On December 17, 1989, a drunk driver hit my family and I and all I had was a bruised shin, but my parents and my sister were not as fortunate. My sister had a broken arm, collarbone and stitches in her head.

My mom had a cut up leg and a shattered arm, which required a metal bar to keep together. My dad died due to the crushing impact of the steering wheel into his chest. We were on our way to Medieval Times to celebrate my birthday after about 3 months.

I got over his death, but that terrible memory gets dug up on every birthday of mine on my 18th birthday in 1995 and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I completely skipped my birthday even though my mom and my sister had prepared one for me.

I returned home later that evening to find my mom and sister chatting. I saw a look of concern in their eyes and assumed that they were either worried about why I was not there or if they realized that I just could not stand the ugly memories that my birthday brought up.

My second thought was right. I sat down with them and my mom immediately grasped me and cried. I began to cry as well. At that point we all spilt our guts about every way that each of us was still being affected by that tragic day an hour later, we all felt better about it.

We continued to do this conversation on a monthly basis. By the time my next birthday came around, I was actually able to enjoy it for the first time in years. It was wonderful to finally enjoy a birthday and after we were finished with the celebration.

We started a fire in our fireplace and sat around it and started chatting about things other than dad. The conversations went until about 10:30 then we watched Grease. After the movie, we went off to bed. I gave mom a goodnight hug as we embraced.

I felt her hand go down to my butt and lightly grasp it. My eyes went wide but I kept it to myself. The next evening my sister went to bed early and left mom and me out watching TV. Once she was in bed, I asked my mom why she grasped my butt last night.

She said it was just an accident, but I could see that she was hiding something eventually we all went to bed over the next few weeks; I noticed that my mom was coming closer and closer to the border of invading my privacy.

For instance, when I got up in the morning and was in the process of dressing, she would come in to say good morning then suddenly turn when she saw me naked, but each time, getting a quick glance at me.

One weekend, the computer club, which I was a member of at school planned a party in which we would bring all our computers and hook them up to play games against each other unfortunately as we finished setting up, there was a black out.

We waited for about 30 minutes then a school official came in stating that this entire side of town was blacked out. We repacked our equipment then I gave my mom a call to pick me up, but I got no answer. I then asked a friend of mine to take me home.

I was back home and entered the door. The lights were out here as well. I brought my stuff in and set it by the door. I then looked around the house but could not see a single thing. I went to the garage to see if the car was gone.

The car was still there. I went back inside and lay down in my bed. I had nearly does off when I heard a weird moan. It was so faint that I thought it was my imagination at first, but as I exited my room the noise became louder. I recognized the moans as moans of lovemaking.

I assumed my mom found a boyfriend, but I didn’t like the idea that she was having sex with him so early in the relationship. I sat out in the darkness of the family room hoping to catch a glimpse of the guy. I dosed off after about 20 minutes.

I was suddenly awoken by the sound of a door opening. My eyes were used to the dark by then and I saw two people come out. One was my mom who I could easily make out. The other person I could not make out, but instead of going out of the house

The other person went further down the hall towards my room and my sister’s. My mom went out towards the kitchen and that is when I got up and followed the other person. The other person went in to my sister’s room. I followed him and saw him get in her bed.

All of a sudden the lights came back on blinding both of us in the process. Once I could clearly see, I made a shocking discovery. The “him” was a “her,” my sister! She gasped at the site of me. I asked what was going on. She was silent.

Then I heard another gasp from behind. It was my mom, nude! With my eyes wide open I constantly looked back and forth at each of them while thinking to myself, “incest?” I started asking questions and telling them what I saw to the point that they decided to tell me their little secret incest!

You two are having sex!” I said they both nodded and admitted what they have been doing it for the last month. I was shocked beyond belief. They noticed that I was getting a hard on from seeing them naked. They both began trying to seduce me, but I retreated into my room.

I stayed there for about 20 min. think why they would do such a thing. At the same time I kept visualizing them naked and how beautiful they looked in the nude. I open my door and heard them talking out in the family room. I walked into the room and found them still nude.

Hesitating whether or not to join them, I let my curiosity win. I joined them and sat by my mom. My mom is 47 but amazingly beautiful for someone of her age. She has long, wavy, very blonde hair. She was also overweight and has a plump, shaved pussy, but that was just perfect for me since.

I find BBW more attractive. Her breasts are very large and stand out quite a bit and her ass, Wow! Very soft and not even the biggest pair of hands could fully grasp it. My sister is one year younger than I am, and has the face and hair of Tinkerbell, so sweet.

Her pussy is shaved, small and tight, while her breasts are medium sized and perfectly rounded they told me how it got started. It was when my sister slipped while taking a shower and hit her head on the back of the stall. Mom was in the process of getting dressed when she heard the thump.

She immediately stopped and went to see what happen. She found Lauren down on the floor of the stall in a daze. She was all right, but she received a lump on the side of her head. Mom helped her up and for the moment that they looked at each other’s naked bodies, they began to fantasize about each other.

A few days later my mom approached Lauren about the situation. They shared their thoughts for a few minutes. Lauren then broke the ice and gave mom a big kiss and hug with her hands down grasping and massaging her ass. Mom then followed through from that point on, they have periodically been having sex once I was asleep or when I was gone.

While they were telling me the story, I was constantly glancing at their naked bodies. I could feel my cock rapidly growing and showing a bulge in my pants. They both noticed and smiled as they continued the story when they finished my mom stated that I looked ready for the introduction?

I thought to myself. They began to seductively approach me, and at that point I knew what they meant. All doubt and guilt fell from me right then. My sister slowly slid up my legs to my crotch, unzipped my jeans and let the throbbing dick finally be released from its prison. She began sucking my dick. GOD that felt good!

My mom explained that this was why she felt my ass that one time, but that she wanted to give it more time. Mom pulled my shirt off and started slowly licking my nipples. They immediately got just as hard as my dick. She then licked my chest up to my mouth where she passionately kissed me and sent her tongue all the way in.

My sister pulled my jeans all the way off and continued to suck my dick while my mom got up and laid me on the floor and sat on my face instructing me to lick her pussy. I slowly inserted my tongue as deep as I could then begin to vigorously swirl it in her pussy.

She began to moan and rock back and forth over my face. I could smell that sweet pussy juice ready to come out. At the same time my sister was just about to make me release my load into her mouth, but my mom stood up for a moment and said to go to her room and that we would continue there.

We all got into the king size bed, which could easily fit all three of us, and my sister positioned herself for me to probe her pussy with my dick. I rubbed the head of my dick across her vulva then inserted it in with an exhale of pleasure, which she did as well.

My mom got on the bed and positioned herself above my sister’s face then had my sister lick her pussy while I was probing Lauren’s cunt. I pumped back and forth in her cunt for about two minutes before I released my load into her dripping pussy. I slowly fell into her breast after my ejaculation.

She then whispered into my ear there’s more involved here than you think. You’ll be glad you agreed to join us. I looked her in the eyes and saw her staring straight into mine with a big smirk on her face. I then asked my mom if she knew what Lauren was talking about.

She nodded her head but did not tell me anything. My mom then began to suck my dick and reawakened it in a hurry. She then positioned herself for me to fuck her plump pussy. I quickly got into position and ran my dick along her pussy lips.

She began moaning and heavily breathing as I penetrated her fuck hole. I was banging her for what felt like an eternity then her body began to tremble as she hit orgasm. I could feel her pussy juices swirling around my dick. I then released my load into her and pulled my dick out and began to lick the milky mixture of sex juices from her dripping pussy.

After that, we decided to settle down for the night. We all stayed together in the bed, which became our permanent place for all of us to sleep. My mom positioned herself so that I could rest up against her and use her breasts as pillows.

Both my mom and my sister would alternate as providing their breasts as a place to rest my head. I never imagined how wonderful that could feel. I sometimes even found myself sucking on their nipples.

Desi sex story : Randi mom fucked

randi maa

Randi maa
Hi mera naam amit he hum log mumbai me rehte he.mere ghar me hum char log he me mere papa meri maa or meri choti 20 salla ka hoo meri maa sirf 37 saal ki he uska naam kamini he mere ma papa ki shaadi jaldi ho gayi thi or me sirf 18 saal me ho gaya.meri choti behan ka naam komal he woh 18 baras ki he. Mere papa sales executive he or hamesha ghar se naher rehte he mahine me 20-25 din. Bat un dino ki he jab mere papa ko 2 mahine le liye south india ke tour par jana pada. Jate waqt woh mujhe keh kar gaye ke apni ma or behn ka khayal rakhna. Meri maa or behan bahut sexy he dono ki khaas baat unke sudol breast or badi badi ass he meri behan kafi modern he or din bhar boys or fashion ki baat karti he. Ek din ghar me koi nahi tha mere college ke vacation the or me doston ke sath movie dekhne gaya tha meri maa kisi rishtedar ke yaha khana khane gayi thi jab me gar me aya to mene dekha.

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Desi sex story : Dost ki Cute Behan

Desi sex story : Dost ki Cute Behan

Desi sex story : Dost ki Cute Behan
Desi sex story : Dost ki Cute Behan

Hello friends mairi pichli Desi sex story dost ki bahan ko choda aap loogon nay bohat pasand ki jiska sukria aur aap loogoon ki farmaish par uska agla hissa pesh kar raha hoon dosray din subh hum loog phir ghomnay gay aur jab main aur bushra akailay main baithay to usnay raat ki chudai kay liyay maira buhat sukria ada kia aur kaha kay usay is say pehlay itna maza aaj tak nahi aya tha aur aaj raat woh phir mairay kamray main phir chudwanay aay gi mainay han kardi raat ko theek 1:30 bajay mairay kamray ka darwaza khula aur bushra night gaoon main khari thi mainay idhar udhar dekh kar usay under bulaya aur darwaza lock kardia darwaza lock kartay hi usnay mujhay pakar kar kiss karna suro kardia mainay bhi usay repply main kiss karna suro kardia aur uskay mamoo ko sahlanay laga aur phir mainay usay good main uthakar bistar main litadiya aur uskay mamoon ko choosnay laga aur uski choot main ungli karnay laga usnay mairi chaddi utar kar 69 ki position main hokar maira lund apnay mung main laliya aur usay choosnay lagi mainay bhi uski choot ko chatna suro kardia.
Aur zaban say usay choodnay laga woh siskarian lainay lagi aur uskay mung say uuuhhh aaaahhhh ki awazain anay lagi phir kuch dair kay bad usnay apna pani choor dia mainay uski choot ko chatna jari rakha aur isi doran main bhi uskay munh main hi discharge hogaya ab mainay uskay mumoo ko chosna suro kardia aur kuch dair kay bad jab maira lund achi tarah say khara hogaya to mainay usay sedha karkay apna lund uski chood main dala uski chood gili honay ki wajah say maira 3 inch lund uski choot main aram say chala gaya ab mainay position laikar aik zoordar jhatka lagaya aur maira 7 inch ka pora lund uski choot main under tak chala gaya uskay munh say cheekh nikalnay hi wali thi kay mainay uska munh band kardia aur isi position main uskay upar lait kar uskay mumoon ko dabanay laga kuch dair kay bad usay sukoon mila aur ab woh apni kamar agay pechay karkay chudwanay lagi mainay bhi usay choodna suro kardia aur ahista ahista chudai ki raftar teez kardi taqreeban 10 mint ki chudai kay bad woh jhar gay aur sukoon main agay magar main abhi tak garam tha aur musalsal usay chood raha tha aur phir taqreeban 5 mint kay bad main bhi uski choot main hi jhar gaya aur uskay barabar main lait gaya aur uskay hontoon par kiss karnay laga usnay mujhsay kaha kay jano agar hamal thar gaya aur main tumharay bachay ki man ban gay to kya hoga mainay kaha kay agar aisa hoa to main tumhara bacha giradonga aur phir kuch dair kay bad usnay maira lund apnay hath main laikar usay sehlana suro kardia uskay hath ki garmi say.

Maira lund phirsay khara hogay aur mainay usay ulta honay ko kaha aur uski gand kay sorakh par vesline laga kar usmain ungli dal kar usay agay pechay karna suro kardia uski gand ka surakh bohat choota tha usay dard honay laga aur woh kahnay lagi aisa nahi karoo mujhay dard horaha hay mainay kaha janayman thora say dard bardasht karo phir maza hi maza aay ga kuch dair aisa karnay kay bad usay bhi maza anay laga ab mainay ahista ahista uski gand main donoon unglian phir teenoon unglian dal din aur uski gand marta raha jab mainay dekha kay ab uski gand maira lund lainay kay kabil hogai hay to mainay apnay lund par achi tarah say vesline laga kar usay uski gand kay sorakh par rakha aur ahista say andar dalna suro kia mairay lund ka sir topa hi bari muskil say under gaya kay usay sadeed takleef honay lagi aur woh kahnay lagi kay bahar nikalo warna main mar jaoon gi mainay usi position main ruk kar uska munh takiay par rakha kay uski awaz na nikal sakay aur phir position laikay aik zoordar jhatka mara maira adha lund uski gand main ghus gaya uski aankheen pahar nikal aair aur unsay ansoo bahnay lagay aur woh buri tarah say tarapnay lagi mainay isi position.
Main uskay upar laithkar uskay hoontoon ko chosna suro kia aur uskay mummmay dabata raha taqreeban 5 mint kay bad uskay ausan bahal hoay aur ab usay dard ki jaga kuch maza mahssos hoa aur ab usnay apni gand ko agay pechay karna suro kardia yeh daikh kar mainay ahista ahista uski gand marna suro kia aur phir speed barhata gaya aur aik aur jhatkay say apna pora lund uski gand main dall dia woh thora sa cheekhi phir usay bhi maza anay laga taqreeban 35 Mint tak main uski gand marta raha is doran main aik bar uski gand main discharge hochuka tha aur ab pori tarah say pasinay main naha raha tha magar uski gand itni naram aur zabardast thi kay usay choornay ka dil nahi kar raha tha taqreeban 50 Mint tak uski gand marnay kay bad main dosri bar phir jhar gaya aur apna lund uski gand main hi dal kar usay upar lait gaya mujhay sakht thakan horahi thi aur uska bhi bura hal tha magar main abhi tak garam tha aur mainay usay kiss karna suro kardia kuch dair kay bad maira lund uski gand main hi dobara say khara hogaya aur mainay aik bar phir uski gand marna suro kardia ab ki bar main 1 ghantay tak uski gand marta raha aur phir uski gand main hi discharge hogaya aur jab mainay apna lund bahar nikala to woh mairi mani aur uski gand ki gandagi say bhara hoa tha mujhay sakt thakan horahi thi magar phir bhi main usay good main uthakar bathroom main laigaya kyonkay woh khud chal kar anay ki position main nahi thi aur uski gand, choot aur apnay lund ko achi tarah say saf kia aur phir usay gaoon pehnakar apni chaddi pahan kar usay uskay room tak sahara daikar usay uskay bed par sulakar apnay room main agaya aur sogaya uskay bad taqreeban 4 din tak main unkay ghar par raha aur yeh kheel rooz jari raha

Desi sex story : Sleeping With Chachi

Sleeping With Anu Chachi



Hi friends my name is Sunny and this is my true story. I wish here to share the incident which change my relation with my chachi forever. For first to begin with I belong to a strict marwadi joint family where following orders of elders was the only thing which one should do. Beyond which we cannot think and cannot do anything of our own choice and wishes.

There are nine family members comprising my grandparents, parents, chacha and chachi, their son, me and my elder sister and further three servants all living in one old traditional house built by my grandfather. My grandfather’s and grandmother’s order were final and binding to all the members of family. As I said our family was a very strict family so strict that in front of the elders we could never do as desired by us and it felt like living in golden cage. Especially for my mother and chachi life was very hard.

My grandmother always kept vigilance on them just to know when they make mistakes and no matter how small they were she never left any likelihood to make it look like a big mistake in front of my father and chahca to make them say bitter words and torment their wife. My father yet understood and handled such situation considering my mom’s efforts which she has put in towards our family but my chacha always use to make a big fuss out of it and create a great ordeal for my chachi. I think he never loved or even wish to marry my chachi.

He simply married to follow orders of my grandfather. Because of such norms in my home I felt that the best place to live in my home was my own room. Where I could be myself behind the close doors of my room. I felt may be my mom and chachi would be feeling the same way. Further my room was on the terrace of our house which made me was like a treat to me as I felt that I was away from my family and got lot of privacy. After my 10th grade exams I was looking forward for a wonderful summer vacation and planned things which I could do in my room to please myself.

The joys of masturbation which I learnt a year back. I wished to collect porn magazines containing photos and sex stories to fuel my nights and make me enjoy masturbation sessions even more. I was to get these from my friend just a day after when suddenly I came to know that it has been decided that Rinku my chahca’s son will henceforth sleep in my room as he grown enough to sleep without his parents.

That’s it one place which I could call my own was gone. I had to share it with the irritating Rinku whom I knew would go through all my stuff. So now there was no chance taking risk of bringing porn magazines as my efforts to hide them from Rinku would only be futile with him staying with me 24*7. Further masturbation could only be done in bathroom and not in the comforts of bed.

Later at night I felt things have gone even worse when Rinku asked me to take him to his parents room as he was unable to sleep and was too scared to go downstairs alone. I hesitantly took Rinku downstairs to chacha’s room and knocked their door just to hear chacha shouting as we disturbed his sleep. My chachi Anuradha(whom we called Anu) came out of the room and said to Rinku “you have to sleep in brother’s room from now, or else your papa will get angry” , Rinku cried “no mummy I want to sleep with you”. Anu Chachi knew that Rinku will not sleep alone and would keep on crying.

So she said “ok than mummy will sleep with you a day or two to make you comfortable in brother’s room” she further said “is that ok my sweet son”. Rinku hugged her and was happy that her mother will sleep with us in our room. I got irritated more as it was not only Rinku but even chachi who will make my night boring as I was not knowing the series of events which shall unfold later that night. We came back to my room and chachi kept humming to make Rinku sleep while laid head in her lap.

I didn’t know whether it worked on Rinku or not but it surely worked on me. Chachi’s voice was really sweet and I started feeling sleepy and slept quickly. Later at night I woke up feeling something heavy fell on my chest. I got startled and as my eyes began to claim visibility adjusting to the dim night lamb light I saw it was my chachi’s hand which fell on my chest and she was sleeping between me and Rinku.

At first I got irritated and moved her hands away from my chest and placed them on bed at my side. I stood up and went for toilet. As I came back I saw the scene which changed my way of looking at my Anu chachi forever. Her sarree had moved up way above her knees and her smooth white legs were exposed to my lustfill eyes for the first time. Her legs calf were fleshy, smooth, white and simply inviting to chew them off. I stood there for sometime taking in the mesmerizing view my beautiful Anu chachi’s body.

I moved my eyes further up to see her bare abdomen and blousewhich was left uncovered by sarree as in her sleep sarree had moved to her side. Her bossoms were amazing. They seemed perfect sized. Two separate hills to mount to, well shaped and scarcely covered by her blouse. The posture in which she was lying facing towards the side where I was sleeping earlier made her beautiful white creamy breast make a heave out of her blouse making a big cleavage. My

God for the first time I realized Anu Chachi was a beautiful voluptuous woman with curves to die for. She was a bit chubby but her fats were all in right areas but at the age of 30 you cannot expect a woman to be more beautiful and invitingly sexy as she was. One of my friend earlier told me once that chachi is very sexy however I shun this idea as I thought it to be a sin thinking about my mother like chachi in such a way and stopped inviting my friend to my home. However tonight I felt each of his words were very true when I saw this beautiful voluptuous woman lying in my bed.

I slowly creep into bed next to her not knowing what to do next. I surely knew I won’t be able to sleep with this beautiful body lying just next to me. I slowly moved my face towards her and watched her face. There was a calmness of deep sleep and a gentle smile of a joyous peace on her face. I was mesmerized by the beauty and innocence of Anu chachi’s face. I looked at her luscious pink lips and felt like sucking them in an instance. I turned my face and cursed myself for having such thoughts for my chachi but I just could not help myself. I wondered what to do gazing towards the ceiling of the room.

Suddenly I felt movement on my left side my chachi turned to face upwards lay on her back with her hands wide apart. This move made her breast heave up more and gave me another fantastic view of her breast. I decided to take a good view of Anu chachi’s body once again. I slowly sat beside her making as little sound as possible.

I checked at Rinku once, and found the kid deep asleep. Than my eyes begin to do their work. Absorbing beauty of my chachi’s magnificent body as much as possible and this time while just sitting next to her real close. The view was amazing something which I thought I will cherish for a long time. Suddenly Anu chachi moved and I hurriedly went back to my lying position, horrified that she might come to know about my voyeur. She moved to face me again. I tried to sense through her breathing whether she was asleep or not.

Her breathing was very smooth and calm like before. I relaxed and when I was assures she is deep asleep I thought about my next moves. I wanted to look at her so I turned towards her in a way as if I am turning in my sleep. Oooohhh what a beautiful site. A massive white cleavage was right in front of my face. I was amazed and couldn’t believe my luck of seeing cleavage of a mature woman so closely. It was amazing I could actually see that her breasts were heaving up and down as per the rhythm of her breathing.

“I want to touch those” I thought. But how? If she wakes up? If she tells this to other family members? What would my chacha do to me?? All such questions stormed into head. I told to myself “come on Sunny think”. Suddenly I got answer “act as if you are sleeping and move your hands where ever you want”. I gathered courage and started moving my hand forward towards Anu chachi’s breasts as though I am stretching my hands in sleep. I kept my left eye slightly to open to see that my hands were moving in right direction but that was not enough.

Her smooth white skin and the valley between her breast were inviting me to touch her more and more. My hands finally touched something. My heart was pounding as though it will come out of my body anytime. I pressed my hands further to find something really soft and tender being pressed under it. I was enthralled and excited that I finally touched the marvel made by God. I opened my eyes slowly to see where my hands were. “Yup mission accomplished” I thought. My hands had safely landed on my Anu Chachi’s beautiful mesmerizing breast covered by her blouse.

I kept my hands there for some time. Lay it very softly on her, being careful not to wake up. I moved any finger in circle just where I thought her nipples should be. It felt really good, soft and tender. But now I wished to go further. I wanted to touch the bare cleavage of Anu chachi. I looked at her face calm and quite. Breathing in the same soft rhythm of sleep. I felt like making a move. I moved my hands upwards on her breast till my hungry hands felt bare flesh beneath. I moved my hands very slowly continuously checking chachi’s breathing.

Her breath was calm and I made my final move. Yup I was in heaven bare white flesh was beneath my palms. I slowly pressed my hands further into Anu chachi’s breasts. They went in deep. These breast were surely huge. My one hand could not cover entire cleavage of one breast. I moved my fingers in circles over her breast. Hmmmmmm I told to myself “damn good feeling” Soon the thought of fear about being caught was over taken by lust and hunger for flesh. Now I wanted to touch my chachi’s smooth legs.

I lifted my hands up from her breast and moving my hands downwards this time straight away laid them on her bare calfs. Hmmmmm that felt good. I moved my hand up down on bare skin of Anu chachi’s right leg. I moved my hands up and up until they came to place just above her knee where Anu chachi’s sarree rested. I wanted to go further up. I wanted to feel Anu chachi’s thighs. I just wanted to press her bare thigh under my palms. I was so sexed up that I quickly started moving my hands up making her sarree move with my hands.

It felt great as my hands brushed on the inner thighs of Anu chachi’s right legs. Oooohhh it felt great I thought to myself. I kept my hands moving up and up when suddenly I felt movement in Anu chachi’s body she quivered a bit and suddenly she stood up and sat in the bed. I got terrified my hands were still under her sarree and touching her bare inner thighs. May be my movements were just too much I thought. It’s all has ended. I will be thrown out of the house after terrible beating I thought to myself. In the seconds when terrible nightmares had griped me suddenly

Anu chachi just looked at me, looked at towards her legs where my hand was and fall back on the bed to lying position as though she was in a total state of sleep and go back to sleep. No words exchanged and no expressions exchanged. My heart beats were so fast that I felt I would get a heart attack. My hands were still under Anu chachi’s sarree and on her inner thighs. I slowly removed my hands from under her sarree and turned around facing away from Anu chachi to sleep. Just praying that Anu chachi will not share this incident with anyone else or else I am screwed.

I lay there cursing myself for doing an act which could ruin my life. Just when I thought to myself my adventure has ended I felt weight on my back. I lay there without any movement and still I felt weight over my back. I thought to myself may be in her sleep Anu chachi might have moved close to me and moved upon my back. Suddenly I felt a very slow movement in Anu chachi’s body up and down and her body pressed into my back more. I could clearly feel the soft breast of Anu chachi on my back. It felt great. I wanted to feel this more.

I wanted to feel this on my face. I was sexed up again. I thought maybe she just sleeps like this vey deeply. She might have woke up earlier but yet she could have been in deep sleep and might not have realized what had happen and where my hands were beneath her sarree. I thought “just turn towards her and act to sleep facing her and your face would be on her breast.” I gathered courage and turned just to find that my calculations were almost right.

As I turned my face straight away was buried in her neckline. Ooooooh her skin smell was awesome. It was very soft. I laid gentle kisses on her bare neckline. My mind was totally filled with smell of Anu chachi’s skin. Hmmmmmmmmm that felt great. And I kept a careful check of any quiver in Anu chachi’s body and her breathing. As long as Anu chachi breath calmly I could to any extent I thought.

Now maybe if I just move downward a little my face will be on her bare cleavage. As I did slowly as if moving in sleep my face finally reached where I wanted it. On the cleavage of Anu chachi. Anu chachi’s cleavage felt so great. For the first time I felt a woman’s breast on my lips.. Anu chachi’s breast were awesome. My nose lied on the valley made right between Anu chachi’s magnificent breasts. The smell of her skin here was even more strong. It filled my nose and mind with pheromones that made me crave for Anu chachi more and more. I laid gentle soft kisses on her bare breasts. I wanted more I thought. I wanted to suck those nipples of Anu chachi covered safely under her blouse and bra.

I wanted more I thought I kept giving soft gentle kisses on Anu chachi’s cleavage with my face buried in it. Further Anu chachi’s strong smell coming from the deep corners of her valley fully intoxicated my mind. I want more I thought but I was really scared that my attempt open her blouse will surely wake her up. I moved my face away from her just to see Anu chachi’s smooth white cleavage where my face was buried. I moved my hands upward trying to unhook the blouse.

I tried a lot but failed to unhook it. My inexperienced could not unhook Anu chachi’s blouse. The hooks were too tightly tugged into one another. I thought why to waste this chance of burring my face into her magnificent cleavage. In an attempt to open her blouse she might wake up surely this time and I will lose every bit of joy I am having right now. So I buried my face back into her cleavage and slept with a dream of seeing Anu chachi’s bare breast further with my body totally attached to Anu chachi’s body head to toe. The story continues to other series of nights when Anu chachi slept in my room. If you have liked what you have read please let me know so I would share further events.

Indian sex story : धूमधाम चुदाई हुई ऑफिस के आंटी की

Indian sex story : धूमधाम चुदाई हुई ऑफिस के आंटी की
indian sex story - Aunty fuck

हैल्लो फ्रेंड्स.. मैंने नई जॉब जॉइन की थी और मेरी पोस्टिंग ग्रेटर नॉएडा के ऑफीस में हुई थी. Hindi Sex Stories Antarvasna Kamukta Sex Kahani Indian Sex Chudai वहाँ पर करीब 25 लोगों का स्टाफ था.. करीब 5 लेडीस और 20 जेंट्स और में जेंट्स में सबसे कम उम्र का था. मेरी उम्र 22 साल थी.. वैसे कॉलेज के वक़्त मेरी कई गर्लफ्रेंड थी और बहुत बार सेक्स भी कर चुका था.. लेकिन पिछले करीब 6 महीने से सूखा था और लंड महाराज को चूत के दर्शन नहीं हुए थे. लंड किसी चूत से मिलने को तड़प रहा था और मुठ मार के ही काम चलाना पड़ता था. में 5 लेडीस में सबसे छोटी उम्र वाली को सेट करने के चक्कर में था. सबसे छोटी वाली लड़की की उम्र 19 साल थी और एकदम कच्ची कली थी.. ऐसा लगता था कि उसकी तो सील भी नहीं टूटी होगी. मैंने सबसे पहले उसी पर लाईन मारना शुरू किया और उससे अच्छी दोस्तीं भी हो गई थी.

एक दिन उसका पीछा करते-करते में नॉएडा तक गया.. तो देखा कि वो तो हमारे मैनेजर के साथ लगी हुई है. साले दोनों कार को अंधेरे में खड़ा करके चुम्मा चाटी कर रहे थे और फिर सोचा की इस हसीना की चूत तो में नहीं मार सकता और उस कमसिन हसीना को छोड़कर मैंने 30 साल की औरत को सेट करने की ठानी.. वो पंजाबन थी और दिखने में एकदम मस्त शादीशुदा थी और उसके एक बेटी भी थी. कुछ खास दोस्तों से पता चला कि उसकी और उसके पति के बीच में नहीं बनती है और वो काफी परेशान है. बस यही मौका तो में ताक रहा था. मैंने उससे दोस्ती की और काफ़ी सीधा दिखना शुरू कर दिया और कुछ ही दिन बाद में उसका करीबी दोस्त बन गया.. वो अब मुझसे अपनी हर बात शेयर करती थी.

एक दिन हम सब लंच पर गये.. तो वो काफ़ी उदास थी. मैंने पूछा कि क्या हुआ.. तो वो रो पड़ी मुझे लगा कि यही सही टाइम है उसके पास आने का और मैंने अपना कंधा आगे बढ़ा दिया. वो रोती जा रही थी और में उसे सपोर्ट कर रहा था. थोड़ी देर बाद वो चुप हुई.. तो मैंने कहा कि तुम्हारा पति तुम्हे क्यो नहीं पसंद करता.. अगर में होता तो तुम्हे देखकर हमेशा खुश रहता.. बस इतना कहना था कि वो इमोशनल ही हो गई और मुझसे लिपट गई. अब वक़्त था दूसरा कदम उठाने का मतलब सेक्स की और बड़ने का.. मैंने उसे एक एडल्ट जोक भेजा और सोचा कि देखता हूँ उसका क्या नतीजा होता है. अगर कुछ गड़बड़ हुआ.. तो सॉरी कह दूँगा.. वो जोक ऐसा था कि अगर कोई नॉर्मल लड़की पढ़ ले.. तो मुझे थप्पड़ ही मार दे. फिर वो कुछ देर बाद मेरे कैबिन में आई.. में कुछ डर तो गया था.. लेकिन वो बोली ये क्या भेजा है मैंने कहा जोक था और वो मुस्कुराने लगी मुझे लगा कि हँसी तो फंसी.

मैंने शाम को उसे लिफ्ट ऑफर की और उसे मेरे साथ कॉफी पीने के लिए कहा.. तो वो तैयार हो गई. हम नॉएडा गये हमने कॉफी पी और वो मेरी फैमिली और गर्लफ्रेंड के बारे में पूछती रही. मैंने कहा कि मेरी कोई गर्लफ्रेंड नहीं है उसने फिर पूछा कि कभी सेक्स किया है. मैंने कहा कि नहीं बस तुम्हारा ही इंतज़ार कर रहा था.. वो ज़ोर-ज़ोर से हँसने लगी. अब मेरी भी हिम्मत बड़ने लगी थी. मैंने भी उसकी सेक्स लाईफ के बारे में पूछा.. तो उसने कहा कि उसकी सेक्स लाइफ नॉर्मल नहीं है.. वो 2-3 महीने में एक बार सेक्स करते है.. उसका पति घर के बाहर रंडियों को चोदता है. मैंने कहा कि तुम क्यों नहीं करती..

फिर ये सुनकर वो मेरी और अजीब से देखने लगी और कहा कि चलो.. मुझे लगा कि वो बुरा मान गई है खैर में चुप रहा और कार में बैठ गया. हम घर की और चल दिये.. हम घर पहुँचने ही वाले थे कि उसने कार एक सुनसान रास्ते की और मुड़वाई और वहीं रूकने को कहा तो मैंने कार रोक दी. एकदम अंधेरा और सुनसान रोड था.. उसने कार अंदर से बंद की और लाइट भी ऑफ कर दी.. वो मेरे करीब आई और बोली कभी किसी औरत को किस किया है.. तो मैंने कहा कि नहीं. वो मेरे और करीब आई और बोली तो फिर करो.

मैंने कहा मतलब.. तो वो बोली मुझे किस करो. मैंने जल्दी से छोटा सा किस कर दिया.. वो मुस्कुराई और बोली शायद तुम सच कह रहे हो.. तुमने अभी तक किसी लड़की को नहीं छुआ है.. वो बोली में बताती हूँ कि किस कैसे करते है. उसने अपने दोनों हाथ मेरे होठों पर रख दिए और जीभ को अंदर बाहर करने लगी. वो ऐसे कर रही थी कि मेरा लंड एकदम तन गया और उसे चोदने को बेताब होने लगा. वो भी ये सब भांप चुकी थी. उसने कहा की अभी तो तुम मुझे नहीं चोद सकते हो.. क्योंकि घर जल्दी जाना है.. लेकिन में तुम्हे जल्द ही जन्नत दिखाउंगी.

उसने मेरी चैन खोली और अंडरवेयर से लंड को बाहर निकाला.. तो लंड को देखकर वो बोली कि काफ़ी बड़ा है तुम्हारा लंड. फिर उसने लंड की खाल नीचे की.. फिर उसने प्यार से थप्पड़ मारकर बोला कि झूठ बोलते हो.. तुम्हारा लंड पहले भी चूत चोद चुका है. मैंने कहा हाँ एक दो बार.. फिर वो मेरे लंड को सहलाने लगी और फिर उसे मुँह में ले लिया और लंड को चूसने लगी.

में इतना ज्यादा उत्तेजित था कि कुछ ही देर में उसके मुँह में झड़ गया. उसने पूछा कि मज़ा आया.. तो मैंने कहा कि मज़ा तो आया.. लेकिन अधूरा. वो हँसी और बोली कि कल सुबह हम दोनों ऑफीस नहीं जायेंगे और वो मेरे घर 9 बजे आ जायेगी और पूरे दिन हम साथ रहेंगे. फिर जितना चाहो चूत की पूजा और दर्शन करना.

मैंने फिर उसे घर छोड़ दिया और घर पहुँच कर में सुबह का ही इंतज़ार कर रहा था. में सुबह 6 बजे ही जाग गया और उसे फोन किया तो वो बोली कि अभी तो 6 ही बजे है. मैंने कहा कि बस जल्दी आ जाओ बस.. अब इंतजार ही नहीं हो रहा है. सुबह करीब 8:30 बजे बेल बजी और मैंने दरवाज़ा खोला.. तो सामने वो खड़ी थी.

उसने एक सिल्क की साड़ी पहन रखी थी और वो ग़ज़ब का माल लग रही थी. वो अंदर आई और बात करने लगी. में उसके पास गया और उसे किस करना शुरू कर दिया. उसने कहा कि आराम से और में किस किये जा रहा था. फिर में एक हाथ से उसकी निप्पल और दूसरे हाथ से उसकी चूत रगड़ रहा था. अब वो भी धीरे-धीरे गर्म हो रही थी. मैंने उसे बेड पर लेटाया और नंगा कर दिया.. फिर मैंने अपने भी सारे कपड़े उतार दिए. अब हम दोनों बिल्कुल नंगे थे और चोदन क्रिया को तैयार थे.

मैंने लंड को पकड़ा और उसकी चूत में लंड डाला.. काफ़ी टाईट चूत थी उसकी.. लगता था कि बहुत कम चुदी हुई है. में धीरे-धीरे धक्के मार रहा था और वो भी धीरे-धीरे मधहोश हुये जा रही थी. उसकी चूत एकदम साफ थी.. मैंने पूछा कि बड़ी चिकनी है तेरी चूत.. तो वो बोली सुबह-सुबह तेरे लिए ही साफ की है.. वरना कल तो बालों से भरी हुई थी. अब मैंने धक्को की स्पीड बड़ा दी.. वो कहने लगी कि चूत के बाहर झड़ना.. वरना कहीं बाद में गड़बड़ ना हो जाये. में इतनी ज़ोर-ज़ोर से धक्के मार रहा था कि साला लंड अंदर ही झड़ गया.. वो एकदम उठी और भागी और मूतने लगी. में बाहर खड़ा हो कर उसे मूतते हुए देख रहा था.

मैंने कहा कि इतनी जल्दी क्या थी मूतने की.. तो वो बोली ताकि बाद में ज्यादा गड़बड़ ना हो.. वो खड़े होकर मेरे पास आई और मेरे लंड को पकड़कर बोली.. अब तो भूख मिट गई होगी तेरे लंड की. मैंने उसके दोनों बूब्स पकड़ लिए और दबाने लगा. पहला सेक्स किये हुये हमे 15 मिनट ही हुए थे और में दूसरे राउंड के लिये तैयार था. हम बाथरूम में ही थे.. में उसके पीछे गया और उसके बूब्स बहुत ज़ोर से दबाने लगा. उसके निप्पल रगड़ने में तो बहुत ही मज़ा आ रहा था. उसके बूब्स भी एकदम तन गये थे.

अब मैंने उसे आगे की और झुकाया और पीछे से लंड उसकी चूत में प्रवेश कराया.. जैसे जैसे लंड अंदर जा रहा था वैसे वैसे उसकी सिसकियाँ तेज हो रही थी. में धक्के पर धक्के मारे जा रहा था और वो सिसकियाँ लेती जा रही थी. लगभग 15-20 मिनट के बाद लंड झड़ने को तैयार था और इस बार मैंने लंड उसके बूब्स पर झाड़ दिया.

अब करीब 10 बजे थे. मैंने उससे कुछ नाश्ता बनाने को कहा और उसने ब्रेड-आमलेट बना दिया. मैंने वो खा लिया और अब 11 बज चुके थे.. मैंने उससे पूछा कि तुम क्या खाओगी? तो वो बोली जो तुम खिलाओ. मैंने कहा कि जेम रोल बनाकर खिलाता हूँ.. वो बोली कि ये क्या है? मैंने कहा थोड़ा इन्तजार करो.. में किचन में गया और 2 मिनट बाद वापस आया. मैंने अपने लंड को पेपर से ढक रखा था.. वो बोली क्या है दिखाओ? मैंने पेपर हटाया और वो देखकर वो ज़ोर-ज़ोर से हँसने लगी. मैंने अपने लंड पर जेम और बटर लगा रखा था. मैंने कहा कि नाश्ता तैयार है खा लीजिये.. वो हंसते हुए लंड को हाथ में लेकर चाटने लगी और फिर चूसने लगी.. क्योंकि हम 3 घंटे में 2 बार पहले ही सेक्स कर चुके थे.. इसलिये लंड अब जल्दी नहीं झड़ा. उसने आराम से लंड को चाटा और चूसा.. लेकिन लंड नहीं झड़ा.

अब फिर से बारी थी उसे चोदने की.. एक बार उसे डॉगी स्टाइल में चोदना था. वो डॉगी स्टाइल में बैठ गई.. फिर मैंने लंड चूत में ना डालकर उसकी गांड में डाल दिया.. अरे क्या ग़ज़ब का टाईट छेद था, मज़ा आ गया.. लेकिन उसकी तो चीख निकल गई. मैंने कहा कि कुछ देर सहन कर लो फिर मज़ा आयेगा. 10 मिनट चोदने के बाद लंड को उसकी गांड में ही झाड़ दिया. अब हम नहाकर कुछ देर बाहर घूमने मार्केट में गये. मैंने उससे कहा कि घर पहुँचकर और भी स्टाईल ट्राई करेंगे.. तो वो मुस्कुराने लगी.

उस दिन हम पहले ही 3 बार सेक्स कर चुके थे और घर पहुँचकर हमने 3 बार फिर से सेक्स किया और अब रात के 8 बज चुके थे और उसके घर जाने का टाईम हो चुका था. वो घर जाने लगी तो मैंने कहा कि एक बार आखरी बार और कर लो.. तो अब उसने मुझे लेटाया, मेरी चैन खोली और लंड निकाला. उसने अपनी पेंटी उतारी साड़ी ऊपर की और वो लंड पर बैठ गई. अब हम कपड़े पहनकर ही सेक्स कर रहे थे.. वो लंड चूत के अंदर लेकर उछले जा रही थी. कुछ देर बाद में झड़ गया.. लेकिन कुछ बूंदे उसकी साड़ी पर भी गिर गई. उस पूरे दिन हमने 7 बार सेक्स किया और शाम तक में पूरी तरह से थक चुका था. मैंने 2 ग्लास जूस पिया. फिर कुछ जान में जान आई.. उसके बाद हमने ना जाने कितनी बार सेक्स किया.

Desisexstory : Sex With Mom’s Sister

Desisexstory : Sex With Mom’s Sister

Desisexstory : Sex With Mom’s Sister

उसके लॅंडलॉर्ड बोहट ही अच्छे है पर भाभी बोहट ही हॉट है. कजिन के लॅंडलॉर्ड के एल्डर सोन का आक्सिडेंट हो गया था और वो 4 मंत्स से बेड पर ही है और ना ही कुछ बोलता है और ना ही चल सकता है और ऐसे में भाभी बोहट साद थी और किसी से ज़ियादा बात भी नही कराती थी और जब मेरी कजिन हॉस्पिटल चली जाती तो मैं रूम में अकेला ही हो जाता था और भाभी मुझे खाने को कुछ ना कुछ दे जाती थी. एक दिन जब वो मुझे जूस देने आई तो उनकी आँखों में अलग सी चमक थी जैसे की वो मुझे न्यूड देख रही हो और मैने भाभी से पूछा की भाभी क्या बात है तो उन्होने कहा की कुछ नही बस ऐसे ही. यूयेसेस दिन वो मुझसे खुल कर बात करने लग गयी और मैं उनसे उनकी लाइफ के बड़े में पूछने लगा और वो कुछ साद सी हो गयी मैने ज़ोर देकर पूछा की क्या बात है भाभी मुझे नही बताॉगी पहले तो वो बोहट माना कराती रही फिर बाद में बोहट ज़ोर देने से बताया की तुम्हे तो पता ही है की तुम्हारे भैया का आक्सिडेंट हो गया है और मैं 4 मंत्स से तड़प रही हूँ कोई नही है जो मेरी परेशानी को सॉल्व कर सके..

मैने पूछा की कैसी परेशानी आप मुझे बताओ मैं 101% ज़रूर सॉल्व करूँगा मैं कसम दे दी भाभी को. भाभी तो मानू अंदर ही अंदर बोहट खुश हो गयी पर मुझे शो नही होने दिया और कहने लगी तुम्हे तो पता ही है एक लेर्की को क्या चाहिए होता है और वो मुझे घुमा फिरा कर बतने लगी मैं भी समाज़ चुका था की वो क्या चाहती है पर मैं उनके मूह से ही सुनना चाहता था और वो कहने लगी की मुझे सेक्स किए हुए 4 मंत्स हो गये है और मैं घर से बाहर भी कभी नही गयी और मेरी तड़प बोहट ज़ियादा बढ़ गयी है अब तो दिल कराता है किसी से भी चुदया लूँ…

जब उन्होने ने ऐसा कहा तो मैने भाभी का हाथ पाकेर लिया की भाबाही मैने आपसे प्रॉमिस किया था की मैं आपकी हेल्प करूँगा और ऐसा मौका आप मुझे दीजिए आप ज़िंदगी भर याद रखोगी की मैने कैसे आपको खुश किया. मेरा लक इतना अछा था की नेक्स्ट दे मेरी कजिन के लॅंडलॉर्ड का प्लान बना की वो लोग भैया को दिखाने देल्ही लेकर जा रहे है और 3-4 डेज़ तक वापिस आएँगे और घर में मैं भाभी और मेरी कजिन ही रह गये थे और बाकी सब चले गये. वो सब लोग मॉर्निंग में चले गये और थोड़ी सेर बाद मेरी कजिन भी हॉस्पिटल को निकल गयी और तभी मैं भाभी के रूम में गया भाभी मेरा ही इंतेज़ार कर रही थी और मैने भाभी को ज़ोर से हग किया और किस करने लगा वो तो मुझसे भी ज़ियादा जल्दी में थी और बोहट ही खुश थी.

मैं भाभी को किस कराता रहा और उनकी बॉडी पर और उनके बूब्स को दबाता रहा तभी मैने भाभी को बेड पर लिटा लिया और उनको बेड पर ही ज़ोर ज़ोर से किस कराता रहा और मैने फिर धीरे से भाभी का टॉप उतरा और उनकी कॅप्री भी उतार दी और अब वो सिर्फ़ ब्रा और पेंटी में ही थी और वो ब्रा और पेंटी में क्या लग रही थी बिल्कुल स्वर्ग की आप्सरा लग रही थी उनके 34द साइज़ के बूब्स बाहर आने को मतवाले हो रहे थे और उनकी पेंटी गिल्ली हो चुकी थी… फिर मैने आपने क्लोद्स उतरे और मैं भी सिर्फ़ शॉर्ट्स में था और फिर मैने भाभी के बूब्स को ब्रा के उपर से ही किस करने लगा और मैने भाभी की ब्रा की हुक खोल दी और वॉवववववववववव क्या बूब्स थे मैं तो देखता ही रह गया मैने ज़रा भी देर किए बिंबा भाभी के बूब्स की निपल्स को शककरना स्टार्ट कर दिया और क्या निपल्स थी और बूब्स तो इतने बड़े थे जैसे किसी पॉर्न स्तर के बूब्स हो और मैं तो 15 मीं उनके बूब्स ही छूटा रहा और फिर धीरे उनकी बॉडी पर भी किस करने लगा और उनकी नेवाले पर किस कराता कराता उनकी पेंटी के पास आया और उनकी पेंटी उतार दी और वूओववववव क्या स्मेल थी उनकी चुत की मस्त गीली चुत मैं उनकी चुत पर किस करने लगा और जब मैने आपनी टंग उनकी चुत पर चाटने लगा तो वो तो बोहट मधूष होने लगी कहने लगी की ऐसा तो तुम्हारे भाईया ने कभी नही किया था मेरे साथ और मैने भी भाभी को कहा की मैने आपको कहा था की मैं आपको ऐसे खुश करूँगा की आप कभी भी भोलूगी नही….

फिर मैने आपने शॉर्ट्स भी उतार दिए और भाभी मेरे पेनिस को देख कर ड्ऱ गयी कहने लगी की इतना बड़ा पेनिस तुम्हारे भैया का तो इस से हाफ ही है लगता है आज तुम मेरी चुत को फार दोगे मैने कहा भाभी डोंट वरी आप फिकेर ना करो आज आपको मैं जन्नत की सायररर कार्ओौनगा और भाभी ने एक पल भी देर ना करते हुए मेरे पेनिस को आपने मौत में डाल कर सक करने लगी और उनके सक करने से मेरा पेनिस और हार्ड हो गया और प्री कम निकालने वाला था और मैने बिना बताए भाभी के मौत में ही उसको निकल दिया और भाभी भी उसको जूस की तेरह पे गयी और फिर हम दोनो अगेन किस करने लगे और कुछ देर के लिए हम ऐसे चिपक कर लेते रहे की हम दोनो से एर भी करॉस ना हो सके और फिर भाभी ने कहा की अब और मत तड़पाव बस मेरी आग बुझाओ…

फिर मैने आपना पेनिस भाभी की चुत पर रखा और ज़ोर से धक्का दिया पर मेरा पेनिस पूरा अंदर नही गया क्यूंकी भाभी 4 मंत्स से किसी से चुदी नही थी और ऐसा लग रहा था की जैसे की उनकी चुत बिल्कुल नयी है मैने अगेन ज़ोर से धक्का दिया इस बार मेरा पूरा लॅंड उनकी चुत के अंदर और भाभी ज़ोर से चाल्लाई और आााऊऊऊऊऊओक्ककचह कहा बोहट ज़ोर से और मैने अब आपना पेनिस अंदर बाहर करने लगा और भाभी और ज़ोर से चीलाने लगी और मैने आपनी बढ़ता बड़ा कर भाभी को किस करने लगा और और उनकी आवाज़ आनी भी कुछ कम हुई और यूयेसेस दिन मैं भाभी को 30 मीं तक चोदता रहा है और मैने आपना सारा कम भाभी की चुत में ही चोर दिया और उनको बोहट माज़ा आया.. हमारे इस सेक्स में हमें टाइम का पता ही नही चला और दूरबेल बाजी और मैने टाइम देखा तो कजिन के आने का टाइम हो गया था मैं आपने क्लोद्स लेकर भागा आपने रूम में और भाभी भी जल्दी जल्दी आपने कापरे पहन कर दूर खोलने चली गयी और हमारा सेक्स बीच में ही चुत गया पर यह भी ज़ियादा देर तक नही छूटा और यूयेसेस रात को हमने पूरी रात चुदाई की क्यूंकी मेरी कजिन भाभी के साथ सोने चली गयी और मैने भाभी को कह दिया था की कजिन के दूध में आज नींद की दवा मिला देना और भाभी ने ऐसे ही किया और जब कजिन गहरी नींद में सो गयी तो भाभी मेरे रूम में आ गयी..

इस बार वो मेरे रूम में बिना कपरो के आ गयी क्यूंकी हमें अब किसी का ड्ऱ नही था और मैं भी आपने कापरे खोल कर रीडी था और आते ही भाभी ने मुझे किस करना स्टार्ट किया और हम दोनो ने आपना सेक्स स्टार्ट किया और यूयेसेस दिन मैने भाभी को 5 टाइम्स चोदा और उनकी 4 मंत्स से तड़प रही चुत को शांत किया और भाभी तो इतनी खुश थी की वो मुझे चोर कर जाना ही नही छाती थी और ऐसे ही हमारा यह सिलसिला 4 डेज़ तक चलता रहा और जो आज तक चल रहा है और जब भी मैं लुधियाना जाता हूँ तो भाभी की चुत को शांत ज़रूर कराता हूँ और जब भी भाभी ज़ियादा परेशान होती तो मैं स्पेशल लुधियाना आ जाता और हम दोनो की बात तो वैसे भी डेली होती रहती है और हम दोनो बोहट खुश है और भाभी मुझे भी ज़ियादा खुश है….

फ्रेंड्स अब आप लोग बताओ की आपको मेरी यह स्टोरी कैईसीई लगी और प्ल्ज़्ज़ रिप्लाइ ज़रूर करें और आपनी नेक्स्ट स्टोरी में मैं आपको बताउँगा की कैसे मैने आपनी कजिन को ही भाभी के साथ कैसे चोद दिया और अब तो वो भी आपने हब्बी से ज़ियादा मुझसे चुदवाने लगी है…

Momsexstory : Mom's Ripe Pussy Feels Like Heaven

Momsexstory : Mom’s Ripe Pussy Feels Like Heaven

Hi friends My name is Rohan.Iam 18 years old and I am the only son for My parents.My dad left to Dubai when Iwas 12 years old and he is working there.He used to come to India once in ayear.Money was not a problem for us since dad sends us good cash monthly.My momSwati is a house wife and we both live in an independant big house which My Dadpurcahsed 3 years back.I am going to tell you how My mom and I got emotionally& physically attracted to each other.

I always loved My mom.Ever since I discovered mastrubation I always used tofantasice fucking My mom.I used to produce more sperms when I shagged thinkingof her than any of the other aunties or girls of My age.Now let me describeabout My mom.My mom is 41 years old.she always looks like a sex goddess before Myeyes.she has put on some weight .she has nice round arse and big breasts.herbreasts sagg a little for her age and I always get aroused seeing her breastsand the flesh fold she has put on in her hip region.

In our house she used to wear saree, blouse and petticoat andwhen she bends andsweeps the floor I use to watch her beautiful butt. the thin cloth of the petticoatwould cling to her arse cracks making a clear outline of her butt.I use todelibrately brush against those soft butt in the kitchen when she is cooking inthe pretext of doing something.It will be a wonderful feeling.But My mindalways wanted more…Once I went into her room , she was changing her clothesafter bathing.Man what a scene that was she was just wearing a petticot and was topless.Even thoughshe was turning the other side I could see her breasts fully tru’the mirror inher dressing table.I was fully dumbfolded on seeing such a site. I was standind for 30 seconds dumbstruck.That wasthen mom realised My presence.I said “sorry mom and turned away” .shesaid “why do u feel sorry I am ur mom and I have fed u only withthese”.I then left to My room.But the pictures of My mom’s breasts werephotographed in My mind.I went to My room and had a lengthy mastrubationsession in My room.Some times when she use to wear sleveless nighty I could seeher arm pits.I don know why but seeing her arm pit always makes me horny and Iwant to suck her arm pit.

One night I was watching a late night movie in the HBO.After the movie was overI felt thirsty .I went to get some water from the kitchen.On the way moms roomwas half closed and I could see her in the dimly lit night lamp.I stood nearthe door and was watching her.I justcould not belive what I saw mom was mastrubating.It was just then I realised mom too had sexual urges sinceMy dad comes only once in a year and she has to satisfy like this. I felt sadfor her.

I had just written My 12th grade exams and awaiting for My results.In was themonth of may tat time and the summers use to be very hot .In the evening around6.30 Mom called me .she had just had a bathe and was dressed up.I went in andshe told me to apply some prickly heat powder in her back . She had made such arequest many times earlier since only we both stay in the house.she wat beforethe dressing table and I was facing her back.I could see her front portion tru’the mirror.I felt something unusual today.She was breathing heavily an d Icould see her breasts going up and down in the mirror.Momremoved her saree from her chest region and unbuttoned the hooks of her blouseand removed it fully.Now Inoticed the unusual thing Mom made today.usually she cover her breast region again withthe palu of her sari and will tell me to apply the powder .Also she had neversat before the mirror earlier.My eyes were fixed on her breast and I wasapplying powder over her back.I felt mom too wanted this .But I decided to playthis safe and waited for her to move first.Now I told her ” I think thereare some heat boils beneath the bra mom”.She replied “what are uwaiting for beta remove it”.Shewas smiling at me affectionately with love and I could see that her eye waswanting something.With tremblinghands I removed her bra and applied powder on her back .her breasts weregreat.It was fully white and she had pink nipples.I was very much exited sincethis is the first time I was seeing a girl topless lively.I stopped powderingher and My eyes were fixed on her breasts. Mom suddenly asked “what are u seeing beta? .Do uwant to touch them” Mom took My hands and placed both My palms onher breasts.I felt great. Now Igot the green signal to proceed .Istarted massaging her breasts slowly and rhythmically. I pinched her nipplesand was kissing her neck.She slowlyturned over to My side and hugged me.Now we both know we wanted each otherdesperately.
now she began to un button My shirt and My hands were still glued to herbreasts.Then she said “Beta remove My sari andpetticot”I removed the rest of her sari on her body anduntied the knot in her petticot.It immediately fell on thefloor.And she steped over it.Now she removed My pyjama which I was wearing andled me to the bed.My dick had grown fully erect over My jokey.She lied down onthe bed and I for te first time kissed her on the mouth .She slowly opened herlips and our tounges met. I was unable to hold and I had pre-ejaculation

Then I moved My mouth to her nipples and began to suckthem like a baby.My mom was moaning ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.I was fondling her breastsand bit the flesh on her hip region..I slowly kissed her in her belly buttonand pressed her thighs and licked them.she said “give ur Mom a kiss” as Iprocedded to ward her lip she told me to kiss in her pussy.. I removed herpanty which was wet.her cunt was fully shaven . I kept My mouth over her pussyand began kissing it.My mom was on 7th cloud. she was moaning I put My fingure into her pusy and began to fingurefuck her.

Mean while My dick was fully erect and removed My underwear .she was surprisedto find My dick so large and remarked “tats very big for ur age Rohan”andI remarked ” I mastrubate on ur name mama daily”. she spread herthighs and I failed to mount her the first time.She laughed a guidedme into her.HER cunt was tight coz it has been 7 months since dad left.NOw Islowly pushed My shaft inside her love hole.I was accessing the very place Iwas born and forbidden for every man to see. I felt warm inside.Its aincredible feeling tat cannot be put into words. Now she started moaning as Ifelt comfortable and started increasing My speed.I staarted humping her veryfast and both of us were shouting of pleasure.MY balls ached due to the force Iapplied but still I continued to fuck her.NOw she cummed and shortly after Itoo shot My sperms into her womenhood . I crept towards her and kissed mommy onher lips and I said ” I love u swati” calling her by her name.Shekissed me back and tears rolled from her eyes.”what have we done Rohan Iam truly sorry but I didnt mean for this to happen but I could not controll Myurges”.

I pacified her by saying its the duty of the son to make mOm happy what ever isrequired.And I said “its perfectly normal for humans to have sexualurges.First we are a man and a women mom apart from being mom andson”meanwhile My member was slowly raising and I took her hand and placedit on My tool. she got the message.she was stroking My cock slowly and I justloved it.the pleasure I was experincing was greater than mastrubation.My momssoft hands were doing magic to My penis.I was moaning and closed My eyes.I feltwarmness over My dick I opened My eyes My gosh mom was giving me a blowjob.Ifelt great and I suggested to mom tat we should try the 69 position.she said okand kept her pussy over My face. I began to lick her pussy and her clit Icupped her arse buns for grip.we both had another organsm and she cummed over Myface.I made her lick me clean.THen she said to me tat My dad never took her inhis mouth and I had just fulfilled her ultimate fantasy.

It was 9 o clock . we had our dinner quitely and we both wandered the housenaked .After the dinner she gave me a glass of milk to drink.I made her sit onthe table poured the milk on her breast and began to lick and drink it..ipouredsome on her pussy and drank from there too.I could see a glow and happiness onher face.NO she said I need to pee u wait in the bed room.

As she walked to the toilet I could see her lovely arse moving when shewalkded.I followed her to the toilet.As she sat and peed I too peed on thefloor.I could see her pussy lips open and warm urine gushing from the hole. NOwI told mom tat”I want to make love to u in the back side plz”.Shesaid it will pain a lot as she is a virgin and My dad had not fucked her there.Ifelt sad and said “ok I dont want to hurt u” NOw she smiled and said”ok beta go ahead” I was overjoyed and carried her in My arms to thebedroom and paced her on her stomach.Her back side hole was very small.I lickedher hole lubricated it nicely.I took some vaseline and applied on her but holeand put My index fingre and enlarged her hole.MY mom seemed to enjoy it.Iapplied some on My dick head and pushed My dick inside the hole .MANNN it wasvery tight .Now with My pull force I pushed My dick into the hole My mom wasscreaming and crying of pain.but I continued to stroke My cock with great forcewith in minutes she got adjusted to My size and her crying turned I rhythmically stroked My cock .AS I saw her but blood had comefrom her hole as some flesh was torn but we were not bothered and continuedfucking her.Now she cummed and I too shot My load inti her arse and was verytired. I hugged her tightly kissed her on her lips and fondled her breasts as Idozed into sleep.WE had been fucking like mad animals for 6 hours.

Fromm tat day onwards we had sex regularly and I made My mom feel very happy.