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Sex Hungry son fuck his own mental sexy mom

Sex Hungry son fuck his own mental sexy mom

Sex Hungry son fuck his own mental sexy mom Sex Hungry son fuck his own mental sexy mom

Mother became a mental patient. She was not of the violent type. She just mumbles meaningless words and just sits around. If you tell her something twice or thrice she will obey, without knowing what she is doing. After my youngest sister’s death, my Mother was looked after and taken care of by my other sister. She used to bathe my Mother, dress her, feed her and look after her in all means. Now she is also dead, which leaves me to take care of my mad Mother. What a cursed life, I thought.

Within hours I reached my house, the scene there was sad. All my relatives were assembled crying. Only my Mother was sitting in a corner knowing nothing. I took control of the matters and the cremation was over. Then came the topic of my mad Mother.

My relatives asked me about my plans for my Mother. I had only two options. Either leave her with my relatives to be taken care of, or take her with me to the town where I am working and admit her to a mental asylum. I was not sure about how my relatives will look after her. So I told them I will take Mother to my place and admit her in the mental asylum.

Within two days I took Mother to my place in car. We reached my flat. It was around nine PM when we reached my flat. I took Mother’s bags (packed by my relatives), inside and took her also inside. She just mumbled something meaningless and followed me inside.

I changed cloths, then decided to have a bath. Then I remembered that Mother is also in need of a bath. Then I realized that there is no one else but I myself should give Mother her bath.

When I thought of giving Mother a bath, immediately I thought about it. I had to undress my own Mother and give her a bath. Which meant I have to make her naked. The very moment some most evil and perverted thoughts crossed my mind. I looked at Mother.

Now I will tell about her figure. My Mother, a 50 year old widow, is a very fat lady, with large mountainous breasts, a bulging stomach, pillar like thighs and a huge protruding ass. She at that time was dressed in a saree and blouse and she was dressed by my relatives. The idea of undressing my fat Mother made my cock jerk. I decided to go ahead. I told Mother that we will go to the bathroom. She simply stood there.

I took hold of her hand and led her to the bathroom. Once inside the bathroom, I put on the light, put the towel in the cloth rod, and told her to remove her cloths. Still no response. She just mumbled something and stood there looking blankly. I reached for her saree and removed it.

Now Mother had only her blouse and her underskirt. I looked at her, my cock throbbing. Her huge breasts looked as if they will tear her blouse. Her large ass was pushing out her under skirt towards outside. I wondered what will be the reaction of my mad Mother if I proceed with undressing her. Hesitantly I reached for her blouse and unbuttoned it and removed it. She didn’t even notice that I had removed her blouse. Now her breasts are covered only n an old fashioned bra. I removed that also. My God!! Her breast sprang out and stumbled downwards, aching down. They were really huge with nipples the size of thumb. My cock started leaking pre cum. (more…)

Desisexstory : Threesum with Bangalore Housewife

Desisexstory : Threesum with Bangalore Housewife

three sum sex with mature wife

Nisha the sexy and beautiful housewife from Bangalore. This is a new story and does not relate to the past but still if you want to read the earlier story you can search on Indian sex stories site with title “Cuckold Hubby Ravi, Sexy Wife Nisha”. The story is in 5 parts and I have got a tremendous response to those stories. I would like to thank all the readers who took the effort to mail me for sharing my real life experience. I am now sharing a new experience with the same sexy housewife which took place 3 months after I first fucked her in front of her cuckold hubby, Ravi.

After I returned from Bangalore, I was in touch with both Ravi and Nisha. Ravi was very happy that his wish of converting his shy housewife into a lady who could experiment with other man has come true. He called me several times to thank me and let me know how much he had enjoyed, when he saw Nisha in sexual ecstasy that she was missing all these years. I used to blush every time he used to mention it and thanked him for giving me an opportunity to enjoy Nisha who was so young, beautiful and sexy.

During one of these conversations he said that he has one more wish which he wants me to fulfill. I asked him what is it? To which Ravi replied that he wants to see his wife enjoy a double penetration in his absence. I was surprised at the request and I asked him whether he has had a talk with Nisha about it. To which he said that he fears letting her know about it as he is sure that she will reject the idea.

I told him that we had a DP with Nisha when I fucked her in pussy and Ravi penetrated her ass, to which Ravi replied that he wants to see a DP of Nisha with another cock which is big and strong like mine. He asked me to think of some way in which we can convince her for the same. I asked Ravi to give me some time to think through and also told me to let me know which guy is he thinking of to join the DP with me? Ravi told me he has not thought of anyone and that if I know anyone who is trustworthy I can recommend him too.

I called Ravi about 2 weeks later and told him that I have got an idea for his fantasy to be fulfilled. We talked about it for a few minutes after which our full proof plan was ready. Nisha didn’t had any inkling of it. So after a few weeks Ravi proposed Nisha that we travel to Nagpur so that she can get a few days of sexual bliss again and Nisha agreed immediately since her cunt was also itching for the attention it had received the 2 nights she had spent with me. Ravi had a holiday in one of the long week ends and It was decided that Thursday evening they will catch the flight to their destination and will stay their till Sunday when they will travel back.

Nisha was very happy and went to the parlor 2 days before her journey and got facial, body waxing as well bikini waxing done. She got a hair cut too and was very happy to be traveling to meet the man that had taken her to heights of sexual pleasure the last time they had met. She packed their luggage a day in advance and as Ravi told me she was beaming as she will be having a good time again. On the date of departure Ravi and Nisha reached airport 3 hours in advance and then they got their boarding passes and were waiting for the security check to start. Just then I called Ravi and he pretended as if he has got a call from office.

After moving away from Nisha and talking to me for 10 minutes he told Nisha that he had got a urgent call from office and that he will required to attend a meeting tomorrow. Nisha’s happiness faded away and she was looking very upset but she mustered courage and told “ok then lets cancel the trip and go hom”. Then Ravi told her that he didn’t mind if she reached there today and that he will join her two days later as the meeting tomorrow may last well beyond evening. Nisha thought about it and said “I don’t think it is a good idea as I have never been alone a trip before”. To which Ravi convinced her since we have known Rahul for a long time she should trust him and enjoy with him and that he will certainly join her 2 days from now.

Reluctantly she agreed and then Ravi told her that she should not think about him and enjoy in every possible way after which some of the lost happiness was seen on Nisha’s face. He then called me and conveyed to me that Nisha is coming alone and that I should take good care of her and that he will join me us 2 days after as planned by us. He went back from the airport and let his luggage there as he was join in 2 days time. Nisha boarded the flight and messaged me and then at the scheduled time I left for the airport and was waiting outside anxiously to pick her up.

After 30 minutes of so I could see her coming out of the airport terminal. She had worn a blue jeans with a white t shirt which showed her curves. I approached her and gave her a tight hug and asked her If there was any problem during the journey. She said all was fine and then we proceeded to the car and opened the front door for her and then kept her luggage in the car and then sat on the driving seat of the car. As I settled in I looked towards her and all the memories of previous encounter rushed past in my mind and I complimented her for the dress and that she is looking damn sexy in the outfit. She thanked me and then I gave her a peck on her lips and started driving.

I took her to a penthouse I have where i usually stay on weekends. It was not frequented by my other family members and it was spacious with no one to disturb the two of us. We reached the apartment and then I asked my servant to pick her luggage up and keep in the bedroom allotted to her. It is a 3 bedroom apartment with a lovely terrace and nice cool breeze blowing during evening time. She loved the house and told me it is very well maintained and I thanked her for the compliment. I asked her whether she wants to go out for dinner or does she want to have home cooked meal. She told me she is apprehensive due to the presence of a male servant. I called him and told him that he can take leave and also told him that If I need him tomorrow I will give him a call and that unless I call him he need not come. He said “yes sir” and left.

Then we both sat in the drawing room and talked for a while and I asked if wants to freshen up as she would be tired of the journey. She said yes to which I asked if she need a massage after the shower, she kept quite and gave a shy smile. I went to her bedroom after 20 minutes and she was still in the washroom, so I sat on the sofa there waiting for her to come out. After a few minutes, she came out with a towel draped on her and when she saw me she gave a smile. I smiled back and told her to lay on the bed so that I give a nice massage to her. She laid on the bed and then loosened the towel and then took if off her body. I was mesmerized to see her nude back once more. My junior was no more a junior and wanted to come out of my pant and enter the heavenly cunt but I controlled my self and then started to massage her.

After 20 minutes or so I asked her to turn and when she did it I just moved forward to smooch her. She reciprocated and we lip looked for a good 10 minutes during which my hands roamed on her naked breasts and fingered her pussy. She was very horny and took off my t-shirt and pants and then took off my inner wears too.

She then went down on her knees and started to suck my dick. I was in 7th heaven and was having a nice blow job when her mobile phone rang. I saw and it was Ravi’s call which I picked up and he asked me whether she has reached and I told me that we have started enjoying our nice little session after she has freshened up. He said he wants to talk to Nisha and I told him that she is giving me a blowjob and that I will turn the speaker phone on so that she can keep continuing the blowjob while she talks to Ravi. Ravi talked to her for 45 seconds and then hung up after which I ask her to lay on the bed and then we were in 69 position. She cummed in 10 minutes and I couldn’t last more than 3 minutes after it and she drank all that she got.

We then reached the drawing room nude and I asked her to keep her head on my lap. She did so and I kept playing with her hair while we talked. She was asking if what she was doing is right and if women are allowed such liberty and I kept re affirming her that she did no wrong and it was Ravi who has instigated her for this, so she should enjoy and not worry about other things.

I asked her for dinner and she said that she wants to have a pizza which I ordered on phone. She went to the bedroom to change and I told her to wear the t-shirt without bra and only panty and take the delivery that way. She blushed but I told her to do so so that she can enjoy the attention of delivery boy too. She did so and I also put on my t-shirt and track pant without any inners and in about 20 minuted the door bell rung. I asked her to open the door and she took delivery and got back to keep it on the centre table and I could see the delivery boy ogling her ass as when she bent down to keep the stuff her t shirt was raised and ample amount of ass was visible to her.

She then took the money from me and paid him and he went away with a erection he couldn’t hide and we both had a hearty laugh on it as soon he left. We had our dinner and then I took her to the terrace and we both started to smooch again. There are very few buildings which are taller than which we lived and the lights were kept off so there was no danger of others viewing us.

I then took off her t-shirt and panty and she did the same to me and then I bent her on the chair and started banging her from behind. She shouted aaah as soon as my dick entered the pussy and then she started saying yeahhh rahuullll, its feeling sooo goooddd, yeahhh yeahh yeahh, keep doing it. It feels lovely to have that piece of meat inside me… yeahh, and I was fucking her like aaaah, you got such a tight cunt, aaaaahh, I never thought I will get to fuck a beauty like yoouu, aaaahh, aaaahh and I did so for about 10 minutes after which I turned her around and started to suck her breast…

I then started to lick her armpits first her left one and then her right one and she could only moan louder…aaaah aahh and then started to suck on her neck and bite her earlobes and she was feeling so much pleasure.. raaaahul aaaahh tumm kahhaaa sekha hai yehh sab. Aahh Bahut accha lag rahaaaaa haiiiii …… aaahh aaaahh and then after some time I got down and lay on the floor of the terrace and asked her to ride me. She got on top and inserted my dick in her pussy and as it was going in she was feeling so good that she said aahhhh bahut accha lagta hai jab tumhaaraaa itna bada lund andar jaata hai……….

And then she started to jump in rhythm and I started to maul her breasts with both my hands and as she lowered herself I used to bite and suck them and when she rode higher I used to press them. She was enjoying it very much and I too was feeling like I was in heaven when my dick was in such a warm tight cunt … and then she increased her speed and I was like Nisshhaa bahuta achaa lag raha haiii Nisha tum sach mei bahut khubsurat ho aur mei bahut lucky hu ki tumhari chudai ka mauka mujhe milaaaa aaaahh aaaahhh aaahhh and then after riding me for 15 minutes she said Raahulll I’m going to cum and I too replied that I’m going to cum too and in about a minutes time we both discharged our cum and lay on each other and her body was shining in the moonlight that lit the terrace and she looked all the more sexy…

In 10 minutes we got up moved to washroom to clean ourselves and then we went to her bedroom and laid besides each other fondling each other. We slept while talking….

Desi sex story : Finally fucked my mom puffy pussy

mom puffy pussy

Desi sex story : Finally fucked my mom puffy pussy

 mom puffy pussy

mom puffy pussy Desi sex story : Finally fucked my mom puffy pussy presents Mera mom is very hot wo bahut sexy hai unka figure lajawab hai. jab main chota hota tha tab main apne mom dad ki sex kirya ko chup -2 ke dekhta hai. main bada ho gaya 17 yrs ka mujhe bhi mom ko chodne ka mann karne laga. main mom ko nahate huye dekhta jab bhi mom ke sath sota unke boobs pe hath rakhta unko malta. mom mera hata hata deti. dad business ke chakr me chennai gaye huye the. ek din main mom ke sath soyato mom bahut sexy lag rahi thi mujhe neend nahi aa rahi thi maineT.V. on kiya or DVD per ek Blue film dekhne laga achanak mujhko aisa laga jaise mom bhi dekh rahi hai. main aaram se peeche dekha to mom ne aankein band kar li maine T.V. ki awaz bada di . main us din muth maarke so gaya. ab ye roj hone laga. phir main thoda bada maine mom ke sath sote sote suck karne laga mom kobhi maza aane laga. par jada kuch naa karne deti. jab mera pura mud hota wo kehti kya kar raha so jaa. aise hi din nikalte rahe dad mahine me bas 2-3 din ke ghar aate phir chale jaate. ek din dupharko main ghar aaya maine mom ka room band dekha. jab maine us room ke ander dekha to dekhta hi reh gya meri mom mombati ko apni chut me dall rahi thi. main samaz gaya ki unko sex ki jarurat hai. sham ko mom ke stomach me dard hone lagi. maine mom se pucha kya hua hai wo boli dard ho rahi hai. maine kaha main mal deta hu. phir main tail leke aaya or mom ki kamiz upar kardi. or unke pet pe tail laga pe malne laga. maine aaramaaram se apne hath ko unki salwar ke ander karne laga mom ne aanke band kar li maine apna hata ander dala or unki chut ko malne laga thodi derr badd unka pani nikal gaya or unhone kaha ke bas ab thik ho gaya main raat bahr unke sath sex karne ki koshish karta raha par koi baat nahi bani. phir maine ek din mom ko neend ki goliya deke unke sath sex kiya par maza nahi aaya. main subah tak mom ke sath soya raha is baar main bilkul nanga tha mom subah uthi or mujhe dekhne lagi or phir aapko or mujhe chadar deke chali gai. uske baad mom thoda khulane lagi. wo bhi mujhe niyota dene lagi. raat ko hum so gaye or us raat mom ne mere upar hath rakha maine mom ka hath pakad ker apne lund pe rak diya or maslane laga. phir achanak mom ka hath apne aap mere lucd ko suck karnelaga main samaz gaya ki mom ka mud hai aaj chudne ka. main mom ki taraf ghum gaya or unke lips ko kiss karne laga chusne laga mom mana karne lagi. par wo naatak kar rahi rhi kyonki hindustani aurat jo thi. maine unke kapde utar diye. or apne bhi main unko suck karne laga kissi karne laga unka bhi response aane laga. wo bhi mujhe chusane lagi. phir maine mom puffy pussy ko chod diya usne bola kya hua maine kaha pehle mera loda chus usne mana kiya main jaane laga to wo phir maan gayi hum 69 ki position me aa gaye or main uski chut chatne laga jis per ek bhi baal nahi tha. kyonki usne aaj shaam ko hi saaf kiye the. unki chut jab main chaat raha tha unke muh se awaaze nikal rahi thi seeeeeeeehaaaseeahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachooooooooooodddddddssssssssde mujhe beta wo bad bada rahi thi main unki lato ke vich me beta or apne lund ko unki chut pe rakha or andhar daal diyaunki chut jaad dheeli nahi thi abhi bhi tight thi.wo chila padi hhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrgaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy​yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimera 7″ ka lodda uski chut mom puffy pussy ko fadta hua ander chala gaya. (more…)

Desisexstory : Sex with my hot mom in jungle trip

Desisexstory : Sex with my hot mom in jungle trip

Bhabi showing her shaved pussy

My mother suddenly got the strange idea that it would be a good day to go to the forest near by. My father had a golfing date with his buddies. I kind of felt sorry for my mother. She had thought that today the family would somehow spend the day together on a picnic. She looked over at me and said, “Well, Jay, do you want to go? Or, do you have fantastic plans away from home, too?”
“Sure,” I said, “let’s go.”
Actually, it seemed that Mom just wanted a reason to drive her new car somewhere, that’s all, I figured. It was a nice car, and she really didn’t need a reason to drive it anywhere in particular. Just taking a ride in it sounded like a neat idea. She got in and opened the door for me. I plopped myself down in the passenger seat and buckled my Seat belt.
In shifting gears, several times, she kept her hand on the gear shift, her hand coming in contact with my leg. The feeling of a beautiful woman touching one’s leg has an effect, even if it is one’s own mother. It did on me, anyway. It gave me a hard on. Mom seemed to notice it right away. She kept glancing over at me, and then looked at her hand as it brushed against my leg.

“I did that?” she asked, glancing at my crotch.
I smiled. “Did what?”

She grimaced and kept driving. She moved her hand to my leg, her fingers walking down my thighs toward my crotch. I stared at her fingers with wide eyes as they moved to my crotch and pressed against my hard cock.
“Did that,” she said. “Yep, my touching you made you hard. Right?”
I nodded. “What you’re doing isn’t helping much.”
Her voice was a little choked as she said, “I thought you would like that.
“I do,” I said.

She moved her hand intermittently to my crotch all the way to the forest. I didn’t know what to expect or what to think. I knew that I really liked the feel of her hand in my lap, though, with it pressing against my hard cock the way it was
Doing. We reached corner side of near by forest, I saw no was there it was quite and peaceful place. She found space to park car behind jargon of trees she pulled car into that place and stopped the car. She was flushed and breathing hard. I knew that I was, too. Mom got out and checked if anybody there, no one was there except two of us, she smiled and came inside and locked doors from insides. She wrapped the back seat of car, now back portion of car was like bed. She asked me to move to back area of car. I moved to back area of car, she also came joined me there.

“Get those clothes off,” she said as she pulled her top off. I watched in amazement as she reached behind her and undid her bra, which she let fall to the car mat.
An hour ago, if someone had ever asked me if I wanted to have sex with my mother, I would have said no, that it would be impossible. It’s amazing how fast things changed. I tore my clothes off as Mom took hers off. I reached up and cupped her big tits in my hand, rubbing my thumbs across her erect nipples. She pressed her body close to mine, and I could feel her hairy, wet pussy press against my cock.

She fell to her knees, running her tongue down my chest and then down my stomach, flicking it out, licking as she went. She came to my cock as it poked her in the cheeks. She looked up at me and smiled as I watched in wide-eyed fascination.
“Lovely cock,” she whispered. She turned her head sideways, and with her mouth open wide, plunged it on my throbbing dick. She took it all the way into her mouth. I could feel her tongue moving around on the base of it, close to my balls.
My knees shook, and I was going to cum, way too fast for me. I had never been so thrilled or turned on sexually before in my life. I thrust my hips forward, and grabbing the back of her head, gyrated in and out of her mouth, fucking her Mouth. I shot my load as my dick jerked again and again deep inside her mouth.
She swallowed, and drops of my hot cum came running out of her mouth, down her chin. I pulled out of her mouth. “Sorry, Mom,” I said. “I couldn’t control myself. I know I came too soon.” She smiled at me with her mouth full of cum.

“Just fuck me, you’re still hard.”

She found a strange position. She leaned over in doggy position, and spread her ass cheeks and legs. I could see her hairy pussy lips hanging beneath her ass hole. I stepped behind her and inserted my cock into her wet, hot cunt. I thrust in easily, and I could feel my balls slapping against her pubic hair as I thrust into her from behind. I began to pump in and out of her with a regular rhythm, and she started moaning and groaning.
“Big, fat cock,” she moaned. “Fuck me with that monster dick of yours, Jay,” she moaned. Her talking like that made me speed up. Soon, the wall was shaking from my thrusts and her holding onto the wall, and I was afraid we might knock the
Little shed over into the sand. She screamed as her body jerked with orgasm after
Orgasm. Car was jerking up and down; I thrust into her cunt, grabbing her ass, pumping it toward me. I shot my load again, this time deep in her cunt. I continued thrusting, and then slammed into her cunt one final time as she came again.

Slowly, I pulled out of her, and there was nothing but silence. She straightened and turned and looked at me. She smiled again. We dressed quickly and made our way with big smiles. Driving home, she turned and looked at me briefly.
“Would you like to go on a picnic next Saturday?”
“You fucking bet I do,” I said.
It was inauguration of our new car with hard stokes and sex sounds.

Desisexstory : My Dirty Father In Law

Desisexstory : My Dirty Father In Law

hot mature bhabi shinning thigh exposing
That time my hubby went away for a night on a work trip leaving me with my father in law who was staying with us for a I hate this man , He’s very good looking and uses it to his advantage being very flirtatious with all women! Well this nightI put on a movie and opened a bottle of wine that was quickly followed by another! Chatting he asked me what I hated about
him and I told him I didn’t like how he treated women like objects. so you don’t like to be used then? he asked certainly not by dirty old men! I replied. So then why are you laying there with your delicious and bald pussy poking out from your shorts? in complete shock I looked down and realised he was right, sorting myself out he moved to my sofa, lifted my feet onto his lap
and began to stroke my bulky thighs. Trying desperately not to be aroused I told him to stop and I tried to move away, his grip tightened on my legs stopping me from getting up. i see what my son sees in you know he said I love this huge pert tits you have too! Now I am hating myself as my pussy juices up, but still I try to get up, his hands grab my chest and pushes me back
down, as I struggle my top works it’s way up and over most of my boobs. So are you going to stop me sucking those beauties he asked. I knew I would have no choice but I tried again to push him off telling him to leave. One of his hands now revealing my breasts, his other pinning my arms and his mouth sucking my hard nipple in between his teeth biting down on it and making it longer and harder as I unwillingly raise my breasts up to him. oh they are amazing nipples, I’ve seen them before through your open bedroom door but I never new they would grow that long? his other hand was now tugging my shorts over my feet. Now leaving me completely naked, his smile admiring me it that creepy dirty way. So are you going to let me fuck you then? You’ll love evey second!. No I screamed as his hand plunged between my wet pussy lips as I moaned loudly, his fingers thrusting into me as I continued to unconvincingly tell him to stop. having had my eyes shut I looked down at my open thighs to see he had already
removed his shorts, his cock was huge, at least 8 and so hard and there was nothing and no one that was going to stop him taking me! his hands then took hold of me and turned me on to my front whislt twisting me until I was spread over the glass coffe table, my tits squashed on the glass and with no hesitation his huge hairy cock pumping my bald pussy hole. Fuck me you feel incredible, so wet and tight, I knew you wanted me! Orgasms coursing through my body as his huge hairy cock pumped my bald pussy, my boobs squeeking on the glass with the rythm. My cum pooling on the glass between my thighs. then pulling me back on the sofa, and making
me twist around again so I am straddling him, grabbing my throat he forced me to ride him high and hard, his mouth sucking my boobs, covering them with saliva, biting them as he moaned. Suddenly a finger slipped up my virgin ass as he lift me higher and dropped me with my full weight back on his cock but now with it up my ass. My scream of pain just made him laugh and push inside me deeper as he watched my bouncing tits dance in his face. Then burying his face between them and forcing himself still deeper I felt his warm seed fill my ass. As I collapsed onto him he kept himself inside me, I could feel his cum dripping out of me, though his cock was still rock hard, pushing me off he thrusts his still pumped and veiny cock in my mouth as he straddled my tits. Taste my cum and your ass you little whore and guess what…. you just have to love Viagra! gagging with juice smeared around my face he rose grabbing my nipples in his fingers pulling me up wimpering and protesting into my bedroom, pushing me down onto the bed he set to work tying my arms and legs wide apart to the bed posts! now worried he exclaimed the fun has only just started! I’m going to take you to heights of sexual gratification only a more experienced man could! As his head buried itself between my quivering thighs, tonguing my swollen hole…. It was one of the worst and most amazing nights!!!

Sexy mom story : दीदी की चुदाई

Sexy mom story : दीदी की चुदाई


मैं अपनी दीदी के यहाँ कुछ दिनों के लिये गई थी। दीदी की नई-नई शादी हुई थी… अभी जीजू में और दीदी में नया-नया जोश भी था। दीदी और जीजू का कमरा ऊपर था। नीचे सिर्फ़ एक बैठक और बैठक थी। मैं बैठक में ही सोती थी।
शाम को हम तीनों ही झील के किनारे घूमने जाया करते थे। मेरे चूतड़ थोड़े से भारी हैं और कुछ पीछे उभरे हुए भी हैं… मेरे सफ़ेद टाईट पैन्ट में चूतड़ बड़े ही सेक्सी लगते हैं। मेरे चूतड़ों की दरार में घुसी पैन्ट देख कर किसी का भी लण्ड खड़ा हो सकता था… फिर जीजू तो मेरे साथ ही रहते थे और कभी-कभी मेरे चूतड़ों पर हाथ मार कर अपनी भड़ास भी निकाल लेते थे। उनकी ये हरकत मेरी शरीर को कँपकँपा देती थी। झील के किनारे वहीं एक दुकान के बाहर कुर्सियाँ निकाल कर हम बैठ जाते थे और कोल्ड-ड्रिंक के साथ झील की ठंडी हवा का भी आनन्द लेते थे। दीदी की अनुपस्थिति में जीजू मुझसे छेड़छाड़ भी कर लिया करते थे, और मैं भी जीजू को आँखों में इशारा करके मज़ा लेती थी। मुझे ये पता था कि जीजू मुझ पर भी अपनी नजर रखते हैं। मौका मिला तो शायद चोद भी दें। मैं उन्हें जान-बूझ कर के और छेड़ देती थी।
घर आ कर हम डिनर करते थे… फिर जीजू और दीदी जल्दी ही अपने कमरे में चले जाते थे। लगभग दस बजे मैं अकेली हो जाती थी… और कम्प्यूटर पर कुछ-कुछ खेलती रहती थी।
ऐसे ही एक रात को मैं अकेली रूम में बोर हो रही थी… नींद भी नहीं आ रही थी… तो मैं घर की छत पर चली आई। ठन्डी हवा में कुछ देर घूमती रही, फिर सोने के लिये नीचे आई। जैसे ही दीदी के कमरे के पास से निकली मुझे सिसकरियों की आवाज आई। ऐसी सिसकारियाँ मैं पहचानती थी… जाहिर था कि दीदी चुद रही थी… मेरी नज़र अचानक ही खिड़की पर पड़ी… वो थोड़ी सी खुली थी। जिज्ञासा जागने लगी। दबे कदमों से मैं खिड़की की ओर बढ़ गई … मेरा दिल धक से रह गया…दीदी घोड़ी बनी हुई थी और जीजू पीछे से उसकी गाँड चोद रहे थे। मुझे सिरहन सी उठने लगी। जीजू ने अब दीदी के बोबे मसलने चालू कर दिये थे… मेरे हाथ स्वत: ही मेरे स्तनों पर आ गये… मेरे चेहरे पर पसीना आने लगा… जीजू को दीदी की चुदाई करते पहली बार देखा तो मेरी चूत भी गीली होने लगी थी। इतने में जीजू झड़ने लगे… उसके वीर्य की पिचकारी दीदी के सुन्दर गोल गोल चूतड़ों पर पड़ रही थी…
मैं दबे पाँव वहाँ से हट गई और नीचे की सीढ़ियां उतर गई। मेरी साँसें चढ़ी हुई थीं। धड़कनें भी बढ़ी हुई थीं। दिल के धड़कने की आवाज़ कानों तक आ रही थी।मैं बिस्तर पर आकर लेट गई… पर नींद ही नही आ रही थी। मुझे रह-रह कर चुदाई के सीन याद आ रहे थे। मैं बेचैन हो उठी और अपनी चूत में ऊँगली घुसा दी… और ज़ोर-ज़ोर से अन्दर घुमाने लगी। कुछ ही देर में मैं झड़ गई।
दिल कुछ शान्त हुआ। सुबह मैं उठी तो जीजू दरवाजा खटखटा रहे थे। मैं तुरन्त उठी और कहा,” दरवाजा खुला है…।”
जीजू चाय ले कर अन्दर आ गये। उनके हाथ में दो प्याले थे। वो वहीं कुर्सी खींच कर बैठ गये।
“मजा आया क्या…?”
मैं उछल पड़ी… क्या जीजू ने कल रात को देख लिया था
“जी क्या… किसमें… मैं समझी नहीं…?” मैं घबरा गई
“वो बाद में… आज तुम्हारी दीदी को दो दिन के लिए भोपाल हेड-क्वार्टर जाना है… अब आपको घर सँभालना है…”
“हम लड़कियाँ यही तो करती हैं ना… फिर और क्या-क्या सँभालना पड़ेगा…?” मैंने जीजू पर कटाक्ष किया।
“बस यही है और मैं हूँ… सँभाल लेगी क्या…?” जीजू भी दुहरी मार वाला मज़ाक कर रहे थे
“जीजू… मजाक अच्छा करते हो…!” मैंने अपनी चाय पी कर प्याला मेज़ पर रख दिया। मैंने उठने के लिए बिस्तर पर से जैसे ही पाँव उठाए, मेरी स्कर्ट ऊपर उठ गई और मेरी नंगी चूत उन्हें नज़र आ गई। मैंने जान-बूझ कर जीजू को एक झटका दे दिया। मुझे लगा कि आज ही इसकी ज़रूरत है। जीजू एकटक मुझे देखने लगे… मुझे एक नज़र में पता चल गया कि मेरा जादू चल गया। मैंने कहा,”जीजू… मुझे ऐसे क्या देख रहे हो…”
“कुछ नही… सवेरे-सवेरे अच्छी चीजों के दर्शन करना शुभ होता है…!” मैन तुरंत जीजू का इशारा समझ गई… और मन ही मन मुस्कुरा उठी। “आपने सवेरे-सवेरे किसके दर्शन किये थे?” मैंने अंजान बनते हुए पूछा… लगा कि थोड़ी कोशिश से काम बन जायेगा। पर मुझे क्या पता था कि कोशिश तो जीजू खुद ही कर रहे थे। (more…)

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