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Desisexstory : My sexy hot mom in my dream

Desisexstory : My sexy hot mom in my dream

I am 21 yrs of age named rahul raita and I feel that sex becom interesting and exiting when we are doing it our relatives especially blood relatives.
here I am going to write abut my mom- let me first introduce my mom to u she is abut 42yrs of age has a typical indian womens look plump always were saree here fig is 38 36 38 she is also a teacher she has a very sexy look.
my story starts many yrs earlier when I was in 9th standard. one day during the lunch break I hered some of my frnds talking abut sombodies figer I also went to see her when I reached there only I found out that they were talking abut my mom I was really angry with them and had a fight with them. this incident has been a turning point in my lif from then on when ever I think of sex my moms image comes to my dreamz those days I was feeling really bad tothink of her in that manner.
my daddy work in north india and we are frm south so he comes once in a while once when he came he bought my mom a selwarcamease. once when she was tring it on I saw her this was my first real sight of my mom I enjoyed. she was wering only a bra and a pantys and was pulling on her pijama on. even now I remember her sight she was wering a black bra which was really contrasting her fair skin colour. unlik all thos ladies I hav seen inporn films she was having dence hair in her armpit her brest really pushing towards the bra. and her pussy hair was so dence that it was seen outside the panty seeing me coming into the room first she was embbarased but with our showing that she pulled her dress on and went out of the room.
by the time I was in +2 I changed my way of thought and felt that there was nothing wrong in dreaming of mom and I never wasted any chance I got to see her boob cuts her fat and sexy ass. when ever she change her dress I enter here room as if it was an accident, when she cook food I donot waste the opertunity to touch her wet body she never noticed such things. my mom takes bath early in the morning usually when I am fast asleep one day I got up earlier to study and was washing my face when she came out of the bath room wering only pettycoat it was the first time when I saw a nude boob that too my moms it was really large and the nipple standing hard (may as an after efect of her bath in cold water) seeing me my mom ran back to the bath room
After my +2 I went to college that was far away frm my place and was staying with my aunt (mom sis) my anty is slimmer but has a perfect fig 36 34 36. I will tell about her late. After going to college I lost my opertunity to see my moms sexy body though I made frnds with sexy girls of college and had good opertunities of sex I was missing my mom and by that time I had a great intention to hav sex with my mom and was thinking how I can fulfill my desire. once I planed of seeing her taking bath one day when I reached hom I mad a cut in my bath room and waited for the next day to com early next morning I got up but remained in the bed pretending to be sleeping when I heared her taking to bath room I silently went to my privete hole and started watching the procedings. There was nobody at my line of sight so I waited and finally got my oppertunity there I could see my sexy mom standing completely nude only having the black string around her at first I could not belive my eyes I was seeing my own mom completely nude.
My mom with out knowing my cruel intention was taking a bath lik any other day. she first started oil massaging her self she started with her face then went on to her neck then taking som oil in her hand massaged those sexy boobs of (more…)

Huge thick dick of my Son

Huge thick dick of my Son

I am 39 years old and live with my son Jake, who is 18, my husband and I divorced five years ago and I now live a comfortable life with my son.

The story I am going to relate to you has changed my life forever and made me happier and more satisfied than I have ever been before.

I had been married for 21 years, when my husband cheated on me and left with a younger woman. He was always a good provider and had a good job but I can honestly say he never fully satisfied me sexually. You see since I first discovered sex I have had a love of men with really big cocks. The first man I had sex with had a nice, long, hard 9″ dick and after him, everyone else seemed small. My husband was an average 6″ and too be quite honest never did very much for me.

I never cheated on my husband during our marriage but I often wished that I could find a man just to have sex with who could satisfy my craving for a big cock. I would often lie in bed at night, while my husband snored next to me, wishing I had a man laying there with a giant cock that I could just pounce on and fuck my hungry pussy with.

I have always had a high sex drive and could quite easily be fucked three or four times a day, but my husband could never manage that. When we first got together, we would have sex maybe once a day, but as the years went by that went down to twice a week and by the end, hardly ever. This meant that I was nearly always horny and had to frequently play with myself to get off, always thinking about some large, hard cock.

Now my son Jake is a very good looking boy. He works out and plays much sport, which has left him with a well muscled and toned body. He has a tight young ass and a rippling six pack. He always attracted the best looking girls around and I must confess that watching him grow up into this strapping 18 year old, I had sometimes looked at him and felt a tingling feeling in my pussy. I quickly suppressed this however; after all he was my son.

After my husband left, I guess I did start to notice Jake even more. He would often walk around the house in just a pair of shorts, his hard young body on view to me. Being the only man really in my life, I think that I was unnaturally drawn to my hunky son because of his boyish good looks and that amazing body, but mainly I guess at first, because I was very horny.

My name is Julia and this is my story………


It all began early one Saturday morning in the early summer. I had just spent another lonely night sleeping by myself, feeling horny and frustrated. Since my husband left I had not had sex at all, I fingered myself almost nightly, rubbing and stroking my pussy, making myself wet and ending up even more hungry for a big hard cock.

That morning I got up and threw on my big white towelling robe. Heading downstairs, I made breakfast and switched on the television. After a while I went back upstairs to get dressed. It was just after 9am and I knew my son Jake always liked to be up early on Saturday’s so he could get to the gym early.

My son Jake, loved to work out. He spent many hours at the gym, toning and sculpting his body. He was a very fine and good looking young stud, a real favourite with the local girls. He played lots of sports and stayed in fine shape. I could not help but notice Jake had grown into a real man.

Since my divorce, Jake had taken over as the man of the house. He did all the odd jobs around the home and took over many of the duties that my husband once did, like mowing the lawn and painting the house. It was during this that I had first felt some kind of sexual feeling towards my son.

Some weeks ago, Jake had been outside cleaning the windows of the house. I went out and offered him something to drink. He was at the top of the ladder, cleaning the windows to my bedroom. He was wearing just a pair of shorts that clung to his tight ass. He had no top on and his muscles bulged. As I watched him stretch to reach the top of the window, I found myself admiring his chiselled frame, his hard abs and his well defined leg muscles.

I felt a sudden sexual urge and a fluttering in my chest, was I just proud of my fine specimen son or was I getting horny for him?

Over the next few days, I found myself thinking more and more about my son. We had always been close and even more so since my husband left. Jake had always been affectionate with me, giving me hugs and kisses. Now we lived alone, he seemed to take more time over me, making sure I was ok and telling me that I deserved better than his dad anyway.

A couple of days after seeing him up the ladder, I was lying in bed late at night in my usual horny state. I had the covers kicked back and my short little nightdress hiked up over my stomach. I slid my hands between my legs and began to play with my pussy. Quite unintentionally, an image of my son entered my mind, an image of him with his shirt off and those tight, hard muscles flexing.

I unconsciously began to rub my clit harder and my pussy grew much wetter. I knew it was wrong to think about my son in this way, but I could not help it, I could not get the sight of him out of my mind.

I had not seen my son’s cock since he was little but I suddenly imagined him with a nice large cock and that sent me over the edge.

I began to furiously finger my now dripping wet gash. I allowed a few low deep groans to expel from my mouth. I writhed and squirmed around on the bed, gripping my legs together as I buried my fingers deep in my pussy. With my free hand I took a firm grip on my large breast and pinched hard on my nipples.

I felt my pussy convulse and tighten, a huge wave of sexual ecstasy washed over me and I flung my head back, arched my back off of the bed and rode out the biggest orgasm I had ever given to myself.

“FUCCCKKKKKK” I moaned out as my pussy juices dripped from my hot, wet cunt.

It took me several minutes to regain my composure as I came down from my orgasm. The thoughts of my son’s body still raced through my mind as my breathing began to slow and my heart rate returned to normal.

As I lay awake, trying to fall asleep that night, I considered what I had just done. What kind of perverted mother was I, Bringing myself to orgasm thinking about my own son?

For the first time, I began to think of my son as a sexual being. I knew he had sex with his girlfriends but I never considered what it might be like if I was to have sex with him. Again I allowed my hands to wander over my large 36dd boobs and slowly down to my wet pussy lips.


Ever since that night, I had been trying to put thoughts of my son out of my mind but I was finding it more and more difficult. These images just kept entering my head, thoughts of him naked, his hard young frame, lying on top of me, giving his own mother a good hard fuck!

That Saturday morning, as I walked back up the stairs, I wasn’t thinking about my son in a sexual way, only that he was late getting up and would probably want me to wake him, so he could get to the gym.

I got to the top of the stairs and walked over to his door, which was shut. I gently tapped on it and said “Jake are you awake”. No Reply.

Again I tapped on the door and waited for an answer, again nothing.

I pushed down the handle and slowly opened the door inwards. The sun shone brightly through the window and onto my face. I had to close my eyes half shut to shield the sunlight. I looked across the room to where my son’s bed was. The sun was making it hard to see clearly. I brought my hand across my forehead to block the light from my eyes.

As my eyes focused more clearly, I could see Jake laid out on his bed. His face looked so peaceful and his eyes were shut tight. He was laid flat on his back with his arm across his chest and his other one down by his side.

Then I saw it.

My eyes were immediately drawn down his body to his crotch. The bed covers had been completely kicked back and Jake was totally naked.

My eyes widened and my mouth dropped. I took an involuntary sharp intake of breath and my whole body jerked backwards.

I was staring straight at the biggest, largest, hardest cock I had ever seen. I stood transfixed as my eyes glued onto my son’s gigantic length.

His cock was laying heavily on his stomach, slightly arched upwards, his large bulbous cock head pointing straight towards his face.

It was raging hard and even from the distance away that I was, about 10 feet, I could clearly see the thick veins that ran the whole length of this monster shaft.

“Holy Fuck” I muttered as I stood completely transfixed on my son’s hard cock. I had never seen a prick this big, It was easily twice the size of my ex-husbands and looked to be much, much thicker. (more…)

Desisexstory : Threesome sex with wife accidentally

Desisexstory : Threesome sex with wife accidentally


My wife loves me. She is, and has always been, faithful and true. She makes me feel appreciated and adored every day. I’ve never once thought that she might stray or betray our vows, and I’m careful to make sure she feels the same from me.

Before we were together, though, she was promiscuous. I never asked for all the details, but I know she’s had dozens of sexual partners, many of which she never even dated or knew. There were anonymous blowjobs, quickies at clubs around town, and I’ve gotten the feeling there was a long stretch where she brought home a new guy every weekend. I can’t really hold it against her – I was one of those guys, after all. I just happened to be the last one. (By the way, if you have a choice between a virgin and a woman who knows how to suck a cock, always choose the experienced one.)

So with zero concern about her fidelity and with the security she gives me in our marriage I have no problem indulging her fantasy. I guess it’s a holdover from her days of one night stands, but nothing makes her hotter than the idea of being fucked by a stranger. It’s not a rape fantasy thing, she just fantasizes about being intimate with an anonymous stranger. I don’t take it personally at all, and honestly it has always turned me on in ways I don’t really understand. It also makes me horny to think of what it does to her.

Since we’re not swingers and she’s a faithful wife, we have to resort to role play to fill that fantasy. About once a month or so I’ll blindfold her, leave her alone in the bedroom for a while, then come back and try to do something… Well, different from my normal “thing.” Even though she KNOWS it’s me, it seems to be enough for her to get lost in the fantasy of an unknown stranger filling her holes.

Time for the next level.

I had planned this for literally months. I placed ten Craigslist ads. I must have looked at 100 photos of cocks. I was looking for my doppelgänger. After about three or four months of searching I finally found the right man: slim, thick cock but not too long, about the same kind and amount of body hair, beard… Me in the dark, in other words. When I told him what I had in mind he was hesitant. When I showed him the boudoir photos my wife gave us for our 10th anniversary his reluctance mysteriously evaporated.

I arranged things with other-me (we’ll call him Mike) after it had been a couple months since our last stranger role-play. I knew she’d be ready to embark again on her fantasy, and she was more than willing. I wound up having to play for time when I got home from work on a Friday, because she was ready to go the minute I stepped in the door and I’d told Mike to be at our back door around at 7:00.

After we ate a light dinner and split a bottle of wine, it was getting close to time. I led her to the bedroom, kissed her passionately, and helped her undress.

“I wish I was going to be the one cumming inside you tonight,” I said.

She gave me a wry smile and started to play along. It was almost scripted, as many times as we’d played this particular game.

“You can have sloppy seconds,” she said, and winked.

I slipped the blindfold over her head and leaned her back onto the stack of pillows on our bed. I stood back and admired her thick but firm body, her tan lines, her shaved mound, her erect and dark nipples. I was getting hard looking at her. When I thought about what was to come I almost came in my sweatpants.

“I guess I’ll see you tomorrow?” I asked.

“Come back later,” she said, “after he’s gone. You can clean me up.”

“Okay, I will.” I grinned and left the room.

Mike was waiting outside the garage door as planned. I wasn’t too worried about noise from the door since one thing I did often was open and shut the door a couple of times, just to let her imagination fill in the blanks. I couldn’t afford for her to hear any voices, though, so Mike and I had already arranged everything over an afternoon beer. I nodded, he nodded, and went back inside.

I usually do different little things to help her convince herself that it’s not me. Sometimes I’ll wear a condom or a cock ring, or buy a cheap cologne I’ve never worn. Once I even took the time to shave my beard with an electric razor in the garage.

This time, though, I thought Mike would feel different enough. I was worried she would realize what was happening and panic before her fantasy took over. I’d told Mike a few things to do early on that would feel a little familiar to her. Once she’s into it, I told him, he won’t need any pointers.

Mike walked down the hall in his heavy work boots – another standard masquerade since I’m a white-collar kind of guy – while I tiptoed behind him, minicam in hand. He tossed his coat on the chair at the foot of the bed and stood for a few seconds beside the bed, admiring her naked body in the dim light. Her legs were straight on the bed, her feet together, and her hands were clasped loosely beneath her full breasts. He looked over his shoulder at me for the final go-ahead. I nodded.

“Who’s there?” She called, a practiced tremor in her voice. Mike reached out a single finger and slowly traced from her ankle up the top of her leg, stopping at her hip. (Move 1.) She shuddered and spread her legs slightly. Mike moved toward the head of the bed then reached out and pinched her nipple, hard. (Move 2.) She squealed and grabbed his hand, but her legs opened a touch more. Her other hand strayed across her hips toward her bare pussy.

Mike had one more “stranger move” I’d given him, then it was up to him to enjoy himself. He snatched his hand away from her and quickly dropped his trousers. At that point I wondered if I’d made a mistake. He seemed like he was maybe an inch longer than I was and at least as thick. He reached out, took her hand and opened it, positioning her hand near the edge of the bed palm up. She let out a little gasp as he slapped his hardening cock into her open palm. Her free hand found her pussy as she closed around his cock and started to stroke him.

I was still standing behind Mike. As a final move to put her at ease I let out a brief grunt as Mike was becoming fully engorged. It was an unspoken rule that I couldn’t make any noise at all during our role playing, so as not to break the illusion. I tried to make it sound involuntary, but it was obviously my voice.

She was obviously feeling comfortable as she spread her juices over her clit and around her pussy lips. When she sat up slightly so she could take him into her mouth I moved silently to the other side of the room and fired up the camera.

She sucked him for a long time. As she took him deeper and sucked harder her legs spread wider. I had a great view of her soaked pussy with the camera and got some great close ups panning from her fingering herself to his cock sliding in and out of her lips.

Finally he pulled away and grabbed her thighs, spreading her as wide as she could go. He peeled off his t-shirt and climbed onto the bed, on his knees between her legs. Her hands went to her breasts and she rubbed her nipples between her thumbs and middle fingers, one hand wet with her pussy juices, one wet with her saliva and Mike’s precum.

Mike surprised me by slapping her open pussy, just once, not too hard but I know it stung. Then she surprised me by not squealing or yelling, but letting out a long low guttural moan and digging her fingernails into her breasts, squeezing them harder than I’d be willing to. Her moan didn’t stop, but became a feral growl. Mike positioned his knees and drove his cock into her all at once, with no preamble or warning. She gasped, arched her back, and reached up to his chest with one hand.

Obviously she knows my body almost as well as I do. I had thought that when she started touching his body would be when she might finally realize what was going on. If she did, though, I saw no indications. She was lost in her lust. Mike was having a good time himself, and quickened his thrusts. She reached out, groping for his upper arms. When she found them she squeezed his biceps and drew him down until he was in a classic missionary. He never stopped pumping as he stretched his legs out and spread her thighs even farther.

She dug her nails into his back and growled “Cum in me” in the same possessed voice. She grunted and wrapped her legs around his buttocks, drawing him deeper. I knew what she must be doing with her vaginal muscles at this point. It was one of her well-honed skills in bed. At this point I’d been an objective documentarian about as long as I could stand. I quietly put the camera down on a table and slid my sweatpants to my ankles. I started jacking off, waiting for her climax.

Suddenly he pulled away from her, back onto his knees. He took her by the hips and virtually picked her up and spun her until she was on all fours sideways on the bed. That’s right! I’d told him I want him to finish her from behind. He reentered her easily as she spread her knees and positioned herself. She sank down first onto her elbows, then onto her chest with her ass high and her arms splayed out on the bed. Tiny involuntary yelps came from her parted lips “Oh! Oh! Oh!” in time with his thrusts. (more…)

Desisexstory : My Wife and My Sister

Desisexstory : My Wife and My Sister

I am Rahul; I had been away from home for a few days on business. I was supposed to be home the next day but came a day earlier as my business finished early. I was in a hurry to get home to my lovely wife Namitha. I took a taxi from the station.

My house was deserted and far off from the main locality. I went to the door and inserted the key and turned it but the door did not open. “What is the matter with the lock?” I circled the house. The curtains were closed. I glanced into the drawing room but no one was there.

I opened the back entrance door and entered quietly. With heart racing I looked around in each room as I came to it. I heard voices from the bedroom. I opened the door. I stood there still. The scene before me froze me.

I could see Namitha lying back on the bed with her eyes closed. There was a face buried in the triangle of her pussy. Her body was jumping up and down and she moaned. The woman between her legs came up to kneeling position. It was my sister Savitha. Sister had always shown an interest in my wife.

“Oh Fuck, Rahul when did you come?” Sister said as she spotted me. My wife opened her eyes and was looking straight at me with a horrified look in her eyes. She was trying to remove sisters head from her cunt which was glistening with my sister’s saliva. My sister was trying to cover her large breasts with her hands without too much success.

“Oh Fuck Rahul darling how did you come?” said my naked wife , her mouth open wide with shock. I looked down at her. “I think I should be asking the questions. What is going on?” I said. My hands were shaking from the shock of the revelation.

Sister said “Don’t blame Namitha…it’s my fault. I made her do it. See, brother you and I not only think alike, we love alike. Namitha is soooooo sexy. In fact she is too sexy for just one of us. We can love her, both of us. You can share her with sister, can’t you dear? Her pussy is simply nectar. I can’t have enough of her sweet cum. Forgive her brother” I growled at my Namitha and my shameless sister. I grabbed my naked sister by the wrist and pulled her over the bed, her big ass up in the air. I swung my hand and slapped her full her raised ass. She screamed.

Tears sprung from her eyes and a red mark appeared on her buttock. She looked up and said “Do it again but don’t hit your wife. Rahul I love being spanked but not so hard…” “I love it, spank my ass but don’t hit my bhabhi. God made her only to be loved, let’s make love to her.”

I don’t know what was coming over me but soon I had a massive hard-on. I tried to conceal it from my sister but her naked body was turning me on. May be my absence from my wife was responsible for my growing excitement. I was getting excited by looking at my own sister. She looked like a hot bitch. Kinky thoughts were coming to my kinky mind. Ohhhhh God I wanted to kiss my sister’s ass. I wanted to fuck my sister in front of my wife. I wanted to do something to both my wife and sister.

I took my sister in my arms and pushed her onto the bed, still face down. My hands, rubbed her swollen buttocks. She moaned “Yes, brother, rub my ass, slap it, spank my ass but not hard. You are making sister wet. Let me eat your wife’s pussy as you spank sister.” I rubbed her ass as she moaned loudly.

I caught my wife’s face in my hands as she looked dumbfounded into my eyes. I cupped her tits which were getting hard every moment. She rose up to help me have greater access to her boobs. She put her hands on my shoulders and murmured, “Rahul, you are not mad at me, are you? Sister is sooo nice and lonely that we made love to each other. Darling, Savitha needs loving and it is our duty to give her love, poor sister, let’s give her pleasure. Now that you have found out about us, let’s have fun. I have a fantasy to see you fuck another woman before my eyes and who could be better partner for you than the woman who loves you. What hole could be better than the one you dream of, don’t u? She is lucky to have her brother fill her cunt with his cum.”

I fondled sister’s ass and touched her wet pussy and then stepped away. Sister turned over on her back and I had the most perfect view of completely naked sister lying before me along with my wife. I said “Wait just a moment while I undress. Namitha, play with her tits, rub her cunt with your cunt. I want to see your lovemaking which was going on when I came. Keep kissing and licking each other like lesbian sluts. From now onwards you two are going to be my whores, do you understand?” I was shaking my cock which had begun to leak pre cum as I undressed. I became aware of my wife nibbling and licking sister’s nipples. Sister was gently stroking my wife’s pubic hair.

Namitha kissed sister’s tits, her tongue went downward to sister’s bald triangle as sister groaned,” Yesssss Namitha, my bhabhi kiss my pussy. I am on fire.” then turning to me she said” Brother, show me you cock, let me feel it, touch it. Yeah brother you will have two whores in your bed room in place of one. Your sister is a cock hungry, pussy eating whore. Namitha is a hot piece of ass, your wife. She is dripping wet on my fingers. I will eat her cunt when you ram your cock in my cunt.” My wife brought her pussy down onto my sister’s cunt and rubbed hard making sister cry out with lust. I started to play with my cock as I watched the two horny women.

I ran my hand over my wife’s pussy and then over her breasts. I began to lick her ass. She seemed to like it and began to moan. Before this she would not let me near her ass. She started to rock her ass slowly drawing my tongue inside her asshole. I pulled away. I had plans to sister-fuck today. I caught my sister’s face and looked into her eyes filled with raw lust and the realization that her brother was going to be her fuck friend soon added new spice to the thought. I pushed my finger into her mouth and she gulped it and sucked on it.

My wife got off sister’s body and said “I want you to ride your sister doggie style and fuck her from behind. That way I can lie down and get her to kiss my cunt, eat my cunt juices while I can see you become a good sister-fucker and you can watch your whore sister’s ass. Rahul she is all wet for your cock. Sister, kneel before Rahul, our common stud. You have always wanted him to fuck you haven’t you? Now let the dog fuck the bitch doggy style. The old bitch will eat the younger bitch’s pussy” I pulled my wife away from sister and helped sister in getting to her doggy position. Sister said in a very muffled voice “Guide your cock into me carefully, brother. Please don’t hurt me now, fuck me like a whore who is your sister. Let your wife see you become a sister-fucker.”

I pulled sister up and she knelt before me, holding the corner of the bed with Namitha’s legs spread wide into which sister put her head. Sister’s ass was so tempting to fuck but I thought that I would come to fuck her ass later. I thought that she might not agree to it right now. I patted her ass and pushed my finger into her pussy to see her wetness. She was wet of course and was begging me,” Come on brother fuck me with your taboo cock. Fuck my taboo cunt. You sister is all wet for you.” I held my cock in my hand and aimed it between sister’s ass cheeks.” Aaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhh shove it brother, ram your cock in your sister. Fuck this whore. Fuck sister, make her a whore, ohhhh bastard sister can’t wait, fuck meeeeeee, and fill me with your meat.”

I could not wait. I rammed my cock all the way into the wet tunnel. I saw my wife wrap her thighs round sister’s face. I imagined sister’s tongue was buried into my wife’s pussy. I began to move my hips slowly at first, building a steady tempo, my balls slapping sister’s round ass cheeks. My cock was buried all the way. Sister’s cunt clutched at my cock as it slipped in and out of her cunt with slippery ease. I humped sister. Then I felt fingers on my ball sack, It was Namitha who was fondling my balls and added to my excitement,” Ohhhhh God Rahul, ram you cock in your whore. You whore sister is licking my juices. Fuck her good. The whore needs your cock bad. Give it to her, fuck her.”

As I started to pump in and out faster I watched Namitha cum. She was in frenzy as sister’s tongue fucked Namitha. She calmed down and said. “God… I do like my cunt eaten, sister.” I leaned forward and ran my fingers in her hair. Suddenly I felt something wet touching my ass hole, no sooner I came to knew that its Namitha’s tongue that licks my ass hole. I have never seen my wife so erotic and as this much sex hungry. She tongue fucked my ass hole for about 10 minutes. I was in heaven. I fucked hard as the moving fingers of my wife excited me more than her words. My wife’s body tensed and stiffened. She was cumming suddenly. (more…)

Desisexstory : Hungry Widow Indian Mother

Desisexstory : Hungry Widow Indian Mother

This is a true story of myself and my widow mother. I am Imran Khan, 22 years old and live in Lucknow. In our house, there lives my Ammijaan Nafisa and my sister Aamna.

My sister is about 24 years old but due to poverty in the house, we are still not able to get her married yet. My father Abdul Mehboob had died about 3 year back in a road accident. He was hospitalized for many months, before his death, which drained all of our savings in the bank, but he could not survive.

I was studying in graduation then, but due to depleting financial position of the house, I had to give up my education and now I am working I a small factory on a smaller salary.

The medical bills of my father had rendered us poor and my meager salary is just sufficient to make the both ends meet in our home. Due to our orthodox Muslim culture, there is no chance of my Ammijaan or sister to go out and do some job. So due to this we are still unable to save for his dowry and get her married.

In our city, the ladies wear burqa out of house, but within the walls of house, there are free to wear normal suits.

Now let me tell a bit about my Ammijaan and sister. My sister Aamna is 24 years old, standing about 5′-3″, with a slim body and a beautiful face. She is so sexy but I have never ever thought of her in that way. She is very strict and being elder to me, she normally bullies me. She is annoyed with the financial position of family, because due to which she is still unmarried. So she is normally angry and irritated always.

My Ammijaan is about 45 years old and a bit obese. She is chubby, but as she is tall lady of 5′-6″, with a fair color, she doesn’t look plump. She has very big boobs and a very vast ass. Though she wears burqa outside, but she wears normal suits at home. Though she was of very happy nature and always smiling, but now after my father’s death, she is normally in a sad and gloomy mood.

I always thought and she is sad because of my father’s death and worried about the marriage of my sister.

Though my Ammijaan is a sexy lady but I never thought of her in a sexy way. I was also getting horny due to my age, but knew that there is no chance of my marriage till my sister, so I had befriended a girl from the neighborhood and had fucked her many times in our house, when my Ammijaan and sister were out for something.

I am only male in the family, so I used to bring all the household shopping as grocery or vegetables, while coming back from office. This is my routine.

Many a times I have found my Ammijaan sitting in a sad mood. I try to make her happy, but she is as such. This makes me sad.

One day, my sister had gone to one of her friends in locality, and my Ammijaan was alone in the house. She might have forgotten to latch the door from inside. I was not feeling well, so I took half day leave from office and came back earlier.

I opened the main door and went inside but could not find my sister or mother. I went to my sister’s room but it was empty. Then I went to my mother’s room. It was closed but not bolted from inside.

Some strange noises were coming out from inside. I was surprised and thought that some thief might have broken in.

I opened the door and entered inside. As I entered the room, I felt like a nuclear bomb exploded on my head.

There inside the room, was standing my chubby mother. Her salwar was open and was lying near her feet. She was standing near the bed, and with one hand she was holding her shirt up near her boobs. As her salwar was lying on feet and shirt was up, so her cunt (Choot) was all nude and before my eyes. As she was standing facing me, so her cunt (Choot) was in full view to me.

She had inserted a big candle in her cunt (Choot) and with her another hand she was fucking her cunt (Choot) with it.

Perhaps she was nearing her orgasm then. Her head was tilted backside and there was a glow on her face. Her hand was holding the candle and moving it in and out with a great speed.

As soon as I opened the door, she looked in my side. She was really shocked and horrified to see me. She was stunned and her face turned white on looking me standing in the door.

She was bewildered to see me and could not think as what to do. First she was so horrified and secondly she was in ecstasy and near her orgasm, so she could not think anything immediately. (But even then her hand moved the candle 3-4 times in and out, before her hand stopped).

It was a very sexy scene. Here my own beautiful Ammijaan was standing, naked waist down, before me, with a big candle inserted almost half in her cunt (Choot) and fucking herself with it, and me, her own son standing in the door, looking at this most erotic scene of my life. She was very plump and she was having a big bush of public hairs on her cunt. She was so bushy that only the white candle was visible, which was hanging out of her cunt.

I was also stunned and we both stood still like stone status. Then after about 10-15 seconds, she regained her senses and immediately pushed her shirt down to cover her naked cunt. But in hurry she forgot to pull the candle out of her cunt.

As the candle was stuck in cunt, so when she pushed shirt down, it pushed downward the portion of candle hanging out of her cunt. It resulted in tilting the candle downward and she cried in pain, as candle pushed in wrong angle.

Then feeling pain, she left the shirt and bending down, she tried to pull the salwar upside to cover her bare cunt.

Again the same thing happened. This time the salwar pulled the candle, which was still wedged in her cunt, upward. She again felt pain as the angle of candle in cunt (Choot) pulled upward.

She again cried in pain and tears came in her eyes.

I was standing in a fix, like a statue and watching all this. Now she was fumbling with her clothes and she pulled the candle out of her cunt.

About 5-6 inches of candle came out of her cunt. My Ammijaan had rubbed the edge in the shape of a cock (Lund) head. The part was glistering with her cunt (Choot) juices and it was very thick and long.

She immediately covered her naked cunt (Choot) and turned facing away from me. I could clearly see her big buttocks now. Her ass (Gaand) was very big and meaty. She was looking very sexy in this pose.

I also gained some senses now and hurriedly went outside the room and ran to my own room.

I closed the door behind me and fell on my bed. This all had happened so fast and so unexpected that my heart was pumping as if I had run miles together. (more…)

Sex Hungry son fuck his own mental sexy mom

Sex Hungry son fuck his own mental sexy mom

Sex Hungry son fuck his own mental sexy mom Sex Hungry son fuck his own mental sexy mom

Mother became a mental patient. She was not of the violent type. She just mumbles meaningless words and just sits around. If you tell her something twice or thrice she will obey, without knowing what she is doing. After my youngest sister’s death, my Mother was looked after and taken care of by my other sister. She used to bathe my Mother, dress her, feed her and look after her in all means. Now she is also dead, which leaves me to take care of my mad Mother. What a cursed life, I thought.

Within hours I reached my house, the scene there was sad. All my relatives were assembled crying. Only my Mother was sitting in a corner knowing nothing. I took control of the matters and the cremation was over. Then came the topic of my mad Mother.

My relatives asked me about my plans for my Mother. I had only two options. Either leave her with my relatives to be taken care of, or take her with me to the town where I am working and admit her to a mental asylum. I was not sure about how my relatives will look after her. So I told them I will take Mother to my place and admit her in the mental asylum.

Within two days I took Mother to my place in car. We reached my flat. It was around nine PM when we reached my flat. I took Mother’s bags (packed by my relatives), inside and took her also inside. She just mumbled something meaningless and followed me inside.

I changed cloths, then decided to have a bath. Then I remembered that Mother is also in need of a bath. Then I realized that there is no one else but I myself should give Mother her bath.

When I thought of giving Mother a bath, immediately I thought about it. I had to undress my own Mother and give her a bath. Which meant I have to make her naked. The very moment some most evil and perverted thoughts crossed my mind. I looked at Mother.

Now I will tell about her figure. My Mother, a 50 year old widow, is a very fat lady, with large mountainous breasts, a bulging stomach, pillar like thighs and a huge protruding ass. She at that time was dressed in a saree and blouse and she was dressed by my relatives. The idea of undressing my fat Mother made my cock jerk. I decided to go ahead. I told Mother that we will go to the bathroom. She simply stood there.

I took hold of her hand and led her to the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, I put on the light, put the towel in the cloth rod, and told her to remove her cloths. Still no response. She just mumbled something and stood there looking blankly. I reached for her saree and removed it.

Now Mother had only her blouse and her underskirt. I looked at her, my cock throbbing. Her huge breasts looked as if they will tear her blouse. Her large ass was pushing out her under skirt towards outside. I wondered what will be the reaction of my mad Mother if I proceed with undressing her. Hesitantly I reached for her blouse and unbuttoned it and removed it. She didn’t even notice that I had removed her blouse. Now her breasts are covered only n an old fashioned bra. I removed that also. My God!! Her breast sprang out and stumbled downwards, aching down. They were really huge with nipples the size of thumb. My cock started leaking pre cum. (more…)

Desisexstory : Hot sexy slut matured neighbor aunt

Desisexstory : Hot sexy slut matured neighbor aunt

Desisexstory : Hot sexy slut matured neighbor aunt Desisexstory Hot sexy slut matured neighbor aun  

I’ve a neighbour who is 47 years old and very sexy.Her name is Lissy.She’s working as a teacher in a nearby school.She has a daughter who is now studying for medicine and her husband is abroad.Right now one servant lady is staying with her.Lissy aunty has a sexy body.She is fair , 5’4″ tall and has big boobs and ass.She wears saree whenever she goes outside.Normally at home she wears nighty.She wears underskirt(petticoat) and bra inside.She has a very clean image in the society.

One day as I was supposed to stay alone as my parents were going to a relative’s place.By evening Lissy aunty came to my house to talk something to my mom.As she came to know that I was alone, she asked whether I would stay there alone peacefully?I said I can and she told me to call her if any problem or fear comes. I said ok and she left my house.By around 8 o clock in the night it started raining so heavily and the current went off.After some 10 minutes I got a call from Lissy aunty and she was calling me to come and stay in her house.She was really serious and when I said I can manage alone,she was about to scold me for talking like that.She told me not to stay alone in that dark rainy night and asked me to rush to her house.I had to obey her because she talked so seriously.I went to her house after some 10 minutes.

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Lissy aunty opened the door for me and I went inside and sat on the sofa.Her servant Vanaja brought a cup of coffee for me.Vanaja is 35 years old and is goodlooking too.Her husband left her and now she’s staying with Lissy aunty all the time.She wears saree all the time and coz she’s busy with her work her dresses will be dislocated most of the time.Parts of her underskirt and bra were visible.Suddenly a boy came from one of the rooms and I was surprised to see him.Aunty introduced him to me.He’s her sister’s son and now studying in 10th standard.He came to aunty’s house to get some tution for Mathematics.Aunty is a Maths teacher and is very good in her subject.She told me to have some talk with him and left to her room.That boy’s name is Arun and he’s 16 years old.He is a fair complexioned good looking chap.We talked about many things like computers, sports etc.Meanwhile I came to know that aunty has gone to take a bath.She was calling Vanaja to her room.Vanaja opened door and went in.We could see the bathroom door now and I saw aunty entering the bathroom.Vanaja also followed her with a bottle of oil in her hands.At this time the current came and I wanted to leave.I was just waiting for aunty to finish bath and come out.

In between I could see aunty hanging her clothes to the bathroom door from inside.Both Vanaja and aunty were inside and first aunty’s green nighty was seen on the door.Then a black underskirt and a white bra.I understood that Vanaja was applying oil to aunty.After some 5 mins Vanaja came out.She took the clothes from the door and left it on to aunty’s bed.She had a panties also with her.A pink coloured panties.That too she put on to the bed.She came out of the bedroom and closed auty’s bedroom.

She asked whether we guys are getting bored?We said no and just started watching TV.After some 10 mins aunty came out after bath and she was dressed in a saree.So I just asked her whether she’s going somewhere and she said no and asked me why I asked that question.I said, because I saw her in a saree.She said she’s wearing it only because we two guys are there and she said she wear nighty only when there are no visitors at home.I told her current had come asked whether I can leave.She said,now it’s already late and told me to stay there.Arun also supported her.Atlast I had to agree.

Aunty was wearing a cream coloured cotton saree with red blouse.She called us for dinner and we had dinner together.We had chicken curry.Later milk was served for everyone.Now the time was around 10 and she asked whether we can sleep.Everyone agreed.Her house has 2 bedrooms and now we were 4.So the time came for planning.She asked whether we guys can sleep in one room.We said yes and she guided us 2 a bedroom.Then she and Vanaja proceeded to the next bedroom to sleep.I could see some used clothes were put on one side of the bed.Some of them were aunty’s and some belonged to Vanaja.It consisted of bras,panties and underskirts.Both of us got on to the bed and lied down.After sometime I felt like pissing and there was no attatched bathroom for our room.So I asked Arun and he told me to ask aunty.I went and knocked at aunty’s room.I was a bit shy.Vanaja opened the room and I was shocked to see
her in just underskirt and bra.Aunty was in the bathroom.I told Vanaja about my problem and she told me to wait until aunty comes out.

I was in a tensed mood.My penis became rock hard and Vanaja was casually talikng to me.I could see the top of her panties since her underskirt was loosely tied onto her waist.Suddenyl aunty came out of the bathroon with her saree tucked up above her knees and seeing me she blushed a little.She had a beautiful glass jar in her hand.It had something like beer inside with foam on top.I asked whether it is beer and aunty and Vanaja started smiling without answering my question.I was perplexed.Then aunty said it’s her urine.I was shocked and did not know what to say.She said she does it every night .She said she collects her urine and drinks it.She said she started doing it after a doctor advised that it is good for health.She then handed over the jar to Vanaja and asked why I came to her room.I told her I wanted to piss.She guided me to the bathroom.As she left I took my penis and tried to piss.As it was rock hard I couldn’t piss.Suddenly I heard a noise behind and aunty was standing behind me with the same jar.Jar was empty this time.I was embarassed and saw that she was staring on to my penis.She was so cool and she handed over the jar to me and asked me to piss into that.She went back and I was struggling to piss.She came back in a moment and saw my hand was trembling.She asked me to come out of the bathroom.She took the jar and I followed her.

In the bedroom Vanaja was sitting on the bed with a glass of urine with her.She was slowly sipping it.Aunty made me sit on the bed and said to Vanaja.”Vanaja, please help him to collect his piss into the jar.”She said yes and asked me to remove my pants.I had an underwear inside and seeing this aunty asked-”why do you wear these kind of tight things while sleeping.That will reduce blood flow and is not good.”Telling this she lifted her saree and took off her panties.Her thighs were so good and sexy and she slid down her panties and gave it me .Then she said-”try wearing this ..this is not so tight” Then Vanaja helped me to remove my underwear and I wore aunty’s panties.It was so wet with her pussy juices and it made my penis erect to the maximum.Her panties were so soft and smelled heavily.Vanaja took my penis out of the panties and asked me to stand on my knees.she kept the head of the penis into the jar and started stroking my penis.My penis was so slippery with some cum.She spat on to the head of my penis and smeared it with her saliva.In between aunty started undressing.She remove the pallu of her saree.Then she started unhooking her blouse and removed her blouse.Her armpits were so hairy and her breasts appeared so sexy through her white bra.She then completely removed her saree.

She then got on to the bed and took hold of my penis and jar.She then asked Vanaja to go to the other room and call Arun.Vanaja went outside and told Arun that aunty is calling.Vanaja came back and told aunty with a naughty smile that Arun was rubbing one of the used panties to his penis.Aunty gave a serious smile and asked Arun to wear the panties he was rubbing with his cock.The poor boy obeyed aunty and came back.Vanaja caught hold of his penis through the panties and guided him to the bed.Meanwhile aunty said I have to drink some more water to piss effectively under these conditions.She asked me whether I can have her urine and said it’ll be so good.I nodded and she said it’ll be difficult for a beginner like me to directly drink from a glass.So she called Vanaja and asked to remove aunty’s bra.Vanaja did so and gave the bra to arun and asked him to rub it properly with his cock and he started doing it.Aunty took the glass of urine and poured it over her breasts.The she asked Vanaja to demonstrate what I’ve to do.Vanaja started sucking aunty’s nippes and breast while aunty was pouring urine on to her boobs from top.Aunty told me to do the same with her other breast.I did and her urine tasted so good and I drank half glass of it.

Then aunty turned to arun and took hold of his penis started sucking it.He came in just 2 mins and shot the load of cum all over her face.She drank major part of it.She called Vanaja and Vanaja started licking the ramaining cum from aunty’s face and mouth.They smooched and kissed for sometime and asked Arun to remove aunty’s underskirt and asked me to remove Vanaja’s bra and underskirt.Now aunty asked Vanaja and Arun to lie down in 69 position and suck each other.Aunty and me did the same.This continued for about 10 mins.The aunty made Arun and me to watch How she plays with Vanaja.Both of the hugged and started rubbing each others’ pussy.Later aunty sucked Vanaja’s breasts and pussy and Vanaja did the same for aunty.

The she said me to suck Arun’s cock.I didn’t know what to do since I had no such thoughts in my mind.But she insisted and she said it would be nice.She made Arun lie down told Vanaja to suck my penis.Lissy aunty slowly started sucking Arun’s cock and asked me to do the same.I took his cock and slowly licked it.It tasted so good with her saliva and his cum mixed together.The she climbed on top of him and asked me to suck her pussy.I did so and she inserted herself on to his shaft and started fucking.In between Vanaja came and gave her pussy to me.Later we both fucked.I came in great force that Vanaja’s pussy was overflowing.Aunty had finished by this time and started licking Vanaja’s cunt.

All of us later tried different positions and combinations and it went on till 1 o clock in the night.We were resting in each others’ arms.The aunty called all of us and guided to the bathroom.She made all us stand on our knees and she stood up facing us and was rubbing her pussy vigorously.With in few seconds she started squirting all over.She pissed on to our face with great force and we drank as much as possible.Later everyone was asked to suck her pussies and she exploded into a powerful orgasm.Later felt like shitting and we all watched her shitting.After that aunty cleaned Vanaja’s asshole with her toungue.Lissy aunty is someone who is so cool in doing whatever she likes.She is such a wonderful person.

Desisexstory-Wild sex with hot sexy sister

Desisexstory-Wild sex with hot sexy sister

Wild sex with hot sexy sister

My name is Raj 21 years old and I am from Delhi pursuing my Engineering course and currently in 4th year of Engineering. I am natural looking guy with 6 ft. height and average body, not so muscular body or like that and have dick of about 6-7 inch. So all over and I am an average guy.

I don’t even have any girlfriends in college. Also very shy to talk to girls but always try to look the tits or ass of the girls and women. The best part about girl I like is tits. Oh, I am a big fan of boobs. It’s so erotic anyways coming back to the story. This story is about my cousin sister Tani. She is just one year younger than me. So she is very friendly to me.

We are from very conservative family where even brothers and sisters are not allowed to sleep together in same room. We were good friends before the incident happened, but now you can consider as a couple let me now describe something about her. She’s 20 years old and pursuing B Com and also stays in Delhi very near to our house.

She’s around 5’5 good looking girl with around 32 26 34 figure. Anyone who sees her at least looks at her couple of minutes to explore her beauty. She has 32D big boobs with lovely ass. She’s fair complexion with killing smile. Oh, she’s so inviting I tell you. Now the original story goes like this. We are very close to each other from our childhood.

We used to play the Ghar Ghar game in house with all the cousins and each and every time we both used to play as husband and wife in that and act like husband and wife such as hugging each other, kissing on chicks, saying good bye, sleeping together in same bed and obviously at that time, there were no bad intentions for each other.

We even don’t know anything about sex or incest sex but we used to enjoy each other’s company. I remember once, we were trying to act like we are having sex. Like I was on top of her on the bed and I was just pumping with all our clothes on. Don’t know where I had seen that. I had even put my hands in her top and felt her body.

I can remember that very well and regretting that I didn’t know about sex at that time. I missed so many chances. Anyways my wish comes true very shortly. It was a family get together day in our house. Whole family with my 2 uncles and all the cousins were invited.

Obviously she was there at that time and I have started to read about the incest sex stories and even seen many porn movies on that. So that thing was in my mind from long time but as I said, we were from conservative family, it was very difficult task for me to take any further step because what if she don’t have any such feeling for me and she tells everyone.

So just trying to get the idea about her mind and her intentions and so here comes that day. We welcomed all our guests one by one. But my eyes were only waiting for those beautiful tits my sister have and my wait paid off. Here she came and I open the door.

I was stunned looking at her as she was looking a top model with a wonderful low neck top and skirt that comes till her knee. She looks so sexy, my dick started to grow the very moment and I was feeling like take her in my arm and start licking her boobs but suddenly she said hi Raj, where have been lost? Yeah nothing.

Damn man, she was a sex goddess to me right now. I was praying, god give me one chance. And the good news was that they were staying at my house for 2 days. So I was in my dreams all the time looking at her beauty and exploring each and every part of her above her clothes. I straight away run to my washroom and masturbate thinking how she’ll look without clothes.

The day went damn boring with all family members as I was not in mood to do anything but what I want. All the cousins enjoyed very much the entire day. At the night, before we went to sleep, all cousins put some music and started dancing. I don’t like dancing; rather I don’t know how to dance.

I was standing against the wall and watching all dancing and from corner of my eyes I was aiming my target. She was dancing well with her boobs bouncing in air and ass shaking. It was an awesome view but I can’t even directly stare at that as anybody could catch me and suddenly she came near me and said come on Raj, let’s dance na!

I was still staring at her boobs and didn’t listen what she said. Hey, what are you doing Raj!” She exclaimed “Come, dance with me. This time I heard her and said and no I don’t dance, you carry on but she was not ready to listen to me and brought me towards the dance floor and all were dancing in pair and some salsa music was going on. (more…)

Desisexstory : Buaa ki Chudaai

Desisexstory : Buaa ki Chudaai


Desisexstory Buaa ki Chudaai (1)Desisexstory Buaa ki Chudaai (2)Desisexstory Buaa ki Chudaai (3)Desisexstory Buaa ki Chudaai (4)

When i was 23 year old, i got a job at coimbatore, tamil nadu as a medical rep, and my parent suggested me to stay with my kumari athai (aunty -fathers sister)who was 44yrs old widow and staying alone in a single bedroom appartment at coimbatore. Both her daughters got married and they also lived in the same city.

I was initially very relectunt to stay with her due to privacy reason. But i had no options. I reached her home, she greeted me well and told me to feel at home. I was happy the way she was treating me, she also was very happy that i accepted to stay with her to kill her loneliness. I joined my job, i liked the job, and used to return only 10 pm after my work.

Initially i used to sleep at hall, she used to sleep at bedroom. In coimbatore, the winter will be very cold, so she suggested me sleep with her in the room only as the room is warmer than the hall. She told me to sleep in the bed and she slept at the floor. I never had bad intention towards my aunty and one night i wokeup from the sleep to go for loo.

Then noticed my aunty was sleeping at her glowry, i observed her in the night lamp. Her saree pallu is off from her shoulder and i could see the cleavage clearly. I got mad, and my heart beat was fast.
I lied down on the bed and was watching her big boobs. She was 44years that time. Typical middle aged indian woman’s body, slight bulge in and around the tummy. I wanted to feel her boobs, but was scared. So i slowly touched her hand, no response from her. I roamed my hand on her hand only for some time, she was having a sound sleep. I got some courage and slowly touched her right boob, i felt like electric shock and i could hear my own heart beat, but i was fondling her boobs for more than 10 mins, suddenly she turned to other side and i got scared then slept.

The next day i was afraid to face my aunty, but there was no sign or response regarding the last nights incident. Then i felt releaved and left for my work. In the nights the same story continued for one week. Then on one saturday night, as usual i put my hand on her boobs, and i found something unusal that day, she does not wear bra. So i felt much more softer and smoother. I fondled her boobs for more than 30 min. I could not control my urge to feel her naked boobs, so i started removing her blouse hooks one by one. It was very difficult task, i have ever done in my life. I started sweating and my heart beat was took almost 30-40 min for me to remove all the hooks.

Then i opened one side of her blouse and saw her naked boobs for the first time, her nipple must be one inch and dark brown areola which is atleast 3 inches dia. I was tenderly carassing her boobs and touched her nipple and played for some time. I could feel my aunty’s breating became faster. I got scared that any time she may wake up, so i decided to stop the game and sleep. But then i was feeling thirsty and badly needed water and went to kitchen to have my water, then i realised that i have not hooked her blouse and got worried.

When i returned, she was still in the same position, topless, but now she put her hand on her pussy area above the saree and i could see her hand was moving above her pussy. I had no guts to put her hooks on. So i slept.

Again in the next morning i was expecting scolding from her, but to my disbelief she was so calm and took care me very well and prepared the dishes i like on that day being sunday. Whole day i was thinking about her and could not understand whethear she knew what i had done last night or not.

Next night as usual at 11 after watching tv programs, we went for bed, i lied on the bed and she lied on the floor. She told she is very tired and she was fast asleep. I started my night games with her. Today also no bra, and i was quick at unhooking her hooks, and started kneading the jugs tenderly and feeling her nipple. I could sence that her nipple started errect, and it was very nice feeling to touch it. Though i was scared, i was fully excited with the game i was doing with her.

There was a little movement in her, i immediately took my hand out, and pretend as if sleeping. I watched her, she did not open her eyes, instead she lifted her sarry and scrached her pundai (pussy) as if doing in sleep. I felt so much excited and dont know what to do then. I could not see her pussy as her hand was there, and after few seconds she removed her hand and started snoring and leaving her sarry as it is. (more…)

Desisexstory : Satisfy my mother sex desire

Desisexstory : Satisfy my mother sex desire

Desisexstory Satisfy my mother sex desire

Let me describe myself for you all once again, I am 5’8” in height, not much athletic body but not out of shape also. Now the queen of the story, my mother Poonam. She is 5’5” in height, her figure is 36-32-38. I hope you can imagine her figure now. She has fairly big boobs but the best part is her ass, when she walks her ass jiggles like anything. She has also got a very beautiful pair of eyes. I never noticed her in a sexual way before and I was a very innocent boy.

Now coming back to the story, my mother asked me to massage her thighs, I went down on her thighs and started massaging her thighs with some oil, and she continued her moaning like ‘aaaahhh’ ‘woooww’ ‘don’t stop’ ‘so good’. Now I got a real hard on, it was really hard for me to control. As she was lying with her face down, I thought of adjusting my penis with my left hand, and I did.

After 5-7 mins when it was proving to be impossible to control my hard on, I asked my mom if she is done now, she said its almost done now, she just want a massage on her shoulders for some time, as shoulders are also paining. I reluctantly told her yes I will.

Then she turned around and she was facing the ceiling and came close to the edge of the bed, I took the oil in my hand and started massaging her shoulders, just when I was massaging her shoulders I tried to look away, but I just couldn’t. I was a virgin boy, and I was touching the bare skin of a beautiful and busty lady , my eyes directly went to her boobs, it was like as if they were inviting me to come and suck them, but I just didn’t have enough courage.

Just when I was staring at her boobs, my mother just suddenly pulled myself to her by grabbing my back and put her lips on mine and started kissing me. I was just out of my senses, I didn’t knew what was happening or what I was supposed to do! I just didn’t know or understand. It was like as if I was in some kind of dream or a wonderland. It was all just new to me. (more…)

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