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Desisexstory : Husband allow wife to fuck with servant

Desisexstory : Husband allow wife to fuck with servant

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One fine day while studying on top of the terrace that I accidentally saw three persons taking a shower in the bathroom of my neighbors house. It was about 12: 00 pm on a Saturday and I was preparing for my exams when I was distracted . It was the first time I was studying on the roof . The bathroom was located on the ground floor thereby giving me a great view from the top. The lady of the house was always on the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Her husband left her because she slept with the driver when he was in the gulf and she has had several flings after that. In fact she had even called me once for having dinner but I was restricted by my mother and was not even allowed to speak to her.

The window of the bathroom was wide open and I could see everything they were doing . However as there were no lights I had to closely look . I initially thought it was just the servant lady but then I saw a man inside too. I had seen Him before . He was the servants husband who used to normally helped out with the gardening. They were both naked and looked like they were waiting for someone. I put my books away and bent low near the terrce wall and looked on. I saw a third person enter . It was the Aunty of the she walked on the man took her hands and guided her under the shower . She then hugged him and he started kissing her all over her face and neck and body. I could see her hand reach for his cock in a hypnotic manner. Aunty was very slim and had average size tits. But looked like supermodel. The servant lady however was a fat lady with huge black tits. Her husband had a very athletic body and a very huge cock. Aunty opened the shower and started to bath . Uncle joined her from the back and the servant lady from the front. I was completely stuck and my cock was growing very hard. Aunty was now holding the servants breasts in her hand and was sucking on her tits . The man was rubbing his cock on aunties ass. After a while both the women knelt down in front of the man and started sucking his cock. After some intense sucking Aunty seemed to take a bottle from side . It looked like some oil and she started applying it on his cock. The servant was now rubbing aunties boobies . Now Aunty turned around and the man was positioning him self behind her to insert his cock into her pussy . She was holding the servant to maintain balance .in a few seconds he was aldready pounding her and her body was moving forward with every stroke he made. I just couldn’t control myself . I took my cock out and started to jerk it . I matching my strokes with theirs and felt like I was fucking Aunty myself. In a few minutes I came all over the place . My sperm even spilled over my books and I had to clean it up. They kept going with the fucking . Ocassionally he would take his cock out and the servant lady would lick it and then he would insert it back . After about 15 minutes I think he came inside Aunty . Aunty seemed to scoop the cum and make the servant lady lick her fingers. The man looked exhausted . I was totally surprised nd excited as I never expected such an experience before. They were now applying soap over each other and Aunty was even inserting her fingers and licking the servants pussy at times. I never took her for a lesbian but I loved watching her play with the servant lady. After a while they left the bathroom but the memory will always remain with me. I had tried to watch them again but the next time the bathroom window was all closed . After several attempts I lost hope and left .

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