Desisexstory : Horny aunty in train

Desisexstory :  Horny aunty in train

Sanjay age 20 from rich business family. This happens to me two
month back, when urgently I go to Delhi and not getting plane ticket
I go by train. Train also I get only RAC. But one night journey only
so I thought I will adjust. I go before time and find my seat and
standing in door when train starts moving. Just then I see one sexy
looking woman running to catch train. I move to one side she throw
bag inside and get into train. When she get in, she slip little and
falling on me. I am also put hand for catching her and hands catch
her in waist. Then I am looking closely at her. She wheatish color
and plumpy Punjabi aunty, wearing sari. She looks beautiful age
around 35. She is having big round shape boobs bursting out of tight
blouse. By running her chest goes up and down making round boobs
bulge more. Where I am catch in waist she having nice rounded stomach
with side folding. “Oh thank you so much for stopping me falling
down.” “Aunty why are you getting in moving train, if I am not
catching you, you fall from train and get hurt.” Yes I know but I got
late in traffic. “Come aunty I will help you and I carried the bag
inside train. She was searching for seat and I am surprise when she
sits on my seat. “Oh aunty this is my seat also.” I am very happy
that sexy looking aunty will be sharing the berth with me as she also
had RAC. I was praying we do not get berth and it was crowded train
and TTE told no seat and have to adjust in one only.

We are sitting and talking. “Aunty I am Sanjay going to Delhi for
family function.” “I am Sushma going to Delhi also.” From talk I
learn she is married and having one daughter and husband is doing job
in private company. From dress I am seeing she is middle class type
woman. Then talk stop and she watching outside. From side I can see
her left boob conical shape big one and getting hot. I take out my
new Sony walkman. She sees that and wants to know what it is. I
showed her and explain it is new type walkman of Sony and can be put
on hand when doing walk or jogging. I am seeing chance to patao
Sushma. “Aunty Do you want to try this.” “You are listening Sanjay.”
“No aunty both can listen at same time. Let me fix it for you.” I
fold down seat so it is berth type now and sit close to aunty and put
walkman on auntie’s arm. When putting I touch her big boobs but she
not told me anything. So I get happy. I put one hand on her shoulder
and put one earpiece in her left ear and sitting close I put one
earpiece in my ear. Then we listen to music all songs I have are
music video remix type and both enjoying songs. When train moves my
arms rubbing auntie’s bulging boobs from side. Slowly my cock gets
hard inside my pant and making a bulge. But where we sit light is
less so I think she not seeing my cock bulge. Slowly night time all
passengers switch off light and sleep. “Aunty if you want to sleep,
you sleep I will sit only.” “No Sanjay let us both sit only.” Then I
get another idea. When traveling I carry portable DVD player also. I
take it out and start to use it. She immediately asked “what is this
Sanjay.” I told it is portable DVD player and offered to her. I told
I am tired and want to lie down and she can see movie. I showed her
how to use it and gave my collection of vcd. Only one or two were
films rest were blue films. Then I lay down and stretched my legs on
the berth. She also sits down with back to wall and put her legs
folded on the berth. Then from corner of eye I was seeing her. Continue reading “Desisexstory : Horny aunty in train”

Desi sex story : Fuck sexy mature Buaa(Dad Sister)

Desi sex story : Fuck sexy mature Buaa(Dad Sister)

IS story main aisa khuch nahin hai kiyun ki na to sote hue kise ko choda ja sakta hai aur na hi kise ki behan bua ya khala, kise ka penis ya lund job hi khan apne moun main kabhi nahi lete.
Han ye possible ho sakta hai jo main suna raha hoon
My name is fiasal, im 25 years old and living at rawalpindi, Pakistan.
Main ap ko apni story sonata hoon jo ke pori incest hai.
Main us waqt 18 saal ka tha jub hamare sath hamare bua bhi rahite thi wo university main parhte thi aur us waqt wo Australi main rahte thi wo sirf chutyon main ghar aya karte the aur hamare sath bhut sare game khelti thi. Hamare family main papa mummy, main aur mere teen bahne hain. mujh do mujh se bari aur aik bilkul choti hai.
Mere bua height main thore lambe thi. Aur wo bhut white color ki thi hum Panjabi hain aur ap ko shayed pata ho ki Panjabi aurton ki boobs kafi bari size ki aur gol hoti hain. Well wo bhut slim thi us waqt. Aur un ki skin jaise bilkul bachon jaise soft thi kiyun ki wo bachpan se Australia main rahe hain jis ke wajh se wo bhut gori bhi hain. Hamare dada australi main rahte the job ki liya, well meri bua jub bhi hamare paksitan ate thi to wo ziyada tar reshmi kapre pahente thi aur shalwar kameez kiyun ki wo unhen pasand thi.
Khair jub bhi wo hamare ghar ate humen bhut maza ata tha wo hamare sath cricket football har game khelti thi.
Mujhe sex ki bari main khuch pata nahi tha per aahista aahista naturally mujhe ye chesen pata chalin. Aik murtaba jub wo December main mere bahen ki birthday ki wajh se hamare ghar ayen ye tab ki bat hai.
Unhe driving ka bara shounk tha aur mujhe sekhene ka to maine un se zid ki ke mujhe driving sikhaye. Unhin ne mujhe apne good main bthaya aur kaha ki staring smabhalo jaisa ki maine ap ko bataya ki un ki boobs bhut bari thi aur soft kitne thi ye mujhe us din pata chala I got hardone. Main kaha mujhe nahi sekhni kiyun ki mujhe ajeeb feeling ho rahi thi.
Unhin ne kaha thek hai.
Well jub bhi wo naha ki ate thi wo toliye se apne jism ko nahi pochte thi bus wo sir pe bandh deti thi. To un ki reshmi kapre un ki jism ki saath chipak jate the aur wo bhi mujhe bhut pareshan karta tha. Wo din aisehe guzarete rahe, miane kabhi kise ki boobs ko nahi dekha tha mujhe pata hi nahi hota tha. Ki ye dikhte kaise hain aik din un hon ne jo kameez pahni hue thi wo thori tight thi kiyun ki wo meri bari baji ki thi. Aur un ki boobs bari honi ki wajh se wo bikkul stretch hogai thi aur wo kameez black color ki thi aur us main se un ki white chati boobs dikh rahe thi. Wo meri choti behan ki sath wristling khel rake thi choti behan ne un ke kameez se pakra jis ke karan ka button tot gaya. Unhon ne notice kiya lekin wo humen apni bachon jaise samjhte thi to unhon ni buttonutha ki side main rakh diya lekin ab un ka right buba (boobs) saf dikh raha tha. Un ka aerola nazar aa raha tha. Well maine notice kiya ab mujhe wo kafi lag raha tha. Thori der ki bad baji aaien aur khana khani ko kaha bua ne ushe kaha ki main change kar ki ate hon. Wo meri choti behan wo leki chali gaen. Main computer pe game khel raha tha main kaha main bua ki sath ata hon. Unhon ne apni aik kameez li aur change karne chali gaein lekin bathroom ka darwaza band kiya bagren change kar rahe thi kiyun ki main kafi door baitha hua tha. Lite chale jani ki wajah se mera PC band ho gaya hamare har bathroom main charger lite thi unhoon wo jalai aur maine kaha ki bua mujhe dar lag raha hai.aur main uth ker bathroom ki tarf gaya to wo change kar rahe the main unko dekh sakta tha. Unhon ne kaha aik minute beta aate din first time maine kise aur ki real main peeth dekhe un ki peeth kafi bari lambi thi cuz she is tall. Continue reading “Desi sex story : Fuck sexy mature Buaa(Dad Sister)”

Desisexstory – Oral sex with my Close relation sister

desisexpics eu Oral sex with sister

Rajesh here and  I have decided to write my experiences and share with you the ultimate memories and fun which I had seen so many years no coming back to the main point I am going to narrate one of my experiences with one of my cousin sister

Mine is a small family staying in Mumbai one day it so happened that my mum received a call from her hometown and it was regarding my cousin sister parents call my mum and requested her to take Mamta to Mumbai for job I never thought that this would be a starting point for my sex life.

When when Mamta arrived it was all normal .days passed and then weeks I never saw her with wrong intentions one day it so happened that everyone was out for their jobs and it was afternoon I was watching TV Mamta was busy cleaning house while switching the channels I landed on F TV and the models shooting for calendar I was so into the TV that I forgot that Mamata is home.

As usual she was busy cleaning the house she came to the hall and started cleaning and after few seconds she looked at me and looking at me she noticed that I was staring at the TV so she too turned and what she saw was a bikini model on a beach looking at that she she shouted at me and I came back to my senses I quickly changed the channel and while surfing the channels I asked her if she is going to tell my parents about this and she said that she won’t tell but warned me not to watch all this again.

After half an hour we sat for lunch and I asked her why she shouted at me she said that you are still small and you should not watch all this stuff listening to that I jokingly said that I can make babies to that she smiled she then ask me how do I know all this to that I replied that I watch porn regularly.

Coming from a village background she asked me what is porn? To that question I started laughing and she asked me what’s funny in that I said that you are 3 years elder to me and still you don’t know all these things. She ask me again and then I told her what is porn to that answer she made faces. She said how can 2 people be naked in front of the whole world. I said its better you watch it on your own she then blushed and kept mum. I said that tomorrow afternoon we will watch porn 2 that she said OK Continue reading “Desisexstory – Oral sex with my Close relation sister”

46 साल की नौकरानी को चोदा

 46 साल की नौकरानी को चोदा

मुझे शादीशुदा समझदार औरते बहुत पसंद है, खास करके उनकी उम्र 35-40 साल के आसपास होनी चाहिए. दोस्तों मेरी जिस घटना को में आज आप सभी को बताने जा रहा हूँ वो करीब एक साल पहले हुई थी जब में अपने कॉलेज की क्लास में जाया करता था, लेकिन वो हमारे कॉलेज से थोड़ा दूरी पर थी और वो क्लास बहुत ही छोटी सी थी. उसमे करीब अलग अलग शिफ्ट में 100 बच्चे ही आते थे और वहां पर एक नौकरानी झाड़ू मारने के लिए आया करती थी, लेकिन वो दिखने में इतनी अच्छी नहीं थी, लेकिन उसकी नज़र बहुत कातिल थी और उसका नाम चंद्रिका था. वो थोड़ी सी मोटी थी, बड़ी गांड और एक हाथ में भी ना आए इस आकार के बूब्स और वो जब झाड़ू मारती थी तो उसकी छाती बहुत आराम से दिख जाती थी और जब में उसके सामने देखता था तो वो मुझे कुछ अजीब तरीके से देखती थी. उसके चेहरे पर साफ लिखा था कि उसे कुछ चाहिए जो उसे मज़े दे सके?

तो एक दिन मुझे एक ऑनलाइन टेस्ट देना था और में सबसे पहले पहुंच गया, लेकिन हमारी क्लास के सर को उसी दिन कहीं किसी जरूरी काम से अचानक बाहर जाना था और मेरी उनसे बहुत अच्छी बनती थी. उन्होंने मुझे क्लास की चाबी दे दी क्योंकि उस दिन सिर्फ मुझे ही वहां पर सबसे पहले पहुंचना था और अपनी तैयारी करनी थी और फिर उन्होंने मुझसे बोला कि तुम टेस्ट देने के बाद लॉक कर देना और चाबी पास वाले ऑफिस में दे देना. में तो कंप्यूटर चालू करके सब कुछ देखने लगा और तभी चंद्रिका आई और हाथ में अपना झाड़ू लिए उसने मुझसे पूछा कि क्यों आज साहब नहीं आए? मैंने बोला कि हाँ आज वो किसी काम से बाहर गये हुए है इसलिए वो आज नहीं आ सकते.

फिर उसने अपना काम मतलब कि झाड़ू मारना शुरू कर दिया, लेकिन अब मेरा ध्यान कंप्यूटर पर लगता ही नहीं था. में बीच बीच में उसकी तरफ देखने लगता था और अब सबसे मज़े की बात यह थी कि वो भी मुझे झाड़ू मारते मारते स्माईल देती जा रही थी. फिर कुछ देर बाद जब वो झाड़ू मारकर जा रही थी तो मैंने थोड़ी बहुत हिम्मत करके उससे पूछा कि आपका नाम क्या है?

उसने मुस्कुराकर बोला कि मेरा नाम चंद्रिका है और अब उसकी आवाज़ सुनकर मेरे पूरे बदन में कुछ हो रहा था तो मैंने थोड़ी और हिम्मत करके उससे कहा कि हाँ में कब से आपका ही इंतज़ार कर रहा था? मेरे मुहं से यह बात सुनते ही उसके चेहरे पर एक अजीब सी स्माईल आ गई और वो थोड़ा थोड़ा शरमाने लगी. फिर मैंने उससे कहा कि अगर आपको देर ना हो रही हो तो क्या आप मुझसे थोड़ी देर बात कर सकती है? तो वो बोली कि हाँ क्यों नहीं और अब वो मेरे पास में पड़ी हुई एक बेंच पर बैठ गयी और फिर मेरे कुछ बोलने का बहुत बेसब्री से इंतज़ार करने लगी.

फिर मैंने उसके बारे में सब जानकारी पूछना शुरू की और तब मुझे पता चला कि उसके पति की पिछले कुछ सालों पहले म्रत्यु हो चुकी है और वो अब अपने इकलोते बेटे के साथ रहती है और उसका बेटा करीब अब मेरी उम्र का है. दोस्तों वो जब बोलती थी तो मेरे बदन में एक आग सी लग जाती थी. मेरा मन करता था कि में इसे अभी पकड़कर चोद डालूं, लेकिन मैंने अपने आप पर बहुत काबू रखा. फिर मैंने एकदम सही मौका देखकर उसकी तरफ एक और तीर मारा और मैंने उससे पूछा कि क्यों आपको आपके पति की कभी कमी महसूस नहीं होती?

उसने झट से कहा कि हाँ होती तो है, लेकिन अब में क्या कर सकती हूँ? तो मैंने जल्दी से उसकी बात खत्म होते ही बोला कि में हूँ ना, में आपकी मदद करूँगा. तो मेरे मुहं से यह बात सुनकर वो मुझे बहुत ही अजीब तरीके से देखने लगी और बहुत देर तक इधर उधर की बातें करने के बाद वो बोली कि ठीक है अब में घर जाती हूँ और बाकी की बातें हम लोग कल करेंगे, लेकिन दोस्तों अब मेरा लंड मानने को तैयार ही नहीं था. उसे तो बस अब चंद्रिका की चूत का रस चूसना था और अब मुझसे रहा नहीं गया तो मैंने उससे बोला दिया कि प्लीज थोड़ा और रुक जाओ ना, आपसे बात करके मुझे बहुत अच्छा लग रहा है. Continue reading “46 साल की नौकरानी को चोदा”

Huge thick dick of my Son

Huge thick dick of my Son

I am 39 years old and live with my son Jake, who is 18, my husband and I divorced five years ago and I now live a comfortable life with my son.

The story I am going to relate to you has changed my life forever and made me happier and more satisfied than I have ever been before.

I had been married for 21 years, when my husband cheated on me and left with a younger woman. He was always a good provider and had a good job but I can honestly say he never fully satisfied me sexually. You see since I first discovered sex I have had a love of men with really big cocks. The first man I had sex with had a nice, long, hard 9″ dick and after him, everyone else seemed small. My husband was an average 6″ and too be quite honest never did very much for me.

I never cheated on my husband during our marriage but I often wished that I could find a man just to have sex with who could satisfy my craving for a big cock. I would often lie in bed at night, while my husband snored next to me, wishing I had a man laying there with a giant cock that I could just pounce on and fuck my hungry pussy with.

I have always had a high sex drive and could quite easily be fucked three or four times a day, but my husband could never manage that. When we first got together, we would have sex maybe once a day, but as the years went by that went down to twice a week and by the end, hardly ever. This meant that I was nearly always horny and had to frequently play with myself to get off, always thinking about some large, hard cock.

Now my son Jake is a very good looking boy. He works out and plays much sport, which has left him with a well muscled and toned body. He has a tight young ass and a rippling six pack. He always attracted the best looking girls around and I must confess that watching him grow up into this strapping 18 year old, I had sometimes looked at him and felt a tingling feeling in my pussy. I quickly suppressed this however; after all he was my son.

After my husband left, I guess I did start to notice Jake even more. He would often walk around the house in just a pair of shorts, his hard young body on view to me. Being the only man really in my life, I think that I was unnaturally drawn to my hunky son because of his boyish good looks and that amazing body, but mainly I guess at first, because I was very horny.

My name is Julia and this is my story………


It all began early one Saturday morning in the early summer. I had just spent another lonely night sleeping by myself, feeling horny and frustrated. Since my husband left I had not had sex at all, I fingered myself almost nightly, rubbing and stroking my pussy, making myself wet and ending up even more hungry for a big hard cock.

That morning I got up and threw on my big white towelling robe. Heading downstairs, I made breakfast and switched on the television. After a while I went back upstairs to get dressed. It was just after 9am and I knew my son Jake always liked to be up early on Saturday’s so he could get to the gym early.

My son Jake, loved to work out. He spent many hours at the gym, toning and sculpting his body. He was a very fine and good looking young stud, a real favourite with the local girls. He played lots of sports and stayed in fine shape. I could not help but notice Jake had grown into a real man.

Since my divorce, Jake had taken over as the man of the house. He did all the odd jobs around the home and took over many of the duties that my husband once did, like mowing the lawn and painting the house. It was during this that I had first felt some kind of sexual feeling towards my son.

Some weeks ago, Jake had been outside cleaning the windows of the house. I went out and offered him something to drink. He was at the top of the ladder, cleaning the windows to my bedroom. He was wearing just a pair of shorts that clung to his tight ass. He had no top on and his muscles bulged. As I watched him stretch to reach the top of the window, I found myself admiring his chiselled frame, his hard abs and his well defined leg muscles.

I felt a sudden sexual urge and a fluttering in my chest, was I just proud of my fine specimen son or was I getting horny for him?

Over the next few days, I found myself thinking more and more about my son. We had always been close and even more so since my husband left. Jake had always been affectionate with me, giving me hugs and kisses. Now we lived alone, he seemed to take more time over me, making sure I was ok and telling me that I deserved better than his dad anyway.

A couple of days after seeing him up the ladder, I was lying in bed late at night in my usual horny state. I had the covers kicked back and my short little nightdress hiked up over my stomach. I slid my hands between my legs and began to play with my pussy. Quite unintentionally, an image of my son entered my mind, an image of him with his shirt off and those tight, hard muscles flexing.

I unconsciously began to rub my clit harder and my pussy grew much wetter. I knew it was wrong to think about my son in this way, but I could not help it, I could not get the sight of him out of my mind.

I had not seen my son’s cock since he was little but I suddenly imagined him with a nice large cock and that sent me over the edge.

I began to furiously finger my now dripping wet gash. I allowed a few low deep groans to expel from my mouth. I writhed and squirmed around on the bed, gripping my legs together as I buried my fingers deep in my pussy. With my free hand I took a firm grip on my large breast and pinched hard on my nipples.

I felt my pussy convulse and tighten, a huge wave of sexual ecstasy washed over me and I flung my head back, arched my back off of the bed and rode out the biggest orgasm I had ever given to myself.

“FUCCCKKKKKK” I moaned out as my pussy juices dripped from my hot, wet cunt.

It took me several minutes to regain my composure as I came down from my orgasm. The thoughts of my son’s body still raced through my mind as my breathing began to slow and my heart rate returned to normal.

As I lay awake, trying to fall asleep that night, I considered what I had just done. What kind of perverted mother was I, Bringing myself to orgasm thinking about my own son?

For the first time, I began to think of my son as a sexual being. I knew he had sex with his girlfriends but I never considered what it might be like if I was to have sex with him. Again I allowed my hands to wander over my large 36dd boobs and slowly down to my wet pussy lips.


Ever since that night, I had been trying to put thoughts of my son out of my mind but I was finding it more and more difficult. These images just kept entering my head, thoughts of him naked, his hard young frame, lying on top of me, giving his own mother a good hard fuck!

That Saturday morning, as I walked back up the stairs, I wasn’t thinking about my son in a sexual way, only that he was late getting up and would probably want me to wake him, so he could get to the gym.

I got to the top of the stairs and walked over to his door, which was shut. I gently tapped on it and said “Jake are you awake”. No Reply.

Again I tapped on the door and waited for an answer, again nothing.

I pushed down the handle and slowly opened the door inwards. The sun shone brightly through the window and onto my face. I had to close my eyes half shut to shield the sunlight. I looked across the room to where my son’s bed was. The sun was making it hard to see clearly. I brought my hand across my forehead to block the light from my eyes.

As my eyes focused more clearly, I could see Jake laid out on his bed. His face looked so peaceful and his eyes were shut tight. He was laid flat on his back with his arm across his chest and his other one down by his side.

Then I saw it.

My eyes were immediately drawn down his body to his crotch. The bed covers had been completely kicked back and Jake was totally naked.

My eyes widened and my mouth dropped. I took an involuntary sharp intake of breath and my whole body jerked backwards.

I was staring straight at the biggest, largest, hardest cock I had ever seen. I stood transfixed as my eyes glued onto my son’s gigantic length.

His cock was laying heavily on his stomach, slightly arched upwards, his large bulbous cock head pointing straight towards his face.

It was raging hard and even from the distance away that I was, about 10 feet, I could clearly see the thick veins that ran the whole length of this monster shaft.

“Holy Fuck” I muttered as I stood completely transfixed on my son’s hard cock. I had never seen a prick this big, It was easily twice the size of my ex-husbands and looked to be much, much thicker. Continue reading “Huge thick dick of my Son”

Desisexstory : Wife fuck with stranger

Desisexstory : Wife fuck with stranger


Wife being 27yrs we are happily married couple for last 3yrs. We are extremely horny couple and like to tryout different situations while playing sex. Once while reading to fantasy I got an idea of seeing a stranger loving my wife. The thought itself was so sexy but it was equally difficult to make nitu, my wife, agree for that. As she is very loyal and traditional kind of women. But then one day while our sex was over and we were lying on our bed, I aroused her saying that now she is too old and frightened girl. As to my expectation she took the challenge and we bet for that. She said, “I can still make people walk behind me” I knew this very well because Nitu is really very sexy. Even when we go for any shopping we notice people trying to have a look at her boobs or hips. I took the challenge and we decided our plan.
Next day evening we separately went to a remote park where we never visited before. Niu was wearing a low cut sleeveless blouse with a plan dark blue silk saree. Today she was looking extremely sexy. From a long distance a showed a young boy of around 22. She accepted it. She sat near to him with a marginal distance. After some eye looks, I noticed she managed to have a conversion with him. Suddenly they both started to walk together in the park. I was surprised to see Nitu so near to a stranger. They managed to pass nearby to me as I heard Nitu saying ” Sanjay, I am really bored with my husband as he is very narrow minded” Of course this was to tease me. But per decided I was not supposed to show my presence I remained quite. After that I rushed to our pre booked room in a hotel. I hide myself behind a curtain as planned before. After few moments I noticed Nitu with that stranger enter the room. He was caressing her open shoulder and Nitu was sitting in front of me on the b! big king size bed. I was shocked when sanjay kissed her neck and Nitu was looking at me giving me a naughty smile. I was actually seeing my wife being loved by a strange guy and was not able to do anything because of the promise I gave to Nitu. After some talk they both got up and hands in each others both began to slowly have a lip-to-lip kissing. I could not stop the bulge in my pants there.
Slowly sanjay started pressing Nitu’s boobs. “Nitu you are the sexiest women on earth” sanjay said. That even I believed. Suddenly he removed her saree from her top and started kissing her neck and then plucking her buttons of her blouse he ravishly threw her blouse apart. This was not planned but then the site of a stranger trying to fuck my wife was so great that I stopped my self-interrupting them both. Now even Nitu was started loving his touch. She was lying on the bed and sanjay was on top of her. He removed his T-Shirt and unzipped his jeans. This was great he was having a real big dick. Not less than 9 inch. I saw Nitu’s saree was lying on the floor and she was now laying animal nude in front of Sanjay. This was the first time Nitu was showing her body to somebody other than me. Till than I managed to have twice masturbation seeing this. Continue reading “Desisexstory : Wife fuck with stranger”

Desisexstory : Fuck my cousin sister


I was staying alone in the city for my higher studies. I was staying in a small flat, in the same building where my cousin sister lived with her husband and newborn baby. I used to visit them almost everyday and we were very close.

My brother-in-law was looking for a job in Arab and finally he got it. He had to leave immediately but my cousin had to stay back with the baby, as she could only go after six months. I promised my brother in law to take care of them in his absence. My college used to start late in the day and I would be free in the mornings. My cousin asked me to come in every morning so that I could look after the baby while she took a bath.

Things were going smoothly for a couple of days. Then, one day while strolling through their house, as the baby was asleep, I noticed that the bathroom door had a gap in the wood through which I could see inside. I came close and stood transfixed when I saw my beautiful and sexy cousin completely naked and having a bath. She was very fair and had a figure to die for. She had very firm boobs with no hint of sag. Her nipples were erect and pinkish brown in color. She had a perfectly flat stomach and a small bush of hairs on her cunt. She had well rounded and firm but slightly large buttocks. Her skin was unblemished and she had shoulder length hair and full and rosy lips. As the bathroom was very small, she was very close to the door and I could almost touch her. I watched her till she finished her bath and then moved away. This became a habit with me and I looked forward to my morning duty everyday. Continue reading “Desisexstory : Fuck my cousin sister”