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Desisexstory : Fucked My Best Friend’s Mom

Desisexstory : Fucked My Best Friend’s Mom

I am from New Delhi. I have read many sex stories and I feel I should also share my real sex story with my best friend’s mom in New Delhi. Firstly, let me tell you that this story is real and it all started when I was in my college 4 years back. I met my classmate Gagan there in the first day of our college and we immediately became very good friends. In just few months, we became so friendly that we used to be together every time and we shared each other’s personal life also. Gagan told me about his family that he is the only son of his parents and his father works in Air force because of which his father used to remain away from home town all the time and his mother is a working woman in a nationalized bank. So he and her mother lives alone and his father visits them only once in 2-3 months.
So now I tell you how I met this one the most sexy and hot women in life. One day, Gagan and I had to do some assignments and Gagan needed my help in them. So he offered me to come to his home with him after the college to which I agreed. We went to his home. It was a very peaceful neighbourhood and I hardly saw any person in neighbourhood our around his house. Gagan told me that most of the houses here belong to army or air force families and that’s why hardly anyone resides there. We went inside his house. It was around 6 in the evening. There was no one in his home and he used the second key to get into the house. He told me that his mom can come anytime. we were just there for around 15 minutes and there comes one of the most gorgeous women in my life. Her name was Vedita and she was around 38 years old at that time but she looked like she was below 30 years old. She had a perfect curvaceous body with big tits. She was wearing a suit and looked like perfect to fuck. She was neither thin nor fat and looked perfect and specially the round ass.
I still remember that fucking body. Anyway, I was introduced to her by Gagan and let me tell you she was very charming and friendly. Later that day, when I got up to go home, she offered me to stay for dinner but I said no as I had to reach home early. That entire night I was thinking about her however I was aware that she is my best friend’s mom. In the morning, I controlled my emotions and thought that I should not think about her like that. Few days passed and again I visited there home with Gagan around evening. This time his mom was already home and when entered inside and Gagan called her to which she responded that she is in shower upstairs. Oh my God, I started imaging my self bathing with her but again i controlled my emotions and went with Gagan to his room. We were just sitting and suddenly her mom came inside the room wearing nothing but a towel looking for her clothes in that room. O my God, She was definitely not wearing anything underneath and looked like perfect slut to fuck. She got shocked to see me with her son as she was not expecting me. She did not know what to do seeing me so she immediately went outside in hurry. seeing this Gagan told me to come outside with him which I did. As we were going out of his room I looked behind and saw her mother still standing there in the corner and seeing me she gave a very shy smile as if she did not feel too ashamed but she was shy. I then went home again thinking about her and specially those sexy thighs and tits wanting to pop out of that towel. I contemplated on the smile her mother gave to me but the thoughts that she is my best friend’s mom were keeping me restricted. After that incident Gagan never invited me to his home for assignments but one day he told me to come with him to the bank where her mother works to which I immediately agreed. He had to take some money from her for college trip.
When we went to the bank and there I saw my angel again. She was wearing a cleavage suit and I could see a little bit of her massive tits while she was sitting. She was looking very attractive even her lipstick looked very sexy to me and that complete body was driving me crazy. I even noticed that many people in bank were noticing her but she hardly looked at someone. This time she talked to me and Gagan about our studies and Gagan said that I have topped again this semester. Her mom immediately said that Rohan why don’t you teach Gagan at their home after college. I said ok immediately and Gagan agreed too. I went home afterwards and I could only imaging fucking this dream lady and I got a hint that she might like me too but I was not sure. so I started going to their home to study with Gagan everyday and I used to see her mom everyday in a new outfit looking awesome. Gagan’s dad was very rich and their was very big and luxurious. Even their bathrooms were too perfect. It was a 5 bedroom house and totally empty neighbourhood and they even did not have any servant just a maid who used to come only in the morning. Perfect location for me to fuck this lovely whore. Then one day, the moment of some advancement came when Vedita told Gagan to bring some food from outside and I was left alone with Vedita. I knew Gagan had gone to a place where he will probably take 1-2 hours to come back. I was sitting on Gagan’s bed and then after some time vedita asked me that she is going upstairs to take shower and I can take anything from kitchen if I want. I9 said ok and started studying my book. My mind started imagining again about the shower and the nude perfect body. I decided to go upstairs to check her out but i was too scared. What if she sees me or Gagan comes in? I thought i would say i was looking for cold water as there refrigerator was upstairs. So i went upstairs sneekily without making any noise. I heard the running water sound and went close to the bathroom door. I looked for some key hole in the door and i could not imagine there was a key hole perfect to see inside. My heart beat was running at the speed of 120 pulses per minute and then I saw what i wanted to see for very long time. She was all nude wearing nothing. O my god, her body was perfect curvy. Her tits were juicy and her ass man, I could have done anything to fuck that lady doggystyle. I watched her for about 10 minutes. She even used razor to shave her pussy and kept little pubic hair. O man, i can not forget that day even today. She was totally fuckable and no body was there to fuck her. Seeing her actions while bathing, I got confirmed that she desperately wants to have sex. I went downstairs immediately and as soon as Gagan came I went home saying I have to go home early. Vedita was giving me some sort of subtle smile as she might know that I have see her nude. I masturbated for almost 3 days thinking about her and I thought that now I am gonna do something to fuck her. She desperately needs it and her pussy demands it to be fucked. I started to ask Gagan about his father. He told me he might not come to New Delhi for next 2 months at least as he is posted some new place.
Then one day, my parents had to visit my grandparents for 3 weeks and i could not go with them due to studies. So my parents talked to Gagan saying if I could stay at their home. Gagan said he would ask her mom about it and when he asked her on phone she agreed. O yesssss. Now I will be living with my dream sexy lady. So I shifted to their home. Now the real fun begins. Vedita suddenly started expressing concern for me when Gagan was not around. She used to sit me and asking me about naughty stuff. O my god, she was too sexy with those luscious tits. I got confirmation that she is ready to be fucked and now I had to wait for the right moment. One night , I was sleeping with Gagan thinking about her mom’s butt and curvaceous tits. I got the idea and I went up in midnight and went straight to her mom’s bedroom upstairs. I saw her in deep sleep in her lingerie. She was wearing a very sexy lingerie and her tits were fully erect. I planned to wake her up and she got surprised and woke up immediately. It was dark so I said I am Rohan and I want some milk to drink. Is there any thing in fridge? To my surprise, She started smiling and she which milk do you want cow’s or someone else? I said whichever is the best and she said for that you have to wait for sometime. I got the indication that she was ready and tried to flirt with her for 1 more minute and then she told me to go back downstairs as Gagan might wake up. I went downstairs saying yes yes yes. Now I can fuck this sexy whore. She is totally ready.
Next morning, When Gagan was in bathroom, I flirted again with her in the kitchen. She responded with a kiss on my cheek but with little hesitation. I touched her waist first time and O god, So sexy so smooth, and she got shivered suddenly as she was touched like this after a very long time. Then I went to college with Gagan. My luck was with me as after few days our class was going for industrial visits for 7 days. I told Vedita that I would say that I am not well and you let Gagan go alone. She said OK. A day before the trip was scheduled to go, I said I am having stomach infection and It would not be possible for me to go. Gagan was little hesitant to go alone but finally he agreed when vedita convinced her. Now in the morning, Gagan went to trip and Vedita went to the bank telling me that she will be applying for 7 days leave and she will giving leave to Maid also so that nobody can disturb us for entire week and we can have all the fun we need.
I waited for entire day for Vedita to come home, I brought condoms, practised some sex posions and all and the my dream lady came home. at that time even nobody was in neighbourhood, we could roam around naked in home if we wanted. Vedita firstly confirmed from her husband and Gagan that they were very far away from us and there was no chance that anybody can disturb us for next 7 days. We even closed the door from outside so that nobody knows we are home. Then The real action started. Now I had to satisfy this fuckable lady. we went upstairs to her room. She wne t to the bathroom to change clothes and when she came O my goodness. she was wearing a black sexy lingerie and came close to me to say “Ready for some action” and then I started kissing her passionately. O my god , she started making sexy sounds like ahhhh ahah uhhh uhhh. I removed her lingerie and she was wearing a black bra and panty. I was shivering a little seeing her big tits. And then I sucked her tits like no other. Then I removed her panty and saw that pussy. so sexy so fuckable. I fingered her then for 4-5 minutes. I made her in doggystyle then. O that perfect ass. i spanked her 2-3 times and she said fuck me fuck me hard and I obeyed.
I put my big dick in her pussy from behind and my hands were on her back rubbing it. on the first stroke, it did not go inside her easily so she took it in her hands and put it into her pussy. O god , it felt so good, I stroked her for next 10 mins in that position. I had taken a tablet so that I can fuck her for long. Then I took her to her bathroom inside the tub. It was a hot tub water and I felt like awesome fucking her in that place. She continously moaned and kept on fucking her in various positions. And those two tits, O man, those were melons and were going up and down while I was stroking her. After 40-50 mins, I was done and I came on her body after removing the condom. however she was not done yet. We came outside and We cleaned each other using towels. O God. It was my dream to fuck her this way. She was smiling afterwards and told me she did not have that sort of pleasure in years as her husband very rarely comes to their home and he is very less interested in sex. Then we got downstairs, she made me dinner and after that we went again to her bedroom for bang bang. This time we tried different positions and I used a pillow under her ass to fuck her good. We slept all naked in each other’s arms.
I sucked her tits for almost 200 times that day. they were all juicy and perfect to hold. on coming days, we had sex for almost 40 times. We experimented a lot such as in one encounter, I blindfolded her and removed all her clothes. Then I took some of the ice cubes and put on to her naval. She was very warm and ice was very cold. My dick was fully erect. I kept the ice cube in my mouth and then slowly slowly I pushed it towards her vagina from her naval. I told her not to use her hands but while doing this she was too aroused and she kept on pulling the bedsheet from corners. After 7 days, we were like deeply in love with each other and we had sex whenever we had a chance in hotels, in her home, in my home and many other places. I was like her husband and Gagan never knew about it. She was too sexy and beautiful that I wanted to stay and fuck her everyday. Our affair went for around 3 years until she and Gagan were moved to Rajasthan with Gagan’s father. We still talk to each other and she calls me to come to Rajasthan so that we could again have some sexy action but due to work I could not go. I am planning to fuck her very soon as I cannot stay without fucking her.

Saasu maa ki chaudi boor phadi desi hot story

Saasu maa ki chaudi boor phadi desi hot story


Mere sasur ki maut ke baad wo akayli rah gayi thi. Akayli to nahin rahi kayonki wo saali pakka jugad hai. Lund to pehle bhi wo bahar wale leti hi thi aur aab to koi tokne wala bhi na tha par haan takriban do mahine tak uska ghar se aana jaana band ho gaya tha. Kaal ki hi baat hai jab meine use muth marte dekha tha. Darasal mein uske kamre mei gaya. Karib 11 baje the. Kamre ke sath ke bathroom se siskariyon ki awazen aa rahi thi. Darwaza halka sa khula tha aur wo shower rod se khud ko chod rahi thi. Shower rod uski chut mei thi aur ek hath se wo apne boobs daba rahi thi. Meine use wahan us halat mei dekh kar din mei do baar muth mari.Sasuma ki chudai

Aaj bhi subah se wo kahar dha rahi thi. Kali sari mei wo bahur sundar lag rahi thi. Upar se uska kala blouse itna low cut tha ki sirf bra ke sath sath hi uski chuchiyon ko dhak raha tha. Chuchiyon ko alag karne wali line unki golaiyan puri tarah dikh rahi thi. Jab wo table par se jhuk kar glass utha rahi thi tab uski sari dhalak gayi aur meine uski chuchiyon ke mast didar kiye. Usne bhi sari uthane mei koi jaldi nahin ki. Mera lund puri tarah khada ho gaya tha. 10-15 min baad usne mujhe aawaj lagayi. Mein uske kamre mei pahuncha to dekha wo shishe ke samne baithi thi. Sari ka palla god mei pada tha. Blouse ke hook pith par the aur khule hue the. Uski safed bra bhi khuli thi jise wo band karne ki koshish kar rahi thi. Mujhe dekh kar boli, “ye bra tere papa chotti le aaye the. Puri nahi aati. Baar baar khul jati hai. Avi meri bra ki hook khul gayi hai. Please laga de.”

Mein uske paas pahuncha. Jab uske karib pahunch kar meine uski bra band ki to uski pith par hath phirte hi wo aankhe band ka sitkar kar uthi. Meine hook laga kar blouse bhi band kar diya to wo boli, “bra ki hook dekh kar tere hath kaanp rahe the. Agar mein sirf bra aur panty mei khadi ho jaoon to pata nahi kya hoga.”

Phir boli, “mein tujhe kaisi lagti hoon.”

Sasuma ki chudai

Mein kuch nahi bola to wo boli, “aab aawaj nahi nikal rahi. Bahar jab meri sari ka pallu gira tha to mere blouse ke aandar tak dekh raha tha. Aacha bata kaisi lagi.”

Meine puchha kya to wo apni chuchiyon ko blouse ke upar se sehlate hue boli, “meri chuchiyan aur kya.” Itna kah kar usne mera hath pakar kar apni aur khinch liya aur boli, “mujhe chodega. Chut marega. Ye jo chuchiyan dekh raha hai na tadap rahi hain. Chusega inhe.”

Aab tak mein bahut garam ho chuka tha. Meine uske baal pakar liye aur uske hoth chusne laga. Wo bhi mera sath de rahi thi karib do min baad usne mera land pant ke upar se pakar liya aur boli, “lund chusvayega.”

Meine use bed par phaink diya aur uske blouse ko khinch kar phad diya. Usne apne size se choti bra pahan rakhi thi. Bra mein kasi uski badi badi chuchiyan bahar nikalne ko tadap rahi thi. Meine jhatke se uska bra bhi khinch kar alag kar diya. Uski badi badi chuchiyan mujhe pagal kar gayi. Meine unhe sehlana suru kar diya. Wo boli, “kya hath se phira raha hai. Jor jor se masal inhe. Kas kar daba.” Itna kah kar usne apne hath mere hathon par rakh diye aur apni chuchi dabvane laga. Phir mein ek chuchi ke nipple ko muh mei bhar kar chusne laga aur dusre nipple ko maslne laga.

Wo siskariyan bharne lagi thi. Buri tarah tadapte hue wo apne nipple pakar pakar kas mere muh mei dal rahi thi. “ohhhh yaaaa chus chus inhe chus. Daba daba kar inka ras nikal. Chusssssssss naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Oh yaa oh yaa oh oh yaaaaa chussssssssssssss.”Sasuma ki chudai

Is bich wo pant ke upar se mere land se khelti rahi. “madarchod mere nipple chus le. Phir mein tera lauda chusungi. Chusvayega naaaa ye motaaaaaaaaaaa lundddddddddddd.”

Usne baal pakar kar mujhe piche hataya aur mere hoth chusne lagi. Is bich usne meri pant khol kar mere underwear mei hath dal diya tha. Hath ka sparsh pa kar land mei aur tanav aa gaya tha.

Usne mera underwear ghutno tak uttar diya aur mera lund halke hath se hilate hue boli, “kya maal hai sale. Iski lambai chaudai dekh kah to meri chut mei joron ki khujli hone lagi hai.”

Mera lund kariban 8.5” lamba aur 2.5” mota hai. Puri tarah tan jane ke baad yeh 9” lamba aur 3” ke karib maota ho jata hai. Itna kah kar wo bed par ghodi ban gayi aur mujhe khich kar apne paas le aayi. Mein uske samne khada tha aur mera lund bilkul uske muh ke samne the. Usne mera lund pakar liya aur dhire dhire use hilate hue chatne lagi. Thodi der mei hi mera lund uske muh mei tha. Wo buri tarah use chus rahi thi. Lund aab puri tarah tan gaya tha is karan use muh mei lena mushkil ho raha tha. Muh se lund nikal kar boli, “mera muh sunder nahi hai kya.”

“hai”, meine jawab diya to wo boli, “phir mera muh chod na. Mujhe tera lund chusne mei dikkat ho rahi hai.”Sasuma ki chudai

Usne lund ko hoton par is tarah laga liya jaise chut par lagate hai. Meine ek jhatke mei lund uske muh mei ghusa diya. Karib 6” lund uske muh mei tha aur mein jhatke maar raha tha. Meine uske baal pakar rakhe the aur lund teji se muh mei aandar bahar ho raha tha. Phir usne mera lund apni chuchiyon mei daba liya aur mein uski chuchiyon ko chodne laga. Bich bich mei mein uski nipple daba deta tha to machal jati thi aur apna pura badan jhatak deti thi. Mere liye sahan karna mushkil hota ja raha tha. Meine lund ko uski chuchiyon se nikal liya aur use bed par patak diya. Uske peticot ko upar utha kar meine dekha to paya ki usne panty nahin pahni thi. Uski naram chut jiski tazi tazi safai ki gayi thi dikh rahi thi. Meine tadapte hue uski chut ko chua to wo sitkar kar uthi. “aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhaaaaaaaa, kayon tadpa raha hai. Chal sidhi tarah chod mujhe.”

Meine uski chut par muh rakh diya aur chusne laga. Mein uski chut chat raha tha aur wo siskariyan bhar rahi thi. “aaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa, ohhhh ya baby, yyyeeeeeeeessssss, come on chus ise. Chat meri chhhhuuutttttttt ko chhhhhhaaaaaaaaattttt naaaaaaaaaaaa.”

Do min tak mein uski chut chat ta raha. Uske baad meine uska peticot uttar kar phaink diya. Nangi kar ke use bed par leta uski dono tange phaila kar meine apna lund uski chut par tika diya. Ek jordar jhatke mei lund chut mei sama gaya. Wo chilla padi, “sale maja aa gaya. Bahut dino baad lund mila hai. Jor jor se maar meri chut, pura daal dee apna lund.”Sasuma ki chudai

Meine uski koi baat nahin suni aur pura lund uski chut mei dal kar hi ruka. Wo abhi tak chilla rahi thi. Mein uski chuchiyon ko chusne laga. Wo niche se halki halki apni gand hilane lagi. Mein uska ishara samaj gaya aur apni rafter bada di. Mein puri joron se uski chut maar raha tha. Wo masti mei bol rahi thi,

“aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh yes….yes oh yaaaaaaaa fuck me jor se jor se chodddd mujhe chodddddd aaaauuurrrrr choddddddddd phad de meri ccccchhhhhuuuuutttttt ko. Phir meine use ghodi bana diya. Piche se uski chut ka chumma le ka jab meine chut mei apna lauda ghusaya to wo sitkar kar uthi. Meine use bahut buri tarah choda. 15 min tak mein alag alag pose bana kar use chodta raha. Is bich wo 3 baar jhad gayi thi. Mein bhi bilkul karib tha jab meine apna lund nikal kar uske muh mei dal diya aur mukh chodan karne laga. Karib 1 min baad mere lund nei rass ki barsat uske muh mei kar di. Uska pura muh mere virya ke ras se bhar gaya tha jise usne chat chat kar khaya. Jab hum sath pade the tab usne bataya, “avi mein jawani ka jalta diya hoon aur tera sasur bhujti mombati tha. Mujhse takriban 11 saal bada tha. Pichle 10 saal se sale nei mujhe choda tak nahin. Mujhe usse kabhi chudai ka such nahin mila is liye bahar walon se chudvati hoon. Par mahine bhar se ghar mei kaid thi. Kya karti chut mei jab khujli hoti hai to raha nahin jata.”

“kaal jab tu mere kamre mei aaya to meine jaan bhujh kar shower rod chut mei dali thi. Subah thuje chuchi bhi mei hi dikha rahi thi.”

Aab meine kaha “saali agar tu ghasti hai to tune gaand bhi marvayi hogi.”

“haan gand bahut marvayi hai. Aab tere kya irade hain gand marega meri.”

Is bich wo mera lund pakar kar hilane lagi thi. Mera lund phir khada ho gaya tha. Meri taraf dekhte hue wo ghodi ban gayi aur apne haton se apni gand ka ched phaila kar boli, “chut to maar li aab gand bhi maar bhosdi ke. Apni maa ki gand maar. Meri gand mei itna bada lund kabhi nahin gaya aaj iski bhi tassalli karva de.”Sasuma ki chudai

Mein uske samne khada ho gaya. Apna lund uske muh mei dal kar bola, “isko thoda sa thuk laga de. Tabhi to gand mei jayega.”

Usne lund pakar kar muh mei dal liya. Phir 1-2 min use chusti rahi. Uske baad muh se nikal kar boli, “chal aab tadpa maat. Jo karna hai kar le.”Sasuma ki chudai

Meine lund ko uski gand par tikaya. Ek hi jhatke mei lund gand mei sama gaya. Uske baad meine apni raftar bada di. Wo mast ho kar chilane lagi, “aaah aaah uufffff unnn fffffuuuuuuccccccccckkkkkkk jor seee tej… tej aaaauuuuurrrrr teejjjjjjjjj….yaaa baby yyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaa. Karib paanch min tak mein uski gand marta raha. Phir meine apna lund uske muh mei dal kar jhada. Usne lund ka pura maal khaya aur phir use chat kar saaf kiya.

After that my life has become heaven. My sasu maa has made me fuck a lot of young girls & herself as well. Any anuties, girls want to ride me can contact me . Boys fuck your wife & also fuck your sasu maa as that is the real pleasure.

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