Desisexstory : Elder sister co-operate me when i start to touch her

Desisexstory : Elder sister co-operate me when i start to touch her

Desisexstory : Elder sister co-operate me when i start to touch her

I am very reserved person from my childhood, as a result i didn’t make many friends.

I hardly have 2-3 friends.One day one of my friends brought a sex story in his USB and shared it with me. It was a steamy affair in a bus betweeen two strangers.I liked the story very much.I asked him to get more of such stories. It became a habit to collect a bunch of stories from friend and read and enjoy them. I don’t have net at home so i never thought of asking for the source of those stories. After few months I got net at home and to my luck the dektop was place in my bed room other than hall.

Then started my journey into the world of incest.I started searching in net for sex stories and that is when i was introduced to this site if I used to read all stories in this site but i donno why i like the stories in incest cateogy very much.In that category too I liked the stories between mom and son, younger brother and elder sister very much. As i said earlier i am very reserved as a result I have very less friend forget about girl friends.

While reading those stories i used to imagine the girls in my class, some times teachers of me and aunts in neighbourhood.It went fine for few months finally my sister started coming into my thoughts. I used to read the stories and imagine my sister in one of those characters and used to masturbate and retire for the day.It is my habit for serveral months.My dads mom used to stay at our house for 6 months and my dad’s brother’s house for 6 months.Now my granny came to stay with us for the next six months.

My mom asked my sister to go to my room and give hers to our granny.At first i felt very bad as I am loosing the privacy to ready stories and see some videos in my comp but my sister has a habit of retire early to sleep and get up early.So mostly she will go to sleep by 10PM and if she sleeps onceshe will not wakeup I thought of moving my timetable of erotic activities in net to late night. Now starts the actual part earlier my sister who is in my thoughts is now in my bed room lying in the cot next to mine.

After reading those stories I used to go to bathroom and masturbate imagining about my sister.

As my sister is staying in my bed room now, she used to take bath in the attached bathroom only so when I go for my bath I used to see her used bra and panty there slowly the things which i read in stories are coming live in my life. The eagerness to fuck my sister is increasing day by day but i was not dared to do anything which will ruin our relationship.

After observing her sleep for a couple of months I came to know that she is a deep sleeper so i thought of feeling her slowly. One day after reading an awesome story between bro and sis i couldn’t control myself and thought of starting my exploration.It is around 1 am, all are sleeping deeply, silence everywhere. My beautiful sister is sleeping in nighty.I slowly stepped away from my system towards my sister.

First i kept my hand on her knee thinking even if she wakes up, it is not a wrong place to touch. Later i kept some pressure on knee itself to make sure that she is really asleep.Then i kept my hand on skin above elbow even then there is no reaction from her then i touched her cheeks still no reaction now i was sure that she is in deep sleep.Now i took some courage and placed my hand on her right hand is shivering as this is the first time I am touching someone there.

I am able to feel the raise of her breasts. I couldn’t dare to proceed further.I took my hand away and went to relieve myself.After that I couldn’t sleep for so much time my heart is beating so fast,my hands are still shivering but something is different,something is good which is encouraging me to go ahead, but I didn’t do anything more that day. From that day onwards I started feeling my sister.Day after day I used to place my hand gently more boldly on her breast.

Once in a while i used to apply some pressure and used to feel its softness.Few days I used to touch her thighs, used to smell her armpit hairs. My next best feeling came when i touched her pussy over nighty.She has lot of hair there, it was so hot, I can feel the heat.This kind of small explorations went fine for a couple of months. One day she caught me observing her assets whenever she used to move around in the house but she didn’t raise that topic before me.

That night too i started a similar kind of exploration and it went quite normal as it used to go everyday but later i got to know from my sis that she was awake that day and observed what all I am doing with her. Even after that day she never brought that topic before me but she became a bit strict with me.She stopped sleeping in my room she shared her cot with granny. I was depressed but didn’t dare to ask her why she changed her room or anything of that nature.

Dad started seeing marriage proposals for sister.I thought i thought it is a permanent full stop to feeling on sister she was married to a software engineer in hyd only.One year passed, she is living happily with her hubby. My mom brought an idea of visiting sanghi temple along with my sis, her hubby and his family(only mom).My brother in law has a santro car.Now we all should go to sanghi temple in that car.My brother inlaw took the driver seat and his mom next to him.

Now we 4(me,mom,dad,sis) have to adjust in the back seat of santro. I think god has listen to my,mom and dad took the three seats in the back row of santro.My sister arrived last after locking her house.Now she has to settle on the legs of someone in back row. My mom has some knee pain problems and my dad is also becoming old so sis choose me and she sat on my legs and her back is touching my check.slowly i started to feel the heat from her body.

I stared to get the old feelings towards my sister.Slowly I placed a hand on her buttocks which are resting on my knees. I am very careful that she should not notice what i am doing but suddenly a road bump came and we all jumped a bit in that process my hand which was in the side of the buttock came below it she sat directly on my hand.She felt my hand and she rose a bit to allow me to take my hand away but I didn’t, she again sat on my hand, this went for 2-3 times,

Then she turned and saw me and she came to know that I am doing it wantedly. After i saw that she saw me. I took my hand away.she again sat on my knees but i feel that she is not comfortable as before.I didn’t do anything for 5 min, later i kept my hand again to the side of buttock as before now she is feeling every bit of moves she removed my hand using her hand calmly but didn’t complain anyone.

I took this as advantage and i place it back again this time when she tried to remove my hand but i applied more force and pressed her buttock.she was tensed now but she cannot complain anything to my mom and dad as her hubby and mother in law are also in the same car.I took this advantage and stared feeling the buttocks.she is helpless and continued talking to all in car.

I took my hand from side of buttock to stomach.after feeling bare skin on stomach i slowly moved my hand onto breast over blouse.

To my bad luck temple came before i started pressing it. I cursed myself and got down the car and had return journey she sat next to her husbad and asked her mother in law to come to back seat. I cursed myself again but she turned back, saw me and gave a smile as if correct thing happened. I was relieved that she was not angry at me. Later when our house approached, my sis also got down the car and said to her hubby that she will stay with us for couple of day and come later.

Her hubby nodded and left the place with his mom. I was afraid if my sister is going to complain about the incident to dad, but it didn’t happen. The topic didn’t come at all. I went to my sister when no one was around her and said sorry for what i did. She said its ok and she know that i am feeling her before marriage also. Then I asked, if you knew that I am feeling you why didn’t you stop me?

She said: I didn’t bring it to your notice because, if i did so then we both will know that you have feelings for me and we cannot be like brother and sister and it is an awkward situation in which there is chance for a wrong to happen hence I didn’t warn you, instead I kept you at a distance by sleeping with granny.

I said: Thanks sister, One last doubt,
she said: tell me
I said: then why did u speak to me about the incident now, instead you could have kept me away as you did earlier
she said: i was not married at that time and i am afraid so i kept you at a distance.
Now that i am married i have nothing to worry about.
I said: ok, good night and left the room.

I went to my room and lay on my bed and started to rethink about the discussion which happened between me and my sister just now. It striked to me suddenly what she said she said, she is married now and was not worried about anything”what is that anything? Anything is, she not worried now even if something wrong happens between us. I immediately went to her room and asked her the meaning of what she said — she just smiled and bent her head.

I understood that she is ready to offer herself to me.I pulled her toward my groin by keeping both my hands on her buttocks. She is just smiling by bending her head. That’s it that is the start to my sexual journey. I immediately pushed her to a nearby corner where mom and dad cannot see and gave a lip to lip kiss she cooperated well still i was not sure of what happened just now so gave another kiss on lips but this time i had my hand on her breast and pressed it.she didn’t object.

Now I was sure that my sister was mine. I started lifting her sari there itself she stopped me and said about presence of parents she asked me to come to her room after everyone departed for sleep. At 12.30 in the night i made sure that mom and dad are sleeping and slowly entered my sister’s room.I bolted the door, she was waiting for me, I jumped onto bed over my sister and started a deep lip to lip kiss. I started pressing her boobs like anything she stopped me and said to do it slowly as it is paining.

I slowly removed her blouse and took the right nipple’s into my mouth and started pressing the left boob.After sucking her boobs for 15 min I removed her petticoat and started to taste her cunt juices.I licked her pussy in such a way that she came before i inserted my rod into that hole.

I ate her pussy for 10 min and then inserted my rod into it was a bit tight at first but after applying her cunt juices over my rod and it pushing it with a bit pressure it entered easily. I fucked her like anything like that night it is a start of our sexual journey. Every week i will ring her atleast once when our parents were not at home.She will take permission from her mother in law saying she is going to her parents house and ill come back after a couple of hours and we will fuck each other in that gap. I still fuck my sister whenever we get a chance.

Indiansexstory : Sex hungry south mom and son

Indiansexstory : Sex hungry south mom and son


South Indian Mother and Son Fucking
I am a 22 years old software professional, living in London. My story is about my Mom who now is 48 years old. My mom is very pretty but quiet slim, she is 5″6 feet with a heavy body frame, she has long black hair (which im crazy about) and brown eyes, She is fair and one thing which I like most about her is her big boobs, they are 42 D (that’s what was mentioned on her bra)!!
This is my mom,I managed to peek into the bathroom a lot of times when she went for changing clothes and taking bath but one day I saw her removing her big bra that was the first time I saw her big boobs naked and God they were so big and look so soft I wish if I can fuck them right away! The nipples were big and dark pink and the areolas were at least 3 inches in diameter dark brown in colour, they were so white and clean I wish if I can rape my mom for them. Her hair is soo long, it was turning me on. I could smell her her hair from a distance. I wanted to kiss her hair. Since That day I was desperate to do

It all started the day I have taken my off from job as it was winters me and my mom were sitting in our terrace taking sun, she was busy in weaving woolen and I was watching her boobs which were making me crazy and hard I spread my legs so that she can see my erection in boxer shorts and I was successful in it as she was also seeing it in between and at the same time I was pretending to be enjoying sun with closed eyes, after about 15

She started massaging on my back first then on my thighs and then on my chest I noticed that she was very interested in feeling my hairy chest as she kept on massaging there for solid 10 min, then she moved her hands near my inner thighs. Her long hair touched my cock and that was it for my I shot my cum and now it was clearly visible and in fact starting to flow thru my inner thighs as soon she saw my thick cum she nervously stand up and asked me to take bath. I was so horny that I took bath without closing the door of my bathroom, praying that if she can come and see my hard dick but she never came. After bath she in fact gave me loose boxer and a t-shirt to wear and she gave some food for lunch after that I went for a sleep or that what I pretended at least.

I was still getting hard on thinking about what happened earlier and I decided to do something for myself. As soon as she came to sleep besides me I lifted my Boxer so that my hard dick was fully exposed to her. I was still pretending to be in fast sleep but I was very well aware that she is watching my big dick I can even hear her taking heavy breaths and then I felt her hand over my dick for a fraction of a second and then I hear the sound of door shutting. I understood that she was nervous and confused and that’s why she left the room just after touching my dick, but it all made me so horny that I immediately masturbated and exploded my load on my chest.

All this happenings in one day made me mad and I was sure of one thing that I am gonna fuck her even if I have to rape her. The next day also I took a day off and excused that it is Saturday so I will have 3 days off in row. After breakfast she went to the bathroom for a shower and I went to my favorite place of peeking that is the window of the bathroom with a small hole, I was very horny and was determined to do anything at that time, she removed her gown and then her panties and then she turned towards the window and removed her bra.

Man that was the best view of her tits I had till that time and I was about to shoot my load after that she turned the shower on and started taking the bath after five minutes she laid herself on the floor facing her vagina towards me with the shower still and then she spread her legs and started caressing her vagina lips Labia Majora and Minora I always liked her boobs because they were so big and sag a little but her cunt was in fact more beautiful than her tits as the cunt lips were so big and were spreading like anything they were dark brown in colour and I swear that it was the biggest cunt I have ever seen till date!!

I presume she must have taken a dick of a horse to make her cunt so big, but now I was sure that I am gonna ram my thick dick in that beautiful cunt of my mom. After playing with herself for another five minutes her body jerked and I heard low moan from her mouth I knew she had cum after that she stayed there for another 5 minutes and dried her body with the towel her boobs were looking more fresh after that warm water bath. Her hair was covered in towel (like this)

and she came out at that time I was all set for the biggest fun of my life and was worried about the consequences also, as soon she came out I called her in my room and she entered my room casually and asked if I want anything I said I know what you want and I just saw what you did in the bathroom, she was horrified and asked how did you saw she almost screamed in anger.

I immediately slapped her, puller her hair and threw her on the bed she was in a state of shock and then I laid myself on her forcing her to spread her legs, she was screaming and then I gave her two more solid slaps and now she started crying a screaming I placed my lips on her she started to spit and then I tore her clothes at that time I have to really fight hard against her. I smelled that erotic smell from her hair towel. It was arousing.I turned her around and started to wrap her hair around my cock and started rubbing. It was the best feeling.

The I just snapped the front portion of the bra and they were exposed I started licking and sucking them she started screaming again and was abusing me I almost gave a punch on her jaw and then she was quiet but still crying her tears were rolling down from her cheeks but I was enjoying those fuckable tits and the large areolas she had I literally bite her nipples so hard that they started to bleed she was still crying like maniacs without wasting any time I pulled her panty down and threw it on the floor she was fighting to get freed by moving her legs and by pushing me away from her body her white boobs were now bleeding because of my nonhuman behaviour but I wanted her so badly that I didn’t even cared about her then I took my face near her vagina which was hairless and clean shaved I took my tongue out and placed it in between of those beautiful and very big lips of her vagina she was salty there but I kept on licking I can still hear her crying but for me she was the fucking whore I wanna screw.

In a hurry I undid my jeans and took my dick out which was wet with the pre cum and within one second my dick was inside my moms hot pussy it was so smooth I started ramming her cunt inside out she was still crying and screaming and that in fact now added a bonus in my pleasure I took my mouth towards her sore nipples and big areolas they were bleeding but I still sucked her tasting her blood as well. I was sucking her nipples, squeezing her boobs and fucking her cunt at the same time and I was feeling to be the happiest man on earth as my desire of fucking my mother came true.

At that point it was seeming like that either she is enjoying the strokes from my thick dick or she is mentally prepared to get fucked by me as she was not screaming and abusing me anymore though she was still crying. I felt the pressure building up on my balls and I knew I am gonna cum now, I took my shaft out which was now shining because of my precum and my mothers pussy juices it was all wet.

I put it over her mouth and pressed it so that she can take it inside, she resisted by not opening her mouth and then I pulled her hair, she opened her mouth took it deep inside but she was still not sucking it and that irritated me and I started pumping my dick in her mouth as if I was fucking her mouth and four strokes and my hot cum started exploding inside her mouth and she tried to spit but was in vain and it started flowing on her cheeks she was looking very sexy that time I kissed her on her lips and tasted my own cum in fact I swallowed a little bit of it too and it tasted great. Then i rubbed the rest of the cum on my dick on to her silky smooth hair… then i spat on her hair as well, then rubbed that hair on to her face.

I started kissing my mom on her lips in fact smooch will be the right word and our tongues were touching each others with my cum in both of our mouths it was not nasty but it made me hard again. I again inserted it in her vagina this time it was more smooth and easy, I was sure she has taken it accepted as she knew I am gonna fuck her till the time I want, as many times as I want and if she screams she will get another blow on her face. Her Boobs now looked more big because of swelling by torture I did on them and her nipples were now at least 1 1/2 inches erect and swollen they were now dark pink in colour, while I was fucking I continued squeezing her boobs and sucking them, my actions and fucking were to much for her as her face was dark red and she was breathing heavily.

Fucking her now was easy as she was not screaming and was not pushing me with her legs, this time when I reached climaxed I saw her body jerked the way it jerked in the bathroom when she was masturbating, I understood that this time she is also cumming and I wanted to taste her juices as soon as I came inside her I started licking her vagina lips and tasted sweet and salty juices of her and my sperms she was now enjoying as she were moving her fingers on my hair and fore head I continued to drink her juices and eat her pussy for another five minutes and I heard a low moan from her mouth similar to the one I heard at the window of the bathroom, she came again this time her juices were more visible and salty, it was thick and almost transparent in colour I drunk it till it flowed from her big vagina lips. I got another hard on and I was interested in a blowjob this time

Without saying a word I put my hard cock again on her mouth and she took it instantly this time she sucked like a whore in fact she even used her teeth which make my dick more hard then she even used her tongue over my dicks head and started moving her head in a rhythmic movement. then she wrapped her hair around my cock and rubbed hit hard. ahhh.. that was the best feeling ever..

I was going to come again and I exploded once again in her mouth and this time she swallowed each and every drop of my sperm. I knew that she enjoyed what I did to her and will not complain to my dad or anyone else but now I felt sorry for being so rough with her. She was looking at me with a strange look a mixture of desire, love and anger kissed on her lips again and this time ever since our love making session or her rape to be precise she spoke

she said ” why you did this to me”, you did to your mother” why?

I replied ” I like you and I loved your body and I was getting disturbed by thinking about you so I did what I wanted’ then she said that what if she tells this to my dad,

I said ” I am sure you are not that stupid because if you will tell this it won’t be good for anyone of us more over we won’t be able to do what we did today.

she looked at me and said ” are you going to do this again?”

I replied ” only if you agree in future and I promise we both will enjoy each and every moment”

she was quiet and for positive I knew I had made her satisfied and she will always be sucking and fucking my dick happily.

Since that incident we fucked almost everyday and we even did a lot of experiments including anal sex. I never wore condom and always ejaculated on to her mouth or her hair.

Indian incest story : Fuck Sexy hot Sister and Randi Mom

Indian incest story : Fuck Sexy hot Sister and Randi Mom

 Desisexstory-Fuck sister and hot mom
It was Saturday our school had closed at 11.30. As usual, I got into the Taxi which headed towards the convent where my elder sister was studying. Her school closed at 12 noon. I reached there by about 11.45. While waiting for her I took out the two books given to me stealthily by my friend Sohan that day morning.
One of the book was an album containing photographs of couples fucking. The other one was a storybook. While looking at the photographs I got excited and my Lund was slowly becoming erect. My face became flushed. I put my school bag on my lap to conceal the lump showing at my crotch. The taxi driver had gone to the nearest teashop for tea.
I felt that if I indulged in looking at the pictures any more, I would certainly ejaculate. So I closed the book and put it into the bag and took up the storybook. Before I could span a few pages, the bell rang. I closed the book and keenly watched the exit of the school to spot my darling sister Pooja. There she was as sexy as a doll and so lovely, coming towards the taxi. A glimpse of her will give a male of any age a thrill down his spine.
She is so sexy and lovely; I am in love with my own sexy sister and she in me. For outside world we are brother and sister. But inside the house and in our own room we are more than a husband and wife – are you surprised? Don’t be. Read our story and you will understand.
I was about 14 at that time and was studying in the 9th standard and my sister was 16 and was in the 11th standard. We both were the only children of our lovely parents. Our family is a middle class one and my father was 40 and an officer in a bank. My mother Pushpa was just 35 and stunningly beautiful. They both fell in love and married against their parent’s and relative’s wish. So they are now settled in this town. My father had bought a nice bungalow in the outskirts of the town where there was no congestion.
For our schooling my father had arranged a cycle taxi to take us both in the morning and bring back home in the evening. My sister and myself shared a room in the upstairs while our parents occupied the other room there. We had to ride the taxi for about 30 minutes to reach the schools.
“Hi boy, waiting for long?” asked my sister on reaching the taxi, “No, sis” I replied and smiled at her. I found her cheeks blushed and her eyes shining and was wondering what made her look so blushed. My sister kept her right leg on the taxi platform to climb it. While doing so she discreetly pulled up her skirt in such a manner that her smooth thighs up to her panty-covered Choot was fully visible to me. In a flash she mounted the taxi and sat by me smiling mischievously. This is but one of her numerous tricks, to tease me I knew. When she sat by my side, her body odour pierced my nostrils and made me hot.
Knowingly she acknowledged my excited condition and still smiling mischievously asked me “Why brother you look flushed and your eyes are red, what is the matter?” “You know sis, my friend Sohan has given me two hot books and while waiting for you I was going through them. Then you showed me your panty and now your sweet smell makes me all mad like hell” I smiled back at her. The taxi started moving…
We were talking in a whisper, which the taxi puller cannot hear. She was seated to my right and holding her books to her chest with her right hand, she lifted her left hand to hold the hood of the taxi to balance while it was moving. I turned to her side and saw her smooth fleshly armpit thinly covered with perspiration and her door from there hit my nose straight. My Lund now had stood uptight lifting the bag on my lap. This is yet another way of hers to tease me because she knows well that her armpits excite me beyond limits and her body door drives me mad.
She watched me through the corners of her eye. She fell back on the seat and still holding the hood and pressing her books on her breasts. The jolts of the taxi made her rub her breasts with books. As the taxi turned a corner I feigned falling on her and placed my face on her armpit and inhaled her door, licked the lovely flesh and bit her hard. She was squealing with pleasure calling me a brute. “What a brute you are brother, see you have tickled and bitten my arm pit and it is smarting”.
“When you tease me baby, that is what you get. Tell me honey, you act naughty today what happened?”
“You know my dearest friend Neetu was narrating an exciting incident at her home last night. That made me hot .. know what, I am all wet down there”.
“Really baby, what did you hear so exciting”
“Her uncle (mother’s younger brother) had come down from Delhi it seems and last night he took her mother and herself to a movie and in the hall itself her uncle started playing with her mother and later that night her uncle had fucked her mother”.
“When she narrated this incident in detail to me I became highly excited and my Choot became oozing wet. Neetu also told me that later on her uncle made love to her while her mother was watching. You know her father is away from the country.”
“Lucky girl that Neetu is it is really exciting to hear her experience, I wish I fuck you and mother on the same bed. I am also hot after seeing the books.”
“Honey, I want you badly. Let us go home and have a sound fuck, okay?”
“Oh sure brother. My Choot is also itching and while talking to you my juices are dripping.”
Suddenly a sound came and our taxi started limping. One of its tyres had gone flat and we were hardly about a furlong to cover to go home. There was no repair shop near by and so we got down from the taxi and decided to walk home. The taxi puller pushed his cart to the town. We started walking.
‘Brother, why don’t you come behind me. You can have my sexy rear view” my sister told me smilingly. I thought it was a great idea and allowed her to walk in front of me. The road was deserted and houses were scattered. I walked slowly behind my sister and watched her beautiful lovely buttocks swinging. Oh dear, what a view it was my sister had nice round shapely buttocks and the way she swings her hips and rotates her globular buttocks will make a dead man’s Lund stand upright. She knows the beauty of her buttocks and uses it to rouse me up. Her buttocks just resemble that of our mother’s and she likes me to admire her lovely hind.
As we walked some distance, she gave me an exciting view of her hips and buttocks play, which was too much for me. I reached a breaking point and ran up to her. “Sis you are killing me let us hurry home”.
“Is it that bad darling?”
“Ya, you will know when we go home. Wait and see.”
We reached home to find our mother had gone to attend a lunch at her friend’s place. Only the cook was home cooking the lunch for us. She informed us that it will take some more time for the lunch to be ready. We said it was OK with us as we have some homework to finish first. We rushed upstairs. The moment we reached our room, I kicked the doors shut not ever bothered to lock it as I was very hot.
We threw our books on to the bed and immediately embraced my sister to my body and kissed all over her face. She also tightly held me to her hardened breasts pressing on my chest. She held my thigh with her thighs and rubbed her Choot over it. After kissing her mouth and chewing her lips and tasting her tongue I released her. She went up to the bed and putting her knees at the edge and knelt over the bed as if she was going to pick up something from the other side.
Once knees were firmly placed on the bed edge, she hiked her skirt over her hips showing me her lovely round buttocks enclosed in a flimsy nylon panty. Her Choot bulge was tightened by the panty and I could see her panty over her Choot fully wet. I rushed to her and buried my face deeply in her Choot and arse. Her door coupled with the smell of her juice and perspiration made me reel in my head and I licked the wet panty over her Choot. She moaned with pleasure and urged me to take away the panty.
I kissed her Choot and buttocks and bit her fleshy buttocks and inhaled deeply her musky exciting door. My Lund shot up like an iron Lund and I freed it from my shorts. Holding her thighs firmly I started feeling her Choot over her panty and removed it. Her lovely buttocks game me a thrill. In the crevice dividing the buttocks was her virgin arse hole like a flower bud which I plan to take some day and beneath was her hairless Choot. The lips were wet. I caressed her Choot, arse hold and buttocks for a while and bent to suck her Choot. Her juice tasted salty sweet and I opened her Choot lips with fingers and thrust my sharp tongue into the hole hunting for her clitty.
I took her miniature clitoris between my lips and teased it with my tongue. She gave a violent push with her Choot trying to dislodge my tongue and was loudly moaning with pleasure. I licked her clitty and fucked her piss hole. Her strong urine smell made me still hotter and while I continued to suck her Choot thoroughly, I was caressing her arse hold and buttocks with my free hand. She rotated her hips as if in a motion of fucking and was jabbering.
‘Ah, boy you are driving me mad … yes go on suck my vulva baby ….. oooooohhhh that is it bite my Choot lips and thrust your tongue deep darling bite my Choot honey ah yeas that is the go on still harder there now tease my clitty baby there there oh I am coming you fucker there my juice is coming ooo hhh drink it baby drink your sister’s Choot juice ahhhhh
Letting out her thick Choot juice, she rotated her hips and pressing my face on to the bed beneath her Choot, collapsed. Her Choot was palpitating and I could feel her arse hole also vibrating.
I licked her Choot up to the last drop and pulled out my head. She was lying there spread-eagled on the bed, her eyes closed, mouth open and her breath coming in gasps. She was naked below her waist and as she was lying on her stomach with her left leg pulled up her glorious Choot, arse hole and buttocks were enticing. My hardened Lund needed friction badly to emit its boiling juice and with deep intake of air, I was trying to ease the excitement in me.
My hands were itching to grasp her round buttocks. I unbuttoned my shots and underwear and I massaged my balls. My pre-emission juice formed a droplet at the mouth of my Lund. After a few minutes, my sister woke up and as if she had woken up from a deep slumber, gaped at my stout Lund, wetting her lips she jumped up and embraced me holding my Lund with one hand.
‘Brother, it was just wonderful, after seeing your lovely erection I am getting excited, come on boy … your Lund must be itching …. Come , let us have a fuck.”
I kissed her squarely on her mouth, caressing her springy buttocks and moulding her spongy flesh. I asked her to kneel on the bed again as I wanted to fuck her from behind. Immediately she obeyed me and went up to the bed. Placing her legs apart she knelt showing me her treasures. I briefly kissed her Choot and tongued her tempting arse hole and sucked it till she was crying out to stop and start fucking. I inserted my erect Lund into her wet vagina and with one push sent it in full. Aha what a feeling! Her juicy warm Choot gripped my Lund and I started pumping her. She also pushed her buttock back and forth and gave me tremendous thrill.

I bent upon her back and putting my hands through her armpits caressed and squeezed her round breasts over her top, she started moaning.

“Oh, brother how nice, go on fuck me harder baby ah lovely that’s it.”

“Ah, sis your Choot is tight and warm there take my stroke there is it enough and her is one more for you” I was pounding her with heavy strokes. Our excitement mounted and we were on the throes of spending …….
“You fucker, go on fuck me harder still harder and oh , I am going to cum you son of a bitch, sisters Choot fucking bastard there I am cominggggggg” she grounded her teeth while giving heavy quick pushes with hips. I was also about to come and shouted at her.
“You Lund fucking bitch wait for me I am also coming there there it is take it all ahhhh…”
It was just at that moment, I heard someone yelling at us and when I turned towards the door, lo what do I see ….?
My mother was standing near us, her face fully flushed red with anger, biting her lips, she was standing with her hands on her hips and shouted, “You no good children, sinners get up” she could not speak further. I was dumbfounded and immediately pulled out my Lund from my sister’s Choot and as my juice had not come out it was painful and I circled it involuntarily the base of my Lund, to plug the sensation. The moment I tightened my Lund suish… suish… out came the juice and I was facing my mother it jerked and fell on her body. All this happened within a split of a second.
I got scared and tried to search for my jacks as I was fully naked below my waist. My Lund emitted the juice and became limp. My sister jumped out of the bed and smoothened her skirt over her hips. My mother could not speak anything and she wiped my juice, which fell on her hands with her saree saying “Chee… Chee….” She went out of the room without a word leaving us alone.
* *
We stood there stunned for a while and then slowly changed our clothes, without the courage to go out of the room. My sister finally told me not to worry and let us face what is going to happen. After about half an hour we refreshed ourselves and went down for lunch. We could not eat properly as fear was full of our hearts and we did not know what would happen to us. As the time went on we studied a little and took our dinner. As we did not see our mother so far I asked the maid where is she, she told us that she is in her room and told not to disturb.
Then a messenger from our father’s bank came to collect his baggage as he was going out of station for 4 days. I went to my parent’s room and knocked the door. My mom opened it and immediately I could sense what she was doing , she was drunk and when I told her the message from father she pointed to the packed suitcase. Which I took and gave it the messenger. While coming out I saw a bottle of scotch and half filled glass of whiskey on the teapoy. A cigarette was emitting smoke in the ashtray and a half opened book probably a sex book as I knew that both my father and mother used to read lot of sex books.
I went back and asked her as if nothing had happened whether she had her dinner or not as the maid wants to go away. Though she did not reply, I could see that the drink had made her soft. I came out and sent away the maid. My self and my sister went to bed and as we were still feeling bad about the after noon incident we did not touch each other and fell asleep each at one end of the bed.
From my deep sleep I suddenly woke up as something fell on my body. Thinking it must be my sister putting her hand or leg on me in sleep as usual, I took the object to move away and was surprised to feel a thicker leg on my stomach. I got up and pushed the leg away and saw in the dim light… my heartbeat was faster and my throat went dry… my mother was sleeping between my sister and me! How strange! For a moment I did not know what to do. Then I climbed down the bed and started going out of the room, to go to the toilet. As I had taken about two steps I heard mother whispering “where are you going?”
“Oh, Ma you are awake, I did not know I am going to the toilet”.
“Wait, I also want to go there.” Saying so she climbed down the bed and then I noticed her fully. Her hair were dishevelled she was only wearing her bra and seta and even in that dim light she looked absolutely ravishing with her slightly swollen face. While she came up to where I was standing I noticed she was slightly unsteady, probably due to her drink. She put her hand on my shoulder and pulling me to her body walked with me. I involuntarily put my hand encircling her hips to steady her. As we walked up to the toilet, her body was rubbing mine and her one breast was pushing at my face. My hand felt icy to hold her soft spongy hips.
We reached the toilet and she put on the light. She looked lovely in the bright light. Her hair were dishevelled her eyes swollen and face flushed. With her hard breathing her breasts encased in her bra heaved up and down. She looked at me and smiled and asked me to finish pissing. I felt hesitant and she came behind me and pulling my lungi up to my hips hugged me to her from behind and asked me to piss. I felt shy and at the same time I was getting excited also because of her body against my back.
I felt her firm breasts at my back and my buttocks snugly fit over her Choot. My Lund became erect already and it was difficult for me to piss. she placed her face on my cheeks and rubbed and said “Ah boy show me how you piss, I have seen you fucking.” I could not answer and my Lund was now fully blown to my 7″ full size. Looking at it she exclaimed, “What a big Lund you have son. It is really big for your age. How nice”. Saying so she chuckled with her tongue and got hold of my Lund. I tried to avoid but in vain. I turned to look at her face she squarely kissed me on my mouth and parted my lips to push her tongue in to my mouth. I felt the stale taste of alcohol and tobacco in her mouth. She caressed my Lund for a few seconds and said if you are not going to piss then I will finish my pissing.
So saying she came up before me and pulled up her seta over her buttocks and bent her knees to sit. What a glorious sight my eyes beheld! Oh dear, her beautiful round buttocks white as marble with a brown crevice and puckered arse hole widened my eyes. My mouth went dry as I looked at her Choot from behind. Her pissing made me still more excited with her pissing sound. The strong smell of her urine penetrated my nostrils and blood rose to my face.
She took me to her room and asked me to have a drink. Pouring two glasses of whiskey she gave me one and took one herself. She lit a cigarette and pulled me to her lap and caressed my face and kissed me.
“Tell me son for how long have you been fucking your sister?”
Her frank behaviour with me at the bathroom made me bolder and the drink I was having still emboldened me. But I pretended feeling shy and just murmured something. She continued to ask me “Did you not feel it a sin to fuck your own sister tell me”, I put my head down and did not reply.
She then pulled up my face tenderly and looking into my eyes asked me to tell in detail how this affair started. I made her promise she will not get angry and after that I narrated the incident to her.
“You know Ma, about 3 months back one day in the middle of the night, I woke up to go to the bathroom and when I came out of our room I saw light in your room and the door was open. I carefully watched and saw you coming out of the room fully naked. While coming out you put your hands on your head to tie your hair and walked up to the bathroom. I stood rooted to my room and awfully watching your beautiful lovely naked body.”
“I felt a thrill down my spine and my mouth became dry. You were walking with that sexy twist to your buttocks and I became excited by watching you. Breathlessly I saw you and watched you sitting and pissing. Then you returned to the room and bolted the door. I stealthily came up to your room and from the window saw inside. Father was reclining in the bed with a cigarette. His long Lund was limp and wet.”
“You went up to him and taking away his cigarette made him lie on the bed and saying something which I could not hear, placed one leg on the other side of his face while your other leg was on the floor and lowered your Choot on his face. He got hold of your lovely buttocks and started sucking your Choot. You just looked lovely, enjoying the sucking with a cigarette in your mouth. Throwing the cigarette away you bent facing his Lund and took it into your mouth and started sucking it.
When his Lund rose up you went and impaled your Choot on it and started fucking. All these things made me so hot and my Lund became rock hard. I could not wait any more. While watching you two I masturbated and ejaculated. You went on fucking father nicely and he squeezed your hanging breasts and you both talked lustily and freely used the filthy words. When the fucking was over you fell on him. By that time my Lund had became erect again and I returned to my room to see sister sleeping soundly.
Her seta was displaced. Her thighs and Choot were fully visible. There was a sparse growth of hair on her Choot. In my excited state I did not mind anything and burying my face in her Choot started sucking it and caressed the lovely slit with my tongue. Sister woke up but did not pull me away. She placed her hands on my head and holding my head rotated her hips rubbing her Choot on my face.
I felt the need for a fuck and went ahead by taking her in my arms and kissed her. She also responded and holding me tight kissed me back we did not talk at all. Rolling her on her back I mounted her by inserting my Lund in her juicy Choot and started fucking her. Of course I have heard a lot about fucking from my friend and had also read a couple of books and seen photo albums. But seeing you and dad in the real act made me insane. My first experience with sister was wonderful. Her round breast fitted my hands nicely and I caressed them. I kissed her mouth until I lit my juice in to her Choot.
After it was over we both cleaned our parts and sister asked me what made me to do that to her and I explained what all I had seen and how excited I felt. She told me that she also longed for a long time for a good fuck because her friend Neetu and she used to talk about fucking secretly and Neetu had fucked sister with cucumber. That was her first fuck and after that we used to fuck regularly”.
“Oh! Boy really I had been the root cause for all these come on son, hearing your story made me hot and excited.”
Saying so she fell on the bed and pulled me on her top. Taking my hands she placed them on her breasts and asked me to squeeze them. I felt glad and caressed her round breasts and kissed her mouth. She also caressed my buttocks and pulling up her seta, widened her thighs. She squeezed my Lund and pulled back the fore skin exposing my red knob she placed it on her Choot and rubbed it a little when it was on the entrance she asked me to push.
With one push, I sent my entire Lund in my own mother’s Choot. The very thought that I was fucking my own mother made me horny and I started fucking her. Her warm Choot was wet and fitted my Lund snugly. Her Choot muscles gripped my Lund tightly and gave me a thrill. It was just wonderful. While I was fucking from above she rotated and pushed her hips up and down in tune with my in and out motions

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Desisexstory : Fucked sister after drink

Desisexstory : Fucked sister after drink

Jay, I am 21 and still live with my parents in Mumbai, my sister is called Parul, she is 24 Years, tall, very attractive with 36-29-37 figure, black long hairs and big boobs. She is working in a multinational bank in Mumbai. When she lived at home with us I would often fantasise about her, she was probably the cause of my first hard on. She would come into my bedroom, help me with my homework and talk with me for hours, sitting on my bed, sometimes wearing a just robe that would give me glimpses of her panties or (if I was lucky) a partial view of her tits. I think she probably knew I was taking an interest in her because as I got older her clothing became more revealing, some nights she would wear stockings and short skirts that would ride up or very thin tops with no bra underneath so that her hard nipples would poke through the material.

We would talk about most things, she would tell me about her boyfriends, sometimes going into detail about the things they got up to, she would ask me about the girls I knew and dated, what I got up to with them – I hate to admit it but at that time there was not a lot to tell. To be truthful, when she got married and moved away I was more than a little jealous. Her husband is runing small business, and keeps travelling most of the time. When I heard that her husband is going to US for 4 months and Parul will be continuing her job in Mumbai I was very happy.

I got a call from my sister that she got a new apartment from company. She wants to move from her rented apartment to company apartment. She is planning to sift to that apartment but it needed decorating – would I help? She knew I would, we had always been very close whilst growing up, I told her I would call around to have a look to see what needed doing.

I got there, throughout the week we worked every night till late getting her apartment looking nice, it was good to spend time with Parul again, although it was very hard keeping my mind on the decorating. Parul would wear just shorts and a vest, not bothering with a bra and seeing her nipples poking through the thin material was a distraction, she must have realised what it was doing to me, often bending so that her tiny shorts pulled up into the crack of her ass or her top gaped open to give me a sight of her cleavage. We joked and fooled around a lot while we worked, it was a very nice week, a pity it had to end but we could get it finished if we worked all day Saturday. Continue reading “Desisexstory : Fucked sister after drink”

Desi sex story : My sex hungry married elder sister

Desi sex story : My sex hungry married elder sister

elder sister+sex

My elder sister and her husband had separated and I had been helping her with projects around the house like the yard mowing, landscaping and maintenance. She was at list 10 years older than me. My mother and father were died before and I lived alone in my house. I would drive up on Friday night and stay until Sunday afternoon most of the time. She lived about seventy miles away and it was a great place to get away. Plus, I was single, so I didn’t really have anything better to do. I figured I could do most anything she needed done better and cheaper than anyone she could find in town. She had a nice, small house way out in the country, miles away from “civilization.” I had been up there to help with things three weekends in a row until one Friday night, everything changed. She was totally frustrated for not managing a decent man for fucking. , may be because of her twin-baby daughter no one showing interest on her. She was working in a law firm and was desperately looking for a full time baby sitter also. She found an unusual solution for all her problems. Yes the solution was me. She thought if she somehow managed to take me in bed then she will have a permanent fucking partner when she needs and a full time free baby-sitter. I was young and no one was there to stop her. She also thought if I stay with her she can also have fun with other men leaving her babies to her baby-sitter brother. It was a temporary solution for her. She knew she will not able to hold me for long. But she thoughts if she gets some time then she could manage some decent man as her partner. But she never knew I am having a 9 inched.
That day I pulled up to her house about seven-thirty that evening and she greeted me outside as usual. Usually her greeting also came with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, but this time she kissed me on the lips. Not a quick kiss either; this one lasted for a few seconds. Mildly startled, I backed up for a minute and wondered what had just happened. She just laughed and said, “My, aren’t we a little bashful this evening.”
I almost felt the redness of my face as it blushed out of control. “I just wasn’t expecting that,” I said.
“What’s so wrong with a sister kissing her brother?” she continued.
I guess she was right; it did seem harmless. We went inside for a nice steak dinner she had fixed. After dinner we sat on the couch and watched TV for awhile. We were both drinking cold Heinekens to break the heat of the awful summer weather. By ten o’clock, we were both getting a little buzz going. All of a sudden my sister reached over, grabbed me, and kissed me passionately on the lips. Again, I was startled. Being a bit intoxicated though, I leaned over and returned the favor. She smiled and stood up in front of me.
I had never really thought of her in a sexual way, but I couldn’t keep from noticing what a gorgeous body she had. Firm tits and an ass to die for, she stood there in a pair of skin- tight jeans and a short little T-shirt that showed off her cute little belly button. She had long dark brown hair and a light complexion. We were eight years apart in age; I was twenty-three, she was thirty-one. “You seem awful surprised by those kisses; would you like another surprise?” she playfully said. Continue reading “Desi sex story : My sex hungry married elder sister”

Desisexstory : Sexy Village Girl Turns Society Lady

Desisexstory : Sexy Village Girl Turns Society Lady

I grew up in a rural Maharashtrian village. I was tall for my age of
16 years, about 5’7″ and thin. I had round breast with big pointed
nipples, thin waist and well moulded buttocks and tapering legs. My
color was slight dark and my face was oval shaped. I had slanted eyes,
thin pointed and slighltly upturned nose, pouting lips and good even
teeth, which sparkled when I smiled. I was not considered beautiful in
a traditional way but by the age of 16, I could observe that most men
were giving me sly looks in the village. My parents were traditional
farmers and we were poor. I had two younger brothers. There would not
be much food for us on most of the days. We had a village school and
all three of us used to attend the school. I was a good student and my
teachers used to encourage me to study hard. I was fluent in Marathi
(my mother tongue) and could read a few words of English. I was
familiar with the English alphabets but not too fluent.

My parents were worried that I may not get a good match because of my
height and my looks and intelligence. So they were desperately trying
to get me married asap. That’s when they found a groom for me from the
village who was about 30 years old, a widower, and was working in the
city. His first wife had died due to some disease. He had come for
holidays to visit his parents. I was married of to him. I was young,
not prepared for the marriage and was simply frightened. The first
night I was waiting for him in his parents small abode. The room had
just a mattress and was partitioned off from the main room by a cloth
curtain which was torn and patched. I was sitting on the mattress and
awaiting my husband. I must have dozed of when I felt a hand on my
hair. It was around 12.00 midnight, I awoke and got up with my head
bend low. I could smell the pungent smell of liquor in the room and
his breath. His hand held my chin and lifted it. He looked at my face
and then kissed me. I could taste the liquor and was feeling revolted. Continue reading “Desisexstory : Sexy Village Girl Turns Society Lady”

माँ के बदले माँ

माँ के बदले माँ

देहरादून मैं मेरा एक दोस्त है सोनू वो मेरे साथ ही पढ़ता है. और मेरे साथ ही बी.एफ भी देखता है. एक दिन मैं उसके साथ उसके घर गया और उसकी माँ उषा आंटी उम्र 40 (34-30- 36) और उसकी बहन शालू उम्र 17(28-26-32) से मिला दोनो मस्त माल है. मैं उषा आंटी को ऊपर से नीचे तक देखता रह गया और मेरे लंड में वाइब्रेशन होने लगा.

सोनू और मैं अच्छे दोस्त थे मुझे पता था सोनू भी मेरी तरह चूत का प्यासा है. हम दोनो ने कुछ कॉल गर्ल को भी चोदा है. अब तो रोज मुझे उषा आंटी को चोदने के सपने आने लगे. मुझे पता था सोनू अपनी माँ को चोदने नहीं देगा और आंटी भी ऐसी औरत नहीं है, तो मैंने सोनू को फंसाने कि सोची और उसे कहा कि मेरी माँ आ रही है और सीमा आंटी (मेरे दूसरे दोस्त कि माँ जो गावं में रहती है जिसे मैं पहले चोद चुका था) को बुला लिया, मैंने सीमा आंटी को पहले ही प्लान बता दिया था कि आप मेरी माँ है।

फ़िर एक दिन सोनू मेरे से मिलने आया मैं जानबुझ कर थोड़ी देर के लिए बाहर गया और इसी बीच सीमा ने सारे घर में झाड़ू और पोछा लगाया जिससे उसके मस्त बोबे सोनू को दिखे. उसके बाद वो रोज आने लगा और माँ के शरीर के मज़े लेने लगा. एक दिन मैंने उससे कहा कि कल मैं अपनी गर्लफ़्रैन्ड के साथ मसुरीं जा रहा हूँ. Continue reading “माँ के बदले माँ”