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My sexy Step sister’s Hot sex story

My sexy Step sister’s Hot sex story

My New Stepsister I was eleven years old when my parents got divorced. My mother immediately remarried and moved us from our sleepy Florida town to a city up north, into the new family’s big old house in the suburbs. We were thrown into an entirely new situation that included a new stepfather, a cat, three dogs, and, best of all, my new stepsister, Linda. She was just six weeks older than me and had been an only child, so we became instant friends. She introduced me to the kids in the ‘hood… and some other things. I don’t know whether it was from my having been to a Catholic elementary school or what, but she couldn’t believe how naive I was.I knew about the “S” word, but had never heard it spoken aloud — until she said it, causing me to gasp in shock. When she said the “F” word, I didn’t bat an eye, because I had never even heard of it. Then she explained what it meant, and at first I couldn’t believe her. My mom? And your Dad? Do that? No way! After mulling it over for a while, I found that it might be an explanation for some things I had already observed. When I questioned my mother, I could tell by her evasive choice of words and her attitude that it was the truth. Now curious, I pumped Linda for more information. Soon she enriched my vocabulary with some more choice words and expressions, such as BONER and BLOWJOB. Whether from the erotic suggestion, or from my natural progression into adolescence, soon I began to get my own boners.I can remember having often played “doctor” in the past, with anyone that would join me; but this new combination of Linda, her budding young body, her sexual knowlege, her lack of inhibitions, and my newfound boners — this was a whole new ballgame. Eventually, as with all adolescent boys, I began sporting wood about every few minutes, whether I wanted to or not. Sometimes I would run excitedly from my room into hers and, closing the door, I would show it to her, proudly, sticking right up out of my pj’s. She would grab it and stroke it gently, which felt great. One time she even popped it into her mouth, which was REALLY fabulous. I would love to entertain you with a nice detailed blowjob story, but the truth is that I was an almost hairless young boy who had never had an orgasm yet, and it was only for a few seconds, anyway. But time marched on and hair grew.You My friend Carl showed me how to jerk off by rubbing the head of my dick with a soft blanket, and I have been pretty well hooked ever since. (These days I don’t use a blanket, and, thanks to my wife, it’s more like once a month now instead of five times a day!) By the time we were fourteen, I began CRAVING some real sex. Unfortunately, Linda had matured faster and was beginning to distance herself from me, whether in favor of actual dates with boyfriends or because she had real titties now. In any case, she was becoming more inhibited and unwilling to play, just when I was starting to really get revved up. I will never know how far she went with these dates, because she wouldn’t even divulge this type of information anymore. But one thing was sure: she still had an itch that needed scratching. I knew this for a fact, because of a weird little game that we developed — at least I THINK it was a game… I never cared much for backrubs, but Linda seemed to love them. Since our parents were always out partying on Saturday nights (but were too cheap to get a sitter), we would often both be home with a bowl of popcorn, on her bed in her room watching the “Double Chiller Theatre” monster movies. For spooky ambience, the only light would be from the little black and white TV set, and we’d be in our pj’s, ready to jump into our beds and feign sleep instantly when we heard our parents stumble in. Linda would ask, “Give me a backrub, wouldja?” I can still replay the scene in my mind’s eye, as if it were happening right now. She had been sitting cross-legged to my right on the edge of her bed, but now she pivots and stretches her legs out behind me. She flops over onto her stomach, resting her head on her arms and facing the TV. Her firm little butt is just touching mine. I reach up under her pajama top and begin to scratch her back gently with my fingernails, making little circles around her shoulder blades. I gradually widen the circles to include her shoulders and the center of her back. Eventually I use my fingers and the flat of my hand to press firmly against her. This causes her pajama top to ride up, baring about half of her back and confirming my suspicions that she is not wearing a bra. I continue rubbing her, all over her back. Her eyes are closed, the monster movie forgotten. I gently ask, “Linda?” and get no response. Is she asleep? I am not sure; let’s find out. I know that she would never let me feel her up if she were awake. I very slowly work my left hand down to under her armpit, massaging all the way. As I continue even further down her ribcage, soon I am at the place where her left breast swells out. I am gently but excitedly stroking the soft skin at the side of her tittie. Her boobs may not be Playboy-huge, but they are right here, right now, soft and warm and smooth and infinitely more accessible than any glossy paper image. They are only like grapefruit halves, but I get a huge lump in my throat as I squint in the dim TV glow and see the smooth curvature that I am caressing. From her position of lying on her stomach, the boob sort of squooshes out to the side, further accenting the exciting roundness.I gently probe under the smooth swell with my fingertips, in hopes of touching the nipple. It is too tight a fit, and I don’t want to wake her and spoil this moment. I wonder if the right one is better situated? I snake my right hand over to her right side, only to find the same position. I can’t reach her nipple just now, not this way, but I am practically trembling with excitement anyway. Just caressing the soft skin on the sides of her titties has caused me to get a raging boner. Technically, this isn’t a “back” rub anymore, so I make sure I am prepared to retreat fast if she wakes up and says anything. But her eyes are still shut tightly and her breathing is even and smooth. I reach under her left forearm and, very gently, pull up slightly as my other hand snakes gently under towards the nipple.My heart stops as she mumbles! She separates her arms and twists over onto her right side, bending her knees slightly behind me. Her pajama top is still halfway up her chest. She still appears to be sleeping soundly. Now I can stroke my hand slowly up her side under the pajama top, stopping at the curve of her breast. I keep softly rubbing her, not yet working up to the coveted nipple. This is partly due to a lack of courage ( I really don’t want to get caught and piss her off) and partly due to a bothersome question: is what I’m doing a form of rape? Of my various fantasies, my violent raping of a woman is not one I particularly enjoy. Even though I may still be a virgin, in my heart I’m a lover, not a fighter. I have to admit that certain movie rape scenes have caused a twinge in my dick; still, it ranks way on down near the bottom of the list, right near the one where I pop some other guy’s dick in my mouth. Yes, a few of these thoughts may have crashed some of my fantasy parties, but they were never invited. I like to think that I don’t have a violent or malicious bone in my body. If anything, I love Linda and will admit it, if pressed. However, one specific bone in my body is throbbing almost painfully. Yes, even at my tender age of fourteen I am already learning the life lesson about thinking with my little head. Slowly but surely, I inch my fingertips up over the curve of her left breast. At last I find the little bump, sticking up firmly. It feels nothing like mine, which are just little flaps of limp skin. Her nipple is more like part of an ear — hard but pliable. I rub it between my thumb and fingers, and it gets even harder and bigger. Linda shifts a little bit and emits a little moan. Quickly, I jerk my hand back and put it in my lap on top of my throbbing dick. As I watch her, Linda still seems to be sleeping. I notice that she is clenching her thighs together a bit; I can see the flexing of her left thigh and her butt muscles. She then shifts again, just a little bit, so that her left leg bends some more, gently kneeing me in the back, and her right leg straightens out some. This is great news, because my desire to feel her tits was nothing compared to my desire to investigate her pussy. She is wearing these little shorty pajama bottoms which have elastic on the legs. I try to shift around sideways to get better access with my hand, but there isn’t room on the bed anymore. I guess I’ll just sit on the floor, but first I kneel up and over her thighs and gently pull the elastic band up from her exposed left leg. I slowly snake my right hand up under the fabric. Her bare skin feels really hot and smooth. I am so excited now that I feel I could squirt in the air without even a single touch to my dick. My hand continues up to the curve of her butt. I find I have to move my elbow almost down to her knee to contort my arm enough to continue up under the elastic barrier; of course, this does not deter me. I slowly move up over the curve until my hand is cupping her left cheek. Then I slowly spin it down, sideways, into her crack. The fabric is partially in my way now, but, with the progress that my fingertips have made, I can feel extreme heat and the fuzzy edges of her pubic hair. I gently let go of the legband from my left hand so that it rests up on my right forearm. I move it over her butt and tug the crotch down and away from her pussy area. She actually quivers a little bit in her sleep, which helps make it happen! My right hand is now touching the back end of her labia, through the fuzz. [/size] I have never been this far with a girl before, although I guess it doesn’t really count since we’re not making out or anything. I start to trail my right fingertips down over her fuzzy pussy lips, watching her face carefully in case she wakes up. Her mouth is open a little bit and she is breathing audibly, but not with a sound sleep type of slow rhythm. Her butt is starting to quiver a little, as though she may be cold. Should I cover her up with a blanket? Instead I keep working my fingertips around over her labia, all the way to the front of her pussy, where it gets seriously hairy. I move back up and over the mysterious folds toward her butt again, and this time I detect a spot that feels a little bit slippery.I start rubbing my finger back and forth where it slides so easily, and freeze as Linda makes a little moaning noise. She is quivering a lot more now and sort of working her left leg back and forth slightly as though she were running in place. Her eyes are firmly shut. I continue rubbing, but my eyes are glued to hers, just in case. As I slip up and down the slick spot on her pussy lips, the slippery area starts to grow. My fingertips travel farther as the available distance increases. Linda continues to quiver. I then notice that my finger is actually slipping down between some of the folds. I am still rubbing back and forth, but within the folds now. I press inwards to try to get inside, but… no dice. I move back up to the top of the folds and discover another inner space, even wetter. This time my fingers slide in easily; it’s even wetter in here.My middle and ring fingers are in up to the nails. Linda makes a little whimper and her quivering is a little bit more jerky and sporadic, not like a shiver from the cold. I withdraw my ring finger and insert my middle finger up to the first knuckle, but my arm is getting to be really contorted now, and her top leg is kind of in the way. I put my left hand down behind her top knee and gently tug it up so that her legs are more spread apart, watching her face the whole time. She slides the leg right up, no problem, but her pajama bottoms are tending to move with her and shrinking what little room I had. Reluctantly, I completely withdraw my hand, but at least her left leg is now about ninety degrees up from her lower leg, almost at the edge of the bed. My knees are killing me, but in all the excitement I hadn’t noticed. There is now room for me up on the bed, between her legs and below her left foot. I move up there, behind her. This time I go for her lower, straight right leg, by grabbing the fabric from the crotch area and gently pulling it out away from her. There is more room to move here; in fact, I think I can pull the elastic out far enough to see her pussy. The light from the TV is not enough to see very well, but I stick my head right down there to look. All I can see is a mass of dark curly hair, but… Oh, my God, the heavenly smell! It hadn’t even occurred to me that I would be able to smell it. My nose is very sensitive; maybe I could have been a winetaster, if only I liked wine. I am completely bowled over by the aroma that those slippery juices are giving off. If I hadn’t loved Linda before, I fall head over heels now. I move closer and closer to her secret perfume spot with my face, inhaling the air deeply. Later I would learn that the buzz I am enjoying is caused by a group of chemicals called pheremones, but right now I can’t care about a single thing, except to not wake Linda up and shut off the source of this divine fragrance.As I get even closer to her pussy, I can see a little better. I can barely make out the labia, which are sort of puffed up and out, not like my little sister’s when I saw her in the bathtub. I have the elastic pulled as far as possible out to her bent left leg in an attempt to get as close as possible. I am on my knees, bent down with my butt in the air and my face inches from her pussy. My aching dick feels like it is made of stone. I am having a hard but intoxicating time, trying to inhale as deeply as possible without exhaling so much that she will feel my breath on her. I decide to get really daring, and I stick my tongue out to touch her labia. From this close, the aroma is making my head spin into total euphoria. I move even closer and lick gently up and down.I can hear Linda moan, so I jerk upright; her eyes are still shut tight, although she is writhing and humping her lower body slightly. I get back down and slowly poke my tongue in as far as I can manage at this awkward angle. My nose goes right up to her butthole, but the pussy aroma is all I can notice, all I live for at this moment. Linda moans and straightens her bent left leg, forcing my head out quickly, and giving me a heart attack. She wiggles around, squirming until she has bent both legs and pointed her butt up into the air, sleeping like a little baby! Is she awake, or sound asleep? After waiting a long minute (maybe ten seconds?) I grab her butt gently and wait for a response. Nothing. I grab the waistband of her pajama bottoms and slowly pull them down, past her hips, and then over the curve of her butt. I can get them all the way down to past the legbands. Her pussy is fully exposed now, and I can see it better with the improved angle. The labia are still mysterious to me, with their secretive folds, but at least there are now two distinct halves visible. I take my middle finger and gently plunge it between these halves. To my great delight and surprise, she wiggles back on it, impaling it further than I would have even dared to stick it in! She is moaning and quivering now, with my finger up her pussy. The rest of my fingers are in the way of further penetration, so I remove the middle one and insert my index finger instead.She moans and wiggles back on it, even more! The walls of her pussy feel like the softest slippery silk, like the inside of a tight but deep toothless mouth. I curve my finger a bit to investigate this new territory. About an inch up, I can feel a somewhat round shape towards the front. I am guessing that this must be the so-called cherry; it is just the right shape and size. How interesting — it is not a resisting barrier. I guess she must have gone all the way already with someone. It feels as though another finger might fit in her, so I pull my index out and add my middle finger, which is still wet from before. As I continue probing and stroking the sides, finger-fucking her, she moans and wiggles spasmodically. Since she still pushes back, and since I don’t feel any resistance, and since my dick is leaking all kinds of slick juice from the excitement, I wonder whether I could get away with positioning myself to stick my dick inside of her? I get up to where it is close, but her butt is not far back enough to make contact without actually laying on top of her. I guess I could do it if there were a trapeze hanging from the ceiling. [/size] There is just not going to be a way to get in her without waking her up, and I will be dead meat if she wakes up and finds out what is going on. Oh, well. I have food for solo fantasies for the rest of my life now, without the ultimate violation. Anyway, I don’t have a rubber; what if she got pregnant? As a consolation, I decide to try to at least lick her pussy, which is something I have only heard about. This time I stand up and put my left foot over her on the far side of the bed, so that I am straddling her and looking at her butt upside down. With my left hand I pull her pajama bottoms just a little further down her legs; I lean on my straightened right arm to suspend myself above her. I swoop my face down to that beautiful and mysterious spot once again. With my face practically upside down, my nose is bumping right up against the front of her slit, and if I thought the smell was good before, it is even better now. Without hesitating I plunge my tongue into her. [/size] She moans again and shoves her butt up to my face for better access. I lick all the way up the full length of her slit to the front and diddle around, experimenting, looking for the legendary clit. She begins to grunt “mmph!” as she starts to hump the air beneath her. I pop up for a second to make sure that she is still asleep, and then go back to town. She resumes her humping and grunting as I resume toying with what seems to be the right spot. My boner is killing me, aching to plunge into her. I keep on flicking my tongue back and forth, in and out, up and down, as she keeps on gyrating her hips around faster and faster, around and around. As she keeps getting even wetter, I am finding out that the taste of her pussy juice is wonderful. I have never been this turned on in my short life, and I can’t tell whether it’s because of the smell, the taste, or the texture; but it certainly is her pussy that’s causing it. I am getting carried away, constantly flicking my tongue even faster, and covering her entire pussy with my mouth as though we are having a really wild and sloppy French kiss. Sometimes I try slowing my tongue down to test her reaction, which she unconsciously makes clear by her moans and by the wiggling of her butt. Sometimes I move my tongue in and out, sometimes in circles one way and then the other, sometimes back and forth, sometimes in combinations of these. After a few minutes of this, her humping just can’t get any faster. I can’t really tell if her hips are moving now; they are locked rigid, motionless, yet at the same time they are moving so fast that they seem to be almost vibrating. Oh, man; I think she may be coming! The very idea is so exciting that I’m afraid my dick is going to explode. Now her pussy is starting to make these gulping noises, kind of like farts, but more like kissing the air. Also, each time she exhales she is letting out a really long grunting sound; it sounds like some African animal charging. She makes these loud groans for at least five or six breaths. I’m thinking she is going to wake HERSELF up. I am not sure whether to hang on tight or run away before this happens. I decide to stand up and get ready to bolt. At this point, I just hope that she will think that she had a very erotic dream. Still trembling, her hips very slowly sink back down to the surface of the bed. I pull her pajama bottoms up over her butt at the last minute. In the glow from the TV test pattern, I look at her closed eyes once again and notice that she has sort of rosy cheeks and a very light glow of sweat all over her face. She is beginning to breathe more normally as I leave the room.At the top of the stairs, before going down to my own room, I grab my swollen dick and give it one really good hard squeeze. Without even a single pull, I gasp as I shoot out all over the stairway wallpaper. Through my blurred vision I can see a big blob of my goo on the far wall, way up near the ceiling. I don’t think I can reach that high to wipe it off, even if I wanted to.[/size]So… about this game: was she feigning sleep or not? I suspect so, but I will never know for sure. But I must add that this story is a compilation of my memories of MANY such similar incidents.Ultimately I couldn’t take the frustration of the one-way pleasure trip. If only she had said, “I’ll make it worth your while,” or had somehow given me some hope of reciprocation…THAT’S the real food for some of my fantasies, even today, 30 years later. However, to this day, I am not one of those many men who, I suspect, go down on a woman just for the idea that they will likely soon get a blowjob. I still CRAVE the taste and smell and sensations, and get turned on, nearly to the point of orgasm, by licking my wife’s pussy. Guess what? This causes no complaints in our household..Comment on this My sexy Step sister’s Hot sex story .

Desisexstory : Fuck my cousin sister


I was staying alone in the city for my higher studies. I was staying in a small flat, in the same building where my cousin sister lived with her husband and newborn baby. I used to visit them almost everyday and we were very close.

My brother-in-law was looking for a job in Arab and finally he got it. He had to leave immediately but my cousin had to stay back with the baby, as she could only go after six months. I promised my brother in law to take care of them in his absence. My college used to start late in the day and I would be free in the mornings. My cousin asked me to come in every morning so that I could look after the baby while she took a bath.

Things were going smoothly for a couple of days. Then, one day while strolling through their house, as the baby was asleep, I noticed that the bathroom door had a gap in the wood through which I could see inside. I came close and stood transfixed when I saw my beautiful and sexy cousin completely naked and having a bath. She was very fair and had a figure to die for. She had very firm boobs with no hint of sag. Her nipples were erect and pinkish brown in color. She had a perfectly flat stomach and a small bush of hairs on her cunt. She had well rounded and firm but slightly large buttocks. Her skin was unblemished and she had shoulder length hair and full and rosy lips. As the bathroom was very small, she was very close to the door and I could almost touch her. I watched her till she finished her bath and then moved away. This became a habit with me and I looked forward to my morning duty everyday. (more…)

DESI SEX STORY : Mom ke sath blue film dekhi…

DESI SEX STORY : Mom ke sath blue film dekhi…

DESI SEX STORY Mom ke sath blue film dekhi hot-mom mom-pussy-shaved

Ye baat us samay ki hai jab meri umar 20 saal ki thi aur meri mom 34 ki thi.
Meri jawani shuru hui thi unki jawani ke sholey bhadakte the. Meri mom bahut
sexy aur sundar hai. She has got a beautiful body shape 38-32-38. She has got
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Mai mom ko jab bhi dekhta to mujhe unka sexy figure dekhkar man me gudgudi hoti
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me sath sota tha, to mom-dad ko kai bar sex karte dekha tha wo andhre me sex
karte the lekin unki aawaj aati thi kya masti se dono karte the, Dad dhakka
marte to mom awaz nikalti aur uchal uchhal kar sath deti thi. Mai rat ko sone ka
natak kar thodi jaldi so jata, phir dono light off kar shuru ho jate wo samajhte
ki mai so raha hu, lekin mai sone ka natak karta tha. Mai unka sexy games dekha
karta tha, mera lund khada ho jata tha, bar bar upar niche hota tha.

Mai bhi sochta mai bhi kaise is khel ka anand lu. Yeh soch kar kai bar lund
khara jata aur rat ko mere ras jhar jata tha. Ek do bar to jab mom mere bagal me
soyi hui thi to mai unse jan bhuj kar chipakkar sota, kabhi unki tango ke bich
me apni tang dal deta,to unki nind khulne par alag kar deti. Mai sochta rahta ki
mere sath kyo nahi chipakti, maine kai bar unke chutar par haath pherta, boobs
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ki maine dekh liya hai to abse dusre room me jakar sex karte the. Mom ki
chuchiyo ko mai niharta tha jab bhi wo khana parosti ya jhukkar kam karti to
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saree ko dekhta tha, kabhi wo nujhe dekhti to apna pallu thik karti, saree thik

Mai bachpan se mom ki jawani ka shabab aur kai rup dekhte aaya hu. Maine ek bar
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Dono blue film dekh rahe the. Maine halki sound bhi kar di . Mera bhi lund hard
ho gaya tha, mai pajama pahne hua tha, mai upar se apne lund ko sahlata aur
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nahi, achha to ab baith kar dekh lo, kitni der tak khadi rahogi. Wo mere pas
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Ab mai mom ki godi me jangho par let gaya, aur film dekh rahe the tarah tarah se
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hai. Mom apne blowse me hath dalti ek bar to sadi peticot me hath dalkar bur me
bhi anguli ki, maine puchha kya hua, kahin dard hai kya, wo muskara di. Mai unki
god me lete lete unki kamar me hath pher raha tha, nangi kamar thi, piche se low
cut tha, Mai sochne laga aaj achha moka hai, shayad chance lag jaye, try karte
hai.maine apne hath se unka bur daba diya phir saree ke upar se hi unguli se
dabane laga, usne siskari mari, ab maine Ab picture khatam hokar dusra part
shuru hone wala tha mom boli kafi der ho gayee hai so jao, bahut dekhl iya ab tv
band karo, mai bola mom thodi der aur.achha lag raha hai, wo uthkar sone chali
gayee mai film dekh raha tha, bada maza aa raha tha aaj mai bhi sochne laga aaj
to movie wale scene karna hi hai aur chudaika maza lena hai.aur movie kham hone
ke bad maine TV off kiya aur mai bhi mom ke bagal me jakar so gaya bola yahin so
jata hu.

Mai mom ke baju me hi so gaya. Aur apna lund masal raha tha. Mom ne apna muh
guma liya. Kuchh der ke ke bad mai ne mera hath mom ke upper rakh dya. Mom ke
kamar per maine mera hath rakha, mom ka muh us taraph tha, mai thoda age gaya
our maa ki aur chipka. Mera lund mom ki gand ko chhune laga. Dhire dhire maine
mera hath maa ke boobs per rakha our unhe sehalane laga. Mughe laga maa so gai
hai..lakin wo sone ka natak ker rahi thi. Maine dhire dhire mera hath maa ke pet
se ghuma ke maa ke sadi me dala. Tabhi, mom ne mera hath pakda..our Bola..” Kya
kar raha hai to? Our wo sidhi ho gai aur apni saree thik ki. Mai bahut ghabra
gaya..lakin maa ne bola..kya baat hai mai bola kuchh nahi, to so jao maine kaha
apko movie kaisi lagi wo boli ye bado ke liye hai, maine kaha maza aa raha tha.
Aur bola aaj raha nahi ja raha hai aur lund masalne laga, maine phir mom ke upar
apni tang rakhkar chipak gaya aur boobs dabane laga, usne apne bowse ke upar ke
button khole hue the aur sirf ek hi band tha, maine kaha maza aata hai na, mom
bhi excite ho rahi thi. Maine kaha tumto dad ke sath bhi movie ke scene ki tarah
masti leti hi, maine kai bar tumko sex karte dekha hai tom kaise chudwane ka
maza leti ho. Aur maine unka boobs jor se hath se daba diya wo boli kya ho raha

Tu pagal hai,tu mera beta hai,aisa nahi ho sakta Boli tumhare papa ko bol dungi,
maine bhi kaha mai bolunaga ki apne mujhe blue film dikhayee thi aur mujhse
lipat gayee thi aur mere kapde jabardsti utar diye the. Wo boli chup ho ja tu
badmas ho gaya hai. Maine kaha agar aj apne sex karenge to mai kisise bhi nahi
kahunga dad se bhi nahi, aur dono ko sex ka maza milega nahi to mai sabko
bolunga. Wo boli acha chup ho ja aaj ki baat kisi ko nahi batana.maine kaha ye
to tere mere bich ki baat hai. Maine kaha jaldi karo movie ki tarah me jaise lady aur wo ladka kar rahe the. Bus maine mom ka blowse
ka hooka khol diya kya sexy black bra thi ab mom ne apni bra khol di aur uske
bade bade boob bahar aa gaye kya sundar mote mote, mere to hath me nahi aa rahe
the, maine boobs ko pakad kar jor jor se chusna shuru kiya aur bola ise to
bachpan mai chusta tha to tu kuchh nahi bolti thi aaj nakhre dikha rahi hai teri
bur se to mai pura nikla hu, abhi to kewal yeh 6 inch ka andar jayega bahut
nakhra marti hai dad ke sath to uchhal uchhal kar chudwati hai, teri almari me
sexy photo aur sexy kahaniyo ke kitab hai jisme chudai ki kahani hai maine sab
dekha hai, mai ab khul gaya tha.

Ab wo bhi boli achha yeh bat hai to kas ke dabao Mai bhi kafi uttejit ho gaya
aur josh me akar unki raseelee chunchee se jam kar khelne laga. Kya badi badri
chunchea thee aur lumbe lumbe nipple jor jor se daba kar chusne laga Unke pink
nipples mote aur bahut soft the. Jibh nikal kar gol-gol nipple par ghuma kar
chat kar suck kiya. Wo aaahhhhh…uhhhhh.iiiisssss.maza a gaya boli. Aur piyo ye
nipples. Maine kas kar chuchi daba daba kar dono nipples par jibh se khub chata
phir maine unke lips ko apne lips me lekar khoob jor jor se choosa usko maza aa
raha tha, boli tu to bada hi tej hai. Aur usne mere pajama ka nada khol diya
maine pazama aur underwear dono utar diye, maine bhi unke pettikot ka nara
khinch diya unhone petticot aur saree utar dee.

Aur mai unki choot ke darshan kar mast ho gaya pura gora badan aur uspar jhant
ugi hui thi gore badan par kali jhant khil rahi thi unhone apne pair ek doosre
par chada liye the jisse ki nangi hone par bhi unki choot chhip gayi thi maine
takat ke saath mom ki choot par se unka pair hatadiya . Aj mom ke bur par badi-
badi jhatein thi,aur jhatoon ke ander se jhankta unka gora bur,…main to bas is
bur ko dekh kar bekarar ho teri bur ki jhanki bahut sundar hai, tu
bahut sexy hai re,aur mom ke upar baith gaya, wo boli arre mere beta itni jaldi
kya hai le dekh le ji bhar ke meri choot ko aaj ise mast kar dena aur Mere poore
badan mein sansani hone lagi aur mera lund tan kar khara ho gaya. Mom ne turant
hi mera lund haath mein pakda aur sahlane lagi .

Dekhte hi-dekhte mera lund musal ki tarah mota ho gaya. Boli bahut mota hai re
tera yeh aur use boobs ke sath masalne lagi. Maine lund pakadke unke muh ke pas
le gaya mai bola chuso na isko, usne kiss kar chhod diya, maine kaha movie ki
tarah isko jor jor se chuso jaise wo lady chus rahi thi. Boli maine kabhi nahi
chusa hai, maine kaha isiliye to aaj ye bhi maza lena hai. Usne kaha achha isko
thik se pochh kar aao, maine usko gile towel se pochha aur gulab jal chirak
diya, phir mom ko bola le ab choos deri mat kar maine lund uske muh ke pas le
gaya, usko gulab ki khusbu aayee, wo halke se muh me lee, maine kaha andar tak
lekar choos nakhra mat kar aur lund uske muh me ghusa diya aur bola chal choos
aur ab wo choosne lagi. …..aaah hhh. ….ohhhhhh…….dono ke munh se tez
siskariyn nikalne lagin mai mom se bola,mujhey bahut maza aa raha hey, tujhe bhi
aa raha hoga, ise lollypop ki tarah chus jor jor se. Phir usne muh se nikalkar
hath se sahlane lagi, mai bola aur kaise tumhe maza aata hai, bolo tumhe jyda
expereince hai.

A mai mom ke boobs dabane laga, Mom ko Bhi acha lag raha tha..usse awaje aa rahi
jab mai mom ke boobs dabata tha our uske bur me ungaliaya dalta tha tab maa
bolti thi.. “ajiiiiii, abbbbbbb bus bhi mughe ayasa matt dallllll bhi doooo..ourrrrrr kitnaaaaaaa tarasaao ge.
kyaaaa bat hai maine kaha teri bur abhi baichen hai” ..” Tabhi maine maa
ko..pucha. ” Mom, Kya mai app ko chod sakta hu?’ wo boli ab puchhta kya hai
mujhse nahi raha ja raha hai aur maine mom ki tang failayee aur apna musal sa
lund mom ke haseen boor mein ek dhakke ke saath ghachhhh… ghusa
diya….uski bur chudate chudate fail gayee thee isliye mujhe taklif mahi hui
par wo chillayii..ooouuuuiiiii……rei…..mar diya re tune…..maine kaha kya
hua, boli kuchh nahi, maza aa raha hai tu jor se kiye ja.mai tezi se apna lund
mom ke bhoonsre mein ander bahar karne laga, mom neeche se apna choot
uchhal-uchhal kar mere lund ko apne choot mein nigal rahi thi aur poora mazza le
rahi thi maine kaha aaj movie ki tarah tujhe pura chodunga, chhorunga nahi, aur
mai andar tufan ban gaya.. Mai zoro ke jathke de raha tha our mom chila rahi
thi. ” aaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaa .pl’ sss sss sss.dhire.. Mai mar
gai.aaaaaaaaaa our dhereeeeeeeeee..aaaaaammmmmmiiiiiiii . . mazzaaa aaaaa rahaa
hai .mujheeeeeee .. aa hhha. mai ghachagach apne laure ko pel raha tha.mai bhi
xxxmovie ki tarah khul gaya tha.Chudai ki raftar maine badha di mom
boli…..oooooohhhh…….aaaahhhhh…….ab maza a raha hai aur chod …..zor
se chod……phad de is haseen choot ko…….apni maa ki mast choot ki kasam
tune mujhe mast kar diya haiiii. …. Kya maza aaya, aaj tak nahi aaya, tu to
apne baap ka bhi baap nikla.. Bada tej hai re……..oooouuuiiiiii…..tum ne
mujhe jannat pahuchdiya…..main jhar gayiiiii re …….aur mom mere se lipat
kar bed par let gayee. thodi der baad bola mom phir se lagau ab teri gand me,
maine apni anguli ghusedte hue kaha, boli ab bhi man nahi bhara kya, mai bola
aaj to sari raat hamari hi hai, mom ke pair usi tarah phaila kar.maine peeche se
mom ko apne god mein bitha liya aur unke phaile gaand mein apna moosal ghooser
diya, mera adha hi ghusa tha doosri taraf ek pal ke liyeto amma chatpata
gayi…… Ooooohhhhh. ……shhhhhh. …..bada dard hao raha hai…….bade
beraham ho tum…….aaji meri choot aur gaand dono andar se hiladi tune…..aur
wo thoda jor lagate hi guchhh se mera lund unki gand ke andar tak chala gaya is
bar mujhe bhi kuch takli hui, par maza aa raha .ahhhhh…….meri maa
…….mujhe bacha le .mom ki aawaj nikli .siiiiiiii.ha
ahhh……ooooohhhhh…..meri jaan nikli ja rahi hai…..kya karega…maine

Mom aaj maine tere sundar badan ,sundar boobs sundar bur, kya gol gol chutar ke
darshan kiye tune kyo nahi pahle mujhe dikhaya, aaj ka maaza bahut jordar tha to
to sabse jyada sexy hai us movie ki lady s lady se bhi jyada. Aur fir kuch der
ke dhakkon ke baad mai bhi jhadne ke kareeb aachuka tha aur mom bhi jhadne waali
thi dono ek saath hi jhad gaye aur mom aur mai wahin bed par let gayegaye aur
mom haafne lagi aaj bahut din baad aisa maja aaya hai beta. Aur hum dono apas me
lipte rahe sote rahe mai phir unke boobs sahlane laga. Ab to mom boli kya phir
se dudh pine ki ichha ho rahi hai, aur unhone apne boobs age karte hue kaha
“pucho mat ye doodh aur doodhwali sab tumhari hi hai, jitna doodh pina hai pilo”
aur maine bina ruke uske mote mote sexy boobs dabaane laga. Use zoro se chusne
laga, wo chikhne lagi, chuso aur zoro se, pijao saara, beta aaaaa aaaaaa iii
iiiii adoodh.. Oooo ooh hhhhaaaaaiiiiiiiiii.. ooooooooooooooooooo. aaaaaaaaaaa.
Maine apni chusai jari rakhi, aur wo mere lund se khele jaa rahi thi. Maine uske
boobs aur nipples chus chus ke laal kar diye, ab mera lund fir khada ho gaya
tha. Maine kaha yeh phir se tumhari choot ke andar ghumna chahta hai, boli gumao
na kisne mana kiya sara hi abhi tujhe saup diya hai.

Ghumade lele masti. Bus phir kya tha maine apne lund ko unki bur me jaldi se
ghusa diya,,,wo bhi shhhh..ahhh karne lagi boli andar tak ghumade,,mai bhi jor
se andar bahar karne laga boli masti aa rahi hai tujhebhi, maza aa gaya aaj
bahut din baad jawaani ka maza paaya hai kasam se aaj tune mujhe apni jawaani ke
din yaad dila diye ayyyyyiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiissssssss mair bhi bahut josh ke
saath chudaayi kar raha tha mai bolai aaj teri choot ki dhajjiyaan uda doonga ab
tu dad se chudwaana bhool jaayegi har waqt mera hi lund apni choot me dalwaane
ko tadpa karegi mom – aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaayiiiiiiiii kya maza aa raha hai,
ab tu mujhe bulayegi kyo bol. aur usne mujhe alag karke apne upar litaya mujhe
kiss kiya maine bhi phirse mom ke mathe par, boos par, nabhi par kiss kar bagal
me hi let gaya aur suba tak ek sath lipat ker chipak kar soye rahe, subah mom ne
uthaya aur muskarayee, boli yad rakhna isko raj rakhna.mai bhi bola aise hi
entrtainment karti rahna.

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