Desisexstory : My Wife and My Sister

Desisexstory : My Wife and My Sister

I am Rahul; I had been away from home for a few days on business. I was supposed to be home the next day but came a day earlier as my business finished early. I was in a hurry to get home to my lovely wife Namitha. I took a taxi from the station.

My house was deserted and far off from the main locality. I went to the door and inserted the key and turned it but the door did not open. “What is the matter with the lock?” I circled the house. The curtains were closed. I glanced into the drawing room but no one was there.

I opened the back entrance door and entered quietly. With heart racing I looked around in each room as I came to it. I heard voices from the bedroom. I opened the door. I stood there still. The scene before me froze me.

I could see Namitha lying back on the bed with her eyes closed. There was a face buried in the triangle of her pussy. Her body was jumping up and down and she moaned. The woman between her legs came up to kneeling position. It was my sister Savitha. Sister had always shown an interest in my wife.

“Oh Fuck, Rahul when did you come?” Sister said as she spotted me. My wife opened her eyes and was looking straight at me with a horrified look in her eyes. She was trying to remove sisters head from her cunt which was glistening with my sister’s saliva. My sister was trying to cover her large breasts with her hands without too much success.

“Oh Fuck Rahul darling how did you come?” said my naked wife , her mouth open wide with shock. I looked down at her. “I think I should be asking the questions. What is going on?” I said. My hands were shaking from the shock of the revelation.

Sister said “Don’t blame Namitha…it’s my fault. I made her do it. See, brother you and I not only think alike, we love alike. Namitha is soooooo sexy. In fact she is too sexy for just one of us. We can love her, both of us. You can share her with sister, can’t you dear? Her pussy is simply nectar. I can’t have enough of her sweet cum. Forgive her brother” I growled at my Namitha and my shameless sister. I grabbed my naked sister by the wrist and pulled her over the bed, her big ass up in the air. I swung my hand and slapped her full her raised ass. She screamed.

Tears sprung from her eyes and a red mark appeared on her buttock. She looked up and said “Do it again but don’t hit your wife. Rahul I love being spanked but not so hard…” “I love it, spank my ass but don’t hit my bhabhi. God made her only to be loved, let’s make love to her.”

I don’t know what was coming over me but soon I had a massive hard-on. I tried to conceal it from my sister but her naked body was turning me on. May be my absence from my wife was responsible for my growing excitement. I was getting excited by looking at my own sister. She looked like a hot bitch. Kinky thoughts were coming to my kinky mind. Ohhhhh God I wanted to kiss my sister’s ass. I wanted to fuck my sister in front of my wife. I wanted to do something to both my wife and sister.

I took my sister in my arms and pushed her onto the bed, still face down. My hands, rubbed her swollen buttocks. She moaned “Yes, brother, rub my ass, slap it, spank my ass but not hard. You are making sister wet. Let me eat your wife’s pussy as you spank sister.” I rubbed her ass as she moaned loudly.

I caught my wife’s face in my hands as she looked dumbfounded into my eyes. I cupped her tits which were getting hard every moment. She rose up to help me have greater access to her boobs. She put her hands on my shoulders and murmured, “Rahul, you are not mad at me, are you? Sister is sooo nice and lonely that we made love to each other. Darling, Savitha needs loving and it is our duty to give her love, poor sister, let’s give her pleasure. Now that you have found out about us, let’s have fun. I have a fantasy to see you fuck another woman before my eyes and who could be better partner for you than the woman who loves you. What hole could be better than the one you dream of, don’t u? She is lucky to have her brother fill her cunt with his cum.”

I fondled sister’s ass and touched her wet pussy and then stepped away. Sister turned over on her back and I had the most perfect view of completely naked sister lying before me along with my wife. I said “Wait just a moment while I undress. Namitha, play with her tits, rub her cunt with your cunt. I want to see your lovemaking which was going on when I came. Keep kissing and licking each other like lesbian sluts. From now onwards you two are going to be my whores, do you understand?” I was shaking my cock which had begun to leak pre cum as I undressed. I became aware of my wife nibbling and licking sister’s nipples. Sister was gently stroking my wife’s pubic hair.

Namitha kissed sister’s tits, her tongue went downward to sister’s bald triangle as sister groaned,” Yesssss Namitha, my bhabhi kiss my pussy. I am on fire.” then turning to me she said” Brother, show me you cock, let me feel it, touch it. Yeah brother you will have two whores in your bed room in place of one. Your sister is a cock hungry, pussy eating whore. Namitha is a hot piece of ass, your wife. She is dripping wet on my fingers. I will eat her cunt when you ram your cock in my cunt.” My wife brought her pussy down onto my sister’s cunt and rubbed hard making sister cry out with lust. I started to play with my cock as I watched the two horny women.

I ran my hand over my wife’s pussy and then over her breasts. I began to lick her ass. She seemed to like it and began to moan. Before this she would not let me near her ass. She started to rock her ass slowly drawing my tongue inside her asshole. I pulled away. I had plans to sister-fuck today. I caught my sister’s face and looked into her eyes filled with raw lust and the realization that her brother was going to be her fuck friend soon added new spice to the thought. I pushed my finger into her mouth and she gulped it and sucked on it.

My wife got off sister’s body and said “I want you to ride your sister doggie style and fuck her from behind. That way I can lie down and get her to kiss my cunt, eat my cunt juices while I can see you become a good sister-fucker and you can watch your whore sister’s ass. Rahul she is all wet for your cock. Sister, kneel before Rahul, our common stud. You have always wanted him to fuck you haven’t you? Now let the dog fuck the bitch doggy style. The old bitch will eat the younger bitch’s pussy” I pulled my wife away from sister and helped sister in getting to her doggy position. Sister said in a very muffled voice “Guide your cock into me carefully, brother. Please don’t hurt me now, fuck me like a whore who is your sister. Let your wife see you become a sister-fucker.”

I pulled sister up and she knelt before me, holding the corner of the bed with Namitha’s legs spread wide into which sister put her head. Sister’s ass was so tempting to fuck but I thought that I would come to fuck her ass later. I thought that she might not agree to it right now. I patted her ass and pushed my finger into her pussy to see her wetness. She was wet of course and was begging me,” Come on brother fuck me with your taboo cock. Fuck my taboo cunt. You sister is all wet for you.” I held my cock in my hand and aimed it between sister’s ass cheeks.” Aaaaaaaaa, ohhhhhhhhh shove it brother, ram your cock in your sister. Fuck this whore. Fuck sister, make her a whore, ohhhh bastard sister can’t wait, fuck meeeeeee, and fill me with your meat.”

I could not wait. I rammed my cock all the way into the wet tunnel. I saw my wife wrap her thighs round sister’s face. I imagined sister’s tongue was buried into my wife’s pussy. I began to move my hips slowly at first, building a steady tempo, my balls slapping sister’s round ass cheeks. My cock was buried all the way. Sister’s cunt clutched at my cock as it slipped in and out of her cunt with slippery ease. I humped sister. Then I felt fingers on my ball sack, It was Namitha who was fondling my balls and added to my excitement,” Ohhhhh God Rahul, ram you cock in your whore. You whore sister is licking my juices. Fuck her good. The whore needs your cock bad. Give it to her, fuck her.”

As I started to pump in and out faster I watched Namitha cum. She was in frenzy as sister’s tongue fucked Namitha. She calmed down and said. “God… I do like my cunt eaten, sister.” I leaned forward and ran my fingers in her hair. Suddenly I felt something wet touching my ass hole, no sooner I came to knew that its Namitha’s tongue that licks my ass hole. I have never seen my wife so erotic and as this much sex hungry. She tongue fucked my ass hole for about 10 minutes. I was in heaven. I fucked hard as the moving fingers of my wife excited me more than her words. My wife’s body tensed and stiffened. She was cumming suddenly. Continue reading “Desisexstory : My Wife and My Sister”

Sex Hungry son fuck his own mental sexy mom

Sex Hungry son fuck his own mental sexy mom

Sex Hungry son fuck his own mental sexy mom Sex Hungry son fuck his own mental sexy mom

Mother became a mental patient. She was not of the violent type. She just mumbles meaningless words and just sits around. If you tell her something twice or thrice she will obey, without knowing what she is doing. After my youngest sister’s death, my Mother was looked after and taken care of by my other sister. She used to bathe my Mother, dress her, feed her and look after her in all means. Now she is also dead, which leaves me to take care of my mad Mother. What a cursed life, I thought.

Within hours I reached my house, the scene there was sad. All my relatives were assembled crying. Only my Mother was sitting in a corner knowing nothing. I took control of the matters and the cremation was over. Then came the topic of my mad Mother.

My relatives asked me about my plans for my Mother. I had only two options. Either leave her with my relatives to be taken care of, or take her with me to the town where I am working and admit her to a mental asylum. I was not sure about how my relatives will look after her. So I told them I will take Mother to my place and admit her in the mental asylum.

Within two days I took Mother to my place in car. We reached my flat. It was around nine PM when we reached my flat. I took Mother’s bags (packed by my relatives), inside and took her also inside. She just mumbled something meaningless and followed me inside.

I changed cloths, then decided to have a bath. Then I remembered that Mother is also in need of a bath. Then I realized that there is no one else but I myself should give Mother her bath.

When I thought of giving Mother a bath, immediately I thought about it. I had to undress my own Mother and give her a bath. Which meant I have to make her naked. The very moment some most evil and perverted thoughts crossed my mind. I looked at Mother.

Now I will tell about her figure. My Mother, a 50 year old widow, is a very fat lady, with large mountainous breasts, a bulging stomach, pillar like thighs and a huge protruding ass. She at that time was dressed in a saree and blouse and she was dressed by my relatives. The idea of undressing my fat Mother made my cock jerk. I decided to go ahead. I told Mother that we will go to the bathroom. She simply stood there.

I took hold of her hand and led her to the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, I put on the light, put the towel in the cloth rod, and told her to remove her cloths. Still no response. She just mumbled something and stood there looking blankly. I reached for her saree and removed it.

Now Mother had only her blouse and her underskirt. I looked at her, my cock throbbing. Her huge breasts looked as if they will tear her blouse. Her large ass was pushing out her under skirt towards outside. I wondered what will be the reaction of my mad Mother if I proceed with undressing her. Hesitantly I reached for her blouse and unbuttoned it and removed it. She didn’t even notice that I had removed her blouse. Now her breasts are covered only n an old fashioned bra. I removed that also. My God!! Her breast sprang out and stumbled downwards, aching down. They were really huge with nipples the size of thumb. My cock started leaking pre cum. Continue reading “Sex Hungry son fuck his own mental sexy mom”

Desisexstory : Satisfy my mother sex desire

Desisexstory : Satisfy my mother sex desire

Desisexstory Satisfy my mother sex desire

Let me describe myself for you all once again, I am 5’8” in height, not much athletic body but not out of shape also. Now the queen of the story, my mother Poonam. She is 5’5” in height, her figure is 36-32-38. I hope you can imagine her figure now. She has fairly big boobs but the best part is her ass, when she walks her ass jiggles like anything. She has also got a very beautiful pair of eyes. I never noticed her in a sexual way before and I was a very innocent boy.

Now coming back to the story, my mother asked me to massage her thighs, I went down on her thighs and started massaging her thighs with some oil, and she continued her moaning like ‘aaaahhh’ ‘woooww’ ‘don’t stop’ ‘so good’. Now I got a real hard on, it was really hard for me to control. As she was lying with her face down, I thought of adjusting my penis with my left hand, and I did.

After 5-7 mins when it was proving to be impossible to control my hard on, I asked my mom if she is done now, she said its almost done now, she just want a massage on her shoulders for some time, as shoulders are also paining. I reluctantly told her yes I will.

Then she turned around and she was facing the ceiling and came close to the edge of the bed, I took the oil in my hand and started massaging her shoulders, just when I was massaging her shoulders I tried to look away, but I just couldn’t. I was a virgin boy, and I was touching the bare skin of a beautiful and busty lady , my eyes directly went to her boobs, it was like as if they were inviting me to come and suck them, but I just didn’t have enough courage.

Just when I was staring at her boobs, my mother just suddenly pulled myself to her by grabbing my back and put her lips on mine and started kissing me. I was just out of my senses, I didn’t knew what was happening or what I was supposed to do! I just didn’t know or understand. It was like as if I was in some kind of dream or a wonderland. It was all just new to me. Continue reading “Desisexstory : Satisfy my mother sex desire”

Desisexstory : Pumping my mom puffy pussy

Desisexstory : Pumping my mom puffy pussy


My sexy mom Gitaa

Gokul 26 years old. lives in kollam (a place in kerala) my family is a lower middle class family. father Rajnja(53) mother the heroin of the story Suma (49) my sister Vidhya (23).

Let me tell you about my mother.she is very fair and fat she got a big boobs and ass she is very careing type i saw her naked body many times.I used to peep in her bathroom.

One night i heard some stange noise from my parents bed room.
I peeped the key hole then i saw a shocking scene my mother fully naked on the bed and father fucking her very hardly. after that incident i
decided to fuck my mother at any cost .

One month after this incident my sisters lover came to our house with his parents .he want to marry my sister and his parents asked some money asdowry. my father agreed he try to arrenge that money but he failed.
Our cousins did not help us and then a strange thing happend.

Our distant relative offer us a big amount of money with a demand. i have to marry their daughter she has a problem she cannot speak but she is well educated and good looking my father try to compell me to accept this offer i said i need time to think . in the night mother came to my room and asked me about my
decision i said i cannot live with a silent women .

Mother: son think about your sister she will get abetter life if you accept this

Me:i can’t mom

Mother: i beg you my son plz

my mother loves my sister a lot i decided to use this situation. i asked to her ” mother if you fullfill
my desire i will accept this offer”

mother : tell me son what is your desire

me: i want to sleep with you

mother got shocked!!!

mother: i am your mother dont forget that.

me : i want to fuck you once

Mother start crying then ran away from my room.

after one hour father came to house mother told
him everything.

at 11:44 father came to my room

Me: what happend??

Father : your mother told me everything. you really want to fuck your mother???


father:today you can fuck your mother if you only accept the marriage proposal .

me: ok father i accept .

father : ok go to our bedroom your mother is waiting there.

me ;thank you father.

father :your sister is sleeping in the next room don’t make much noise be gentle..

me: ok dad

I soon as i entered in the room mother started to cry .she was wearing a nighty .i started to undress my self within seconds my lungy and shirt fell down the ground .mother closed her eyes and said “i am doing this for my daughter
please swich off the light i don”t what to see your things”

me : but i want to see yours

mother : shame shame!!!

I then asked mother to take off her nighty she did as i say now she is in only bra and underwear i hugged her and started to kiss her she stoped crying. then i started to suck her
boobs those are big and soft. after a few mintesof forplay i asked her to give me blowjob she said in shame ‘cheyyy ‘ i cant do that.

then i started to insert my 6 inch cock into her pussy it was very smooth then i started to push very
hardly mother started to saying bad words .

I increased my speed the room filled with our plup plup fucking sound. then mother started to make

noise like haaa aa ayyooooo monee aaaahaaa

after 15min i climaxed i feel gulty and shame i try to exit from the room then mother said son please forget what happend this is our last
time …i get out from the room and went to varantha there i saw my father smoking cigaratte. he offerd me one i said no

father: are you stisfied

me.: yeah

father; what did your mother said

me; this is the last time

father: so dont waste the time go and fuck her again .this night she is yoursss. i then slowly walked into mother room when she saw me she looked at me with a question mark .
i started to unbottan my shirt.

mother ; you want to fuck me again

me:father said this whole night mother is mine

mother : you dog ..

I then jumped into her bed and started to kiss her. i place her hand on my cock.

me : mother give me a blow job

mother : you shameless dog i connot do that.” i then pointed my cock towards her face after a few ressistance she put my manhood in
her mouth and started sucking
i was in heaven in that moment she give me awonderful blow job.

then i huged her again and i give her a french kiss then i started to fuck her in doggy style .the bed started to shake.

mother ; mone pathukke adi alal bed odiyum”

then i tryed 69 position in that time mother climaxed.

mother then jerked me off.

then we hugged and laydown the bed.

me: i love you mother

mother : this is not love this is lust.

After our beatiful fucking section mother sent me to my room. my dad was asleep in my room so i did not wake him up i slept in the

In the following morning after my bath i went to kitchen. mother did not talk to me and avoid eye contact with me that hurts me a lot .

after breakfast me and my dad went to our relatives home for discuss about marriage . on the way in bike my dad asked me about the night fuck with mother. i said

me: dad you are very lucky.

dad : why son??

me : amma oru charakka (mother is so good)

dad: i know i know did you really enjoy it??

me : yes dad i really enjoyed it i cannot forget her body i love her plzz dad i want her once

dad : son i don’t think your mother would agree again.

me: please dad i want her one more time .

dad : samadhana ped mone vazhi undakkam ( be calm son i will talk to your mother )

me : thanks dad

when we arrived at our relatives home they became very happy they treat us very well then i saw my future wife . they decide my marriage
and my dad got the money .

Dad became very happy and said thanks to me

me : i don’t want thanks dad .i just want my mother

dad : don’t worry son today night you are going to fuck your mother again…

me : i love you dad

dad : me too love you son

When we arrived at home my mother did not come out of house but my sister did . my dad told her everything .and she told everything to my mother .she became very happy and saw the money by herself .

i tried to speak with her again. this time she spoke.

Mother: thank you son because of your sacrifies your sister going to have a good life.

me : became silent

The whole day i was thinking about my mother.her smell her body shape her pussy hole my dick was semi erected that time .in night after the supper my dad talk to me

dad : mone nee muriulyil oot pokko njan nete ammaye nayathil agott paranj vidam ( son go to your room i will sent your mother )

me: ok dad i will wait.

Then i went to my room after one hour my mother came into my room.

me : amma (mother)

mother: son what kind of lust is this . i am your mother.

me : mother please cooperate with me ( i hugged her)

mother : ok son let me undress ..

then mother became nude . i throw off my lungi and jumped to my bed with my mother i began to kiss her this time she began to respond
we hugged each other.

I gave her a french kiss that time my cock acuired its full strength. my mother can feel that .after 4 mins of kissing my mother spoke.

mother: son your tool is very hard now don’t waste time come on fuck me.

me: ok mother wide your legs

within seconds i started my love making …….

the bed began to shake ..

whole room filled with our fucking sound..

plup plup plup….

mother started to cry very slowly ..
ayyoooooo aaahhhhh daaaaa ..
anganaaaa a a.
pathuke (slowly)

Then i changed my position to doggy style but my mother did not like that one so we came to normal.

after 20 min of hot fucking .my mother climaxed then she give me beautiful blowjob.

when everything is over i feel shame

mother : son don’t feel shame ..i am your mother i am all yours . you can fuck me anytime you want .hearing her words make my shame wanish

me : thank you mother i love you so much.

Desisexstory : Finally fucked my mom puffy pussy

Desisexstory : Finally fucked my mom puffy pussy

Mera mom is very hot wo bahut sexy hai unka figure lajawab hai. jab main chota hota tha tab main apne mom dad ki sex kirya ko chup -2 ke dekhta hai. main bada ho gaya 17 yrs ka mujhe bhi mom ko chodne ka mann karne laga. main mom ko nahate huye dekhta jab bhi mom ke sath sota unke boobs pe hath rakhta unko malta. mom mera hata hata deti. dad business ke chakr me chennai gaye huye the. ek din main mom ke sath soyato mom bahut sexy lag rahi thi mujhe neend nahi aa rahi thi maineT.V. on kiya or DVD per ek Blue film dekhne laga achanak mujhko aisa laga jaise mom bhi dekh rahi hai. main aaram se peeche dekha to mom ne aankein band kar li maine T.V. ki awaz bada di . main us din muth maarke so gaya. ab ye roj hone laga. phir main thoda bada maine mom ke sath sote sote suck karne laga mom kobhi maza aane laga. par jada kuch naa karne deti. jab mera pura mud hota wo kehti kya kar raha so jaa. aise hi din nikalte rahe dad mahine me bas 2-3 din ke ghar aate phir chale jaate. ek din dupharko main ghar aaya maine mom ka room band dekha. jab maine us room ke ander dekha to dekhta hi reh gya meri mom mombati ko apni chut me dall rahi thi. main samaz gaya ki unko sex ki jarurat hai. sham ko mom ke stomach me dard hone lagi. maine mom se pucha kya hua hai wo boli dard ho rahi hai. maine kaha main mal deta hu. phir main tail leke aaya or mom ki kamiz upar kardi. or unke pet pe tail laga pe malne laga. maine aaramaaram se apne hath ko unki salwar ke ander karne laga mom ne aanke band kar li maine apna hata ander dala or unki chut ko malne laga thodi derr badd unka pani nikal gaya or unhone kaha ke bas ab thik ho gaya main raat bahr unke sath sex karne ki koshish karta raha par koi baat nahi bani. phir maine ek din mom ko neend ki goliya deke unke sath sex kiya par maza nahi aaya. main subah tak mom ke sath soya raha is baar main bilkul nanga tha mom subah uthi or mujhe dekhne lagi or phir aapko or mujhe chadar deke chali gai. uske baad mom thoda khulane lagi. wo bhi mujhe niyota dene lagi. raat ko hum so gaye or us raat mom ne mere upar hath rakha maine mom ka hath pakad ker apne lund pe rak diya or maslane laga. phir achanak mom ka hath apne aap mere lucd ko suck karnelaga main samaz gaya ki mom ka mud hai aaj chudne ka. main mom ki taraf ghum gaya or unke lips ko kiss karne laga chusne laga mom mana karne lagi. par wo naatak kar rahi rhi kyonki hindustani aurat jo thi. maine unke kapde utar diye. or apne bhi main unko suck karne laga kissi karne laga unka bhi response aane laga. wo bhi mujhe chusane lagi. phir maine mom ko chod diya usne bola kya hua maine kaha pehle mera loda chus usne mana kiya main jaane laga to wo phir maan gayi hum 69 ki position me aa gaye or main uski chut chatne laga jis per ek bhi baal nahi tha. kyonki usne aaj shaam ko hi saaf kiye the. unki chut jab main chaat raha tha unke muh se awaaze nikal rahi thi seeeeeeeehaaaseeahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachooooooooooodddddddssssssssde mujhe beta wo bad bada rahi thi main unki lato ke vich me beta or apne lund ko unki chut pe rakha or andhar daal diyaunki chut jaad dheeli nahi thi abhi bhi tight thi.wo chila padi hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy​yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimera 7″ ka lodda uski chut ko fadta hua ander chala gaya.mine dhakke lagane laga usko maza aane lagawo bhi mera sath dene lagi. or bole jaa rahi thi fast fast chod de muje chod de faad de. or siiiiiiiiii hannnnnnnnnnnnn mar gayimujhe uski baate se or josh aa raha tha uska pani nikla or usne mujhe kas ke daba liya. main usko abhi bhi chode jaa raha tha ab tak wo 2 bar jhad chuki thi or keh rahi thi tujhe kitna waqt lagega shayad usko dard ho rahi thi phir maine apne lund ko nikla or uski gand me dall diya wo chilane lagi main paglo ki tarha chodne lagaor 5-6 jhatko me mera sara pani uski gand me nikal gaya or main uske upar pada rha koi kuch nahi bol raha tha sab chup the phit meri mom boli ye kya kar diya hum dono ne. ye paap hai. maine kha aaj ke time pe apni sex jarurat puri karne koi paap nahi hai phir main uski chut ko chatne laga. mujhe chut chatna bahut pasand hai. wo phit garam hone lagi or mere lund ko chusane lagi wo chila rahi thi  aaaamarrr rrrriiiiiiiisiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhasiiiiiiiiiiiiiihaaaaaaaaam​aine uski chut me apni jeebh daal daal ke chod raha tha wo ek hi jhatake me jkhad gayi or maine uska sara pani pee liya. ab meri baari thi main uske muh ko chodne laga gup gup ki awas aa rahi thi maine apna sara pani uske muh me chod diya. or us raat hum dono ne 5-6 baar sex kiya.

Desi sex story : My typical sex hungry mom

Desi sex story : My typical sex hungry mom

I am going to share top secret of my life.

I am 23 year old graduate from reputed college in Bangalore. Presently I am working in small software company. I am basically from rural place in Karnataka. Till my 10th Standard I studied in my rural place then I shifted to Bangalore for my PU and Degree studies.

Till my 10th class I don’t have any bad intentions towards my mom. My mom is typical Indian lady always wears sarees. She is a good looking lady with slim body. She had beautiful smile and make her more attractive. She had a medium size boobs and well built ass. In my childhood I use to sleep with my parents. I usually sleep at 9PM in my childhood. I always sleep left side of my mom and my dad sleeps right side of my mom. After I sleep my dad starts fucking my mom. Many times in the night I saw my dad fucking my mom. While my dad fucking my mom, she always spreads her legs wide and her legs always touching my legs. This made me to think about my mom.

My mom sleeps nude after she fucked by my dad. To misuse the situation occasionally I was touching my mom breast and novel. My mom not aware of my activity because she might have thought that my dad was touching her breast and novel. Many times in the midnight I use to switch on the lights suddenly to go to toilet, that time I saw mom lying on the bed without her dress in between me and my dad. When I was studying alone in my room I started thinking about my mom and start masturbating. I use to smell her bra and panty while taking bath in bathroom. In the beginning I thought it is a sin that but I was helpless and not able to control my lust towards my mom.

My mom is very friendly with me but still i am scared about my mom. Many times in the early morning mom and dad use to take bath together and do sex in bathroom also. By watching all these romantic scenes finally I decided to have sex my mom. Friends I am dam sure that each and every son in this world definitely think to have sex with his own mom if she is very beautiful. Just because of society and fear no one will open their mouth about this.

My dream comes true after I joined to job. I am presently staying in rented house in Bangalore. Once in a month my mom will come to Bangalore and stay with me for 4 – 5 days. She helps me cleaning home and washing clothes.

Around 1 month back my mom visited my home in Bangalore. That was the Friday evening I attended my friend birthday party and had drinks with my friends. After the birthday party I went to home around 10.30PM, mom opened the door. She was looking so pretty in her saree that day. She was looking like 28 years lady even though she is 40 years now. I think she understood that I am drunk but she did not asked me anything.

She asked me to have dinner; I agreed to have dinner even though I was not hungry. I am watching her waist and sexy novel when she was serving dinner. She was in a very transparent saree that day I felt so horny that day.

After the dinner I said good night to mom and went to my room to sleep. Till 12.30 midnight I was not getting sleep and masturbated many times thinking about her. I went to mom’s bed room, she was sleeping on back, she was in deep sleep. I saw her hot novel and breast but I did not made any attempt to touch her because I am so scared of my mom and I went back to my room to sleep.

I kept alarm and wake up at 6AM and went to mom’s room. She was in bath room to take bath. There was small hole in the bathroom door. I watch through the hole, she was removing her saree, oh god she was looking very sexy in her blouse and petty cote.

Then she removed her blouse, she was wearing dark color bra. She removed her petticoat; she was only in her bra and Pink color panty. My coke was so hard in my Bermuda. Then she removed her bra and panty also. First time I saw her cute cunt , it was cleanly shaved pussy. About 15 minutes I watched her nude body and I masturbated near the bathroom door. She was taking bath without knowing all these things. Saturday we spent time in watching movies and done some shopping in the market. Saturday night mom told me that she was feeling bored in home. and she asked me take her outside. I made a plan to take her to wonderla , she also agreed.

Sunday morning after breakfast we both went to wonderla, we reached there around 11.30AM. We went inside the wonderla. I asked mom to come and play in water. She said she was not comfortable in saree to play water. Then I purchased 3/4th Pant and T Shirt for her. She was so shy to wear 3/4th Pant and T Shirt as she never tried those type of clothes. She finally agreed to wear those clothes and requested me not told my father. I smiled and said ok I will not tell dad about her new clothes.

She went to dress changing room and come out with T Shirt and her 3/4th Pant. It was the 1st time I watched my mom in t Shirt and 3/4th Pant. She was looking so sexy that day. We both went into water and played. I am so happy that day because I am holding my moms hand while she was playing in water.

Then we went to wave’s pool. She was very scary of water waves so she was holding my hand . to make use of the situation I was holding her belly and touched her breasts many times, she did not mind because she was very scary water waves. My hard dick was touching her back when she was playing in water. After that we went to Rain Dance, we both danced like lovers. She was so happy that day. She never enjoyed that much in her life. But I misused my mom by touching her breasts and belly many times. Even she noticed my behavior but she did not told me anything.

Around 5 PM we left the wonderla and done some shopping on the way to home. She purchased 2 – 3 nighties. We reached home around 7PM . Mom changed her dress and wear new nightly. She looks so sexy in nightly. Mom cocked chicken curry and rice. We had nice dinner around 10PM. She had little cold and head ache that day due to water play.

Mom went to her bed room and called me to apply some Amruth Anjan on her fore head. She was lying on the bed on her back and she was closing her eyes. I went near her and apply amruth anjan on her fore head. To make use of the situation, I applied amruth anjan on her neck she felt so good. Then took navaratna oil and apply to hair , slowly I massaged her hairs and head. I applied oil for her hand and massaged slowly. My mom slowly got in sleep due to my massage. Then I switched off of the light and switched on the bed lamp. She was looking so sexy in her nighty. I slept close to her on her bed without her knowledge.

I was getting hard on my dick and I could not control. Then I got one idea on my mind. I took oil and start massaging her legs from her toe slowly. I slowly rolled her nightly upwards and start massaging her lower leg, calf and her knee. I slowly lift her nightly little up to see her sexy thigh. When I saw her thighs I was in heaven. Her thighs are so soft and silky. I massaged her thighs for some time. She was actually dreaming about romance I think. She starts moaning for my lovely massage. With all my courage I gave my first kiss on her leg. Slowly I started licking her legs from toes to thighs. Then I went up and put my hand around her belly. When I slowly touched her breast, she was starts moaning again.

I kissed her fore head, cheek and her lips. She starts responding to my kiss. Then I held both her hand in my hand and went on her. I held her face in my hand and kissed her lips deeply. That time she opened her eyes and she got shocked . and told me to not do that because it is sin. But I was in a positions to listen to her and I smooched her lips without listening to her. Then I pressed her breast slowly. She start moaning by holding her pillow. Then I understand that she also likes do sex me. Without delay I removed her nightly. She was looking very sexy in bra and petticoat. I kissed her from Toe to fore head without leaving an inch of her body. I kissed on her hot novel and untied the knot of her petticote. She helped me to remove her pettyocte by lifting her ass.

Then I remved her bra and kissed both her breast slowly. Her breasts are so soft , I licked her tits like a child. Then I kissed her pussy on top of her panty. She resisted a bit and I forcibly removed her panty. I slowly spread her legs her and kissed on her pussy lips. She gone out of her control and held my head tightly on her pussy. I inserted my tongue in her pussy. It was wet already. Then I inserted my finger in her pussy and I done finger fucking. She liked it so much. Then I inserted 2 fingers in her pussy. She was moaning very loudly.

Then I removed my t shirt and burmoda and I become complete nude in front of my mom. She shocked after seeing my very long dick. Then I went on her and kissed her lips deeply. Our tongues playing and we are enjoying our saliva’s each other. At the same time she spreading her legs and making way to my dick to enter into her pussy. My dick slowly went inside her pussy. She said me to do it slowly. I started fucking my mom very hard. For my each stroke she was screaming like anything. I was holding her both the breasts in both hands and fucking her. My complete rod in her pussy, it was touching her G Spot. She was closing her eyes and enjoying sex with me.

After 15 minutes I cum in her pussy and I slept on her. It was so good to sleep on nude mom after fucking her. She told me that she never had this type of orgasm in her life time. Those words from her made me crazy again. My dick become hard again. I Slept on my back and asked her to come and sit on my dick. She hesitated to sit on me. I forced her to sit on my dick. She slowly sit on my dick. My dick was slowly going in her wet pussy and my dick went completely in her pussy. I was in heaven. I was pressing her breast while she was doing up and down. She enjoyed so much. I was holding her waist and helping her to fuck me. She fucked me for 20 minutes and ejaculated her juice.

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