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Desisexstory : Sexy bhabi ki Chudai

Ravi, age 30 yr old hadsome and have a very big cock…..This story is about how i fucked my neighbor widow bhabhi……

Bhabhi name is Sunita and she is around 35 yr old…..her husband passed away 3 yr ago in car accident…..

I moved into their apartment complex 1 yr ago and sunita bhabi live right opposite apartment. so its a 6 apartment in a building and we were on the first ground…….

anyway, its all started 4 month ago, i was new to that area and i usally walk in outside my complex in the evening for few hours….and one day i saw sunita bhabi sitting outside her apartment alone… i walked toward her……

me: bueatiful day, isn’t it…..
sunita bhabhi: yes, it is……sorry i did not recognized you…
me: oh hi, i am ravi, i live opposite you…
sunita bhabhi: oh thats nice, hi i am sunita…..nice to meet you……

me: so what are you doing outside alone…..where is your husband?
sunita bhabhi: oh i am widow, he passed away 3 yr ago…..

when i heard the word widow…..there was an instant dirty thought went into my mind of fucking her……its been a long time since she might had a dick in her pussy……

me: oh i am sorry, what happend?
sunita bhabhi: car accident, he passed away on the spot…….
me: well i am sorry, but if you ever need a friend i am here opposit you….you can come if you get bored alone…..we can chat and have tea…….

sunita bhabhi: what about your wife?…..
me: oh i am not married….
sunita bhabhi: why not
me: when i find someone like you, i will…..

sunita bhabhi smiled at me and got shy…..

sunita bhabhi: thats very nice of you…… (more…)

Desisexstory : Sex with Pregnant didi

Desisexstory : Sex with Pregnant didi  

Yah Aun Dino ki bat hay jub may 22 sal k tha. Humaray paros may aik aunti rehti thai age 35 sal aur uss ka 4 bachay thay us ka sohar akser night duty kerta tha. Woh akser hamary gher meri mami sa milnay ati thi aur mujh ko dekh ker zaror muskarati thi. Kuch dino ka bad main na andaza lagaya wo mujh sa batain bhi kerna chahti hay. Meray gher ka 2 darwazay hain aik front aur dosra back side. Woh akser Back door ki taraf sa hamaray gher ati thi. Jub wo ati tou meray bed room ka ander sa gozer ker jati thi. July ki Garmiou kay din thay light chali gai. Ma apna bed room ki taraf ka darwaza khol ker bath gia. Meray derwaza khulnay ki awaz sun woh anti bhi apnay gher kay bahar khari hogai aur mujh koi dekh ker hasnay lagi. Kuch dare ka bad us na mujh koi ashara kia ma us ki bat sunnay us ka pass challa gia us na mujh ko koi cheez khanay ki di aur kaha kay may us ko bohat acha lagta houn. Aur us nay mera hath apnay hath may tham lia us ka hath ki germi say mera lund aik tum khara hogia jokay us na bhi dekh lia. Us ka bad us na mera lund paker ker boli mera husband kam per gai hain tum meray gher ajoo hum batain keray gai. May kafi dara howay tha ka koi dekh na lay. Us na meray lund shalwar ma hath dal ker paker lia aur us ko chosnay lagi. Mujh ko maza anay laga light janay ki waji sa gali ma andhera bhi tha. Us na mujh pori tarah tiar ker dia aur pher khenay lagi meray gher ajoo. Manay us ko apnay room may anay koha wo tiar hogai. Meray kamray may atay hi us nay apnay kapray uttar dia aur mer lund ko zore say paker ker masalnay lagi mujh koi maza anay laga.   May us ko chodnay kay lia tiar hogia. Us ko manay Sedha latnay koka wo late gai us ki itni bari chooot dekh ker may der gia aur apnay lund ka size ko bohat choota jan. May us ko chodnay ka lia bayhad garam hogia. May na us ki choot per apna 7 inch ka lund rakha tou us nay mer qamar ka gird dono tangou lock ker kay zore say apni taraf khancha mera pora lund us ki choot ma aik dum ghus gia. Aus ka moun sa helki sa ahhh nikli. Aus nay mujh ko kaha zor zor sa upper ki taraf dakay marou. Ma khoob zor zor sa dhakay mar raha tha us ko mazay per mazay ah raha tha. Mera lund us ki choot ma tertta howa ja raha ta. May us ka gool gool baray baray mummou ko choosnay laga. Us na apni tangou ka lock meri qamar kay gird mazboti say bhand dia aur meray lund koi apni choot may bohat zore sa dabaya. Aur mujh ko apni qamar say nikal nahi rahi thi. Theak 15 minutes ka bad mujhko mehsoos howa ma discharge honay laga houn. Us aunti ko bhi andaza hogia us nay apni tangou ko zore say khancha may tezi say us aunti ka ander discharge honay laga, Meray money barai tazi ka sath us ki choot meri jarahi thi wo mazay sa ahhh ahhh ker rahi thi. May na jub apna lund jun nakal ki koshis ki mujh ko aisa laga jaisay us ki choot na bari mushkil say us ko choora. Meray jisam may bohat thkawat hogai thi . Us anti nay mujh ko achi tarah choose lia tha. Uskabad us nay kapray pehnay aur hansti hoi apnay gher chali gai aur kaha kay phir kisi din moqa laga tou ajoun gai…

Desisexstory : Shruti ki boor phadi

Desisexstory : Shruti ki boor phadi


Bat kuchh 2 saal pehle ki hai jab mai apni sis k yahan vacation manane gaya tha woh hydrabad mein rehti hai tab garmi ka mausam tha so i used to stay at home as i can not tolerate heat at all toh mai ghr par hi rehta tha aur din bhar ya toh T.V dekh kar ya internet par chatting karke bitata tha and as meri didi ek doctor hai to woh pura din clinic mein hi rehti thi aur mere jiju touring job hone k karan delhi mein the.mai kafi bore ho gaya tha so didi ne mujhe apne neighbours se introduce karwa diya jisse mai sham ko unke sath ghumne jaa skau aur unki neighbourhood mein hi mai shruthi se mila she was just an awesome chick par uss waqt tak mere man mein koi bura khayal nahi aaya tha and i used to treat her as a gud frnd.let me describe her woh ekdum perfect body shape mein thi uska fihure 36-34-36 hoga aur hum jald hi sath mein gumne lage movies wagairah dekhne jaate the. (more…)

Desisexstory : Threesome with beautiful girl

Desisexstory : Threesome with beautiful girl

My girlfriend is Febi 5″5′ and a figure of 34-28-32 nice round ass. And her friend Mariah she is 5″4′ and 34-28-30. Both wearing Churidhar and shawl

We started our journey together by train at 7pm.We chit chat and laugh and there wasn’t much rush. So we were sitting freely. I took window side and febi sitting side to me and Mariah sitting opposite to me .Till 10pm we talked and I felt sleep and rested on her shoulders. After a while I felt Febi s hand rubbing on my thighs. I woke up and looked at her and she looked back .

I kept my lap top bag on my lap and she put her shawl part over it. I opened my belt. She slid her hand in my jeans and got hold of my dick. I was aroused and my dick was erected. She started to stroke it . I can feel the pain . Slowly I took my hand and started to press her boobs through her shawl. We didn’t look Mariah at that time . For almost 10 min it was like this.

Mariah was seeing what we were doing suddenly a man passed. Mariah kicked febis legs . We suddenly took a way our hands. I button up . We smiled at Mariah and smiled back after sometime febi went and sit with her and they were whispering and laugh.

We reached station by 11:30pm and it was a 4 hour journey to our college so we took a semi sleeper. Febi and Mariah were sitting together and I was in sitting alone . There was only one another person and he was at front sleeping . The bus started and after some time Mariah went asleep and febi came near me . She asked me did u miss my touch . I want to finish it now.

I looked around and saw no one . So I pulled her towards me and hugged her. I opened up my jeans she put her hands in and took out my dick outside. She started giving me a handjob . She had specs. I looked at her in eyes and started kissing her and pressing her boobs with both hand . After a while I told her I was going to cum . It was a bus so she put my head in mouth and sucked my cum full. When we turned around Mariah was looking at us and I sure she saw us . And she signal febi on her lips she uses her finger to swipe and sucks it. Febi told me she is mad for me and will do anything thing for me . I told her about my fantasy of threesome with her friend Mariah. Then we both looked at her and smiled. (more…)

Satisfy my moms younger sister

Satisfy my moms younger sister

My aunt who is my moms younger sister. I am 26 yrs old with could athlete body. She is around 45 with curvy figure and little bit dark complexion. Her boobs are medium and her ass is damn sexy. She usually used to wear tight fit leggings so I could see her sexy thighs. Believe me she had a those sexy thighs and I was mad for her thighs. I had a dream of fucking her and I used to think about fucking her every time and masturbate.

Once, we had a family function and we had attended the function at night. And when returning from the function my aunt said she will come with me in my bike. And I agreed and thought its my luck today. I told my aunt that bikes brake dont work properly and to hold me tightly. I started the bike and she sat behind me holding me tightly. I could feel her boobs crushed to my back. I took the bike slowly applying brakes and she touched her boobs to me. I felt even she was doing it intentionally. She was enjoying the ride while I was wet by her boobs touch. That was really an awesome ride. And finally I dropper her to her house and returned.

So let me come to the story. It was Christmas holidays where my aunt and her 2 kids had come home. I was extremely happy to see my aunt. She was wearing a tight fit legging. And I was lost watching her sexy ass and thighs. I greeted them and my parents were also at home. Mean while I was thinking how to fuck her this time.

She then changed her clothes and wore a sexy short sleeveless nighty. And I was staring at her like a hungry kid. And then came the night time to sleep and I was thinking of fucking her tonight at any cost. We were done with our dinner and making arrangements to sleep. I told with my mom that ill sleep outside along with aunt and kids and we made arrangements to sleep in mattress in the living room. My parents slept in their room and I aunt and her kids slept in the living room. Aunt was sleeping next to me and her kids where on the other side, and I was thinking how to fuck her tonight. I waited till she slept and I was not able to sleep as such a beautiful lady was next to me.

I then thought an idea to fuck her. At around 1 a.m I checked if aunt was sleeping and found she was in deep sleep. Slowly I lifted her hand and kept it inside my short, touching my hard penis. And I pretended to be sleeping. After a while I felt her hand was moving inside my shorts and I thought she is enjoying it. She was moving her hand up and down over my penis. I slowly caught her hand and turned towards her. We were very close to each other and I planted a soft kiss on her lips. We kissed each other for few minutes and were eating each others saliva. I slowly started moving my hand over her soft boobs pressing them hard. She was moaning hm aaahh hmmm.

I then placed my other hand on her pussy and started finger fucking her by inserting my index finger into her pussy. Her pussy was wet and juices where dropping from it. She was not wearing anything inside. She was moaning like hell hmm aahh ahaah. I told her that here kids will wake up. We woke up and went to my room inside which is adjacent to the living room and my parents room was bit far and they will not hear anything from my room. As soon we entered the room I opened her nighty. Damn hot she was in that dim light. (more…)

Fill bhabi pussy with load of hot sperm

Desisexstory presents Fill bhabi pussy with load of hot sperm ….

Few months back when I have gone to my bhabhi house ,my bhaiya met me at the door and told me that his friend has met with an accident and he is going their to meet him at the hospital and would come tomorrow and told me to stay at his house as bhabhi was alone and said me to told bhabhi that he was unable to call her up as the situation is really bad I also inform my parents and said that I am staying with bhabhi that night ,lucky my built was same as that of bhaiya and I was lucky that day their was a power cut at my bhaiya house and it was evening time and I was also wearing same color t-shirt which me and bhaiya have bought it together from mall.

Now as soon as I entered the house their was very few light inside as only candle was glowing that’s why bhabhi was enable to see my face suddenly bhabhi grab me from behind thinking that I am her husband as their was an power cut , my bhabhi is really sexy with 32 30 38 I really love her ass and have a fantasy of having sex with her

As bhabhi grab me from behind she slowly takes my hand and put into hers vagina over her saree I was unable to control therefore haven’t utter any word and started figuring hers cunt with my finger now my tool gets erect to full size 5.5 inch and 2 inch thick ,then she turn me around at that time I just blow off the candle so that she won’t be able to see my face so she turn me around and started kissing me I suck her upper lips then lower lips and the slowly inserted my tongue and started french kiss she was also cooperating me thinking I am her husband ,we almost kissed for around half hour meanwhile I lift her in my arms and take her to bedroom

My lust to her was increasing I started to remove her saree then her blouse and press her breast over the bra and sucks nipples then I removed her bra and started sucking her nipple started kissing and giving her love bites, licked her armpits she was just moaning in pleasure and then her navel her navel was round and deep in size she suddenly said that seems like you are really horny today and started to remove my cloth and as soon as she removes my cloth she grabs my tool and put into his mouth and started licking it up and was licking it like she was having ice cream (more…)

Desisexstory : Fucked Physics teacher Bindu

Desisexstory : Fucked Physics teacher Bindu

Arjun back again…I hope you remember me from my past story titled “me and my friend with our teachers”…….I am back again with one more of my wonderful sexperience with my telugu teacher……My first sexual experience began with my science teacher…Ooh by the way for those who don’t know me I’m Arjun 18 now and living in hyderabad. I’m doing my b tech now…..And this story is my experience with my teacher when I was in my 10th standard.

Now coming to the story….After I fucked bindu (physics teacher ) and Rubina (English teacher)…For the first time I used to have sex with them often…And even after my school started we maintained our relationship and me and neither praneeth disclosed it to anyone….We used to have sex whenever possible and now a days bindu used to take tuition for me and praneeth only…

She convinced my parents for that and we used to have sex whenever possible…A few weeks later praneeth went out of town as his father was transferred and now only I used to have sex with bindu and rubina……All went well till my half yearly exams…

Then in my holidays I used to go to bindu’s place often…One day when I was at home I received a call from bindu to come to her house…I was sure she wanted me today and started for her house thinking how I would fuck her..When I went there I was surprised to see her packing some clothes…I asked her ” are you going somewhere? Then why did you call me ?”. She replied ” yes, we are to go somewhere.” I didn’t know what was in her mind…..

Then we got into her car and started driving……While she was driving I asked her where were we going. She replied that we were going to durga’s house. Durga was my Telugu teacher she had a sexy figure of 40-32-38 and was fair but she was around 42 so I didn’t have any feeling towards her.

Then I asked, ” why are we going there ? “. She replied ” I’ll tell that to you later but first tell me, do you like her ? “. Then I asked her why she was asking me all this . She replied she was asking me just to pass time.Then I said ” hmm… I like her figure especially her firm breasts but never really had any feeling of lust for her as she is middle aged.” then she laughed and asked me ” do you like her boobs ? “. I said yes…I was able to get a glimpse of her melons tight and firm in her blouse sometimes in class.

Then after 40 mins of journey we reached durga’s house she greeted us warmly and after went inside she treated us to some snacks and later bindu and durga started to talk to each other .Durga wore a yellow transparent sari and I was speechless on looking her . I never saw her that beautiful. Then bindu told me that durga teacher was feeling lonely and so asked for her company so she brought me here that I could study here….

I then took out my books and started reading.I cursed my luck as I expected to fuck bindu. Then after sometime durga brought me some water and while she was about to put the glass on the table it slipped and fell down .She them brought a cloth and started to clean it…

Then suddenly I got a glimpse of her juicy melons …Aaah..!!!! I thought to myself,….Then suddenly she caught me looking at her boobs… She then laughed and said bindu was right…I didn’t understand her then bindu saw me and winked at me . Then I understood her thoughts….

Then durga broke us and said ” your science teacher says you are good at making love to her, why not me then..?” I was taken by surprise when she told that…Then bindu explained me that durga always shared everything with her .Once she found durga was weeping in the staff room and when she asked for the reason she said that her husband was a colonel and was stationed in dehradun…Durga was a sex lover and she missed her husbands cock so much. (more…)

Desisexstory : Hot sexy slut matured neighbor aunt

Desisexstory : Hot sexy slut matured neighbor aunt

Desisexstory : Hot sexy slut matured neighbor aunt Desisexstory Hot sexy slut matured neighbor aun  

I’ve a neighbour who is 47 years old and very sexy.Her name is Lissy.She’s working as a teacher in a nearby school.She has a daughter who is now studying for medicine and her husband is abroad.Right now one servant lady is staying with her.Lissy aunty has a sexy body.She is fair , 5’4″ tall and has big boobs and ass.She wears saree whenever she goes outside.Normally at home she wears nighty.She wears underskirt(petticoat) and bra inside.She has a very clean image in the society.

One day as I was supposed to stay alone as my parents were going to a relative’s place.By evening Lissy aunty came to my house to talk something to my mom.As she came to know that I was alone, she asked whether I would stay there alone peacefully?I said I can and she told me to call her if any problem or fear comes. I said ok and she left my house.By around 8 o clock in the night it started raining so heavily and the current went off.After some 10 minutes I got a call from Lissy aunty and she was calling me to come and stay in her house.She was really serious and when I said I can manage alone,she was about to scold me for talking like that.She told me not to stay alone in that dark rainy night and asked me to rush to her house.I had to obey her because she talked so seriously.I went to her house after some 10 minutes.

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Lissy aunty opened the door for me and I went inside and sat on the sofa.Her servant Vanaja brought a cup of coffee for me.Vanaja is 35 years old and is goodlooking too.Her husband left her and now she’s staying with Lissy aunty all the time.She wears saree all the time and coz she’s busy with her work her dresses will be dislocated most of the time.Parts of her underskirt and bra were visible.Suddenly a boy came from one of the rooms and I was surprised to see him.Aunty introduced him to me.He’s her sister’s son and now studying in 10th standard.He came to aunty’s house to get some tution for Mathematics.Aunty is a Maths teacher and is very good in her subject.She told me to have some talk with him and left to her room.That boy’s name is Arun and he’s 16 years old.He is a fair complexioned good looking chap.We talked about many things like computers, sports etc.Meanwhile I came to know that aunty has gone to take a bath.She was calling Vanaja to her room.Vanaja opened door and went in.We could see the bathroom door now and I saw aunty entering the bathroom.Vanaja also followed her with a bottle of oil in her hands.At this time the current came and I wanted to leave.I was just waiting for aunty to finish bath and come out.

In between I could see aunty hanging her clothes to the bathroom door from inside.Both Vanaja and aunty were inside and first aunty’s green nighty was seen on the door.Then a black underskirt and a white bra.I understood that Vanaja was applying oil to aunty.After some 5 mins Vanaja came out.She took the clothes from the door and left it on to aunty’s bed.She had a panties also with her.A pink coloured panties.That too she put on to the bed.She came out of the bedroom and closed auty’s bedroom.

She asked whether we guys are getting bored?We said no and just started watching TV.After some 10 mins aunty came out after bath and she was dressed in a saree.So I just asked her whether she’s going somewhere and she said no and asked me why I asked that question.I said, because I saw her in a saree.She said she’s wearing it only because we two guys are there and she said she wear nighty only when there are no visitors at home.I told her current had come asked whether I can leave.She said,now it’s already late and told me to stay there.Arun also supported her.Atlast I had to agree.

Aunty was wearing a cream coloured cotton saree with red blouse.She called us for dinner and we had dinner together.We had chicken curry.Later milk was served for everyone.Now the time was around 10 and she asked whether we can sleep.Everyone agreed.Her house has 2 bedrooms and now we were 4.So the time came for planning.She asked whether we guys can sleep in one room.We said yes and she guided us 2 a bedroom.Then she and Vanaja proceeded to the next bedroom to sleep.I could see some used clothes were put on one side of the bed.Some of them were aunty’s and some belonged to Vanaja.It consisted of bras,panties and underskirts.Both of us got on to the bed and lied down.After sometime I felt like pissing and there was no attatched bathroom for our room.So I asked Arun and he told me to ask aunty.I went and knocked at aunty’s room.I was a bit shy.Vanaja opened the room and I was shocked to see
her in just underskirt and bra.Aunty was in the bathroom.I told Vanaja about my problem and she told me to wait until aunty comes out.

I was in a tensed mood.My penis became rock hard and Vanaja was casually talikng to me.I could see the top of her panties since her underskirt was loosely tied onto her waist.Suddenyl aunty came out of the bathroon with her saree tucked up above her knees and seeing me she blushed a little.She had a beautiful glass jar in her hand.It had something like beer inside with foam on top.I asked whether it is beer and aunty and Vanaja started smiling without answering my question.I was perplexed.Then aunty said it’s her urine.I was shocked and did not know what to say.She said she does it every night .She said she collects her urine and drinks it.She said she started doing it after a doctor advised that it is good for health.She then handed over the jar to Vanaja and asked why I came to her room.I told her I wanted to piss.She guided me to the bathroom.As she left I took my penis and tried to piss.As it was rock hard I couldn’t piss.Suddenly I heard a noise behind and aunty was standing behind me with the same jar.Jar was empty this time.I was embarassed and saw that she was staring on to my penis.She was so cool and she handed over the jar to me and asked me to piss into that.She went back and I was struggling to piss.She came back in a moment and saw my hand was trembling.She asked me to come out of the bathroom.She took the jar and I followed her.

In the bedroom Vanaja was sitting on the bed with a glass of urine with her.She was slowly sipping it.Aunty made me sit on the bed and said to Vanaja.”Vanaja, please help him to collect his piss into the jar.”She said yes and asked me to remove my pants.I had an underwear inside and seeing this aunty asked-”why do you wear these kind of tight things while sleeping.That will reduce blood flow and is not good.”Telling this she lifted her saree and took off her panties.Her thighs were so good and sexy and she slid down her panties and gave it me .Then she said-”try wearing this ..this is not so tight” Then Vanaja helped me to remove my underwear and I wore aunty’s panties.It was so wet with her pussy juices and it made my penis erect to the maximum.Her panties were so soft and smelled heavily.Vanaja took my penis out of the panties and asked me to stand on my knees.she kept the head of the penis into the jar and started stroking my penis.My penis was so slippery with some cum.She spat on to the head of my penis and smeared it with her saliva.In between aunty started undressing.She remove the pallu of her saree.Then she started unhooking her blouse and removed her blouse.Her armpits were so hairy and her breasts appeared so sexy through her white bra.She then completely removed her saree.

She then got on to the bed and took hold of my penis and jar.She then asked Vanaja to go to the other room and call Arun.Vanaja went outside and told Arun that aunty is calling.Vanaja came back and told aunty with a naughty smile that Arun was rubbing one of the used panties to his penis.Aunty gave a serious smile and asked Arun to wear the panties he was rubbing with his cock.The poor boy obeyed aunty and came back.Vanaja caught hold of his penis through the panties and guided him to the bed.Meanwhile aunty said I have to drink some more water to piss effectively under these conditions.She asked me whether I can have her urine and said it’ll be so good.I nodded and she said it’ll be difficult for a beginner like me to directly drink from a glass.So she called Vanaja and asked to remove aunty’s bra.Vanaja did so and gave the bra to arun and asked him to rub it properly with his cock and he started doing it.Aunty took the glass of urine and poured it over her breasts.The she asked Vanaja to demonstrate what I’ve to do.Vanaja started sucking aunty’s nippes and breast while aunty was pouring urine on to her boobs from top.Aunty told me to do the same with her other breast.I did and her urine tasted so good and I drank half glass of it.

Then aunty turned to arun and took hold of his penis started sucking it.He came in just 2 mins and shot the load of cum all over her face.She drank major part of it.She called Vanaja and Vanaja started licking the ramaining cum from aunty’s face and mouth.They smooched and kissed for sometime and asked Arun to remove aunty’s underskirt and asked me to remove Vanaja’s bra and underskirt.Now aunty asked Vanaja and Arun to lie down in 69 position and suck each other.Aunty and me did the same.This continued for about 10 mins.The aunty made Arun and me to watch How she plays with Vanaja.Both of the hugged and started rubbing each others’ pussy.Later aunty sucked Vanaja’s breasts and pussy and Vanaja did the same for aunty.

The she said me to suck Arun’s cock.I didn’t know what to do since I had no such thoughts in my mind.But she insisted and she said it would be nice.She made Arun lie down told Vanaja to suck my penis.Lissy aunty slowly started sucking Arun’s cock and asked me to do the same.I took his cock and slowly licked it.It tasted so good with her saliva and his cum mixed together.The she climbed on top of him and asked me to suck her pussy.I did so and she inserted herself on to his shaft and started fucking.In between Vanaja came and gave her pussy to me.Later we both fucked.I came in great force that Vanaja’s pussy was overflowing.Aunty had finished by this time and started licking Vanaja’s cunt.

All of us later tried different positions and combinations and it went on till 1 o clock in the night.We were resting in each others’ arms.The aunty called all of us and guided to the bathroom.She made all us stand on our knees and she stood up facing us and was rubbing her pussy vigorously.With in few seconds she started squirting all over.She pissed on to our face with great force and we drank as much as possible.Later everyone was asked to suck her pussies and she exploded into a powerful orgasm.Later felt like shitting and we all watched her shitting.After that aunty cleaned Vanaja’s asshole with her toungue.Lissy aunty is someone who is so cool in doing whatever she likes.She is such a wonderful person.

Desisexstory-Wild sex with hot sexy sister

Desisexstory-Wild sex with hot sexy sister

Wild sex with hot sexy sister

My name is Raj 21 years old and I am from Delhi pursuing my Engineering course and currently in 4th year of Engineering. I am natural looking guy with 6 ft. height and average body, not so muscular body or like that and have dick of about 6-7 inch. So all over and I am an average guy.

I don’t even have any girlfriends in college. Also very shy to talk to girls but always try to look the tits or ass of the girls and women. The best part about girl I like is tits. Oh, I am a big fan of boobs. It’s so erotic anyways coming back to the story. This story is about my cousin sister Tani. She is just one year younger than me. So she is very friendly to me.

We are from very conservative family where even brothers and sisters are not allowed to sleep together in same room. We were good friends before the incident happened, but now you can consider as a couple let me now describe something about her. She’s 20 years old and pursuing B Com and also stays in Delhi very near to our house.

She’s around 5’5 good looking girl with around 32 26 34 figure. Anyone who sees her at least looks at her couple of minutes to explore her beauty. She has 32D big boobs with lovely ass. She’s fair complexion with killing smile. Oh, she’s so inviting I tell you. Now the original story goes like this. We are very close to each other from our childhood.

We used to play the Ghar Ghar game in house with all the cousins and each and every time we both used to play as husband and wife in that and act like husband and wife such as hugging each other, kissing on chicks, saying good bye, sleeping together in same bed and obviously at that time, there were no bad intentions for each other.

We even don’t know anything about sex or incest sex but we used to enjoy each other’s company. I remember once, we were trying to act like we are having sex. Like I was on top of her on the bed and I was just pumping with all our clothes on. Don’t know where I had seen that. I had even put my hands in her top and felt her body.

I can remember that very well and regretting that I didn’t know about sex at that time. I missed so many chances. Anyways my wish comes true very shortly. It was a family get together day in our house. Whole family with my 2 uncles and all the cousins were invited.

Obviously she was there at that time and I have started to read about the incest sex stories and even seen many porn movies on that. So that thing was in my mind from long time but as I said, we were from conservative family, it was very difficult task for me to take any further step because what if she don’t have any such feeling for me and she tells everyone.

So just trying to get the idea about her mind and her intentions and so here comes that day. We welcomed all our guests one by one. But my eyes were only waiting for those beautiful tits my sister have and my wait paid off. Here she came and I open the door.

I was stunned looking at her as she was looking a top model with a wonderful low neck top and skirt that comes till her knee. She looks so sexy, my dick started to grow the very moment and I was feeling like take her in my arm and start licking her boobs but suddenly she said hi Raj, where have been lost? Yeah nothing.

Damn man, she was a sex goddess to me right now. I was praying, god give me one chance. And the good news was that they were staying at my house for 2 days. So I was in my dreams all the time looking at her beauty and exploring each and every part of her above her clothes. I straight away run to my washroom and masturbate thinking how she’ll look without clothes.

The day went damn boring with all family members as I was not in mood to do anything but what I want. All the cousins enjoyed very much the entire day. At the night, before we went to sleep, all cousins put some music and started dancing. I don’t like dancing; rather I don’t know how to dance.

I was standing against the wall and watching all dancing and from corner of my eyes I was aiming my target. She was dancing well with her boobs bouncing in air and ass shaking. It was an awesome view but I can’t even directly stare at that as anybody could catch me and suddenly she came near me and said come on Raj, let’s dance na!

I was still staring at her boobs and didn’t listen what she said. Hey, what are you doing Raj!” She exclaimed “Come, dance with me. This time I heard her and said and no I don’t dance, you carry on but she was not ready to listen to me and brought me towards the dance floor and all were dancing in pair and some salsa music was going on. (more…)

Desisexstory : Buaa ki Chudaai

Desisexstory : Buaa ki Chudaai


Desisexstory Buaa ki Chudaai (1)Desisexstory Buaa ki Chudaai (2)Desisexstory Buaa ki Chudaai (3)Desisexstory Buaa ki Chudaai (4)

When i was 23 year old, i got a job at coimbatore, tamil nadu as a medical rep, and my parent suggested me to stay with my kumari athai (aunty -fathers sister)who was 44yrs old widow and staying alone in a single bedroom appartment at coimbatore. Both her daughters got married and they also lived in the same city.

I was initially very relectunt to stay with her due to privacy reason. But i had no options. I reached her home, she greeted me well and told me to feel at home. I was happy the way she was treating me, she also was very happy that i accepted to stay with her to kill her loneliness. I joined my job, i liked the job, and used to return only 10 pm after my work.

Initially i used to sleep at hall, she used to sleep at bedroom. In coimbatore, the winter will be very cold, so she suggested me sleep with her in the room only as the room is warmer than the hall. She told me to sleep in the bed and she slept at the floor. I never had bad intention towards my aunty and one night i wokeup from the sleep to go for loo.

Then noticed my aunty was sleeping at her glowry, i observed her in the night lamp. Her saree pallu is off from her shoulder and i could see the cleavage clearly. I got mad, and my heart beat was fast.
I lied down on the bed and was watching her big boobs. She was 44years that time. Typical middle aged indian woman’s body, slight bulge in and around the tummy. I wanted to feel her boobs, but was scared. So i slowly touched her hand, no response from her. I roamed my hand on her hand only for some time, she was having a sound sleep. I got some courage and slowly touched her right boob, i felt like electric shock and i could hear my own heart beat, but i was fondling her boobs for more than 10 mins, suddenly she turned to other side and i got scared then slept.

The next day i was afraid to face my aunty, but there was no sign or response regarding the last nights incident. Then i felt releaved and left for my work. In the nights the same story continued for one week. Then on one saturday night, as usual i put my hand on her boobs, and i found something unusal that day, she does not wear bra. So i felt much more softer and smoother. I fondled her boobs for more than 30 min. I could not control my urge to feel her naked boobs, so i started removing her blouse hooks one by one. It was very difficult task, i have ever done in my life. I started sweating and my heart beat was took almost 30-40 min for me to remove all the hooks.

Then i opened one side of her blouse and saw her naked boobs for the first time, her nipple must be one inch and dark brown areola which is atleast 3 inches dia. I was tenderly carassing her boobs and touched her nipple and played for some time. I could feel my aunty’s breating became faster. I got scared that any time she may wake up, so i decided to stop the game and sleep. But then i was feeling thirsty and badly needed water and went to kitchen to have my water, then i realised that i have not hooked her blouse and got worried.

When i returned, she was still in the same position, topless, but now she put her hand on her pussy area above the saree and i could see her hand was moving above her pussy. I had no guts to put her hooks on. So i slept.

Again in the next morning i was expecting scolding from her, but to my disbelief she was so calm and took care me very well and prepared the dishes i like on that day being sunday. Whole day i was thinking about her and could not understand whethear she knew what i had done last night or not.

Next night as usual at 11 after watching tv programs, we went for bed, i lied on the bed and she lied on the floor. She told she is very tired and she was fast asleep. I started my night games with her. Today also no bra, and i was quick at unhooking her hooks, and started kneading the jugs tenderly and feeling her nipple. I could sence that her nipple started errect, and it was very nice feeling to touch it. Though i was scared, i was fully excited with the game i was doing with her.

There was a little movement in her, i immediately took my hand out, and pretend as if sleeping. I watched her, she did not open her eyes, instead she lifted her sarry and scrached her pundai (pussy) as if doing in sleep. I felt so much excited and dont know what to do then. I could not see her pussy as her hand was there, and after few seconds she removed her hand and started snoring and leaving her sarry as it is. (more…)

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