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Desi sex story : My sex hungry married elder sister

Desi sex story : My sex hungry married elder sister

elder sister+sex

My elder sister and her husband had separated and I had been helping her with projects around the house like the yard mowing, landscaping and maintenance. She was at list 10 years older than me. My mother and father were died before and I lived alone in my house. I would drive up on Friday night and stay until Sunday afternoon most of the time. She lived about seventy miles away and it was a great place to get away. Plus, I was single, so I didn’t really have anything better to do. I figured I could do most anything she needed done better and cheaper than anyone she could find in town. She had a nice, small house way out in the country, miles away from “civilization.” I had been up there to help with things three weekends in a row until one Friday night, everything changed. She was totally frustrated for not managing a decent man for fucking. , may be because of her twin-baby daughter no one showing interest on her. She was working in a law firm and was desperately looking for a full time baby sitter also. She found an unusual solution for all her problems. Yes the solution was me. She thought if she somehow managed to take me in bed then she will have a permanent fucking partner when she needs and a full time free baby-sitter. I was young and no one was there to stop her. She also thought if I stay with her she can also have fun with other men leaving her babies to her baby-sitter brother. It was a temporary solution for her. She knew she will not able to hold me for long. But she thoughts if she gets some time then she could manage some decent man as her partner. But she never knew I am having a 9 inched.
That day I pulled up to her house about seven-thirty that evening and she greeted me outside as usual. Usually her greeting also came with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, but this time she kissed me on the lips. Not a quick kiss either; this one lasted for a few seconds. Mildly startled, I backed up for a minute and wondered what had just happened. She just laughed and said, “My, aren’t we a little bashful this evening.”
I almost felt the redness of my face as it blushed out of control. “I just wasn’t expecting that,” I said.
“What’s so wrong with a sister kissing her brother?” she continued.
I guess she was right; it did seem harmless. We went inside for a nice steak dinner she had fixed. After dinner we sat on the couch and watched TV for awhile. We were both drinking cold Heinekens to break the heat of the awful summer weather. By ten o’clock, we were both getting a little buzz going. All of a sudden my sister reached over, grabbed me, and kissed me passionately on the lips. Again, I was startled. Being a bit intoxicated though, I leaned over and returned the favor. She smiled and stood up in front of me.
I had never really thought of her in a sexual way, but I couldn’t keep from noticing what a gorgeous body she had. Firm tits and an ass to die for, she stood there in a pair of skin- tight jeans and a short little T-shirt that showed off her cute little belly button. She had long dark brown hair and a light complexion. We were eight years apart in age; I was twenty-three, she was thirty-one. “You seem awful surprised by those kisses; would you like another surprise?” she playfully said. (more…)

Desisexstory : Sexy Village Girl Turns Society Lady

Desisexstory : Sexy Village Girl Turns Society Lady

I grew up in a rural Maharashtrian village. I was tall for my age of
16 years, about 5’7″ and thin. I had round breast with big pointed
nipples, thin waist and well moulded buttocks and tapering legs. My
color was slight dark and my face was oval shaped. I had slanted eyes,
thin pointed and slighltly upturned nose, pouting lips and good even
teeth, which sparkled when I smiled. I was not considered beautiful in
a traditional way but by the age of 16, I could observe that most men
were giving me sly looks in the village. My parents were traditional
farmers and we were poor. I had two younger brothers. There would not
be much food for us on most of the days. We had a village school and
all three of us used to attend the school. I was a good student and my
teachers used to encourage me to study hard. I was fluent in Marathi
(my mother tongue) and could read a few words of English. I was
familiar with the English alphabets but not too fluent.

My parents were worried that I may not get a good match because of my
height and my looks and intelligence. So they were desperately trying
to get me married asap. That’s when they found a groom for me from the
village who was about 30 years old, a widower, and was working in the
city. His first wife had died due to some disease. He had come for
holidays to visit his parents. I was married of to him. I was young,
not prepared for the marriage and was simply frightened. The first
night I was waiting for him in his parents small abode. The room had
just a mattress and was partitioned off from the main room by a cloth
curtain which was torn and patched. I was sitting on the mattress and
awaiting my husband. I must have dozed of when I felt a hand on my
hair. It was around 12.00 midnight, I awoke and got up with my head
bend low. I could smell the pungent smell of liquor in the room and
his breath. His hand held my chin and lifted it. He looked at my face
and then kissed me. I could taste the liquor and was feeling revolted. (more…)

माँ के बदले माँ

माँ के बदले माँ

देहरादून मैं मेरा एक दोस्त है सोनू वो मेरे साथ ही पढ़ता है. और मेरे साथ ही बी.एफ भी देखता है. एक दिन मैं उसके साथ उसके घर गया और उसकी माँ उषा आंटी उम्र 40 (34-30- 36) और उसकी बहन शालू उम्र 17(28-26-32) से मिला दोनो मस्त माल है. मैं उषा आंटी को ऊपर से नीचे तक देखता रह गया और मेरे लंड में वाइब्रेशन होने लगा.

सोनू और मैं अच्छे दोस्त थे मुझे पता था सोनू भी मेरी तरह चूत का प्यासा है. हम दोनो ने कुछ कॉल गर्ल को भी चोदा है. अब तो रोज मुझे उषा आंटी को चोदने के सपने आने लगे. मुझे पता था सोनू अपनी माँ को चोदने नहीं देगा और आंटी भी ऐसी औरत नहीं है, तो मैंने सोनू को फंसाने कि सोची और उसे कहा कि मेरी माँ आ रही है और सीमा आंटी (मेरे दूसरे दोस्त कि माँ जो गावं में रहती है जिसे मैं पहले चोद चुका था) को बुला लिया, मैंने सीमा आंटी को पहले ही प्लान बता दिया था कि आप मेरी माँ है।

फ़िर एक दिन सोनू मेरे से मिलने आया मैं जानबुझ कर थोड़ी देर के लिए बाहर गया और इसी बीच सीमा ने सारे घर में झाड़ू और पोछा लगाया जिससे उसके मस्त बोबे सोनू को दिखे. उसके बाद वो रोज आने लगा और माँ के शरीर के मज़े लेने लगा. एक दिन मैंने उससे कहा कि कल मैं अपनी गर्लफ़्रैन्ड के साथ मसुरीं जा रहा हूँ. (more…)

Desisexstory – Oral sex with my Close relation sister

desisexpics eu Oral sex with sister

Rajesh here and  I have decided to write my experiences and share with you the ultimate memories and fun which I had seen so many years no coming back to the main point I am going to narrate one of my experiences with one of my cousin sister

Mine is a small family staying in Mumbai one day it so happened that my mum received a call from her hometown and it was regarding my cousin sister parents call my mum and requested her to take Mamta to Mumbai for job I never thought that this would be a starting point for my sex life.

When when Mamta arrived it was all normal .days passed and then weeks I never saw her with wrong intentions one day it so happened that everyone was out for their jobs and it was afternoon I was watching TV Mamta was busy cleaning house while switching the channels I landed on F TV and the models shooting for calendar I was so into the TV that I forgot that Mamata is home.

As usual she was busy cleaning the house she came to the hall and started cleaning and after few seconds she looked at me and looking at me she noticed that I was staring at the TV so she too turned and what she saw was a bikini model on a beach looking at that she she shouted at me and I came back to my senses I quickly changed the channel and while surfing the channels I asked her if she is going to tell my parents about this and she said that she won’t tell but warned me not to watch all this again.

After half an hour we sat for lunch and I asked her why she shouted at me she said that you are still small and you should not watch all this stuff listening to that I jokingly said that I can make babies to that she smiled she then ask me how do I know all this to that I replied that I watch porn regularly.

Coming from a village background she asked me what is porn? To that question I started laughing and she asked me what’s funny in that I said that you are 3 years elder to me and still you don’t know all these things. She ask me again and then I told her what is porn to that answer she made faces. She said how can 2 people be naked in front of the whole world. I said its better you watch it on your own she then blushed and kept mum. I said that tomorrow afternoon we will watch porn 2 that she said OK (more…)

Sex story – Fucked my sexy cousin sister

Sex story – Fucked my sexy cousin sister


Mera naam Ajay ha or main Haryana ka rahne wala hoon.Agar koi ladki ya bhabhi mujhse chudna chahti ho to plz mujhe mail karain.main ek good looking boy hoon or mere lund ka size 7’inch lumba or 3’inch mota hai. Ye gatna aaj se 1 saal pehle ki hai jab maine meri cousin sister ko buri tareh choda tha apne hi ghar main.main aapko uske bare main batata hoon.uska naam sujata hai .wo ek bahut hi sunder ladki hai.usk Iumar 22 saal hai or uski height 5’4’ hai.

Uska figure to bas pucho hi mat 34-28-35.sabse jayada to mujhe uski gand pasand hai.wo delhi main rahati hai. Waise to college or uni. Main 4-5 ladkyion ko choda hai,par sujata ki to baat hi kuch or hai.dosto jab bhi main kisi ladki to chodta hoon to uski gand jarur marta hoon. mujhe ladkyion ki gand mara bahut pasand hai.back to the story,sujata humare ghar last year summer vocation main aayi thi or wo 1 surprise tha kyunki hum 2 saal se use bula rahe the.jis din wo aayi thi us din usne black color ki t-shirt or blue color ki tight jeans pahan rakhi thi.pucho

Indian sex story : My sexy cousine sister Renu

Indian sex story : My sexy cousine sister Renu

Indian sex story My sexy cousine sister Renu


This is kunal from delhi 26 but now in mumbai working in it industry. I came to know about this site just recently and that too accidently whiler surfing on net. But let me tell you all i had a great relief after reading all these stories as i was doing incest since 18 and was believing that i am the only one who has done incest. Actually over these years i did enjoy sex with so many girls and woman but i would talk here about my all incest experience since i love these relations.. In fact my first experience was of incest only with one of my cousine sister and then had 6 incest relations in my family. All were great experience. Frankely speaking still i have eyes on two other woman of my family and sooner or late i will have incest with them also. Hey dont get jealous It take lot of hard work and planning to enjoy all these. But let me tell you out of 10 woman 8 would love to have incest if given chance. Its very exciting and great sex experience Its my experience So today i will tell you how this all began and how i had my first experience of incest sex. One of my Mom from Mumbai is having 3 daughters. Renu, Nisha and Swati.. Nishaeldest, renu 2nd and swati youngest all with 1 year gap. I had my first exp with Renu the 2nd daughter. She was 5 year older than me when this happened. Actually when i was just 12 yrs old i was sent to mama’s house on my vacation who at that time was in jaipur he was having very good business in export and had a wonderful bungalow. Since jaipur is bit hot, we used to sleep on terrace every night… One day in mid of night i woke up cause of some movements in my baramuda .. I was half asleep and found that one soft hand was massaging slowly my dick … Already my dick got hard before i woke.. I couldnt understand what to do and before i do something someone was on me and started kissing , chewing my lips with her tounge inside my mounth . I could hear slow moaning .. I coundn’t understand who she was at it was dark … But it was sure it would be either nisha renu or swati…

Then she opened her gown and put her juicy milky boobs on my face and whispered in my ears suck it kunal I grabbed soft melon in my hand and sucked the tits slowly and then started squeezing and sucking hard. Her moanings Aaahaa! Ooohhhh! Were very slow but were driving me crazy. Then she took my hand and put between her legs right there on pussy and whispered kunal use your fingure there I got my two fingurs from edges of her panty deep into slicky juicy pussy. Started rubbing hard Her moanings were getting louder so she put her lips on mine and started sucking and playing with my tounge with her tounge. After few mints of hard penetration in her pussy she almost bite my lips and then become restless… Breating heavily I was not aware about any orgasm at that time but now i can understand she reached to her orgasm and got restless. She moved from me and took me in her hug and whispered thank you kunal Nnow i will give you enjoyment.. Then she started mastrabuting my dick heavily. Then at one point i explod the sperm… She cleaned it with my baramadua only and then whispered its all now kunal. Sleep well I was totally exhausted and with confusion who she is dint know also when i got asleep In the morning when i got up no one was next to me .. All have woke up and got busy in their work… I was confused whether it was a dream of real. When i checked up my barmuda i found my dried sperm inside it. So it was not a dream (more…)

Desisexstory : My Wife and My Sister

Desisexstory : My Wife and My Sister

I am Rahul; I had been away from home for a few days on business. I was supposed to be home the next day but came a day earlier as my business finished early. I was in a hurry to get home to my lovely wife Namitha. I took a taxi from the station.

My house was deserted and far off from the main locality. I went to the door and inserted the key and turned it but the door did not open. “What is the matter with the lock?” I circled the house. The curtains were closed. I glanced into the drawing room but no one was there.

I opened the back entrance door and entered quietly. With heart racing I looked around in each room as I came to it. I heard voices from the bedroom. I opened the door. I stood there still. The scene before me froze me.

I could see Namitha lying back on the bed with her eyes closed. There was a face buried in the triangle of her pussy. Her body was jumping up and down and she moaned. The woman between her legs came up to kneeling position. It was my sister Savitha. Sister had always shown an interest in my wife.

“Oh Fuck, Rahul when did you come?” Sister said as she spotted me. My wife opened her eyes and was looking straight at me with a horrified look in her eyes. She was trying to remove sisters head from her cunt which was glistening with my sister’s saliva. My sister was trying to cover her large breasts with her hands without too much success.

“Oh Fuck Rahul darling how did you come?” said my naked wife , her mouth open wide with shock. I looked down at her. “I think I should be asking the questions. What is going on?” I said. My hands were shaking from the shock of the revelation.

Sister said “Don’t blame Namitha…it’s my fault. I made her do it. See, brother you and I not only think alike, we love alike. Namitha is soooooo sexy. In fact she is too sexy for just one of us. We can love her, both of us. You can share her with sister, can’t you dear? Her pussy is simply nectar. I can’t have enough of her sweet cum. Forgive her brother” I growled at my Namitha and my shameless sister. I grabbed my naked sister by the wrist and pulled her over the bed, her big ass up in the air. I swung my hand and slapped her full her raised ass. She screamed.

Tears sprung from her eyes and a red mark appeared on her buttock. She looked up and said “Do it again but don’t hit your wife. Rahul I love being spanked but not so hard…” “I love it, spank my ass but don’t hit my bhabhi. God made her only to be loved, let’s make love to her.”

I don’t know what was coming over me but soon I had a massive hard-on. I tried to conceal it from my sister but her naked body was turning me on. May be my absence from my wife was responsible for my growing excitement. I was getting excited by looking at my own sister. She looked like a hot bitch. Kinky thoughts were coming to my kinky mind. Ohhhhh God I wanted to kiss my sister’s ass. I wanted to fuck my sister in front of my wife. I wanted to do something to both my wife and sister.

I took my sister in my arms and pushed her onto the bed, still face down. My hands, rubbed her swollen buttocks. She moaned “Yes, brother, rub my ass, slap it, spank my ass but not hard. You are making sister wet. Let me eat your wife’s pussy as you spank sister.” I rubbed her ass as she moaned loudly.

I caught my wife’s face in my hands as she looked dumbfounded into my eyes. I cupped her tits which were getting hard every moment. She rose up to help me have greater access to her boobs. She put her hands on my shoulders and murmured, “Rahul, you are not mad at me, are you? Sister is sooo nice and lonely that we made love to each other. Darling, Savitha needs loving and it is our duty to give her love, poor sister, let’s give her pleasure. Now that you have found out about us, let’s have fun. I have a fantasy to see you fuck another woman before my eyes and who could be better partner for you than the woman who loves you. What hole could be better than the one you dream of, don’t u? She is lucky to have her brother fill her cunt with his cum.”

I fondled sister’s ass and touched her wet pussy and then stepped away. Sister turned over on her back and I had the most perfect view of completely naked sister lying before me along with my wife. I said “Wait just a moment while I undress. Namitha, play with her tits, rub her cunt with your cunt. I want to see your lovemaking which was going on when I came. Keep kissing and licking each other like lesbian sluts. From now onwards you two are going to be my whores, do you understand?” I was shaking my cock which had begun to leak pre cum as I undressed. I became aware of my wife nibbling and licking sister’s nipples. Sister was gently stroking my wife’s pubic hair.

Namitha kissed sister’s tits, her tongue went downward to sister’s bald triangle as sister groaned,” Yesssss Namitha, my bhabhi kiss my pussy. I am on fire.” then turning to me she said” Brother, show me you cock, let me feel it, touch it. Yeah brother you will have two whores in your bed room in place of one. Your sister is a cock hungry, pussy eating whore. Namitha is a hot piece of ass, your wife. She is dripping wet on my fingers. I will eat her cunt when you ram your cock in my cunt.” My wife brought her pussy down onto my sister’s cunt and rubbed hard making sister cry out with lust. I started to play with my cock as I watched the two horny women.

I ran my hand over my wife’s pussy and then over her breasts. I began to lick her ass. She seemed to like it and began to moan. Before this she would not let me near her ass. She started to rock her ass slowly drawing my tongue inside her asshole. I pulled away. I had plans to sister-fuck today. I caught my sister’s face and looked into her eyes filled with raw lust and the realization that her brother was going to be her fuck friend soon added new spice to the thought. I pushed my finger into her mouth and she gulped it and sucked on it.

My wife got off sister’s body and said “I want you to ride your sister doggie style and fuck her from behind. That way I can lie down and get her to kiss my cunt, eat my cunt juices while I can see you become a good sister-fucker and you can watch your whore sister’s ass. Rahul she is all wet for your cock. Sister, kneel before Rahul, our common stud. You have always wanted him to fuck you haven’t you? Now let the dog fuck the bitch doggy style. The old bitch will eat the younger bitch’s pussy” I pulled my wife away from sister and helped sister in getting to her doggy position. Sister said in a very muffled voice “Guide your cock into me carefully, brother. Please don’t hurt me now, fuck me like a whore who is your sister. Let your wife see you become a sister-fucker.”

I pulled sister up and she knelt before me, holding the corner of the bed with Namitha’s legs spread wide into which sister put her head. Sister’s ass was so tempting to fuck but I thought that I would come to fuck her ass later. I thought that she might not agree to it right now. I patted her ass and pushed my finger into her pussy to see her wetness. She was wet of course and was begging me,” Come on brother fuck me with your taboo cock. Fuck my taboo cunt. You sister is all wet for you.” I held my cock in my hand and aimed it between sister’s ass cheeks.” Aaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhh shove it brother, ram your cock in your sister. Fuck this whore. Fuck sister, make her a whore, ohhhh bastard sister can’t wait, fuck meeeeeee, and fill me with your meat.”

I could not wait. I rammed my cock all the way into the wet tunnel. I saw my wife wrap her thighs round sister’s face. I imagined sister’s tongue was buried into my wife’s pussy. I began to move my hips slowly at first, building a steady tempo, my balls slapping sister’s round ass cheeks. My cock was buried all the way. Sister’s cunt clutched at my cock as it slipped in and out of her cunt with slippery ease. I humped sister. Then I felt fingers on my ball sack, It was Namitha who was fondling my balls and added to my excitement,” Ohhhhh God Rahul, ram you cock in your whore. You whore sister is licking my juices. Fuck her good. The whore needs your cock bad. Give it to her, fuck her.”

As I started to pump in and out faster I watched Namitha cum. She was in frenzy as sister’s tongue fucked Namitha. She calmed down and said. “God… I do like my cunt eaten, sister.” I leaned forward and ran my fingers in her hair. Suddenly I felt something wet touching my ass hole, no sooner I came to knew that its Namitha’s tongue that licks my ass hole. I have never seen my wife so erotic and as this much sex hungry. She tongue fucked my ass hole for about 10 minutes. I was in heaven. I fucked hard as the moving fingers of my wife excited me more than her words. My wife’s body tensed and stiffened. She was cumming suddenly. (more…)

Desisexstory : Threesum with Bangalore Housewife

Desisexstory : Threesum with Bangalore Housewife

three sum sex with mature wife

Nisha the sexy and beautiful housewife from Bangalore. This is a new story and does not relate to the past but still if you want to read the earlier story you can search on Indian sex stories site with title “Cuckold Hubby Ravi, Sexy Wife Nisha”. The story is in 5 parts and I have got a tremendous response to those stories. I would like to thank all the readers who took the effort to mail me for sharing my real life experience. I am now sharing a new experience with the same sexy housewife which took place 3 months after I first fucked her in front of her cuckold hubby, Ravi.

After I returned from Bangalore, I was in touch with both Ravi and Nisha. Ravi was very happy that his wish of converting his shy housewife into a lady who could experiment with other man has come true. He called me several times to thank me and let me know how much he had enjoyed, when he saw Nisha in sexual ecstasy that she was missing all these years. I used to blush every time he used to mention it and thanked him for giving me an opportunity to enjoy Nisha who was so young, beautiful and sexy.

During one of these conversations he said that he has one more wish which he wants me to fulfill. I asked him what is it? To which Ravi replied that he wants to see his wife enjoy a double penetration in his absence. I was surprised at the request and I asked him whether he has had a talk with Nisha about it. To which he said that he fears letting her know about it as he is sure that she will reject the idea.

I told him that we had a DP with Nisha when I fucked her in pussy and Ravi penetrated her ass, to which Ravi replied that he wants to see a DP of Nisha with another cock which is big and strong like mine. He asked me to think of some way in which we can convince her for the same. I asked Ravi to give me some time to think through and also told me to let me know which guy is he thinking of to join the DP with me? Ravi told me he has not thought of anyone and that if I know anyone who is trustworthy I can recommend him too.

I called Ravi about 2 weeks later and told him that I have got an idea for his fantasy to be fulfilled. We talked about it for a few minutes after which our full proof plan was ready. Nisha didn’t had any inkling of it. So after a few weeks Ravi proposed Nisha that we travel to Nagpur so that she can get a few days of sexual bliss again and Nisha agreed immediately since her cunt was also itching for the attention it had received the 2 nights she had spent with me. Ravi had a holiday in one of the long week ends and It was decided that Thursday evening they will catch the flight to their destination and will stay their till Sunday when they will travel back.

Nisha was very happy and went to the parlor 2 days before her journey and got facial, body waxing as well bikini waxing done. She got a hair cut too and was very happy to be traveling to meet the man that had taken her to heights of sexual pleasure the last time they had met. She packed their luggage a day in advance and as Ravi told me she was beaming as she will be having a good time again. On the date of departure Ravi and Nisha reached airport 3 hours in advance and then they got their boarding passes and were waiting for the security check to start. Just then I called Ravi and he pretended as if he has got a call from office.

After moving away from Nisha and talking to me for 10 minutes he told Nisha that he had got a urgent call from office and that he will required to attend a meeting tomorrow. Nisha’s happiness faded away and she was looking very upset but she mustered courage and told “ok then lets cancel the trip and go hom”. Then Ravi told her that he didn’t mind if she reached there today and that he will join her two days later as the meeting tomorrow may last well beyond evening. Nisha thought about it and said “I don’t think it is a good idea as I have never been alone a trip before”. To which Ravi convinced her since we have known Rahul for a long time she should trust him and enjoy with him and that he will certainly join her 2 days from now.

Reluctantly she agreed and then Ravi told her that she should not think about him and enjoy in every possible way after which some of the lost happiness was seen on Nisha’s face. He then called me and conveyed to me that Nisha is coming alone and that I should take good care of her and that he will join me us 2 days after as planned by us. He went back from the airport and let his luggage there as he was join in 2 days time. Nisha boarded the flight and messaged me and then at the scheduled time I left for the airport and was waiting outside anxiously to pick her up.

After 30 minutes of so I could see her coming out of the airport terminal. She had worn a blue jeans with a white t shirt which showed her curves. I approached her and gave her a tight hug and asked her If there was any problem during the journey. She said all was fine and then we proceeded to the car and opened the front door for her and then kept her luggage in the car and then sat on the driving seat of the car. As I settled in I looked towards her and all the memories of previous encounter rushed past in my mind and I complimented her for the dress and that she is looking damn sexy in the outfit. She thanked me and then I gave her a peck on her lips and started driving.

I took her to a penthouse I have where i usually stay on weekends. It was not frequented by my other family members and it was spacious with no one to disturb the two of us. We reached the apartment and then I asked my servant to pick her luggage up and keep in the bedroom allotted to her. It is a 3 bedroom apartment with a lovely terrace and nice cool breeze blowing during evening time. She loved the house and told me it is very well maintained and I thanked her for the compliment. I asked her whether she wants to go out for dinner or does she want to have home cooked meal. She told me she is apprehensive due to the presence of a male servant. I called him and told him that he can take leave and also told him that If I need him tomorrow I will give him a call and that unless I call him he need not come. He said “yes sir” and left.

Then we both sat in the drawing room and talked for a while and I asked if wants to freshen up as she would be tired of the journey. She said yes to which I asked if she need a massage after the shower, she kept quite and gave a shy smile. I went to her bedroom after 20 minutes and she was still in the washroom, so I sat on the sofa there waiting for her to come out. After a few minutes, she came out with a towel draped on her and when she saw me she gave a smile. I smiled back and told her to lay on the bed so that I give a nice massage to her. She laid on the bed and then loosened the towel and then took if off her body. I was mesmerized to see her nude back once more. My junior was no more a junior and wanted to come out of my pant and enter the heavenly cunt but I controlled my self and then started to massage her.

After 20 minutes or so I asked her to turn and when she did it I just moved forward to smooch her. She reciprocated and we lip looked for a good 10 minutes during which my hands roamed on her naked breasts and fingered her pussy. She was very horny and took off my t-shirt and pants and then took off my inner wears too.

She then went down on her knees and started to suck my dick. I was in 7th heaven and was having a nice blow job when her mobile phone rang. I saw and it was Ravi’s call which I picked up and he asked me whether she has reached and I told me that we have started enjoying our nice little session after she has freshened up. He said he wants to talk to Nisha and I told him that she is giving me a blowjob and that I will turn the speaker phone on so that she can keep continuing the blowjob while she talks to Ravi. Ravi talked to her for 45 seconds and then hung up after which I ask her to lay on the bed and then we were in 69 position. She cummed in 10 minutes and I couldn’t last more than 3 minutes after it and she drank all that she got.

We then reached the drawing room nude and I asked her to keep her head on my lap. She did so and I kept playing with her hair while we talked. She was asking if what she was doing is right and if women are allowed such liberty and I kept re affirming her that she did no wrong and it was Ravi who has instigated her for this, so she should enjoy and not worry about other things.

I asked her for dinner and she said that she wants to have a pizza which I ordered on phone. She went to the bedroom to change and I told her to wear the t-shirt without bra and only panty and take the delivery that way. She blushed but I told her to do so so that she can enjoy the attention of delivery boy too. She did so and I also put on my t-shirt and track pant without any inners and in about 20 minuted the door bell rung. I asked her to open the door and she took delivery and got back to keep it on the centre table and I could see the delivery boy ogling her ass as when she bent down to keep the stuff her t shirt was raised and ample amount of ass was visible to her.

She then took the money from me and paid him and he went away with a erection he couldn’t hide and we both had a hearty laugh on it as soon he left. We had our dinner and then I took her to the terrace and we both started to smooch again. There are very few buildings which are taller than which we lived and the lights were kept off so there was no danger of others viewing us.

I then took off her t-shirt and panty and she did the same to me and then I bent her on the chair and started banging her from behind. She shouted aaah as soon as my dick entered the pussy and then she started saying yeahhh rahuullll, its feeling sooo goooddd, yeahhh yeahh yeahh, keep doing it. It feels lovely to have that piece of meat inside me… yeahh, and I was fucking her like aaaah, you got such a tight cunt, aaaaahh, I never thought I will get to fuck a beauty like yoouu, aaaahh, aaaahh and I did so for about 10 minutes after which I turned her around and started to suck her breast…

I then started to lick her armpits first her left one and then her right one and she could only moan louder…aaaah aahh and then started to suck on her neck and bite her earlobes and she was feeling so much pleasure.. raaaahul aaaahh tumm kahhaaa sekha hai yehh sab. Aahh Bahut accha lag rahaaaaa haiiiii …… aaahh aaaahh and then after some time I got down and lay on the floor of the terrace and asked her to ride me. She got on top and inserted my dick in her pussy and as it was going in she was feeling so good that she said aahhhh bahut accha lagta hai jab tumhaaraaa itna bada lund andar jaata hai……….

And then she started to jump in rhythm and I started to maul her breasts with both my hands and as she lowered herself I used to bite and suck them and when she rode higher I used to press them. She was enjoying it very much and I too was feeling like I was in heaven when my dick was in such a warm tight cunt … and then she increased her speed and I was like Nisshhaa bahuta achaa lag raha haiii Nisha tum sach mei bahut khubsurat ho aur mei bahut lucky hu ki tumhari chudai ka mauka mujhe milaaaa aaaahh aaaahhh aaahhh and then after riding me for 15 minutes she said Raahulll I’m going to cum and I too replied that I’m going to cum too and in about a minutes time we both discharged our cum and lay on each other and her body was shining in the moonlight that lit the terrace and she looked all the more sexy…

In 10 minutes we got up moved to washroom to clean ourselves and then we went to her bedroom and laid besides each other fondling each other. We slept while talking….

Desisexstory : Malkin ki chudai

Desisexstory : Malkin ki chudai

This is my True Story. As I’m also thebig fan of erotic story aap nai mere pehlai ki ek story parhi hogi gf ki net cafe main chudai so main ek orstory kai sath hazir hoon yeh mere karaye darni ki story hai jinhai main chachi keh kar bulata tha unka naam nighathai or yeh waqya aaj sai 6 to 7 months pehlai ka hai main nai aapko apnai barai main pehlai he bata dya tha ab main apni chachi kai barai main bata deta hoon unki shadi huwai 6 years huwai hain unkai 1 sonor 1 daughter hai jin ki age 3 or 4 years hai unkai huband ek sarkari mulazim hain but woh nsha bohot kartai hain raat ko dair sai ghar aana unka rozana daily ka aana raat kai 3 ya 3.30 ka tha jis ki waja sai sai chachi bahir sai lock lagwa daiti thin takai woh raat ko aajen chachi dikhnai main itni khas tu nahin hain but unka figure gazab ka hai 40 42 40hoga moti moti gand motai motai dodh gazab ki cheez thin mera unkai han aana jana tha main aksar unkai bachon ko khilanai kai bahani sai jatatha dopeher main es waja sai woh porai ghar main mujh sai he ziada free thin or main un sai main aksar baton baton main unkai gaal pakar kar kehta tha chachi u r so sweet yeh sab main maskai lagata tha bcz mainnai unko chodna jo tha or woh hans kai taal dete thin or main yeh sochta rehta tha kai woh din kab aaega jab chachi mere sath sex karaingi but koimoqa nahin milta tha ek din woh moqa mil he gaya main nai socha kion na enhai raat main he check kya jae hamara makan 3 floor per mushtamil hai.Jo kai nechai hum log rehtai thai or us sai oper kareydar or sab sai oper raat ko main akela sota tha ek raat main 12:30 bajai kai kareeb unka door khol kai andar chala gaya dekhatu chachi so rahi thin phir bhi main nai unkai pass jakai aawaz lagae chachi chachi main nai 4 ya 5 martaba aawaz lagae mujhai koi response nahin mila phir main nai unki legs hila kai uthana chacha but woh nahi uthin mere himat barhgae or main samjh gaya kai chachi gehri nend sai so rahi hain phir main nai ekhath unkai boobs per rakha or usai ahista ahista push karnai laga woh 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taiz ungli karo or main nai apni ungli ki speed barhadi or un kai moonh sai aaaahhhhhhhh ooooooooooh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrgaeeeeeeeeeeeee ki aawazain aanai lagin or keh ja rahin thin or taiz shabash tere uncle nai aaj tak es tarah sai pyar nahin kiajaisai tu kar raha hai tu main nai chachi sai kaha kai abhi.Main sirf aapka guzara kar sakta hoon bcz agar uncle aagaye tu hum 2no pakrai jaengai or mere ghar walaimujhai nahin choraingai so abhi sirf thori si aag bujha sakta hoon main aapki tu unhon nai kaha chalo abhi tukuch karo mujh sai raha nahin ja raha or main nai ahista ahsita apnai porai cloth utar dye or mera 7″ lamba or 3″mota lund dekh kar chachi khush hogaen or kehnai lagin aaj tu mujhai bohot maza aaega main nai pocha kion tu kehnai lagin tere uncle ka tu 6″inch bhi pura nahin hai woh 5 min main he jhar jatai hain or mere apni chut ki pyas apni ungli sai bujhati hoon but ab mujhai koi tens nahi hai mujhai mera saman mil gayaor ab tu mujhai kabhi bhi chod sakta hai or main nai dair na kartai huwai chachi ki choot kai lips per apnai lund ko ragra or zor sai jhatka mara mere thora sa lund andar chala gaya main dung reh gaya or main nai chachi sai chottai he bola chachi aapki choot tu ek dum kunwari larki jaisi hai tu unhon nai kaha kai tere uncle tu din main kaam per or raat konashai main lagau rehtai hain tu ab tu he bata kai jab woh mujhai free nahin karaingai tu mere chut khuli hogi ya kunwari larki ki tarah band tu main nai chachi sai kaha main hoon na or main nai dobara ek zor dar jhatka mara mera adhai sai ziada lund chachi ki chut main chala gaya or unkai monh sai ek cheekh nikalnai he wali thi tu.Main nai unkai lips per apnai lips rakh kai kiss karnai laga unhai dard ho raha tha thori dair main nechai saioper dabao dalnai lagin main samjh gaya kai ab woh mazai laina chati hain or main nai ek or jhatkai sai poralund unki chut main utar dya or unkaimonh sai ajeeb ajeeb si aawazain aanai lagin aaaaaahh oooohhhhhhhhhh maaaaaaaaaaaaaaa margae phardal mere 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Desisexstory : Train mein chudai

Desisexstory : Train mein chudai

My self sameer main hamesa sex story es site par padta rahta hu to aaj main bhi apana experience aap logo ke sath share karna chahta hu meri kahani ek suhane safar ke sath suru hoti hai or usi ke sath katm ho jati hai aasa kar hu ki aap logo ko meri story bahut pasnd aayegi .

Ye bat un dino ki hai jab main BA karke kisi operation exm. Ke liye mumbai geya tha muje aabhi vo saniwar ki bad yaad hai or sayad us rat ko kabhi na bhula pau mera reviration S, 4 main tha main time par station par pahuch kar apni seet par beth geya tha or itffak ki bat ye thi ki main soch raha tha ki mere samne wali seet par koi larki aa jaye to mera safar acha kat jayega or wahi huaa chori der main ek sadi suda larki bhut hi sundar ek budi orat or ek aadmi ke sath aai wo aadami uska husband or budi orat uski maa vo aadami unhe tikat de kar chala geya ab main bar bar usse najare milane ki kosis kar raha tha lekin vo mujse najar nahi mila rahi thi kuch samay bad vo budi orat upar ja kar so gei ab us larki ne meri tarf ajeeb najaro se dekha mano asa laga un najaro main bhut sa raaj chupa huaa tha .gari apani raftar se chal rahi thi mera mann chah raha tha ki main usse bat karu par himmt nahi juta pa raha tha par sayad us din meri kismat achi thi suruwat us larki ne hi kar di usne mujse time pucha mene use bare hi pyar se kaha abhi 11 baje hai kuch der chup rahne ke bad mene kaha aap kha jayegi usne bataya mumbai mere chahre par muskuraht aa gei jise main daba nahi paya usne bhi muskura ke puch kya aap bhi mumbai ja rahe hai mene haa main jawab de diya ab kuch samay tak phir se sanata rha

. phir mene bat dubara suru ki mene uske or uske pariwar ke bare main puchna suru kiya usne mere bare main pucha ase karte huye bat chalti rahi ab meri kuch karne ki bari thi mene dhire se apna panw (Leg) badaya or uski seet par rakh diya jaha par vo bethi thi ab vo bhi sedhe let gei ab meri himmat or bad chuki thi mee aapne paw (legs) ko or agge bada diya . ab mere legs usski pussy se touch ho rahe the main soch raha tha ki kanhi wo kuch bolegee par ussne koi virodh nahi kiya ab main samjh chukka tha ki aag dono taraf ek jese lagi huee hai . ab ussne mujhe sab kuch saff saff bata diya ki wo aapne husband se santust nahi hai . ab hum intjar kar rahe the usski mother ke sone ka . train aapni raftar se chal rahi thi . ab mene aapne leg ko usski pussy ke ekdam ader hi daal diye mera pehla anubhave tha issliye meree halat khrab thi . or usse maze aa rahe the . ab wo bhi puri tarah garam ho chuki thi . train ke pure coparatment me sab soo chuke the sirf do tanha jism jo hum dono ke bhoot hi payasse the jagg rahe the . ab 2 baj chuke the wo uddi or bathroom ki taraf chali gaye . par jatee jatee ek ajeeb sa issara mujhe kar ke chali gaye main kuch time baad usske picche picche chal diya . ab hum bathroom ke aage dono ek sath khde the . mene sabse pehle usse kiss karna shuru kiya . uuske lips mere lips ke ander samma chuke the . dono garam aahe bhar rahe the .mene ab usske upper ke kapde uttar ke usske undergarment bhi uttar diye the main sab kuch bhul chukka tha yaad tha too sirf uuski jism ki khushbu . ab main usske bobs ko jor jor se dabane laga . ussne bhi mere cock ko yani lund ko jor se dabaya mujhe bhi maza aa raha tha par mere se jayda maza wo le rahi thi . ab hum doo bathroom ke ander chale gaye . wanha jate hi mene sabse pehle usske sare kapde uttar diye or phir aapne sare kapde uttar liye . ab doo jism ek hone ja rahe the . main usske bobs ko chusne laga . bhoot jor se mene usske bobs ko suck kiya . usski sanse jor jor se shuru ho gaye or usska dil bhoot jor se dhdak raha tha . sach usske bobs itne kadhor the ki mano jese koi tennis bol ho . usska rang ekdam gora tha . ab wo jhuk gaye or mere lund ko chusne lagi meree halat khrab ho rahi thi kyo ki jese mene aapko bataya ki ye mera pehla expirence tha . kafi derr mere lund ko chusne ke baad ab meree bari thi jese ki meree pehle bhoot sexy films dekhi huee thi too main bhi ussi tarah usski chut ko chusne laga . usski chut ekdam upper uddi huee gulabi thi jese mano gulab ki patti . mujhe bhoot maza aa raha tha . dono ki dil ki dhadkne bhoot tejj chal rahe thi . ab wo aapna aapa kho chuki thi bar bar mujhse bol rahe thi ki mere chut me daal doo plz aapna lund plzz main ab usske pure jism ko chusne me laga tha raat ke 4 baj chuke the ab mene usse thora khuka diya or usske hath washer pa rakhwakr usse niche kiya ab mene aapna mota lamba lund nikala mere lund ko tana dekh kar wo bhoot khush thi or boli mene aapne zindgee me aesa lund nahi dekha phir main upper se jawan khubsurat bhi tha meree age uss time koi 21 ki hogee jo aaj se 2 saal pehle ki baat hai . ab wo pagal ho chuki thi mujhe chusne lagi mene ab aapne lund ko dhere se usski chut me daal diya ussne ek baar thori see aah bhari phir sab kuch normal tha mene ab jhatke lagane shuru kiye too wo jor se chkhne se lagi mene usse chup kiya wo boli dard ho raha hai mene usse samjhya . wo aese lag rahe thi ki sayad usske pati ka lund kamm karta hi nahi . ab mene phir se khtke lagane shuru kiye iss baar ussne mera pura sahyog diya . ab mene jhtko ki speed ko or tej kiya . usske bobs mere hath me the jinhe me dhere dhere daba raha tha . usse bhi ab maze aa rahe the . ab ek baar mera vire nikal chukka tha . kuch derr ke liye hum ruke phir kuch derr baad mera lund phir se tann gaya mene iss baar usse jamin par lita diya or usske legs aapne kandho par daal li ab main pure Indian style me aa chukka tha . mene usse aage sarkaya or aapna lund iss baar jor se usski chut me daal diya iss baar wo kam chikhi . ab main jor se jhtke de raha tha . abki baar bhoot maza aa rah tha . ab dhere dhere main bhi sankhleet ho raha tha or mano aesa lag raha tha ki wo bhi santust ho chuki hai phir time bhi bhoot jayda ho chukka tha . too mene usse chor diya . chorte hi wo boli mene aajtak aese kabhi sex nahi kiya tha aaj kar liya sach me aapme bhhoot dam hai . main bhi bhoot khush tha . hum vapas aa kar aapne sheet par beth gaye . subah ho chuki thi . par sach humri aankhee saff keh rahi thi humrai raat ki danstaan . dosto ye tha mera pehla expirence .

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