon kay paas nahi may hi chor aai thi usne wo brazier apnay lund kay gird lapeta howa tha aur wo mere brazier ko tezi se apnay lund par rigadta howa moth maar raha tha. Shankar ki aankhain band thi aur wo moth maartay howe badbada raha tha. Neha uuuuuuuuuuffffffffffffff aaaaaaaahhhhh Nehaaaaaaaa main tujhe chod doooooooooonnnnnnngaaaaaaa main teri gand phaaaad doooongggggaaaaa aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Babu Jee ne mujh se kaha, Bahu Rani ye to tumhare liye pagal horaha hai ab andar jaao aur iski pyaas bhojao. Main muskarati hoi darwaze par aagai jab kay Babu Jee khidi may hi khaday chup kar andar dekhnay lagay. Main ne darwaze par haath rakha to wo andar se band nahi tha. Main ne aik dam se hi pura darwaza khol diya. Shankar jo aankhain band kiye moth maar raha tha usne aik dam se aankhain khol di aur phir wo mujhe darwaze par dekh kar heraan reh gaya. Main boli, kyun haraamzaday tu mujhe hi yaad kar raha tha naa. Shankar bistar se uth kar khada hogaya aur bola, tu kyun aai hai yaha kiya teri mat mari gai hai jo yaha chali aai. Main boli, main apna ye brazier lenay aai hu jise tu apna samajh kar baday aaram se moth maar raha hai chal ye mujhe de. Shankar mera brazier hath may pakad kar muskaraya aur bola, jis tarha tera ye brazier mere lund se chupka howa tha usi tarha main teri choot par apna lund chupka donga. Main usay ghussa dilati hoi boli, tujh may itni himmat hi nahi hai Shankar kay tu mujhe chod sakay. Tu to police kay naam se hi dum daba kar bhaag gaya tha. Meri baat se Shankar ka mou ghussay se laal hogaya. Shankar ne mera brazier bistar par phenk diya aur bola, himmat hai to aakar utha le apna brazier. Main boli, ha aarahi hoon main teri tarha buzdil nahi hoon. Ye keh kar main andar aagai. Main ne bistar kay paas aakar jese hi jhuk kar apna brazier uthanay lagi mujhe pichay se Shankar ne pakad liya. main cheekh kar boli, mujhe chor kaminay. Shankar ne haath se meri nighty ki dori khol di aur mujhe chor kar meri nighty kheench li. Meri nighty utar kar Shankar kay hatho may aagai aur main bhi Shankar ki tarha bilkul nangi hogi. Main bach kar bhaagnay lagi to Shankar ne mujhe pakad kar bistar par phenk diya aur khud mujhe par chadh kar let gaya. Shankar muskarata howa bola, ab kaha jaay gi haramzadi ab bol to kiya kar sakti hai. main apnay aap ko chorati hoi boli, mujhe janay de kuttay warna main police bola longi. Shankar hansa aur bola, yaha kese bolay gi police, aaj main tera wo haal karonga kay tu kuch bolnay kay kabil nahi rahay gi. Sali bohat bolti hai aaj main tujhe randi bana kar choronga. Main phir khud ko choranay lagi to Shankar ne aik kas kar thappad mere chehre par maara. Shankar kay thappad se mera mou ghoom gaya aur meri aankho kay saamnay andhera chaah gaya. Main aik dam chup hogai thi. Shankar hansa aur bola, bas aik hi thappad nay tere saray kas bal nikaal diye. Phir Shankar nay bistar kay nichay haath daal kar aik rassi nikaal li. Wo rassi se mere haath bandhnay laga to main phir machalti hoi boli, tum ye mere haath kyun band rahay ho. Shankar ne aik thappad mere chehre par maara aur bola, chup chaap padi reh warna main thappad maar maar kar tera mou teda kar donga. 2 thappado ne hi mere saray kas bal nikaal diye thay is liye main ne sharafat se apnay haath pair bandhwa liye. Shankar nay mere charon haath pairon ko phela kar bistar kay charon kono se baadh diya tha. Ab main zara sib hi nahi hil sakti thi. Shankar mujh par jhukta howa bola, kyun randi ki bacchi ab kiya kahegi tu. Acha hai to aagai warna 12 baje kay baad main tere kamray may aata. Chalo acha hai yaha se teri cheenkhin teri Saas Sasur tak nahi jain gi aur main aaram se apna kaam karon ga. Phir usne apna lund mere mou se lagaya aur bola, chal isi wese hi choos jese tu ne shaam may isi choosa tha. Main ne apna mou dosri taraf phera to Shankar ko ghussa aagaya aur bola, tu aese nahi manay gi. Ye keh kar usne mera gala daba diya. Meri aankhain bahar aagai aur main bohat muskhil se boli, please mera gala choro main choos rahi hoon tumhara lund. Shankar ne mera gala chora to main ne apna mou khol diya. Shankar hansa aur bola, shabash meri Rani. Ye keh kar usne apna lund mere mou may ghussa diya jise main maazay maazay se choosnay lagi. Kafi dair tak Shankar apna lund mujhe choswata raha phir usne apna lund mere mou se nikaal liya aur phir wo meri tangon ki taraf aagaya. Usne 2 takiye utha kar mere kholo kay nichay rakhay jis se meri choot boland hogai. Meri tangain pehle hi cheeri hoi thi is liye choot upar uthnay se meri choot kay lab puray khol gaay. Shankar apna lund meri choot may fit kar kay mere upar let gaya aur phir usne aik tez jhatka maara to phele hi jhatkay main uska lund meri choot ko phaadta howa jad tak andar ghuss gaya. Dard kay maaray meri cheekh nikal gai. Shankar hansa aur bola, abhi to teri aur cheekain niklain gi. Ye keh kar us nay apna lund bahar nikal kar phir zor se andar daala. Main phir cheekhi aur phir Shankar kutto ki tarha jhatko par jhatkay maarnay laga. Mujhe bohat takleef horahi thi aur main buri tarha se cheekh rahi thi. Meri cheekho par Shankar bohat khush horaha tha. Aur wo jhatkay maartay howay bola, aur cheekh aur zor se cheekh yaha teri cheekhain sunkar koi nahi aay ga le aur le aur le. Shankar apni puri taqat se mujhe chod raha tha. Shankar ka lund bilkul pathar ki tarha sakht tha aur wo meri choot ki diwaaron ko buri tarha se cheelta howa andar bahar horaha tha. Main cheekhti hoi boli, uuuuuufffffffff Shankar mujhe aahista chodo tumhara lund bohat mota aur sakht hai please mujhe bohat dard ho raha hai please mujh par reham karo. Shankar ne apnay jhatko ki raftaar aur badha di aur bola, Sali randi ki bacchi to reham kiye janay kay kabil nahi hai main aaj tera wo haal karon ga kay tu mere naam se hi daray gi. Shankar jo jhatkay maartay howe pura aik ghanta hogaya tha. Aur wo rukay bagair jhatkay maaray jaraha tha. Main heraan thi kay wo ab tak farig kyun nahi howa jab kay main 1 ghantay main 6 baar jhad chuki thi. Main dard kay maaray boli, ufffffffffff Shankar tum mujhe kab tak chodo gay. Shankar hansa aur bola, haramzadi mujhe aaj tujhe sabak seekhana hai is liye main nay aik dawa khai hai aur ab main 4 ghantay se pehle nahi farig honga. Main Shankar ki baat sunkar khush hogai kyun kay main to khud hi yahi chahti thi kay Shankar bilkul kutto ki tarha choday. Mujhe dard to horaha tha magar mujhe is dard se ziyada maaza aaraha tha. Main ne apni khushi Shankar par zahir nahi honay di kyun may chahti thi kay wo ghussay ki halat may mujhe kutto ki tarha chodtay rahay. 1 ghanta aur meri choot ki judai karnay baad Shankar mere upar se hat gaya aur usne meri dono tangain khol dee. Phir usne meri dono tangon ko utha kar mere kandho se laga diya. Phir usne mere upar let kar apna lund meri gand kay sorakh par rakha. Meri gand ka sorakh meri choot se bohat chota tha is liye main sochnay lagi kay ab meri gand ka kiya haal hota hai. Shankar ne aik jhatka maara to uska lund meri gand may 4 inch tak andar ghuss gaya. Main dard kay maaray buri tarha se cheekhi aur buri tarha se tadpi. Aik to Shankar ne mujhe puri gathdi ki tarha litaya howa tha uspar wo khud mere upar leta howa tha main uskay bojh se bori tarha dabi hoi thi isliye mere tadapi ka koi faida nahi howa aur main sirf jhir jhiri hi le saki. Shankar nay phir aik tez jhatka maara to uska lund meri gand may 8 inch andar ghuss gaya. Main phir cheekhi magar Shankar ne meri cheekhna

y ki parwah na kartay howay aik aur jhatka maara ab uska lund meri gand ko phaadta howa jad tak andar ghuss gaya. Main buri tarha se chilla rahi thi aur ab Shankar khub zor zor se jhatkay maar raha tha. Wo apna lund topi tak bahar nikaalta aur phir wo aik hi jhatkay may jad tak apna lund meri gand may ghussa deta. Is tarha meri gand par buri tarha se dabao pad raha tha jis se meri gand buri tarha se dard kar rahi thi. Shankar bohat tez jhatko se mujhe chod raha tha. Main Shankar ki mardangi par buri tarha se fida ho chuki thi aur mujhe Shankar par bohat pyaar aaraha tha. Jis tarha main ne chaha tha Shankar meri umeed se badh kar mujhe chod raha tha. Mujhe itna maaza aaraha tha aur main soch rahi thi kay meri ye chodai isi tarha chalti rahay aur main Shankar se chodwa chodwa kar maazay leti rahon. Shankar ne 2 hi ghantay meri gand maari phir usne apna lund meri gand se nikaal kar wapis meri choot maay daal diya aur mujhe tezi se chodnay laga. 20 minute tezi se jhatkay maarnay kay baad Shankar ne apna lund meri choot se nikala aur la kar mere mou se laga diya. Main samajh gai kay ab wo farig honay wala hai is liye main ne apna mou khol diya. Shankar ne apna lund jad tak mere mou may ghussa diya aur phir uskay lund se tez mani ki bochaad nikli jo seedhay mere pait may girnay lagi. Sari mani mere pait may chornay kay baad jab usne apna lund mere mou se nikala to wo mani se buri tarha se kharab horaha tha. Main ne dobara uska lund choosnay kay liye apna sar uthaya to Shankar nay phir apna lund mere mou may ghussa diya. Main ne Shankar ka lund chaat chaat kar achi tarha se saaf kar diya. Aur phir wo mere barabar may hi let gaya. Thodi dair letnay kay baad usne mere haath bhi khol diye aur bola, jaao ab tum ja sakti ho aur police ko bolana hai to bula lo Shankar police se nahi darta. Shankar uth kar aik taraf padi hoi apni dhoti utha kar bandhnay laga to main uthi aur main ne us se dhoti cheen kar phenk di aur Shankar se lipat kar main ne uskay chehre par boso ki barish kardi. Shankar mere radday amal se heraan horaha tha. Main usay kiss karti hoi boli, pyaare heraan kyun ho rahay ho. Tum nay wohi kiya jesa main ne chaha tha meri jaan main ne hi tumhe ghuss dilaya tha takay tum mujhe ghussay may aakar kutto ki tarha chodo. Mere pyaare main kisi police wolice ko nahi bola rahi main to khud tumse chodwanay kay liye mari jarahi thi. Shankar bola, wo jo tum ne mujhe shaam may galiyan baki thi dhamkiyan di thi wo kiya tha. Main muskarai aur boli, wo sab drama tha tumhe ghuss dilanay kay liye aur dekho tum ne ghussay may aakar meri kesi shandar chodai kari hai. Shankar khushi se bola, ya aap mujhe nokri se nahi nikalwain gi. Main nay usay pyaar se chimtaya aur boli nahi buddho balkay main to roz tumse chodwaon gi. Shankar muskaraya aur bola, Mem Sahib aap mujhe pehli bata deti main ne to apna sara saman bandh liya tha. Main ne to socha tha kay jab aap so jain gi to main aap kay kamray may ghuss kar zabardasti aap ko chodonga aur raato raat yaha se faraar hojaon ga takay police mujhe pakad na sakay. Main hansi aur boli, tum bilkul buddho ho agar main tumhe bata deti to tum mujhe is tarha kese chodtay. Wo zalim kiya chodai kari hai to nay ab tak meri choot aur gand dard kar rahi hai. Shankar bola, Mem Sahib agar ziyada dard hai to main maafi mangta hoon aap kahen to main dawa laga du. Main muskara kar boli, mujhe apni choot aur gand kay dard ki parwah nahi albatta tum ne jo 2 thappad mujhe maaray thay uska dard abhi tak hai. Shankar bola, Mem Sahib mujhe maaf kar dain main us waqt ghussay may tha. Main muskarai aur boli, maaf kiya pyaare magar tum ne ye Mem Sahib Mem Sahib kiya shuru kar diya hai. is waqt main Rakhail hoon tumhari Mem Sahib auro kay samnay hoon abhi tum mere malik ho aur main tumhari nokrani. Shankar ne mujhe apnay sinay se beench liya aur bola, tum nokrani nahi balkay mere dil ki Raani ho. Main muskarai aur boli, mere Raaja tumhari ye Raani tumhare lund ki ghulaam ho chukki hai. tum ne jo meri itni zabardast chodai kari hai itni zabardast chodai to meri aaj tak mere Pati nay bhi nahi kari aur ab main chahti hoon kay tum dobara se meri wesi hi chodai karo. Shankar ka lund ab phir akad chukka tha aur wo meri choot may chubhnay laga tha. Main ne muskara kar uska lund pakad liya aur boli, dekho pyaare tumhara lund meri choot main ghussnay ki koshish kar raha hai tum zara iski madad to karo. Shankar bhi hansa aur bola, abhi lo meri jaan dekhna meri kese tumhari shandaar chodai karta hoon. Main muskarai aur boli, pyaare pehli chodai ki tarha aik hi style may hi nahi chodtay rehna tum ne pehli baari may to tum ne mera kabada kar diya tha aik hi style may chod chod kar. Shankar hansa aur bola, ab aesa nahi hoga jaan-e-man. Shankar aik kursi par beth gaya aur phir main uska lund apni choot may lekar apni dono tangain pehla kar uskay upar beth gai. Ab Shankar nichay se khub jhatkay maarnay laga. Shankar kay zordaar jhatko se mere boobs buri tarha se uchal rahay thay aur mujhe bohat maaza aaraha tha. Shankar ne mere uchaltay howe dono boobs ko pakad liya aur unhe dabata howa khub kas kas kar jhatkay maarnay laga. 25 minute tak usne mujhe isi tarha choda phir usne mujhe sofe par ulta lita diya aur khud wo apna lund meri gand may daal kar mere upar let gaya aur tez tez jhatko se meri gand maarnay laga. Shankar kay puray jism ka dabaao mere upar padh raha tha aur mujhe is tarha bohat maaza aaraha tha. Aadhay tak meri is position may gand maarnay kay baad Shankar nay mujhe diwaar se laga kar khada kar diya phir usne apna lund meri choot may daala aur mujhe bikul diwaar se mila kar khub meri choot ko chodna shuru kar diya. 20 minute meri choot chodne kay baad usne mujhe ghoma kar diwaar se lagaya aur phir usne pichay se apna lund meri gand may ghussa diya aur wo phir nichay jhuk jhuk kar jhatko kay sath meri gand maarnay laga. Shankar kay zordaar jhatko se mere boobs diwaar se rigad kha rahay thay aur is tarha mujhe aik alag maaza milne laga. Mere kehne par Shankar ne mujhe isi tarha se puray 1 ghantay tak choda. Phir usne mujhe dogi style may chodna shuru kar diya. Main apnay charon hath pairon par nichay khadi thi aur Shankar mere upar sawaar howa buri tarha se meri choot ko chod raha tha aadhay ghantay tak meri choot chodnay kay baad Shankar ne isi position may rehtay howe apna lund meri choot se nikaal kar meri gand may ghussa diya aur kutto ki tarha meri gand maarnay laga. Dogi style may mujhe sab se ziyada maaza aata tha is liye main ne Shankar se kaha, pyaare jab tak tum farig nahi hojatay mujhe is position may chodtay raho. Shankar Dogi style may hi baar baar apna kabhi choot se chodta kabhi gand se. main apnay aap ko sathwain aasman par mehsoos kar rahi thi. Mujhe Shankar se chodwatay howe kitna waqt hogaya tha mujhe is ko koi andaza nahi tha aur na hi mujhe is ki fikar thi. Kafi dair tak mujhe chodnay kay baad Shankar bola, Neha Darling main ab farig honay wala hoon main apni mani tumhari choot may nikaal doon. Main boli, nahi pyaare main tumhari mani ko peena chahti hoon tum mere mou may farig hona. Shankar ne apna lund meri choot se nikaala aur aur apna lund tezi se masalta howa mere mou ki taraf aagaya. Main ne foran apna mou khol diya. Is se pehle Shankar apna lund mere mou may ghussata uskay lund ne mani ki dhaar nikal kar mere mou se takrai aur mera pura mou mani se kharab hogaya. Main ne jaldi se uska lund pakad kar apnay mou may ghussa liya aur uska lund choosnay lagi. Shankar ki mani aik tez dhaar ki sorat may mere halaq se nichay utarnay lagi. Saari mani ko pee lenay kay baad main ne uska lund chaat kar saaf kiya aur phir main ne Shankar ki dhoti utha kar us se apna mou saaf kiya. Main buri tarha se thak chuki thi is liye main nichay hi let gai. Main ne ghadi ki taraf dekha to waha subah kay 6:30 horahay thay. Shankr aakar mere sath let gaya aur mujhe lipta kar bola, kaho meri Raani maaza aaya ya nahi. Main ne usay choom liya aur boli, pyaare maaza to itna aaya hai kay main bata nahi sakti main to chah rahi thi kay meri ye chodai kabhi khatam na ho aur tum sair zindagi mujhe isi tarha mujhe chodtay raho. Shankar nay bhi mujhe kas kar lipta liya aur bola, ha meri Banno mujhe bhi tumhe chod kar bohat maaza aaya hai ab kab mujhe do

bara chodnay ka moka dogi. Main muskarai aur boli, mere pyaare ab to main tumhari hoon ab to har raat tumhari hai main tumse roz chodaon gi uskay alawa din may jab bhi tumhe moka mile mujhe chod liya kar main kabhi mana nahi karon gi bas kisi ko pata nahi chalna chahiye. Abhi hamari baatain jari thi kay Shankar ka lund phir khada hogaya. Shankar ne usay mere haath may deta howa bola, dekho bicharay ko phir bhook lagi hai. main hansi aur boli, main tumhare is bicharay ko sari zindagi apni choot ka khana khilati rahon tab bhi iska pait nahi bharay ga. Shankar bola, Janu aik baar aur chodwa lo. Main boli, nahi pyaare abhi nahi abhi 7 bajnay wale hain aur tumne mujhe chodna shuru kiya to 2, 3 ghantay se pehle tum mujhe nahi choro gay is se pehle meri Saas aur Sasur uth jain main chalti hoon. Tum abhi apnay is bicharay ko samjhao din may moka mile to mujhe chod kar apnay bicharay ka pait bhar dena. Phir main usay kiss karkay uthi aur janay lagi to Shankar bola, Neha apni nighty to pehan lo. Main muskarai aur boli, pyaare ab main pehan kar kiya karon gi isay tum rakh lo. Ye keh kar main bahar aagai. Kamray kay bahar mere Sasur Jee bilkul nangay khaday thay. Unka chehra jazbaar se laal horaha tha aur unka lund buri tarha se akda howa buri tarha se saanp ki tarha phankaar raha tha. Main Babu jee ko dekh kar muskarai aur unse lipattay howe boli, kesi lagi aap ko apni Bahu ki acting aur Shankar ki chodai. Babu Jee ne kaha, bohat zabardast meri jaan main to jazbaat may puri tarha pagal horaha hoon dekho main tumhari chodai dekhtay howay 6 baar moth maar chukka hoon magar mera lund hai kay beth hi nahi raha hai. main muskarai aur boli, main aap kay lund ko raat bhar may thand lag gai hai main abhi isko apni choot ki garmi dongi to ye araam se beth jaay ga. Ye keh kar main nay unka lund pura ka pura apni choot may le liya aur phir main unki goud may chadhti hoi boli, ab Sasur Jee aap apni is Bahu ko isi tarha mere kamray may le chalye aur phir khub apni Bahu ko chodiye. Babu Jee mujhe isi tarha goud may uthay mere kamray may le aay aur mujhe bistar par lita kar khud bhi mere upar let gay aur khub zor-o-shor se mujhe chodnay lagay. Babu Jee nay 9 baje tak meri jam kar chodai kari. Chodai kay baad main Babu Jee se kehnay lagi, Babu Jee ab main aap aur Shankar se aik sath chodwana chahti hoon. Babu Jee muskaray aur bole, idea to acha hai par tum hum dono se aik sath kese chodwao gi kyun kay Shankar ko to nahi pata kay main bhi tumhe chod chukka hoon wo mere samnay to tumhare sath kuch nahi karay ga. Main muskarai aur boli, is ka bohat asaan hal hai. mujhe pata hai Shankar mere liye pagal ho chukka hai aur wo din may bhi mujhe chodnay ki koshish karay ga. Main ziyada se ziyada Shankr kay samnay rahon gi aur mujhe pata hai usay jese hi tanhai mili usne mujhe pakad kar chod dena hai. ab aap Shankar par nazar rakhiye ga phir jab mujhe tanhai may nanga kar kay apna lund daal kar mujhe chodna shuru kar day to aap samnay aajain ga. Baki main sambhaal longi. Babu Jee ko mera idea pasand aaya aur wo razi hogay. Phir wo mujhe kiss kar kay apnay kamray may chalay gay aur main isi tarha nangi chadar odh kar so gai. Mere dair se uthnay par kabhi bhi meri Saas nay kuch nahi kaha tha is liye main aaram se soti rahi. 12 baje meri aankh kholi. Shankar ne puray ghar ki safaai kar chukka tha. Main ne nashta kar khana pakaya. Shankar baar baar mere aas paas mandla raha tha aur jese jese usay moka milta to kabhi wo mujhe kiss kar leta kabhi mere boobs ko daba deta ya meri choot aur gand may ungli kar deta. Khana khanay kay baad Saasu Maa aur Sasur Jee apnay kamray may chalay gay. Main kitchen may thi kay Shankar nay aakar mujhe pichay se pakad liya. main hansi aur boli, pyaare kiya sabar nahi horaha. Shankar nay mere boobs ko zor se dabaya aur bola, nahi meri jaan tumhe chodnay ko bohat dil kar raha hai. main muskarai aur boli, pyaare raat tak sabar karo abhi meri Saas aur Sasur ghar may hain. Shankar bola, nahi mujh se raat tak sabar nahi hoga main to abhi tumhe chodon ga. Wo meri saree khonay laga to main boli, kiya kar rahay ho Shankar koi aajay ga. Shankar bola, koi nahi aay ga. Main abhi dekh kar aaraha hoon. Tumhara Sasur kutto ki tarha tumhari Saas ki choot maar raha hai. main muskarai aur boli, agar aesi baat hai to tumhe pura haq hai mujhe chodnay ka ab main tumhe mana nahi karongi. Ab jo chaho mere sath karo. Shankar ne meri baat suntay hi mujhe pura nanga kar diya. Phir usne apni dhoti aur kurta bhi utaar diya. Shankar ka lund pura akda howa tha. Main ne usay hath may pakad liya aur phir ghotno kay bal beth kar uska lund choosnay lagi. 10 minute tak main ne uska lund choosa phir Shankar nay mujhe kitchen may padi hoi dinning table par lita diya phir usne meri tangain mor kar mujhe pakda di phir wo usne apna lund meri choot may daal diya aur khaday khaday hi mujhe chodnay laga jab kay main maazay se siskariyan lenay lagi. Hum dono chodai may buri tarha se khoy howe thay. Achanak hi Babu Jee kitchen may aagay aur bole, ye kiya horaha hai yaha. Babu Jee ki awaaz sunkar Shankar dar gaya aur usne apna lund meri choot se nikaal liya. Babu Jee ghussay se bole, Shankar tumhari himmat kese hoi kay tum hamari Bahu ko chodo. Shankar buri tarha se dar gaya tha wo haath jod kar bola, maaf kardo Sahib Jee galti hogai. Babu Jee ghussay may uski taraf badhay aur bole, chod kar bol raha hai kay galti hogai. Is se pehle Babu Jee Shankar tak pohanctay main un dono ke bich may aagai. Aur boli, Babu Jee aap Shankar ko kuch nahi keh saktay. Babu Jee heraan howe aur bole, Bahu ye tum kiya keh rahi ho ye tumhe chod raha tha aur tum isko hi bachanay ki koshish kar rahi ho. Main boli, main ise isliye bacha rahi hoon kay main ne hi ise bola tha chodnay kay liye. Babu Jee heraan howe aur bole, tum ne ise bola tha chodnay kay liye magar kyun. Is waqt hum Sasur Bahu behtareen acting kar rahay thay. Main phir boli wo is liye kay mujhe mera Pati 6 mahinay kay liye tanha chor gaya hai aur main pyaasi hoon is liye main ne Shankar ko moka diya hai kay wo mujhe chod kar meri pyaas mitaay. Babu Jee bole, agar tumhe itni hi chodai ki bhook hai to mujhe se kehna tha main teri choot ki bhook mitata. Main boli aap chahe to aap bhi mujhe chod saktay hain magar main Shankar se zaroor chodwaon gi. Babu Jee bole, kiya ye tumhara aakhri faisla hai. main boli, ha ye mera faisla hai agar aap gairat mand hain to yaha se chalay jain warna Shankar kay sath mil kar meri chodai karain. Babu Jee ne Shankar ki taraf dekha. Meri tarafdari se Shankar may aaitmaad aagaya tha aur ab wo tan kar khada hogaya tha. Babu Jee ne apna sar jhuka liya to main boli, Babu Jee agar aap Shankar kay sath mil kar mujhe chodain gay to mujhe bohat khushi hogi. Babu Jee ka lund ab tak khada ho chukka tha aur wo unki dhoti se bahar aanay kay liye betaab horaha tha. Main ne aagay badh kar dhoti kay upar se hi unka lund pakad liya aur boli, Babu Jee aap ka khada lund ye keh raha hai kay aap bhi mujhe chodna chahtay hain. Magar ha to mujhe pakad lain ab ye rishtay naatay kiya dekhna. Babu Jee to pehle hi razi thay ye to Shankar kay saamnay acting ki jarahi thi. Ab Babu Jee se ziyada acting nahi ho saki aur unho nay mujhe apni taraf ghaseet liya aur mujhe lipta kar betahasha kiss karnay lagay. Babu Jee ko mujhe kiss karta dekh kar Shankar khush hogaya aur wo hamare paas aagaya aur Babu Jee se bola, Sahib Jee ye hoi na mardon wali baat. Aap ki Bahu bohat sexy hai hum dono mil kar ise chodain gay to bohat maaza aay ga. Babu Jee ne mujhe khud se alag kiya aur Shankar se bole, abhi tu hi meri Bahu ko chod main raat may tere sath mil kar apni Bahu ko chodon ga. Tu meri Bahu ko lekar iskay kamray may ja aur aaram se jitna tera dil karay ise chod teri Malkin ko main ja kar chodta hoon. Wo phir bole ja jaldi jaa yaha khada waqt kyun kharab kar raha hai ja jakar aesh kar. Babu Jee ki baat par Shankar bohat khush hogaya aur bola, Sahib Jee abhi aap ki Bahu ko lekar jata hoon. Shankar mera hath pakad kar kitchen se nikalnay laga to Babu Jee bole, Shankar khub jam kar chodna meri Bahu ko iski cheekhain nikaal dena. Shankar hans kar bola, aesa hi hoga Sahib Jee aap fikar hi na karain. Phir main aur Shankar mere kamray may aagay. Shankar khushi se bola, N

eha ye to bohat acha hogaya hai ab to Sahib Jee bhi hamare sath hain ab to hum dono mil kar khub tumhari chodai karain gay. Main muskarai aur boli, ha pyaare ye bohat acha howa hai ab main aik sath dono sorakhon se chodwaya karon gi. Phir Shankar mujhe lekar bistar par aagaya aur usne khub jam kar meri chodai shuru kar di. Shankar ne shaam 7 baje tak meri khub zoron se chodai kari. Raat khana khanay kay baad Babu Jee Maa Jee kay sath apnay kamray main chalay gay. Main apna kaam nimta kar apnay kamray may aai to mere pichay pichay Shankar bhi kamray may aagaya. Shankar ko dekh kar muskaradi. Kamray may aatay hi Shankar ne mujhe nanga kar diya. Main ne socha Babu Jee pata nahi kab aain is liye main ne Shankar se chodwana shuru kar diya. Ye meri chodai ka dosra ghanta tha jab Babu Jee puray nangay kamray may dakhil howe unka lund puri tarha se akda howa tha. Mujeh Shankar se chodta howa dekh kar wo muskaray aur phir hamare paas aakar bole, akele akele hi maazay kiye jarahay hain. Shankar Babu Jee ko dekh kar mujhe chor kar hata to Babu Jee muskara kar bole, laga re yaar is Sali kay 2 soraakh hain aik se tu chod aik se main chodta hoon. Shankar ne let kar mujhe apnay upar lita liya aur meri choot may apna lund ghussa diya. Phir Babu Jee apna lund meri gand may ghuss kar mere upar let gay. Phir dono nay tez tez jhatko se mujeh chodna shuru kar diya. Meri choot aur gand kay bich may patla sa gosht tha jis se mujhe dono kay lund aapas may rigad khatay howe saaf mehsoos horahe thay. Ye pehla moka tha jab main aik sath 2 mardon se chodwa rahi thi mujhe bohat maaza aaraha tha aur main khud ko lazzat kay asmano par mehsoos kar rahi thi. Dono ne puri raat tarha tarha se meri khob chodai kari. Jab hum teeno thak kar let gay to main Babu Jee se boli, Babu Jee aap ko nahi lagta kay hamare ghar may nokar kam hain. Babu Jee bole, kiya matlab main samjha nahi. Main muskarai aur boli, mera kehne ka matlab hai kay bicharay Shankar ko akele puray ghar ka kaam karna padta hai ye bichara kitna thak jata hoga aap ko nahi lagta kay iski madad kay liye hame kuch aur nokar rakhnay chahiye. Babu Jee ab mera matlab samajh gay thay aur unho nay kas kar mere boobs kay nipple ko dabaya jis se meri cheekh nikal gai. Babu Jee hans kar bole, main achi tarha samajhta hoon tera matlab tujhe Shankar ki madad kay liye nahi apni pyaas kay liye aur aadmi chahiye. Main bhi hansi aur boli, main Shankar ki madad kay liye hi keh rahi hoon. Pehle wo log ghar kay kam may Shankar ki madad karain gay phir mujhe chodnay may Shankar ki madad karain gay. Ab aap hi batain is may mera matlab kaha se aagaya. Ha ye aur baat hai kay ye ghar mera bhi hai aur ghar ki koi cheez may apnay istimaal may le loon to is may koi harj nah hai. Meri baat par Babu Jee hans diye aur bole, tu keh to sahi rahi hai. wakaai Shankar ki madad kay liye kuch logo ko hona chahiye. Phir Babu Jee mujhe se bole, achi kitnay logon ko mulazim rakhon. Main muskarai aur boli, Babu Jee 2, 3 aafraad to aur honay chahiye. Babu Jee muskaray aur bole, main 3 nahi 6 aadmiyon ko nokri par rakhon ga. Main Babu Jee baat sunkar khushi se unse lipat gai aur boli, Babu Jee aap bohat achay hain aap ko apni Bahu ka kitna khayaal hai. meri baat par Babu Jee hansnay lagay phir wo Shankar se bole, yaar ab ye teri zimedari hai kay to apnay sathiyon ka intizaam kar. Shankar bola, Sahib Jee ye to koi masla hi nahi hai aap dekhiye ga main aese aadmi laonga kay wo Neha ko chod chod kar iska hulya bigaad dain gay. Main Shankar se boli, ha Shankar mujhe aese hi aadmi chahiye jo mujhe chod chod kar mera hulya kharab kar dain. Shankar isi din se apnay kaam par lag gaya. Dosre hi din wo 6 aadmiyon ko ghar le aaya. Itefaaq ki baat ye hai kay isi din Saasu Maa ko aik mota may dosre shehar jana pad gaya aur ab wo 3, 4 din se pehle nah aasakti thi. Jo aadmi Shankar laya tha wo sab kay sab lambay tadangay aur sehat mand thay. Un sab ki nazrain baar baar mujhe par pad rahi thi kyun mera hulya hi aesa tha kay wo sab mujhe dekhay bina nahi reh pa rahay thay. Main is waqt aik chotay se skirt aur without slive T-Shirt pehni hoi thi aur bagair brazier kay mere boobs T-Shirt may se saaf dikhai de rahay thay. Mujhe un sab ka is tarha dekhna bohat acha lag raha tha. Mujhe bhi wo sab kay sab pasand aay thay aur main bhi unko pasandeedgi ki nigahon se dekh rahi thi. Babu Jee ne mujhe dekha to main ne iqraar may sar hila diya kay mujhe ye sab pasand hain. Babu Jee ne Shankar se kaha, yaar ye sab bharosay kay aadmi to hain na aesa na ho ye har aik ko batatay phirain aur hamari badnami ho. Shankar bola, Sahib Jee aap bilkul befikar rahay Shankar aadmi pehchannay may kabhi galti nahi karta. Shankar ki baat sunkar Babu Jee sab se kehne lagay, main aap sab ko ye baat bilkul saaf bata dena chahta hoon kay mujhe sirf wafadaar log pasand hain aur main aap logon ko sirf isi shart par apnay paas mulazim rakhon ga kay mere ghar ki koi baat aap bahar kisi ko nahi batain gay. Sab kehnay lagay. Sahib koi hamari gardan bhi kaat de jab bhi hum aap se namak harami nahi karain gay. Babu Jee un ki baat sunkar bole, mujhe aap logo ki baat pasand aai ab main asal baat par aata hoon. Wese to mujhe itnay mulazim rakhnay ki zarorat nahi hai. magar ye meri jo Bahu hai Neha is ka kehna hai kay ghar may aur mulazim bhi hona chahiye jo Shankar kay kaam may hath bata sakain. Shankar hamara bohat purana mulazim aur hum ise apna mulazim nahi samajhtay aur ye hamare ghar may aik fard ki tarha rehta hai aur is liye Shankar ghar kay kaam kaaj se farig hokar Meri Bahu ko khub chodta bhi hai jis ki main ne isko puri ijazat de rakhi hai. ab main chaht hoon kay aap log bhi is ghar may ghar kay fard ki rahain aur Shankar ki tarha aap log bhi meri Bahu ko khub chodain. Babu jee ki baat sunkar sab heran reh gay aur herat se mujhe dekhnay lagay. Un may se aik bola, ye aap kiya baat kar rahay hain. Babu Jee muskaray aur bole, aray is may heraan honay ki kiya baat hai. meri Bahu ko shokh hai chodwanay ka aur Shankar ko chodnay ka aur main bhi apni Bahu ko khub chodta hoon aur ab main aap logo se chodnay kay liye keh raha hoon to is may heraani ki kiya baat hai. aur is nokri may dosray kaam ka to bahana hai main to aap logo ko mulazat hi apni Bahu ko chodnay ki de raha hoon. Ab aap log soch lain aik to aap logo ko mahana tankhowa bhi mile gi aur chodnay kay liye meri Bahu bhi. Ab aap logo may se jis ko ye nokri manzoor hai aur yaha rukay warna wo yaha se chala jaay main aap logo ko sochnay kay liye 5 minute de raha hoon. Babu Jee ki baat sunkar sab aik dosre ko dekhnay lagay. Sab hi is maazaydaar nokri par khush thay aur phir wo bolay, Sahib Jee hame ye nokri karni hai. Sab ki baat sunkar Babu Jee khushi se bolay, to phir aap logo ki job pakki. Main jo khamosh bethi thi kehnay lagi. Babu Jee abhi inki nokri pakki na karain. Babu Jee ne herat se mujh se kaha, ab kiya baat hai sab kuch to tumhari mazi se howa hai. main muskarai aur boli, ha main yehi chahti thi magar main pehle in sab ko test karna chahti hoon kay ye sab meri sahi se chudai kar pain gay ya nahi. Babu Jee meri baat sunkar muskaray aur bole, ha ye baat to sahi hai. main uthi aur sab se boli, main aap logo se pehle chodwa kar aap logo ki mardangi test karon gi phir aap logo ki job pakki hogi. Ab aap sab apnay apnay kapdain utaar dain takay main aap sab kay lund dekh sakon. Un may se aik Babu Jee se bola, Sahib Jee pehle inko nanga karain takay pehle hum dekhain kay jis kaam kay liye hame rakha ja raha hai wo hame pasand aata bhi hai ya nahi. Uski baat sunkar Babu Jee hans paday aur mujhe se bole, Bahu Rani iski baat bhi sahi hai pehle tum inko apna jism test karwao. Babu Jee ki baat sunkar main muskaradi. Kisi kay samnay ab mere liye nanga hona ab kiya badi baat thi. Main ne foran hi apnay kapday utaar diye aur nangi hogai. Mera khubsurat sexy jism dekh kar sab ki aankho may chamak aagai. Phir sab ne aik aik karkay apnay apnay kapday utaar diye. Ab khush hone ki bari meri thi kyun kay un may se kisi ka lund bhi 9 inch se kam nahi tha. Babu Jee sab se bolay, main aap 6 logo ko 6 ghantay de raha hoon aur khud dosre kamray may ja raha hoon. Ab aap logo ne meri Bahu ki aesi chodai karni hai kay mujhe is ki cheekhain dosre kamray tak sonaai dain aur i

n 6 ghanton kay doraan is ki cheekhain 6 second kay liye bhi nahi rukni chahiye. Agar is ki cheekhain ruki ya slow hoi to aap logo ko ye nokri nahi milay gi. Sab bole, Sahib aap be fikar rahain aap ki Bahu ki cheekhain dosre kamray to kiya puray ghar may iski cheekhain gonjain gi. Babu Muskaray aur bole, aesa hi hona chahiye. Phir Babu Jee aur Shankar chalay gaay. Aur wo sab mujhe par kutto ki tarha toot paday. Phir jesa un logo ne kaha tha wesa hi howa. Un logo ne meri 6 ghantay tak wo chodai kari kay meri dard bhari cheekhain puray ghar may gonjti rahi. 6 ghantay baad jab Babu Jee aur Shankar kamray may aay to ab bhi wo sab mujhe kutto ki tarha chod rahay thay aur main buri tarha se cheekh rahi thi. Babu Jee ko dekh kar un logo ne meri chodai band kardi. Un may se aik bola, Sahib batain hum ne kese choda hai aap ki Bahu ko. Babu Jee meri zabardast chodai se bohat khush thay is liye wo khushi kay maray se sab galay mile aur meri shaandar chodai karnay par sab ko mubarak baad di. Phir Babu Jee kehnay lagay, dosto aap logo ne meri Bahu ki shaandar chodai kar kay sabit kar diya hai kay aap logo ko is nokri par foran rakh liya jaay. Ab aap logo ka kaam ye hai kay aap log jab chahay jaha chahay jis waqt chahay meri Bahu ko chod saktay hain bas aap logo ne meri Biwi yani ghar ki malkin kay samnay aehtiyaat karni hai warna aap sab logo ko aazadi hai jis ka jitna dil chahay meri Bahu ko choday is may waqt ki qaid nahi hai. aap logo ne apni kaam sahi tarikay se aur imaandari se karna hai. agar kabhi meri Bahu aap logo se chodwanay may nakhra karay ya mana karay to aap log zabardasti isay chodain aur is kay sath koi riyaat na karain. Sab Babu Jee ki baat se bohat khosh thay aur ye in sab logo ki zindagi ki sab se mazedaar nokri thi. Mere to maazay aagay thay. Maa Jee puray 6 din baad aai aur in 6 dino may Babu Jee nay in 7 nokron kay sath mil kar meri zabardast tarikay se chodai kari. Jab Maa Jee wapis aain to mulazmo ki ye foj dekh kar mou banaya magar Babu Jee ne pyar se Maa Jee ko samjhaya kay ghar bada hai aur Shankar akela is liye main ne ye mulazim rakhain hain. Ghar may jo mulazim thay unki post ye thi 1 driver, 1 maali, 1 bawarchi, 2 chokidaar, aur Shankar ko mila kar 2 ghar ki saafai wagaira kay liye. Raat ko to Babu Jee sathon nokro kay sath mil kar meri khub chodai kartay thay aur din may bhi jis ko bhi moka milta mujhe chod deta tha. Din may main ziyada tar nokaron kay quarters may chodwati thi kyun kay Maa Jee kabhi Nokaron kay quarters ki taraf nahi jati thi aur main azadi kay sath sab se chodwati thi. Is kay alawa nokaron ko jaha bhi main tanha nazar aati wo mujhe pakad kar chodna shuru kar detay. Nokaron mujhe mere kamray may, kitchen may, bathroom may, drawing room may bahar garden may car parking may aur ghar ki chat par bhi chod chukay thay. Ab meri zindagi maazay se bharpoor hogai hai. Meri itni ziyada chodaiyon ko dekhtay howe Babu Jee moka dekh kar baar baar mujhe apnay 8 dosto se bhi choda chukay hain. Mujhe ab chodaiyon ki itni aadat hogai hai kay main sochti hoon kay jab mere Pati aajain gay to main sab se kese chodwa sakon gi. Mujhe in sab se chodwatay howe 5 months hogay hain aur ab agle month mere Pati Australia se wapis aarahe hain. Aur 2 months baad mera Dever Ravi bhi apni education complete kar kay England se wapis aaraha hai. such pochiye to mujhe apnay Pati se ziyada Ravi ka intezaar hai aur ab main Ravi se bhi apnay jism ki bhook mitana chahti hoon kyun mujhe pata hai kay England may rehtay howe wo Angrez ladkiyon ko chod chod kar chodai kay fun may achi tarha maahir hogaya hoga aur mujhe pura yakeen hai kay Ravi mujhe Babu Jee aur sab nokaron se ziyada mujhe maaza dega. The End


Desisexstory : Horny aunty in train

Desisexstory :  Horny aunty in train

Sanjay age 20 from rich business family. This happens to me two
month back, when urgently I go to Delhi and not getting plane ticket
I go by train. Train also I get only RAC. But one night journey only
so I thought I will adjust. I go before time and find my seat and
standing in door when train starts moving. Just then I see one sexy
looking woman running to catch train. I move to one side she throw
bag inside and get into train. When she get in, she slip little and
falling on me. I am also put hand for catching her and hands catch
her in waist. Then I am looking closely at her. She wheatish color
and plumpy Punjabi aunty, wearing sari. She looks beautiful age
around 35. She is having big round shape boobs bursting out of tight
blouse. By running her chest goes up and down making round boobs
bulge more. Where I am catch in waist she having nice rounded stomach
with side folding. “Oh thank you so much for stopping me falling
down.” “Aunty why are you getting in moving train, if I am not
catching you, you fall from train and get hurt.” Yes I know but I got
late in traffic. “Come aunty I will help you and I carried the bag
inside train. She was searching for seat and I am surprise when she
sits on my seat. “Oh aunty this is my seat also.” I am very happy
that sexy looking aunty will be sharing the berth with me as she also
had RAC. I was praying we do not get berth and it was crowded train
and TTE told no seat and have to adjust in one only.

We are sitting and talking. “Aunty I am Sanjay going to Delhi for
family function.” “I am Sushma going to Delhi also.” From talk I
learn she is married and having one daughter and husband is doing job
in private company. From dress I am seeing she is middle class type
woman. Then talk stop and she watching outside. From side I can see
her left boob conical shape big one and getting hot. I take out my
new Sony walkman. She sees that and wants to know what it is. I
showed her and explain it is new type walkman of Sony and can be put
on hand when doing walk or jogging. I am seeing chance to patao
Sushma. “Aunty Do you want to try this.” “You are listening Sanjay.”
“No aunty both can listen at same time. Let me fix it for you.” I
fold down seat so it is berth type now and sit close to aunty and put
walkman on auntie’s arm. When putting I touch her big boobs but she
not told me anything. So I get happy. I put one hand on her shoulder
and put one earpiece in her left ear and sitting close I put one
earpiece in my ear. Then we listen to music all songs I have are
music video remix type and both enjoying songs. When train moves my
arms rubbing auntie’s bulging boobs from side. Slowly my cock gets
hard inside my pant and making a bulge. But where we sit light is
less so I think she not seeing my cock bulge. Slowly night time all
passengers switch off light and sleep. “Aunty if you want to sleep,
you sleep I will sit only.” “No Sanjay let us both sit only.” Then I
get another idea. When traveling I carry portable DVD player also. I
take it out and start to use it. She immediately asked “what is this
Sanjay.” I told it is portable DVD player and offered to her. I told
I am tired and want to lie down and she can see movie. I showed her
how to use it and gave my collection of vcd. Only one or two were
films rest were blue films. Then I lay down and stretched my legs on
the berth. She also sits down with back to wall and put her legs
folded on the berth. Then from corner of eye I was seeing her. (more…)

Desi sex story : Fuck sexy mature Buaa(Dad Sister)

Desi sex story : Fuck sexy mature Buaa(Dad Sister)

IS story main aisa khuch nahin hai kiyun ki na to sote hue kise ko choda ja sakta hai aur na hi kise ki behan bua ya khala, kise ka penis ya lund job hi khan apne moun main kabhi nahi lete.
Han ye possible ho sakta hai jo main suna raha hoon
My name is fiasal, im 25 years old and living at rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Main ap ko apni story sonata hoon jo ke pori incest hai.
Main us waqt 18 saal ka tha jub hamare sath hamare bua bhi rahite thi wo university main parhte thi aur us waqt wo Australi main rahte thi wo sirf chutyon main ghar aya karte the aur hamare sath bhut sare game khelti thi. Hamare family main papa mummy, main aur mere teen bahne hain. mujh do mujh se bari aur aik bilkul choti hai.
Mere bua height main thore lambe thi. Aur wo bhut white color ki thi hum Panjabi hain aur ap ko shayed pata ho ki Panjabi aurton ki boobs kafi bari size ki aur gol hoti hain. Well wo bhut slim thi us waqt. Aur un ki skin jaise bilkul bachon jaise soft thi kiyun ki wo bachpan se Australia main rahe hain jis ke wajh se wo bhut gori bhi hain. Hamare dada australi main rahte the job ki liya, well meri bua jub bhi hamare paksitan ate thi to wo ziyada tar reshmi kapre pahente thi aur shalwar kameez kiyun ki wo unhen pasand thi.
Khair jub bhi wo hamare ghar ate humen bhut maza ata tha wo hamare sath cricket football har game khelti thi.
Mujhe sex ki bari main khuch pata nahi tha per aahista aahista naturally mujhe ye chesen pata chalin. Aik murtaba jub wo December main mere bahen ki birthday ki wajh se hamare ghar ayen ye tab ki bat hai.
Unhe driving ka bara shounk tha aur mujhe sekhene ka to maine un se zid ki ke mujhe driving sikhaye. Unhin ne mujhe apne good main bthaya aur kaha ki staring smabhalo jaisa ki maine ap ko bataya ki un ki boobs bhut bari thi aur soft kitne thi ye mujhe us din pata chala I got hardone. Main kaha mujhe nahi sekhni kiyun ki mujhe ajeeb feeling ho rahi thi.
Unhin ne kaha thek hai.
Well jub bhi wo naha ki ate thi wo toliye se apne jism ko nahi pochte thi bus wo sir pe bandh deti thi. To un ki reshmi kapre un ki jism ki saath chipak jate the aur wo bhi mujhe bhut pareshan karta tha. Wo din aisehe guzarete rahe, miane kabhi kise ki boobs ko nahi dekha tha mujhe pata hi nahi hota tha. Ki ye dikhte kaise hain aik din un hon ne jo kameez pahni hue thi wo thori tight thi kiyun ki wo meri bari baji ki thi. Aur un ki boobs bari honi ki wajh se wo bikkul stretch hogai thi aur wo kameez black color ki thi aur us main se un ki white chati boobs dikh rahe thi. Wo meri choti behan ki sath wristling khel rake thi choti behan ne un ke kameez se pakra jis ke karan ka button tot gaya. Unhon ne notice kiya lekin wo humen apni bachon jaise samjhte thi to unhon ni buttonutha ki side main rakh diya lekin ab un ka right buba (boobs) saf dikh raha tha. Un ka aerola nazar aa raha tha. Well maine notice kiya ab mujhe wo kafi lag raha tha. Thori der ki bad baji aaien aur khana khani ko kaha bua ne ushe kaha ki main change kar ki ate hon. Wo meri choti behan wo leki chali gaen. Main computer pe game khel raha tha main kaha main bua ki sath ata hon. Unhon ne apni aik kameez li aur change karne chali gaein lekin bathroom ka darwaza band kiya bagren change kar rahe thi kiyun ki main kafi door baitha hua tha. Lite chale jani ki wajah se mera PC band ho gaya hamare har bathroom main charger lite thi unhoon wo jalai aur maine kaha ki bua mujhe dar lag raha hai.aur main uth ker bathroom ki tarf gaya to wo change kar rahe the main unko dekh sakta tha. Unhon ne kaha aik minute beta aate din first time maine kise aur ki real main peeth dekhe un ki peeth kafi bari lambi thi cuz she is tall. (more…)

Desisexstory – Oral sex with my Close relation sister

desisexpics eu Oral sex with sister

Rajesh here and  I have decided to write my experiences and share with you the ultimate memories and fun which I had seen so many years no coming back to the main point I am going to narrate one of my experiences with one of my cousin sister

Mine is a small family staying in Mumbai one day it so happened that my mum received a call from her hometown and it was regarding my cousin sister parents call my mum and requested her to take Mamta to Mumbai for job I never thought that this would be a starting point for my sex life.

When when Mamta arrived it was all normal .days passed and then weeks I never saw her with wrong intentions one day it so happened that everyone was out for their jobs and it was afternoon I was watching TV Mamta was busy cleaning house while switching the channels I landed on F TV and the models shooting for calendar I was so into the TV that I forgot that Mamata is home.

As usual she was busy cleaning the house she came to the hall and started cleaning and after few seconds she looked at me and looking at me she noticed that I was staring at the TV so she too turned and what she saw was a bikini model on a beach looking at that she she shouted at me and I came back to my senses I quickly changed the channel and while surfing the channels I asked her if she is going to tell my parents about this and she said that she won’t tell but warned me not to watch all this again.

After half an hour we sat for lunch and I asked her why she shouted at me she said that you are still small and you should not watch all this stuff listening to that I jokingly said that I can make babies to that she smiled she then ask me how do I know all this to that I replied that I watch porn regularly.

Coming from a village background she asked me what is porn? To that question I started laughing and she asked me what’s funny in that I said that you are 3 years elder to me and still you don’t know all these things. She ask me again and then I told her what is porn to that answer she made faces. She said how can 2 people be naked in front of the whole world. I said its better you watch it on your own she then blushed and kept mum. I said that tomorrow afternoon we will watch porn 2 that she said OK (more…)

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