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Desi mom story Horny mom and son

Desi mom story : Horny mom and son

Desi mom story Horny mom and son

Desi mom story Horny mom and son

I living in an Indian village named kuch it is situated in northern state of India State name is Gujarat in our culture incest is forbidden sin. But it happens in my life it is changed me all of sexual thoughts in my life. I never thinks it happens in my life.

When the situations changed in my life I am 21 and my mom was 44 she is very sexy in that age 5 .7 ft. Height and 82 kg weight with big size boobs and heavy large as cheeks it is jiggling when she walk I looks it jig-jag moves from her back., it is hard on me every time I see that.

Just more about my mom, She had a housewife and her skin was wheat colored. She had thick black long hair up to her buttocks, big mouth full of teeth and striking black eyes. Long and well shaped nose and small and sexy lips and cute redden cheeks and above mentioned boobs and structure that anybody looks she his cock will hard on without any sexual thoughts when I turn to mature (I mean sexual feels grown my mind) I Imagined my mom as my sexual partner I masturbates every time in my bathroom or bedroom with her fantasies

The first time I saw her naked body was in an unexpected situation one day it was a Sunday My Dad and my sister had gone out of our cousins wedding anniversary. So me and mom alone I am in my room time was 11.30 pm my mom finished her kitchen work and go to take her bath (when she takes bath she sings any movie song slightly ,That is her hobby)I heard her sings from her bathroom I have long last desire to see her naked body. It is time for that. I got up and put on my half pants and T-shirt. I slowly opened my door and peered down the hallway. Mom was obviously already in the bathroom. I could see that the steam that was escaping cracked the door.
I slowly walked down the hall as I directed the bathroom I just happened to glance through the crack in the door. There I saw Mom totally nude getting ready to step into the bath. Ho! It is getting blood pressure me my head is shivered with hot blood circulation heart pounding in like a drum beat sound I just stunned. My first look was at her ample butt as she cautiously stepped into the hot water. As she raised her leg, I could see a hint of her pussy lips. My cock suddenly jumped to attention. She turned in preparation to sit and I then saw her big tits with large round pink nipples. My eyes widened and quickly shoot to her hairy bush surrounding her pussy. My cock was pushing the fabric of my sweats to the limits. She slowly sat down in the tub and her lips parted in a deep sigh as she felt the heat engulf her body. Her head titled back and her breasts rose up as her long black hair cascaded over her back.

I felt dizzy and confused. This was my own Mom here. But she was naked and she did not know I could see. Yet my cock was hard as a rock. Still watching Mom as she began to wash herself my hand instinctively went under my half pants and I began to stroke. I could see the beads of sweat on Mom’s shoulders as her body adjusted to the heat of the bath. She grabbed a washcloth and soap and began to wash herself. First, she went over her shoulders. Then she cupped each boob and washed underneath. I was feeling so crazy and stroking my cock felt so good that I had not realized that my half pants were now around my ankles. As I watched her breathe heavy and lift her legs up to wash I kicked my half pants completely off. I was stroking slowly but surely to orgasm. I did not want it to go too fast. (more…)

Indian incest story : Fuck Sexy hot Sister and Randi Mom

Indian incest story : Fuck Sexy hot Sister and Randi Mom

 Desisexstory-Fuck sister and hot mom
It was Saturday our school had closed at 11.30. As usual, I got into the Taxi which headed towards the convent where my elder sister was studying. Her school closed at 12 noon. I reached there by about 11.45. While waiting for her I took out the two books given to me stealthily by my friend Sohan that day morning.
One of the book was an album containing photographs of couples fucking. The other one was a storybook. While looking at the photographs I got excited and my Lund was slowly becoming erect. My face became flushed. I put my school bag on my lap to conceal the lump showing at my crotch. The taxi driver had gone to the nearest teashop for tea.
I felt that if I indulged in looking at the pictures any more, I would certainly ejaculate. So I closed the book and put it into the bag and took up the storybook. Before I could span a few pages, the bell rang. I closed the book and keenly watched the exit of the school to spot my darling sister Pooja. There she was as sexy as a doll and so lovely, coming towards the taxi. A glimpse of her will give a male of any age a thrill down his spine.
She is so sexy and lovely; I am in love with my own sexy sister and she in me. For outside world we are brother and sister. But inside the house and in our own room we are more than a husband and wife – are you surprised? Don’t be. Read our story and you will understand.
I was about 14 at that time and was studying in the 9th standard and my sister was 16 and was in the 11th standard. We both were the only children of our lovely parents. Our family is a middle class one and my father was 40 and an officer in a bank. My mother Pushpa was just 35 and stunningly beautiful. They both fell in love and married against their parent’s and relative’s wish. So they are now settled in this town. My father had bought a nice bungalow in the outskirts of the town where there was no congestion.
For our schooling my father had arranged a cycle taxi to take us both in the morning and bring back home in the evening. My sister and myself shared a room in the upstairs while our parents occupied the other room there. We had to ride the taxi for about 30 minutes to reach the schools.
“Hi boy, waiting for long?” asked my sister on reaching the taxi, “No, sis” I replied and smiled at her. I found her cheeks blushed and her eyes shining and was wondering what made her look so blushed. My sister kept her right leg on the taxi platform to climb it. While doing so she discreetly pulled up her skirt in such a manner that her smooth thighs up to her panty-covered Choot was fully visible to me. In a flash she mounted the taxi and sat by me smiling mischievously. This is but one of her numerous tricks, to tease me I knew. When she sat by my side, her body odour pierced my nostrils and made me hot.
Knowingly she acknowledged my excited condition and still smiling mischievously asked me “Why brother you look flushed and your eyes are red, what is the matter?” “You know sis, my friend Sohan has given me two hot books and while waiting for you I was going through them. Then you showed me your panty and now your sweet smell makes me all mad like hell” I smiled back at her. The taxi started moving…
We were talking in a whisper, which the taxi puller cannot hear. She was seated to my right and holding her books to her chest with her right hand, she lifted her left hand to hold the hood of the taxi to balance while it was moving. I turned to her side and saw her smooth fleshly armpit thinly covered with perspiration and her door from there hit my nose straight. My Lund now had stood uptight lifting the bag on my lap. This is yet another way of hers to tease me because she knows well that her armpits excite me beyond limits and her body door drives me mad.
She watched me through the corners of her eye. She fell back on the seat and still holding the hood and pressing her books on her breasts. The jolts of the taxi made her rub her breasts with books. As the taxi turned a corner I feigned falling on her and placed my face on her armpit and inhaled her door, licked the lovely flesh and bit her hard. She was squealing with pleasure calling me a brute. “What a brute you are brother, see you have tickled and bitten my arm pit and it is smarting”.
“When you tease me baby, that is what you get. Tell me honey, you act naughty today what happened?”
“You know my dearest friend Neetu was narrating an exciting incident at her home last night. That made me hot .. know what, I am all wet down there”.
“Really baby, what did you hear so exciting”
“Her uncle (mother’s younger brother) had come down from Delhi it seems and last night he took her mother and herself to a movie and in the hall itself her uncle started playing with her mother and later that night her uncle had fucked her mother”.
“When she narrated this incident in detail to me I became highly excited and my Choot became oozing wet. Neetu also told me that later on her uncle made love to her while her mother was watching. You know her father is away from the country.”
“Lucky girl that Neetu is it is really exciting to hear her experience, I wish I fuck you and mother on the same bed. I am also hot after seeing the books.”
“Honey, I want you badly. Let us go home and have a sound fuck, okay?”
“Oh sure brother. My Choot is also itching and while talking to you my juices are dripping.”
Suddenly a sound came and our taxi started limping. One of its tyres had gone flat and we were hardly about a furlong to cover to go home. There was no repair shop near by and so we got down from the taxi and decided to walk home. The taxi puller pushed his cart to the town. We started walking.
‘Brother, why don’t you come behind me. You can have my sexy rear view” my sister told me smilingly. I thought it was a great idea and allowed her to walk in front of me. The road was deserted and houses were scattered. I walked slowly behind my sister and watched her beautiful lovely buttocks swinging. Oh dear, what a view it was my sister had nice round shapely buttocks and the way she swings her hips and rotates her globular buttocks will make a dead man’s Lund stand upright. She knows the beauty of her buttocks and uses it to rouse me up. Her buttocks just resemble that of our mother’s and she likes me to admire her lovely hind.
As we walked some distance, she gave me an exciting view of her hips and buttocks play, which was too much for me. I reached a breaking point and ran up to her. “Sis you are killing me let us hurry home”.
“Is it that bad darling?”
“Ya, you will know when we go home. Wait and see.”
We reached home to find our mother had gone to attend a lunch at her friend’s place. Only the cook was home cooking the lunch for us. She informed us that it will take some more time for the lunch to be ready. We said it was OK with us as we have some homework to finish first. We rushed upstairs. The moment we reached our room, I kicked the doors shut not ever bothered to lock it as I was very hot.
We threw our books on to the bed and immediately embraced my sister to my body and kissed all over her face. She also tightly held me to her hardened breasts pressing on my chest. She held my thigh with her thighs and rubbed her Choot over it. After kissing her mouth and chewing her lips and tasting her tongue I released her. She went up to the bed and putting her knees at the edge and knelt over the bed as if she was going to pick up something from the other side.
Once knees were firmly placed on the bed edge, she hiked her skirt over her hips showing me her lovely round buttocks enclosed in a flimsy nylon panty. Her Choot bulge was tightened by the panty and I could see her panty over her Choot fully wet. I rushed to her and buried my face deeply in her Choot and arse. Her door coupled with the smell of her juice and perspiration made me reel in my head and I licked the wet panty over her Choot. She moaned with pleasure and urged me to take away the panty.
I kissed her Choot and buttocks and bit her fleshy buttocks and inhaled deeply her musky exciting door. My Lund shot up like an iron Lund and I freed it from my shorts. Holding her thighs firmly I started feeling her Choot over her panty and removed it. Her lovely buttocks game me a thrill. In the crevice dividing the buttocks was her virgin arse hole like a flower bud which I plan to take some day and beneath was her hairless Choot. The lips were wet. I caressed her Choot, arse hold and buttocks for a while and bent to suck her Choot. Her juice tasted salty sweet and I opened her Choot lips with fingers and thrust my sharp tongue into the hole hunting for her clitty.
I took her miniature clitoris between my lips and teased it with my tongue. She gave a violent push with her Choot trying to dislodge my tongue and was loudly moaning with pleasure. I licked her clitty and fucked her piss hole. Her strong urine smell made me still hotter and while I continued to suck her Choot thoroughly, I was caressing her arse hold and buttocks with my free hand. She rotated her hips as if in a motion of fucking and was jabbering.
‘Ah, boy you are driving me mad … yes go on suck my vulva baby ….. oooooohhhh that is it bite my Choot lips and thrust your tongue deep darling bite my Choot honey ah yeas that is the go on still harder there now tease my clitty baby there there oh I am coming you fucker there my juice is coming ooo hhh drink it baby drink your sister’s Choot juice ahhhhh
Letting out her thick Choot juice, she rotated her hips and pressing my face on to the bed beneath her Choot, collapsed. Her Choot was palpitating and I could feel her arse hole also vibrating.
I licked her Choot up to the last drop and pulled out my head. She was lying there spread-eagled on the bed, her eyes closed, mouth open and her breath coming in gasps. She was naked below her waist and as she was lying on her stomach with her left leg pulled up her glorious Choot, arse hole and buttocks were enticing. My hardened Lund needed friction badly to emit its boiling juice and with deep intake of air, I was trying to ease the excitement in me.
My hands were itching to grasp her round buttocks. I unbuttoned my shots and underwear and I massaged my balls. My pre-emission juice formed a droplet at the mouth of my Lund. After a few minutes, my sister woke up and as if she had woken up from a deep slumber, gaped at my stout Lund, wetting her lips she jumped up and embraced me holding my Lund with one hand.
‘Brother, it was just wonderful, after seeing your lovely erection I am getting excited, come on boy … your Lund must be itching …. Come , let us have a fuck.”
I kissed her squarely on her mouth, caressing her springy buttocks and moulding her spongy flesh. I asked her to kneel on the bed again as I wanted to fuck her from behind. Immediately she obeyed me and went up to the bed. Placing her legs apart she knelt showing me her treasures. I briefly kissed her Choot and tongued her tempting arse hole and sucked it till she was crying out to stop and start fucking. I inserted my erect Lund into her wet vagina and with one push sent it in full. Aha what a feeling! Her juicy warm Choot gripped my Lund and I started pumping her. She also pushed her buttock back and forth and gave me tremendous thrill.

I bent upon her back and putting my hands through her armpits caressed and squeezed her round breasts over her top, she started moaning.

“Oh, brother how nice, go on fuck me harder baby ah lovely that’s it.”

“Ah, sis your Choot is tight and warm there take my stroke there is it enough and her is one more for you” I was pounding her with heavy strokes. Our excitement mounted and we were on the throes of spending …….
“You fucker, go on fuck me harder still harder and oh , I am going to cum you son of a bitch, sisters Choot fucking bastard there I am cominggggggg” she grounded her teeth while giving heavy quick pushes with hips. I was also about to come and shouted at her.
“You Lund fucking bitch wait for me I am also coming there there it is take it all ahhhh…”
It was just at that moment, I heard someone yelling at us and when I turned towards the door, lo what do I see ….?
My mother was standing near us, her face fully flushed red with anger, biting her lips, she was standing with her hands on her hips and shouted, “You no good children, sinners get up” she could not speak further. I was dumbfounded and immediately pulled out my Lund from my sister’s Choot and as my juice had not come out it was painful and I circled it involuntarily the base of my Lund, to plug the sensation. The moment I tightened my Lund suish… suish… out came the juice and I was facing my mother it jerked and fell on her body. All this happened within a split of a second.
I got scared and tried to search for my jacks as I was fully naked below my waist. My Lund emitted the juice and became limp. My sister jumped out of the bed and smoothened her skirt over her hips. My mother could not speak anything and she wiped my juice, which fell on her hands with her saree saying “Chee… Chee….” She went out of the room without a word leaving us alone.
* *
We stood there stunned for a while and then slowly changed our clothes, without the courage to go out of the room. My sister finally told me not to worry and let us face what is going to happen. After about half an hour we refreshed ourselves and went down for lunch. We could not eat properly as fear was full of our hearts and we did not know what would happen to us. As the time went on we studied a little and took our dinner. As we did not see our mother so far I asked the maid where is she, she told us that she is in her room and told not to disturb.
Then a messenger from our father’s bank came to collect his baggage as he was going out of station for 4 days. I went to my parent’s room and knocked the door. My mom opened it and immediately I could sense what she was doing , she was drunk and when I told her the message from father she pointed to the packed suitcase. Which I took and gave it the messenger. While coming out I saw a bottle of scotch and half filled glass of whiskey on the teapoy. A cigarette was emitting smoke in the ashtray and a half opened book probably a sex book as I knew that both my father and mother used to read lot of sex books.
I went back and asked her as if nothing had happened whether she had her dinner or not as the maid wants to go away. Though she did not reply, I could see that the drink had made her soft. I came out and sent away the maid. My self and my sister went to bed and as we were still feeling bad about the after noon incident we did not touch each other and fell asleep each at one end of the bed.
From my deep sleep I suddenly woke up as something fell on my body. Thinking it must be my sister putting her hand or leg on me in sleep as usual, I took the object to move away and was surprised to feel a thicker leg on my stomach. I got up and pushed the leg away and saw in the dim light… my heartbeat was faster and my throat went dry… my mother was sleeping between my sister and me! How strange! For a moment I did not know what to do. Then I climbed down the bed and started going out of the room, to go to the toilet. As I had taken about two steps I heard mother whispering “where are you going?”
“Oh, Ma you are awake, I did not know I am going to the toilet”.
“Wait, I also want to go there.” Saying so she climbed down the bed and then I noticed her fully. Her hair were dishevelled she was only wearing her bra and seta and even in that dim light she looked absolutely ravishing with her slightly swollen face. While she came up to where I was standing I noticed she was slightly unsteady, probably due to her drink. She put her hand on my shoulder and pulling me to her body walked with me. I involuntarily put my hand encircling her hips to steady her. As we walked up to the toilet, her body was rubbing mine and her one breast was pushing at my face. My hand felt icy to hold her soft spongy hips.
We reached the toilet and she put on the light. She looked lovely in the bright light. Her hair were dishevelled her eyes swollen and face flushed. With her hard breathing her breasts encased in her bra heaved up and down. She looked at me and smiled and asked me to finish pissing. I felt hesitant and she came behind me and pulling my lungi up to my hips hugged me to her from behind and asked me to piss. I felt shy and at the same time I was getting excited also because of her body against my back.
I felt her firm breasts at my back and my buttocks snugly fit over her Choot. My Lund became erect already and it was difficult for me to piss. she placed her face on my cheeks and rubbed and said “Ah boy show me how you piss, I have seen you fucking.” I could not answer and my Lund was now fully blown to my 7″ full size. Looking at it she exclaimed, “What a big Lund you have son. It is really big for your age. How nice”. Saying so she chuckled with her tongue and got hold of my Lund. I tried to avoid but in vain. I turned to look at her face she squarely kissed me on my mouth and parted my lips to push her tongue in to my mouth. I felt the stale taste of alcohol and tobacco in her mouth. She caressed my Lund for a few seconds and said if you are not going to piss then I will finish my pissing.
So saying she came up before me and pulled up her seta over her buttocks and bent her knees to sit. What a glorious sight my eyes beheld! Oh dear, her beautiful round buttocks white as marble with a brown crevice and puckered arse hole widened my eyes. My mouth went dry as I looked at her Choot from behind. Her pissing made me still more excited with her pissing sound. The strong smell of her urine penetrated my nostrils and blood rose to my face.
She took me to her room and asked me to have a drink. Pouring two glasses of whiskey she gave me one and took one herself. She lit a cigarette and pulled me to her lap and caressed my face and kissed me.
“Tell me son for how long have you been fucking your sister?”
Her frank behaviour with me at the bathroom made me bolder and the drink I was having still emboldened me. But I pretended feeling shy and just murmured something. She continued to ask me “Did you not feel it a sin to fuck your own sister tell me”, I put my head down and did not reply.
She then pulled up my face tenderly and looking into my eyes asked me to tell in detail how this affair started. I made her promise she will not get angry and after that I narrated the incident to her.
“You know Ma, about 3 months back one day in the middle of the night, I woke up to go to the bathroom and when I came out of our room I saw light in your room and the door was open. I carefully watched and saw you coming out of the room fully naked. While coming out you put your hands on your head to tie your hair and walked up to the bathroom. I stood rooted to my room and awfully watching your beautiful lovely naked body.”
“I felt a thrill down my spine and my mouth became dry. You were walking with that sexy twist to your buttocks and I became excited by watching you. Breathlessly I saw you and watched you sitting and pissing. Then you returned to the room and bolted the door. I stealthily came up to your room and from the window saw inside. Father was reclining in the bed with a cigarette. His long Lund was limp and wet.”
“You went up to him and taking away his cigarette made him lie on the bed and saying something which I could not hear, placed one leg on the other side of his face while your other leg was on the floor and lowered your Choot on his face. He got hold of your lovely buttocks and started sucking your Choot. You just looked lovely, enjoying the sucking with a cigarette in your mouth. Throwing the cigarette away you bent facing his Lund and took it into your mouth and started sucking it.
When his Lund rose up you went and impaled your Choot on it and started fucking. All these things made me so hot and my Lund became rock hard. I could not wait any more. While watching you two I masturbated and ejaculated. You went on fucking father nicely and he squeezed your hanging breasts and you both talked lustily and freely used the filthy words. When the fucking was over you fell on him. By that time my Lund had became erect again and I returned to my room to see sister sleeping soundly.
Her seta was displaced. Her thighs and Choot were fully visible. There was a sparse growth of hair on her Choot. In my excited state I did not mind anything and burying my face in her Choot started sucking it and caressed the lovely slit with my tongue. Sister woke up but did not pull me away. She placed her hands on my head and holding my head rotated her hips rubbing her Choot on my face.
I felt the need for a fuck and went ahead by taking her in my arms and kissed her. She also responded and holding me tight kissed me back we did not talk at all. Rolling her on her back I mounted her by inserting my Lund in her juicy Choot and started fucking her. Of course I have heard a lot about fucking from my friend and had also read a couple of books and seen photo albums. But seeing you and dad in the real act made me insane. My first experience with sister was wonderful. Her round breast fitted my hands nicely and I caressed them. I kissed her mouth until I lit my juice in to her Choot.
After it was over we both cleaned our parts and sister asked me what made me to do that to her and I explained what all I had seen and how excited I felt. She told me that she also longed for a long time for a good fuck because her friend Neetu and she used to talk about fucking secretly and Neetu had fucked sister with cucumber. That was her first fuck and after that we used to fuck regularly”.
“Oh! Boy really I had been the root cause for all these come on son, hearing your story made me hot and excited.”
Saying so she fell on the bed and pulled me on her top. Taking my hands she placed them on her breasts and asked me to squeeze them. I felt glad and caressed her round breasts and kissed her mouth. She also caressed my buttocks and pulling up her seta, widened her thighs. She squeezed my Lund and pulled back the fore skin exposing my red knob she placed it on her Choot and rubbed it a little when it was on the entrance she asked me to push.
With one push, I sent my entire Lund in my own mother’s Choot. The very thought that I was fucking my own mother made me horny and I started fucking her. Her warm Choot was wet and fitted my Lund snugly. Her Choot muscles gripped my Lund tightly and gave me a thrill. It was just wonderful. While I was fucking from above she rotated and pushed her hips up and down in tune with my in and out motions


DESI SEX STORY : Mom ke sath blue film dekhi…

DESI SEX STORY : Mom ke sath blue film dekhi…

DESI SEX STORY Mom ke sath blue film dekhi hot-mom mom-pussy-shaved

Ye baat us samay ki hai jab meri umar 20 saal ki thi aur meri mom 34 ki thi.
Meri jawani shuru hui thi unki jawani ke sholey bhadakte the. Meri mom bahut
sexy aur sundar hai. She has got a beautiful body shape 38-32-38. She has got
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Mai mom ko jab bhi dekhta to mujhe unka sexy figure dekhkar man me gudgudi hoti
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cut tha, Mai sochne laga aaj achha moka hai, shayad chance lag jaye, try karte
hai.maine apne hath se unka bur daba diya phir saree ke upar se hi unguli se
dabane laga, usne siskari mari, ab maine Ab picture khatam hokar dusra part
shuru hone wala tha mom boli kafi der ho gayee hai so jao, bahut dekhl iya ab tv
band karo, mai bola mom thodi der aur.achha lag raha hai, wo uthkar sone chali
gayee mai film dekh raha tha, bada maza aa raha tha aaj mai bhi sochne laga aaj
to movie wale scene karna hi hai aur chudaika maza lena hai.aur movie kham hone
ke bad maine TV off kiya aur mai bhi mom ke bagal me jakar so gaya bola yahin so
jata hu.

Mai mom ke baju me hi so gaya. Aur apna lund masal raha tha. Mom ne apna muh
guma liya. Kuchh der ke ke bad mai ne mera hath mom ke upper rakh dya. Mom ke
kamar per maine mera hath rakha, mom ka muh us taraph tha, mai thoda age gaya
our maa ki aur chipka. Mera lund mom ki gand ko chhune laga. Dhire dhire maine
mera hath maa ke boobs per rakha our unhe sehalane laga. Mughe laga maa so gai
hai..lakin wo sone ka natak ker rahi thi. Maine dhire dhire mera hath maa ke pet
se ghuma ke maa ke sadi me dala. Tabhi, mom ne mera hath pakda..our Bola..” Kya
kar raha hai to? Our wo sidhi ho gai aur apni saree thik ki. Mai bahut ghabra
gaya..lakin maa ne bola..kya baat hai mai bola kuchh nahi, to so jao maine kaha
apko movie kaisi lagi wo boli ye bado ke liye hai, maine kaha maza aa raha tha.
Aur bola aaj raha nahi ja raha hai aur lund masalne laga, maine phir mom ke upar
apni tang rakhkar chipak gaya aur boobs dabane laga, usne apne bowse ke upar ke
button khole hue the aur sirf ek hi band tha, maine kaha maza aata hai na, mom
bhi excite ho rahi thi. Maine kaha tumto dad ke sath bhi movie ke scene ki tarah
masti leti hi, maine kai bar tumko sex karte dekha hai tom kaise chudwane ka
maza leti ho. Aur maine unka boobs jor se hath se daba diya wo boli kya ho raha

Tu pagal hai,tu mera beta hai,aisa nahi ho sakta Boli tumhare papa ko bol dungi,
maine bhi kaha mai bolunaga ki apne mujhe blue film dikhayee thi aur mujhse
lipat gayee thi aur mere kapde jabardsti utar diye the. Wo boli chup ho ja tu
badmas ho gaya hai. Maine kaha agar aj apne sex karenge to mai kisise bhi nahi
kahunga dad se bhi nahi, aur dono ko sex ka maza milega nahi to mai sabko
bolunga. Wo boli acha chup ho ja aaj ki baat kisi ko nahi batana.maine kaha ye
to tere mere bich ki baat hai. Maine kaha jaldi karo movie ki tarah me jaise lady aur wo ladka kar rahe the. Bus maine mom ka blowse
ka hooka khol diya kya sexy black bra thi ab mom ne apni bra khol di aur uske
bade bade boob bahar aa gaye kya sundar mote mote, mere to hath me nahi aa rahe
the, maine boobs ko pakad kar jor jor se chusna shuru kiya aur bola ise to
bachpan mai chusta tha to tu kuchh nahi bolti thi aaj nakhre dikha rahi hai teri
bur se to mai pura nikla hu, abhi to kewal yeh 6 inch ka andar jayega bahut
nakhra marti hai dad ke sath to uchhal uchhal kar chudwati hai, teri almari me
sexy photo aur sexy kahaniyo ke kitab hai jisme chudai ki kahani hai maine sab
dekha hai, mai ab khul gaya tha.

Ab wo bhi boli achha yeh bat hai to kas ke dabao Mai bhi kafi uttejit ho gaya
aur josh me akar unki raseelee chunchee se jam kar khelne laga. Kya badi badri
chunchea thee aur lumbe lumbe nipple jor jor se daba kar chusne laga Unke pink
nipples mote aur bahut soft the. Jibh nikal kar gol-gol nipple par ghuma kar
chat kar suck kiya. Wo aaahhhhh…uhhhhh.iiiisssss.maza a gaya boli. Aur piyo ye
nipples. Maine kas kar chuchi daba daba kar dono nipples par jibh se khub chata
phir maine unke lips ko apne lips me lekar khoob jor jor se choosa usko maza aa
raha tha, boli tu to bada hi tej hai. Aur usne mere pajama ka nada khol diya
maine pazama aur underwear dono utar diye, maine bhi unke pettikot ka nara
khinch diya unhone petticot aur saree utar dee.

Aur mai unki choot ke darshan kar mast ho gaya pura gora badan aur uspar jhant
ugi hui thi gore badan par kali jhant khil rahi thi unhone apne pair ek doosre
par chada liye the jisse ki nangi hone par bhi unki choot chhip gayi thi maine
takat ke saath mom ki choot par se unka pair hatadiya . Aj mom ke bur par badi-
badi jhatein thi,aur jhatoon ke ander se jhankta unka gora bur,…main to bas is
bur ko dekh kar bekarar ho teri bur ki jhanki bahut sundar hai, tu
bahut sexy hai re,aur mom ke upar baith gaya, wo boli arre mere beta itni jaldi
kya hai le dekh le ji bhar ke meri choot ko aaj ise mast kar dena aur Mere poore
badan mein sansani hone lagi aur mera lund tan kar khara ho gaya. Mom ne turant
hi mera lund haath mein pakda aur sahlane lagi .

Dekhte hi-dekhte mera lund musal ki tarah mota ho gaya. Boli bahut mota hai re
tera yeh aur use boobs ke sath masalne lagi. Maine lund pakadke unke muh ke pas
le gaya mai bola chuso na isko, usne kiss kar chhod diya, maine kaha movie ki
tarah isko jor jor se chuso jaise wo lady chus rahi thi. Boli maine kabhi nahi
chusa hai, maine kaha isiliye to aaj ye bhi maza lena hai. Usne kaha achha isko
thik se pochh kar aao, maine usko gile towel se pochha aur gulab jal chirak
diya, phir mom ko bola le ab choos deri mat kar maine lund uske muh ke pas le
gaya, usko gulab ki khusbu aayee, wo halke se muh me lee, maine kaha andar tak
lekar choos nakhra mat kar aur lund uske muh me ghusa diya aur bola chal choos
aur ab wo choosne lagi. …..aaah hhh. ….ohhhhhh…….dono ke munh se tez
siskariyn nikalne lagin mai mom se bola,mujhey bahut maza aa raha hey, tujhe bhi
aa raha hoga, ise lollypop ki tarah chus jor jor se. Phir usne muh se nikalkar
hath se sahlane lagi, mai bola aur kaise tumhe maza aata hai, bolo tumhe jyda
expereince hai.

A mai mom ke boobs dabane laga, Mom ko Bhi acha lag raha tha..usse awaje aa rahi
jab mai mom ke boobs dabata tha our uske bur me ungaliaya dalta tha tab maa
bolti thi.. “ajiiiiii, abbbbbbb bus bhi mughe ayasa matt dallllll bhi doooo..ourrrrrr kitnaaaaaaa tarasaao ge.
kyaaaa bat hai maine kaha teri bur abhi baichen hai” ..” Tabhi maine maa
ko..pucha. ” Mom, Kya mai app ko chod sakta hu?’ wo boli ab puchhta kya hai
mujhse nahi raha ja raha hai aur maine mom ki tang failayee aur apna musal sa
lund mom ke haseen boor mein ek dhakke ke saath ghachhhh… ghusa
diya….uski bur chudate chudate fail gayee thee isliye mujhe taklif mahi hui
par wo chillayii..ooouuuuiiiii……rei…..mar diya re tune…..maine kaha kya
hua, boli kuchh nahi, maza aa raha hai tu jor se kiye ja.mai tezi se apna lund
mom ke bhoonsre mein ander bahar karne laga, mom neeche se apna choot
uchhal-uchhal kar mere lund ko apne choot mein nigal rahi thi aur poora mazza le
rahi thi maine kaha aaj movie ki tarah tujhe pura chodunga, chhorunga nahi, aur
mai andar tufan ban gaya.. Mai zoro ke jathke de raha tha our mom chila rahi
thi. ” aaaaaaaaaaa uuuuuuuuuuuuuaaaaaaa .pl’ sss sss sss.dhire.. Mai mar
gai.aaaaaaaaaa our dhereeeeeeeeee..aaaaaammmmmmiiiiiiii . . mazzaaa aaaaa rahaa
hai .mujheeeeeee .. aa hhha. mai ghachagach apne laure ko pel raha tha.mai bhi
xxxmovie ki tarah khul gaya tha.Chudai ki raftar maine badha di mom
boli…..oooooohhhh…….aaaahhhhh…….ab maza a raha hai aur chod …..zor
se chod……phad de is haseen choot ko…….apni maa ki mast choot ki kasam
tune mujhe mast kar diya haiiii. …. Kya maza aaya, aaj tak nahi aaya, tu to
apne baap ka bhi baap nikla.. Bada tej hai re……..oooouuuiiiiii…..tum ne
mujhe jannat pahuchdiya…..main jhar gayiiiii re …….aur mom mere se lipat
kar bed par let gayee. thodi der baad bola mom phir se lagau ab teri gand me,
maine apni anguli ghusedte hue kaha, boli ab bhi man nahi bhara kya, mai bola
aaj to sari raat hamari hi hai, mom ke pair usi tarah phaila kar.maine peeche se
mom ko apne god mein bitha liya aur unke phaile gaand mein apna moosal ghooser
diya, mera adha hi ghusa tha doosri taraf ek pal ke liyeto amma chatpata
gayi…… Ooooohhhhh. ……shhhhhh. …..bada dard hao raha hai…….bade
beraham ho tum…….aaji meri choot aur gaand dono andar se hiladi tune…..aur
wo thoda jor lagate hi guchhh se mera lund unki gand ke andar tak chala gaya is
bar mujhe bhi kuch takli hui, par maza aa raha .ahhhhh…….meri maa
…….mujhe bacha le .mom ki aawaj nikli .siiiiiiii.ha
ahhh……ooooohhhhh…..meri jaan nikli ja rahi hai…..kya karega…maine

Mom aaj maine tere sundar badan ,sundar boobs sundar bur, kya gol gol chutar ke
darshan kiye tune kyo nahi pahle mujhe dikhaya, aaj ka maaza bahut jordar tha to
to sabse jyada sexy hai us movie ki lady s lady se bhi jyada. Aur fir kuch der
ke dhakkon ke baad mai bhi jhadne ke kareeb aachuka tha aur mom bhi jhadne waali
thi dono ek saath hi jhad gaye aur mom aur mai wahin bed par let gayegaye aur
mom haafne lagi aaj bahut din baad aisa maja aaya hai beta. Aur hum dono apas me
lipte rahe sote rahe mai phir unke boobs sahlane laga. Ab to mom boli kya phir
se dudh pine ki ichha ho rahi hai, aur unhone apne boobs age karte hue kaha
“pucho mat ye doodh aur doodhwali sab tumhari hi hai, jitna doodh pina hai pilo”
aur maine bina ruke uske mote mote sexy boobs dabaane laga. Use zoro se chusne
laga, wo chikhne lagi, chuso aur zoro se, pijao saara, beta aaaaa aaaaaa iii
iiiii adoodh.. Oooo ooh hhhhaaaaaiiiiiiiiii.. ooooooooooooooooooo. aaaaaaaaaaa.
Maine apni chusai jari rakhi, aur wo mere lund se khele jaa rahi thi. Maine uske
boobs aur nipples chus chus ke laal kar diye, ab mera lund fir khada ho gaya
tha. Maine kaha yeh phir se tumhari choot ke andar ghumna chahta hai, boli gumao
na kisne mana kiya sara hi abhi tujhe saup diya hai.

Ghumade lele masti. Bus phir kya tha maine apne lund ko unki bur me jaldi se
ghusa diya,,,wo bhi shhhh..ahhh karne lagi boli andar tak ghumade,,mai bhi jor
se andar bahar karne laga boli masti aa rahi hai tujhebhi, maza aa gaya aaj
bahut din baad jawaani ka maza paaya hai kasam se aaj tune mujhe apni jawaani ke
din yaad dila diye ayyyyyiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiissssssss mair bhi bahut josh ke
saath chudaayi kar raha tha mai bolai aaj teri choot ki dhajjiyaan uda doonga ab
tu dad se chudwaana bhool jaayegi har waqt mera hi lund apni choot me dalwaane
ko tadpa karegi mom – aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh aaaaaayiiiiiiiii kya maza aa raha hai,
ab tu mujhe bulayegi kyo bol. aur usne mujhe alag karke apne upar litaya mujhe
kiss kiya maine bhi phirse mom ke mathe par, boos par, nabhi par kiss kar bagal
me hi let gaya aur suba tak ek sath lipat ker chipak kar soye rahe, subah mom ne
uthaya aur muskarayee, boli yad rakhna isko raj rakhna.mai bhi bola aise hi
entrtainment karti rahna.

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