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Desisexstory : Fucked my horny maid

Desisexstory presents a hot sex stories Fucked my horny maid

Desisexstory Fucked my horny maid Desisexpics e
I am vikas 29, single, from hyderabad, presently in Delhi , did my MBA and working for a big company with a handsome package. I had several sex encounters but I am going to narrate the best of my life. The story takes u back into 2008, that’s when I finished my MBA and found a job in Hyderabad.

As the place I was staying is near to my work place and I have stayed in the same flat for past 5 years with my friends during college days. As my friends left the place and shifted to different cities , for the purpose of job. My work timings are mostly night shifts and used to stay at home all the day. Watch new movies, watching cricket and sleeping were my daily routines… I was all alone and feeling lazy most of the times to cook. So used to order food from nearest restaurant, or end up eating at hotels. And u all know the food in hotels. So, after consulting my friends and parents, they asked me to employ a cook. Who can clean the house and cook for u. I asked my watchman of the apartment to look for a cook.

Next day he came up with a lady, he introduced her as Jaya, and her whereabouts. Soon he left the place. I invited jaya into the house and asked to sit on the chair. She says she is fine. I told what she need to do and all. She said okay and said wanted to ask something.. I asked “what is that?” She replied do u stay alone in this house? I replied ” yes”. I asked her for the payment? She said 3,000 Rs. Per month. I thought that’s too much and bargained to Rs 2,500 and agreed to join work from next day… She was not a real beauty but she looked average with wheatish complexion and good curves..

As the days passed by, I started liking her cooking. I used to have homely food, have coffee etc etc when ever I need. I felt , its good to have a cook. She used to come around 8:30 in the morning after dropping her only kid 8 years old at school and leaves around 4, picking her kid from school and goes home. Everyday she used to clean the house, few times I observed her beautiful ass and her medium sized boobs… I used to feel horny but used to control my desires, as she knows me as a decent person. I used to maintain so much decency, but with few evil thoughts in mind.. As time passed by , we were a bit close to each other… Talking on general things .. Like price of vegetables, her kids schools and books .. We used to talk general topics…she told me about the accident of her husband, discussed the life before and after his death..

She comes regularly, and here comes how the story started.. She came to work, wished me and started her works. She was not talking very much. I waited and asked her for coffee , she prepared coffee and silently gave it to me. After finishing the coffee, I asked her, ” y r u so quiet today?” She replied ” having head ache and started murmuring some thing… I asked her what happened? She said few middle ages guys in her locality are passing comments and making approaches to sleep with her.. I asked her, ” did you sleep with anyone of them?” She stared at me with anger, and talked with a rough voice…” How do I look to u? Do u think I am a bitch?( Ella kanpisthunna meeku nenu, nenu emanna lanja na, evaditho ante vaaditho padkodaniki). And started crying.. I tried to console her but she said ” all men are just the same”. I was really worried and just said extremely sorry and went into my bedroom…

She quickly finished her works and by 11 she says, she wants to go, as she is not feeling well. I said its okay and she left.. Later in the evening I went to office, came back early morning around 04 in the morning and slept. Around 9, I heard noises from kitchen and went to see, its jaya cleaning. I wished her, she replied normally and continued to her work.

After two hours, I went to kitchen to talk to her. She was not in a mood to talk.. I once again said sorry and I didn’t really mean to say those words, I said sorry for several times… She was not in a mood to talk.. I put my hand on her shoulder and pressed. She just pressed my hand between her neck and shoulder..she was touching her back to my chest.. I went close to her neck and smelled her . My warm breathe was touching her neck and shoulder… I observed her closing her eyes..

I slowly moved my hands onto her waist and started pinching it gently, she quickly opened her eyes and released from me.. I stay a bit for from me and doing her work. She said , she is not feeling well , she has got severe head ache. I asked her to rest. As I was staying in a 1BHK, she put a bed sheet on the floor in bed room and lying down.. I asked her to sleep on the bed..she woke up and slept on the bed. I gave her a balm to apply and gave a tablet. She took it and slept, she was not applying balm . I asked her to apply.. She was looking into my eyes, inviting me to apply the balm.. I took it and sat next to her on bed, my waist was touching her stomach and waist.

She closed her eyes relaxed.. I massaged for 10 minutes.. Staring at her beauty.. She was really a beautiful figure. This was the first time I observed so close.. Her sizes were 32-28-36… Her boobs were medium sized,,, and her waist and belly were okay… And coming to her ass and thighs… Those were the best in her body.

After some time she asked me to apply balm on her neck as well.. She turned and slept , her back facing the roof…. She has got very sexy back… Nice big curve… I wanted to touch her big bum,,, I was not in a hurry and want it to do it slowly….

After a while I told her, if I massage ur back, ull be feeling much better… She closed her eyes and nodded .. I put some balm and started massaging her.. I whispered slowly in her ears, ” remove your blouse , its disturbing” I touched my lips to her ears and bite them gently… She followed what I said.. She removed the blouse and bra, throw them away.. Those boobs were bailed out and completely exposed.. They were not so huge, but sexy.. Her nipples pointed out… She slept and poured some oil and started to message her back…

In the mean while I slowly moved my hands to the sides of her boobs,, massaged them.. In few seconds I have grabbed her both the boobs in my oily hands…and started squeezing them gently… She started moaning slowly… Once in a while I was pinching her nipples.. She used to moan bit louder and say (abbaa mellegaa..) Slowly… I asked her to remove her saree…

She was denying to remove it.. Was just lying on the bed.. I started mobbing her saree upto her knees and started kissing her there.. I started kissing her passionately and started lifting her saree…I slowly kissed her upto her bum,, was biting them , my hands ware caressing her bum.. I was kissing them over her panty.. She was wearing a black panty… She woke up and removed the saree.. She was just in her panty and her boobs swinging in air. She was so beautiful.. Just wearing a small chain, and curvy structure,,, all this time my cock has reached its full size and was struggling in my boxer… I stood up and removed my boxer and was naked in front of her… She was closely observing my body, she took my 6″ dick into her hands and stroking it looking into my eyes… I placed a kiss on her lips… This was the first kiss of the day..

She put one hand on my shoulder, the other hand is playing with my dick and balls.. I put my hands on her bum… Kissing her deep.. I was sucking her tongue.. We were exchanging our salivas… I was kissing her very hard.. My hands were busy spreading her ass cheeks and place my finger on her pussy from behind… She was responding properly.. She raised her bum a bit giving access to her pussy…

I placed my finger on her pussy and started rubbing her… It was so warm.. Wet and slippery.. I placed my middle finger in her pussy… It was so warm as I go inside… When I put my finger deep… She was stroking my dick faster and squeezing by balls and biting my lips… She was going crazy…she was going wild.. She was stroking my dick very hard.. She was holding my finger in her pussy tightly.. She started shaking the body.she had a huge orgasm and made my hand wet.. ..

After 15 minutes we stopped kissing and both of us were breathing heavily… She sat on her knees and took my cock into her hand, other one was playing with my balls… She started licking the tip.. She moved the fore skin front and back for few times.. She took the pre cum out and licked it… I was holding her head.. She was on knees sucking me, licking me, biting my balls.. She slowly moved her hand to my ass and started rubbing there and sucking my dick… I was in heaven… I was holding her hair tightly and started fucking in her mouth… After few minutes of fucking,,, I told her I was cumming.. She removed my dick out of her mouth and started stroking it again… (more…)

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