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Desisexstory : Elder sister co-operate me when i start to touch her

Desisexstory : Elder sister co-operate me when i start to touch her

Desisexstory : Elder sister co-operate me when i start to touch her

I am very reserved person from my childhood, as a result i didn’t make many friends.

I hardly have 2-3 friends.One day one of my friends brought a sex story in his USB and shared it with me. It was a steamy affair in a bus betweeen two strangers.I liked the story very much.I asked him to get more of such stories. It became a habit to collect a bunch of stories from friend and read and enjoy them. I don’t have net at home so i never thought of asking for the source of those stories. After few months I got net at home and to my luck the dektop was place in my bed room other than hall.

Then started my journey into the world of incest.I started searching in net for sex stories and that is when i was introduced to this site if I used to read all stories in this site but i donno why i like the stories in incest cateogy very much.In that category too I liked the stories between mom and son, younger brother and elder sister very much. As i said earlier i am very reserved as a result I have very less friend forget about girl friends.

While reading those stories i used to imagine the girls in my class, some times teachers of me and aunts in neighbourhood.It went fine for few months finally my sister started coming into my thoughts. I used to read the stories and imagine my sister in one of those characters and used to masturbate and retire for the day.It is my habit for serveral months.My dads mom used to stay at our house for 6 months and my dad’s brother’s house for 6 months.Now my granny came to stay with us for the next six months.

My mom asked my sister to go to my room and give hers to our granny.At first i felt very bad as I am loosing the privacy to ready stories and see some videos in my comp but my sister has a habit of retire early to sleep and get up early.So mostly she will go to sleep by 10PM and if she sleeps onceshe will not wakeup I thought of moving my timetable of erotic activities in net to late night. Now starts the actual part earlier my sister who is in my thoughts is now in my bed room lying in the cot next to mine.

After reading those stories I used to go to bathroom and masturbate imagining about my sister.

As my sister is staying in my bed room now, she used to take bath in the attached bathroom only so when I go for my bath I used to see her used bra and panty there slowly the things which i read in stories are coming live in my life. The eagerness to fuck my sister is increasing day by day but i was not dared to do anything which will ruin our relationship.

After observing her sleep for a couple of months I came to know that she is a deep sleeper so i thought of feeling her slowly. One day after reading an awesome story between bro and sis i couldn’t control myself and thought of starting my exploration.It is around 1 am, all are sleeping deeply, silence everywhere. My beautiful sister is sleeping in nighty.I slowly stepped away from my system towards my sister.

First i kept my hand on her knee thinking even if she wakes up, it is not a wrong place to touch. Later i kept some pressure on knee itself to make sure that she is really asleep.Then i kept my hand on skin above elbow even then there is no reaction from her then i touched her cheeks still no reaction now i was sure that she is in deep sleep.Now i took some courage and placed my hand on her right hand is shivering as this is the first time I am touching someone there.

I am able to feel the raise of her breasts. I couldn’t dare to proceed further.I took my hand away and went to relieve myself.After that I couldn’t sleep for so much time my heart is beating so fast,my hands are still shivering but something is different,something is good which is encouraging me to go ahead, but I didn’t do anything more that day. From that day onwards I started feeling my sister.Day after day I used to place my hand gently more boldly on her breast.

Once in a while i used to apply some pressure and used to feel its softness.Few days I used to touch her thighs, used to smell her armpit hairs. My next best feeling came when i touched her pussy over nighty.She has lot of hair there, it was so hot, I can feel the heat.This kind of small explorations went fine for a couple of months. One day she caught me observing her assets whenever she used to move around in the house but she didn’t raise that topic before me.

That night too i started a similar kind of exploration and it went quite normal as it used to go everyday but later i got to know from my sis that she was awake that day and observed what all I am doing with her. Even after that day she never brought that topic before me but she became a bit strict with me.She stopped sleeping in my room she shared her cot with granny. I was depressed but didn’t dare to ask her why she changed her room or anything of that nature.

Dad started seeing marriage proposals for sister.I thought i thought it is a permanent full stop to feeling on sister she was married to a software engineer in hyd only.One year passed, she is living happily with her hubby. My mom brought an idea of visiting sanghi temple along with my sis, her hubby and his family(only mom).My brother in law has a santro car.Now we all should go to sanghi temple in that car.My brother inlaw took the driver seat and his mom next to him.

Now we 4(me,mom,dad,sis) have to adjust in the back seat of santro. I think god has listen to my,mom and dad took the three seats in the back row of santro.My sister arrived last after locking her house.Now she has to settle on the legs of someone in back row. My mom has some knee pain problems and my dad is also becoming old so sis choose me and she sat on my legs and her back is touching my check.slowly i started to feel the heat from her body.

I stared to get the old feelings towards my sister.Slowly I placed a hand on her buttocks which are resting on my knees. I am very careful that she should not notice what i am doing but suddenly a road bump came and we all jumped a bit in that process my hand which was in the side of the buttock came below it she sat directly on my hand.She felt my hand and she rose a bit to allow me to take my hand away but I didn’t, she again sat on my hand, this went for 2-3 times,

Then she turned and saw me and she came to know that I am doing it wantedly. After i saw that she saw me. I took my hand away.she again sat on my knees but i feel that she is not comfortable as before.I didn’t do anything for 5 min, later i kept my hand again to the side of buttock as before now she is feeling every bit of moves she removed my hand using her hand calmly but didn’t complain anyone.

I took this as advantage and i place it back again this time when she tried to remove my hand but i applied more force and pressed her buttock.she was tensed now but she cannot complain anything to my mom and dad as her hubby and mother in law are also in the same car.I took this advantage and stared feeling the buttocks.she is helpless and continued talking to all in car.

I took my hand from side of buttock to stomach.after feeling bare skin on stomach i slowly moved my hand onto breast over blouse.

To my bad luck temple came before i started pressing it. I cursed myself and got down the car and had return journey she sat next to her husbad and asked her mother in law to come to back seat. I cursed myself again but she turned back, saw me and gave a smile as if correct thing happened. I was relieved that she was not angry at me. Later when our house approached, my sis also got down the car and said to her hubby that she will stay with us for couple of day and come later.

Her hubby nodded and left the place with his mom. I was afraid if my sister is going to complain about the incident to dad, but it didn’t happen. The topic didn’t come at all. I went to my sister when no one was around her and said sorry for what i did. She said its ok and she know that i am feeling her before marriage also. Then I asked, if you knew that I am feeling you why didn’t you stop me?

She said: I didn’t bring it to your notice because, if i did so then we both will know that you have feelings for me and we cannot be like brother and sister and it is an awkward situation in which there is chance for a wrong to happen hence I didn’t warn you, instead I kept you at a distance by sleeping with granny.

I said: Thanks sister, One last doubt,
she said: tell me
I said: then why did u speak to me about the incident now, instead you could have kept me away as you did earlier
she said: i was not married at that time and i am afraid so i kept you at a distance.
Now that i am married i have nothing to worry about.
I said: ok, good night and left the room.

I went to my room and lay on my bed and started to rethink about the discussion which happened between me and my sister just now. It striked to me suddenly what she said she said, she is married now and was not worried about anything”what is that anything? Anything is, she not worried now even if something wrong happens between us. I immediately went to her room and asked her the meaning of what she said — she just smiled and bent her head.

I understood that she is ready to offer herself to me.I pulled her toward my groin by keeping both my hands on her buttocks. She is just smiling by bending her head. That’s it that is the start to my sexual journey. I immediately pushed her to a nearby corner where mom and dad cannot see and gave a lip to lip kiss she cooperated well still i was not sure of what happened just now so gave another kiss on lips but this time i had my hand on her breast and pressed it.she didn’t object.

Now I was sure that my sister was mine. I started lifting her sari there itself she stopped me and said about presence of parents she asked me to come to her room after everyone departed for sleep. At 12.30 in the night i made sure that mom and dad are sleeping and slowly entered my sister’s room.I bolted the door, she was waiting for me, I jumped onto bed over my sister and started a deep lip to lip kiss. I started pressing her boobs like anything she stopped me and said to do it slowly as it is paining.

I slowly removed her blouse and took the right nipple’s into my mouth and started pressing the left boob.After sucking her boobs for 15 min I removed her petticoat and started to taste her cunt juices.I licked her pussy in such a way that she came before i inserted my rod into that hole.

I ate her pussy for 10 min and then inserted my rod into it was a bit tight at first but after applying her cunt juices over my rod and it pushing it with a bit pressure it entered easily. I fucked her like anything like that night it is a start of our sexual journey. Every week i will ring her atleast once when our parents were not at home.She will take permission from her mother in law saying she is going to her parents house and ill come back after a couple of hours and we will fuck each other in that gap. I still fuck my sister whenever we get a chance.

Indiansexstory : Doston ne ki Mother aur Sister ki Fucking

Indiansexstory : Doston ne ki Mother aur Sister ki Fucking

Sexy mature desi mom sleeping pic sexy sister
This incident happened few months back. I’m simple but horny boy. My story begins from my house. I have a younger sister and my mother who is 45 years old. I will describe them for u. My sis is 5′ 3”, weight 52 kg, her figure is 32-28-30, her best part of her body are her boobs, which are round and bouncy. My mom is 5′ 4” and has figure of 36 34 38. Her best part is also her boobs. She is average looking but really hot at times. We belong to a catholic family. My dad divorced mom 5 years back. We stay in small house.
I noticed my sis grow and so did her boobs. I saw her naked at various ages and knew her body really well. I used to sleep next to her and touch boobs and sometimes used to try to put my dick inside her panties, but I was scared that my mom would find out. Soon I realized my sister used to wear very less clothes like only her sports bra in her house and shorts. She used to not wear panties in the house. My local friends who stayed nearby often came to my house and were friendly. Later, I realized that they came to see my sister roaming around the house in very less clothes. These friends were elder to me and had experience with other girls.
We lived in a 2-room house, so my sister used to often hangout with them. They used to stare at her and pass comments. Later they grew in confidence and passed comments and wishtled my sister and my mom too. I felt irritated but then started feeling hot and got dreams how my friends would act with my sister. I gave them full freedom with my sister. They touched her, whenever they would got chance. Often showed her their dicks and even tried to kiss her. At first my sister would ignore them, but later, she too liked it. They would take my sis out to room and try to seduce her. I asked them boldly if they liked her. One of them said that he would like to fuck her too. My mom used to date guys and was really chilled with my friends and never took their comments in bad way. She would laugh when they appreciated her ass and figure.
Things at my house were getting hot everyday. My friends would try to get on my sis. I jacked off many times when they told me what they felt about her. One day, my friends decided to go for a beach picnic outside the city limits. They borrowed a car. I sat in front with my friend who was driving. Behind my mom and two friends sat with my sis on their lap. She had worn a skirt like my mom with a tank top. We reached the place. It was a secluded place, almost nobody around.
We got off the car, everyone was tempted to go in the water, but my friends first wanted to see ladies undress, they took their clothes and stood in their underwear with huge bulges waiting to expand even more. My sis took her top off. She was wearing white bra type bikini and removed her shorts a black panty welcomed hard-on to my friends. My mom was feeling embarrassed, but she too removed her clothes off, she had worn a dark green bra and a pink panty. They both tried to cover their seminude state, but the eyes of my friends ran fast over their body. Without a word everyone entered water. After sometime, friends got an idea dat we should remove our clothes and swim. I quickly protested as it would make me feel embarrassed to see my mom and sis naked in front of others, but nobody bothered to hear me, instead they tried to convince my mom, my mom was feeling nervous. She felt it wasn’t a bad idea since nobody is around but was feeling shy. My friends persuaded her. She finally gave up and pulled her bra down. In flash, her brown nipples along with her huge boobs were seen. They just stared at her, others to removed their clothes. My sis removed her panties first and then shyly removed her bra and tried to cover her nipples. I was the last once to do and everyone gave me their clothes to keep it back at the shore.
My mom and sis were completely naked in front of my friends. They too with their big dark dicks tried to cum near them. One of them caught my sis hand and made her catch his dick while he rubbed her boobs. I was seeing this from a distance and could make out what was happening. Other guy came near my mom and offered his dick. She resisted him first, but then she put her mouth around it slowly. She swallowed his dick inside her mouth, while my sis was made to stand up as another guy started licking cunt. I was feeling very hot but helpless as I saw my poor mom suck his dick.

sweet sis was now made to bend over. He pushed his dick inside her virgin cunt, which was pink and very wet. She screamed but nobody could stop them. By the time I reached them, my mom was being fucked like a bitch, and at the same time was sucking another guy. The guy fucking my sis pulled her hair and pressed her boobs before smacking her ass and making it red while fucking her. I just watched them helplessly. I could see my mom being fucked like a whore in front of me.
The guys fucking my mom exchanged their position and fucked in her asshole. After a long time, my mom was feeling hot in her pussy while my sis who was lying naked abandoned by her fucker. Without thinking, I picked up my sister and inserted my semi erect dick inside her cunt and fucked her. My friends started laughing, but i couldn’t resist the temptation. The fucking session continued for about an hour till my moms cunt and ass was filled with their sperms, and my sis was then gangbanged by three of them. They did our clothes and threatened to leave us alone here naked. One of them pissed in my sister’s mouth and made her lick his asshole, till their dicks became hard again they made me fuck my mom. I ejaculated inside her. They ate all the food. We got nothing, but they filled my moms n my sister’s moutt with their sperms and asked them to swallow it. They made my mom do sit ups and kneel down like school kid till they finished fucking her breast. It was very humiliating to see a lady especially my mom to be treated like that. For an hour, again they fucked and sucked my sister and cruelly fucked her ass with their dicks and shamelessy watch her cry and poured cold water on her burning holes.
While returning they only allowed my mom an sis to wear their tops but made them suck all the way to home and warned us that if they said this thing to anybody they would harm my sister and mom.

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