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Slutty housewife Gangbanged sex story

Slutty housewife Gangbanged sex story

Gangbanged sex story

Slutty housewife Gangbanged sex story presents

I am Manisha, a slutty housewife with a curve line of 36DD-34-36. I live with my hubby Saurabh . we had been dating since long time before getting married and thus we are more like buddies rather than a couple I must say . I am 28 years old and Saurabh is 29. Being together for such long time gets us both feel free to each other and with the time I came to know Saurabh is equally or even more kinkier than me. He has a massive 8 inches dick to ram me day and night. I will write this story in both English and hindi in between as it happened in real life. And It will be divided into few parts. Also we are open to single guys and couples who would like to try their luck can email us which is given at the end of story.

Let’s Start now. One night we were having our regular sex after being quite drunk and horny , saurabh expressed the desire of spicing our sex life into more kinky way . I got my way to open up to him and told him that even I want it badly and want to be submissive slut.. He had a grin smile on his face and got me into doggy pose and rammed his massive dick and fucked the hell out of me. And that night changed our live into many ways that you would get to know .
Next day morning , we both got up naked and cuddling each other.
“So what my kinky girl is looking for ?” he asked.
“I want to be a submissive slut for you and take your orders anywhere anytime as you ask me” I replied caressing his dick.
“Would you like to take another guy having longer dick then me?” he grunted crushing my boobs and kissing me.
“I would love to , if that pleases you I don’t mind getting fucked by another guy.” I answered before going down and took his cock in my mouth for a morning massage. He cummed into my mouth with jet forces and said “you are such a cock teaser” (more…)

My sexy Step sister’s Hot sex story

My sexy Step sister’s Hot sex story

My New Stepsister I was eleven years old when my parents got divorced. My mother immediately remarried and moved us from our sleepy Florida town to a city up north, into the new family’s big old house in the suburbs. We were thrown into an entirely new situation that included a new stepfather, a cat, three dogs, and, best of all, my new stepsister, Linda. She was just six weeks older than me and had been an only child, so we became instant friends. She introduced me to the kids in the ‘hood… and some other things. I don’t know whether it was from my having been to a Catholic elementary school or what, but she couldn’t believe how naive I was.I knew about the “S” word, but had never heard it spoken aloud — until she said it, causing me to gasp in shock. When she said the “F” word, I didn’t bat an eye, because I had never even heard of it. Then she explained what it meant, and at first I couldn’t believe her. My mom? And your Dad? Do that? No way! After mulling it over for a while, I found that it might be an explanation for some things I had already observed. When I questioned my mother, I could tell by her evasive choice of words and her attitude that it was the truth. Now curious, I pumped Linda for more information. Soon she enriched my vocabulary with some more choice words and expressions, such as BONER and BLOWJOB. Whether from the erotic suggestion, or from my natural progression into adolescence, soon I began to get my own boners.I can remember having often played “doctor” in the past, with anyone that would join me; but this new combination of Linda, her budding young body, her sexual knowlege, her lack of inhibitions, and my newfound boners — this was a whole new ballgame. Eventually, as with all adolescent boys, I began sporting wood about every few minutes, whether I wanted to or not. Sometimes I would run excitedly from my room into hers and, closing the door, I would show it to her, proudly, sticking right up out of my pj’s. She would grab it and stroke it gently, which felt great. One time she even popped it into her mouth, which was REALLY fabulous. I would love to entertain you with a nice detailed blowjob story, but the truth is that I was an almost hairless young boy who had never had an orgasm yet, and it was only for a few seconds, anyway. But time marched on and hair grew.You My friend Carl showed me how to jerk off by rubbing the head of my dick with a soft blanket, and I have been pretty well hooked ever since. (These days I don’t use a blanket, and, thanks to my wife, it’s more like once a month now instead of five times a day!) By the time we were fourteen, I began CRAVING some real sex. Unfortunately, Linda had matured faster and was beginning to distance herself from me, whether in favor of actual dates with boyfriends or because she had real titties now. In any case, she was becoming more inhibited and unwilling to play, just when I was starting to really get revved up. I will never know how far she went with these dates, because she wouldn’t even divulge this type of information anymore. But one thing was sure: she still had an itch that needed scratching. I knew this for a fact, because of a weird little game that we developed — at least I THINK it was a game… I never cared much for backrubs, but Linda seemed to love them. Since our parents were always out partying on Saturday nights (but were too cheap to get a sitter), we would often both be home with a bowl of popcorn, on her bed in her room watching the “Double Chiller Theatre” monster movies. For spooky ambience, the only light would be from the little black and white TV set, and we’d be in our pj’s, ready to jump into our beds and feign sleep instantly when we heard our parents stumble in. Linda would ask, “Give me a backrub, wouldja?” I can still replay the scene in my mind’s eye, as if it were happening right now. She had been sitting cross-legged to my right on the edge of her bed, but now she pivots and stretches her legs out behind me. She flops over onto her stomach, resting her head on her arms and facing the TV. Her firm little butt is just touching mine. I reach up under her pajama top and begin to scratch her back gently with my fingernails, making little circles around her shoulder blades. I gradually widen the circles to include her shoulders and the center of her back. Eventually I use my fingers and the flat of my hand to press firmly against her. This causes her pajama top to ride up, baring about half of her back and confirming my suspicions that she is not wearing a bra. I continue rubbing her, all over her back. Her eyes are closed, the monster movie forgotten. I gently ask, “Linda?” and get no response. Is she asleep? I am not sure; let’s find out. I know that she would never let me feel her up if she were awake. I very slowly work my left hand down to under her armpit, massaging all the way. As I continue even further down her ribcage, soon I am at the place where her left breast swells out. I am gently but excitedly stroking the soft skin at the side of her tittie. Her boobs may not be Playboy-huge, but they are right here, right now, soft and warm and smooth and infinitely more accessible than any glossy paper image. They are only like grapefruit halves, but I get a huge lump in my throat as I squint in the dim TV glow and see the smooth curvature that I am caressing. From her position of lying on her stomach, the boob sort of squooshes out to the side, further accenting the exciting roundness.I gently probe under the smooth swell with my fingertips, in hopes of touching the nipple. It is too tight a fit, and I don’t want to wake her and spoil this moment. I wonder if the right one is better situated? I snake my right hand over to her right side, only to find the same position. I can’t reach her nipple just now, not this way, but I am practically trembling with excitement anyway. Just caressing the soft skin on the sides of her titties has caused me to get a raging boner. Technically, this isn’t a “back” rub anymore, so I make sure I am prepared to retreat fast if she wakes up and says anything. But her eyes are still shut tightly and her breathing is even and smooth. I reach under her left forearm and, very gently, pull up slightly as my other hand snakes gently under towards the nipple.My heart stops as she mumbles! She separates her arms and twists over onto her right side, bending her knees slightly behind me. Her pajama top is still halfway up her chest. She still appears to be sleeping soundly. Now I can stroke my hand slowly up her side under the pajama top, stopping at the curve of her breast. I keep softly rubbing her, not yet working up to the coveted nipple. This is partly due to a lack of courage ( I really don’t want to get caught and piss her off) and partly due to a bothersome question: is what I’m doing a form of rape? Of my various fantasies, my violent raping of a woman is not one I particularly enjoy. Even though I may still be a virgin, in my heart I’m a lover, not a fighter. I have to admit that certain movie rape scenes have caused a twinge in my dick; still, it ranks way on down near the bottom of the list, right near the one where I pop some other guy’s dick in my mouth. Yes, a few of these thoughts may have crashed some of my fantasy parties, but they were never invited. I like to think that I don’t have a violent or malicious bone in my body. If anything, I love Linda and will admit it, if pressed. However, one specific bone in my body is throbbing almost painfully. Yes, even at my tender age of fourteen I am already learning the life lesson about thinking with my little head. Slowly but surely, I inch my fingertips up over the curve of her left breast. At last I find the little bump, sticking up firmly. It feels nothing like mine, which are just little flaps of limp skin. Her nipple is more like part of an ear — hard but pliable. I rub it between my thumb and fingers, and it gets even harder and bigger. Linda shifts a little bit and emits a little moan. Quickly, I jerk my hand back and put it in my lap on top of my throbbing dick. As I watch her, Linda still seems to be sleeping. I notice that she is clenching her thighs together a bit; I can see the flexing of her left thigh and her butt muscles. She then shifts again, just a little bit, so that her left leg bends some more, gently kneeing me in the back, and her right leg straightens out some. This is great news, because my desire to feel her tits was nothing compared to my desire to investigate her pussy. She is wearing these little shorty pajama bottoms which have elastic on the legs. I try to shift around sideways to get better access with my hand, but there isn’t room on the bed anymore. I guess I’ll just sit on the floor, but first I kneel up and over her thighs and gently pull the elastic band up from her exposed left leg. I slowly snake my right hand up under the fabric. Her bare skin feels really hot and smooth. I am so excited now that I feel I could squirt in the air without even a single touch to my dick. My hand continues up to the curve of her butt. I find I have to move my elbow almost down to her knee to contort my arm enough to continue up under the elastic barrier; of course, this does not deter me. I slowly move up over the curve until my hand is cupping her left cheek. Then I slowly spin it down, sideways, into her crack. The fabric is partially in my way now, but, with the progress that my fingertips have made, I can feel extreme heat and the fuzzy edges of her pubic hair. I gently let go of the legband from my left hand so that it rests up on my right forearm. I move it over her butt and tug the crotch down and away from her pussy area. She actually quivers a little bit in her sleep, which helps make it happen! My right hand is now touching the back end of her labia, through the fuzz. [/size] I have never been this far with a girl before, although I guess it doesn’t really count since we’re not making out or anything. I start to trail my right fingertips down over her fuzzy pussy lips, watching her face carefully in case she wakes up. Her mouth is open a little bit and she is breathing audibly, but not with a sound sleep type of slow rhythm. Her butt is starting to quiver a little, as though she may be cold. Should I cover her up with a blanket? Instead I keep working my fingertips around over her labia, all the way to the front of her pussy, where it gets seriously hairy. I move back up and over the mysterious folds toward her butt again, and this time I detect a spot that feels a little bit slippery.I start rubbing my finger back and forth where it slides so easily, and freeze as Linda makes a little moaning noise. She is quivering a lot more now and sort of working her left leg back and forth slightly as though she were running in place. Her eyes are firmly shut. I continue rubbing, but my eyes are glued to hers, just in case. As I slip up and down the slick spot on her pussy lips, the slippery area starts to grow. My fingertips travel farther as the available distance increases. Linda continues to quiver. I then notice that my finger is actually slipping down between some of the folds. I am still rubbing back and forth, but within the folds now. I press inwards to try to get inside, but… no dice. I move back up to the top of the folds and discover another inner space, even wetter. This time my fingers slide in easily; it’s even wetter in here.My middle and ring fingers are in up to the nails. Linda makes a little whimper and her quivering is a little bit more jerky and sporadic, not like a shiver from the cold. I withdraw my ring finger and insert my middle finger up to the first knuckle, but my arm is getting to be really contorted now, and her top leg is kind of in the way. I put my left hand down behind her top knee and gently tug it up so that her legs are more spread apart, watching her face the whole time. She slides the leg right up, no problem, but her pajama bottoms are tending to move with her and shrinking what little room I had. Reluctantly, I completely withdraw my hand, but at least her left leg is now about ninety degrees up from her lower leg, almost at the edge of the bed. My knees are killing me, but in all the excitement I hadn’t noticed. There is now room for me up on the bed, between her legs and below her left foot. I move up there, behind her. This time I go for her lower, straight right leg, by grabbing the fabric from the crotch area and gently pulling it out away from her. There is more room to move here; in fact, I think I can pull the elastic out far enough to see her pussy. The light from the TV is not enough to see very well, but I stick my head right down there to look. All I can see is a mass of dark curly hair, but… Oh, my God, the heavenly smell! It hadn’t even occurred to me that I would be able to smell it. My nose is very sensitive; maybe I could have been a winetaster, if only I liked wine. I am completely bowled over by the aroma that those slippery juices are giving off. If I hadn’t loved Linda before, I fall head over heels now. I move closer and closer to her secret perfume spot with my face, inhaling the air deeply. Later I would learn that the buzz I am enjoying is caused by a group of chemicals called pheremones, but right now I can’t care about a single thing, except to not wake Linda up and shut off the source of this divine fragrance.As I get even closer to her pussy, I can see a little better. I can barely make out the labia, which are sort of puffed up and out, not like my little sister’s when I saw her in the bathtub. I have the elastic pulled as far as possible out to her bent left leg in an attempt to get as close as possible. I am on my knees, bent down with my butt in the air and my face inches from her pussy. My aching dick feels like it is made of stone. I am having a hard but intoxicating time, trying to inhale as deeply as possible without exhaling so much that she will feel my breath on her. I decide to get really daring, and I stick my tongue out to touch her labia. From this close, the aroma is making my head spin into total euphoria. I move even closer and lick gently up and down.I can hear Linda moan, so I jerk upright; her eyes are still shut tight, although she is writhing and humping her lower body slightly. I get back down and slowly poke my tongue in as far as I can manage at this awkward angle. My nose goes right up to her butthole, but the pussy aroma is all I can notice, all I live for at this moment. Linda moans and straightens her bent left leg, forcing my head out quickly, and giving me a heart attack. She wiggles around, squirming until she has bent both legs and pointed her butt up into the air, sleeping like a little baby! Is she awake, or sound asleep? After waiting a long minute (maybe ten seconds?) I grab her butt gently and wait for a response. Nothing. I grab the waistband of her pajama bottoms and slowly pull them down, past her hips, and then over the curve of her butt. I can get them all the way down to past the legbands. Her pussy is fully exposed now, and I can see it better with the improved angle. The labia are still mysterious to me, with their secretive folds, but at least there are now two distinct halves visible. I take my middle finger and gently plunge it between these halves. To my great delight and surprise, she wiggles back on it, impaling it further than I would have even dared to stick it in! She is moaning and quivering now, with my finger up her pussy. The rest of my fingers are in the way of further penetration, so I remove the middle one and insert my index finger instead.She moans and wiggles back on it, even more! The walls of her pussy feel like the softest slippery silk, like the inside of a tight but deep toothless mouth. I curve my finger a bit to investigate this new territory. About an inch up, I can feel a somewhat round shape towards the front. I am guessing that this must be the so-called cherry; it is just the right shape and size. How interesting — it is not a resisting barrier. I guess she must have gone all the way already with someone. It feels as though another finger might fit in her, so I pull my index out and add my middle finger, which is still wet from before. As I continue probing and stroking the sides, finger-fucking her, she moans and wiggles spasmodically. Since she still pushes back, and since I don’t feel any resistance, and since my dick is leaking all kinds of slick juice from the excitement, I wonder whether I could get away with positioning myself to stick my dick inside of her? I get up to where it is close, but her butt is not far back enough to make contact without actually laying on top of her. I guess I could do it if there were a trapeze hanging from the ceiling. [/size] There is just not going to be a way to get in her without waking her up, and I will be dead meat if she wakes up and finds out what is going on. Oh, well. I have food for solo fantasies for the rest of my life now, without the ultimate violation. Anyway, I don’t have a rubber; what if she got pregnant? As a consolation, I decide to try to at least lick her pussy, which is something I have only heard about. This time I stand up and put my left foot over her on the far side of the bed, so that I am straddling her and looking at her butt upside down. With my left hand I pull her pajama bottoms just a little further down her legs; I lean on my straightened right arm to suspend myself above her. I swoop my face down to that beautiful and mysterious spot once again. With my face practically upside down, my nose is bumping right up against the front of her slit, and if I thought the smell was good before, it is even better now. Without hesitating I plunge my tongue into her. [/size] She moans again and shoves her butt up to my face for better access. I lick all the way up the full length of her slit to the front and diddle around, experimenting, looking for the legendary clit. She begins to grunt “mmph!” as she starts to hump the air beneath her. I pop up for a second to make sure that she is still asleep, and then go back to town. She resumes her humping and grunting as I resume toying with what seems to be the right spot. My boner is killing me, aching to plunge into her. I keep on flicking my tongue back and forth, in and out, up and down, as she keeps on gyrating her hips around faster and faster, around and around. As she keeps getting even wetter, I am finding out that the taste of her pussy juice is wonderful. I have never been this turned on in my short life, and I can’t tell whether it’s because of the smell, the taste, or the texture; but it certainly is her pussy that’s causing it. I am getting carried away, constantly flicking my tongue even faster, and covering her entire pussy with my mouth as though we are having a really wild and sloppy French kiss. Sometimes I try slowing my tongue down to test her reaction, which she unconsciously makes clear by her moans and by the wiggling of her butt. Sometimes I move my tongue in and out, sometimes in circles one way and then the other, sometimes back and forth, sometimes in combinations of these. After a few minutes of this, her humping just can’t get any faster. I can’t really tell if her hips are moving now; they are locked rigid, motionless, yet at the same time they are moving so fast that they seem to be almost vibrating. Oh, man; I think she may be coming! The very idea is so exciting that I’m afraid my dick is going to explode. Now her pussy is starting to make these gulping noises, kind of like farts, but more like kissing the air. Also, each time she exhales she is letting out a really long grunting sound; it sounds like some African animal charging. She makes these loud groans for at least five or six breaths. I’m thinking she is going to wake HERSELF up. I am not sure whether to hang on tight or run away before this happens. I decide to stand up and get ready to bolt. At this point, I just hope that she will think that she had a very erotic dream. Still trembling, her hips very slowly sink back down to the surface of the bed. I pull her pajama bottoms up over her butt at the last minute. In the glow from the TV test pattern, I look at her closed eyes once again and notice that she has sort of rosy cheeks and a very light glow of sweat all over her face. She is beginning to breathe more normally as I leave the room.At the top of the stairs, before going down to my own room, I grab my swollen dick and give it one really good hard squeeze. Without even a single pull, I gasp as I shoot out all over the stairway wallpaper. Through my blurred vision I can see a big blob of my goo on the far wall, way up near the ceiling. I don’t think I can reach that high to wipe it off, even if I wanted to.[/size]So… about this game: was she feigning sleep or not? I suspect so, but I will never know for sure. But I must add that this story is a compilation of my memories of MANY such similar incidents.Ultimately I couldn’t take the frustration of the one-way pleasure trip. If only she had said, “I’ll make it worth your while,” or had somehow given me some hope of reciprocation…THAT’S the real food for some of my fantasies, even today, 30 years later. However, to this day, I am not one of those many men who, I suspect, go down on a woman just for the idea that they will likely soon get a blowjob. I still CRAVE the taste and smell and sensations, and get turned on, nearly to the point of orgasm, by licking my wife’s pussy. Guess what? This causes no complaints in our household..Comment on this My sexy Step sister’s Hot sex story .

My Girlfriends Daughter sex story

My Girlfriends Daughter sex story

I met the woman, like I now meet most of my “dates,” on Craigslist. I answered her ad for a “massage,” and we traded a few e-mails in
double-talk, until we got the shit straightened out. She knew what I wanted, and I finally knew what she would do, and we were both happy. Her at the price, and me at the “services.” This story will probably use a lot of quotes; sorry. The deal was to meet at a motel up in the city, Friday night, six-ish. I
was there a half hour early, and sat in the parking lot and watched the
room, as is my habit. No cops went into the room, at least. But a few
minutes after I arrived, a woman and a young girl got out of a car, and
entered the room. I was a little surprised, I was pretty sure the room
number was what she’d told me… I checked it again, and yeah… it was
right. She had a girl with her? What did that mean? I wondered if her
husband or boyfriend would arrive to take the girl while she conducted
“business.” I wondered, due to my suspicious nature, if he was already in the room. Finally, at six, there wasn’t anything else to do. I locked my car, took a few deep breaths, got ready to run just in case, and knocked on the door. The woman that answered the door was attractive, and exactly as her picture had portrayed. Maybe late twenties or early thirties, shoulder-length brunette hair, nice attractive features. Her body was outstanding, I could tell even though she had clothes on. She was wearing a t-shirt and bicycle pants, and the contours of her body were shown plainly. She motioned me into the room, but I stayed outside. (more…)

Bhabi ki chudia in Hindi

बात थोड़ी पुरानी हो चुकी है लेकिन लगता है जैसे कल की ही बात है। मै अपने मम्मी पापा व दादी के साथ रहता हूँ , एक बार मेरे मम्मी पापा को मेरे मामा की बेटी की शादी में लुधियाना जाना पड़ा , उनके एक ही बेटी है इसलिए शादी भी बड़ी धूम धाम से हो रही थी। दिक्कत यह थी कि मेरे बी टेक के एग्जाम चल रहे थे इसलिए मै जा नहीं सकता था और मेरी दादी बहुत बुजुर्ग होने के कारण नहीं जा सकती थी वह सारा दिन या तो पूजा करती रहती है या बेड पर लेटी खर्राटे मारती है । अतः यह तय हुआ कि एक हफ्ते के लिए मेरे ताऊ जी की छोटी बहू जिनकी शादी अभी पिछले महीने ही हुई थी , को बुला दिया जाय। पापा ने ताऊ जी को फोन करके सारी बात बतादी व छोटी भाभी को भेजने को कह दिया। दूसरे दिन छोटे भैय्या भाभी को लेकर आ गए तो मम्मी पापा शादी में चले गए , भैय्या भी भाभी को छोड़ कर शाम की ट्रेन से गाँव चले गए। इस तरह मै , भाभी और दादी ही अब घर में थे।
भाभी ५ बहनों में सबसे छोटी है व उस वक्त सिर्फ १* साल की थी जबकि मेरे भैय्या ३५ साल के थे , इस बेमेल शादी का कारण भाभी के पिता का न होना व बहुत ही गरीब होना था इधर बेरोजगार व नशेडी होने के कारण भैय्या की भी शादी नहीं हो रही थी किन्तु ताऊ जी पुलिस में इंस्पेक्टर थे अतः उन्होंने किसी तरह चक्कर चला कर यह शादी करवा ली। भाभी क्या थी बिलकुल अप्सरा , इतनी खूबसूरत कि छू दो तो मैली हो जाये। लेकिन मेरे मन में उनके लिए कोई भी गलत विचार नहीं था। उस दिन जब मै भैय्या को स्टेशन छोड़ कर घर आया तो मैंने भाभी की कमर में हाथ डाल कर कहा , ” और सुनाओ भाभी , कैसी रही सुहागरात और कैसे कटा पिछ्ला महीना ” भाभी ने कोई ज़बाब नहीं दिया चुपचाप किचिन में जाकर खाना बनाने लगी। मैंने भी कोई ध्यान नहीं दिया। रात को मम्मी पापा थे नहीं सो मै जाकर एक क्वाटर व्हिस्की का चुपचाप ला कर पी गया और भाभी से बोला ,” भाभी जल्दी खाना लगा दो , मुझे नींद आ रही है ” भाभी बोली ,” नींद आ रही है या दारू चढ़ गयी है ” मैने धीरे से उनसे चुप रहने की रिक्वेस्ट की और जल्दी से कमरे में जाकर लेट गया। लेकिन मै स्टोर से भाभी के लिए बिस्तर निकालना भूल गया। रात में जब मेने करवट ली तो मुझे लगा कि कोई मेरे बगल में लेटा है , मैंने उठ कर लाइट जला कर देखा तो भाभी मेरे बेड पर ही लेटी थी। सोते में उनके सीने से पल्लू हट गया था व नीचे से भी साडी घुटनों से ऊपर आ चुकी थी। उनकी मस्त चूची व चिकनी दूधिया जांघो को देखकर मेरा सारा नशा हिरन हो गया। भाभी कही जग ना जाये इसलिए मैंने तुरन्त ही लाइट बंद कर दी लेकिन वह चूची और जांघो का सीन मेरी हालत पतली कर रहा था। मै धीरे से भाभी के बगल में आकर लेट गया लेकिन मेरी नींद उड़ चुकी थी। मैंने धीरे से अपनी लुंगी उतार कर फ़ेंक दी व केवल अंडरवियर में लेट गया फिर धीरे से मैंने एक हाथ भाभी के नंगे पेट पर और एक टांग उनकी चिकनी जाँघ पर रख ली , जब मैंने देखा भाभी ने कोई नोटिस नहीं लिया तो मैंने धीरे से अपनी टांग ऊपर खिसका कर अपना हाथ उनकी मस्त चूची पर रख लिया। मेरा घुटना अब उनकी चूत को टच कर रहा था। ये पता चलने पर कि उन्होंने चड्डी नहीं पहन रक्खी है , मेरा लंड टाइट होने लगा और मुझ पर मस्ती छाने लगी मैंने धीरे से फिर अपना घुटना उनकी रोंयेदार चूत पर रख कर उनकी चूची को हलके से दबाना शुरू कर दिया। अब मेरा मस्ती से बुरा हाल था व मेरा लंड बुरी तरह फनफना रहा था। मैंने धीरे से अपना अंडरवीयर भी उतार दिया , अब मेरा लंड फनफना कर खड़ा था। मैंने धीरे से अपना हाथ उनकी चूत पर रख दिया। उनकी चूत पर हलके हलके रोंये से महसूस हो रहे थे , मस्ती में गलती से मेरा हाथ ने चूत को रगड़ दिया , भाभी ने कुनमुना कर मेरी तरफ करवट लेकर एक टांग मेरे ऊपर रख कर मेरे गले में एक बांह डाल ली , तब मेरी समझ में आया कि वो शायद मुझे भैय्या समझ रही थी अतः अब मेरी हिम्मत और बढ़ गयी। अब मेरा लंड उनकी चूत से टकरा रहा था मैंने धीरे से उनके ब्लाउज के हुक खोल दिए व फिर पीछे से धीरे से उनकी ब्रा का हुक भी खोल दिया , अब उनकी चूचियों को मैंने धीरे धीरे सहलाना शुरू कर दिया। आप लोग शायद यकीन नहीं करेंगे लेकिन उस वक्त मुझे जन्नत का मजा आ रहा था। अचानक भाभी ने कुनमुना कर मेरा हाथ पकड़ लिया और बोली ,” मान जाओ जी ! आपसे होता हवाता तो कुछ है नहीं बस अपना लंड मेरी चूत से रगड़ कर पानी निकाल कर मुझे जलता छोड़ कर सो जाओगे” तब मुझे असलियत पता चली कि भैय्या अभी तक भाभी को चोद नहीं पाए है , वो नशा इतना ज्यादा करते है कि उनका लंड फिर खड़ा ही नहीं होता था। अब तो यह जान कर कि भाभी अभी तक कुंवारी है , मेरा लंड बिल्कुल रॉड की तरह सीधा तन गया। मैंने धीरे से कमर आगे करके लंड का दबाब उनकी चूत पर डाल कर उन्हें अपनी बांहों में ले लिया। जैसे ही मेरे लंड को उन्होंने महसूस किया वैसे ही वह चौंक कर बोली ,” अरे भैय्याजी आप ! हे भगवान , मै इनको समझ रही थी , भैय्याजी ये सब गलत है , किसी को पता चल गया तो” मैंने भाभी को और कस कर बांहों में दबोच कर अपने लंड का दबाब बढ़ाते हुए बोला ,” क्या भाभी ! घर में कोई नहीं है , मेरे और तुम्हारे सिवा यह बात किसे पता चलेगी” भाभी पर भी धीरे धीरे मस्ती छा रही थी सो वो बोली ,” ठीक है भैय्या ! जैसा तुम ठीक समझो” यह सुनकर अब मै निश्चिन्त हो गया , मैंने भाभी से कहा ,” भाभी ! प्लीज जरा ये कपडे उतार दो , नगे होकर अगर चुदाई कराओगी तो बहुत मजा आयेगा” भाभी दोनों हाथो से अपना चेहरा ढँक कर बोली ,” मुझे शरम आती है ,” तब मैंने खुद ही उठ कर उनकी साड़ी उतार कर सारे कपडे उतार दिए व नाईट बल्ब बंद करके ट्यूब लाइट जला दी। भाभी का नंगा शरीर देख कर मेरा लंड काले नाग की तरह फुंफकारने लगा , भाभी की नारंगी जैसी दूधिया चुचियाँ मस्त टाइट हो रही थी , उनके गुलाबी निप्पल सीधे तने मुझे ललकार रहे थे। जैसे ही मैंने लाइट जलाई , भाभी बोली , ” हाय भैय्या ! प्लीज लाइट बंद कर दो ना , मुझे बहुत शरम आ रही है” “क्या भाभी ! रोशनी में चोदने और चुदवाने का अलग ही मजा होता है” मै उनके बगल में लेटता हुआ बोला। “बड़े बेशरम हो भैय्याजी”
अब मै बिना किसी डर के बेख़ौफ़ भाभी के होंठो को चूस रहा था और मेरे हाथ उनकी मस्त नारंगी जैसी चूचियो को मसल रहे थे साथ ही साथ मै धीरे धीरे कमर को आगे पीछे करते हुए अपना लंड उनकी मस्त छोटे छोटे रोंयेदार चूत पर रगड़ रहा था। भाभी भी अब फुल मस्ती में आ चुकी थी लेकिन मुझे पता था कि उनकी चूत में अभी तक लंड पेला नहीं गया है इसलिए मै बहुत तसल्ली से काम ले रहा था। मैंने अपने फनफनाते हुए लंड को धीरे से उनके हाथ में थमा दिया , ” ये डंडा सा क्या पकड़ा दिया भैय्या ……….. हाय मैय्या ! इतना बड़ा और मोटा लंड ??????? ये मेरी चूत में कैसे जायेगा , मेरी तो चूत की धज्जियाँ उड़ जाएंगी , ना भैय्या ना , प्लीज इससे तुम मुझे मत चोदना” भाभी गिडगिडाते हुए बोली। ” तुम पागल हो क्या भाभी ! चूत की भी कभी धज्जियाँ उडी है ? चूत तो बिल्कुल रबड़ जैसी होती है , उसमे जैसा भी लंड पेलो वो उसी के साइज़ में फैल जाती है” मै भाभी को समझाते हुए बोला। ” सच्ची भैय्या ! देखो अपनी भाभी की चूत का ख्याल रखना” ” तुम बिल्कुल चिंता मत करो , बस थोडा सा जब पहली बार लंड तुम्हारी चूत में जाकर अपनी जगह बनाएगा तो दर्द होगा बस फिर दो चार बार अन्दर बाहर होते ही जगह बन जाएगी और फिर मौजा ही मौजा होगी मेरी भाभी जानेमन”
मैंने कस कर लंड को भाभी की कमसिन कुंवारी चूत पर रगड़ना शुरू कर दिया , भाभी भी अब सिसकारियाँ लेने लगीं थी। उनकी चूत पनीली हो चुकी थी। ” हाय हाय ! बहुत मजा आ रहा है भैय्याजी , इतना मजा तो मुझे आज तक नहीं मिला , ऒऒऒओह भैय्या ……. आआआआआह मेरी जान , अब अपने इस लंड को मेरी चूत में पेलो ना …… ओ भैय्या …… तुम बस चोदो अब ….. ज्यादा से ज्यादा मेरी चूत की धज्जियाँ ही तो उडेंगी तो उड़ जाने दो बस अब तुम मेरी चूत को आज ढंग से चोद दो मेरे राजा” भाभी को इस तरह बडबड़ाते देख कर मै समझ गया कि भाभी अब पूरी तरह से मस्ती में आ चुकी है , मैंने उनके दोनों कंधो को कस कर पकड़ कर एक झटके में अपना आधा लंड उनकी चूत में ठांस दिया। ” हाआआआय भैय्या ! मर गयी …….. प्लीज अपने लंड को बाहर निकाल लो , मै तुम्हारे पाँव पड़ती हूँ ” बस बस मेरी जान थोडा सा सबर करो , मैंने तुम्हे समझाया था ना …… बस थोडा सा और उसके बाद फिर जन्नत है मेरी जान ” यह कह कर मैंने चुचियों को रगड़ते हुए बाकी का लंड भी भाभी की चूत में पेल दिया। ” हाय हाय निर्दयी ! तेरे दिल में बिलकुल भी रहम नहीं ……. छोड़ दे मुझे कमीने” भाभी ने अब दर्द से छटपट़ाते हुए गलियाँ बकनी शुरू कर दी लेकिन मैंने बिना उन्हें छोड़े लंड को एक बार बाहर निकाल कर एक झटके में पूरा ठांस दिया , लंड भाभी की चूत को चीरता हुआ जड़ तक पेवश्त हो गया  ” ओ मर गयी कमीने ! तूने मेरी चूत फाड डाली …….. भगवान करे तेरी बहन को गधे के लंड जैसा खसम चोदे और उसकी चूत फाड के रख दे …….. अब तो छोड़ दे कमीने ” कहती हुई भाभी जोर जोर से रोने लगी। मैंने भाभी को पुचकारते हुए उन्हें समझाया ” मेरी जान , लंड को तुम्हारी चूत में जो जगह बनानी थी वो बना चुका , अब जब मजे की बारी आई तो तुम चिल्ला रही हो , मैंने तुम्हे क्या कहा था ?” ” सच्ची कह रहे हो भैय्याजी ” ” बिलकुल सच्ची मेरी जान” यह कह कर मैंने भाभी की टांगे ऊपर की तरफ उठा कर फैला दी जिससे चूत भी थोड़ी फैल गयी और लंड को आराम से पूरी आने जाने को जगह भी मिल गयी। अब मैंने बिना रुके अपने लंड की राजधानी एक्सप्रेस भाभी की चूत की पटरी पर फुल स्पीड से दौड़ा दी। हाय हाय करने वाली भाभी अब कमर उचका उचका कर चुदवाने में सहयोग कर रही थी। ” हाय भैय्याजी ! तुम सही कह रहे थे , वाकई अब तो जन्नत का सा मजा आ रहा है …….. आआआह और चोदो मेरे राजा ……… पूरा लंड अब ठांस दो मेरी चूत में , और चोदो आआआआह आआआआआह ओ मेरे राजा आआआआआआआआअह ऒऒओह बाआआआआस” यह कह कर भाभी मुझसे कस कर चिपक गयी। मुझे अपने लंड पर गरम गरम लावा सा बहता महसूस हुआ , भाभी पूरी तरह से मस्त होकर झड चुकी थी , मेरी गाड़ी भी अब स्टेशन के नजदीक थी , मैंने फुल स्पीड में भाभी को चोदना शुरू कर दिया , थोड़ी देर में मेरे लंड ने भी भाभी की चूत में फव्वारा छोड़ दिया , काफी देर तक हम दोनों ऐसे ही पड़े रहे और एक दूसरे की बांहों में नंगे ही सो गए … रात में एक बार जब आँख खुली तो देखा लंड फिर खड़ा था मैंने भाभी की चूत में डाल के फिर एक बार कस कर भाभी को चोदा , इस बार भाभी ने भी कमर नचा नचा कर चुदाई का पूरा मजा लिया फिर हम लोग नंगे ही सो गए , कपडे पहनने की अब हम दोनों में से किसी को भी शायद जरूरत नहीं थी। यह कहानी सौ प्रतिशत बिलकुल सही है।

Desi sex story : Badi did ki mast chudai in home

Desi sex story : Badi did ki mast chudai in home
While driving on main highway, i am on driving seat with my didi, she was unconfirtable while sitting next to me. Didi kaya baat hai? Kuch nahi abhi or litnee door hai? Didi abhi to kam sa kam 5 ghanta lag sakta hayin, acha yahan pass koe rest house ya asee jagha? Didi tum paga ho gee ho, yahan beech rocks, kaya tum sapna dakh rahi ho yahan kon banaa ga rest house, preet (her name) didi huva kaya hai kuch to batao. Chotu mujha chee lagee hai baree zor sa, ha ha ha ha ha ha, to rok kar rakhoo 5 ghanta is sa zayada be lag sakta hayin. Ara chotu toon joke mar raha hai mai serious hoon, ara didi mai garee rokta hoon tum pass main kar lo, nahi nahi mujha dar lagta hai, to fir rok kar rakhoo 5 ghanta. Nahi rok saktee chotu qasam sa mai mazakh nahi kar rahi.

Ok ok, pichee seat ka neecha oil ki khalee bottle paree hai if u dont mind kar lo, ok theak hai stop the car, didi asa he chalee jao, ab roko plz,

Maina garee rokee didi pichlee seat par chalee gee, apni pent ki zip open kar ka panti blue color ki aik side par kar ka, zor ki awaz ana lagi, cheee like this. Almost didi na bottle half ful kar lee thee, didi driving seat ki back side par nahi thee balka dossre side par thee, fir be maina aik bar didi ko peecha mur ka dakha zaroor jab vo neele panti ko aik side par ar rhi thee, magar didi mujha he dakh rahi thee kaheen mai to nahi dakh raha isee leya maina apna dhayan seedha aga ko kar deya, chotu zara mujha tissue pakrana, maina aga dakhta he didi ko 3,4 tissue pakra deya, fir didi na apna bag sa pani ki bottle nikalee or hath dho kar piss wali bottle bahir fank dee or khud aga front par mara sath wapis a gee, fir dash board sa tissue paper daba main sa nikal kar aik lambe sans lee or apna hath saaf kar leya.

Ab garee chaloo karo hama ghar be pounchana hai, didi mujha be che lagi hai na, ap na to bottle be neecha fank dee, ara chotu toon bahir kar a na, kaya toon larkee hai jo maree tarha dar rahi hai? Ara nahi didi. To fir ja kar a, theak hai mai abhi ata hoon, sun ya bottle la ja hath dho lana, theak hai, mai samna parr ka neecha khara ho kar chee karna laga, lakin jaldee main chee karna ka baad zip band karta huva zip kharab ho gee shukar hai underware pehnee thee, magar ab mai sochna laga,

Fir mai jeans ki pent ko theak karta huva driving seat par a kar bath gaya or apni zip par garee ka ganda kapra jis sa mai garee saaf karta tha vo dal leya,

Ara chotu kaya baat hai kaya chupa raha hai, didi maree pent ki zip kharab ho gee hai, oh besharam kahean ka ab apni didi ka sath asa batha ga kaya? Didi majboore hai bura sa moon bana kar mai bola. Ha ha ha chot toon abhi be bacha he hai,

Quain didi kaya huva? Kuch nahi garee chala, rasta main batain karta karta didi so gee, or garee be kafee garam ho chukee thee maina socha pani dal kar thanda kar lata hoon, or maina asa he keya, walsi par darwaza kholta huva didi par aik nazar paree, didi ki eyes closee theen.

Didi ki age to thee 22 magar lagtee zara baree theen. Us ki shirt thoree upar uthee hue thee, or peecha take lana ka karan kafee tight kichee hue thee, un ki body kafee ubrhee hue thee, shahid 32 ka araound thee, fir mareee nazar didi ka nanga badan par paree jahan sa shirt uthee hue thee thoree see, bohat gora badan tha didi ka, koe forignor lagtee thee, fir jab nazar or neecha ae didi ka not too big but enough in tight jeans dakhta he mai to pagal se hona lagi or sochna laga agar ya maree girl friend hote to mai isa abhi kuch kar data, magar mai fir aram sa seat par bath gaya,

Ak baar fir sa didi ki or dakhna laga, didi ki patlee nak or bare bare eyes jo close theen, mota mota lips jis par mehroon color ki lipstic, didi ka nales kafee bara or in par be pink color ki nalepolish, didi na matching main lagae thee, pink coclour ki shirt ka sath, ball khula huva na bohat bara na chota, bus stylish sa, fir maree nazar didi ka foot par paree. Didi na unchee heel wale joote matching main pehnee thee, jab maina joote heel main dakhee to mujha college ki friend yaad a gee jis na 1st time maree petae asee he joote sa kee thee magar ab vo maree best girlfriend hai college main.

Vo baat yaad ae to jaldee sa garee tart kee or sara dhayan driving par divert kar deya, didi maza sa seat peecha kar ka so rahi thee, or mai apna dhayan na chahta huva be didi sa hata nahi pa raha tha,

Wasa mai ap bata doon mai or didi kafee free hayin, french kiss sa hug tak to normal baat hai magar is sa zayada ka kabhi socha be nahi tha, aj quain asa huva i dont no. Fir mai or didi aik sath sota sirf bed alag rehta, didi jab udas hotee to maree goad main sir rakh kar muj sa apni har bat share kartee or mai be same asa he karta.

Mara dil kah raha tha aj kuch garbare ho gee, kuch bohat bura hona ja raha tha, isee soch main blust ki awaz ae, or pata chala garee ka tire panchar ho gaya,

Kaya huva kaya huva chotu. Kuch nahi didi tum so raho tumha kaya laga kaya huva, fir be kaya huva? Ara didi tire blust kar gaya hai, stpny paree hai change kar loon ga dont worry, bus apni neend poore karo,

Is taraf to mara dhayan he nahi gaya, jab didi na apni shirt ka upar wala button band keya, jab band kar rahi thee o maina be note keya ka line to bohat neecha tak nazar a rahi thee, ya kaya maree nazar thee kahan kuch samaj nahi a rahi thee, mai ya soch raha tha ka didi na mujha dakhta huva apna forehead par lines bana kar poocha abha chotu kaya baat hai kahan kho gaya hai? Kuch nahi didi mara dil kah raha hai aj kuch bura hona wala hai, bhagwan sab theak kara ga, bus toon tire change kar da. Maina kar ka wapis a gaya seat par.

Didi ko dakhta huva bole didi tum ho bohat sundar. Hain vo to mai hoon magar achanak mai kahan sa yaad a gee, kaya huva hai tujha? Pata nahi, plz aik baar kiss karo gee. Hain fir didi na mujha jaldee sa cheek par kiss kar dee, ya wali nahi jo mujha ap kartee ho akala main vo wali plz, nahi vo wali ghar ja kar. Nahi abhi nahi abhi plz plz.

Isee beech, mujha zor zor ki didi ki awazain aee, uth ja chotu mom dad nashta par intazar kar raha hayin, maree ankh khulee to samna didi normal kaproon main kharee bol rahi thee mama papa nashta par bula raha hayin ab uth ja,

Kaya didi itna acha sapna dakh raha tha, abhi to ap mujha kiss karna lagi thee, ruk mai tujha abhi kiss kartee hoon, bed par sa palu utha kar mujha marna lagi tuhta hai ya mai bataon tujha, ok ok didi uth raha hoon kabhi kuch acha mat hona da, fir jaldee sa fresh ho kar nashta ki table par pounch gaya, fir mom dad office chala gaa didi na nashta ka barton kitchen main rakh deya jisa mousi dho kar ghar ka kam karna ka baad calee gee or didi be free ho gee,

Mai hamara room main study kar raha tha, didi aram sa room main enter hue mara peecha a kar mujha zor sa apni bahoon main bheench kar boli kiss karoon? Nahi didi fir tum bhag jatee ho or mara dil bura ho jata hai, acha to bata to sahi apni didi ko tara dil kaya karta hai, didi pehla tum batao,

Mara dil onnnnn mara dil karta hai apna bhai ki goad main bath kar dhar saree batain karoon, or dhar saree kiss be, ab toon bata, mara dil asa he batain karna ko karta hai,

Fir didi aga a kar maree goad main gir gee la mai a gee, mara lips par kiss karta huva aik hath maree back par la gae, ara chotu toon apni girl frind ka sath asa he batha tha na last monday college ground main, hain didi asa he, to vo kaya kar rahi thee, kuch nahi didi bus hum asa he natha tha, jhoot mat bol mai dakh rahi thee, such didi mujha nahi pata, bata na kaya kar rahi thee vo, didi kaya tum na nahi dekha tha? Dakha rahi thee magar toon bata,

Didi kaya baat kartee ho shame on u, kiss baat ki shame? Chta bhai sa vo sab pooch rahi ho, to kaya huva bahi ki goad main bath saktee hoon to vo nahi pooch nahi saktee. Bus rehna do kuch or baat karo, ok mai fir ja rahi hoon mujha kuch kam hai. Ok ok batata hoon tum bohat zidde ho didi,

Par didi kaya mai tumha vo sab bataon? Hain sab kuch, didi tum maree real bahan ho to kaya huva tum sirf batao ga, karo ga thoree, acha theak hai, magar aik baat hai na? Ab kaya baat hai, tum aik kam karna na, kal jab mai college jaon ga um chup kar dakh lana, didi maree goad main sa nikal kar boli chal hatt toon budho he raha ga, ya sun kar maina didi ka hath pakar kar fir sa didi ko goad main bethata huva un ka lips par kiss ki or fir cheek par be fir mai bola mai budhoo nahi hoon, but jo tum kah rahi ho us main mujha sharam atee hai, to budho he ho na fir. Nahi hoon budhoo mai, tum budhoo ho, nahi hoon. Jab maina kaha mai budhoo nahi hoon to fir nahi hoon, or jab mai kah rahi hoon tum budhoo ho to tum budhoo ho,

Mujha ghusa a gaya or maina apni pent par didi ka hath rakh kar didi ka hath sa apna land masalna laga, didi kuch na boli bus halkee see muskarahat da rahi thee eyes band kar ka, bus ya sab vo kar rahi thee or mai karva raha tha. Besharam kahean ka bus itna sa he karvaya tha is sa zayada kuch nahi, nahi is sa zayada kuch nahi.

To fir tum dunya ka sab sa bara budhoo ho, to mai kaya karta wahan sab dost tha is sa zayada kuch kar be nahi sakta tha maree sweet didi, to ghar main kar sakta ho na? Hain ya to maina socha nahi, magar mujha nahi pata vo aa ge ya nahi, or tumhara hota huva didi vo nahi aa ge. Ara try karo or bolna mai akala hoon, theak hai,

Fir phone karta huva maina usa bol deya or mara ghar par a jaa mai akala hoon, vo boli mai nahi aj a saktee fir kabhi aa ge, maina wajha pooche to boli mai zara mom ka sath bahir ja rahi hoon, ok theak hai fir kabhi sahi.

Bus didi ab? Ab kaya ab kuch nahi, didi abhi tak maree goad main thee, or mara land poore tarha un ki ass main chub raha tha, ahista sa boli chotu apna khelona ko peecha kar bohat chub raha hai, didi tum be na bohat besharam ho gee ho.

Tum na chotu bana deya hai, tum be na kabhi kabhi bilkul bacha ban jata ho. Kaya karoon didi bus bachoon ka bohat maza hota hayin, hain ya to theak baat kahi toona. Vo innocent see masteeyaan jin ko yaad kar ka mai bohat acha feel karta hoon or bohat hansta hoon.

Hain mai be kabhi kabhi sochtee hoon jab mai or toon aik he bed par sota tha to toon chee kar data tha or mai tujha bohat dantee thee toon rota huva mom dad ka pass sona chala jata tha, or roz raat main yahi larae hotee thee. Or didi vo game jo hum store main khalta tha? Kon see jab mai chuptee thee or toon mujha dhondta tha, hain wahi wali jab tum mil jatee thee to mai tum sa larae karta tha, hain or jab mai thak jatee thee or store main he late jatee thee or tum mujha tab be marta tha or jab mai kuch nahi bolte tum mara upar bath jata tha, hain hain or kuch dar baad didi tum boltee thee uth motu tara bohat wazon hai, such didi kitna maza ata tha, wasa ab to mai mota nahi hoon.

Hain ab toon chotu bohat smart ho gaya hai, or ab to taree girlfriend be bohat hayin. Yaad hai tujha jab tujha girlfriend ka pata chala to taree sab friends tuj sa door bhagtee theen vo bolte theen toon mota hai, hain didi fir ap maree girlfriend bantee thee, didi kaya aj tum maree girlfriend bano gee? Hain quain nahi agar us waqt ban saktee thee to aj nahi, aj to smart be hai or chikna be,

Didi ap ba na wasa he mujha chikna bolte ho, mujha nahi acha lagta, magar chotu taree didi ko toon chikna lagta hai.

Chalo aj game khalta hayin wahi chupna wali. Theak hai. Didi 1st mai chupta hoon fir tum, theak hai, mai apni purani jagha par chu gaya or didi na mujha peecha sa a kar pakar leya or zor sa hug jhapee dal lee, mara dil bol raha tha plz didi mujha mat chorna. Shahid didi ka dil be yahi kah raha tha isee leya unho na mujha pakakr kar rakha mai un ka naram jisam apni back par mehsoos karna laga un ka boobs maree peeth par or un ka sir mara shoulder sa thora neecha aram sa para huva un ka hath mara aga sa gira bandh kar or un ki fingers mara seena par gudgudee kartee hue, ya sab unforgetable tha,

Fir kafee dar asa rehna ka baad didi na mujha chor deya or ghabrae hue awaz main boli chikna abmai chuptee hoon tum dhondna. Theak hai didi. Fir didi be apni purani jagha par chupee or maina be foran dhond leya, magar maina front sa didi ko dakha, didi bheege billee ki tarha eyes band kar ka bathee thee, maina didi ko hands sa pakar leya, didi apni eyes open kartee hue kharee ho gee, or muj sa lipat gee didi ki garam sansa mai mehsoos kar sakta thee, didi ka sir mara seena sa thora upar tha. Ab didi maree eyes main eyes dal kar khamosh kharee thee, asa lag raha tha jasa kuch kahna chahtee hai jo pichla kae saloon sa kahna cha rahi hai magar kah nahi saktee. Aik ranjish aik bandish, kuch be ho magar shahid aj mai or didi sab bhool chuka tha,

Maina didi ko pehlee baar apni bahoon main bhanj leya dossre nazar sa, didi na be usee josh sa mujha daboch leya, or store main he khara ho kar aik na khatam hona wali kahani ki shuruat ho gee, mai or didi lips ka sath lips jor kar kissing karna laga, ya kissing pela be karta tha magar aj kuch new tha, itnee zor sa aik dossra ko daboch leya ka hava be rasta nahi bana pa rahi thee.

Kissing karta huva didi neecha zameen par latee ge, or fir be kissing nahi toote, didi ki sans taaz hona lagi or vo zameen par apna par marna lagi means ahista ahista tarapna lagi, didi ki eyes main eyes dal kar hath neecha boobs par rakha to didi na eyes band lee mazboote sa, mao pehlee bar didi ka boobs hath main pakar kar masalna laga, bohat he naram boobs didi ka mara dono hathoon main a chuka tha jinha mai aram aram sa duba raha tha.

Didi ka hath zameen par para kapra ko mazboote sa pakra huva tha, fir maina didi ki shirt ka button open kar deya, didi ki eyes still close theen. Didi koe baat nahi bus didi ki shirt utar kar bra ka hook neecha hath dal kar khol leya. Didi ka hatana ka baad didi ka seena mara samna completely nanga tha. Or mujha kaya huva ka maina didi ki chote brown nipple ko bite karna laga. Didi ka moon sa sisree niklee magar fir sa control kar leya. Bare bare dono boobs or nipples ko chat chat kar red kar deya, or maree bite ka nishan didi ka boobs par nazar ana laga.

Mara hath didi ki pent ki zip par tha zip kholna ka baad didi ki pent ka button be khol deya thoree se side par kar ka mai didi ki pantee ka upar sa fudee ko sulhana laga, didi ki pantee poore tarha geele thee, didi ki pent neecha karta huva didi na apni legs fold kar lee or maina aram sa pent nikal lee, didi ki panti be nikalna ka baad kafee dar tak didi ki fudee ko aram aram sa sulhata raha,

Is ka baad didi ki fudee main 1 finger dal lee or khud didi ka lips par kissing karna laga, finger in out hona ka sath sath he didi ki siskareeyan taaz hona lageen or vo out of control hona lagee.
Fir mai ruk gaya or poore tarha sa peecha hatt gaya, mai apna kapra khol raha tha to didi na apni eyes open kar le, magar jab mara hath maree pent ka upar dekha to foran eyes band kar lee. Fir maina apna sara kapra khol leya or ddi ka pass bath gaya. Fir sa kuch kissinf ki or didi ka hath pakar kar apna 7″ tana huva land par rakh deya didi na mazboote sa pakar leya or muthee band kar lee, maina didi ka hath par par hath rakha or ahista ahista aga peecha karna laga,

Is ka baad ab mai didi ka pass sa nikal kar thora neecha ko jhuka, fir sa didi ki fudee ko sulhata huva didi ka upar apna wazan sa a gaya or apna land ko didi ki fudee par masalna laga, didi ki fudee poore tarha geele ho chukee thee,

Is baar didi na dheemwee awaz main muj sa boli plz chotu aram sa mai virgin hoon. Ya sun kar mai ruk gaya or khara ho kar kuch dakhna laga, mujha aik purana pillow nazar aeya jo maina didi fudee ka neecha rakh deya.

Ab didi ki legs kholta huva beech main aik bar fir sa didi ki fudee par land masalna laga, or last time apna land par dhar sara thook laga kar didi ka lips par kiss karna ka sath sath apna land hath main pakar kar fudee ka upar rakh leya.

Ahista ahista zor lagaya magar kuch mushkil nahi hue. Maina didi ka kan main aram sa kaha “i m sorry” or fir lips kissing ka sath he zor ka jhatka mara jis sa mara land 1/4 didi ki fudee main ghus gaya or didi dard sa chila uthee, magar mai nahi ruka 5,6 zor sa dhaka ka sath didi ki fudee main poora land utar deya,

Didi ki eyes ansoo sa bhar chukee thee, didi apni poore taqat laga rahi thee mujha peecha hatana ka leya magar mai nahi ruka or dhaka marta gaya marta gaya, magar aram aram sa, fir kuch dar baad didi kuch kuch normal ho rahi thee magar dard abhi be ho rahi thee,

Mai apni speed taaz karta gaya jis ka sath sath didi be kuch hilna lagi, or ya hilna didi ka didi ko shant kar gaya, mara land par didi ki fudee main sa garam garam pani lagna laga jo actually didi ki satisfaction thee. Mujha asa laga jasa mai be jharna wale hoon maina jaldee sa land nikala to is par dhar sara khoon laga tha, maina jaldee sa land hath main pakar kar hilaya or apna sparm didi ka boobs par chor kar shant ho gaya,

Is ka baad jaldee sa neecha bicha huva kapra fara or didi ki fudee saaf karna laga, saaf karna ka baad apna land saaf keya or jaldee sa kapra pahan leya,

Didi sa poocha kaya bohat dard ho rahi hai? Ahista sa boli hain bohat, fir muj sa boli tum jao mai atee hoon, didi ki eyes abhi be band theen, mai store sa nikal kar bahir a gaya thoree dar baad didi be a gee.

Didi sa theak tarha sa chala be nahi ja raha tha, didi or mai eyes nahi mila pa raha tha, maina jaldee sa garam doodh main egg mila kar didi ko aik neend ki goli ka sath deya, jisa khana ka baad didi hamara room main so gee, or maina store sa vo ganda kapra utha kar usa agg laga dee, or khud shanttee sa didi ka pass late gee,

Sham 6 baja didi ko hosh aeya to vo kafee halka mehsoos kar rahi thee, mai didi ka pass lata huva tha. Didi ka forehead duba raha tha,

Didi na eyes open keen magar fir mujha sath pa kar bandh kar lee, didi kasa feel kar rahi ho kafee better feel ho raha hai, dard to nahi ho rahi? Nahi ab kuch theak hai, fir didi uthee or bath room main chalee ge, magar didi ka chalna sa lag raha tha abhi be dard hai didi ko.

Is ka baad didi bath la kar wapis ae, mai or didi terris main walk karna laga, magar koe baat nahi kee, didi ahista ahista normal ho gee. Or us ki chal be exact pehla jasa to nahi magar fir be kuch behtar ho gee,

Jis ka baad didi na sirf aik baat boli, mara chotu tum na mujha larke sa aurat bana deya hai ab mara khayal be rakhna. Hain zaroor didi,

Aj tak na khatam hona wali asee pyas hai jo din badin bhartee he ja rahi hai.

Desi sex story : My wife fuck with Gardener

Desi sex story : My wife fuck with Gardener

She was standing at the window, watching our two black gardeners mow the lawn. Jenny was wearing a short terry cloth robe and her curly brown hair was tousled prettily. I ran my eyes from her lean legs, up to her large breasts barely contained by her robe. My wife had just turned 30 (25 years my junior) and still had the figure of a girl ten years younger. She didn’t work and we didn’t have any children, so she spent her days exercising and sunbathing by our pool, wearing only a teeny string bikini.

I am the CEO of a successful technology corporation located in Philiadelphia, which was a two hour commute for me six days a week. We are very well-to-do, with a large house in the country and a giant back yard. My wife was the daughter of a close friend, who had introduced us at church. She was ultra shy, conservative and I had taken her virginity on our wedding night almost five years ago. She wasn’t used to being around people having grown up in a close knit family, and attended a wealthy private school with a small class size. Our gardeners were the only black men she had ever met.

“Oh come on honey, Mark and Jerome are nice guys. They work hard and besides they’re only here on Wednesdays,” I said. “I just don’t trust them,” she replied. “They’re always staring at my breasts and rear end whenever I have to talk to them. Once they even caught me in my bikini and I thought their tongues would hit the floor. I was so embarrassed, I couldn’t look at them for a month.”

My wife didn’t like men looking at her body. When in public, she dressed conservatively and only wore a one piece bathing suit when on vacation. She wore a bikini only when home alone and was so insecure that I had to erect a large wooden fence around the yard to ensure her privacy, even though our nearest neighbor was five miles away. Mark was riding the lawn mower around back and Jerome had just finished trimming the hedges. Sweat glistened down Jeromes’ muscular torso and he ducked into our pool shower to cool off. He didn’t bother shutting the door and we watched him rinse himself off. Jerome pulled out the front of his shorts and let the cold water run inside, cooling off his crotch. He let the elastic snap back and I was surprised to see the outline of a large bulge under his tight shorts. He was standing about 75 feet away, under cold water and it still looked to be about eight inches. If my wife noticed how hung he was, she didn’t say. Mark came around the corner and approached me. He was of an average build and around fortyfive with graying hair. Mark owned the lawn business and had hired Jerome as it grew to more then he could handle alone. I opened the sliding glass door and went out to pay him.

“Mornin, Mr. Richardson,” Mark said. “Good morning Mark,” I replied. “The usual price.” “Yes sir,” he said. “My that pool sure looks refreshing on a hot day like this.” I had already filled out a check to him and handed it over. “You’re welcome to use the shower, Mark but the pool is for just me and Mrs. Richardson.” “I understand Sir,” he said. “By the way, we have some personal business to take care of next Wednesday and will be here on Tuesday instead.” “That’s fine, Mark” I told him. “It’s our anniversary, but we probably won’t be celebrating until later, after you leave. Have a good day” . I walked back into the house and told my wife that I had to get ready to leave for work. Jenny playfully opened my robe, ran her hand down my large paunch and grabbed my penis. She started pulling on it trying to make me erect. My penis, when erect was only about five and a half inches, which was very rare these days, as I had developed erectile dysfunction after recent surgery. She pouted when an erection failed to materialize. I closed my robe and went upstairs to change. Jenny followed me to the room.

“Charles, its been so long since we’ve made love and I miss you so much,” she said. “I think you should get some Viagra for our anniversary next week.” I hated the thought of needing a pill to make love to my wife and to tell the truth sex was never that important to me to begin with as I was career oriented. However, I loved Jenny and her happiness was very important to me. “OK honey, I’ll see the doctor this week about it.” “Oh thank you Charles, I can’t wait.” she replied. I awoke Tuesday morning alone and I got up to find my wife. I put my swim trunks on in the bathroom and removed a pill from the medicine cabinet. I quickly swallowed it and went out to the pool. Jenny was laying on her back in a tiny white bikini. She had obviously just gotten out of the pool and I could see the outline of her large pink nipples and her bush. She was wearing her walk-man and hadn’t heard me come out to the patio. I noticed several empty margarita glasses by her towel. She saw me, got up and headed over to our tiki bar. I was shocked to see her wearing a G-string bottom, that showed off her tight butt. I felt my penis stir for the first time in over a month as I watched her.

She got out two margaritas, handed me one and said, “Happy anniversary, Charles.” I noticed she was slurring and swaying on her feet as she said it. “A little early to be drinking, isn’t it?” “Well Charles, I thought we would celebrate early. As there is something special I want to do for you. Did you take the pill,” she asked? “Yes and I feel something moving down there,” I said. Then to my astonishment, my conservative wife pulled down my shorts and put her mouth on my penis right there in our yard. “Jenny, what are you doing? That’s dirty,” I said. She let my penis plop out of my mouth and said, “Loosen up honey, its our anniversary and I want to do something special for you, besides Donna says she does it for Bill all the time and he loves it. Donna was her best friend and a lot wilder then Jenny. She swallowed all 5 inches easily and I relaxed and started to enjoy the sensations. Just then, my cell phone rang. I answered it and heard my temp-secretary sounding frantic. “Mr. Richardson, all the computer systems have crashed and I don’t know what to do about it,” she informed me. Jenny angrily spit my penis out when she heard me reply “I’m on my way.”

“Don’t you dare leave me here all horny like this on our anniversary,” She angrily informed me. “Sorry honey, Its an emergency,” I said and I hurried into the house to change, my erection already gone. “Its always an emergency with you,” she mumbled. I returned a few minutes later. Jenny was laying on her stomach with her walk-man back on, and her margarita glass empty again. “I’ll make it up to you tonight,” I shouted but, the combination alcohol and sun had put her to sleep. I got into my Mercedes and sped off down the street. What has gotten into my wife, I wondered. Trying to suck my penis, saying a word like horny was very unusual for her. I realized I had been neglecting her needs, taking her for granted, and I vowed to treat her better.

I passed Mark and Jerome in Marks’ beat up old pick-up truck heading to our house. Mark waved and I realized I had completely forgotten they were coming to mow our lawn today. I picked up the phone to warn Jenny, but there was no answer. I hit re-dial about five times and finally gave up. The phone rang as soon as I hung up. It was my executive assistant calling to say a technician was coming in immediately and thought he could have the computers up within an hour. I thanked him and turned the car around. When I pulled up into the driveway. Marks truck was backed up onto the lawn and had already been unloaded. There was no sign of either Mark or Jerome. I hurried around the side of the house to warn Jenny. I stopped at the gate and peeked through the cracks. Jenny was lying still lying face down on the blanket, with her walkman still on and Jerome was kneeling behind her gently rubbing oil onto her back. As I watched he gently worked his large black hands down to her buttocks and started to massage them. Why was my wife letting someone else touch her and a black man at that? “Oh Charles, that feels so good,” she lazily spoke. “I knew you loved me and would come home.”

She thought Jerome was me. I then noticed Mark standing nearby looking nervous. I wanted to rush in and break up this party, but my feet were frozen to the spot. Jerome was wearing his tight shorts again and no top. His well muscled chest was glistening with sweat and his shorts bulged out obscenely. I realized his massage was holding Jenny down with his left hand so that she couldn’t look up and his right hand was working their way under her g-string. His oiled fingers entered my wifes’ vagina and began to pump in and out in slow steady strokes. Mark was getting turned on watching them. “Man, I wanted to fuck this rich bitch ever since we first saw her in that little bikini a couple months ago,” Mark said. He began removing his shirt and trousers. Jerome chuckled, “I know that’s all you’ve talked about since seeing her, everytime we come over here.” Jenny still couldn’t hear them with the music blaring in her ears. She was really starting to get into his fingering her. She had raised her butt up a little and was thrusting back at him.

Oh, Charles” she cried, “Make love to me now, It’s been so long and I need it so bad.” Jenny started to turn over but Jerome pulled her up so that she was kneeling. He quickly stood up and removed his shorts. Jerome had a massive black penis that jutted out about ten inches. He was twice as long as me and about three times as big around. He kneeled down and oiled his penis up. He then removed Jennies’ walkman, untied her bikini top, ripped off her g-string and positioned the huge head of his penis on her vaginal lips. “Charles, I need you in me,” my wife moaned. “Give me all five inches now.” Jerome looked down at his giant penis and worked the big head in. Jenny moaned with pleasure and said, “God Charles, it feels so thick. Please keep using the Viagra for me.” Jennies eyes opened wide as Jerome passed the five inch mark. She quickly turned her head and screamed. “What are you doing? This can’t be happening.” Jenny started to struggle but Jerome held her in place firmly and pushed his penis in to the hilt. Jenny was crying now. “Please, please take it out. It hurts.” “You’ll be beggin for more black cock by the time I’m thru with you, bitch,” Jerome said. “Besides you asked me to fuck you. Mark heard it, didn’t you?” Jenny looked around and saw Mark standing there with his nine inch cock in his hand.

He started walking towards her. “Yep, Jerome she was beggin you to stick it in, but she only asked for half your dick,” Mark said. “That’s because I thought you were my husband,” Jenny cried. “Your husband only has half a dick,” they both chimed in unison and laughed. Jerome had stopped with his penis all the way in Jenny so that she could get used to his size. She was still crying and said “Please stop, I’m married. I can’t make love to another man especially a black one. I promise I wont’ tell anyone. Please, I can’t take your penis” Jerome motioned for Mark to shut her up, so Mark kneeled in front of her and stuck his large penis in her mouth. Jerome said roughly, “look bitch, first off, black men don’t “make love” they fuck, and they don’t fuck with a penis, they fuck with a cock. Penis’s are for fat old white men with half sized cocks, like your husband.” Jenny, unable to protest with Marks large “cock” stuck in her mouth had apparently decided to just kneel there and take it. She was used to sex lasting about five minutes with me and must have figured it would be over before she knew it. Jerome had started to move.

He would slide all ten inches out and then quickly slide his “cock” in to the hilt. Since Jenny was not actively sucking Marks “cock”, he was moving her head up and down on it. After ten minutes went by, Jeromes’ slow, deep strokes, began to produce results. Jennies large breasts were hanging ponderously and her big nipples started to get hard. Almost imperceptibly, she started raising her butt to match his thrusts. Jerome and Mark noticed this change too, and Mark reached down to play with her breasts. They knew they had her in their power. “Shit, I hate you rich white bitches, always looking down on us black men, thinkin we be dirtying up your pools if we swim in it. You all the same though, once you get a taste of black cock you turn into sluts.” Jerome motioned for Mark to remove his cock from her mouth, which he did. Mark then slid under her and started sucking on her nipples. “No,” Jenny cried, “its not true, I love my husband.” “If your husband loved you, would he have left you on your anniversary?” Jerome asked. Jenny shook her head in denial, and I saw a look of realization cross her face, then one of pleasure. She shuddered and I could almost see a physical change come over her. She started to fuck back. moaning with pleasure. Jerome said, “Thats it baby, now your getting into it.” He put his finger in his mouth to moisten it and the slowly worked it into her ass. “My god,” she cried. “I’ve never felt so full in my life.” Jenny screamed and shuddered as her first ever orgasm worked its way through her body.

Jerome removed his big cock with a plop. “No, please I want more,” Jenny moaned. He flipped her over on her back and raised her knees into his arms. She smiled as he entered her vagina and started fucking her again, hard this time. “Jenny, do you like the way I fuck your pussy?” he asked. “Yes, yes, god, yes.” she cried as her pussy writhed around his cock whenever he impaled her. “Then tell me how much you love it,” he demanded. “I love your big black cock. Fuck me like I’ve never been fucked before. “Is it bigger then your husbands?” Jerome asked. “Twice as big,” Jenny replied. “now I know what its like to be fucked by real man.” Tired of being left out, Mark stuck his cock back in Jennies face. She reached out, caressed it lovingly, and said “I swear, I didn’t know god made cocks this big.” Then she engulfed Marks’ cock in her mouth and tried to deep throat him. They had been at it for about 45 minutes now and I looked down and realized I was as hard as a rock. This was a better erection then the Viagra gave me.

I began stroking my penis, and I realized that not only had these to giant black men dominated my wife, but they had dominated me as well. I thought of myself as a half-man with a little penis. They had cocks and they used them to fuck. I could never give my wife the pleasure she was getting from these two. I had been stroking my penis for five minutes when I felt myself starting to cum. Jerome was starting to shake with pleasure. “Here it comes baby,” he bellowed. Jenny screamed as another large orgasm hit her when his cum hit the insides of her pussy. Jerome removed his cock, and another large strand of semen erupted from the head and landed on her flat belly. I noticed a large pool of semen leaking out from Jennies vagina. Jerome sat back to rest and Jenny turned her attention to making Mark cum. He came quickly. First Jennies’ cheeks bulged out, and semen dribbled down her chin. She removed her mouth to swallow and Mark shot what looked like a gallon of sperm all over her pretty face. I came when they did, I felt the semen well up in my balls and then a little drop trickled out. A second drop dripped to the grass. I sat down and cried.

I looked back through the fence when I heard a splash. Mark and Jerome were swimming in our pool buck naked. Jenny was at the bar making them all margaritas. She sat between them on the edge of the pool and I noticed their cocks were hard again. “Here’s to the best anniversary, I’ve ever had,” she toasted. “Cheers,” Mark and Jerome said in unison. For the next hour, I watched Jenny mount Jerome and take Marks nine inch cock in her ass. I saw Mark fuck her on the diving board. All of her holes were used by these two hung studs. When I realized the party was winding down, I ran back to the Mercedes and drove down to the end of the street and parked where I could watch the house. I needed time to think. As I watched, Mark would come out to his truck, get his yard tools, and work for half an hour. Then Jerome would swap off with him. They had been at my house for six hours when I noticed them pull out of the driveway. I turned onto the rode. Mark flashed his lights as I approached and I stopped. I nervously rolled my window down. “Sorry Mr. Richardson, But Mrs. Richardson forgot to pay us for all the hard (he emphasized hard) work we did today.” My voice was horse as I reached into my wallet and removed his money. “Didn’t I pass you boys earlier today?” “Oh sorry sir, but we forgot some tools and had to leave and cum (he emphasized cum) back. Its hard to do the job when you don’t have the right tool,” he said. “By the way sir, we did some extra work around the pool for your wife and she said you’d give us a bonus.”
I pulled an extra fifty out of the wallet and handed it to them. They thanked me and drove off laughing. I had given them a bonus for fucking my wife and making me a cuckhold. I went home and found my wife asleep. She had cleaned herself up and was sleeping contentedly. I woke her and she prepared my anniversary dinner of cold leftovers. She was silent through most of the meal. I tod her, “I was thinking about what you said about Mark and Jerome last week and I will replace them with another company. “No way honey, I changed my mind about them,” she replied, “They’re the only real men around here with the right equipment.” she then added, “for the lawn that is.”

I threw the Viagra away before dejectedly heading to bed that night. When I turned out the lights, Jenny sat up and said, “By the way, honey I think that this time of year the grass is growing so fast we should get it cut twice a week.” “Anything you want dear,” I cried into my pillow.

Desi sex story : Sex Game With mature Aunty and her daughter

Desi sex story : Sex Game With mature Aunty and her daughter

I am a software engineer, age was 25. The incident was sex encounter with aunty and her daughter. Aaunty name was Shanti and her age was 38. She is near to my home. My mom and she was close friend. She often visits to my home and had a chat with my mom and me. She always told about his family problem and regarding his husband’s drunken habit.

One day she came to my home no one is there and she asks about my mom, I told she will be back in 30 minutes. So she planned to wait and we had a regular chat for first five minutes and then she asks about my college days and gal friends.

I told I don’t have any gal friends then I asked about her husband. She started to cry and I wipe her tears by make this chance I just brushed her breasts. Oh sorry readers I forgot to tell about her figure. Her size was 35”, 30” and 36.

I said sorry regarding brushed her breasts. She told its okay then I asked about her husband. She told, he daily had a habit of drinking and had a fight. I too hear often shouting sound and she once again starts to cry and told he even can’t full fill my night desires.

I was shocked and started to ask about that but unfortunately my mom came. Then we had started normal chat and then she started to chat with my mom and starts to leave. Before she leaves she gave a smile and left. I don’t know why she smiles.

After some time my mom come and told that Shanti aunty need my help. So I planned to go and when I knocked the door she came with a sexy dress, had a low cut blouse to show her cleavage and transparent saree to see her hip and ass.

I understood that she had it for intentionally. And she asked me to clear her bed room. She starts to heading towards bedroom I too followed her ass movement.

There she told me to hold the stool and then she manages to climb to stool. While she gets up to the stool she brushes her entire breast to my chest and she smiles sexily. Then I took unwanted materials and put in the self with the help of aunty.

Suddenly she slips down and fallen in the ground and I was shocked. She was screamed in pain. I just lifter her by holding one hand on back of her breast and one hand below her buttock and slowly put it in bed.

She asked me to put some ointment and took the pain killer ointment and asked her where you have pain. She told in her hip and I started to massage her she started to moan because of the pain. Then she asks me to put it in her thighs.

I asked is it okay aunty. She told Please Suresh I am in full pain. I just lift her saree with petticoat. I was shocked to see her ties. She had a ties like a vaza thandu” in tamil. I started to massage her and I can’t control so slowly

I raised my hand inch by inch towards her pussy. She responded with moaning but this time not for pain. Then when I touch her cunt area she suddenly gets up I was shocked and with no time she give a lip to lip kiss.

Then I managed to co-operate and then I started to remove her blouse and bra and started to suck her boobs. She too loves that. Then she can’t control her feelings she was hungry for the past 3 years.

So started to remove my dress and I too started the same for her in matter of seconds we become nude and move to 69 position. We did it for 15 minutes. She had a orgasm and her juice was something great. Then she asked me to fuck very hard.

So we go to missionary position. I started to tease her. Just brushing her clitoris and started to put inside her pussy and suddenly removed fully. Suddenly I got a slap from her actually I expect this slap when I first touch her pussy.

But I got now and she screamed that I was waiting for a cock for the past 3 years. Please Suresh. By hearing this I got full erect and push my cock inside her pussy. It went like a knife enters in to butter. I started to fuck her madly.

It happened for 15 minutes after that she came top of me and started to horse ride. She rides and I was screaming and fell the seventh heaven, after 20 minutes we started doggy position I tried her ass but she screamed with pain and told

We will do it later and so I planned to fuck her pussy and started to fuck. Then once again we go to missionary and room is filled with Chap Chap and her moaning sounds. After a one hour session I released my sperm fully in her pussy and fell on her arms.

She kissed me and fondles. She told that she reached orgasm thrice. I am very happy to hear about this. Then we started to fuck regularly whenever we got the time. I will tell my next part of the story how I manage to seduce and fucks her virgin daughter.

Desi sex story : Bhabhi ne bathroom mai bulaya

Desi sex story : Bhabhi ne bathroom mai bulaya

Desi sex story

Desi sex story pesents desi friends this is James I’m from Surat. Let me tell u that this site is mind blowing. Now to my story. Meri bhabhi aik sexy woman hai us ke baray baray mammein hain jin ka size 38d ,gand 38 aur waist32hai. Yeh sachi kahani hai.aik rat mein achanak utha aur bathroommein janay ke liye giya laikin wahan pehele hi light jal rahi thi mein ne bhabhi ke kapray pehchan liyay aur aik qadam peechay hat giya aur intezar karnaylag giya thodi dair bad bhabhi ke kapray pehinanay ki awaz sunaim dijab us ne kapray pehin liyay tu mein kanptay huaiy us ke nazdeek giya aur hath jor kar us se kaha ke mujhay apnay mammoon ko hath laganay do.tu us nay kaha nahein tumhara bhai jag raha hai aur abhi us ne mujhay choda haikahein woh na a jaiy lakin mein ne zid ki tu bhabhi ne kaha ke mein shoor macha doon gi mein dar giya magr ab neend kahan ane wali thi . Mein achay moukay ki talash mein tha. Aik din bhibhi mere kamray mein ayee tu mein ne munasib samjhtay huy us ko 500rupees diye. Us ne mujh se paisay le liye aur chali gayee. Usi din mein himat kar ke us kay kamray mein giya aur us ki almari mein se us ki angiya nikal kar us ke samnay usay choomnay lag giya.

Bhabhi ne kaha kiya kar rahay hokoi dekh le gamein ne kaha mein majboor hoon tum mujhay achi lagti ho bhabhi ne kaha yeh achi bat nahein , mein ne bhabhi ko kaha ke duniya mein hum akely nahein hain sabhi kartay hein dosto mein bhabhi ke qadmoon me par giya bhabhi ne kaha chalo uthoo theek hai laikin is bat ka pata kisi ko nahein chalna chahiy mein ne bha bhi ke mammon ko hath lagaya aur uth giya bhabhi ne kaha kal 12am mein jab bathroom mein nahanay jaon tu tum toilet mein a jana aur mein bathroom ka darwaza khula rakhon gi.d0s ray di theek 12am bhabhi bathroom mein ghus gayee aur mein thodi dair bad toilet mein chala giya mere dil ki dhadkan tez ho rahi thi.mein ne toilet ka darwaza band kiya aur bathroom mein ghus giya wahan mere jan bhabhi mera intezar kar rahi thi us ne darwza peechay se band kar diya .mein ne bhabhi ko ko peechay se pakar liya aur apna adha sakhat lun us ki gand se touch kiya bhabhi ne aik siskari lee aur mujh se se kaha mere mammoon ko pakroomein ne bhabhi ke mammon kopakarliya thodi dair bad bhabhi seedhi ho gayee aur mujh se kaha ke apna lun tu dikhaoo mein ne shalwar utar diaur bhabhi ko us ka muna dikhaya bhabhi ne us ko payar se chooma aur mujh se kaha ky amein is ko chooss sakti hoon mein ne kaha jasaiy tumhari marzi janoon.

Bhabhi ne mere lun ko moon me lay kar choosay lagana shrooh kar diay thodi dair bad jab farigh hone wala tha tu mein ne bhabhi ke moon mein say lun nikal kar us ke mammoon par choot giya bhabhi ne sari mani mammon par mal lee aur dobara chooosay laganay lagi thodi dair bad phir mera lora garam ho giya bhabhi ne kaha is ko meri phudi mein dal do mein ne kaha nahein bhabhi ye ghalat hai phudi mere bhai ka haq hai tu bhabhi ne kaha aur kya karo ge mein ne kaha mein tumhari gand mar sak ta hoon bhabhi ne kaha nahein mujhay dard ho ga mein ne kaha nahein bhabhi mein pehalay us par tail laga deta hoon phir bhabhi man gayee mein ne us ki gand par tail laga diya phir apnay loray par tail mal liya bhabhi ko ghoori banaya aur phir apnay lun ko us ki gand ke qareeb le giya bhabhi ne gand ko dono hathoon se pakr rakha tha mein ne lun bhabhi ki gand mein de diya aur us ke mamoon ko pkar kar zor zor se jhatkay marnay lag giya bhabhi ne kaha aur zor se phar dal meree gand ko uffffff tu ne tu mujhay mar dala aur andar kar aur mammoon ka dabao mein thodi dair tak bhabhi ko isi andaz mein chodta raha phir mein jab chootnay laga tu mein ne lun us ki gand mein se nikal kar us kay mouth mein day diya bhabhi ne sari mani pee lee is kay bad mein ne us ki phudi chatni shoorooh kar di aur us ko bhi farigh kar diya us kay bad mein ne us ko kiss kiya aur darawza khool kar wapas toilet chala giya. Dosto is kay bad tu meree qismat ka darwaza khul giya ab mein bhabhi ko jab ji karay chodta hoon aur mazay laita hoon
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Horny guy enjoying sex with 38-year-old Mami

Horny guy enjoying sex with 38-year-old Mami


I normally went to their house for 15 days every year in vacations,my mami is 35 years of age that time & she has two sons she is 38 34 38 & damn beautiful,normally she loves me very much & cook good food for me always making me juices giving fruits, but I always had an eye on her fruits & juice& I know she also has an eye on me,

she always used to bend in front of me or when ever I am sitting on chair she comes from behind giving her boobs rest on my shoulders. Her room was in first floor and she normally sleeps in after noon and we all cousins normally play in her room which has a small room attached to it.

One day while we were playing my mami called my name I said coming,all other cousins were busy with carrom,i went inside her room and she was sleeping wearing a blanket,she said to me sham my ears are itching can you help I said k she give me her hair pin and I starter moving it in her ears she closed her eyes, she was looking gorgeous,

and she started making little moans like ahh hmm aah I said mami kya hua she said nothing,i completed it and was going to play again but she stopped me and said I am itching some where else I asked where she took my hand and put above her pussy above blanket,i was shocked and my hands were shivering.

I asked how I can remove itching(i was acting innocent) she said with this pin only I said k,then she removed her blanket lift her saree and removed panty,guys how white her thighs were I was thinking to lick every cm of her body and got lost in their only but I asked mami how can I help now and she showed me how to help.I pushed pin in her pussy and keep moving it inside.

My tent appeared but I was not in hurry both of us were breathing heavily she was moaning hmm yaa here more harder I was like k mami then some sounds come like my cousins are coming so she move back her saree and I moved back and start chatting normally.We were disappointed but was scared as we can caught.

I was going mad so I went and released my self three times in bathroom,from that day I was like waiting for the moment to fuck her, I started sniffing her bra and panty every day in bathroom & masturbating thinking of all the plans how I can have her completely & my days of going back to home was coming.

But my mami was acting normally in front of every one.I tried to touch her boobs when ever we are alone or move my legs to her legs when we were having food she normally let me do all that. One day in night she slept at ground floor only as mama was out of station & only me and two more members were there,

I was sleeping in one corner of bed & in that corner only my mami was sleeping on floor,i tried to seduce her and put my hands on her boobs & pressed it,she got turn on & and she put my hands on her pussy as I was in bed and she was in floor I extend my hand to her pussy and start rubbing it & finger fuck her for ten min she cummed & then I asked what about me she woke up

for bathroom & I disappointed slept but suddenly I feel something in my penis I saw she is trying to open my pant I helped & she quickly took it in her mouth & gave me the best blow job of my life I got up & cleaned myself in bathroom but I was dying to fuck her fully.

Finally one day I got an opportunity but this time my cousins were so busy that I closed the door between two rooms, mami was sleeping I sat on her bed she woke up she said what I said nothing just wanna remove your itching she smiled & lift her saree,she was not wearing any panty that day I jumped on her pussy and lick it like there is no tomorrow her juices started flowing it

was salty I came up & tried to press her boobs but she directly move out her boobs from her blouse without opening it,guys you will not believe they were so big that I could not hole her one side with both my hands.

I started pressing it like hell biting it,she was going mad,i asked her to calm down as they are outside & could hear us.I kissed her lips,neck,navel & move my tongue all over body now she was begging me to insert I removed my pant little but paused she asked what happen I said I need some protection she said dont worry in safe time I inserted it and pump her like hell

she was lost in other world and I was doing it more hard and she was moaning aah aaah aaaah I was too moaning oh yes I love you I love you & I cummed after some minutes and moved my pant up,she was not at all done she pull me and start kissing like hell.

But at the same time I heard my cousin coming I said to mami lets dress but she was in no mood she step down from bed and ask me to come below bed & hide all that she was nude but I was scared & I got up to open the door she dressed quickly feeling little disappointed. Later more to come but in next stories till then enjoy reading & please give your feedback to me in the comments below.

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Posted by Prateek
on: January 7, 2016 9:40 PM | Reply
Sale farzi apni fantasy mat suna hume ..chutiyapa

Posted by Fucker
on: January 8, 2016 3:56 AM | Reply
I have 3 mamis and I fuck all of them whenever I go 2 their place – awesome experience

Posted by Jass
on: January 8, 2016 12:08 PM | Reply
U jerk! giving relief from itching with pin?? fuck!
can u explain it “something in my penis” ?? kr story likhna aur kahin ja k gaand mrwa..tere gaand ka kida kuch shanti maang rha hai..Saala Gaandu.

Posted by Akash
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Nice story..Lucky guy to get lovely mami..

Posted by Sam
on: January 26, 2016 12:33 AM | Reply
Hi, keep on going.

I’m fucking my physical mother (45) since her 20th
marriage anniversery, cauz my father was on
a business trip for 3 weeks.
i’m now 18 and our son is 2 years old.
i had the luck to find mom in the living room masturbating drunk in front of the tv.
Disturbed she stopped innocently and we talked.
So I put some music on to comfort her.
Soon we were tongue-kissing and I suddenly massaged her
clit.Her head went back and I kissed her.
I put her hand on my groin and she opened the zipper
and went down with her lips.
Suddenly she said, she can’t take this any longer.
Plz Sam, I need you, com here to the couch.
Seconds later my cock was deeply buried in
her shaved cunt.
minutes later she was panting, please Sam, cum,
cum in me, do it! Mother wants you to do it.
Give me all your sperm.Yes, do it.
Oh, my god she said. I’m so full with your sperm,
it could be, that you soon will be father.
Realizing what I had done, I proposed to see
a doctor and she simply replied No.
I want this child of you and we will do it again.
After about a week she informed me that her days
were due, but not happening. She embraced me
and said “You can count to 9, you took your
exam with flying colours.”
Mom got divorced half a year ago.
And she wanted another son from me.
I didn’t argue. She is now in month 5.
And we have still sex.

So guys, I wish you the same luck with your mom.

Priya gang banged by friends hot sex story

Priya gang banged by friends hot sex story

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Ram from Bangalore aged 26 an IT professional. He loved one girl named Laxmi Priya. Both were school mate. And in school days they didn’t feel any love for each other but after the school they fell in love. They had to join college and again were separated as Ram had to go to another city for studies.

But meanwhile that girl began dating with others. But before this they both loved each other sincerely. They had fucked more than 1000 times on mobile chat and net chats but never in real. Ram came to know that Laxmi was dating someone else. Then one day both had heavy fight on it, so they split out and broke their love and relation.

She was heart broken and got married with one guy named Anand. Few days prior to their marriage Ram and Priya chatted for almost a week prior to marriage. Ram tried to convince her that he still loved her and wanted to marry her so she should for go the ensuing marriage plans and come to him else he would tell his husband about their relation and will produce their net chat records.

She went to his place to beg for her life. She succeeded in smothering him and they compromised and went to sex chats again. Ram presented her a nice gown. She was happy to see it. He asked her to try that dress and show him. She locked the door and began changing her dress.

She did not notice that Ram had placed 2-3 cameras in the room and all were taking her photos in nude. She came out in the outfit and she looked ravishing in it. They patched up and kissed goodbye and they compromised with a promise to keep in touch with each other but after the marriage Priya got too busy with her daily life that she didn’t reply to Rams messages or phone calls.

And in due course of time she got pregnant. When Ram heard this he was very sad and angry. At the 5th month of pregnancy they met in facebook chat and so far Ram had too much irritation because of her not replying for last 6 months, she did not have any reply. So he thought to teach a lesson to her.

He had her nude pictures taken when she was changing her clothes in his home. That day they normally chatted then Ram asked to do sex chat but she refused and went offline. Getting furious Ram called her more than 50 times on her phone but she never picked up so Ram got irritated and planned some thing in mind. He decided to have fun chat fun again with her.

As she was 5 month she responded to Ram’s message. Being 5 months pregnant she was little horny so decided to have chat fun. She received a message from Ram which jolted her from her happy life. He messaged her saying that he was having her chat history which was having sex chats of both and also having her nude pictures and he would send those to his hubby and tell him all about their affair.

Priya began shivering, she din’t know what to do. She thought of begging Ram not to do any such things. Earlier Ram used to call her 50 times a day but now she was calling him to ask him not to do this. Ram was not ready to listen he wanted to blackmail her.

He said she would just have to sex chat with him whenever he wanted or else he would forward her nude pictures taken from his hidden camera and post it on net besides sending it to her husband. He then forwarded her one such photo in which her bare back was visible. He said he had many such nude pictures of her.

Priya had no choice but to accept his demand. She cried a lot as she got scared that this would ruin her married life. She phoned him and accepted his request his sex chat request but with different id. Then they started sex chat for 2 weeks. Slowly Priya began to trust Ram again and they came a little closer too. The fear in her mind also escaped.

Actually Ram didn’t know that her nude pictures taken from hidden camera which were not so clear would help him so much. Gradually Priya opened up to him and started sharing everything with him. Ram was enjoying chatting with her. Gradually they would chat for whole day after Priya’s husband left for work. Since no one was at home she would chat whole day.

One day after 10 am he asked her to come to yahoo messenger for video chat and seeing her nude body in web cam. Priya was not ready for it but anyhow Ram could convince her for it. Initially she let him see only her upper portion but later she let him see her full nude body. Her tummy swollen with pregnancy looked very sexy.

He got very excited seeing her nude and recorded her nudity. He was enjoying her pregnancy nude and also masturbating before camera. Priya also became horny and responded by fingering her pussy. Slowly she was falling for her childhood love again. She felt pity for him and wanted to make Ram feel better.

One day when Ram was online with Priya, saw her fully nude he welcomed her and asked her to masturbate for him calling his names. After her 5th month of pregnancy, she planned to come to her home town where Ram also used to stay. Ram was waiting for such occasion and planned to fuck her in real by seducing or blackmailing whatever he had to do.

He was having her nude with pregnancy and he was horny for her and even Priya was hot for him. When Priya came to her parents’ place Ram called her on phone and asked her to come to his house. She agreed and fixed a date to visit him. She was 6 month pregnant when she came. He decided to seduce her and for that he had to make her drink some drug laced drink.

She was normal looking but with big boobs of 36 size and her age was 21 only. Ram arranged food and drink for her. They had nice party where in he offered her vodka and asked her to drink fully. First she refused. Ram cajoled her and in matter of time she drank the glass of vodka. The alcohol was having its effect. She decided to go home before things got out of her hand.

Ram asked her to stay but she was adamant to leave so Ram got irritated. He decided to make her his slave. He pressured her to drink one more glass. She said last drink so she started to drink. This last drink was too much for her and she started feeling dizzy and lay down on the bed. She could see and hear but could not do anything or move her body.

Ram seized this opportunity and kissed her on her cheeks. Then he pressed her boobs from above the blouse. Priya could not protest only an inaudible sound came from her mouth. Within minutes Ram got nude. Priya saw him nude and wanted to run but her body was not in her control due to the alcohol.

Ram stopped her and asked her to suck his dick. She refused. He opened her mouth and inserted his cock in it. She had no option but to suck. She sucked his cock as if it was lollypop. She was jerking her mouth on his cock. Ram wanted to enjoy so he stooped her jerking moth and pissed in her mouth ask her to drink. She gulped the piss. He removed her blouse and bra.

She had 36 size breasts swollen due to pregnancy. Her nipples were darkish brown and areola was as big as one rupee coin. Ram then planted his mouth on her breast and began sucking her nipples. He sucked her other breast too. Due to Ram’s action along with vodka’s effect she was also feeling horny. A loud moan was escaping her mouth.

He began licking her armpits and pressing her ass cheeks. Her armpits tasted like salted biscuit. Ram rubbed her pussy from above her saree. Ram removed her saree and petticoat. Inside she wore pink colored panty which had wet patch now. Ram understood Priya was also hot and horny due to his sucking.

Ram removed the panty to reveal a large tuft of hair on her pussy. Her cunt was blackish in color and her inside was red. She was almost wet for him. Ram loved hairy pussy. He licked her pussy lips. He swiped his tongue like a dog. He opened her pussy crack to see the inners. Priya opened her legs to facilitate his movements as if she also wanted him to suck her pussy.

Ram loved her pussy taste. Within seconds he located her clit and began sucking it. He bit the flesh which made Priya jump in air. She caught his head and pushed him deeper in her pussy. He inserted his tongue deeper in her pussy hole which was now fully wet and oozing liquid. Ram began chewing the clit. This was too much for her and she cummed in his mouth.

She passed away due to sucking and the drinks. Within minutes she felt asleep and fell unconscious because of vodka. Ram had another idea too. He called his friend Vino with a video camera. Vino came within minutes. Ram gave handy cam to Vino and asked him to take the video of fucking. Vino was surprised to see nude Priya laying unconscious on bed.

He asked Ram about it. Ram told him everything and even offered him Priya’s pussy for fuck if he shot the fucking session. Ram began sucking her cunt again and within seconds it was wet again. Priya also started tossing in her sleep. She was returning back to consciousness. Ram’s sucking was doing magic on her. Ram bit her clit in frenzy.

She started moaning, “Oh God I really love this……….nowwwwwwww SUCK MY LONG HARD CLIT…………………LIKE A SMALL PENIS…OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
…BITE MY CLITTTTTTT…CHEW MY CLIT………..” Ram was also getting horny.


And within minutes Priya cummed in Ram’s mouth. Ram tasted her discharge and relished it. Ram said, “Now I want to fuck your pussy like I always wanted to. Saying this he lay on Priya and inserted his hard cock in her wet and lubricated cunt. His cock went in easily. He started jerking his body forward and backward.

His cock was entering her pussy like hot knife going through butter. He increased his speed and was fucking her in abandon, while Vino was recording the entire proceedings. Priya was enjoying the sex, and was calling Ram to fuck her more,

“Come on…….I love you…….I am spreading my thighs for you…….uuuuuggghhhhhhhhh … fuck meeeeee……….sooooo nice……..make meeeee cummmmmmm… OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO……………OOOOOOOOOOOOO



Priya cummed within 10 minutes but Ram kept on hammering her as he was not done. She was wet again. Ram started to fuck her like ghost as he was fucking without mercy. Ram also called her, “I am cumming tooooooooooooo………….Where you want me to cum? In your pussy……………………….”

Priya replied, “Yes yes yes……..Cum in my pussy……………..Fill me up…………..My cunt is waiting for it.” After fucking her without mercy for 15 minutes Ram also discharged in her pussy. The entire scene was filmed properly by Vino which Priya noticed later. She got shocked and asked him to delete but he said.

“No, no, I will not delete it. It is our passport to heavenly enjoyment. I will not forward it to anyone just whenever we call you; you should come and serve yourself to us. Else this clip will be downloaded to internet and send to your husband and in laws. You let Vino fuck you now else we will send this to your family members now.”

Then she accepted as she was left with no option. If she did not accede to their demands her family life would be ruined. Vino undressed in a hurry and began sucking her boobs. Ram took the camera in his hand and began filming. Vino was grateful to Ram for providing him such a nice pussy and boobs. He got lost in her both swollen boobs.

Then he lay Priya on bed and came over her body. He inserted his cock in her cunt and began jerking his body. Now Priya who was silent till now began moaning. She was enjoying the fuck. Vino was sucking nipple and pressing her breast. The room was filled with the sound of their horrendous fucking. Ram kept on recording the proceeding.


Ram said, “Vino you fuck her ass. I think it is virgin.” Priya said, “Noo. Not my anus. I can’t bear the pain. No fuck my pussy four times but don’t touch my anal hole….Pleaseeeeeee……Ram don’t make me your slut.” Ram did not heed to her request and asked Vino, “You insert your finger into Priya’s ass hole to make the hole little bigger and easier to insert your cock.

Lubricate it further with your saliva and coconut oil. Meanwhile I will suck her pussy to her more hot.” He did it and it again ignited her fire. She was calling his names and saying, “Oh My GOD,………PUSH YOUR FINGER DEEP INTO MY TIGHT, SLIMYYYYYYYYYYYY ASS HOLEEEEEEEEE……”

Vino was rimming her ass hole with finger while Ram was sucking her boobs. Then suddenly Ram stopped him from fucking and asked him to fuck Priya’s ass hole. He spit on the hole and fingered a lot. In few minutes his finger was able to go inside her ass. Priya was crying due to pain but also enjoying the treatment meted to her.

But again she began enjoying it. Vino inserted his cock in her ass hole after applying oil on his cock. And again he began fucking action. Ram was filming and also pressing her boobs. He inserted his erect cock in her mouth. She was enjoying the fuck. She was very vocal while fucking.



Vino was fucking her ass hole and Ram was sucking her cunt and pressing her boobs at the same time. She never dreamt such day for her. Two guys rimming her at the same time. That also without her seducing any one.

She was calling Ram’s name and saying, “COME LICK MEEEEEE AND MAKE ME CUMMMMMMMMMM…I am your bitch in heat…….I want your big cock nowwwwwwwwwwwwww…FUCK MEEEEEEE HARD…FUCK MEEEE AND MAKE ME CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM !!!”

And Priya cummed with a loud yell, “I am cumminggggggggggggggggggggg…………You also cum in my ass hole……………” Ram drank her discharge and wiped his face. Hearing this Vino came in her ass. Then Vino removed his slimy cock from her ass. Priya licked and cleaned his cock for him. He licked some sperm from her tongue too. She kissed Ram and thanked him for such a nice fuck.

Ram phoned his three friends who lived nearby to come to his room. They were at doorsteps in minutes. They were Ajay, Lokesh and Vinay. All were in their 20s all well built and desperate for sex. When Ram opened the door in nude they were surprised and shocked to see him. When they entered the room they were further shocked to see Priya in nude on the bed along with Vino also nude. The room smelled of raw sex.

Lokesh said, “Hello Priya. What are you doing here in Ram’s room and that also in this state of dressing?” Priya was ashamed and could not reply so Ram replied, “Hi guys. Meet my girl friend Priya. She is here for a nice sex from us.” Ajay said, “But if she is your girlfriend. Why you want us to fuck her?” Ram said, “Today she is free for all of you. You want to fuck her or not?”

Vinay was the most eager one, he said, “Why not but let us ask Priya.” Priya just hid her face and started crying, “Don’t do this to me. Don’t make me your slut……..please let me go…I can’t take it any more.” Ram said, “If you would not agree we will share your video on net and send it to your family members. Will you let them fuck you or not?”

Priya kept quite and nodded her head in affirmative. Lokesh asked, “What videos are you taliokng about? Are you blackmailing her?” Ram told, “Lokesh don’t ask silly questions, you fuck her pussy, Vinay you take her ass hole, Ajay will fuck her mouth and Vino will be jerked by hand, while I would record the proceedings. So, Lokesh you suck her cunt and others suck her boobs.

Ready all of you? Any questions………..” Saying this he adjusted his camera. Priya shut her eyes further to escape the embarrassment. Taking cue Lokesh planted his mouth on Priya’s cunt and began licking it. He got the taste of her cum along with Ram’s and Vino’s spent cum which was still in her pussy and oozing out. Lokesh liked the taste and began lapping up.

All guys had massive erection by then. Ram saw thier reaction and smiled knowing what had happened and what was in store for them. Ajay began sucking her left breast and Vinay was sucking her right breast. Vino brought some more oil to lubricate Priya’s ass hole. Priya was in heaven she never dreamt of such nice fuck in her life ever.

Four guys were fucking her and one was recording and giving instructions to others. Two guys sucking her each breast, one guy was fingering her anus and one guy was sucking her cunt. Within minutes she was giving instructions to the boys who were busy mauling her body,



Lokesh was biting her clit and making her wilder and wilder. Priya knew she would not be able to escape so why not enjoy the scene. She was bucking her ass up in air to meet their tongues. Three tongues were working at one time. Then Vino brought oil and was inserting little in her ass hole too. All had become nude five cocks were dangling right left. Her pussy was wet and she was hot again.

Priya called them, “WHAT YOU WAITING FOR …GET UP AND FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE REAL HARD !!!” All got up and took their position as planned. Vinay lay on bed facing up with his cock in air. Priya was lowered on to his cock by two Lokesh and Ajay.

Imagine the scene Priya is lowered on to a erect cock by two guys and Vino is holding his cock in position so it enters. But due to circumference it does not go inside and Priya feels the pain and starts crying. To stop from crying, Ajay inserted his cock in her mouth. She was unable to wail and began sucking his cock. Vino applied some oil on his cock too.

Then Priya was lifted again by Vino and Lokesh and again planted on Vinay’s cock. This time it went more. Gain they raised her and brought her down on his erect lubricated cock. Now most of his cock was in her ass hole which was paining but still she tried to adjust. “Brave girl” said Lokesh and made her lie on her back on Vinay’s body.

Then Lokesh placed his cock on Priya’s cunt mouth and pushed. As it was fucked three times before and was wet due to his sucking the cock went inside. He gave a big moan and was happy to see his cock disappear in her hole. Now Vinay was under Priya and Lokesh but was pushing from beneath. Due to the combined weight of Priya and Lokesh his cock was now almost in her ass.

They began jerking their body. And Ajay also began jerking his cock in and out of her mouth. She didn’t let his cock slip from her mouth. Three cocks in her three holes. Then Vino placed his cock in her hand. She began jerking his cock too. She wanted all the cocks in her pussy.


FUCK ME NOW..fuck fuck fuck fuck brotheeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..good fucking..good fucking..good fucking..cummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing now.” Lokesh was pumping his cock in and out like a mad man. At same time Lokesh pushed in and Vinay pushed from beneath. Priya was sandwiched between two cocks.

She was unable to keep her eyes open due to the immense pleasure and shyness too. She was bobbing her head up and down on Ajay’s cock giving him ultimate enjoyment. While with her hands she was jerking Vino’s cock. It was a scene to witness and Ram was recording all. Priya thought, “To hell with the recording I should enjoy this moment to the fullest. Let other think what they want to think.”



Hearing this Lokesh felt his balls boiling and the surrounding sex scene had its toll on him and he felt the orgasm coming out. He yelled, “Oh Priya I am about to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmm…Where you want me to cum?” Vinay was also not left behind, he called,”Priyaaaaaaaaaaaa…………I am cummingggggggggggggg in your ass hole.”

Priya told Lokesh, “Cum in my pussy………..fill my womb with your seeds………make me feel like a queen bee.” Lokesh was cumming in threos “Ooooooooooohhhhhh Priya…………Take my seeds in your pussy…Yes yes yes yes yes “ And following this Vinay also cummed in her ass hole.

Within seconds Vino cam in her hands and seeing his jerking cock she pointed his cock at her breast spraying his cum on her nipple. Seeing all go limp Ajay also cummed in her mouth filling it up with his hot cum. Within few minutes all cummed and Ram had perfect shot for his video. Due to utter exhaustion Priya passed away for few minutes. Then they had great session again that day till 8 at night that day.

She came back to senses after 15 minutes. She got up from the bed drenched in sweat and cum. Lokesh escorted her to bathroom to clean her. All the guys followed her. He opened shower and cleaned her sweat and cumm from her body and soaped her well. Imagine, 5 pairs of hands were feeling her nude and wet body soaping and molesting her, pressing her boobs, inserting fingers in her ass hole and pussy.

And she was enjoying her queen like status. She was patted dry by the guys. She got ready in few minutes. She thanked all the guys for such a nice time and fuck. Ram also thanked her for coming and giving them such opportunity. She agreed to come to his place whenever asked. Then the asked to have two cocks at same time in both ass and pussy.

Though she didn’t have any other option but she refused as she said she was pregnant so it will difficult to double penetrate. Ram tried to convince her but she refused for double penetration. After too much persuasion agreed later she would have it that is she agreed after pregnancy she will come to their place and have two cocks at the same time.

She said. “I am also eager to try it but now the pregnancy is in 6th month so I wouldn’t risk it. Maybe, later after delivery.” She was called to his room weekly 3 to 4 times. And she came always. Ram called all his friends to fuck her. She would fuck with all his friends willfully enjoying it all the time because she thought she was trapped.

Ram kept fucking her till her 8th month along with his friends when ever he desired. On due date, she gave birth to a boy. After her delivery Priya left the city and went back to her place. She kept contact with Ram till later date.

Ram kept his words never forwarded her pictures to any one. They were friends again. She visited him many times. He also visited her place and even seduced her maid and fucked her. Priya helped him in fucking her sister in law(husband’s sister) and her maid whom he fucked in her presence.

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