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Indiansexstory : Doston ne ki Mother aur Sister ki Fucking

Indiansexstory : Doston ne ki Mother aur Sister ki Fucking

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This incident happened few months back. I’m simple but horny boy. My story begins from my house. I have a younger sister and my mother who is 45 years old. I will describe them for u. My sis is 5′ 3”, weight 52 kg, her figure is 32-28-30, her best part of her body are her boobs, which are round and bouncy. My mom is 5′ 4” and has figure of 36 34 38. Her best part is also her boobs. She is average looking but really hot at times. We belong to a catholic family. My dad divorced mom 5 years back. We stay in small house.
I noticed my sis grow and so did her boobs. I saw her naked at various ages and knew her body really well. I used to sleep next to her and touch boobs and sometimes used to try to put my dick inside her panties, but I was scared that my mom would find out. Soon I realized my sister used to wear very less clothes like only her sports bra in her house and shorts. She used to not wear panties in the house. My local friends who stayed nearby often came to my house and were friendly. Later, I realized that they came to see my sister roaming around the house in very less clothes. These friends were elder to me and had experience with other girls.
We lived in a 2-room house, so my sister used to often hangout with them. They used to stare at her and pass comments. Later they grew in confidence and passed comments and wishtled my sister and my mom too. I felt irritated but then started feeling hot and got dreams how my friends would act with my sister. I gave them full freedom with my sister. They touched her, whenever they would got chance. Often showed her their dicks and even tried to kiss her. At first my sister would ignore them, but later, she too liked it. They would take my sis out to room and try to seduce her. I asked them boldly if they liked her. One of them said that he would like to fuck her too. My mom used to date guys and was really chilled with my friends and never took their comments in bad way. She would laugh when they appreciated her ass and figure.
Things at my house were getting hot everyday. My friends would try to get on my sis. I jacked off many times when they told me what they felt about her. One day, my friends decided to go for a beach picnic outside the city limits. They borrowed a car. I sat in front with my friend who was driving. Behind my mom and two friends sat with my sis on their lap. She had worn a skirt like my mom with a tank top. We reached the place. It was a secluded place, almost nobody around.
We got off the car, everyone was tempted to go in the water, but my friends first wanted to see ladies undress, they took their clothes and stood in their underwear with huge bulges waiting to expand even more. My sis took her top off. She was wearing white bra type bikini and removed her shorts a black panty welcomed hard-on to my friends. My mom was feeling embarrassed, but she too removed her clothes off, she had worn a dark green bra and a pink panty. They both tried to cover their seminude state, but the eyes of my friends ran fast over their body. Without a word everyone entered water. After sometime, friends got an idea dat we should remove our clothes and swim. I quickly protested as it would make me feel embarrassed to see my mom and sis naked in front of others, but nobody bothered to hear me, instead they tried to convince my mom, my mom was feeling nervous. She felt it wasn’t a bad idea since nobody is around but was feeling shy. My friends persuaded her. She finally gave up and pulled her bra down. In flash, her brown nipples along with her huge boobs were seen. They just stared at her, others to removed their clothes. My sis removed her panties first and then shyly removed her bra and tried to cover her nipples. I was the last once to do and everyone gave me their clothes to keep it back at the shore.
My mom and sis were completely naked in front of my friends. They too with their big dark dicks tried to cum near them. One of them caught my sis hand and made her catch his dick while he rubbed her boobs. I was seeing this from a distance and could make out what was happening. Other guy came near my mom and offered his dick. She resisted him first, but then she put her mouth around it slowly. She swallowed his dick inside her mouth, while my sis was made to stand up as another guy started licking cunt. I was feeling very hot but helpless as I saw my poor mom suck his dick.

sweet sis was now made to bend over. He pushed his dick inside her virgin cunt, which was pink and very wet. She screamed but nobody could stop them. By the time I reached them, my mom was being fucked like a bitch, and at the same time was sucking another guy. The guy fucking my sis pulled her hair and pressed her boobs before smacking her ass and making it red while fucking her. I just watched them helplessly. I could see my mom being fucked like a whore in front of me.
The guys fucking my mom exchanged their position and fucked in her asshole. After a long time, my mom was feeling hot in her pussy while my sis who was lying naked abandoned by her fucker. Without thinking, I picked up my sister and inserted my semi erect dick inside her cunt and fucked her. My friends started laughing, but i couldn’t resist the temptation. The fucking session continued for about an hour till my moms cunt and ass was filled with their sperms, and my sis was then gangbanged by three of them. They did our clothes and threatened to leave us alone here naked. One of them pissed in my sister’s mouth and made her lick his asshole, till their dicks became hard again they made me fuck my mom. I ejaculated inside her. They ate all the food. We got nothing, but they filled my moms n my sister’s moutt with their sperms and asked them to swallow it. They made my mom do sit ups and kneel down like school kid till they finished fucking her breast. It was very humiliating to see a lady especially my mom to be treated like that. For an hour, again they fucked and sucked my sister and cruelly fucked her ass with their dicks and shamelessy watch her cry and poured cold water on her burning holes.
While returning they only allowed my mom an sis to wear their tops but made them suck all the way to home and warned us that if they said this thing to anybody they would harm my sister and mom.

Desi mom story Horny mom and son

Desi mom story : Horny mom and son

Desi mom story Horny mom and son

Desi mom story Horny mom and son

I living in an Indian village named kuch it is situated in northern state of India State name is Gujarat in our culture incest is forbidden sin. But it happens in my life it is changed me all of sexual thoughts in my life. I never thinks it happens in my life.

When the situations changed in my life I am 21 and my mom was 44 she is very sexy in that age 5 .7 ft. Height and 82 kg weight with big size boobs and heavy large as cheeks it is jiggling when she walk I looks it jig-jag moves from her back., it is hard on me every time I see that.

Just more about my mom, She had a housewife and her skin was wheat colored. She had thick black long hair up to her buttocks, big mouth full of teeth and striking black eyes. Long and well shaped nose and small and sexy lips and cute redden cheeks and above mentioned boobs and structure that anybody looks she his cock will hard on without any sexual thoughts when I turn to mature (I mean sexual feels grown my mind) I Imagined my mom as my sexual partner I masturbates every time in my bathroom or bedroom with her fantasies

The first time I saw her naked body was in an unexpected situation one day it was a Sunday My Dad and my sister had gone out of our cousins wedding anniversary. So me and mom alone I am in my room time was 11.30 pm my mom finished her kitchen work and go to take her bath (when she takes bath she sings any movie song slightly ,That is her hobby)I heard her sings from her bathroom I have long last desire to see her naked body. It is time for that. I got up and put on my half pants and T-shirt. I slowly opened my door and peered down the hallway. Mom was obviously already in the bathroom. I could see that the steam that was escaping cracked the door.
I slowly walked down the hall as I directed the bathroom I just happened to glance through the crack in the door. There I saw Mom totally nude getting ready to step into the bath. Ho! It is getting blood pressure me my head is shivered with hot blood circulation heart pounding in like a drum beat sound I just stunned. My first look was at her ample butt as she cautiously stepped into the hot water. As she raised her leg, I could see a hint of her pussy lips. My cock suddenly jumped to attention. She turned in preparation to sit and I then saw her big tits with large round pink nipples. My eyes widened and quickly shoot to her hairy bush surrounding her pussy. My cock was pushing the fabric of my sweats to the limits. She slowly sat down in the tub and her lips parted in a deep sigh as she felt the heat engulf her body. Her head titled back and her breasts rose up as her long black hair cascaded over her back.

I felt dizzy and confused. This was my own Mom here. But she was naked and she did not know I could see. Yet my cock was hard as a rock. Still watching Mom as she began to wash herself my hand instinctively went under my half pants and I began to stroke. I could see the beads of sweat on Mom’s shoulders as her body adjusted to the heat of the bath. She grabbed a washcloth and soap and began to wash herself. First, she went over her shoulders. Then she cupped each boob and washed underneath. I was feeling so crazy and stroking my cock felt so good that I had not realized that my half pants were now around my ankles. As I watched her breathe heavy and lift her legs up to wash I kicked my half pants completely off. I was stroking slowly but surely to orgasm. I did not want it to go too fast. (more…)

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